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On her way to work, Merrie was kidnapped off the streets of Franome City
by a thriban named Bass. It didn't take long before she found out her
fate: to be broken, trained as a puppy sex slave, and sold to the
highest bidder. But, what started as a journey of terror became
something else when she found magic in her submission and a destiny that
went far beyond a mere slave.

Puppy Mill 71: Forever Broken
by t'Sade

What would give first? Merrie's flagging strength, her despair, or
Rakin's rage? And who will be broken and who will become the slave?

(viol tort caution)


Merrie woke up in agony. She ached from head to ankle, and everywhere
between. With a gasp, she tried to curl up, but every muscle screamed
out in agony and she slumped back. As she slid along the mattress, dried
cum and blood scraped against the countless scratches that covered her body.

A sob tore out of her, but it only came out as a gasping wheeze. She
inhaled and winced at the ache in her ribs and the scrape of air against
her bruised throat. She exhaled and the pain of simply breathing brought
tears to her eyes.

She hurt more than she thought possible. Rakin had used his fists and
palms as much as his cock as he raped her. He impaled her ass while
shoving her against the bricks. He forced her throat down on the edge of
the bed as he pounded her into the bars. She had repeatedly triggered
his rage and he took it out on her without mercy. Every time he tried to
leave, she forced him to attack and rape her again.

Her pussy and ass burned. She tightened her muscles but gasped as she
felt a sharp pain shooting up her spine. It felt like she had been
impaled on a sword. Every twitch and pulse of her body ignited more
pain. She parted her lips to cry out, painfully aware of how he bruised
her mouth with his cruel pounding.

Trembling, she forced her eyes open. Her elbows brushed against her skin
and she jerked at the discomfort. She reached up and wiped the dried cum
from her face, gasping softly at the rawness around her eyes and cheeks.
Globs of semen ran down her face and she rubbed it off before looking
around blearily.

The room remained bright and painful, but her eyes had grown accustomed
the lack of shadows. Dried blood stained the walls as did his cum. As
she focused on them, the memories of how Rakin painted the walls with
her body slammed into her.

It took her a second to realize that she didn't see Rakin. Gasping, she
sat up with a cry and bit back the scream of agony from moving. She had
failed and he left. She shook her head as fresh tears came. He was going
to come back with the collar and she would become his slave forever.

She tried to get on her knees, but her legs failed her and she slammed
back down on the mattress with a thud. The impact crushed her aching
breasts between her body. When she lifted herself from the mattress,
there were marks of fresh blood on the stained mattress.

Merrie reached out with her mind, knowing that she couldn't break
through the shields. She was desperate to try though, to find some way
of finding out if Rakin was coming back with the collar. To her
surprise, she caught Rakin's thoughts still in the room.

Her breath coming faster with hope, she crawled toward the edge of the
bed. Peeking over the edge, she saw him leaning against the side. His
head was slumped back as he stared at the ceiling. His gauntlet was off
and his left hand rested on his chest. It was pale with deep scars and
burns. In one spot, she could see where a combat spell had melted the
muscle inside his arm, leaving nothing but skin wrapped tightly around
his bone.

Underneath his arm, his chest rose and fell with ragged gasps. Like her,
he struggled to breathe. She knew the scars on his body intimately, they
were burned into her mind from hours of fucking, but there were fresh
ones on his knuckles, wrists, and knees from where he had mounted her
against the bricks.

She inched further over the edge and looked below his arms. His cock was
limp against his leg. It was thick and swollen. The veins continued to
throb and the entire thing was an angry red. The scent of her pussy rose
up from his body and his length glistened with drying juices.

Merrie let out a sigh of relief. She hadn't failed. She glanced up at
the door and back down. He was still in the room and she wasn't collared.

She started to gather up energy to force him to fuck her again. The
energy sputtered with the dread of being beaten. She couldn't take
anymore; he had finally broken her. Her body hurt from the inside, every
centimeter and every part. She looked at the bruises along her arms and
the scratches the bricks left on her body. She looked like she had been
in a war, but her opponent was just as exhausted as she was.

Everything burned but knowing that she prevented him from leaving gave
her energy. She shuddered as she tilted herself to the side. The
mattress peeled away from her body, ripping the impromptu glue of blood
and cum from her skin. She reached down along her bruised and burned
breasts to her sex. She wasn't surprise that she was soaked---she was an
Alpha---but the skin had gotten so sensitive that even her touch brought
a flash of pain. It felt like she had just finished a marathon fuck of a
hundred thribans. Her nether lips were hot and painful, but gave no
resistance as the tip of her arm slid into them. Pain and pleasure rose
up, searing her senses and quickening her breath.

Rakin struggled to his feet with a groan. He swayed for a moment, then
headed for the door. "I-I need to go." His voice cracked with his
exhaustion. (I need to get out away from her.)

She shivered at his thoughts. They burned against his skin, flickering
with heat and rage but sluggish with the hours of beating and fucking
her. His shields had been shattered by her constant provoking. She knew
his memories and thoughts as intimately as her master's, a thought that
terrified her and brought a fresh surge of power.

She kept her arms between her legs as she looked up at him. Burrowing
into her mind, she gathered up her fear and compressed it into a bolt of
anger. With a gasp, she forced it into him. It exploded into a storm of
anger, setting off the familiar rage.

Rakin stopped and his hands balled into fists. But then he shook his
head. "N-No," he growl, "Not again. We're done."

Merrie jerked at the word. She straightened up and watched him with
confusion. He had never resisted his own anger before. She watched as
the energy crackling inside him sputtered; he was denying his very
nature and source of his power.

Shuddering, he stepped forward again. His hand shook as he reached for
the door.

She gathered up all the anger and despair she could, dredging the depths
of her being. The strength of her emotion was pathetic, not even a
hundredth of what she could do, but it was all she had remaining inside
her broke mind.

Anger blossomed inside his mind, fueling the ever-present hatred. She
felt energy crackling in the air as he spun around. But, as he turned,
he staggered to the side before he could stop his movement. "No!"

At the sight of him, she gasped. There were dark shadows underneath his
eyes. His body was pale and drawn. Even standing up, he was struggling
to remain upright.

Curious, she reached out into his mind. She expected to see a storm of
hatred and anger raging in his thoughts. But, even with her own magic
pushing him to his limits, most of the fervor had dissipated. He was
still angry, it fueled every action and every thought, but she had
driven him into exhaustion. His stamina had been tapped and he was
barely conscious. The only thing keeping him standing was his anger and
the need to own her at all costs.

"No more." He gasped. "I'm leaving now, bitch."

He turned to open the door. His hand stretched out toward the middle and
the runes flickered to life.

Merrie tried to send another bolt of anger, but her spell fizzled out.
She had nothing left. She didn't know how many hours he raped her, but
she had failed. Despair rose up inside her, turning the bricks around
her black. She waited for the pleasure to destroy the darkness, but only
pain cut through her body.

Rakin's palm struck the door. The runes flared and then died. With a
groan, he planted his other hand on the door frame and tried again. The
runes flickered and faded. With a groan, he slumped against the door.
"Damn the gods."

Her ears perked up as she watched him. It was the only part of her that
was merely in pain instead of agony.

Rakin turned around and leaned against the door. "How did you do it? I
don't even have enough to open the damned door." He groaned and pushed
himself away from the door. Inside his mind, the anger began to rise up
again and she watched magic coursing along his body. "Is that what you
want? To keep me in here with you?"

His bare feet smacked on the bricks. He lurched forward and caught
himself. When he looked up with bloodshot eyes, there was a flicker of
the anger that drove him. "Why? What are you doing?"

Merrie gulped to ease the tightness in her throat, but it felt like sand
scraping down to her stomach. She shook as she forced herself on her
knees and spread her legs. It was agony to settle down, but she didn't
stop until her wrists returned to her collarbone and she opened her mouth.

Her bark was more of a gasp, but it was loud in the tiny brick room.

He shook his head. "No. No more fucking, no more begging." He wheezed as
he took a deep breath. "No more beating and no more punishments."
Rakin's voice was dull and listless. His eyes drooped as he leaned back
against the door.

Merrie stared at him and he stared back at her. Every part of her body
ached, but she was still conscious. She could feel his anger, but the
flames of hatred were banked with exhaustion.

The idea of being tortured sickened her, but she realized they were both
almost to the point of cracking. If she broke, she would become his
slave forever. If he did, she... she didn't know what would happen. The
only thing she knew was that if he left the room, she would also become
his slave. Every path but one ended in the same place, an eternity of

She dropped to the bed and crawled off it. Her legs didn't quite move,
but she pulled herself onto the bricks. As her weight shoved her into
the sharpness, she shuddered but lifted her gaze to the man who raped her.

"What are you doing?"

Merrie crawled toward him, her left arm barely able to handle her
weight. It was agony with the bricks scraping her knees and her
exhaustion dragging her down. Even her tail hung down against her
buttocks, the hair scraping against her sensitive pussy and thighs.

"Stop," Rakin said. His face grew pale as she crawled toward him. She
felt fear around her as he stood up straighter.

She almost gave up and dropped to the ground, but somehow she managed to
crawl in front of him. Settling down, she forced her knees apart. Scabs
tore open as she settled down and looked up at him. With a gasping bark,
she brought her wrists up and begged again.

"N-No." He said, his voice cracking. When she didn't move, he lifted his
hand. It came down, slapping her across the face. The agony was intense
against her other injuries.

She sobbed from the pain and slumped to the side. His blow opened cuts
in her face. Droplets of blood splattered down on the bricks. It sank
down into the mortar. She fought against the pain and her desire to
crawl into a ball. With a whimper, she got back into a begging position.

(Not again!) He slapped her again, throwing his entire weight into the
blow. As she was slammed into ground, he dropped to his knees. She felt
the pain bursting across his thoughts, it provoked his own anger. (I
have to get away from her. I have to leave!)

Rakin staggered back to his feet, his hand dripping with blood. As he
straightened up, he was shaking violently. He looked down at her with
glazed eyes and shook his head. "S-Stay."

Merrie cringed, waiting for the rush of the command but it never came.
She inhaled sharply and looked up at him. He couldn't dominate her, not
with his exhaustion.

Rakin's eyes opened wider. "D-Down."

There was no rush to obey, no thrill of submission. She forced herself
back to her knees and barked.

He slapped her. The blow left stars across her vision but she remained
on her knees. She cringed at the burning on her cheek and the drip of
blood running down her breasts. Tensing up, she took a deep breath and
barked again. She reached down inside her, to the very core of her
being. It was the liquid sexuality that fueled her soul. It was the very
nature of her submission and lust. Pulling on it, she brought it up in
her mind and let it radiate from her body.

Rakin's cock twitched and he groaned in pain. Shaking hands came down to
cover his length and he shook his head violently. "No!" He glared down
at her. "Don't you dare."

Merrie arched her back, lifting her bruised and battered breasts closer.
Her nipples grew harder with the idea of submission and the anticipation
of him beating her once again. No matter what happened, she couldn't
give up. Even if her insides were torn open and she was bleeding to death.

Rakin exhaled, a gasping noise that threatened to turn into a growl.
Even though he was exhausted, she could feel him pulling on his own core
of power, the source of his magic and his endless hatred.

She didn't know which one would survive, her lust or his anger, but she
had nothing left to lose. Gulping at her dry throat, she nuzzled his
fingers with her nose. As their skin touched, she sent a bolt of lust
searing through his senses.

He froze as pain blossomed from his responding cock. It raised his anger
and power flowed through him. "I said stop!" He yanked his hand from his
crotch and backhanded her.

The world exploded into sharp agony as she was thrown across the room.
The remnants of his strength spell flared along the bricks behind him.
The energy was golden streaked with red. Merrie cried out as she forced
herself off the wall, ignoring the fresh trickle of blood that poured
down the side of her head.


She shuddered at the command, a flicker of lust rising up. She clung to
it as she got back into a begging position. As soon as she brought her
wrists up, she barked and sent out a pulse of exhausted lust.

Rakin stormed over, his hand rising up. Magic coursed along his body as
golden red flames rose up. The heat burned against her skin and she
recognized the patterns of a strength spell. Along with it was the
insanity of his rage, the self control shattering with his exhaustion.

Merrie's breath caught in her throat. He wasn't pulling back his blow
and she was barely able to stand, much less resist another strike.

The world slowed down as he came down, the magic blinding her.

Something snapped inside her. The despair rose up and she was moving
before her mind recognized the reaction.

With speed she didn't knew she had, she leaned forward and bit his cock
with all her flagging strength. It wasn't a solid bite and she missed
the veins, but a flood of blood splattered against the back of her throat.

The response was immediate. Rakin stumbled back and lost his balance.
With a scream, he crashed into the floor. His eyes glowed red as he
surged back to his feet. "You bitch!"

A second later, he slammed her into the wall again. The bricks tore at
her face and body as she slid down. Before she hit the ground, he
grabbed her hair and threw her across the room again.

Merrie's body crunched against the wall and she plummeted to the ground.
The impact drove the air out of her lungs. Gaping for air, she watched
as Rakin sprint across the room after her. His entire body glowed with
magic, the flames licking the air and smoke rising up from him.

As he knelt down to grab her by her breast, she snapped out and bit down
on his arm. Her teeth pierced flesh as she bore all of her strength into
hurting him.

Rakin snarled and jammed his hands into her chest. His fingers burned
her skin as he yanked her up by her tit and pulled her up. Throwing her
against the wall, he grabbed her head and slammed her face-first into
the wall.

Merrie's scream was interrupted by the crunch of her nose. She flailed
at the wall but Rakin yanked her back. With a grunt, he slammed her
forward again.

As the bricks rushed toward her, Merrie dug into her soul and used the
growing fear for a domination spell. The runes exploded across her
vision and then burst out from her mind.

The psionic spell tore apart Rakin's ragged shields and plunged into his
mind. He stopped with her bleeding nose millimeters from the sharp brick
wall. His entire body shook with the effort to crush her.

"N-No," he growled and the anger rose up. It tore at her spell, breaking
it apart.

Merrie dug deeper, pulling on the dark cloud of despair and fear that
filled her. It came from the hole in her soul but it was power. The
bricks in front of her turned black as she reinforced her spell.

Rakin snarled, his body trembling as he strained to crush her against
the wall. His anger boiled out of his mind. It burned her own thoughts
as the bricks in front of them swirled from black to red.

She fought back, pumping more of herself into the spell until the world
lost its color and the painfully familiar despair coursed through her
veins. There was no pleasure to dissipate the despair.

Her emotions slammed into Rakin's endless rage. The room became a storm
of black and red as both of them threw themselves into the spell.

(I will not lose to her!) His thoughts were a brand against her mind. He
was as clear as any other submissive; his dominance over her had been

Merrie retreated deeper into her mind. She barely had enough to keep
going, but she dug deeper until she reached the darkness in her soul,
the hole left by her master. Yanking it up, she felt part of her life
slipping away as she slammed it into Rakin.

She didn't bother fueling her spell, but poured the black despair
directly into his storm of rage. It howled inside both of their minds,
tearing their thoughts and shredding their memories.

They both screamed in agony, their hoarse voices filling the room.
Merrie felt her vocal cords tearing and the taste of copper poured down
her throat. She couldn't feel anything but rage, but she couldn't give
up. She could never surrender to him.

(Never! I cannot lose!?) His thoughts cracked and she felt fear tainting
his thoughts. His anger sputtered for the briefest of moments before the
rage burned away his fear. (I'm her real master!)

Merrie's eyes snapped open. She stared into the eyes of her rapist and
realized she had one last weapon again him.

She remembered her true master. She recalled the look as he reached out
for her, his body burning away because Rakin had killed him. She focused
on the agony she felt as her soul ripped. The blackness that filled her
as she screamed out for him, her vocal cords ripping and blood pouring
out of every hole in her body. She took every memory of that horrible
night and threw it at Rakin.

He froze, his eyes growing wide. His breath stopped in his lungs as he
realized what was happening. He had no more shields, no defenses against
her. The intimate brutality and exhaustion had brought them too close
and she clung to it with everything she had.

He dropped to his knees with a crunch but he didn't flinch. Instead, his
eyes glazed over as the rage inside him fought desperately against the
endless horror that Merrie had lived through that night. It flared like
a candle in the dark, burning bright for one painful moment.

The room and his mind plunged into darkness. The light was still there,
but every brick had turned to the blackest of nights.

Merrie felt her despair pouring out of her and Rakin's mind cracking as
it tried to take it all in. His eyes rolled back and his skin paled as
the memories ripped apart his life.

(You want to be my master?) Her thoughts were dripping with the despair
that almost consumed her life and the anger toward the man who killed
her master. (You want to bind your soul to mine!? Then have it! Take
what's in my heart!)

She shoved every memory of that night into him, pouring it in until it
spilled out of his consciousness and sank deep into his soul. She felt
his spirit corroding from the onslaught of her memories.

Rakin's mouth opened as he tried to fight back and find some way of
saving himself. His thoughts shattered in the darkness and there wasn't
even a light left in his mind.  His thoughts crumbled into insanity and
she gathered up the worst of her pain to destroy him forever.

Tamin's presence slammed into her. (Alpha!)

The bright flash of her pack disrupted her memories. She tried to cling
to it, to slaughter Rakin, but then a wave of compassion, love, and
concern filled her. It poured into her and soothed over the aches and

Her domination spell faded and both she and Rakin dropped to the ground.
She landed against the brick, unable to stop her momentum until her
forehead slammed into the floor. She let out a long sob from her ruined

Behind her, Rakin crumbled to the bricks with a groan. The coppery
stench of blood filled the air along with the scorched smell of magic.

Struggling to breath, Merrie pushed herself off the wall and staggered
to her wrists and knees. Turning around, she looked at the man who
kidnapped her.

Rakin had one hand on his crotch, squeezing down as blood oozed from
between his fingers. His eyes were deep and sunken as he looked at her.
There was no anger left in his eyes, just a dull look of a broken man.
But, his mind had survived. She could fell coherent thoughts rising up
through the devastated remains.

She limped to him, looking down at the man she feared. She knew the
spell that would destroy his soul forever. It hovered over the edge of
her mind and the shield protecting the room had been destroyed between
their final struggle.

"K-Kill me," blood flecked Rakin's lips. "I can't stop you."

She delved into his mind and found only a wasteland. No rage stormed in
his thoughts. No magic flowed through his veins. He was an empty shell
of man. The source of his power was gone and she knew there was nothing
else she could do. (No.)

His raspy inhale filled the room. "Your voice. I forgot how it
s-sounded. But, you aren't crying. I always dreamed I'd hear you cry."

Merrie turned away and crawled to the door. As she reached it, she
plunged herself back into his mind and pulled out the spell to unlock
it. He let out a soft cry as she ripped it from his mind. Using a
fraction of Tamin's energy that now flowed through the shadowy leash,
she cast it and pressed her severed arm against the door.

Bolts clicked and the door swung open. She looked down an empty hallway
and felt a strange sense of relief.

"You're just leaving?"

(Yes,) she said. She could still feel her despair in her soul, the
aching hole left by her master. But, his rage had burned it over,
sealing it behind a scab. She knew it was there, but it no longer raged
just inside her control. Like Rakin, she had been burned clean by their
final fight. She looked over her shoulder, her bloody hair sticking to
her face. (You will never be my master.)

Rakin curled into a ball, clutching his privates as his sweat- and
blood-soaked body shook violently.

It took twenty minutes to crawl down the hallway to the stairs at the
far end. She left behind a trail of blood and cum, the crimson
splattered echoing loudly against the brick walls. The floor cut at her
body, but it was small pains compared to the agony that had tortured her.

As she reached the end of the hallway, the connection between her and
Tamin grew stronger. (I'm coming for you, Alpha, and I will kill anyone
between me and you.)

Merrie smiled with pride and sent a pulse of affection down the
connection. With a groan, she forced herself up on the stair and began
the long painful climb up. Every movement was agony and every step a
mountain, but she finally reached the top. She came out into a training
room that looked like the Puppy Mill's. Cages of various sizes were on
one wall. On the other, whips and chains hung from their spot.

She could feel Rakin's passion in the arrangement. He lavished attention
on this room, fantasizing about every thing he would do to her. She knew
each whip intimately, having been tortured in his mind in a thousand
fantasies. The chains, the manacles, and even the knives had left their
mark in her memories.

As she limped toward the center of the room, she heard the sounds of
combat. The floor shook from an explosion and the chandelier above her
swayed dangerously. Smell of smoke and fire drifted around her and she
smiled. Scorch had survived.

(Tamin, is Nir safe?)

Tamin's thoughts were colored with blood and violence as he finished
tearing the stomach out of a guard. (Badly injured but safe. Kirin has
been watching over her the last few days.)

(Days?) She could barely dredge up enough energy to be surprised.

(Four since the night you were taken from me. Four lonely nights of us
hunting for any sign of you.)

(How did you find me? I couldn't reach out.)

(Your connection drew me close and then I went to where the Shadows fear
not tread. The Lords were circling and I just followed the death and
dark.) Love radiated through the connection, followed by a brief flash
of anger.

A scream echoed down the hall before it ended abruptly. At the far end
of the room was an open door. Six men rushed past, their swords out and
wearing Rakin's colors.

She projected the image to Tamin.

(I see them, Alpha. They are about to die.)

"Surprise!" cheered Elf, the large man's voice high-pitched and excited.
A howling filled the hall.

One of the guards ran past as a swarm of obsidian butterflies punched
through his body in a bursts of blood. Each one was as black as night
and sparkling with thousands of different colors. His scream echoed
loudly as his body was shredded and he fell to the ground in a bloody
heap. His head exploded before it struck the ground and a shower of
bloody butterflies continued down the hall.

A moment later, three guards backed into view. They were cowering behind
shields as the obsidian butterflies poured against them. There was a
flash of brilliant white as an energy whip sliced through the wall of
the training room and curled around the shield of the nearest man. He
fell back as his upper chest slid from his bottom.

The second dropped as Tamin appeared from behind him in a burst of
shadows. He took out the man's knee as her cloak exploded from his back
in two giant wings before clamping down on the third man's chest. His
scream ended abruptly as the cloak poured into his mouth and burst out
of his stomach.

The hound and her cloak were racing into the room before the bodies hit
the ground.

Merrie smiled, tears burning her eyes, and pulled herself into a begging
position. It was agony, but knowing her pack was there gave her strength.

Tamin radiated love and relief as he skidded to a halt. He was covered
in blood and gore as he panted. Then, as gentle as a puppy, he reached
over and pressed his head against her shoulder. (I love you, Alpha.)
With his touch, she felt him take her pain and the sharp agonies slipped

She gasped at the relief and tears ran down her face.

Her cloak slipped around her, wrapping back around her back but
fluttering to avoid touching her injuries.

Scorch ran past the door, his body surrounded by white flames. A
heartbeat later, he called out, "Bitch!? Turn around!"

He slammed into Elf as the two collided into the door frame. Merrie saw
a flash of an eye patch as the fire mage fell to the ground.

Elf managed to remain standing. Multi-color butterflies spun around him
as he peered into the room. His small, strap-on wings, fluttered as he
hopped into the room. "Bitchy! Bitchy!"

Stepping into sight, Pristine leaned over and helped Scorch up. She was
dressed in her normal leathers, but held a brightly glowing whip in her
hand. She glanced up and snapped out her hand. The whip sliced through
the wall and there was a thud of a body hitting the ground.

Merrie leaned into Tamin and let out a sigh.

Elf slid to a halt. His eyes were wide for a moment and she felt a pang
of despair fill him. He sighed and reached out to stroke her, but pulled
back. "Oh, honey. He hurt you. That bad man hurt you. Just tell me where
he is and Elfie will take care of him."

With a nod, Merrie reached out for Tamin. He opened himself up and she
drew power from him. With a shiver, she transformed into a hound and
back into a human. As the fur stripped off, the scratches faded into her
skin and the worst of her cuts scabbed over.

(Again, Alpha,) ordered Tamin, his protective thoughts pushing her to
transform again with a thrill of obedience.

Her body rippled between hound and human five more times before the
injuries ceased to heal. The aches and pains remained, but they were no
longer the bloody gashes that covered her body. She was covered in
scratches, but her nose was no longer broken and the sharp pains in her
sex had faded into an ache.

Scorch stopped in front of her. There were tears in his one good eye.
His other was covered in a patch. Sword slashes and magic burns covering
his body. But the injures didn't look fresh and she could sense magical
healing seeping through his veins. He smiled and crouched down in front
of her. "We're suppose to be saving you."

Exhausted, Merrie could only cock her head and give him a sheepish whine.

Pristine rested her hand on Scorch's shoulder. "Where is Rakin?"

Tamin responded with her thoughts, standing up and heading toward the
stairs leading into the basement and her cell. He growled as he peered
down into the darkness.

Pristine and Scorch were already moving toward it.

Elf stroked her cheek. "Is he alive, sweetie?"

Merrie barked.

"Not for long," growl Scorch. Flames burned along his body as he wrapped
himself in fire magic.

Merrie looked over her shoulder as Scorch started down the stairs. The
walls glowed from his flames. They would kill Rakin and then it would be
over. She thought about Jacir and Bass, both who had their lives
devastated by the man bleeding to death on the ground of her cell. It
would all be over in a flash of heat and screaming.

It was Jacir's memory that pushed her into action. For hours, she let
him beat her as he struggled to find closure with the loss of his love.
If it wasn't for those hours of submission that she would have never had
the strength to keep Rakin in the room. But, no matter how many times he
fantasied about Pris dying, it was that one memory of Rakin laughing
about murdering Pris that Merrie could never erase. And if Scorch killed
him, she could never heal that last burning memory.

Her eyes flickered to the side to Tamin. The hound nodded and stepped
into the Shadows. Almost instantly, he came back across in the middle of
the stairs and blocked Scorch.

Scorch stopped in mid-step. "What? Move out of the way! I'm going to
kill him."

Merrie and Tamin growled at the same time, the vibrations from their
chest filling the room and hallway. She almost fell as she turned around
to look at the flames filling the stairwell.

"Bitch! Move your damn dog!"

She shook her head.

Tamin stepped forward, but Scorch responded by drawing the flames to
him. The heat poured out of the stairs.

Pristine stepped back, sweat prickling her brow. "Bitch? What is going
on?" She looked back at Merrie with a confused look.

(Don't kill him.)

Both Pristine and Elf jerked at her thoughts.

Scorch's anger rose up and the flames poured out of the stairwell. "Like
the hells I won't. He hurt my Nir!"

Tamin held his ground, but he had to look away as the flames licked his fur.

(Don't!) Merrie's domination spell slammed into Scorch.

There was a thud and the flames died out. A second later, Scorch's much
calmer and confused voice drifted up the stairs. "Why am I sitting?"

Elf stood up and headed toward the stairs. "We aren't killing him,

"Why not?" Scorch's anger returned, "He attacked Nir... the guild."

Elf glanced at Pristine who reluctantly nodded. He leaned and spoke down
the stairs. "Because Bitchy must have beaten him. You know the laws. If
we don't catch him attacking the guild, we can't legally kill him."

"This is Rakin!" Scorch stormed up the stairs. "This guy weasels out of
everything thrown at him. He managed to attack us after the bastard lost
his money, his county, everything. If we throw him in jail, he's going
to bribe or sneak out. Kill him now, before he gets away!"

Elf shook his head and held out his hands. "It's the law, Scorchy."

"Fuck the law! I'm killing him---"

Merrie reached out and gripped Scorch's mind. With a sigh, she clamped
down on his thoughts and sent him into unconsciousness.

Scorch's eyes rolled into his head and he crumbled to the ground. Before
he fell back into the stairs, Tamin caught him and held him up.

Elf smirked and looked away.

"Bitch," warned Pristine, "we do not dominate our friends."

Ears drooping, Merrie lowered her head and whined. She released Scorch
and woke him up.

Scorch groaned and sat up. "Did Bitch just knock me out?"

Elf patted him on the shoulder. "Yes, honey, but you weren't listening.
And this is Bitchy's choice, not yours."

Pristine stepped around both men and knelt down in front of Merrie. "Are
you sure? Really sure? Rakin doesn't fear the legal system. You'll be
letting him go if we arrest him."

Merrie reached out for Rakin. He was alive, but barely. She could feel
his broken, shattered thoughts as he focused on clutching his ruined
crotch. He had no more anger, no more rage.

She focused on Pristine and barked.


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