Naughty Boys After School

by Liz Ardwall


WARNING: This story contains scenes of explicit sexual activity

between young teens and an older woman. The author does not

encourage nor condone the reading of this story by anyone

forbidden by law to do so. By continuing to read, you accept sole

responsibility for your action.

If you consider an interracial or generation-difference story to

be offensive, please leave now. The author doesn't want to hear

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SUMMARY: Teacher finds unintended consequences of corporal


DISCLAIMER: This story is entirely a work of fiction. No

resemblance to actual persons or places is intended. Descriptions

of unprotected sexual acts are not meant to encourage the reader

to engage in unsafe behavior.

Nothing in this story should be taken to endorse the sexual

exploitation of teachers by their students.


Marjorie Grimley used to enjoy teaching freshman mathematics at

Horace Greeley High School. She'd started her career fresh out of

college a dozen years before, when the school still served its

neighborhood of Irish and Italian families with generally

well-mannered children. She'd looked forward to sitting calmly

at her desk, reviewing her pupils' neatly written assignments.

Then they'd begun bussing in from other areas a lot of unruly

children with dark complexions. Now she often had to deal with

disciplinary problems.

Today's problem announced his arrival for after-school detention

by hurling open the door to rattle against the rubber stop that

prevented the hard, brass handle from shattering her neatly wiped

blackboard. It was the brown-faced, insolent boy who had

disrupted her geometry class by arguing with her that the subject

had become unnecessary to learn; anyone who needed geometrical

solutions could simply use a computer-aided design program or any

of the popular computer drawing programs. When he wouldn't shut

up, Marjorie had ordered him to report for after-school


His name was Johnny Soo. He was obviously one of the new students

brought in from some other part of town. His close-cropped, wiry

black hair and broad nose above pouty lips indicated an African

heritage, while his almond eyes and high cheekbones revealed a

mongrel Asian line.

Marjorie imagined he was probably a war orphan, offspring of a

black American soldier and some Asian girl whore. Maybe he'd been

adopted and brought to this country; it must be a great

disappointment to his new guardians to see how irreverent and

disrespectful their young charge had turned out.

In the front corner of the room, by the windows, was a

picnic-style table with wooden plank benches on either side.

Marjorie determined that the end of one of those benches would be

the right spot to administer Johnny's discipline. She pulled a

bench away from the table and sat on the end, facing the boy.

"Come here and stand beside me, Johnny," the teacher commanded.

He complied without hesitation, but his face wore a look of

puzzlement. Perhaps he'd expected Miss Grimley to produce a

wooden paddle or a cat-o'-nine-tails for his punishment. His

tender bottom would be safe from such abuse; the school board had

reluctantly given in to the advocates of corporal punishment with

the proviso that it could only be administered barehanded.

Marjorie would slap her open palm against Johnny Soo's naked

buttocks, and he'd find out it would sting just as much as a

paddle. She hoped the boy would be strong and not cry too much;

she didn't want to cause any lasting emotional damage.

"Unfasten your trousers and drop them to your ankles," Miss

Grimley ordered.

"Say what?" he responded. "You want me to take off my pants?"

"Yes, Johnny," she said. "I'm going to spank your bottom, and you

can't keep it padded."

"I can't get naked in front of no woman," the boy protested.

"You'll do exactly as I say, or I'll take you to the

vice-principal, who'll march you home and tell your guardian

about your one-week suspension."

Johnny wondered why she used that term; didn't she know he had a

father? The boy surely didn't want Mr. Sun Pak Soo to hear that

his son had been suspended. His father had come to the USA as a

penniless refugee orphan in the 50s and had built a single liquor

store in the black ghetto into a thriving chain. Mr. Soo had

married Latisha Jefferson, a local girl, and raised a family of

two sons and two daughters, who were all expected to do well in

school and go on to college.

The embarrassed boy reluctantly unfastened his belt and let his

baggy jeans drop to his ankles. He looked Miss Grimley in the eye

as his hands shoved his baby blue boxers off his slender hips.

Johnny's floppy Red Sox baseball shirt covered a few wisps of

pubic hair; the end of his black prick was clearly visible,

hanging down the boy's brown thigh below his small sac of balls.

"Come here, Johnny," the teacher directed. "Lie across my lap."

"Ooooh, kinky," Johnny said.

"Don't be impertinent," Marjorie said sternly. "That earned you

an extra swat."

"Yes, Ma'am," Johnny said as contritely as he could manage. "What

you say, Ma'am."

He shuffled over, dragging his pants around his ankles, and with

guidance from the teacher, he assumed the position she wanted.

His butt was squarely above her thighs, perfectly lined up

awaiting the hand of justice.

Marjorie pushed the boy's shirt up to his armpits, exposing the

smooth, toffee-colored skin of his back. She couldn't resist

passing her palm over the boy's firm flesh, feeling its texture

like the finest satin. The teacher rested her hand on the globes

of Johnny's bottom, ready to begin.

It occurred to Marjorie that the boy might have some kind of

accident, so she tugged her skirt up to her waist, letting his

hips rest against her bare thighs. Her stockings were suspended

by straps on the sides and back from a garter belt at her waist,

so that several inches of bare skin were exposed below her


"Your legs feel nice and smooth," Johnny said.

"Hush!" Marjorie lifted her hand and brought the palm down hard

and fast against the boy's naked bottom. Whap!

"Yowp!" he yelped. "Shit, lady. That hurt like hell."

"Watch your mouth, you naughty boy. Language like that will only

prolong your punishment." Marjorie raised her hand and spanked

the boy firmly again. Whap!

"Yowp!" he cried. "Sh-." He hesitated. "Sheesh. That smarts. Take

it easy."

"Your insolence brought this on yourself," the teacher declared

with authority. She slapped the boy's reddening butt once more.


Johnny squirmed against her lap and groaned and whimpered in

pain. Marjorie felt something moving beneath the boy against her


When it poked into the crease between her bare thighs, she

realized with shock that the boy's penis had become erect. She

considered whether to stop and let it subside. No, she decided;

it was a normal condition for a boy of his age, especially one of

the darker-skinned races. She was sure it had nothing to do with

herself or the spanking. Another swat should cure him of his

inappropriate reaction. She raised her hand and brought it down

with force. Whap!

"Yowww!" Johnny yelled. "Shit. Ooops, 'scuse me, sheesh. You're

makin' my dick hard."

The boy squirmed on the teacher's lap and moved closer to her

hips. His prick slid between her thighs until it found the apex.

Johnny turned and looked up at Miss Grimley and observed with a

tone of wonder, "Your pussy's wet."

"Don't be impudent," Marjorie growled. "That's just

perspiration." She gave him another vigorous slap. Whap!

Johnny grunted and pushed his hips forward. Marjorie felt the

boy's hard, wet prick touch her bare flesh and then slide

through her pussy slit to bump her clitoris. She groaned at the

unexpected sensation.

She realized with shock that her panties were open in the front.

That morning, she had taken the silken garment from her drawer

and put it on before she noticed that it was the pair of

crotchless panties that her silly brother had given her as a joke

on her birthday. She'd decided to wear them; nobody would notice.

How wrong she was.

The boy's hands grasped the hem of her skirt and flung it up over

her torso, exposing her groin. "Ohhhh," he sighed appreciatively.

"Sexy underpants."

"No, no," Marjorie protested. "It's just a joke."

She felt Johnny's hand move between them. He pressed the head of

his prick against her opening and shoved his hips forward.

Marjorie gasped as the knob of the boy's hard stick pushed inside


"Stop that!" she cried. "Take it out."

"No way, lady," the boy said. "You're ready and you're gonna get

it all."

Johnny maneuvered his brown legs across her knee until he was

squatting bent-kneed between her creamy thighs. He hunched his

groin forward. Beneath her skirt, Marjorie could feel the length

of the boy's shaft slide through her panties and all the way into

her vagina. His pelvis bumped against her mound.

"No!" she cried.

"Yes!" the boy insisted, as he pulled back and drove his prick

into her pussy again.

Marjorie yielded to her passion and clutched the boy's flexing

buttocks and pulled his groin against her. He heard her protests,

but when he withdrew half of his shaft, he felt her fingers

gripping his butt cheeks, urging him to thrust it home again.

"Ahhhh," Johnny moaned. "You're so tight and hot."

His position caused his hips to dig upward, driving the head of

his dick along the tissues of the front of her channel. Marjorie

felt a surge of sensation as it pressed over a sensitive spot.

"Ohhhh," she moaned in pleasure.

Marjorie watched in horror as the boy's nimble, dark fingers

moved to undo the buttons of her blouse. She clutched at his

arms, but couldn't pull them away from their task.

Finished, he flung her blouse open wide. "Ummmm, nice," he said,

as he humped his prick into her slippery cunt.

Marjorie groaned and watched helplessly as the grinning boy

found the clasp at the front of her brassiere and unsnapped it.

He tossed the cups aside to dangle from her shoulders. Johnny's

brown hands caressed his teacher's creamy breasts.

Looking down at her groin, Marjorie watched the boy's hard, dark

dick pump in and out of her tender pussy. She didn't resist when

the boy slid her blouse and bra off her shoulders. She lifted her

hands and let him pull the garments free, leaving her naked above

her upturned skirt.

His arms slipped inside her own and around her back; then his

hands cradled the back of her head. He leaned forward against

her; his weight propelled her to fall backwards, where his hands

and arms cushioned her crash against the wooden bench. His belly

rested on hers as he lifted his hips and shoved his dick hard

into her tight vagina.

"Ohhhh," Marjorie groaned, overcome by her taboo lust.

Johnny moved to rest on his elbows. He bowed his body and buried

his bronze face between her creamy breasts, rubbing his cheeks

against first one and then the other.

"Ahhhh," he moaned, "they're so big and soft. It's like when I

was a little baby with my mama."

He pulled his hips up and thrust his hard boycock into the

woman's tight channel, rubbing across the spot that drove her

into a delirium of sensation.

"It's like I'm fucking my own ma," he cried. His tongue licked

her grape-sized right nipple; then his lips sucked hungrily at

her left.

The hot sensation of the boy's mouth on her sensitive tit stoked

the fire in Marjorie's groin that was fed by the boy's stiff,

thrusting prick. She began to tremble and writhe involuntarily

beneath him, as the heat inside her grew.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh," she cried. "What are you doing to me?"

Johnny wrapped his arms tightly around his teacher and pumped his

hips. "I'm makin' you cum, teach. We're gonna cum together. I'm

gonna shoot my sperms right up your pussy."

"No! You can't," she wailed. "Take it out."

Marjorie pushed at the boy's shoulders, but his arms were wrapped

tightly around her, crushing his chest against her breasts as he

drove his cock into her cunt.

"Stop," she groaned. She couldn't reach his hips, and she was

losing control of her senses. In futile protest, she pounded her

fists against her ravisher's back as a surge of passion grew in

her groin and swept upward to cloud her brain.

"Ahhhh," she moaned. "Unnnh! Unnnh," she grunted as the boy's

prick slammed into her, bringing greater sensation with each


"Yeah, lady. I'm givin' you my hot spunk."

She felt the black boy's swollen prick throbbing and pulsing in

the tight sheath of her rippling tissues. Johnny Soo's dark seed

spurted into her white womb again and again.

"Noooo," she groaned, as another wave of wanton passion swept

through her body.

The clasped each other close, their minds clouded by their shared

rapture. They both were breathing heavily; their bellies pressed

against each other as they panted.

Finally, Marjorie could speak. "Oh, Johnny," she sighed.

"Oh, Miss Grimley," the boy said. "That was awesome."

The boy stretched his neck forward and pecked his teacher on the

lips. Marjorie recoiled in shock and tried to push his chest away

from her breasts. Johnny held tightly to her back and stirred his

still-hard dick in her pussy.

"Don't be pushing," he said. "We're just getting started." He

pulled back his prick and drove it into the teacher's tender


"Ohhhh," Marjorie groaned in involuntary pleasure.

They were startled by the creak of the door hinges. Their eyes

turned to see a brown-faced boy enter the room and let the door

close behind him. Marjorie recognized him as Manuel Ortiz; he was

her student, but he had missed class today. What was he doing

here now? Oh God, she thought. He's seen us.

"Excuse me, Miss Grimley," the boy began. "Can I get the

assign-." He stopped; his eyes went wide. "-ment?" his voice

trailed off. "What are you doing?" he cried.

Marjorie couldn't think of any appropriate explanation of their

compromising position. In a firm, teacher-like voice she

directed, "Take a seat, Manuel. I'll be with you in a moment."

"You're ..." he stammered, "you're ... Holy Mother of God!"

Manuel's face set in a mask of disapproval. "I'm gonna tell," he

said, reaching for the door handle.

Marjorie wanted to sink into the floor. This awful, naughty boy

had destroyed her. His hard cock was still stuffed into her

pussy, and she couldn't push him off. Not only were Johnny's

mongrel sperms swimming into her fertile womb, but she would lose

her job when Manuel told the principal. She was ruined.

"Stop, Manny," shouted Johnny. "You ain't gonna tell nothing,

man. You're gonna come over here and lose your cherry."

Marjorie gasped. What did he mean by that?

Manuel looked interested. "Whachu mean, man?" he asked.

"You're gonna lose your cherry today, Manny," Johnny said.

"You're gonna become a real man. You're gonna walk right over

here and fuck Miss Grimley."

Marjorie was horrified. "No!" she cried. "You can't."

"Hush, lady," Johnny whispered at her. "You don't want him to

tell, do you? Just do it. One more boy won't hurt you."

The teacher watched Manuel approach them. His straight, black

hair fell in bangs over his forehead, resting above brown eyes

set upon high cheekbones divided by an eagle-beak nose. His

features were pure Indian; the cinnamon complexion of his face

and arms was darker than Johnny's. He was dressed in a

short-sleeved, white cotton shirt, tucked into pale green,

brushed denim jeans that fitted his hips snugly. Half the buttons

of his shirt were undone, revealing a glimpse of his smooth,

hairless chest.

Marjorie averted her eyes in embarrassment when the boy stopped

beside their bench and leaned over to peer between their joined

bodies. Johnny raised himself with his arms; he withdrew his

hard, dripping dick with a plop from the teacher's gaping, sloppy

cunt slit and backed away from her open legs. Manuel's mouth

dropped open; his eyes were wide. His brown hand reached to grope

a prominent bulge in the front of his jeans.

Johnny stood up and stepped back from the foot of the bench.

"Kick off your sneaks, Manny." he said. "Get out of those

clothes; Miss Grimley likes her boys bare assed."

The Korean boy's baseball shirt fell from around his neck to his

waist, where the hem draped over his erect cock. Johnny quickly

pulled it up and over his head and tossed it onto a front row

desk, setting an example for the other boy. He supported himself

on Miss Grimley's desk while he tugged off his basketball shoes

and kicked free of his pants.

Then he stood proudly naked; his wet prick bobbed in front of his

bronze belly. "What are you waiting for, Manny? She wants your


Manuel sprang into action. His stubby fingers undid the remaining

buttons of his shirt and jerked it open; he shrugged it off his

narrow shoulders and let it fall to the floor, exposing the dark

raisins of his nipples on his flat chest. He kicked off his

sneakers and quickly unfastened his jeans and slid them down his

slim, smooth legs and jerked his feet free; he wore no

underpants. Marjorie could see the boy's dark brown prick filling

and stretching away from his thigh.

The teacher was in shock; her creamy legs remained spread apart

invitingly. When the Mexican boy hesitated, Johnny walked over

and grasped his hand and led him to Miss Grimley's feet. He

swapped hands and, with his left, pulled Manuel forward, while

his right hand pressed against the boy's smooth, round butt.

"What do I do?" Manuel asked.

"Lean closer," Johnny directed. He wrapped his fingers around the

boy's cock and guided it to her pussy.

"Leggo my dick!" Manuel demanded.

Johnny rubbed the end of the boy's stiff, brown rod through Miss

Grimley's juicy slit.

"Ooooh," Manny sighed, protesting no more.

Johnny guided the head of Manuel's prick to Marjorie's opening

and stirred it around. He pressed forward on the boy's butt and

watched the hard, dark shaft slide into the teacher's tight,

slick opening.

"Noooo," Marjorie protested. "Manuel, you can't."

Johnny pushed on the Mexican boy's warm bottom. "Show her,

Manny," he said. "Show her you can."

Manuel's hot boycock slid all the way into the grasping glove of

his teacher's pussy. "Oh, man," he sighed, "I never felt nothin'

like this."

"Ohhhh!" Marjorie groaned, as the boy's stiff prick slid through

her tissues and his pelvis bumped against her groin.

"Now pull back a little and push it in again," Johnny directed.

The Mexican boy's cock drew back to almost expose the head and

then thrust deep into Marjorie's cunt, rubbing over the spot that

sent a spark through her groin.

"Ooooh," Marjorie cooed in bliss.

Manuel stroked his prick in and out, showing his teacher he was a

quick learner. Her hands involuntarily moved to urge her young

invader's hips forward. They began to moan together each time he

plunged deep inside her.

Johnny's dick was hard again. He knew what he wanted to do with

it. He came over and stopped between Manuel's knees. His palm

cupped Manny's little sac of balls that hung down between his

thighs. Johnny extended his middle finger forward into Miss

Grimley's juicy cunt. He slid his finger along Manny's dick as

it moved in and out of their teacher's pussy hole.

"Ooooh," Manny crooned. "That feels so cool, Johnny. Your finger

is rubbing my dick while I'm fucking Miss Grimley. Ooooh."

Johnny moved his juice-slick finger to the little tan bud between

the brown globes of the Mexican boy's butt. He stirred it around

until the entrance winked open to admit the Korean's probing

fingertip. Johnny pushed into Manuel's tight hole, massaging over

the boy's prostate.

"Ohhhh," Manny moaned. "What did you do? You made my dick jump."

"That's your hot button, Manny," Johnny said. "Every guy's got


Manuel raised his hips and pumped into his teacher's pussy channel.

Johnny slid his finger in and out of the Mexican boy's clutching

ass hole, making Manny groan with each stroke.

The Korean boy moved his hand back between Miss Grimley's thighs

and pushed two fingers into her slippery cunt, rubbing Manuel's

hard, slim prick that stroked inside her. Manny moaned in

pleasure; Marjorie hummed with each rapturous pump of the

Mexican boy's stiff shaft through her tight, slick vagina.

Johnny withdrew his fingers, dripping with Miss Grimley's wet

pussy juices, and stroked his own hard cock, lubricating it for

its next assignment. He stepped closer to Manuel and rubbed the

knob of his rigid prick along the smooth, dark ass crack until it

found the Mexican boy's opening.

"Whachu doin', man?" Manuel asked.

"I'm gonna rub your hot button some more, Manny," Johnny said


He stirred the head of his hard dick against the tight, rosy bud

until it opened and hungrily sucked in the head of Johnny's

invading spear.

"Unnnh. Unnnh," Manuel grunted. "Stop."

"Just relax, Manny," Johnny said soothingly. "It's gonna feel

real good."

"If I let you do this, you won't think I'm queer, will you?"

Manny asked.

"Nah. You're straight as an arrow, man," Johnny assured the boy.

"Your dick is fuckin' old Grimley, ain't it? How much straighter

could you get? Everything's cool, man."

Ooooh! Marjorie gnashed her teeth in rage at the impertinent

mongrel boy. 'Old Grimley,' indeed. She clenched her vagina

around the Mexican boy's thrusting prick, making him moan in

pleasure, "Ohhhh, your pussy's so tight, Miss Grimley."

Despite flinching at the boy's explicit language, Marjorie

displayed a smug smile.

Manuel pumped his stiff shaft into his teacher's slippery tunnel;

with each stroke, Johnny's dick pushed another inch into Manny's

hot butt hole. When his pelvis pressed against the Mexican

boy's smooth, yielding buns, their combined weight drove Manuel's

hard boycock deeper into Miss Grimley's clutching cunt. Three

groans of rapture filled the air.

Johnny kept his spear buried deep inside Manuel's wounded butt

while the young Mexican's hips rose and fell, pumping his

hot poker into his teacher.

"Ohhhh," Manny cried. "This is awesome. Miss Grimley's pussy is

squeezin' my dick. and your big, hard cock feels good in my butt,

Johnny. I love being in the middle like this."

"You're in a sex sandwich," the Korean boy said. When Manuel

drove his prick deep into his teacher's cunt, Johnny slid his

prick back and shoved it hard up Manny's butt hole.

"Ohhhh," Manuel moaned. "Do it again, Johnny." He pushed back

against the stiff invader and then drove his hot dick into his

teacher's gripping pussy. He warmed from his exertions and the heat

of two bodies touching him; a sheen of perspiration glowed on the

boy's dark skin.

"Ahhhh," Marjorie's groaned in pleasure. The Mexican boy's damp

chest squashed her sensitive nipples, sending a hot flash of

passion down to her groin. She wriggled in rapture beneath her

two pupils, lost in the overwhelming sensation of being fucked by

a hard, young boycock.

Johnny and Manuel found their rhythm, sliding their dicks in sync

in and out of their tight receptacles. Johnny groaned as his dick

rested deep inside the hot Mexican butt.

Manuel began to sweat; droplets fell from his chin onto Miss

Grimley's soft tits. He hummed in pleasure as his prick pushed

deep into his teacher's slick vagina; Manny loved how she moaned

and squeezed his dick when he rubbed through her tissues.

The Mexican boy pressed his wet lips against Miss Grimley's; she

didn't resist. Her thirsty tongue lapped at his salty face,

licking drops from his chin and nose.

Manuel groaned again when Johnny's hard cock bumped over his

prostate and filled his butt hole with hot boy meat. The Korean

boy slithered wetly against the Mexican's sweaty back.

Manny squirmed his slippery chest and belly against Miss Grimley,

making her sigh with bliss. He felt his stiff shaft throb with

excitement. "Oh, man," he murmured. "My heat is rising."

Marjorie's body began to shudder; waves of fire rushed up from

her groin through her breasts and fogged her brain with rapture.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh," she cried. "You boys are making me cum."

Johnny pumped his hard cock faster, out and into Manuel's

gripping boy pussy. He didn't want to be left behind when the

others began to climax. Manny's ass seemed to be milking his dick,

coaxing his spunk from his balls. With relief, he felt his prick

swelling and starting to throb. "Ahhhh," he moaned. "I'm gonna

fill your butt with cream, Manny."

"Do it," Manuel cried. "Ohhhh!" he felt his hot cock throbbing

and pulsing in Miss Grimley's clutching cunt hole. "I'm gonna

shoot my sex juice right up my teacher's pussy."

"Noooo," Marjorie groaned through the haze of her ecstasy,

feeling Manuel's dick squirt his hot sperm into her womb. Another

dark-skinned boy was flooding her with his seed. "Ooooh," she

cooed in involuntary rapture, as another burst of boy seed gushed

into her thirsty vagina.

"Ahhhh!" Johnny sighed. He shoved his stiff shaft deep into

Manny's tight bottom and felt his ejaculation spurt into the

boy's hot butt hole. "Ohhhh," he moaned, as his pulsing dick

pumped another shot of Korean jism into the Mexican's ass.

Finally, the boys were drained; they collapsed in exhaustion.

Manuel squirmed his sweat-soaked body between his partners when

he could muster the energy. He let his softening prick swim in

Miss Grimley's sloppy pussy. That was straight enough, he

thought. It didn't matter if it was queer to feel good about

Johnny's cock filling his cream-flooded butt.

Johnny felt a surge of boyish pride. He had fucked two people

today. He had screwed his teacher; he had shafted a hot Mexican

ass. He was a real stud boy now.

Marjorie's groaned. She was sexually satisfied like never before,

but she had two loads of dark sperms in her womb, swimming up to

join her fertile egg. What would become of her?

"Boys, you're crushing me," she complained, feeling their dead

weight on her body.

Johnny backed away, pulling his prick with a plop from the

Mexican boy's cum-slick butt hole. Manuel raised himself from the

bench and slid his dick from Miss Grimley's juicy pussy,

lubricated by two loads of boy spunk.

Marjorie struggled up to support herself on her elbows. She

watched her young ravishers pull on their clothing, as

nonchalantly as if they'd just been skinny dipping in a stream.

When they were ready to go, Johnny said, "You should get dressed

and go home now, Miss Grimley. Won't be no more boys today."

Manuel turned as they went out the door and said, "G'night, Miss

Grimley. See you in class tomorrow."

Marjorie gathered her clothing and prepared to leave. She

wondered if she would have the courage to face those awful boys

tomorrow in class, knowing they were sitting at their desks

looking at her, having seen her in the nude and committed

unspeakable acts.

The mongrel boy's parting words haunted her: "No more boys

TODAY." Did he imply that he'd return to plunder her pussy again?


As the reader might imagine, this is contemplated to be a series of

episodes. But don't hold your breath.

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