Hi, I am Sachin 17 yrs old studying in class twelfth. My mom Kavita is a 36 yrs old sexy eyes big boob. This is the story about how my mom made me fuck her. I am telling you the story from my moms point of view as she told me how was she feeling before she saw me and what made her to have sex with her son Mom shifted restlessly in her bed. Sleep had been evading her for the past 2 hours. It was almost 2'o clock in the night. Dad was snoring as usual. But that was not the reason why she was not able to sleep. She was used to dad's snoring. After all she had been hearing it for almost 19 years now. What had made her restless this night was the movie she had seen on Cable TV earlier that night. It was one of those Friday night adult movies. Images from that movie kept coming back to her mind. Whats more her life was so similar to the actress's life in that movie. She could not follow everything in the movie as it was in English and she hardly knew a few words in that language.

Nevertheless she had been able to follow the essence of the story. Like her, the woman in the movie too had a husband who had lost his manhood. The woman lived a life devoid of physical intimacy for 5 years. Then she succumbed and became involved into an extra-marital affair. For the past two hours mummy had been thinking about her own life. My dad Rajesh had lost his manhood almost six years ago. For six long years she had been without sex. Somehow it had seemed tolerable for these six years but tonight it somehow seemed unbearable. She wondered if she would never again have sex in her life. Mom had thought of sometimes having an extra marital affair but it scared her. What if somebody finds out? She did not want to take all those risks. But yet the fact remained that she yearned for a man today as she lay there beside her impotent husband. Mom wasn't bad looking. In fact she looked quite sensuous as she lay there on the bed. She was in a sari. She normally changed into a gown before going to bed but today she had not bothered to change. She had a pretty face, which somehow looked prettier due to her sadness.

Her skin complexion was that typical dusky Indian one. Her hairs were long. She was a bit fat but her body was broadened out all over. Hence the extra weight served rather to enhance her appeal. Her breasts were big and they were still firm even though she was almost 36 years old now and mother of two sons, me and Ajay 15 yrs old and a daughter Shikha 14yrs old who was studying in hostel. Mom was feeling a bit thirsty. So she got up and walked out of the room towards the kitchen. She was about to enter the kitchen when she suddenly noticed the faint light of the night bulb coming from my room. She was puzzled. I never slept with any light on. So mom figured out that I must be awake. But she wondered what was I doing so late in the night. She walked towards my room. The door was slightly open. She pushed open the door. Mom was taken aback by what she saw. I was sitting on the bed. My trousers and undies were pushed down to my ankles. In one hand I held a book. My other hand held my hard and stiff organ. I also was totally taken aback. For quite a few moments neither knew how to react. Then I suddenly pulled a blanket that was lying on the bed to cover my nudity. I was feeling terribly ashamed and embarrassed.

As I lowered my head I swore at myself for not latching the door. Mom too felt embarrassed. She knew she had no reason to feel embarrassed. After all it wasnt she who had been caught doing something naughty. But still her sense of embarrassment refused to go away. She wondered whether she should say anything to me but she really had no idea what to say. She just walked back to her room. As mom laid herself on the bed she suddenly realized something - she was wet! A sense of guilt pervaded her whole mind as she suddenly grasped why she had felt embarrassed. It was because her body had reacted to the nudity of her own son and her mind unconsciously registered this and made her feel embarrassed. The image of me i.e. her son with her trousers down suddenly flashed back to her mind and she felt a tingling sensation all over her body. She tried to think of something else to clear his mind of this dirt but the image kept coming back to her again and again. The tingling sensation became sharper and she had to reluctantly admit to herself that it felt nice. She tried hard to suppress her arousal but the more she tried the more intensified it became. After some time she just gave up the struggle. She let her mind recall the image of my hardness.

She thought about how big it had looked. She had been surprised by its size. After all I was just a kid studying in class twelfth. Yet it had seemed longer than probably her palm. As the turmoil in moms mind continued she suddenly realized that if she wanted I could satisfy her. I could give her what she wanted so badly. This incestuous thought made her wild with arousal. She knew it was 'paap' letting such thoughts into her mind but it made her feel so good that she simply didn't care anymore. She wondered how incredible it would feel doing it actually, when the thought itself was exciting her so much. For almost half an hour her thoughts continued like this. Then suddenly the desire to fornicate became unbearable. She got up from the bed and walked out of her room. A part of moms mind yelled at her 'Kavita, tu pagal to nahin ho gai! Kya karne ja rahi hai tu! Woh tera apna beta hai!!'. But mom was too aroused and the lust that had been unsatisfied for six years now manifested itself with a ferocious intensity and made her ignore the voice of her conscience. As she walked towards my room she had many apprehensions. Will I find her attractive? Will I agree? Will I be disgusted by the idea? However mom simply didnt care. She was just mad with desire. I had latched the door now. Mom knocked at it lightly.

After 2-3 knocks, I opened the door. The room was dark but in the faint moonlight mom could see me peering out at her puzzled and wondering why she had now come back. Mom entered the room and switched on the night bulb and then closed the door behind her. I meanwhile felt sure that she was now going to reproach me and tell me how ashamed she was of me. With head lowered I just stood there waiting for her to begin. But what I heard surprised me. 'Sachin, mein tujhe dantane nahin aai hoon. Mein darasal yahaan sona chahti hoon. Tere papa wahaan itni aawaz kar rahe hain ki mujhe neend hi nahin aa rahi.' Saying this mom laid herself on the bed. 'Chal tu bhi aa ja.' I looked at her confused and obeying her I got into the bed beside her. Mom stayed silent for some time. Then suddenly she asked him 'Sachin, tu woh roz karta hain?' I nodded feeling shy and embarrassed. 'Woh kitab kounsi hai, jisko tu dekh raha tha us time? Mujhe dikha zara. I looked at mom wondering why she wanted to see the book. When she again asked for the book, I brought it out from under the mattress and gave it to her. She switched on the dim light and opened the book.

It was full of pictures of naked girls posing themselves in tempting ways. 'Sachin, inme sabse accha photo kounsa lagata hai tujhe?' As soon as I heard this I started getting aroused. I was still very confused though. What was happening was unbelievable - my mother lying beside me at 4 in the night turning the pages of a dirty book and asking which photo did I like most! I had no idea what my mother's intentions were but now I knew in a vague way that something exciting was going to happen. Mom meanwhile once again asked me 'Bata na, sabse accha kounsa lagta hai tujhe?' I shyly took the book and opened the page that contained my favorite picture. Mom looked at the girl in the picture. She was a voluptuous girl with big breasts. She pointed her finger towards the boobs of the girl in the picture and asked me 'Yeh itne bade-bade hain, isi liye acchi lagti hain na tujhe?' I was terribly hard by now. I looked at moms face. She was looking at me in a motherly and affectionate way. Then she smiled and said, 'Sachin itna sharma mat. mere sawal ka jawab de na.' I nodded now. The big boobs really were the reason why I liked that particular picture so much. By now mom was totally wet. She decided that it was now time to start seeking what she wanted from me.

Mom put the 'pallu' of her sari to one side and cupping her breasts with her hands, she said ' Dekh, mere to is ladki se bhi jyada bade hain.' I just gaped at her face as I heard this. My excitement was visible on my face by now and this made mom bolder. 'Ruk. Main tujhe blouse khol ke dikhati hoon. Saying this mom quickly unhooked her blouse revealing her big breasts held tightly inside her brassiere. Now mom took my hand and after placing it on the hook of her brassiere, asked me to undo it. With a trembling hand I did so. My hot mom immediately pulled out the brassiere and threw it on the floor. I gaped at the pair of beautiful tits that lay before me. They were big and firm. They were dark like the rest of her body. The nipples were big and looked stiff. This was the first time I was seeing a woman's bosom naked and the fact that it belonged to my own mother made it terribly exciting for me. I felt hard like I had never before felt. Till now I had always thought of mummy simply as a mummy and nothing else but now for the first time I realized that my mom was also a sensuous woman.

Mom was in fact what my friends at school would call 'maal'. I was now dying to feel mom's breasts and when mom asked me in a mischievous voice 'Sachin, inko chhoone ka man nahi kar raha kya tera?', I immediate put my hand upon her breast. My hand almost trembled with excitement as my hand caressed her breast. Inside my mind, my conscience told him that what was happening was sinful and wrong but like mom I also was too aroused to care for the voice of conscience. However, I felt scared about dad waking up and finding us like this. So I said to mom, 'Mommy, papa yaan Ajay jag gaye to!'. Mommy knew that what I was saying wasnt impossible. However dad usually slept like a log and so the likelihood of his waking up was low. My brother Ajay too was a deep sleeper. Moreover, mommy was too turned on to stop what we were doing. In a soft soothing voice mom assured me,'Uski chinta mat kar.Tere papa raat ko ek baar sote hain, to phir seedha subah ko hi uthte hain. Aur tera chhota bhai bhi waisa hee hai. By now we both were feeling less inhibited. Now we both knew that we wanted each other. Mom also was beginning to feel impatient. Quickly she unbuttoned my shirt. She then unzipped my trousers and pushed them down towards my ankles.

My undies looked like a tent due to my hardness. Mom eagerly pushed them down. She gaped as my full hardness was revealed. Lovingly she took it into her hands and stroked it softly and gently. My whole body tingled as the stroking went on. It felt incredibly nice. Suddenly I felt the ejaculation coming. But mom realized it too and she stopped stroking it. She didnt want me to ejaculate at this moment. She decided that it was time for us to take off their clothes completely. Mommy stood up near the bed and pulled down the sari. She then undid the knot of her petticoat and let it fall around her ankles on the floor. She also took off the already open blouse and threw it on the floor. She was about to pull down the panties when mom decided to ask me to do it instead, 'bete, yeh utaar.' I eagerly began to pull moms panties down. I swallowed hard as mommy's bushiness revealed itself. Between the bushiness lay my mother's cunt. It looked beautiful and I yearned to touch it. After stepping out of her panties, mommy helped me undress totally.

Then she laid herself on the bed and whispered to me,'Chal, mere uupar aa ja.' As I put myself on top of her, she put her arms around me. For a moment we looked into each other's eyes. Then mommy whispered,'Sachin bete, ek pappee de apni mummy ko.' On hearing this, I immediately put my lips upon her lips. As we opened our mouths and our tongues met, we both felt excited in a way they had never felt before. After this kiss, I stopped feeling inhibited. Mommy no longer had to give me instructions. Spontaneously I explored every part of her body. I planted kisses all over her face, then went down and hungrily sucked her breasts. Mommy moaned as I fondled, tickled, suckled and caressed her breasts. Then suddenly she whispered, 'bete, ek puppy de.' I was about to put my mouth upon hers, when she smiled and said, 'Buddhhu kahin ka! In hothon pe nahin, neeche wala hothon pe puppy chahiye mujhe.' I blushed for a moment and the I moved back. I paused for some time after putting my face close to her cunt. My mom had musky smell down there and I found the smell terribly exciting. I took inhaled it deeply and then put my lips upon mommy's cunt lips. I had seen a dirty picture some days ago, which showed a man licking a woman's cunt.

That time I had found it disgusting but now that act seemed so beautiful and natural. Mommy moaned as my lips parted and my tongue began to tickle her cunt. Soon the excitement became unbearable and mommy realized that she wanted me inside her now. She moaned out, 'Sachin, ab apni mummy ke andar aa ja.' I kissed her cunt once and then brought my face in front of her face. We looked at each other for some time and then I began to enter her. I fumbled due to inexperience and mommy helped me enter her. But I immediately withdrew myself out. Mommy asked me, 'Kya hua?' I replied back,'Mummy condom to hai hi nahin. Aap pregnant ho gaeen to!' Mom realized that what I was saying was true. She might get pregnant. However, she was feeling too hot to care about this. She impatiently cried out in a soft voice,'Mujhe parwah nahin uski. Abhi mujhe bas tera pyar chahiye. Chal phir se andar aa, jaldi se. Agar pregnant hoti hoon, to hone do' So I once again entered mom. I paused for some time and then i began to move inside her.

As I moved inside her, mommy caressed my back with one hand and the other she lovingly ran through his hair. It didnt last very long. Just after 2-3 minutes I exploded inside her. Mommy was for a moment angry, as she wasnt yet close to her orgasm. However, she immediately recalled that this was her son's first time. She waited for me to regain hardness and this time when I entered, she told me 'Sachin is baar araam se karna. Jaldbaazi mat karna. Thik hai?' I nodded. This time it turned out to be better. Mommy got an orgasm that shuddered through her whole body. Soon I too came. We made love three more times and it was almost 5.30 when we did it for the last time. We both were feeling exhausted now. Moreover, we were now scared that Ajay or dad might wake up any moment. So after kissing me for the last time, mommy picked up her clothes and walked back to her room. That day we again made love in the afternoon when we were alone in the house. In the evening, after our lovemaking was over, mommy got a bright idea. That night she cribbed after dinner to dad about his snoring habit. She told him that his snoring was becoming unbearable for her. So she would sleep in the extra guest bedroom they had. Dad agreed to this. From that day, mommy began sleeping in the other bedroom. That room was adjacent to my room and even had a connecting door. So every night mommy would sneak into my room or I would sneak into mommy's room and we would make love without any fear of getting caught in the act. Its now three years since we started our love game and I had fucked her in every way possible. [email protected]

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