First Class Service (Snuff Airline)
by Honda

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“Welcome on board flight SA667, the best serviced airline in the world. This is Head Stewardess Karina speaking on behalf of captain Ricardo and the entire flight crew. We all hope you will enjoy your flight with us. For your safety, please remain in your seat with your seatbelt fastened at all times during the flight. If you require any service please do not hesitate to call upon the services of our lovely stewardesses. For those who are traveling with us for the first time, let me give you a quick overview of our services. For your convenience, you are not required to walk to the toilets for relieve. In fact we do not have conventional toilets for passenger’s use. If you require relieving yourself, please call a stewardess who will be glad to let you relieve yourself into her mouth. Passengers flying in first or business class also receive complementary blowjobs. Passengers in economy class can get a blowjob for $5 dollars. We have also selected two BDSM movies for your viewing pleasures on the main screen. First and Business Class passengers can choose individual movies from our snuff movie selection on your personal viewer. Also, let me assure you, that we only serve fresh meat on our flights unlike other airlines. We do not use frozen foods except for the vegetables and I am sure most of you place much more emphasis on the freshness of the meat anyways since most of you have cannibal cuisine as your preference. For information on the girl that is butchered for your dining pleasures please consult the information brochure found in the front section of your seat. Have a pleasant flight and don’t hesitate to call upon our lovely stewardesses to help you with anything you may require.” The head stewardess announced.

Then another flight attendant took her place and continued: “Before take off, it is important that you acquaint yourself with our emergency procedures. Please pay special attention to these instructions since our procedures differs greatly from other airlines. The emergency exits are clearly marked with a row of lights, which will turn green in an emergency. The exits are along side them and the crew will open them for you. Lifejackets and oxygen masks will be automatically fitted onto you in an emergency provided you are sitting in your seat with your seatbelt firmly fastened. If you have any problems, please ask a stewardess for assistance. Also, be familiar with the brace position in case of an emergency. For our customers in first class, a stewardess will serve as your airbag and cushion. Your safety is our first priority. Our stewardesses are dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort. In case your emergency stewardess is unavailable for your protection, please press the red emergency button on your armrest and you will immediately receive a replacement. Also, please note that this aircraft is equipped with anti-terrorism and anti-hijacking protection. Offenders can and will be executed immediately by our security system for your safety. We also have our own radar and guidance systems in case of emergencies. The airplane is also equipped with state of the art anti missile launchers in case we come under attack. Please rest assured that you will be completely safe whilst onboard this aircraft. Again your safety is our number one priority. Thank you for flying with Snuff Airlines. We hope you enjoy your flight.”

Edwin had listened to the announcement with quite some interest. It was his first flight with Snuff Airlines. He had never expected something like that was possible before joining Snuff Inc. as an executive manager. But here he was onboard one of the newest and most expensive airplanes of the world, and he was traveling first class as well on his company’s expensive. In fact, his boss had insisted on him flying first class and it was as he found out a company policy to only fly with Snuff Airlines. This was partly due to the fact that his company was a major shareholder of Snuff Airlines.

“Mr. Howard, Sir, would you like some refreshment?”, a pretty stewardess in a tight uniform asked him.

“Certainly, what do you have?”, he asked.

“We have our special pure and fresh blood or a wide range of alcoholic beverages.”, the pretty girl replied in a sweet voice.

“Can I have both?”, he inquired.

“Naturally, Sir. Which one do you want first?”, she inquired patiently.

“I’ll try the blood first and then I’d like some Vodka Martini.”

“Right away, Sir”, the stewardess replied and hurried away.

A few seconds later she reappeared followed by another girl who was barely dressed. The girl then walked up to Edwin and knelt in front of him with her head tilted backwards exposing her slender sweet throat. The stewardess who had been serving him then stepped up and placed a knife at the girl’s throat and placed a nice crystal cup underneath her neck. Then she slid her throat and blood started to spurt out and she skillfully caught it all in the cup without spilling a drop on his clothes. When the cup was full, she expertly bandaged the wound and the bleeding immediately stopped. Amazingly the girl was still alive and quickly hurried away while the stewardess placed the cup full of blood in front of Edwin.

“Here is your blood drink, Sir. Would you like your vodka martini served now or later?”, she inquired politely.

“Oh yeah, serve it now, please”, Edwin replied awkwardly and little bit excited. He could hardly believe what had just happened in front of his eyes. It was absolutely unbelievable. He was extremely aroused by what had just happened and it was very obvious from the bulge in his pants had anybody looked that direction. Luckily for him, nobody was looking and the stewardess who was serving him had moved on to the next passenger.

Edwin then tried out his drink. He first sipped at the cup. The blood had a warm and soothing taste. He could almost understand why vampires craved for it. It was quite delicious and tantalizing. He took another bigger sip and soon enough he had emptied the whole cup. Then he lifted his armrest and brought out his personal entertainment system, which was available for every first class passenger. It was quite easy to navigate, almost as if the device could read his mind and did things by itself.

Edwin pressed a button and his seat slowly bend backwards into a comfortable and leaning in which he relaxed and leisurely selected a movie from the on-flight entertainment system in front of him. He eventually decided on a title called ‘Snuff Wars’ which was about a technologically advanced cannibal civilization trying to survive against the attacks and onslaught of their mundane neighbours.

The flight continued eventless and Edwin was enjoying his movie while slowly sipping on his drink. Eventually he had finished his glass and felt the urge to relieve himself. Remembering the announcement earlier, he called for a stewardess. Promptly, the same stewardess who was serving him earlier was kneeling by his side ready for his request.

“How may I help you Mr. Howard, Sir?”

“I’d like to relieve myself”, he said hesitantly since he had never done it before in this way.

“Certainly, Sir”, the young woman said and began to unzip his fly and carefully took out his rock hard cock.

Edwin was not sure what to do and carefully glimpsed at the other passengers who did not take any notice of what he was doing nor what was done to him. Meantime, the stewardess had carefully popped his cock into her mouth and was waiting for him to piss into it. She stared him patiently into the eyes. Oh, those sweet eyes. He could not control himself anymore once he looked into them and did not care anymore either. He just started to piss and she eagerly drank and gulped down all his hot piss. When he was finished pissing she tenderly licked the head of his penis and sucked on his cock without being asked to. Edwin could not hold back anymore and moaned silently while his cock was being pampered. After sometime of this heavenly treatment, he felt like in heaven and relaxed. Then he moaned loudly and shot all his cum deep into the girl’s mouth, which she hungrily swallowed. Then she licked his cock clean making sure to suck out the last remaining drop of cum from his cock head.

Then the stewardess stood up and straightened her clothes. “Can I do anything else for you, Sir”, she asked with a smile.

“No, thank you”, Edwin replied slightly embarrassed.

“Lunch will be served soon, Sir. Would you like another drink before lunch?”, she inquired politely.

“Thanks, I think I’m fine.”, he replied.

Edwin then resumed watching the movie until lunch was served.

“Excuse me, Sir, would you like to have lunch?”, a very pretty woman with a slender figure and a set of firm breasts interrupted him. “Am I to your liking, Sir?”

“Pardon me?”, he said puzzled and starred at her with some bewilderment. She was quite cute. He somehow felt like wanting to bite into her. There was a certain kind of scent coming from her, which awakened such a strange feeling and urge.

“Do you think I look good enough?”, the pretty woman rephrased her question.

“Oh yes, you look absolutely fabulous”, he complimented her.

“Thank you, Sir. What would you like to eat?” she said while pushing out her chest so that he could see some more cleavage.

“What do you have?”, he asked while starring at those beautiful breasts.

“Well, Sir, you could have these”, she gestured while cupping her breasts with her hands, “or this steak” she continued while rubbing between her legs. Then she turned around so that her butt was close to his face
“or maybe you would like to have these”, she said while lifting her dress to reveal her naked ass to him. “Please Sir, feel free to inspect the meat before you make your choice.”

Edwin hesitantly placed his hands on her buttocks and began to knead it. They were really firm and in perfect shape. That was going to be a tough choice. Then he poked a finger into her cunt and also squeezed her nipples and felt her breasts for firmness. He would had loved to eat every part of this lovely morsel, but he knew he could never finish her all by himself, he had to decide on which part of this delicious lady he was going to eat for lunch. Finally after lots of thinking, grabbing, pinching and kneading, he made his choice.

“I’ll take the cunt steak.”

“Excellent choice, Sir. How would you like to have it prepared, Sir.”

“Hmm, I am not sure… Do you have any suggestions?”

“I would suggest our flamboyant grilled steak. The preparation is quite a show.”

“Yeah, I’ll take that.”

“How would you like your meat cooked?”

“Make that medium rare.”

“Certainly. Sir. If you would excuse me for a while, I’ll get the grill. Would you like me to bring you any drink as well?”

“A lemon squash will do.”

“Right away, Sir.”

With that the pretty woman hurried away. Edwin did not have to wait long until she returned with his drink and a transportable grill. This grill, however, was very special. It was designed exclusively for grilling cunts. The girl spread her legs revealing a neatly trimmed blonde bush between her legs. Then she sprayed it with what she told him was red wine. When she finished soaking her hair and the surrounding area, she ignited her hair with a sparkle gun. A beautiful big blue semi sphere formed around her pubic area at once and transformed it into a smooth bald pussy.

Then the woman, or the chef, since she was doing the cooking prepared something that looked like a big iron dildo. It was in fact a part of the pussy grill. The steel rod was welded with equal lines of rows surrounding it. Scattered all over the rod were also many tiny holes through which tiny little needles would be ejected once activated. The internal of the rod was hollow with several valves that served to pump in heating gas and oxygen, as well as the marinate, which was ejected through the tiny needles. The woman was holding this implement and inquired whether Howard would like to insert it.

Without hesitation he grabbed it and felt that it was quite warm. Then he slowly pushed the big rod into the woman’s vagina while she softly moaned. Once he had fully inserted it, the woman activated a switch at the main grill.

“Soon the rod will heat up rapidly and cook my cunt from the inside.” She explained to Edwin. Then she pressed another button and winced a bit in pain. “I have just injected the marinade to flavour the steak for you”.

Edwins attention was then drawn to the main grill which was more like a control box with a few buttons and a piece of rectangular metal plate that was gloving hot and was striped with hollow lines through it. The girl then used a pair of pliers to pick up the hot piece of metal and placed it vertically into a curb that was just at the end of the metal rod that was sticking out of her pussy. When it was firmly seated in the curb, she pushed another button and the hot metal plate was pushed against her bare pubic area, covering it completely. It sizzled when it touched her skin and he could see her wince in pain and bite her lips. It obviously was very painful. Edwin wondered how she could endure it without screaming out loud or fainting. He noticed that she was sweating heavily and drops of sweat were forming on her forehead. A few minutes later, she pushed yet another button and the metal plate retracted from her pussy and the steel rod was also being slowly pulled out. The woman then retrieved a plate filled with a few vegetables from the bottom of the grill and placed it onto Edwin’s table and then neatly arranged the cutlery for him. Once that was done, she pushed the grill back and moved forward with her roasted pussy leaning slightly over the top of his plate. Then she slowly cut out the nicely roasted cunt steak and placed it onto his plate. Once that was done, another stewardess helped her walk away since she was almost unconscious by that time.

Edwin grabbed knife and fork and began to enjoy his meal. He carefully cut out a pussy lip and devoured his first morsel and found the meat delicious. Soon the stewardess returned and inquired whether he was enjoying his meal and also offered him another drink and he decided on another cup of fresh blood.

When he finished the steak, he found that desert was brain pudding. He was served the brain of the woman whose cunt he had just eaten. The pudding was served from the woman’s shaved skull and he could recognize her cute face.

After the sweet desert, he decided on some coffee. He was given a cup and with hot coffee.

“Would you like some sugar and milk as well, Sir”

“Two teaspoons of sugar and some fresh milk.”

“Certainly, Sir.”

The stewardess put two teaspoons of sugar into his coffee, and then she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal two big tits. She then grabbed her left tit and pointed her nipple at his cup and squeezed. White milk started to squirt out right into his cup. She continued to squeeze until he signaled her to stop.

“Would you like anything else, Sir”, she inquired.

“No, thank you dear”, he replied while taking up his cup for a sip.  She politely bowed quickly and then hurried away.

When Edwin finished his coffee, he watched another snuff movie and after that they arrived and the plane landed safely without any problems as was expected. It had been an interesting and enjoyable first time experience for Edwin with Snuff Airlines and he was very much looking forward to flying with them again. But now it was time to disembark and go to his hotel.

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