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Subject: {ASSM} Stacey's Adventures - Part 2 (Down On Old Creek Road) ([email protected]) (g solo, Mg, BDSM, ws)
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Stacey's Adventures - Part 2 (Down On Old Creek Road)
([email protected]) (g solo, Mg, BDSM, ws)

The following material is for adults only.  It depicts acts of
pedophilia to include bondage, torture, and watersports.  If you are
forbidden to read or obtain this type of material because of either
content or your age please discontinue now.  It is a work of adult
sexual fantasy.  It's not meant to depict anyone real either alive or

I like hearing from people who enjoyed the writing please drop me a
line at [email protected] if you enjoyed the story.

Stacey's Adventures - Part 2 (Down On Old Creek Road)
([email protected]) (Mg)

Twelve-year old Stacey woke up and hurriedly dressed in shorts and a
tank top.  It was Tuesday and she was going to ride her bike over to
Boone Talbott's house.  She was looking forward to this day for more
than a week.  The week since her first real life sex encounter was
filled with anticipation and frantic masturbation sessions.  The memory
of having her pussy fondled by the middle aged man and sucking his cock
filled her with incredible sensations.  Knowing she would be with him
shortly and probably do more sex stuff was causing her pubescent puss
to leak and butterflies to flutter in her stomach.

She peeked in on the sleeping naked form of her mother before going out
to her bike and peddling the few blocks to the address Boone had given
her.  She had already ridden the few blocks several times over the week
to make sure she could find the house.  Every time she had rounded the
corner and the house came into view a surge of lust pulsed through her
preteen body.  Finally the week of waiting was over.  She peddled as
fast as she could.  She was out of breath when she rounded the corner
onto Old Creek Road.  There was the house.  Her butterflies were really
fluttering in her belly now.  She approached the house and dismounted
and pushed the bike up the drive.  She carried the bike up onto the
porch with her.  Her whole body was thrumming with excitement.  She
skinny legs were trembling as she reached out and pressed the door
bell.  She waited trembling.  After a couple of minutes she pressed the
door bell again.  Finally she heard some movement and heard a grumbling
voice from inside, "Yeah, yeah, hold your fucking horses."

Boone pushed the small curtain aside and looked outside.  He saw young
Stacey on the porch.  It was his turn to feel a little pulse of lustful
anticipation.  He unlocked the door and swung the door open.  He looked
up and down the street then opened the screen door.  "C'mon in.
You better bring that in too," he said nodding toward her bike.
Boone was dressed in just his boxers and the sight of the young girl
was causing his cock to tent them up.

"It's Tuesday," little Stacey said by way of introduction.

"Yeah. It is," Boone said still wiping the sleep from his eyes.
"Hold on," he said as he went to the bathroom and took his morning
piss.  As he returned to the living room he noticed the clock on the
mantel showed 7:52.  "Fuck girl, it's not even eight o'clock,"
he said.  Then turned and went back to his bedroom where he plopped
back down into the bed groaning.  He had been out drinking the night
before - as usual.  Stacey waited in the living room fidgeting for a
few minutes then crept into the bedroom.  Boone was lying on his back
on the bed with his arm covering his eyes.  When he heard her enter he
pulled his arm away and looked at the 12-year old.  Almost immediately
his cock stirred.  "Well.  Get your clothes off and get over here,"
he said.  Stacey's face burst into a smile and she began to hurriedly
shed her clothes.  She pushed down her shorts first and then her
sneakers came off.  Then she shyly pulled the tank top over her
exposing her flat chest to the man.  Her tits had barely started to
bud.  Seeing the young girl's little titties caused Boone's cock to
twitch.  She then pushed her panties down and stepped out of them.  She
moved to the side of the bed but was a little shy about joining Boone
on the bed.  Boone turned on his side and propped himself on one elbow
and patted the bed next to him.  "Lie down right here, baby," he
said.  "Let me get a good look at you."  She crawled on the bed
next to Boone and looked up into his face.  "Have you even kissed a
boy before," Boone asked.

"Uh.  No," Stacey said blushing.  Boone placed his hand on the
preteen's stomach then slid it up her body to her little tits.

"We'll fix that," he said as he leaned to her and put his lips to
hers.  His breath smelled of liquor from the night before.  It was a
smell she was familiar with on her mother's breath.  He pulled away
an inch or so then kissed her again.  This time his tongue penetrated
her lips and invaded her mouth.  The feeling was overwhelming for the
girl.  She had heard of french kissing but didn't imagine it would
feel so... so... well nasty.  He withdrew from her again.  She lay
panting - trying to catch her breath.  "Did you like that?" he

"Yesss," she hissed.  He moved back to her and kissed her hard this
time.  He also took one of her nipples in his fingers and began to
pinch it gently.

"Mmmm," she moaned into his mouth as her tongue struggled against
his.  His cock was hard as a rock by now.  He pinched the other nipple
too and then moved his hand down her body to her sex as they continued
to kiss.  Boone felt the wetness of the girl's pussy.  She was
already leaking pussy juice.  He continued to french the girl as he
worked a finger into her pussy.  Stacey was completely overwhelmed by
what was happening.  As soon as Boone's finger pushed into her she
began rolling her hips and moaning.  Boone broke the kiss and leaned
away from the girl to watch her grinding on his finger.  She looked
down her body at the penetrating finger too.

"Fuck.  You look hot," Boone said.  Stacey let out a little
whimpering sound in acknowledgement but continued to watch the finger
penetrating her pussy.  Boone pulled his finger out and then pushed two
fingers into the hot little preteen.  Stacey grunted lewdly at the
penetration.  She then grabbed Boone's wrist with both of her hands
and started to thrust her hips off of the bed to fuck herself on
Boone's hand.  Within a few minutes she was writhing in her first cum
of the morning.  When her cum subsided she released Boone's hand and
fell back on the bed eyes clinched closed and panting.  Boone lay
watching the girl for a couple of minutes before he started fondling
her again.  Her eyes cracked open and she watched as his hands roamed
over her body.

"Get up here and sit on my face girl," Boone said to the girl as he
laid back.  She rose up and approached him awkwardly.  She didn't
really now what to do.  "Come on baby.  Put your pussy on my face,"
Boone said motioning.  She squatted over his face and lowered her puss
onto Boone's face.  The feel of Boone's mouth on her sex almost
made her cum again.  Boone worked his tongue into every fold of the
girl's juicy little twat then concentrated on her swollen little clit
bud.  The twelve year old started to grind her puss into Boone's
face.  She felt another orgasm stirring in her.  She raised her hands
and began pinching and pulling on her hard little nipples as she rode
Boone's face.  Her body began to tremble as the orgasm swept over
her.  She thrust her cunt onto Boone's face as she came then pulled
away from his probing tongue as the touch became to much for the girl
to stand.

Boone let the girl relax for a couple of minutes.  He watched the girl
intently and marveled at his luck in finding such a hot little fuck.
"Are you ready to get fucked now?" Boone asked.

She looked at him and while nodding her head yes she whispered,

Boone pushed his boxers down his legs revealing his hard on.
"C'mon and get in the middle of the bed," he said motioning to
her.  Stacey scooted to the middle of the bed.  "Spread you legs now
girl," Boone instructed.  Stacey spread her legs and Boone kneeled
between them.  He placed the purple head of his cock to the lips of the
twelve year old's pussy and rubbed it up and down teasingly.  Stacey
propped herself up on her elbows to see the fat cock at the entrance of
her tight little pussy.  A mewling sound escaped her lips as he
continued to smear his precum on her prepubescent little puss.  She
began to slowly gyrate her hips in answer to his motions.

"Oh God.  That feels good," the twelve year old said.

"Are you ready to take this fucker?" Boone asked.

"Oh yes.  Please...  please put it... put it in me," little Stacey
moaned.  Boone began to exert some downward pressure on the girl's
pussy and the fat head of his cock sank into the mouth of her fuck
channel.  "Unghh," the preteen groaned.

"Fuck.  You're tight," Boone grunted.  He began to push the shaft
of his cock into the twelve year old.  "Fuck yeah.  Shit," he
groaned.  Considering the tightness of the girl's twat it was all he
could do to keep himself from cumming on the first down stroke.

"Oh God.  Unghh," Stacey moaned as the Boone's cock penetrated up
into her guts.  "Oh fuck.  It feels so big," she exclaimed.  Boone
continued to push into the girl until his coarse dark pubes were
pressed to the light blonde wisps of hair on the preteen's pubic

"Fuck that's nice," Boone exclaimed.  He definitely had to rest
for a second or he was going to blow his wad.  He leaned into the girl
and began to french kiss the hot little preteen.  She passionately
returned his kiss, snaking her tongue over his.  Being full of
Boone's cock was the most incredible sensation she could imagine.
After pausing for a while to regain his composure Boone withdrew his
cock so that only the cock head was still buried in the girl's
grasping puss then he pushed back into her.

"Unghh.  Yesss," the preteen hissed.

Boone began to stroke into the horny little girl.  "Yeah.  Ya like
that?" Boone taunted.

"Oh God yes," the girl answered.

"You're a hot little cock slut aren't you?" Boone taunted.

Hearing him call her a slut sparked something in her subconscious.  It
really turned her on.  "Yessss," she hissed.  "I'm a... I'm a
cock slut," she repeated.  Boone began to fuck her in earnest,
stabbing his cock into the young girl's fuck channel.  Every down
stroke elicited a grunt from the young girl.  "Unghh, unghh,
unghh," she grunted as the fat cock plunged up into her guts.  In no
time her pussy began spasming around the Boone's invading fuck tool.
She came hard raising herself off of the bed so that only her head and
heels made contact with the bed.  As the cum continued to shake her she
clutched at Boone wrapping her legs around him.  When her cum subsided
she fell back on the bed in a semi-conscious state, twitching
occasionally as Boone continued to stab his cock up into her cunt
channel.  Boone couldn't hold out much longer after watching the hot
little slut's display.  As he felt himself about to cum he pulled out
and straddled the girl's upper body and aimed his cock at her face as
he fisted his cock furiously.  When Boone pulled out Stacey regained
awareness.  As Boone straddled her chest she realized what he intended
from the fuck books she had seen.  When he blew his wad in her face she
was ready with mouth open.  The load splashed into her mouth and onto
her lips and chin.  Stacey ate the cum hungrily and licked her lips and
chin for the remnants that missed her mouth.

"Fuck yeah.  Eat that cum," Boone said.  He held his cock to her
lips and she hungrily took the cock in her mouth.  She tasted the
mingled flavor of Boone's cum and her own pussy.  Boone twitched
violently as Stacey cleaned the sensitive cock head.  He pulled his
cock from her mouth then fell next to her on the bed.  The cock hungry
slut moved between his legs and went right back to sucking his cock as
it softened.  Her efforts didn't allow him to get completely soft.
He watched as she worked his cock back to hardness with her mouth.

When he was fully erect she pulled her mouth off of his cock and asked
timidly, "Can I get on top this time?"

"Get on that mother fucker," Boone answered.  Stacey smiled and
rose to mount Boone's cock.  She reached down for Boone's cock and
held it up.  She lowered herself over the cock.  When it touched the
lips of her puss a small gasp escaped her lips.  She lowered herself
onto the cock shaft slowly until it bottomed out in her cunt sheath.
She began to raise and lower herself on the cock.  Boone was surprised
at how hard she fucked herself on his cock.  He was even more surprised
when she started to work her own nipples quite severely.  She rode the
cock with eyes closed in concentration and biting her lower lip.  She
twisted and pulled at her nipples, sometimes rolling them between her
fingers and sometime pinching down harshly with her nails.  She felt
the cum welling up in her again.  She began to tremble and her cunt
began to spasm on Boone's cock.  She pinched her nipples particularly
hard and that set off her cum.  "Aghhh," she groaned as the
electric charge of the orgasm shook her.  Her pussy gripped at
Boone's cock setting him off too.  He raised his upper body off of
the bed and grabbed the girl as his cum splashed up into her cunt then
fell back still clutching her to him.

"Fuck," Boone groaned.  "That was good."  Stacey looked up at
Boone.  He leaned down and kissed her passionately.  They broke the
kiss and she lay on him not stirring as his cock softened in the
preteen's pussy.  "OK girl.  I've got to get ready for work,"
Boone said finally.  She stirred slowly and rose allowing Boone's
cock to plop out of her sloppy cunt.  On a whim Boone ordered, "Get
down suck my cock clean, slut," just to see her reaction.  The effect
on Stacey was noticeable.  She gasped slightly and looked at his cock
then positioned herself to obey the command.  She slurped his
semi-erect cock into her mouth and sucked him clean.  "You make sure
you clean my cock whenever I fuck you.  Understand?" Boone said.

"Mmm hmmm," she answered looking up into his smirking face with her
mouth full of cock.  Eventually Boone pushed the girl's head away and
rose to shower.  There's a box over there with some magazines and
books he said as he got into the shower.  He showered hurriedly.  While
he was in the shower Stacey sorted though the porn and found two
paperbacks she wanted.  "Tied Up Teacher" was the first one.  The
cover showed a drawing of a woman bound and being fucked by two young
men as three others watched.  The second book was call "Bound Slut"
and the cover drawing showed a girl suspended and being whipped by
another woman.  Boone finished his shower and walked into the room and
started to dress.  The girl was still naked, sitting on the floor
looking through the box.

"Well did you find something?" Boone asked.

"Yeah, I want these two," she said gesturing at the books, "but I
forgot my book bag.  Can I come back tomorrow and get them?" she
asked innocently.

Boone realized immediately that it was another opportunity to fuck the
twelve year old.  "Yeah.  You can come by until I have to go to
work," he answered.

"OK," she answered.

"C'mon and get dressed.  I have to go," he said as he finished
dressing herself.

"OK," she said rising and moving to her close.

Boone watched her dressing.  His cock stirred as he watched her.
"Fuck.  I'm a lucky son-of-a-bitch," he thought to himself.  She
looked up and smiled shyly and blushed as she saw him watching her.
When she finished dressing he walked her to the door and sent her on
her way.  He returned to put the box containing his porn collection
away.  He noticed that both of the books the girl had chosen had
bondage themes.  He put the box away and headed to work.  Throughout
the afternoon he thought about the girl's preference for the bondage
material and the way she had worked her own nipples so hard while she
rode his cock that morning.
End of Part Two

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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