AUTHOR Lust4Life
CODES MMFF, Impreg, Novel
DATE ADDED 22nd July, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


The Club

The club was exclusive and difficult to get into. Hell, most people didn’t know it existed, and even if you did, finding out about it and how to get in were even more difficult. The requirements for entry were different for men and women. For men, money was a prerequisite, but that was just the ante. Connections, power, those were the real requirements. For women, well Kayla was learning. You had to really want to join. You had to be smart, well educated, determined. There were definite advantages to being in the club, but those are beyond the scope of our present story. Suffice it to say that there were many more applicants than available spaces.

Kayla picked up hints of the club from certain friends and the more she learned the more intrigued she had become. But in order to even get on the applicant list, she had had to use all of her wiles, sleeping with a number of both men and women (though you could hardly call it sleeping). She had gone through a rigorous interview and background check process, but had been informed there was a final initiation ritual which she had to pass in order to become a member. This was a test of her commitment to the group. Since even after the rigorous screening process, there were more qualified applicants than openings available, a method had been devised to both test their commitment and winnow the field.

At this point, the field had been narrowed to 5 women, but only 3 openings were available. For the test, the women would all be taken off what ever birth control they were currently using. Two of the women, randomly selected would be given active birth control pills while the other 3 would be given identical looking, but completely ineffective placebos. The women would then have sex with various of the club males until 2 of them tested positive. If a woman became pregnant, she was disqualified. The math was upside down because the admission committee assumed there was a chance one of the 3 unprotected women might not be fertile or might simply have trouble conceiving. If all 3 unprotected women became pregnant, well, just one more opening available next year.

Kayla considered the odds. Three out of 5 women would be having unprotected sex until at least 2 of them, possibly all three were pregnant. And if she went ahead, there was no point in douching or in other ways trying to avoid pregnancy. That was decided by the unknown, random selection of who would be receiving legitimate birth control and who would not. If she were one of the ones getting birth control she would not get pregnant. If she were not, the contest would continue until she became pregnant.

Was it worth it? Was the risk worth the reward? What if she was one of the one who became pregnant? Well, the club would pay a modest lifetime stipend, but that was all. She thought about it, but in the end, decided that yes, the risk was worth it. The allure of the club was intoxicating, and she was a determined risk taker. Somewhat to her surprise, the other 4 women all made the same decision.


For the initiation, the women were sent to a tropical island for two months (money was not really an issue for the club), where they would be sequestered under strict supervision so that any birth control they were currently using would have worn off. Just to be sure, they were each given a strong course of anti-biotics to nullify any hormone based birth control. The selection of who would receive legitimate birth control and who would receive the placebos was done double blind so no one knew. Each woman would be assigned a number, from 1 to 5. A local pharmacist was to prepare the five sets of pills, but only he knew which two numbers contained the legitimate pills and he did not know who they were for, or the girls.

The planned contest would work as follows. The women would have a completely relaxing, if strictly supervised 2 month vacation on the island, allowing the unlucky three to become fully fertile. After this, once a week 10 male members of the club would arrive on the island for 2 days of sex with the women. This sequence would repeat with a different set of 10 men until at least 2 of the women tested positive for pregnancy.

Kayla met with the other 4 women in the admissions office where she had to sign a number of forms and waivers. This was the first time she had seen or met the other applicants and she was struck by the fact that although of obviously different ethnic backgrounds, they were all very good looking. They then piled into a limousine which took them to the airport where they boarded a private jet to fly them to the island.

Conversation was limited while in the limo, but once they were in the air, the women began to loosen up and by the time they landed, they were all well acquainted. That day they checked in and rested. The following morning was when their fates would really be decided. A woman, a member of the club, gathered the 5 applicants together in her office where she placed 5 tiles, face down on her desk. Each tile had a number on it, and the women each picked a tile. Kayla choose the tile with the number 3. For the rest of her stay on the island, she would receive “birth control” pill set 3. But of course no one knew whether this would be real or placebo, whether she would be protected or fertile for the initiation.

Afterwards, they were given a tour of the facilities and then allowed to begin enjoying themselves. That evening, sitting around sipping drinks they began discussing the club and the initiation. Kayla admitted that the chance of pregnancy scared her, but that the risk also turned her on. The idea that they would all be fucking, knowing some of them were doing it for real, were going to get pregnant, but not knowing who, was a turn on. The other women all shared similar views.

The two months passed quickly as the women enjoyed the resort and soon it was time for the first round. The men would be arriving the next day and the women were asked to help prepare the large meeting room which already had beds and sofas. Over the last month they had been allowed to pick out clothes to wear for the initiation, not that they would wear them for long.


The next morning, the women gathered early for breakfast. They were all a bit giddy – with a combination of excitement and fear. Then they returned to their rooms to dress in the seductive clothes they had selected for the initiation. The men had actually arrived on the island the night before, but stayed elsewhere in order to be well rested when they first met the women.

The women gathered again, this time in the meeting room and soon the doors opened and in walked the 10 men, the men who were going to fuck them repeatedly over the next 2 days, pumping sperm into their, for some, unprotected pussies, and possibly making some of them pregnant. Kayla felt a twinge run through her body and felt the butterflies in her stomach. The men were all good looking, most appeared to be in their 30s but a couple of them might have been older. All 4 of the women were white (blond, brunette) and one Asian. Nine of the 10 men were also white, but one was a deep brown, not quite black. “I wonder if one of us will bear his baby” Kayla thought. The men were all wearing robes, and Kayla suspected nothing else. Kayla knew that she was about a week from her most fertile time, so the chances were lower this week for her to get pregnant, than they would be next week – if she was one of the unprotected 3. But even if someone else got pregnant at this session, they would not know until after the next one, so if she was unprotected, there was a good chance she would get pregnant next week.

They began with introductions. The men all seemed to already know their names. As Kayla was introduced to each, she rubbed her body against theirs and gave each man a kiss. The men then sat on the sofas and easy chairs and asked the women to each stand and tell something about herself, where she was from, why she wanted to join the club. They also asked more personal questions, such as when and how they each lost their virginity, how many partners they had had, their favorite positions, and so.

Now the female assistant held out a cup, again containing tiles. She explained that each man had been assigned a number from 1 to 10. The women were to each draw 2 tiles, their first and second partners. After that, the rest of the 2 days would be a free for all. “Well” thought Kayla, “here we are. The 5 of us are about to strip down and get fucked by these 10 men. Three of us are unprotected and might get pregnant, and if we do, we will not even know who the father is.” Each woman in turn reached in and read out the 2 numbers she had selected. The men did not respond – they would identify themselves when the time was right. “I may have just randomly selected the father of my child” Kayla thought. The first man to deposit his load would obviously have some advantage over the later men.


Finally it was time. The women all stood to put on a strip show for the men. Kayla looked at each of the men in turn. “No point in being coy here. We all know what is about to happen. Might as well relax, enjoy it to the fullest. Consequences will come later.” Kayla began to dance, undulating her hips, shaking her breasts. She was aware of the other women doing their own variations, some teasing, some blatant. Kayla could feel her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she danced.

After she had been dancing for a while, she approached one of the men and asked him to help her with her top, a bikini type halter fastened in the front. The man eagerly reached up and unfastened the clasp, allowing her breasts to spring free for all to see. As she continued to dance, she wondered who would be her first lover today? The red haired man over there? The Italian over there? The black man there?

As she continued to move, she could tell from how the men’s attention focused on the women’s bodies that they were getting aroused. Some of the men had already shrugged off their robes and she could see their penises starting to rise. Several of the men had their hands in their crotches as they watched. Kayla was also keeping an eye on the other women, not wanting to get too far ahead or behind them. One woman still had her top on, two were already naked, and one, like Kayla was topless but still had her panties on. She moved over and straddled one of the men, shoving her tits in his face, feeling his growing erection pressing against her crotch. Soon she moved on, brushing against another man, letting him run his hands over her body. “Does my body turn you on?” she asked, “Does it excite you to know that 2 of us are going to get pregnant, that your sperm might be what does it?” The man groaned out an affirmative and she moved on again.

Now Kayla heard one of the men calling out to Sara, one of the women who was already naked, “Sara, come on over here. You drew me as your first partner.” As she continued to move among the men Kayla kept an eye on Sara and soon saw her going down on her partner, taking in her mouth the cock which would soon be inside her pussy trying to make her pregnant. Moving on to another man, Kayla asked, “Would you like to remove my panties for me? Help me bare my pussy for you guys?” Of course the man obliged, sliding her panties down, exposing her pussy to his eager view. As she moved now, Kayla fingered herself and looked around some more. Two of the women were now naked and paired up with their first partners, Sara was on her back with her legs spread and her man moving between her legs. The last woman was just loosing her panties. Kayla watched Sara as the man brought his penis to the entrance to her pussy. A fertile pussy ready to conceive? Or safe? Will any of them get pregnant during this round? Who is eventually destined to conceive? Is she, Kayla one? The man started to sink in and Sara and the man groaned at the sensations. Soon he was buried in her. Kayla thought to herself, “He is not going to pull out until he has shot his load into her. When he pulls out, she will have a lot fertile sperm swimming in her pussy, looking for an egg to penetrate.”

Now as she moved, one of the men motioned her over, a big grin on his face. “So, this is the man” she thought, “The man who is going to shoot the first load of sperm into me. Into my possibly unprotected womb.” She headed over to him, massaging her clit as she walked. Bending down she kissed him, a full deep, passionate kiss as his hands cupped her breasts, sending shivers through her aroused body.

As she continued to kiss the man, Kayla ran her hand down his body until she found his cock sticking up from his forest of pubic hair. She stroked it a bit as one of his hands in turn slid down to start exploring her pussy. Soon her hand continued down and she cupped his balls, the testicles which even now may be producing the sperm to create her baby. Breaking her lips away, she gasped, “Are you going to fuck me with that big cock? Are you going to shoot your juice in my belly? What do you think? There is a greater than 50/50 chance that I am unprotected and fertile for you. Do you think I am one of the fertile ones? Does it turn you on to think of my belly swelling up with your baby?” As she continued to stroke him, the man gasped, “Oh yeah! I’m gonna stick this in you and ride you till I fill you with my cum. I sure hope you are one of the fertile ones. I’d love to knock you up, make your belly swell up.”

Next Kayla started to go down on the man, nibbling her way down his chest until she reached his now fully erect cock. She stared at it a moment, this instrument of creation, lined with veins, head bulging with lust to bury itself in her and fill her with life giving sperm from his testicles. The slit on the end which would soon be banging against her cervix, the door to her womb, and then shooting streams of hot cum inside her, coating her insides. She reached out and ran her tongue up the underside, along the thick tube which would carry his genetic imprint into her body. Then, opening her mouth wide, she slowly sank her head down over it, taking him into her mouth. Kayla was not inexperienced, and suppressing the natural gag reflex, she continued to lower her head, feeling the smooth head of his shaft slipping deep into her throat, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. The man was now emitting a continual stream of moans, groans, and gasps as her throat and tongue massaged his shaft, and her fingers danced over the sack holding his balls. She was letting his body know that she was a female in heat, ready to be mated and eager for his offering.

Kayla heard the man fucking Sarah groan, “Oh, I’m about to cum. Get ready, Ah-h-h”. She looked over and saw the man jamming his cock deep into Sarah and she knew he was cuming in her, she was taking this stranger’s load in her pussy, and if she was one of the unprotected ones, possibly getting pregnant. The thought send tremors through her own body.

Soon her man groaned and said, “No more. That’s great, but I want to cum in your pussy and knock you up.” Kayla lifted her head, and smiling coyly at him, said “Yes, come on. Knock me up with that cock of yours. Fuck me good and fill me up.” She laid back, spreading her legs in lewd invitation, the female waiting for the male to mount her. The man wasted no time crawling between her legs, his eager cock sticking out in front of him leading the way to her pussy. She looked at his straining cock, his balls hanging below, and thought to herself, “This is it. I am about to take this baby making penis inside my pussy and let him shoot his cum in me, in my possibly, no probably, unprotected and fertile womb. I am offering my body to him to make pregnant.” And she realized that the risk was turning her on, the fact that this wasn’t just sex, but pro-creation, caused her pussy to flow more, her skin to flush, and shivers ran through her body. Her body obviously knew what was about to happen, and knew this was what it was designed to do, and was eager to play sperm roulette, taking a man’s penis and milking it until it delivered what her body craved.

Kayla looked up from watching him rubbing his cock in her slit, looked him in the eyes, and said, “I’m ready for you. Can you feel how wet I am for you? Go ahead, stick it in me. Fuck me good and empty your load in me.” The man brought his eager cock head, straining in anticipation, into contact with her streaming pussy lips, causing her to tremble some more. He rubbed it up and down, stimulating them both and lubricating himself with the juices of her desire, for easy entry. Now he brought it right to her opening and started to slide inside, stretching her, giving her that wonderful full and stretched feeling she loved about sex. “So begins the impregnation of Kayla” she thought to herself. The man’s penis kept sliding in, stretching her, filling her, until his pubic bone ground against hers, his prick head just touching her cervix, his balls resting on her ass.

They lay together for a few moments, cock in pussy, looking into each others eyes, savoring the feeling, the anticipation, knowing that the real mating was about to start, ending with his sperm filling her pussy. In the background, Kayla was aware that 2 of the other women now had spread their legs for their first lover and were getting fucked, while Sara now had her second lover firmly embedded in her pussy and thrusting away. The fifth woman was naked and making out with her soon to be lover. “Between us, 3 unprotected pussies taking loads of sperm from these men whose names we don’t even know” she thought.

Kayla reached around, running her fingers over his balls as she pulled her legs back, spreading herself wider for him. He groaned and started moving in her. “Yes, fuck me with that big dick” she moaned. “Oh yeah, your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock” the man gasped, “I’m gonna fuck you good.” The man was moving steadily in her now, fucking. Kayla knew that his body was preparing his load for her, that every stroke of his prick in her pussy was massaging him, urging him on, closer to ejaculation. And she could feel the sensations building in her pussy as he stroked her, stimulating her, bringing her toward her own orgasm. As the sensations increased, she began moving on his prick, fucking him back trying to further stimulate herself, and in turn, urging him on, making him fuck faster. “Oh yeah!” she moaned, “Do it to me. More. Oh your cock feels so good.” To the side, she heard a male groan, and knew that at least two pussies were now filled with sperm, but she was too involved to notice whose it was.

She pulled the man’s head down to kiss her, and felt his tongue exploring her mouth, as hers explored his mouth, while his cock kept up its steady pounding in her pussy. Now she let his head go as she concentrated on the feelings in her groin, driving her pussy up to meet his thrusting cock. He was thrusting away with abandon now, concentrating on his own pleasure. Kayla could feel her orgasm nearing, and knew it would probably send him over the edge as well. Now her consciousness collapsed to her pussy, the wonderful feeling as her pussy gripped the man’s thrusting cock, as he continually stretched her pussy, his cock head just kissing her cervix, his balls banging on her ass. She was a sex machine, milking his cock for its fluids.

The sensations in her vagina kept building, until suddenly she was there! Her body convulsed in orgasm, shaking, as her pussy clenched the wonderful rod thrusting deep inside her, and she groaned out her pleasure, “Unh-h! Unh! Unh-h! Yes-s-s! Oh fuck me! Ah-h!” As she started to come down, she felt her partner’s penis growing even bigger and harder inside her and knew he was getting close to coming also, to shooting his cream inside her. “Oh! I’m about to come!” he moaned. “Are you ready? Ready for me to shoot my cum in you? Ready for me to knock you up?”

She looked him in the eyes. “Oh yes!” she cried, “Do it! Let it go! Cum in me! Fuck me good! Let me feel your hot cum spurting inside!” She looked down between their bodies and saw his penis thrusting into her pussy, ready to impregnate her. She knew he was just a few strokes, moments away from flooding her unprotected and possibly very fertile pussy with his baby cream.

The man started panting, “Unh! Unh!” “This is it” Kayla thought, “Here it comes. Sperm roulette time.” Suddenly she felt the man’s penis pulse hard inside her as he jammed himself in deep, the head pressed against her cervix, and she felt a flooding warmth inside her as the man groaned loudly, “Ah-h!” “Oh cum baby! It’s so hot and wet inside me! Give me all your cum! Fill me up! I can feel it filling me!” she cried as the man continued to cum, emptying his load in her. “Oh damn!” the man moaned, “That was so good! Oh! I’m still cuming!” Kayla felt his penis continuing to throb and pulse as it tried to push every last drop into her.

After a few minutes resting inside her, letting the last of his cum empty into her now gooey pussy, the man’s rapidly shrinking penis finally slipped out of her and he raised himself up from her. No sooner had he left than her second lover approached, his hard dick standing straight out. Having watched the strip show and the first round of fucking, he needed no warm up. His cock was aching to be buried in hot, warm pussy. Kayla knew the man would be anxious to fuck after the show he had just witnessed. Leaving her legs spread wide, she rubbed her pussy in lewd invitation. “Come on lover. Sink that shaft in right here. Let’s stir up some action between that hard cock of yours and my hot pussy.” The man needed no additional urging and crawling between her legs, quickly sank his shaft into her. “Number 2” she thought to herself. “Now, not only am I likely to get pregnant from this crazy contest, but once this man cums in me, I won’t even know which man is the father. And I bet I get several more loads before the weekend is over!”

Looking around she saw 3 of the other women on their backs, each with a man vigorously thrusting away between her legs. The fourth was on her hands and knees with a man humping her from behind. They were facing away from her, so she had a good view of the man’s ass driving against her, his balls slapping her pussy on each stroke. “Well, 3 of us are unprotected and full of cum” she thought to herself.

Now her partner’s thrusting was beginning to have its effect on her, stretching her pussy, the pressure of his cock in her pussy creating sensations she could not ignore. Looking up at him, she smiled and moaned, “Uhm! That’s good! Keep doing that, fuck me more!” She was already on a sexual plateau, aroused from fucking her first partner. As her second man fucked her she felt herself rapidly approaching orgasm again. She knew her partner was loving this, his penis buried in the possibly fertile pussy of a good looking woman, his body preparing his load of semen to impregnate her. The sex was good, just letting go and giving in to the sensations, but the knowledge for both of them, that they knew this was also for real gave them each an extra sense of abandon, letting their bodies control them. Kayla looked down between their bodies, watching the man’s penis disappearing into her, his balls hanging behind, bumping her ass on every thrust. Then she closed her eyes and just concentrated on the steady, primal pounding in her pussy.

Soon she felt a growing tension, a general tightening in her mate’s body and new that he was getting close, that he was in his final strokes before release. Her body responded, thrusting more urgently against him, urging him on. “Come on baby, do it. Fuck me! Let me feel you coming in me!” she panted. Once again she felt her partner swelling inside her, getting larger and harder for the last few strokes before ejaculation. He was panting now, “Oh baby! So good! Oh I’m gonna cum in you! Get ready! Unh! Unh!” Then suddenly she felt a strong pulse and she knew he had started cumming, shooting his seed into her. A shudder ran through her body as she welcomed his infusion. Now she felt a steady pulsing as he shot squirt after squirt into her, and she again felt the flooding warmth of his seed filling her. She wrapped her legs around him and held him, moaning “Oh! So good! So good! Let it go! Give me every drop!”. Finally the man stopped his frantic thrusting against her and smiled down at her. She still felt an occasional pulse as his prick tried to empty the last few drops. Finally his shrinking member slid out and he rolled off of her.

Weekend Continues

Now Kayla had a few minutes of rest. She looked around and saw Sarah and one other woman laying back resting, and 8 of the ten men, some sipping drinks. The remaining two couples were still enthusiastically screwing, reaching for the pinnacle. She felt the gooeiness of the deposits from her two partners in her pussy and knew their live sperm was swimming through her womb and up her tubes, looking for an egg to fertilize. Would she conceive today?

Soon she could hear one of the other couples panting in their final throes, urging each other over the top. And then she heard the man moan and thrust hard into his woman, groaning “Ah-h-h!” She knew he was cumming inside the woman, emptying the sperm from his balls into her waiting body? Was she a fertile one? Was she watching an actual impregnation taking place? The thought sent a spasm through her body, making her want more. Finally the man rolled off and Kayla was treated to the sight of the woman, legs spread, freshly fucked pussy still gaping open, juices from herself and her two recent lovers dribbling out. She caught the woman watching her and they smiled at each other – two sisters, both freshly fucked, possibly impregnated.

Before long, the final couple reached their climax. Soon all 5 women and 10 men were relaxing, the men needing a few minutes to recover before beginning again. The erotic thoughts about what this was really about kept playing through Kayla’s mind. Each of the women had two loads of sperm in them. Three of them were unprotected and might at this moment be conceiving, one of the millions of sperm joining with an egg inside the woman’s body, to start the cycle of life. And each of the men had just emptied a load of semen into one of these women – they must each be wondering if it was into one of the fertile three. And, she was pretty sure each man was going to make an effort to fuck each of the women this weekend, both for the shear pleasure of it, and to ensure they deposited their seed into the fertile ones. Each of the men and women here had just experienced the ultimate pleasure of sexual release, of letting their bodies go in an effort to reproduce, surrendering to the needs of the species for pro-creation.

As she looked around, everyone was grinning somewhat sheepishly. The men, with pussy juice drying on their exposed pricks, the women with matted pussy hair and drying cum around their pussies. She noticed that several of the men and women were slowly rubbing their crotches, or breasts, stimulating themselves, getting ready for another sexual frenzy. Her own hands strayed over her body, rubbing her breasts, exploring her soggy vagina, sending twinges of anticipation through her body.

Eventually, one of the men moved over next to one of the women and began stroking her sides with his hands, and shortly moving to a deep kiss, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. This was enough, the other men began to stir and soon the large black man came over and sat next to Kayla. “How are you doing? Did you enjoy the first round? Does it turn you on to know you may be fertile, may be getting pregnant this weekend?” he asked, as he started running his large hands over her body, sending shivers through her. “Yes. Yes it does turn me on. It adds a level of risk and excitement beyond what I have felt before” she answered. “And now I am going to take a black man’s sperm in my womb, and maybe bear a black baby” she thought to herself. Then aloud, “And you? Does it turn you on to know that when you cum in us, you may be fathering a child, making us pregnant?”

The man was now running his hands over her breasts, massaging them, causing her pussy to start to release more lubrication in anticipation of taking another cock. Her legs spread wide and she moaned as the man answered, “Yes it does! I love knowing you are wide open and unprotected, accepting my seed deep in your belly.” And then he was kissing her. Her hands started running over his body, feeling his broad chest, strong arms and back. Soon both their hands drifted lower until she felt his fingers slipping into her pussy, causing her to gasp as she found his partially erect cock. As she stroked it, she could feel it rapidly swelling in her hand. It excited her to know she was doing this to him. Reaching further she felt his sack with his testicles and gently ran her fingers over them causing him to moan in pleasure.

Kayla was gasping and moaning, gyrating her hips on the man’s probing finger, reveling in the feel of his hand squeezing her breasts. She realized that the physical stimulation was only part of her excitement. It was also the total abandon, the wildness of what she was doing, not only the chance of getting pregnant, but now of getting pregnant by a black man! All pretense, all reserve was now gone, she was in a trance of pure lust, a female so in need that she was beyond any of the normal societal norms of selection and prudence. She just wanted a cock to fuck her, to impregnate her and it no longer mattered if the whole world watched! The feel of the man’s massive baby maker eagerly throbbing in her hand, anxious to feel her pussy, her most intimate caresses, was driving her wild.

“Oh! I’ve got to have you! Put that magnificent cock in me! I want your baby! Knock me up with that big black baby maker, stud!” she panted as she rolled onto her back, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy in lewd invitation. She watched mesmerized as the man brought his stiff dick to her pussy. The large black shaft rising up out of his forest of pubic hair, the bloated purple head with the little slit at the end, already oozing cum with his potent sperm, the large black balls hanging beneath. For a moment she tore her eyes away and glanced down her body, at her large breasts, nipples erect with excitement, her belly, possibly soon to be swelling with new life, and on down to the dark patch of her pussy hair, ready, waiting, to welcome this man’s instrument of creation inside. These two symbols, the erect male phallus, the open, welcoming female pussy, the symbols of fertility and pro-creation, with no artificial barriers, ready to do their work. Now her eyes were drawn back to his eager penis. She knew he was as excited as she, anxious to feel her body wrapped around him, offering her womb to his pleasure, massaging him, milking him, until he let go deep inside her.

And then the head touched her pussy lips! Electric shocks ran through her body and she jerked involuntarily, moaning with excitement. The head slid easily into her well lubricated and already opened cunt. The man continued to press in, she could feel the head parting her pussy, the shaft creating a delicious friction behind as he continued to slide deeper and deeper into her most intimate place. And then she felt his pelvis grind against hers, sending more shocks through her body. But he wasn’t yet satisfied. He pulled out a bit, and then pushed back in, getting even deeper, until she felt the head of that enormous penis pressed up against her cervix at the end of her pussy – the large mushroom shaped head pressed against her cervix, his slit against the entrance to her womb – the most intimate kiss imaginable – ready for the insemination!

The man rested inside her for a few moments. She felt him flex his penis inside her. Her pussy in turn contracted in a welcoming embrace, squeezing him. They gently ground their hips together, fully connected along the length of his erection, while his large hands continued to squeeze her breast, then run over her body, down, grabbing her ass and pulling her even tighter. As they savored this intimate embrace, they kissed, a deep, unrestrained, passionate kiss as they prepared for the heat and passion soon to come, the building and subsequent quenching of the needs of their bodies to mate.

Finally the man began to move in her, thrusting slowly at first, but rapidly building to a full, unrestrained fucking, driving into her body. With each stroke she could feel his balls slapping against her ass, his large cock head spreading her pussy and kissing her cervix. His broad chest mashed her breasts, massaging them as he fucked her. “Oh yeah baby! Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me good! I love that big cock in me! Oh, I’m yours! I want to feel your cum inside me baby!” she panted as the sensations grew inside her. “Oh baby! Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock! Oh you make me so hard! Oh damn this is good! I gonna cum in you so good!” the man panted back as they continued to thrust at each other.

Her pussy was spasming around his driving cock, massaging him as he stroked her. She knew he was enjoying her body, that his animal body was responding, preparing his load for her, that her body was rapidly driving him to the point of no return. His black cock, driving into her white pussy, preparing to join and mix their genes in her womb. By this point they had both lost all control and were driving against each other in total abandon, their bodies in full control, hers trying to make her male ejaculate his biggest load into her ready womb, his responding, building that load, tensing, getting ready to shoot as much, as deep as possible into this very receptive female. Once again she felt the familiar tensing as his body tightened in preparation for his explosive release. And he felt her rubbing her clit, her pubic mount against him, urging him on, telling him she was ready for him. “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum! I gonna knock you up with my seed! Get ready!” he moaned. “Oh yes! Yes! Do it! Please! I need it so much! I want to feel you cumming!” she cried back.

She reached between her legs and ran her fingers over his balls as he thrust madly into her, over the balls that were about to empty their hot sperm into her fertile pussy. And again she felt him lunge into her, planting his swollen cock head against her cervix, she could picture the alignment of his slit with her cervix hole, and then she felt a massive pulse of his cock in her vagina and immediately a warm pressure on her cervix as his cum blasted out of his penis and into her receptive body. His body shuddered, and as she continued to fondle his enormous testicles, she felt him, with her hand, and in her pussy, begin a rhythmic pulsing as her continued to pour his seed into her waiting womb. “Ah!” she groaned at the pleasure, at the knowledge that she had driven her mate over the edge, given him the ultimate pleasure of planting his seed in her waiting womb. She knew she was sucking his semen straight through her cervix and into her womb. Finally his pulsing slowed and he grinned at her. “Damn that was good! Oh God! I still feel the aftershocks, I’m still cumming a bit” and he wriggled his hips against her, keeping himself deeply embedded in her pussy.

Finally his shriveling penis slipped out but almost no cum followed it. He had buried his cum far too deeply for it to just come oozing back out. Instead, his sperm were busy swimming up her tubes, looking for an egg to fertilize.

And so the weekend continued. Kayla was fucked several times by each man, as were each of the other women. Their pussies were kept full of fresh, hot, live sperm as the men made deposit after deposit in them. Finally the weekend came to an end, and the girls, a bit sore, bid farewell to the men.

Initiation Continues

After the men left, the women all looked at each other, knowing they each had many loads of sperm in them, each wondering, “Did I just get pregnant? Did one of these other women just get pregnant? Who is even now carrying new life in their belly?” They had all rolled the dice, taken a chance. Now time would tell who had gotten a belly full. Slowly the women drifted off to their rooms, to take showers, wash off the caked, dried semen, and in general freshen up. Eventually they re-grouped, but they all felt something was different. Until now, it had not really been real. They each felt they at least had a chance to back out. Now the deed was done, at least the first time. They were committed, and were going to keep doing this until at least two of them tested positive for pregnancy.

Soon enough the second weekend rolled around, and another set of 10 men arrived. Kayla knew she was probably at her peak fertility, if she was one of the three on the placebo. If she was destined to conceive, this weekend would likely be it for her. The weekend passed pretty much like the first weekend – a non-stop orgy, eager penises pumping load after load of virile sperm into warm, receptive cunts, couples moaning and groaning in the throes of sexual ecstasy. With each load, Kayla wondered, “Is this the one? Is this man going to be the father of my child? Is this load the one that is going to knock me up?”

The following Monday, Sara met them at lunch with the announcement, “I lost. I’m pregnant! One more to go girls.” The other women all offered their condolences, but they each also knew that they were all thinking, “Thank goodness it wasn’t me. Now the odds have improved. Two of us are fertile, and only one more pregnancy to go!”

But Kayla knew that if she were not on the pill, she had been at her most fertile this past weekend, and was already likely knock up. She would find out soon enough, but not at least until one more weekend orgy ensued. Till then, she would just have to wait and wonder.





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