Akiko Shoo-Part 3

The School Nurse

by C. Rose(c)2000



Akiko wake up.

Her eyes fluttered open and she grinned, Fomia was leaning over her. A pair of naked breasts hanging right in her face, the nipples almost brushing her forehead. Hi sexy.

Would you believe its 7am, we need to leave and go home to clean up. I hope my parents arent to worried. Fomia blushed at Akikos comment.

Ok, lets find our stuff, I'm not walking home naked. Akiko disentangled herself from the pile of horny girls, her cock was still in Mikas pussy. She moaned as Akiko moved around and stood up, Akiko wanted to jump for joy. She had worn herself out fucking most of them as the guys brought her to uncounted orgasms, she was raw and in more than a little pain. It had definitely been worth it though, she stared at her ripped shirt and wondered who had done it. Her memory of the night was a blur of orgasms that went on for hours, no specific details. She shrugged as Fomia noticed.

Whoa!! Who did that?

Got me, I cant remember anything specific.

It was fun though, Im glad you brought me along.

Me too.

I really enjoyed myself.

I heard. Akiko grinned as Fomia hunched up and blushed crimson, she had started to scream at one point and hadnt stopped until she fainted. The echo in the gym had given Akiko an electric thrill right down her spine.

They decided to run over to the girls locker room and wear thier gym clothes home, they would have to dash home to grab their spare uniform, take a shower, just to make it back in time for the 8am bell. Blonde hair flying, Akiko sprinted home and dove into the shower and took a little extra time washing her very sensitive body. For the first time since yesterday her body actually seemed content, she wasnt horny. Her cock dangled limply and she spent a few minutes carefully washing it, she actually managed to stop herself from masturbating.

She stepped out and used a fresh towle to dry herself off and noticed something odd, her pubic hair was gone. Not one little hair was left on her pubic mound, she reached down and cupped it as gently as her new cock would let her. She didnt know how to deal with the odd changes her body was going through, the cock had been a beautiful shock, but now even more changes were happening and she wondered what she would be like in a few weeks. She brushed out her hair and used clips to hold the large blonde mass in place, she wasnt sure but even this seemed to be a little more silky and fine this morning.

Dashing down the hall to her bedroom, Akiko glanced in her moms room and found it empty. She wasnt surprised, her mom wasnt around much with her government job taking up all her time. Akiko didnt even think of her father anymore, he had been gone so long that she couldnt even remember what he looked like, what he sounded like. Because of her strange situation Akiko usually had the place to herself any time she wanted, her new hobby was going to be easy to practice in an apartment where she didnt have to worry about her parent ever catching her.

In her room she looked herself over in her full length mirror and stared at her dangling cock or several minutes, marveling at it existence. Honrea had one too, but Akiko wasnt sure what connected them. How it had come to be was what was bothering her, she wanted to keep it because it felt so good to cum like a man. Her rape was the only thing that connected her and Honrea now that she thought about it, they had both fucked to same guy on the same day. Details of that day were a little fuzzy, but that was always the case when she spent a long time cumming her brains out, just like last night. Honrea and her were going to have a talk one of these days, she knew more than what she had said, she had to.

Opening her closet, Akiko took out her extra uniform wrapped in its plastic protection bag. She laid it out on her bed and ambled over to the dresser, because of her cock she couldnt wear panties anymore so she pulled out a pair of sexy shorts that she usually wore to the pool and slipped them on. As a cover up they were fine, but as underwear they sucked. Next she pulled out a plain braw and slipped it on easily, her breasts were only average size on her tall frame. Glancing at the clock she noticed that she was running out of time and quickly donned the uniform, now all she had to do was hope that her new cock didnt fall out one of the shorts leg holes at the wrong moment. A few minutes later Akiko was running back to school in her extra uniform, she needed to get there a little early and talk to Mrs. Phillips.

Akiko found her in her in her office, much to her surprise Akiko could still smell the sex she and Mika had done in this very room. It didnt seem to bother her though, instead she looked tired and was sucking down coffee like it was water. Mrs. Phillips?


Is the school nurse apart of our club?

Our club, I like that. Mrs. Phillips smiled.

The nurse?

No, why?

She walked in on Mika and me, but didnt turn us in.

You dont say, I thought I told you to lock the door?

We were to involved with each other. Akiko actually blushed a deep crimson color.

I do understand Akiko, your cock is huge. Mrs. Phillips held her hands apart almost 10 inches, trying to imitate Akikos length.

If you dont mind, I would like to take care of her.


I want to seduce her.


Ever encounter the hose trick?

She winced as Mrs. Phillips barked out a laugh and said, Not in a long time, but Ill help out and give you the hose. I hope your plan works, but if not, let me know and Ill take care of Nurse Anya. She got up and pulled a box out from under the desk and produced a 2ft long piece of tubing about two centimeters wide.

Thank you.

Be sure to bring it back, thats the only one Ive got and I have used it on occasion.

Nodding her assent, Akiko dashed out and almost cackled as some very dirty plans formed in her head. She entered the hall way where most of the teachers kept their offices and made her way down to the nurses office, it was locked. Cursing silently, Akiko decided to wait a few minutes and see who would show up today. She didnt have to wait long, about 10 minutes later she appeared and Akiko was able to get a good look. She was wearing a simple dress and a lab coat, her brown hair was tied back in a ribbon. Though slightly over weight, she stood about 5,6 and had on a pair of cute glasses. Akiko started to move towards her...


She froze as the male voice of the vice-principle registered on her brain, Um...yes?

Your going to be late for class if you dont get moving.

I need to see the nurse about some aspirin.

You do look a little flushed, by all means do so, Ill contact your teacher and tell her youll be late. Who is it?

Mr. Simm, sir.

Got it, I hope you are feeling better later.

She couldnt believe her luck, how often was one given permission to go and seduce the school nurse? She giggled as she entered the office and locked to door behind her, there was no need for her to be caught twice after all. Nurse?

Ill be with you in a moment. Came a female voice from the back, Akiko moved slowly through the room. it had been sectioned off into several small enclosures of curtains to keep the beds private. She checked each one to be sure no one else was in there, nodding confidently Akiko relaxed and headed toward where the voice had come from. She found her sitting at a desk typing into a laptop computer, she called out without turning her head. Ill be just a sec, Ive got to finish this before I start work.

Take your time.

Her head snapped to the side and looked at Akiko, her eyes doubled in size and she turned bright red. Um...um...hi?

Good morning, I just stopped by to make sure you werent going to turn me in. Akiko said grinning.

O-of course not.

Did you enjoy the show, I dont perform like that for many people.

Um.. She was starting to look panicky.

Just having you watch me got me so horny I creamed my pussy, did you know that?

W-was it real?


Your p-penis?

Oh yes, do you want to see it? I dont mind, but you have to touch me, I wont let you see it unless you touch it.


Im willing to give you a taste of what i was giving Mika, very willing. Akiko said quickly, the nurse looked as if she was about to make a run for it.

But were both girls.. the nurse said, looking scared.

Can you truly call me a real girl, Ive got two sets of plumbing that work perfectly.

Um.. The nurse backed up against the wall with a thump as Akiko stepped forward.

Whats your name cutie?

Ah, ha-ha, Anya.

It came back to Akiko that Mrs. Phillips had mentioned the name, she smiled and reached down to lift her skirt up. She had on her gym shorts and they were bulging with half hard cock, Anyas eyes widened as they swiveled down to look. Akiko was only mildly aroused, but knew she could be ready very quickly. Do you want to touch me? I wont stop you.

Is it real? Anya whispered.

There was a war of curiosity going on inside Anyas head, Akiko could see it in her eyes. Her face displayed her emotions, Akiko grinned as lust reared its horny head. Akiko reached under her skirt and pulled her shorts off and stood with her exposed cock pocking out from the lifted edge of her dress, Im bigger than most men Anya, if you let me I will make this an experience you will never forget. All you have to do is touch me Anya, just touch me and find out.


Touch it and find out if its real Anya. Akiko whispered hypnotically.

Anya dropped to her knees with a moan of pure lust and wrapped her mouth around the large head, sucking several inches down her throat.

Thats it, just like that, feel me, enjoy my cock Anya. Akiko bent over and pulled Anyas lab coat off, unbuttoned the back of her dress, and revealed a lacy white bra. Her plump breasts had large nipples straining against the thin material, Akiko rubbed them gently.

Mmm... Anya moaned softly.

Take as much as you can Anya, I love to be deep throated. Ah! Akiko shuddered and gasped as Anya sucked down nearly 3/4 of her length, bobbed once and took even more. Her hands werent idle either as one pumped her slowly and the other squeezed her small balls. Akiko groaned, no one had taken her this deep before, she could barely think as she removed her uniform top. Anya licked down her length and sucked on her balls for a second, then went back to deep throating her.

Her eyes rolled back as Anya sucked her hard every time she came up for air, then went back down and managed to deep throat the entire thing. A rosy blush was plastered across her face, filled with pride. Akiko beamed as she realized that Anya would do anything now, absolutely anything. Akiko gasped and jerked as her cock exploded deep in Anyas throat, cum began dribbling out of her mouth and down on her breasts as she milked Akiko.

Thats got to be the most incredible thing that Ive ever seen, a girl who can shoot cum. A large gob of the stuff dripped off her chin as she beamed at Akiko.

Your good at that.

I love to suck cock.

Well, were not done yet. now, take your clothing off because I want to fuck you. Akiko wiped the cum off herself and licked it daintily off the tip of her finger.

You just came.

So what, Im still hard and very ready. Akiko grabbed a nearby chair and wheeled it in front of Anya. Moving slowly, Anya sat down and hiked up her dress and sat down. Her pussy was surrounded in dark fur and very aroused, she looked confused for some reason. Akiko was so horny that she decided to forgo any kind of build up and jump right in, she got into position and thrust forward with a grunt. Anya was loose, like a wet sponge, but it still felt good enough to make both of them gasp in pleasure. Drawing in a deep breath, Akiko started to rise and fall slowly.

Oh God! Anya gasped, her lower lip trembling in excitement. She started to pant and make her breasts heave in the confinement of the bra, she started to writhe in the chair.

Then Akiko felt the silky muscles inside Anya tighten and clench, any second now your going to cum, I hope you enjoy it.

Ive never felt anything like this before, I dont understand... Anya gasped out.

Akiko slowed in confusion, surly shed had sex before? She shrugged and decided to look into it later and began thrusting at a faster pace. then that now familiar feeling in her groin started again, she gasped and thrust into Anya as hard as she could.

Im...Im...Cumming! Anyas eyes flew wide and she screamed so loud that Akiko was sure the whole school must have heard it. Then to Akikos astonishment, it got louder as Anya went though a multiple orgasm that had her convulsing in the chair. Her arms encircled Akikos ass and pulled her forward just as she came as well. The cum poured out of her and filled Anyas heaving body and she wasnt allowed to pull out until every last drop had shot out of her, Anyas pussy milked her for everything it could get, not one drop came out.

Dropping to her knees, Akiko grinned at the shocked look on Anyas face as she sucked the cum out of her pussy. She twitched and gasped the instant Akikos tongue touched her, she let out a sexy moan and shuddered as yet another orgasm exploded in her. Her fingers entwined themselves through Akiko abundant blonde hair and didnt notice Akiko reaching to the side and digging in her school bag to pull out a length of hose. She inserted it several inches and began to suck softly, slowly drawing the cream out for a drink.

Anya froze and looked down at the amazing sensation filling her pussy and gapped at Akiko sucking on a short piece of tubing, her head fell back and her waist lifted off the chair. She made a sound that Akiko had never heard before, her cock hardened into steel it was so erotic. Anya flopped forward and lay over Akiko, shuddering, mewling like a cat. She fell back and screamed as another orgasm ripped though her being, pussy cream flooded out and onto the floor in a long stream.

Grinning lustfully, Akiko pushed 3 fingers in to Anya, leaving the hose and still sucking, she moved them in and out as fast as she could. Focusing on the deep recesses she looked for and found that special spot that she had read about in magazines, a spongy massy a few inches behind the clitoris, she began to rub this softly, gently. it proved to much for Anya, she let out a screech that could have shattered windows and came again, pussy cream sprayed everywhere. Through it all Akiko slowly pulled the hose out, gulping down the thick cream by the mouth full and loving every second of it, watching Anyas face in fasination.

It took them a long time to recover, but eventually Akiko stood up, stretched, and got dressed again. Her pussy was demanding some attention, but Anya wouldnt be able to help since she could barely stand. Anya, I hope were in agreement?

I wouldnt have said anything Akiko, but thank you for giving me that wonderful gift.


Those orgasms, Im 28 years old and in all my years of fucking, that was the first time ive ever gotten off without my hand.

Your kidding, Im only 18 and Ive lost count of how many I've had one.

I really enjoyed myself Akiko, stop by anytime and we can do it again.

You bet!

She left quietly and dashed down to the girls bathroom to clean up and get rid of that smell dirty sex that was beginning to follow her everywhere, after that she went to put the hose back. Her long blonde hair was a mess and it took close to 15 minutes to get it looking good again. At second period she passed a note to James in the hall asking him to meet her at lunch for a special request, he grinned and nodded slowly. Much to her disappointment, she had to spend the next 3 periods catching up on the homework that she had been putting off in favor of the sex. It had come back to haunt her, again.

By the time lunch rolled around Akiko didnt know which need she needed to satisfy more, sex or food? She hadnt eaten since yesterday, except for cum and pussy, but they didnt seem to count, but her empty wallet made the decision for her. She spotted James and dashed over to him, James, is there anywhere we can go to fuck? I need a dick bad! she whispered in his ear.

Lunch is only 20 minutes.

Thats more than enough time for you to get me off.

How about the equipment locker, its always empty this time of day and Mrs. Phillips has the keys.

It took 4 minutes to get the keys and get inside the equipment locker. Ive spent 2 days now fucking the girls like a man, everyone of them has ignored my pussy and its lonely, I want some attention too.

James smiled and dropped his pants with practiced ease, his cock rose up to say hi. Get on your knees and I'll do you from behind. If we have time we can do an anal fuck too.

The shorts fell as Akiko lifted up her skirt and got on all fours, James rubbed the head of his cock along her burning red pussy. He inserted a couple of fingers and ground them in and out, it made her purr in delight. James ran his dick along her ass crack a couple of times before he pushed into Akiko with a quiet grunt. Oh yeah...

That feels so good James. Akiko pushed back and moaned into the floor.

All you girls say that.

I can tell youve had a lot of practice at this, your experience is showing.

Two years worth, on an almost daily basis.

A gasp escaped Akiko as he reached around and grasped her hard cock. What?!

This is something that I learned from Alex.

Using his waist, James hand slowly pumped her in time with his thrusts. Akiko moaned and fell to her chest, flinging her hair back an forth. She could feel a tingle starting as James worked his magic, lubing his hand with her own juices and pumped her with practiced ease. With a gasp of shock Akikos pussy spasmed into orgasmic life and both pieces of her equipment went off like a machinegun, uncounted numbers of powerful orgasms fired through her. She fell to the floor convulsing in ecstasy and rode out the most powerful orgasm yet. I-Incredible...

Thank you.

You took this calmly enough, do you actually do this once a day with any girl who asks?


You mentioned Alex, does that mean... Akiko blushed.

I happen to go both ways, your built to give me my favorite kind of sex.

Really? Akikos eyes went wide.


Id love to, but we don't have any time left. The first bell just went off, that only gives us a few minutes left. Dam!

I was hopping to try it with you.

I know, its one of the things I havent tried yet.

Just you wait, its worth it.

Dressing quickly, they kissed and ran to thier next class. They barely made it, the rest the afternoon passed quickly. Though Fomia did ask her a question that had Akiko blushing the rest of the day.

Akiko whatever did you get all over the back of your uniform? It looks like several spots of grease.


Fomia touched one and gasped after rubbing it with her finger for several seconds. You didnt do it did you?

Maybe, I did. Akiko whispered over her shoulder and blushed at Fomias shocked look.

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