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If you aren't 18, or 21 if you live in a backwards
place, then go away : )

This story is copyrighted by the writer formerly known
as Maria Gonzales, AKA M-Go. Copyright 2001. Send me an
E-mail at [email protected] and/or visit my web site


by Maria Gonzales

Copyright 1999 - All Rights Reserved. Any use of this 
work without the author's written permission is 
strictly forbidden.

This story was written for a contest in ASSD.  The 
challenge was to write a sexy story about a tie.


Women are attracted by different things.  Some women 
are attracted to a man's physical features, such as his 
athletic thighs, his sparkling eyes or his perfect 
rear.  Other women pay attention to a man's mannerisms, 
the way he walks, how he moves his hands as he is 
speaks or his eloquent voice.  Others are attracted to 
a man's attitude, his rebelliousness, his loyalty or 
his bravery.  Many women look at the way a man is 
dressed. his perfectly pressed Armani suit, his tight 
T-shirt showing off his muscles, his baggy pants 
showing off his fashion sense.

I suppose that I fit into the last group of women.  The 
way a man dresses is what grabs my attention, but it is 
not exactly what a man has on that I look at.  I look 
at one particular garment.  A man with a tie seems to 
make my head spin.

Not any tie will do it however.  A single color tie 
tells me that the man wearing it must be boring, not 
only with conversation, but also in bed.  A striped tie 
tells me that he is probably monotonous, doing one 
thing very well, but afraid to try anything new or 
different.  Loud colorful ties show me that the man 
wearing it must be very adventurous, but not exactly 
somebody that I would like to live with forever, too 
adventurous.  The men that wear ties with cartoon 
characters on it never fail to show their immaturity at 
the worst possible time.

The kind of tie that grabs my attention is the oft 
maligned never in fashion bow tie.  Not the clip ons, 
but the real ones that take hours to get perfectly 
tied.  If a man has on a tuxedo, it doesn't count. For 
the bow tie to grab my attention, it must be worn with 
semi-casual attire  Any man that would wear a tuxedo 
without a bow tie is so out of touch that he may as 
well be an alien.

A man wearing a bow tie shows that he is not afraid of 
taking a chance, yet confident enough to wear something 
that society tells us is so out of fashion, that it is 
in.  It doesn't matter the age of the man wearing it.  
A young man can wear a bow tie and show the world that 
he dares to be different, without wearing an 
advertisement for a film company around his neck.  An 
older gentleman shows that he knows what a classic look 
a bow tie can be.  Either way, a man in a bow tie knows 
how elegant and sexy a bow tie can be.

The last man that I made love with, I met at a party.  
It wasn't specified as being a black tie event, yet it 
was implied.  I wore a simple yet elegant black dress, 
the back open past the small of my back, and the front 
cut so low that whenever I bent over, I was in danger 
of showing the world my bosom.  The hem of the dress 
was about mid thigh, long enough to show some modesty, 
but short enough to be coquettish, especially as I 

I was cornered by a group of men, all in dark blue or 
black designer suits. Their Rolexes peeking out from 
under the cuffs of their shirts.  I looked into their 
eyes, to get a brief look into their soul, then I moved 
my gaze to their ties.  Each and every one of them wore 
a tie that shouted out their personalities.

Robert wore a striped tie monogrammed with his 
initials; too boring.  A man introduced to me as 
William wore a maroon tie; too conservative.  As every 
eligible man at the party (and some that were not so 
eligible, I noticed a few jealous glares form the 
women) tried to impress me with their eloquence, or 
their knowledge of things that I didn't have any 
interest in, I noticed a man apart from the group.

I peeked around the men surrounding me to get  a better 
look.  Noticing the enticing cut of his body, I 
politely excused myself and made my way closer, 
intrigued by this man that separated himself from the 
others.  Pretending to be interested with a boring 
statue near him, I stole a glance in his direction, 
smiling to myself when I noticed his bow tie.  If only 
it wasn't a clip on.

I stared toward him for what seemed minutes, waiting 
for him to acknowledge my presence.  Finally, he looked 
into my eyes, approached me and asked me to dance.  
Silently, I held my hand out for him to take, and 
followed him to the dance floor.

As the band played a waltz, we made small talk, our 
bodies moving in perfect harmony.  My eyes ascertained 
that his bow tie indeed was genuine; the bows perfectly 
proportioned, expertly tied.  As the waltz finished, he 
invited me to sit with him.  Wordlessly, I followed him 
to an empty table.  As he offered me a chair, I reached 
toward him, kissing him gently upon his cheek.

After a few more minutes of small talk, I leaned toward 
him and whispered in his ear. A bemused expression 
covered his face, and he stood, waiting for my hand.   
Placing my hand in his, I followed him outside, to a 
waiting limousine. Once safely inside, I moved closer 
to him.  My hands moved to his bow tie, feeling the 
soft silk against my smooth hands. Looking into his 
eyes, I moved closer to him, my lips inches from his.

Instantly, our lips met passionately.  Leaving my left 
hand upon his tie, my right hand wandered to his face.  
His hands did not have such innocent intentions 
however.  Moving the straps of my dress off my 
shoulders, his hand caressed my bare breast as the 
dress fell to my waist.

I moved my lips from his, smiling at him as his eyes 
took in my bare assets. Reaching my hands again to his 
tie, I gently pulled on it, untieing it. Pulling it off 
him, I playfully wrapped the tie around my own neck, 
explaining that I preferred to stay partially dressed, 
and since the rest of my clothes seemed to be 
disappearing quickly, I asked him to tie the bow tie 
around my neck.

Within seconds, he expertly tied it upon me.  I smiled 
coquettishly at him, then moved my gaze to the dark 
windows.  I could see my reflection, and I grinned at 
the sight of the bow tie around my neck.  Turning my 
attention back to my partner, I pulled his head toward 
my bosom, directing his moist lips to my hardened 

With one hand he playfully caressed one breast, while 
the other hand started to explore what was still hidden 
by my dress.  Gently rising off the seat, I let him 
pull the dress off me.

His lips left my breast and moved down my bare body, 
pausing only to exclaim what a naughty girl I was for 
not wearing anything underneath my simple black dress.  
His kisses reached between my legs, and as he reached 
my sex, I gently pushed myself into his awaiting mouth.  
Expertly and patiently, his tongue explored the folds 
of my vagina.  Gently nibbling my clitoris, then slowly 
sliding his tongue up and down my moist slit.

Moving my hands to his bow tie around my neck, I felt 
the dawn of an orgasm. As his tongue gently pushed into 
me, I heard myself softly moan from the pleasure that 
he was bringing upon me.  Unabashedly bucking my hips, 
I implored him to move faster and faster.  With a 
wanton scream, my orgasm crescendoed and I reached down 
to his head, softly pulling him back to my bosom.

Nearly begging him to enter my sex with his, I watched 
impatiently as he removed his pants.  Stealing a look 
at his member, I was entranced by the girth.  Although 
not as long as some that I have had, it was by far the 
widest that I had ever seen.

As he softly kissed the nape of my neck, I felt his 
manhood press against my sex.  The head of it pressed 
between my lips, and with a soft moan, I felt it 
intrude inside me.  Slowly he pressed it further into 
me, the kisses upon my neck building my burning desire.

As he entered me completely, I felt what seemed to be 
another orgasm arrive, only to feel it subside as 
quickly as it had arrived.  Feeling him push his 
manhood back inside, another orgasm seemed to appear, 
again disappearing as he pulled out ever so slowly.  
Increasing his pace, my moans of ecstasy grew louder 
and louder, and with every thrust I let out a lustful 

His rhythm building faster and faster, Every little 
orgasm that I experienced started to feel as one, and I 
felt myself coming with an intensity that I had never 
felt before.  Feeling as if I would not be able to take 
anymore, I heard him let out a quiet moan, and as his 
rhythm became more erratic, I felt him push into me one 
final time, then collapse on top of me in exhaustion.

Wrapping my arms around him, I held him close to me, 
feeling his erection grow slightly smaller inside me.  
I pushed him gently away from me, and watched as he 
sat, his manhood only slightly diminished.

Smiling at him, I moved my lips to the tip of his 
manhood, my tongue softy licking little circles upon 
his head.  Feeling the taste of myself upon him, I 
wrapped my lips around his member and slowly pushed as 
much of it into my mouth as I could.  Immediately 
feeling it begin to grow larger.  The faster I moved my 
mouth up and down his cock, the larger it seemed to 
become, until I could barely keep it between my lips.

Unable to get very much into my mouth, I attempted to 
wrap one hand around it, but my small hand was not up 
to task. Using both hands, I wrapped them around his 
member and still sucking with my mouth, pumped it up 
and down rapidly.

Struck by inspiration, I removed one hand from his 
member, and gently tugged at the bow tie around my 
neck.  Continuing sucking with my mouth, I removed the 
other hand from his cock, and softly wrapped the bow 
tie around it.  Encircling his member with the soft 
silk, I placed my hands over the tie, and continued to 
pump his cock rapidly.  Within seconds, he started to 
buck and with a groan, I felt the taste of his orgasm 
in my mouth.  I swallowed as quickly as I could, but 
some of his come dripped onto his beautiful tie.  As I 
gently cleaned his member with my tongue, I unwrapped 
the tie and placed it next to my dress.

The chauffeur announced that we had reached our 
destination, and I quickly pulled my dress over my 
hips, sliding the thin straps over my shoulders.  As 
the door opened, I looked at my new lover, and with a 
devilish smile, I announced that his tie was now mine, 
and if he ever wanted to reclaim it, that he must come 
to my abode within one weeks time, and then I would 
give him a chance to win it back.

I walked away from the limousine, and as I heard the 
door softly close behind me, I turned to him and held 
up my prize.  Softly blowing a kiss to my tie-less 
lover, I turned to the bow tie and softly brought it to 
my lips and gently kissed it.

My lover appeared to claim his tie within the week, and 
except for mundane matters of the world, he has not 
left me since that time.


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