STORY TITLE Getting Pregnant
AUTHOR Lust4Life
CODES MF, Impreg
DATE ADDED 4th September, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My boyfriend, Darrel, and I had been living together for 4 years. We'd met through some friends, gone out a few times, started having sex, and eventually moved in together. We enjoyed being together, but had never felt a desire to get married. However, I was getting to the point that the old biological clock was starting to tick rather loudly, and Darrel was interested in having kids, "at some point". After a few months of discussion, we decided that yes, we were ready for the responsibility of children, and that we should go ahead and get me pregnant.

Whoa! That was a heavy thought! All my life I had been raised with the idea that nice girls didn't spread their legs until they were married, and they definitely didn't have children without being married. Of course Darrel & I had been fucking like rabbits for the past 4+ years (& I had been having sex for several year before Darrel), but in today's world that really wasn't too far over the line, in fact it was probably the norm. But getting pregnant, even without the societal values, that's a big step. That's a commitment for the rest of your life, and a big one for the next 20 years. Was I really ready to let this man make me pregnant, make my belly swell up with a new life that I would have to care for, for the next 20 years? It was a big step, but yes, I thought I was. And the fact that my pussy was getting wet thinking about it told me my body was definitely ready!

Since I used a diaphragm for birth control, going off birth control was easy. We waited until I was half way through my cycle, hopefully at the peak of fertility. We didn't have sex for about 4 days leading up to this, to build up Darrel's sperm count and to add to the excitement when we started to do it for real. We spent those four days working each other into a frenzy. I'd grope his crotch and ask if was saving up a big load for me, or if he had our baby in there. He'd pat my belly and tell me how he was going to pump me full of his sperm and make me swell up with our kid.

Finally, the day arrived. We had decided to take the day off and make love all day, pump as much sperm into my fertile womb as possible. We got up, had breakfast in our robes, and then headed to the bedroom. I got out my diaphragm, and placed it on the bedside table where we both could see it, a visible reminder that there would be nothing between his throbbing cock and my fertile womb. At the thought, I could feel the wetness starting to grow in my pussy as my body started to prepare itself in anticipation. Finally I dropped my robe, lay back on the bed, legs spread, rubbing my pussy, and said to Darrel, "Come on stud. I'm ready for you. Knock me up with that big cock of yours."

Darrel dropped his robe and crawled onto the bed, his cock already at half mast. We kissed passionately, tongues slipping into each other's mouths as our hands explored each other's body. His hands (as always) sent shivers through my body and I could feel my cunt growing wetter. Yes, my body was definitely ready to play the mating game! I started to lick my way down his chest, enjoying his masculine scent and taste, the tautness of his muscles. I reached his pubic hair, and looking at his cock, now standing erect, with his balls tight in their sack, ready for action, "This is it. These are the balls that are making the sperm that's going to make me pregnant. This is the cock that's going to nestle up against my cervix and shoot his sperm into my womb."

I looked at the slit from which his baby juice would soon be pumping into me, and reaching out my tongue, flicked it across the slit. Then I lowered my head, wrapping my lips around the head, swirling my tongue around it as I reached beneath his legs and ran my fingers gently over his balls the way I knew he loved. Lifting my head I moved to the side and ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, massaging the sensitive underside before dropping my head back down over the top. I slowly lowered my head, relaxing my throat muscles as I felt his smooth hardness sliding further into my throat until my nostrils were buried in his pubic hair. By now Darrel was moaning. I felt his hands massaging my breasts, causing still more juice to flow in my pussy. Lifting my head again, I moved down and gently licked his balls, nibbling them lightly with my lips. At the same time, his hand wandered down to my ass and then to my now sopping pussy. His finger slid in making me gasp and squirm at the delicious feeling. Now I moved up and pressed my breasts around his cock, feeling his balls against my abdomen. The feeling of his magnificent hardness throbbing hotly between my breasts was intense as he continued to work his finger inside me. I moved back down and noticed a bead of precum oozing from his slit. "Oh-h, is this for me?" I asked.

With that I lay back again, rubbing my pussy and looking at Darrel with my best "come fuck me look". I wiggled my hips as he crawled up between my legs, his cock sticking out waving from side to side in eager anticipation. Reaching out I stroked it gently, then grabbed it and leading it to my flowing cunt, I brought it into contact sending spasms up my vagina. I rubbed the head gently up and down, lubricating it with my juices, parting my lips. "Here I am" I thought, "the female in heat, ready to be mated." Then he was sliding his shaft into me, stretching me. He slid in easily, with little resistance I was so wet. My juices were flowing out and down my ass on to the bed. "Biology is a wet and messy business" I thought. And then I felt his pubic bone grind against mine, his balls pushing up against my ass. His chest mashed against my breasts stimulating them as I felt him flexing inside me.

"I'm taking him bareback, mating for real. His cock is already leaking live sperm for the first time into my unprotected pussy" I thought. We were playing sperm roulette with my womb - he would soon be unleashing millions of sperm, each with a slightly different genetic instruction set, to find my waiting egg. "Come on lover, do it. Fuck me, fuck me good. I want to be ridden to completion and feel your sperm shooting into me." With that he withdrew and started a slow thrusting, fucking me for real for the first time. My body was on fire, I thrust up against him to meet his strokes. I could see his shaft, glistening with the juices of my excitement pulling out and then sinking back into my hungry body. As he rode me his cock pulled the skin over my clit, stimulating me, as he thrust in. The sensation of his cock stretching me, filling me was terrific, and at the end of each inward thrust, the feel of his pubic bone grinding against mine made me ache for the next stroke. My pussy was clenching around his cock, massaging it as I moaned, "Ah yes. Yes! Oh more, give it to me." Gradually his pace picked up, his cock driving into my sopping pussy like a well oiled piston. The squelching sound of his cock fucking my pussy and the slapping sound of our bellies as we played the mating game filled the room.

I could feel the sensations building in my pussy, the approaching orgasm. My legs were spread wide to allow him the deepest penetration. He was driving into me now with abandon, intent on his own pleasure and his steady thrusting became my world. I was concentrating on the feeling between my legs of his penis driving into my vagina. In the back of my mind the ever present reality that this wasn't just pleasure, this was the real deal, I had a male's cock in my unprotected pussy and was going to take his sperm into my body. I thrust back up at my mate, my lover, trying to increase the sensations as I neared orgasm. I'm sure the sensation of an unprotected, receptive woman in heat trying to drive herself to ecstasy on his cock was a powerful turn-on for Darrel as well. "Come on! Faster! More! Keep going! Give it to me! Oh, Oh, I'm gonna cum, do it, do it to me!" I cried. And then the sensations washed over me. I could feel my body thrashing on his cock as fireworks went off in my head and electricity coursed through my body. My pussy went wild, gushing fluid and spasming on his cock, urging him to join me in orgasm and flood my channel with his cum.

Slowly the sensations lessened, but only a bit. I was on a high plateau, eager to stay there and the only way was for that magnificent cock to keep driving into the heart of my womanhood. Darrel was sweating now, driving into me with a fever. I could feel his body tensing, he was moaning and I knew he was getting close. "Oh come on lover. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Give it to me. I want to feel you shooting in me. Let it go. Let me feel your sperm shooting in me. Knock me up baby." I moaned looking into his eyes. "This is it" I thought. "He is already leaking his sperm inside me. Soon he is going to spray his seed in me."

I could feel another orgasm building in my vagina. I needed to feel him thrusting inside me making me ready to cum and spread my legs so he could get as deep as possible. I could feel the head of his magnificent penis banging against my cervix as he neared the moment. His cock was flying in and out of me, squelching lewdly, his body was starting to shake and he started grunting. I felt his cock start swelling in that familiar pre-cum expansion. I knew he was just a few strokes from shooting his load in me, from inseminating me. Then I felt him lunge hard against me, pressing his cock head right up against the entrance of my womb and I felt it swell and suddenly pulse as he started to ejaculate inside me, spewing his essence in me. I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight as I felt him pulsing and throbbing deep inside me. I could feel the warmth of his semen, fresh from his balls filling me, filling my unprotected and fertile womb. And another, deeper orgasm washed over me. I came, and I became. My being centered on the act of creation taking place deep in my body. Finally, we began to relax. I still felt his cock twitch in me occasionally, and I reached under and massaged his balls, saying, "Give me every drop. Empty those balls in me." Finally he softened and slipped out. I could feel his deposit all squishy inside me.

We rested for a while and snacked to regain our energy. Soon I was anxious for more. I rolled over and kissed him with a long, deep kiss while my breasts rubbed against his chest. I left no doubt what was on my mind - I was horny and I wanted to mate. I wanted another load of his sperm in my pussy.

That day Darrel fucked me and poured his semen into me 4 times. We fucked twice a day for the next several days. That was 5 months ago. My belly is swelling up nicely now.





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