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Subject: {ASSM} Jenny's Couch Book IV: A House In Gross Disorder, part 1 (Mg, Mgg, ped, cons, oral, anal, inc, cons, semi-cons, defloration, blackmail) by Rufus Fugit
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This is the story previously posted as Jenny's Couch Book III, part 11 with only minor edits. The retitling indicates the beginning of a new story arc.
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Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license.  You may copy, distribute, or transmit
this work so long as authorship is properly credited and these introductory
paragraphs are included, and you adhere to the terms set forth at

   Please send feedback to rufusfugit at yahoo dot com.  I write for
enjoyment; my only payment is knowing that my writing has brought pleasure
to others, so let me know what you think.

   This and other stories available at
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   I'd like to extend my thanks to the small group of deeply disturbed
individuals who make up my fan base.  :-) Also, please support
bandwidth doesn't grow on trees.

   Jenny's Couch Book IV: A House In Gross Disorder, part 1 (Mg, Mgg, ped,
cons, oral, anal, inc, cons, semi-cons, defloration, blackmail) by Rufus

   Lilah's bedroom was small, and yellow, and messy.  Clothes were heaped
up on the floor of the open walk-in closet.  The closet was nearly as big
as the room itself.  Posters of Disney characters were taped crookedly to
the walls.  A yellow throw was rucked up on the hardwood floor.  Gauzy
yellow curtains fluttered in the cool night breeze through an open window
over the bed.  Over the head of the bed was a shelf crammed with stuffed
animals.  A few had tumbled off onto the bare mattress and the cheerful
yellow bedspread that mostly covered it.  And in the center of that
mattress was Lilah, pinned like a pale butterfly.  She was wearing one
sock, and a Little Mermaid nightie bunched up around her armpits.  My hands
almost completely encircled the seven-year-old's naked thighs, holding them
spread as far apart as they would go until they made a T with her torso,
until the tendons stood out and her tiny mound bulged at their juncture,
smooth and vulnerable.

   Renee knelt at the little girl's head.  Her denim-clad knees pinned
Lilah's arms as efficiently as I pinned her legs.  She had one hand
covering the child's mouth.  Renee gazed down at the younger girl's bare
body, her hazel eyes hooded and her round face expressionless as she
pinched, pulled and twisted Lilah's tiny nipples.  The little pink nubs and
the pale skin around them were reddened and starting to swell.

   Lilah's moans and squeals were muffled by Renee's hand.  Renee had her
thumb right across Lilah's Cupid's bow and her ring finger and pinkie
cupping her pointed chin, just like I'd shown her so she could hold the jaw
clamped shut.  And if Lilah got too noisy or started struggling too hard
all my preteen lover had to do was roll her thumb up to block her nostrils.
It only took two or three times, Lilah's eyes going wide with panic as she
tried to breathe, to teach her the limits of acceptable movement.

   Those limits were being sorely tried because, as Renee pulled and
twisted Lilah's flat chest, I was kneeling at the bedside, eating that tiny
pussy for all it was worth.  The child was delicious.  She had had her bath
so she smelled clean and sweet.  Her labia tasted of soap and just a little
salty as she started to perspire.  As I jabbed my tongue between them into
her tight crease my tongue soaked up the delicate flavor of little girl,
just a faint stickiness tinged with a hint of copper.  I wasn't being
gentle.  I shoved my nose into her slit and up against her tiny clit,
forcing it out from under its hood.  I sucked, nibbled, gnawed on her
slick, rubbery smooth skin of her hairless labia.  I even put some
toothmarks on either side - that really made the little whore jump!  Her
mound stood out, pushed up and forward by her stressed position.  Her feet,
one bare and one socked, kicked helplessly as I scraped my teeth over the
tight skin covering her pubic bone.

   Lilah's face was red.  Despite the cool breeze coming in through her
open window sweat glowed on her cheeks.  Renee and I had brought the
second-grader to her peak.  She couldn't really cum yet; she just reached
the point where pleasure became irritation became pain, the point where no
matter how avidly she masturbated when she was on her own she would have to
stop.  But we wouldn't let her stop.  She whined and jerked and shivered
under our merciless attack on her nips and tiny clam.  Her eyes filled with
water as I used my thumbs to pry apart her swelling lips, exposing the
narrow teardrop of her opening and behind that, the palest coral of her
hymen.  Her vaginal opening was almost completely obstructed - for a few
more seconds at least.  I glanced up at Renee, watching her impassive face
for a second before I caught her eye.  She understood - we'd rehearsed how
this was going to go.

   Lilah squealed into Renee's hand.  Her entire body went rigid, her
skinny torso jerking off the bed entirely so she was balanced on
shoulderblades and butt.  Her legs and arms flailed and her squeal became a
muffled scream as I shoved my thumb through her membrane.  With just the
first joint embedded, I released her thighs, rotating my thumb to fully
tear her open while pressing my other hand hard on her abdomen and mound to
hold her in place.  Legs freed, she kicked with all of her pathetic
strength but it wasn't nearly enough to make any difference.  Still, it was
annoying, so I nodded up at Renee who, with maybe just the slightest
twinkle of malice in her eye, covered her nostrils again, choking off her
air.  Lilah struggled harder at first.  Tears spilled out of her deep blue
eyes as they went wide with fear and panic.  "Hold still, you dumb little
whore," Renee said with no particular force.  She pressed her hand harder
across Lilah's face and gave one nipple a particularly vicious twist. 
Lilah got the message - she was helpless.  She went limp and Renee let her
breathe.  Her ribcage expanded and her belly filled as she pulled in a huge

   She was sobbing now as I used both thumbs to pry her hairless labia far
apart, spreading the tight ring of her inner lips as far as they would go.
They made a ragged circle about the size of my thumb.  Blood oozed out from
the remains of the seven-year-old's maidenhead, running down over her
perineum.  Before it could spot the bedspread I shoved my face back between
those stick-thin thighs and slurped it up.

   Mission accomplished - but from the master bedroom across the hall we
could still hear the slap-slap-slap of flesh on flesh, Lilah's father's
grunts as he rutted in Renee's big sister, Karen.  "Oh, my babycunt, my
whore babycunt.  Fuck my babycunt," Karen moaned.  I'd known the
sixth-grader long enough, and fucked her enough times, and watched her turn
enough tricks that I could tell when she was really chasing her cum, and
when, like now, she was masking her frustration at a partner's inability to
slake her precocious lusts.  Karen had been a child prostitute for a year
and a half now, and no matter how often she had sex, no matter how many
adult penises she gleefully took into her mouth, her ass, and her preteen
cunt, it never seemed to be enough.  Even though she had come to detest
Rubin, Lilah's father, because he was blackmailing her rather than paying
her, even though his hairy, sweaty body and increasingly poor hygiene
disgusted her, she couldn't help trying desperately for the climax she knew
would elude her.  That made her humiliation complete.  And it was why we
were all here tonight.

   But until Rubin finished it was still playtime in Lilah's room.  So I
kept an ear cocked as I resumed gnawing on Rubin's baby daughter's clam.  I
alternated between shoving my tongue into her freshly plundered hole and
biting down on the swollen pea of her clitoris.  Violating the
seven-year-old was exciting enough, but it was sharing her with Renee that
had my penis achingly hard in my slacks.  The ten-year-old was all
business, taking no more than a clinical interest in the way Lilah jumped
and squealed as Renee tortured her nipples.  She grabbed one pip between
her thumb and the knuckle of her forefinger and pulled straight up,
stretching the skin to its limit before it snapped free.  Then she used her
fingernails on the other nipple, really digging in and twisting back and
forth as the little girl whimpered and writhed.

   "Ah, ah, ah, AH, OH JEEZ!" Karen's voice rose to a nearly-supersonic
whine and fell silent, leaving only Rubin's grunts and the bedframe
creaking as counterpoint to Rubin's little baby girl's crying.  I levered
myself to my feet, still holding Lilah pinioned.  My erection bent
painfully in its confinement, but business before pleasure.

   I looked at Renee.  "I got her," my preteen lover said, leaving me free
to slip off my shoes and pad barefoot across the hall.  Rubin didn't know
Renee and I were in the house.  He didn't know that Karen had left the
front door unlocked so we could sneak in.  I carefully peeked around the
half-open door to the master suite.  Rubin was lying on his back, feet
towards the door.  Karen was astride him.  The twelve-year-old's slim ass
cheeks flexed as she hunched forwards.  Her bare cunt was red and swollen,
leaking a snail-trail of cum into his navel and down into his thick black
bush.  The room reeked of stale sex, dirty laundry, mildew, and alcoholic
sweat.  Rubin was falling apart.  The death of his beloved wife had put him
into a tailspin and not even the responsibility of raising their child had
brought him around.  It was a sign of how disordered he was becoming that
when he discovered Lilah being molested by her babysitter - the two of
them, twelve and seven, naked on the couch and locked in a lopsided 69 -
his response hadn't been to call the police but rather to blackmail the
barely-pubescent babysitter into fucking him.  If it were not that Karen
was already an experienced child prostitute no doubt his clumsy blackmail
would've blown up in his face.  But for Karen he became just one more
secret she had to keep, one more thing to hide from her parents, school
friends, church - from everyone except Renee and me.

   But no way could we leave Karen's fate in the hands of someone sliding
into alcoholism.  Karen was terrified of him revealing her secret life,
inadvertently or deliberately.  And more than a bit peeved that she wasn't
getting paid.  So tonight we would turn the tables.  I listened carefully
as Karen murmured her prepared story about a "friend" who wanted to learn
about sex.  Not from some stupid boy, but from a man.  She reached back and
fondled Rubin's limp, slimy circumcised penis as she talked.

   Her blandishments worked.  The twelve-year-old padded, still naked, out
of Rubin's bedroom.  She went past me down the hall without pausing. 
Little blobs of greyish cum dripped from her raw, gaping cunt and pattered
onto the polished wood floor.  I caught a glimpse of shiny trails down her
thin thighs and the slight jiggle of her high, firm breasts.  She skipped
down the stairs, her heels hitting the treads a little harder than needed,
ostensibly to get her phone from her discarded jeans.  She surprised me,
though, running back up on silent bare toes seconds later with her purse in
one hand, and a pint bottle of gin from the kitchen in the other.  She
darted into Lilah's room.  Anxiously I divided my attention between Rubin's
bedroom door and his daughter's.  I saw Karen stoop down over Lilah and
make a shushing sound.  She took a small compact from her purse and
quickly, expertly, began putting makeup on the sniffling child.

   It was no more than two minutes before Karen retraced her silent steps
down stairs and came back up, this time making noise.  Her bare body
gleamed in the harsh overhead light, sweating from the exertion and nerves.
As she passed in front of me the sixth-grader's foot skidded on a blob of
semen.  Her arms flailed.  I silently caught her, held her against me
briefly, set her on her feet.  Her breath was hot in the hollow of my
throat, hot and scented with cock.  I stepped back deliberately.  Karen
glanced down and a knowing smirk flitted across her face as she saw the
tent in my pants, but then the tension returned to her childish features.
She was desperate for this to work.  So was I.

   "She'll be here soon," I heard the bed creak as Karen climbed back in.
"I unlocked the door and she'll let herself in." Rubin protested but then I
heard the crack of the seal on the bottle and the glugging of liquid into a
glass, then hasty swallowing.  "Now, eat my cunt!" Karen commanded.  "Eat
my whore babycunt!" I risked a quick look through the door, saw Karen had
taken the position as we planned, astride Rubin's shoulders, pressing her
sloppy quim back onto his face.  Her thighs tightened around his head,
blocking his view.  That was key.

   I waited for a couple of minutes as Karen chivvied Rubin into action. 
Her face slackened as Rubin began slurping at her, pleasure overtaking her
despite her nervousness.  Her blond hair spread across her bare back and
fell down over her face as she began hunching.  Her pale, slim
twelve-year-old form looked frail and small riding atop Rubin's wide, hairy
belly.  She dropped her head and began nuzzling Rubin's penis back to
hardness, smearing their mingled juices across her face.

   I leaned back so I could see into Lilah's room and gestured to Renee. 
After a second she emerged, hands on Lilah's bare shoulders, pushing the
smaller girl ahead.  Lilah's nightie had come off and she was naked now
except for one sock.  Her face was garishly made up, with little wings of
dark mascara at the corners of her eyes.  Together with heavy blush on her
cheeks the effect was almost clown-like but all the more depravedly erotic
in contrast with her entirely undeveloped body.  Her ribs stood out, her
puffy mound was prominent in the wide space between her skinny thighs.  It
glistened with the lube that Renee had generously applied.  She walked
gingerly, obviously still in some discomfort from being so unexpectedly
deflowered just minutes ago.  Her slightly pigeon-toed stance emphasized
her knobby elbows and knees.  She looked worried, yet eager.  Since Karen
had begun molesting the seven-year-old weeks ago, the little girl had
become indoctrinated with the corrupted ideology I had literally fucked
into the older girl.  With no previous knowledge of sexuality (and with
some judicious assistance from recreational pharmaceuticals) Lilah had
quickly internalized that she was a whore like her adored babysitter; that
being a whore was fun; that it meant letting grownups do sex things to you
as much as they wanted; that getting paid for doing sex meant she was
special.  And now we had prepared her to be a whore for a very special
person: her Daddy.
Lilah paused for just a second at the doorway to her father's bedroom.
It wasn't the smell, nor was it the sight of Karen, naked, astride a naked
man, lapping at an erect penis.  These were all things the little girl had
seen before.  I think it was just that the master bedroom was normally
off-limits.  But she scampered in and scrambled up on the bed, her pert,
pale buttocks flashing.  Before Karen could say "Here she is!" Lilah was
kneeling between her father's spread legs.  Cupping his heavy scrotum in
one hand, she wrapped the other around the base of his penis as far as her
fingers would reach, bent forward, and took it into her mouth.  She had to
open her mouth as wide as she could to fit even an average-sized adult cock
like her daddy's.  Her lips stretched obscenely around the dark, veined
flesh and her cheeks bulged.  But Lilah didn't stop after filling her mouth
with the empurpled mushroom that had given her life, eight short years ago.
The very first time I'd sexually assaulted the little girl we'd learned she
had little gag reflex and as far as she knew, swallowing every cock put in
her mouth was normal.  Now she opened even wider and pressed her head down.
Her throat worked and then bulged as she forced her father's erection past

her glottis.

   "Oh shit!" Rubin exclaimed as choking sounds came from the little girl
crouching between his legs.  He tried to raise his head as Lilah's upturned
nose pressed into his crinkled, cum-clotted pubes, but Karen clamped her
thighs tight, smashing her gash into his face and blocking his view.

   "She's good, isn't she?" Karen spoke over her shoulder as she watched
the seven-year-old gasp and strain to take the last inch of Rubin's cock.
"She's a nasty, dirty whore just like me." Her voice caught on "whore".  At
the same time Lilah's throat spasmed and she pulled back, coughing.  Drool
and mucus dribbled over her full bottom lip and tears of strain filled her
eyes and spilled down her rouged cheeks.  But the little girl's narrow
chest expanded with a deep breath and again she took the adult penis,
inching her lips down the length of the taut flesh as the head pushed into
her throat.  Over and over she deep-throated her daddy until his hairy sack
cradled in her hand tensed.  Lilah knew what no preteen should, that this
meant his ejaculation was getting close.  She sat up, gulping and coughing,
and swiped her face clean with a pale forearm, looking up at Karen for
approval as she continued to slowly jack Rubin's twitching tool.

   "Yessss, a dirty whore," Karen repeated.  She began slowly rotating her
hips, grinding her juicing quim against Rubin's face.  He was still unable
to see that it was his own daughter fellating him.  From where we stood on
either side of the doorway Renee and I could hear Rubin's whiskers rasping
against the preteen's tender thighs and the liquid slide of her swollen
labia against his face.  Despite the tension Renee's round, childish face
briefly relaxed into a smirk as we heard the arousal in her big sister's
breathy voice.  "A dirty whore that wants to learn how to fuck.  Because
that's what whores do, they fuck.  Do you want to teach my friend how to
fuck?" A muffled sound was presumably assent.

   Karen had rehearsed this with Lilah.  The seven-year-old stood shakily
and planted one foot on either side of Rubin's hips.  Karen's face rested
against her bare sweaty belly.  With one hand holding her daddy's penis
upright and the other on her babysitter's shoulder for balance, Lilah
squatted until her tiny spread cunny just touched Rubin's glans.  She made
a soft sound of discomfort - she had to still be hurting from her freshly
torn hymen.  Now face-to-face with Karen, the older girl put one hand on
her skinny shoulder.  The children's eyes locked as Karen exerted gentle
pressure downward.

   At first nothing happened except the glans was mashed into Lilah's bald
labia.  Then, slowly, the pale lips began to spread apart and the dark knob
pushed between them.  Lilah's inner lips, never more than a thin ring
around her vaginal entrance, were invisible.  Her mound flattened and was
pushed inwards as, millimeter by millimeter, the corona began to disappear.
Lilah's mouth opened in a silent "O" and her features crumpled as
discomfort became obvious pain.  Panting, she shifted, and the tendons
behind her knees tensed.  She raised up slightly and swiped the cock in her
hand forward and back across her tight slit, then tried to settle back
down. This time the blunt cockhead seated and spread her wide.  She
whimpered in pain and tried to raise up again.

   Karen realized the deception couldn't continue much longer.  She shifted
her hands to grip Lilah around her narrow waist and with a sudden movement,
shoved the little girl down onto the penis.

   "OWWWWWWIEEEE!" Lilah screamed as the head and an inch or more of her
daddy's erect penis disappeared inside her body.  Her legs thrashed and she
lost her balance and fell against Karen, which must have hurt her even
worse since now her entire weight bore down on that cock, driving it deeper
into her tiny vagina.  Karen clapped a hand over the little girl's mouth,
muffling her frantic cries of pain.

   Rubin's cock looked impossibly huge pushing between the skinny little
girl's splayed legs.  It must've felt like a telephone pole, a splintery
one at that, as the hot invading flesh scraped and shredded the remains of
Lilah's hymen.  No amount of lubrication could ease the initial passage of
an adult-size cock into a seven-year-old's vaginal opening.  Lilah lost
control of her body, writhing in agony and blindly striking out, her hands
slapping ineffectually at Karen.  But Rubin, still blind with his face
covered by Karen's cunt and her thighs squeezed around her ears, mistook
pain for passion and, feeling his organ enveloped in amazing tightness and
heat, began thrusting sharply.

   Lilah swooned, her naked body falling against Karen's.  Her head lolled
against the older girl's teacup-shaped breasts.  Karen gripped Lilah's
shoulders and pushed her back to the vertical, holding her upright as she
bounced limply on her daddy's cock, semiconscious from the pain of the
terrible invader.  It was an amazing sight, a seven-year-old child being
violently deflowered by her own father.  Lilah's body shone with sweat. 
She was so skinny that her shoulderblades, the knobs of her spine, her
ribs, even her pelvic bone moved sharply under her pale skin.  Karen took
one hand and slapped Lilah's cheek, first gently and then not-so-gently,
until her eyes focused.  The cock jamming itself into her drove the breath
from her lungs and all she could do was make a high-pitched, quavering
wheeze while tears streamed from her kohl-rimmed eyes.

   I saw Rubin's nuts pull up tight inside his crotch, and I knew it was
time.  I caught first Karen's eye and then Renee's and held up a hand.  It
was only seconds until I saw the pulse at the base of Rubin's cock.  As
Lilah gasped and pink-tinged goo squirted out around the tight seal of her
vulva, I dropped my hand.

   Karen vaulted off of the bed and as Lilah fell forward, plastering her
tiny naked form against her father's sweaty fat heaving belly, Renee burst
into the room with her digital camera and began snapping away.  She
captured pictures of Lilah's tear-streaked face.  She was so light, so
small against Rubin's adult form that her whole body bounced on Rubin's
thrusting, spurting cock.  The camera flash caught semen pouring out from
where man and child were joined.

   Lilah found her voice.  "I'm fucking you, Daddy!" she sobbed.  "I'm
fucking your penis in my babycunt!  Fucking hurts, Daddy, I love you, it
hurts bad!" she blubbered, drawing her legs up frog-like and reaching her
arms up to his shoulders.  The blood drained from Rubin's face but he
couldn't stop his body.  His hips pumped, bouncing his little girl on his
fat belly while ejaculating violently, uncontrollably, into her.  Grayish
white slime coated Lilah's crotch and spread across Rubin's belly.

   "Oooooh, ooooooh, ooooooh," Lilah moaned as her tiny womb was soaked in
semen from the same source that gave her life.  As his orgasm crested and
subsided Rubin lay still, paralyzed from shock, with his seven-year-old
daughter skewered on his throbbing erection.

   Lilah buried her face in Rubin's chest hair.  Her voice was muffled,
still strained from trauma, but clear "I'm your whore now, Daddy.  You
don't have to miss Mommy anymore.  I'll be your whore.  I'll be your dirty
little whore and I'll fuck you like Mommy did."

   And that's when I stepped into the room and started explaining to Rubin
how things were going to be.
   To be continued...

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