STORY TITLE Rachel's Impregnation
CODES MF, Trick, Cuck, Reluc, Impreg
DATE ADDED 11th March, 2005
AUTHOR EMAIL [email protected]

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


The incongruously-named James O'Farrell stood outside the apartment door and looked through the papers on his clipboard. Incongruously named, because James O'Farrell, far from being a stocky, red-headed Irishman as his name implied, was six foot of broad-shouldered black flesh wrapped up in a Brookes Brothers suit, silk tie and hand-made loafers. He owed his Irish name to a great-great grand daddy from the Emerald Isle and his physique - including a nine inch dick - to many generations of African warriors. James was sex on a stick - and he knew it.

He loved his job as an agent for a property company which specialised in the top end of the market, letting out luxury apartments to those who could afford them. Where James got his special kicks was when the apartments belonged to people a little down on their luck ...

Today, he was outside Rachel and Bill's place. Bill had had a little bad luck lately and, although Rachel worked, her part-time job in a local florists didn't contribute much to the household economy. They were behind with their rent and James had been sent round to put a little pressure on the couple. He checked his watch - 8.45 am. Fifteen minutes earlier than arranged - perfect!

As he rang the doorbell, Rachel was just getting out of the shower. She was in her mid-30's, medium height with big, blue eyes and dark auburn hair. Attractive to look at, her best feature was her tits - 34F, with long, rosy nipples which contrasted with her creamy skin. Bill loved her tits so much he wouldn't contemplate Rachel having a baby because he didn't want to share the luscious globes but she figured that if she could just herself pregnant, he would soon change his mind.

"Damn", she thought, as she grabbed a towel. Why did bad news always come early? She was dreading the visit from the agent. She and Bill had moved into the apartment when they first got married, 5 years before, and she loved every inch of it. It was perfectly located with a park opposite where Rachel dreamed of one day pushing a perambulator.

The door bell rang again.

"Okay", she called, "Just coming". She grabbed her cream silk wrap off the rail and tied the sash tightly round her narrow waist as she made her way to the door. The robe was generous and Rachel felt as well covered as she would in one of her dresses. She slipped into her high heeled mules as she went down the corridor and opened the door.

If Rachel was surprised to see James, James was more than surprised to see Rachel. He hadn't anticipated such a honey and his eyes instantly went to the twin peaks her nipples made in the soft silk. Rachel immediately saw where he was looking and glanced down. She blushed furiously. Not only were her nipples erect following the cool air on them after her warm shower, but she hadn't finished drying herself properly and two tiny damp patches appeared where her flesh touched the silk. James's eyes lit up and he felt his cock stir.

Leading the way into the flat, Rachel offered James a coffee in an effort to remove herself from his gaze and have a few moments to compose herself. As James sat on the sofa, he could see Rachel in the kitchen, noting how her round ass moved as she stretched up to a cupboard to collect the coffee and the curve of her hip as she bent to take milk from the fridge. Her full tits swung enticingly as she stretched up and down and James's cock grew harder. He reached down and made himself more comfortable.

When Rachel brought the coffee in, James was all professional.

"Thank you ma'am", I really appreciate you making me feel at home here", he said.

Rachel was tight-lipped. "You're welcome to the coffee", she said, "but can we please get on with this?" She sat on a chair as far away from the sofa as she could get.

James looked at his papers.

"Well, ma'am", he drawled, "I'm afraid what I have to tell you is not good. Your rent is way behind and, in fact, you are $2500 in arrears".

Rachel gasped. She knew Bill had been strugglling with the business lately but she had no idea they were in such trouble. She looked round her beloved apartment and felt sick with the fear of losing it.

"But ... but", she stammered, tears glistening in her deep blue eyes. "Are you sure? I mean - it's just so much ...." Her voice trailed off.

James smiled inwardly. He showed the papers to Rachel but made no move to hand them to her. Reluctantly, she got up from the chair and came over to the sofa. As she leaned forward to take the papers, James could see the dark valley between her breasts in the gaping V of her robe. He held on to the papers, making Rachel sit beside him. As she looked at the figures in front of her, James was eyeing up the one in front of him. Not only could he see into her cleavage but the movement of her sitting down had opened the gown at the front and her legs were revealed half way up her thighs. Unaware of what she was showing because of her attention to the documents in front of her, Rachel shifted a little and her robe parted even further.

James decided it was time to make his move. His cock was hard, the head gently oozing pre-cum and he was finding the constraints of his pants quite uncomfortable. He leaned over until his mouth was close to Rachel's ear.

" You know", he murmured, "There is a way of reducing your debt ...." He let the suggestion hang in the air.

Rachel turned to look at him realising, now her absorption in the papers had been broken, just how close James was to her and also how much her robe was revealing. She blushed scarlet.

"What? I can't believe what you're suggesting" she hissed. "I'll make sure your superiors know you tried to make a pass at me if you don't stop right now and get the hell out of my apartment!"

James grinned slowly. He liked it when they showed a bit of fire. "Oh come on, honey", he said, "What's a little fun gonna cost you? I'll bet you've never had black cock before, have you? Just think - a new experience AND you can save your home."

Rachel gasped at his outrageous comments. "How dare you", she shouted, "Do you really think I'd let you ... let you ....even TOUCH me, you black bastard!".

James's eyes narrowed. He had heard plenty of racist remarks growing up but these days, with his smart suit and cool, educated tones, they were but an unplesant memory. This white bitch brought all his insecurities back to the surface and he felt his anger rising, along with his cock. He would show her no-one but no-one called James O'Farrell a black bastard to his face these days.

In a swift move, James grabbed Rachel by the hair with one hand, the other wrenching open her gown and revealing her naked body to his livid gaze. Rachel screamed and James pulled her hair tighter. "Shut up, bitch", he hissed "Time to apologise".

Still holding her hair, he pushed her to her knees, unzipping his trousers as she fell. His cock bulged in the front of his boxers, a dark patch showing where his moisture had seeped out earlier. Pulling his shorts aside, his long, thick penis sprang out in Rachel's face. He smelled of musk and she tried to turn her head away. Bill never made her even touch his penis when they made love and James' monster cock was hot and wet and smelled of sex.

"Suck it, you bitch".

Rachel tried to twist away but James held her firm, pulling her face into his crotch. Rachel squirmed as she gasped for air and as she opened her mouth, the head of James' cock brushed her lips.

"Suck it or I'll tell your husband that YOU made a pass at ME" he sneered.

Reluctantly, Rachel gave in and tentatively kissed the head of James' cock. He groaned at her gentle touch and a pearl of pre-cum became a sudden gush. Rachel was amazed at the sweet taste of the fluid and began to lap at James' dick, licking it and finally taking the head into her mouth and sucking it avidly. She forgot her open robe and James leant over and eased it off her shoulders. He looked down at the beautiful white woman on her knees in front of him, giving him head. Her proud tits were firm and round and her nipples were rock hard. James laughed, low in his throat. This little bitch might not know it but she was hot and he was ready to bet her snatch was wet with her honey.

Reaching down, he felt her tits, massaging them with his hands, enjoying the sight of his black fingers against her white flesh. Rachel moaned round the mouthful of cock between her lips and sucked harder. She could feel the wetness between her thighs whilst a small part of her mind looked on, horrified. Before she could think further, James picked her up and threw her on to the sofa.

Pushing her legs up, he dove into her wet snatch. It was as sweet and creamy as he expected and he felt Rachel shiver as his firm tongue grazed her clit. He took her bud between his lips and sucked. Rachel groaned and grabbed his head with her hands, pulling his face further between her thighs. He could hear her panting breaths as he licked, nibbled and sucked.

His cock was so hard now it was hurting and he could feel his spunk-filled balls begin to ache with the need for release. He was going to give this white woman the fucking of her life!

Pulling Rachel to her feet, he made her turn round and bend over the sofa. Her plump, white ass thrust up at him, inviting him in. Taking his 9 inch erection in his hand, he rubbed the head against Rachel's slit, feeling their mutual wetness mingle.

"Ok, you little bitch", he said, "I'm gonna stick my man meat in your racist cunt and fuck you till you scream".

Sanity returned to Rachel like a cold douche.

"No, NO" she screamed "You can't, you mustn't. I don't have any protection cos I want to have a baby with Bill. Please, stop!"

Rachel struggled and twisted in James' grasp but he was far taller and stronger than she was and her ass rubbing against James' prick as she wriggled was turning him on even more. He lunged forward and his shaft slid smoothly between Rachel's creamy thighs and up into her moist, warm cunt. James shifted his grip now he had succeeded in penetrating her and reached round to her warm, full tits. Her nipples were like bullets and he pulled them hard. Rachel shrieked and then shrieked some more as James began pounding her pussy with his babymaker. The thought of planting a black baby in her womb gave James a tremendous kick. That would sort out the snotty bitch and her useless husband, he thought.

Holding Rachel's swollen breasts, James settled into a punishing rhythm, his cock bottoming out against her cervix with every thrust. His balls were filled with semen and he ached to pour it into Rachel's waiting womb. Both of them grunted with the effort as the fucking went on and on. Rachel had never had such a pounding, her pussy had never been so filled with meat - she felt like she was being torn apart by the massive weapon filling her to the brim.

"Gonna cum, gonna cum" groaned James, slamming deeper and deeper into Rachel's baby factory.

Rachel was beyond speech, merely grunting in time to the thrusting in her cunt and she felt her own orgasm building. James's fingers on her nipples sent bursts of electricity through her body and as she felt him tense then slam into her harder and deeper than ever before, his hot cum exploded in her cunt, plastering her cervix and womb with his seed and Rachel tipped over the edge in a mindless, screaming climax of her own. Spurt after spurt of hot spunk erupted into her body and Rachel moaned in pure pleasure at being taken by an alpha male.

After a moment, James withdrew his sticky cock. Turning round, Rachel leant over and licked him clean, smiling up at him as she did so. She had changed her mind about black men but she did wonder how she was going to explain a black baby to Bill in nine months time.





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