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Oh Annah Oh Annah
Copyright The Razor's Edge 2016

My wife Sarah and I live in a gated upscale community, triple garage,
4 bedrooms, two baths and den. My wife Sarah is a corporate lawyer
working for a national grocery chain and I, Jason am a civil engineer.

Our daughter, one and only got married and pregnant at the age of 21
and not necessarily in that order. Her husband Harold was a terrific
guy and we loved him dearly. He and Tessa were made for each other and
being an accountant for a large firm gave them a pretty comfy life.
They lived in a city a few hours drive from us.

That was all four years ago however and last year we became legal
guardians of Sammy our grandson. Tessa died during childbirth and bled
out before the doctors could do anything to stop it. We were
devestated and it took my wife almost a year to come to grips with it.
She has recovered but loosing Tessa did some damage to our marriage.
Don't get me wrong, we both still love and respect each other but
there is a touch of distance. We still have an active sex life but it
certainly isn't hot and steamy like it was before.

Our son in law however went into a tailspin, hit the bottle and never
really recovered. He still works and is functioning but there just
wasn't any way he could or would be able to care for Sammy. We decided
to accept responsibility for the care of our grandson.

We are both pretty active in our work life still. She loves her job
and thoughts of retirement are not even close to being in the wind for
her yet. We are very well off so I decided to retire early at the age
of 48 but retained control of my engineering company which is being
run by my brother who is a hard working, dedicated and honest person.

When I said we, it is more like me who cares for him and hence my
reason for retiring early. Sammy was three when he came to live with
us. I am retired but I busy myself in the garage with a little
furniture building and I have my drafting board, computer with Autocad
etc. and do spend a few hours a day consulting.

I have come to like puttering around in no real hurry to finish
anything. Caring for Sammy is my number one priority but he is pretty
independent so it is a really easy task. He is a late sleeper and
usually doesn't wake up until 10:00 or sometimes a bit later. I
usually prepare his breakfast and he sits at his kids table watching
TV and eating.

As he grew from a toddler to a smart little four year old he became
more outgoing and because we live in a closed community safety is not
an issue and he plays outside with the other small children. I am
usually there as the guard dog and all my neighbors know that nothing
is going to sneak by me so trust is never an issue.

His favorite playmate is a little girl whose parents hail from
Venezuela and she was born here a year and a couple months before
Sammy so the two of them are growing up together and now are like two
peas in pod and seeing one, sees the other. She isn't really into TV
that much but does like playing cars and trucks with Sammy after his
cartoon fix and is always hanging around in the garage with me.

She is a bit chubby baby fat wise and her dark skin and coal black
hair make her a little beauty. She always wears halter dresses that
come down to just above her knees and her little puffy baby titties
are always poking out. She is always clean and well dressed. 
She calls me "Tio" which is spanish for uncle.

Her father Roberto has become a close friend and his wife Eselda and
mine are very close. He works as a plant manager in a canning factory
and her mother doesn't but is suffering a little from depression and
migrains so she doesn't come outside very often because the sunlight
can trigger. So Anna is almost always with Sammy playing in our yard
or hanging around me in the garage. Even with her mother's depression
Anna is very well cared for. 

Lately she has been clingy and is always wanting my attention and I
don't mind because she is such a cute little thing and very smart and
adult for her age. She will be 6 in a few months and can talk a pretty
good game for a 5 year old. She can converse very intelligently.

I have a triple garage, one of very few in the complex and when my
wife is at work it leaves a lot of space for them to play. If it is
rainy or very sunny they play in the garage and as well play in the
back yard with the childrens play center we purchased.

It all started one day about three months ago, I was puttering around
in the garage and the two of them were sitting on the floor pushing
toy cars around and little Anna was crawling around on her hands and
knees as was Sammy, only Anna didn't have any panties on. Her plump
little bummy cheeks waddling back and forth as she crawled pushing the
toy car was quite a pleasant sight. Her little treasure was clearly

I have never had an inappropriate thought regarding her.

"Anna where are your panties?"

"Outside on the step Tio"

"What are they doing there?"

"I peepeed in them a little bit"

"Well I think you should go home and put some panties on, it is not
nice for little girls to show their little girl parts"

"Oh it's only you and you have seen it before"

"Well that may be true my little darling but if you don't mind I don't
want other boys to see your little treasure Ok. I will get jealous if
you show it to other boys"

"Ok I will only show it to you then Tio" she said with a giggle

Anna got up and her and Sammy went to her house only to return a few
minutes later with her holding a clean pair of panties. Sammy went
right back to his cars and Anna stood there holding out her panties.

"Can you put them on for me Tio?"

"Of course sweety, come over here, but why didn't your Mommy put them

"She has a headache and is laying down Tio"

"Oh poor thing, well no problem, come over here"

I sat down on a bench in the garage and she climbed up onto my lap. I
took her panties from her outstretched hand and slid them over her
feet and up to her plump little bummy and tried to lift her up to pull
them on.

"Anna can you lift up a bit so I can pull them over your bummy

"Ok Tio can I just stand next to you on the bench?"

"Sure sweety"

Anna slid over and stood up on the bench next to me. Her little bummy
was right in my face. I could smell the peepee that had dried on her
skin and it shot right to my crotch and I felt my cock twitch. What
the fuck I thought. I quickly pulled her panties over her plumb little
bum and lifted her onto the floor and pushed her gently away.

She turned and looked at me like I had done something wrong.

"What's the matter sweety?"

"Oh nothing, you didn't give me a hug like you usually do"

"Awwwhh, well come here and I will give you a big hug, big enough for
two of them"

She quickly turned with a big smile on her face and came to me. I
spread my legs and pulled her between them bending forward to cradle
her head. Anna was exhibiting strange behavior and although she didn't
actually reach out and grab me, her hands were busy fiddling and
several times they brushed against my crotch.

I hugged her close and let my hands slip down to her hips, turned her
around and sent her on her way.

After the panty incident, Annah wanted more of my attention and
several times over the course of the following weeks, she would take
off her panties and hide them in the garage. I noticed on most of
these occasions that she made sure I knew she didn't have her panties
on but I made like it was no big deal and didn't ask her about it.

A week ago, I noticed she didn't have her panties on again and was
working on sanding a corner shelf for the garage and was sitting on
the bench. Annah came over and snuggled up to my knee standing with
one foot on either side of my own.

I kept busy doing what I was doing and could feel her pressing herself
against my leg and very softly moving from side to side, rubbing

I paid no attention to it at first but then noticed that her breathing
changed and the intensity of her rubbing got stronger. She kept this
up for about three minutes and then she gave this little shudder and
calmed down and went back to play with Sammy like nothing happened.

I never mentioned it to anyone and didn't say a word to Annah but I
was sure she was pleasuring herself. Here was this 4 year old, almost
5 rubbing herself and achieved what I suspected was an orgasm.

I decided to look it up on the internet and found some information
about young girls, babies really and was shocked to discover that
sexual masterbation is normal and most young girls do it several times
a day once they discover their clitoris and are able to achieve
orgasm. I have to tell you that I got an erection reading about this

Almost every day since the first time and several times a day she
waits until I am sitting down on the bench and comes over, gets
herself into position and masterbates herself against my leg. Like a
little dog trying to fuck your leg, Annah is trying to fuck my leg and
each time, she give this little shudder and like nothing happened goes
back to playing. 

Now the difference was that I got turned on by this and each time she
did it, I got an erection. It was getting to the point where I looked
forward to her doing it.

Each day she became a little bolder and a little more obvious and at
first started rubbing my knee and gradually she moved her hands up the
inside of my thigh until she was almost touching my erection.

I decided that today, I would wear a pair of shorts. Normally I have a
pair of sweat pants or jeans on.

Sammy and I ate breakfast and around 10:30 I went to the garage to
work and Sammy decided he wanted to watch TV. Around 11:00 Annah came
by and hung around me watching me work.

"Sammy is watching cartoons sweety, why don't you go watch them too"

"No Tio, I am going to stay here and watch you work Ok"

"Ok" I replied and went right back to what I was doing

I finished gluing the piece of wood and removed the clamps from the
piece I did yesterday and went to sit on the bench and began sanding
the edges of one of the shelves.

Annah was right by my side the whole time. Once I sat down she
immediately took up her position. 

"Annah, do you like doing what you do against my leg?"

She got all embarassed and put her head down.

"Awwwhh sweety, you don't have to be ashamed. You know I looked it up
on the internet and it is perfectly normal so don't be afraid. I don't
mind at all and in fact I kind of like it."

"You do?"

"Sure sweety, whatever make you happy makes me happy. You know you
aren't my daughter but you are my little girl and I love you so very
much. Listen though, you can't tell anyone you do this or they will
put Tio in jail"

"I love you too Tio and I promise I won't say anything, not even to

"Good girl"

Without another word, Annah started doing her side to side rubbing.
She moved her hands up my thighs until they were at the leg opening in
my shorts. My cock sprang and started moving down my pant leg until I
could see the bulge about two inches from the opening.

"Tio, your thingy is moving"

"Is it really sweety, I think he likes what you do. I get a bit
excited now when you do that because I know it makes you happy and
when you are happy, my thingy gets happy too"

Annah continued her movements and kept her eyes glued to my erection
that was now jerking inside my pantleg. I could tell she was curious.

"If you want to see it you can but you can't tell anyone Annah. This
has to be our secret. A real secret, nobody can know, not even Sammy.
Do you understand Annah"

"I understand Tio, I won't tell anyone. This will be our special

She took the hem of my shorts and lifted it up and by the surprised
look on her face, I knew she could see my knob. She stood there with
her eyes glued to it and continued to rub herself and like clockwork a
few minutes later gave her telltale shudder but didn't let go of my

"Wow, Tio it is so big. I have seen Sammy's and it is so tiny. Yours
is so big. Do you think next time I can touch it?"

"Well, being as how it is our special secret I think so but only if
you want to"

"Ok Tio next time Ok"

With that said, she turned and went into the house.

The next day started off just like every other day and almost to the
minute, Annah showed up in the garage. I didn't have anything to work
on but went to sit on the bench as soon as she arrived. I had been
anticipating today and already my cock was hard.

My wife and I have a pretty good relationship but over the past year
or so our sex life has changed. We still have sex but not very often
and it is good sex but some of the excitement is gone. We talk about
it and attribute it to growing old and her work stress. We are very
happy together and very, very rarely do we have any disagreements. We
are happy together and my wife loves Sammy like he was her own.

Annah came to me immediately and without even a word took the hem of
my shorts and lifted it up.

"Oh Tio, your thingy is so pretty. I really like looking at it and
yesterday all I could think about was your thingy"

"My baby girl, I call it my cock and if you want to, you can call it
that too Ok"


"Can I touch your cock now Tio?"

"Yes you can my sweety. I will just sit here and you can do what you
want for as long as you want Ok"

Without hesitation, Annah moved her other hand inside my shorts and
grasped my cock. Her tiny hand was not big enough to encircle it and
when she took it in her hand it pulsed and made her giggle.

"It feels really big and hard Tio and it feels really neat"

Annah continued and gradually became more bold and started stroking my
thundering hardon. She now had both hands wrapped around it and
started her own masterbation only now with much more intensity. She
was actually turned on sexually by all this.

"Oh Tio, I really like this. Can we do it like this every day?"

"Well I don't see why not but you have to be really quiet about it. We
don't want anyone to find out or to hear us"

"I promise Tio, I promise I won't tell anyone. So we can do it all the

"Sure sweety, in fact any time you want to, just ask me and I will let
you Ok"


"Annah are you wearing panties"

"No Tio, I take them off when I come over here. I like it when I don't
have panties on"

"Can I see?"

"Sure Tio, you let me touch you so you can touch me if you want to"

I didn't waste any time. I put one hand on her hip and with the other
hand, I cupped her plump baby girl ass. Wonderfully soft skin and very
firm. I massaged and rubbed her and pulled her tight against my leg
helping her masterbate. 

As I got bolder, I passed my hand between her legs and she offered no
resistence. On the contrary she moved her feet apart and that allowed
me to run my finger through her bummy crease. When I touched her bummy
hole, she ground herself against me. I was so excited by all this I
almost forgot the sensation of her tiny hands bringing my throbbing
cock to boil.

"Oh sweety, my baby girl I love you so very much"

Just as I leaned forward and put my forehead against her own, she
shuddered and moaned out loud. Only this time her shudder was replaced
by her grinding her little pussy against me so intensely. I fingered
her little bummy and erupted. 

"Oh baby girl, Tio is having an orgasm too. Oh that feels so good
Annah. So wonderful. I love it and I love you so much"

Annah moved away from me a little, her legs wobbly and looked at the
enormous amount of cum that had shot along my leg and shot against her

"Tio, Tio what happened?"

"Tio had an orgasm my little angel and that stuff that squirted out is
called cum"

"Wow Tio, there is a lot of it isn't there"

I just looked at her angel face and smiled. She looked up at me with a
huge grin on her face. I knew she liked it and I knew there were other
things to come.

Over the next couple of weeks, Sammy seemed really intent on watching
Power Rangers on TV and very rarely did he come to the garage. I
locked the door from the inside so if he did come, we would have time
to get ourselves in a presentable state. Usually after our little
playtime, Annah would go into the house and watch TV with him and he
never seemed to care that she spent the time with me.

My wife usually did her two questions when she got home. How was your
day and what is for supper were usually all she came out with and by
then Annah had gone home and all was good.

Each day, Annah became bolder and so did I. During our playtime, I had
advanced to fingering her bummy, which she really liked and from
behind inserting my finger in her tiny pussy and rubbing her clitoris.
Our playtime was always the same until today when she asked me if she
could taste my cum.

I told her that she could but it would be better if she put my cock in
her mouth and sucked it until my cum came out. 

"But Tio, how can I get that big thing in my mouth?"

"Well maybe if you just try sweety, you will figure it out. But don't
be doing anything you don't want to. I am pretty happy with things the
way they are. How about you?"

"Oh Tio, you make my little peepee feel really good and I love it when
you rub my bummy hole and when you rub my peepee I get all shaky"

"Well sweety, I love making you feel good you know and one day, I will
show you another way to make you have an orgasm"

"Why do we have to wait for another day Tio?"

"Let us just take it slow Ok, I don't want you to get scared and then
not want to play our little secret game"

"Oh Tio, I would never get scared. You are so wonderful to me and I
love you. You can do anything to me and I will never get scared"

"Ok then, tomorrow I will show you something new Ok?"

"Oh goody. Now can I taste your cum Tio?"

"Sure sweety, you just do what you want"

Annah smiled and pushed up my shorts until she could lift my cock up.
She looked at it for a long time and then leaned forward and kissed

"See baby girl, it didn't bite you. You see those drops on the end.
That means Tio is very excited so why don't you just give it a little
lick and see how you like it"

Annah bent forward again and snaked a lick and pulled back. She pushed
her tongue in and out savoring the taste.

"Tio, Tio that tastes really good and look there is more"

She bent forward again and took another lick and then another until
finally she opened her mouth and put just the tip of my knob in her
mouth. I was beside myself with lust but remained calm and let her

Bit by bit she took more and more of my cock into her warm sweet five
year old mouth and each time she gave a little suck as well until she
had it down.

"Tio, this is so much fun. I really like your cock Tio and there is so
much stuff and everytime I suck there is more. Oh I love this Tio. Can
I do this everyday Tio?"

"Sure my angel. You can do it whenever you want to but you can't tell
anyone Ok"

"You don't have to worry Tio, this is our secret and I don't want
anyone to know"

Annah was now taking about an inch past the knob in her sweet mouth
and when she sucked, she sucked. I could feel the draw on my balls
each time and knew that it would only be a minute or more of this and
my cum was going to blow her little head off.

"You know  Annah, when a man cums there is quite a bit of it and it
tastes a little bit different than the other stuff so you need to be
ready. When I tell you, you need to suck and swallow, suck and swallow

"Ok, I am ready, this is so neat Tio"

Annah continued just the knob and a little bit but when she sucked it
was exquisite. I could feel it happening.

"Ok sweety, get ready. Tio is going to cum in your mouth angel. Get
ready. Here is comes"

My cock pulsed a couple of times and then the first shot blasted from
the tip just as she was taking me. She pulled back a bit as the first
spurt shot into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed sucking hard
each time my cock spewed my milk. Annah never missed a beat and not
one drop escaped her beautiful lips. Amazing little girl.

When we were done, she just looked at me with this puzzled look on her

"What is wrong sweety?"

"So will I make a baby Tio?"

I laughed.

"Heavens no sweety, first you are way too young to get pregnant and
second my milk needs to go into your peepee"

"Into my peepee?"

"Yup, into your peepee and maybe some day when you are bigger Tio will
show you how to do that Ok"

"Well Ok but do we have to wait until I am bigger?"

"Oh I think so angel, your peepee is really small and my cock would
never fit in there so we need to wait until you are bigger"

"Well maybe you don't have to put it inside me, maybe..."

"Whoah there angel, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's just take
things nice and slow"


The next few days were extremely wonderful. Annah was a quick learner
and her abilities at sucking improved immensely. She could and would
now take nearly all of my cock in her mouth. I could feel it at the
back of her throat and never did she gag. She really liked what we
were doing and could hardly wait for me to sit down. I would play a
little game with her and putter. She would follow me and put her hand
inside my shorts and toy with my cock which was always hard as a pipe.

She really did love it.

Today, Sammy was still asleep when she came over. I locked the door to
the house and called her over to the work bench. I lifted her up and
sat her down and lifted her legs up so her feet were on the work
bench. She still had her panties on.

"Today my angel Tio is going to show you something new so you just sit
there like that and Tio will do the rest"

I knelt down in front of her and started kissing her peepee. I wanted
to keep calling it that so she wouldn't inadvertantly use an improper
name thereby alerting attention to something.

"Oh Tio, what are you doing?"

"Just relax baby girl and let Tio kiss your peepee"

I continued kissing her and by now her panties were wet. Her baby
juices were flowing and the smell was wonderful. After a few minutes
she was panting and had a handfull of hair in each hand. I pulled
aside her panties exposing her peepee and for the first time I got a
look at it. Her mons was very full and so soft but her labia were long
flaps of skin a dark brown color and crinkled. Her clitoris was now
engorged and protruding.

Her juices were flowing and her little cunt was glistening. I snaked
my tongue from just above her bummy hole all the way up past her
button and gave it a flick. She was leaning on her hands and when she
felt my tongue pass over her clitoris she humped her cunt at my face.

"Does that feel good Annah?"

"Tio, Tio. That felt really good, really really good. Can you do some

"Oh baby girl, I am going to do a whole lot more"

"Oh goody oh goody"

I pushed my tongue into her cunt and felt her hymen, only a tiny
little hole open to the entrance but the soft pressure from my tongue
stretched it allowing my tongue entrance to treasure. I sucked her
labia drawing them into my mouth. She moaned softly.

"Oh Tio that is so wonderful. Oh I do love it when you suck them like

"I am so happy you like it baby girl"

My nose was nestled on her button and I moved my mouth up and pressed
my upper lip over the top and sucked it into my mouth. She bucked at
my face and cried out loud.

"Aiieee Tio, Tio Tio, stop please"

"Did that hurt baby girl?"

"No Tio is was wonderful but it felt like my peepee needed to peepee"

"Do you need to peepee?"

"No I don't think so but it sure felt like it"

I went back to flicking my tongue over it making it protrude even
more. It was long, almost an inch long and fat, the hood now retracted
exposing the sensitive bud.

I continued licking and every few seconds gave it a gentle suck. This
brought waves of pleasure to her and she moaned and bucked against my
face and then she forced her cunt at me, her legs quivering and then
it happened.

"Oh Oh Oh Oh Tio, Oh yes Tio, Oh yah yah"

She continued quivering for almost 30 seconds then dropped her bummy
down on the bench her hands gripping my hair pulling me to her fire. I
lapped her juices, copious amounts flooded from her peepee, a nectar
so sweet words could never describe the taste. The smell of cunt and
juice filled my nostrils, my cock was like a pipe in my pants and I
could feel it dripping down my leg.

I have never experienced a woman who orgasmed like little Annah and I
knew this was going to be one of my favorite activities from now on.

I picked her up and went to sit down on the bench. The smell of sex
filled the garage. My cock needed a release but I thought I had better
check on Sammy first.

I told Annah to wait for me but then decided it might be better if we
both went into the house and washed. My face must have smelled of
little girl cunt and anyone who might have stopped by would surely
smell it.

We both went into the house and I sent her to check on Sammy and I
went to wash, my cock was still screaming for release. I washed my
hands and face and rinsed inside my nose twice and then went to check
on Sammy. It was now almost 10:30 and he was still asleep so that was
a good sign but I knew he would be waking up any second so time was
running short.

I whispered to Annah.

"Do you want to suck me angel"

"Oh can I still, yes Tio let's go now before Sammy wakes up"

We went back to the garage and locked the door. I went and sat down
and Annah knelt down between my legs. I dropped my shorts down to the
floor to give her easy access.

"Tio I love your cock. It is so wonderful and your milk tastes so
good. I could swallow more if you made more but there is quite a bit

"You do it so well Annah. You are such a sweet little girl and I love
you so much and I am so happy that you like my milk"

She wasted no time and took me in her mouth. Oh that sweet mouth. She
was really good at it and she could usually bring me off in about two
minutes and thanks for that because Sammy would be waking up any

Annah sucked and took me deep throat and within a minute I could feel
the boil. She now knew when it was time and was always ready. She knew
exactly when the first powerful spurt was coming and swallowed every
single drop. She never wasted any and sucked hard to get the last
little bit.

We went inside and woke Sammy. Annah acted normal like nothing
happened and her and Sammy sat down and ate breakfast. Afterwards they
went outside to play and the day continued like every other day.
Nobody ever suspected a thing.

Annah coming and going was something the neighbors accepted because it
had been happening since we moved here and was normal.

For the next week Annah and I did our daily peepee lick and she really
enjoyed it and became a lot more tolerant of me sucking on her
clitoris and I could make her cum three or four time in a matter of

Today I began licking her bummy and this drove her over the edge even
quicker. She would lean back against the wall above the work table and
I would lift her legs up. She got into this quickly and would pull her
legs up and wrap her arms around them exposing her little wet cunt and
her amazing little bummy. When I pushed my tongue into her bummy Annah
would sqeal like a little kitten and I usually gave her a couple of
orgasms with her bummy and a couple with her clitoris.

Today she had the big question for me. It was early still and Sammy
would be sleeping for at least another half hour or more.

"Tio, do you remember when you told me about putting your cock into my
peepee, can we try that Tio, please Tio"

"Oh baby girl, I don't think we should. Licking and sucking is one
thing but I think that would be going to far"

"Please Tio, can you just put it then and rub me with it?"

"Well if that is all you want then I think we can do that but nothing
more Ok"

"Ok but first let me go and check on Sammy. You better come with me
and wash up first though and I will also"

"Oh goody I have thought about your cock in my peepee a lot"

We went into the house and she went to check on Sammy and I went to
wash my face and hands. Her aroma was powerful and intoxicating. Just
smelling her little cunt smells made my cock thump.

"Tio, he is still asleep and I called him and he just rolled over and
went right back to sleep"

"Ok then off we go"

We both headed back to the garage and instead of our usual routine
after me licking and sucking her to orgasm and then her sucking me I
positioned her with her little cunt at the edge of the work bench and
pulled down my shorts. My cock sprang.

Her little cunt was glistening. She looked so angelic leaning there,
her baby girl cunt a marvel of human anatomy poised, waiting.

"Ok little angel Tio is going to rub his cock against your little
peepee. Ready?"

"Oh yes Tio, I have waited for this"

I started just rubbing my cock up and down her slit and poking my knob
up against her clitoris. She liked that especially when my knob got
stuck in the cleft beneath and then popped up against it hard. I
worked it back and forth until I sensed she was about to have another
orgasm and stopped there positioning my knob in her hymen opening. I
pushed ever so softly and could feel some give but didn't want to
break it.

"Tio, when you push into my peepee it feels good but it starts to feel

"Thats because you are still a virgin angel and the first time a man
enters a woman she will feel a little pain but it will only last a few

"What is a virgin Tio?"

"Well that is someone who hasn't had sexual intercourse yet"

"Well we have been having sex haven't we?"

"Not like that honey, a man needs to put his penis deep inside a woman
for them to really have sexual intercourse. We have just been playing
around licking and sucking"

"Well when are we going to have sexual courses Tio"

"Sexual Intercourse angel"

"Yes that, when are we going to have that?"

"Oh my not for a long time if ever sweety"

"Why not Tio?"

"Well as much as I have thought about it and as much as I think you
might enjoy it, there could be some very serious problems if someone
ever found out and I would end up going to jail for a very long time"

"But how would anyone find out Tio?"

"Well for instance when your mommy baths you or cleans your peepee she
might see that your hymen is broken or you might be a little red or
some other sign that you have been violated"

"Violated, you use some pretty big words Tio. What is that?"

"Well that is what they call it when a man has sex with a young girl,
they say that she has been violated sexually"

"Well I would like to be violated Tio, but only by you and nobody else
and when you do I will like it I am sure. I really like all the other
stuff we do so I think that will be a lot of fun too"

"And you know Tio, my mommy or daddy do not help me in the bath and
they do not help me get dressed so you don't have to worry about them
seeing my peepee. Just you and me Tio will ever see my peepee"

"Well that is all very good Annah but I think you are still way too
young for any of that"

We had fun over the next few days and each time I put my cock against
her hymen, she would orgasm quickly. I would rub my knob up and down
and side to side against her clitoris and when I felt her start I
would push my cock against her hymen. When I did this she bucked at my
cock and I had to be careful not to push too hard. It was difficult.

After she had a couple she always sucked me dry, enjoying each spurt I
put in her darling little mouth. Seeing her full lips wrapped around
my cock and her cheeks puffed were a real turn on and I usually came
quickly. I could hold out longer but she liked my cum so I let her
have it quickly and often.

Today I was busy doing some work for the firm and about 9:30 Annah
came over and sat around on the bench flirting with me until I
couldn't stand it anymore. 

I went over and gave her a big kiss on the lips which she returned. I
dropped down on my knees and pushed hers up and just snaked a little
lick over her already wet little girl cunt.

"Wait here baby girl, I need to check on Sammy"

"Ok Tio I will wait right here"

Sammy was still fast asleep so I returned to the garage and locked the
door and returned to the wetness now dripping from this six year old
cunt. I just loved it.

After licking her to several orgasms, I stood up and whipped out my
thundering cock and proceeded to rub her clitoris and as usual after a
few minutes I could feel her start. I slid my knob down to her opening
and nestled it firmly against her hymen. She started to orgasm. I
gripped her to hold her away from me to prevent breaking her but today
when she started to orgasm she pushed herself forward quickly and
caught me off guard. 

My cock popped into her tiny cunt and I immediately started spurting.
She looked at me, eye to eye and a huge smile came to her face when
she felt my hot cum enter her tiny cunt. I was there, inside her only
an inch or so but I was inside. 

I stopped moving, she stopped moving. Her eyes never left mine. Her
smile said it all.

"Have I been violated Tio?"

"Annah my darling baby girl. I am so sorry but yes you have"

"Oh Tio, I am so happy, can we have sex now please can we"

My cock was still lodged in her and now cum was leaking out her tiny
hole but my cock had not lost it's hardness.

"Well if it doesn't hurt, I guess we can. You didn't feel any pain

"No Tio, but when I felt your orgasm it felt awesome. Can we have sex

"Sure baby girl"

Without removing my cock I pressed and could feel my juices being
forced out as I slowly entered her little girl cunt. It was so tight
but bit by bit, I slid into her until I could feel my balls touch her
bummy cheeks. Incredible warmth and tightness. Our eyes never left
each other. 

I stayed embedded to my balls for almost a minute and could feel every
contraction her little cunt made. Incredibly wonderful. I pulled back
slowly until just my knob was inside and slowly pushed back in fully,
in and out stopping each time for about 10 seconds enjoying the
incredible feeling of a 6 year old cunt sucking at my cock, seeking
more. After a few minutes of this I started to move more quickly until
I was fucking her little cunt. 

"Oh Tio, Oh I love this Tio. Oh yes, Tio Oh Tio I love you Tio. Oh Oh
Oh" with each plunge of my cock.

After a minute of this the boil began and I think she sensed it
because she smiled and the look in her eyes said it all. Fuck me Tio,
give me your juice.

I fucked her little cunt and when the first spurt shot from my knob,
she started convulsing. She was totally given to my cock, to my sperm
entering her already full little girl cunt. I fucked, she bucked
against me until she couldn't do any more.

I held myself inside her for almost 5 minutes, her eyes never left
mine, her smile never faded. 

"Oh Tio, I want to do this every day just like this. I love it so much

"Well I loved it too baby girl and as long as we are very very careful
I don't see why we can't do this every day and you know the more we do
it the better you will like it"

"Oh Tio, it can't get any better than that can it?"

"Only time will tell baby girl, now you go and wake up Sammy and I
will get his breakfast ready and maybe a little later we can play
again Ok"

"Oh goody, oh goody. I am so happy Tio, so happy"

Day after day for a couple of weeks we fucked. Annah could not get
enough of my cock. Her little cunt was made for fucking and even
though I held nothing back when I pounded my cock into her, she took
it all and loved every inch of it. She got so wet always and her pussy
juice flowed like honey, slick and sweet.

This morning was a surprise for us both. A new discovery we both

We were fucking and I was driving my cock into her long strokes,
leaving only the tip inside then plunging back in again. She had
learned how to swivel her hips up to push against me as I entered her
but today we were in the throws of some good cock pumping when
suddenly she swiveled her hips downward and then quickly back up at
the exact moment I had pulled out. As I pushed back my cock slipped
completely out of her wet little cunt and when I pushed back she
already had her cunty up. Well, my cock plunged directly into her
bummy hole. We both looked at each other, my cock buried almost half
way in her bummy. We didn't move.

"Oh Tio, that feels absolutely wonderful. Is your cock in my bummy
Tio, it feels like it and I like it a lot"

"I think so baby girl, I think so. What do you want me to do?"

"Can we try the same things as my peepee Tio?"

"If you want to, I have never done this before, not even with my wife
so it is a new thing for me too darling"

"Oh yes, do some more Tio"

Her little cunt was a river of juice, slick and running down to her
bummy, drenching my throbbing cock. I started to move into her a
little more and was rewarded with more encouragment. I pulled back and
watched my cock slather with her juice and pushed back again. No
resistance at all, just an incredibly tight ring pinching and
squeezing my cock, milking it. 

I began soft thrusts at first, all the way out and all the way back
in. My eyes never left hers. Her grin said everything.

"Oh Tio, this is so good. Do you like it?"

"Oh I love it sweety, just love it. Your bummy hole is so tight it
feels like it is pinching my cock off but it feels so wonderful. Here
take some more"

I picked up the pace a little and could feel my balls begin to
contract, getting ready to spew my cum into her.

"Baby girl, Tio is ready to orgasm now. Do you want me to shoot my
milk into your bummy?"

"Oh could you? Will you please? I want to feel it there too Tio. Give
it all to me Tio"

I picked up the pace even quicker and now my cock was pounding into
her. She kept her hips up exposing her sweet bummy hole, giving me the
best angle to drive my cock and slap my balls against her bummy
cheeks. She was in heaven and then it happened. 

My cock started to explode and when the first jet of my hot cum
entered her bummy she started to twitch and convulse. Her eyes rolled
back and she wailed. I put my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.
My cock just would not stop loading her ass with my cum. Her little
cunt spewed more and more juice and orgasm. We spent ourselves.

I picked her up and held her against me still impaled on my cock. Her
little ass milking me. I could feel her sphincter clenching. She clung
to me, her legs wrapped around my back, heels digging into my buttocks
pulling me into her tight rosebud. The clenching was exquisite and I
could feel her sphincter milking my sperm. We stayed locked together
like that for several minutes.

"Oh Tio, did you like that. That was so awesome, can you believe I
took your whole cock in my bummy?"

"You are an amazing little girl Annah. I surely did love that sweety.
I can still feel your bummy muscles"

"Do you like it when I pinch like this?"

Annah started clenching only this time intentionally and the sensation
was incredible. My cock responded and in two seconds flat I was hard
again. We fucked like that for close to twenty minutes. I shot my load
into her bummy three times and she came violently each time. However,
enough was enough. Sammy would either be awake or waking up and we
needed to get into the house to clean up.

From that day on Annah and I indulged in every possible variation of
anal and vaginal sex. I fucked her like a woman and she took my cock
like a woman, never once a hint of discomfort, never refused anything,
always ready for more and never slipped. It was like she could just
turn if off and once we were done our grown up fucking, she reverted
back to being a baby girl. Oh there was always her touching and
sneaking a little suck here and there but for the most part, she was
really grown up about it.

It was always quite so crude, our fucking until one day my wife
suggested we buy a new sofa and chairs for the living room.

"Well honey what do we do with the old one?"

"Well we could sell it or you could put it in the garage. There is
plenty of room out there and I think with a little organization if
could be quite nice for you when you have to sit and read all those
specification documents. Certainly more comfortable than that chair
you have"

"Well that is a great idea honey"

"I am glad you think so because the new sofa is arriving in a couple
of days and it would be nice to get the old one out now so we can
properly clean up the living room"

And so the old sofa, not that it was that old entered a new phase of
it's life. We had only been here a few years and hardly every used it.
Certainly never fucked on it. It was an expensive unit and it was

Annah and I fucked that sofa to death. I loved getting her draped over
the puffy arms and fucking her from behind or pulled up to the edge
legs up on either side of my head. She liked that one especially when
I fucked her tight bummy.

We carried on with our daily fuck sessions for almost two years and
now that she was almost 8, her body had filled out a bit, her hips
started to develop and her little cunt was an amazing piece of work.
Her labia just seemed to grow longer by the day and now hung down from
her mons almost an inch and a half. Erotic as hell, especially when
she turned her ass to me on her hands and knees. I loved sucking them
into my mouth and tickling her bummy hole with my nose. Funny thing I
can't ever remember an unpleasant smell from her. Don't know if it was
her age or just her.

All this came to an end one day however, her father had been given a
promotion but it involved moving to another city a 183 kilometers
away. Not too far but far enough. Our final days of fucking got really
confusing only because Annah didn't want to move, didn't want to lose
what we had going and even though I tried to console her that in a few
days after her move would forget all about us.

She assured me though that would not happen. She cried a lot for
almost a month and then she seemed to accept it. Moving day came and
went, Annah clung to me and her mother looked at us both almost with
tears in her eyes. She knew I loved her like my own and she was
content with that. She was pleased by it all and never suspected
anything different but mothers are always suspicious.

It was more than a year before I saw them again. Her father had to
come to town for a meeting and brought Annah along. He had called
before and asked if it would be Ok if Annah spent the day with Sammy.
I hesitated just enough and then agreed.

We never got a chance to do anything. I new Annah wanted to but Sammy
was already awake. When her father picked her up we spent some time
over a beer and he told me that she really missed playing with Sammy
and that a new system was being implemented within the company and
that he would be coming here every 3 weeks for the unforseeable

The trip was 183 kilometers but he drove a Mercedes 500 so it was a
pretty nice ride. They would be leaving early in the morning and
getting here around 8:30 so he could be at work by 9:00 Saturdays and
leaving around 1:00 Sunday afternoon.

We discussed Annah and we agreed that she could come here whenever she

In the more than a year away Annah had developed nicely and now a few
months away from her 10th birthday already showed some signs of
growing little breasts. More than just little bumps and definitely
growing. I carried her to the car, her legs wrapped around my waist
and whispered that the next time would be different. Her father was a
most trusting man and never once deemed anything inappropriate. After
all, Annah had spent the good part of almost 3 years in my house. She
gave me a real kiss and told me she loved me and off they went.

The three weeks came and went fast and Annah didn't come but her
father phoned and said that she had a bit of a cold and wanted to
come, cried about not being able to but will definitely be coming next

Another three weeks to wait and I have to tell you that every time I
thought about her I got an erection. My wife and I had sex but not
very often and I think she only did it to keep me from seeking it
elsewhere. I could tell that she enjoyed it a little but there was no
enthusiasm and I can't remember the last time she sucked me. She
worked a lot and really enjoyed her job. She worked most Saturdays
taking a Wednesday off because she liked shopping on school days so
the stores weren't loaded with kids. 

No it had been a couple of years since Annah and I played and since
the last visit and seeing how she had developed wanted her even more.
I could not get her out of my mind.

So three weeks went by slowly and Annah's father called me the night
before to verify everything was Ok and that tomorrow they would be
here early.

When I got up in the morning my wife was already gone and Sammy was
sleeping like a baby. I often wondered how he could sleep like that
but the doctors said that each child was different and if he slept it
was because his body needed it.

I put on some loose fitting shorts and a T-top and went out to the
garage. I organized a few things on my desk and was working when the
knock on the garage door came. I pressed the remote and lifted the
door and there was Annah, smiling with a lovely skirt that stopped
just above the knee and a loose fitting white top with buttons up the
front. I waved to her father and before Annah could turn around to
wave he was driving away.

She stepped into the garage and I pressed the remote to close the
door. She ran to me and jumped into my arms, kissing my face and neck
and crying.

"Oh Tio, I missed you so much. I am so happy we are finally together
again. Kiss me Tio, kiss me a hundred times"

My hands cupped her now ample bummy cheeks. They were marvelous and so
firm. I ran my hand up between her cheeks seeking her cunt. She was
already wet. I moved over to the work bench and lifted her up to stand
on it and one leg at a time, removed her panties. I smelled them and
felt their wetness. My cock was jumping in my pants.

She dug her fingers into my hair pulling me towards her. I lifted her
skirt. There before me was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
in my life. Her inner labia were the same as before, long and crinkled
but now her mons had grown and her outer labia were all puffy and had
the soft sprinkles of peach fuzz growing. I nearly shot my load right
there. Never, ever have I ever seen anything that comes close to that

She pulled me closer and her aroma hit me like a drug.

"Oh my Annah, you smell so good"

"You know Tio,I thought about this moment the whole time in Daddy's

"Well my little darling that is probably why you are so wet and my
princess you smell so wonderful. In the past couple of years you have
matured a lot and your little pussy is so beautiful and your smell is
just amazing"

"Do you like how my cunty looks Tio?"

"Oh so we call it a cunty now huh, not a peepee like before. A cunty

"Yup, growing up Tio. All the girls in school call it that so I do
too. Do you like it Tio?"

"Annah my baby girl. I am the luckies man on earth. You are so
beautiful and I love you so much. I missed you so much, there were
times I felt like crying I missed you so much. But here you are, here
we are and for today I have you. Oh let me lick your cunty baby"

She pulled me to her. My tongue was already out and it slid right over
her clitoris and slipped the full length of her labia. I curled it up
and lapped her juice, again and again. Her juice flowed like water and
I drank all that came.

"Oh Tio, I missed this so much. You are so wonderful and I love you so
much. It is going to be so hard to go back home"

"I know sweetheart but let's not think about that right now. I want to
feel my cock in your cunty baby girl"

I pushed down my shorts and my cock sprang up. I picked her up, she
clung to me, arms around my neck. I gripped her plump ass and lowered
her down until I felt her wetness against the tip of my cock then
dropped her. My cock entered her completely. She gasped.

"Oh Tio, Oh Oh Oh yes Tio. Oh fuck me Tio. I missed you so much. Fuck
me Tio"

I lifted her and dropped her back down several times, each time she
groaned loudly. I carried her to the sofa and gently laid her down. I
undid her blouse. She wore not bra yet but she had two of the pinkest
little cones. Oh they were so beautiful. 

Annah was still impaled on me. I leaned forward and kissed her face,
her eyes, her nose, her lips and sought her tongue. We tongue dance
for a long while and kept a slow short stroke, keeping my cock
completely inside her, feeling her wetness on my balls. 

I moved down with my kisses. She flinched when I kissed her little
pink buds.

"Are they sore sweetheart?"

"No just really sensitive, be gentle Ok"

I kissed each one very gently and then started moving my cock in a
steady motion, pulling nearly all the way out then plunging back in
and alternating with short strokes buried deep nuzzling the tip of my
cock against her cervix.

Annah loved me deep and I don't have a small cock and she could have
easily taken more. She had the hip movement down and each time I
pushed, she tilted her little baby cunt up seeking more.

I fucked her like that for what seemed like a long time and she had
several enormous orgasms. I held out and finally let loose with the
most amazing, intense orgasm of my entire life. I exploded into her
little cunt and with each spurt, drove deeply into her.

After we were done we both just sat there looking at each other.

"Oh Tio, you are so wonderful. I can't tell you how much I missed you,
how much I missed your cock Tio. But at least now we won't have to
wait for two years. Now we can fuck every time my Dad comes here.
Aren't you excited Tio?"

"My Darling Annah. Sweetheart, I have thought of nothing more for the
last two years and I missed you immensely. I am so happy that you
haven't lost your desire for me and our sex. I am so fortunate. I love
you so much. Oh how I wish you were older and we could be together all
the time."

"Tio, you don't have to worry. I love the time we spend together and
even though it is only one or two days it is worth it. I love you so
much and I know I am only a little girl but I know what I like and I
like fucking with you. It is so wonderful when I orgasm and when you
shoot your milk into me I feel so awesome. I never want to lose what
we have Tio. Promise me you won't fuck any other little girls and I
promise not to kiss or do anything with any other boys"

"I promise my angel. I promise. I love you so much and have such sweet
dreams about you and think about you always and not just sex but you
baby girl. You are such a wonderful, intelligent and caring little
girl. I love you"

Time Marches

Next week Annah will be 16. Personally I think her father is having an
affair because the project he started years ago has long been
implemented but he still comes here for two days every three weeks
just like clockwork and Annah never misses a trip. Annah is an amazing
young woman. She is an absolutely stunning young lady. Her breasts are
now the size of grapefruits and her nipples are so long and so hard
and I can make her cum just by sucking on them and she loves it. She
has a killer ass with deep dimples. 

Sammy is not in the house much anymore because of all his sports
activities and a good kid, responsible and not into drugs. He spends a
good amount of time at his friends house that has become somewhat of a
hangout for all his friends and often sleeps there. I know the parents
and his friend Thomas as well as all his other friends so I do not

Sarah started going through menopause a couple of years ago and
completely lost interest in sex and over the past few years has been
more and more on the road to other cities sometimes for a week or more
leaving me at home alone. When she does come home she sleeps in
another bedroom. Her excuse is night sweats. We still love each other
and enjoy our time together and do spend intimate time but just no
sex. Sarah knows that Annah comes to visit and I honestly don't
believe she finds anything wrong with that. She has never, ever even
questioned me other than how is Annah. There have been a few weekends
when Sarah has been home when Annah came to visit and we have been
very respectful.

I so look forward to Annah's visits. 

She told me that her father thinks it is wonderful that we have kept
our friendship alive after all these years. Little does he know that
every three weeks I am fucking his little girl filling her mouth and
cunt with hot sperm and her not being able to get enough.

We don't do anal too often but we still do and she does like it a lot
but she likes me fucking her pussy better. Annah will usually orgasm 5
or 6 times for every one of mine and on our days together we fuck two
and sometimes three times.

For her sixteenth birthday her father is going to buy her a car so as
Annah puts it, she can pretty much take off whenever she wants. She is
even talking about enrolling in University here. Only two more years
of school and she will be legal. We talk often on the phone and for a
long distance love affair it scores a 10.

The end
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