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Cast & Images

All icons made with the at .

Brandon Chambers

Meredith Levine

Arie Chang

Derek Strong

Christa Sternbacher

Zachary Crane

Sajel Malhotra

Jane Myers

Nastasya Fyodorevna

Jeff Gainesborough

I've also managed to grab some rudimentary screen-shots from . Presenting:

The entire gang. Back row, from left: Zach, Sajel, Christa, Jane, Brandon.
Front: Derek and Arie. Not pictured: Meredith, because she was talking to Sajel's mom.

Arie, barging into someone's dorm room.

Derek, looking bitterly at a chest of bureau drawers. A clue about why they split up?--Did Arie cheat on him with a piece of furniture?

Meredith, pensive.

Brandon, coming in the front door with a with a "Honey, I'm home!" look on his face. (Or, as Chandler from Friends put it, "Your husband is home, so the sex can start!")

Caitlyn Delaney, with Jon in the background.

Jon Stanford, with Caitlyn (and Meredith) in the background. He's probably snickering because he just graduated while the others have another year to go.

Jane waving at Brandon, in one of the few high-school shots that turned out well.

Zach and Christa, apparently pedeconferencing. Behind them, Arie, plus Brandon, still with that ridiculously cheerful look on his face.

A rather crappy image of Sajel. When I get the chance, I'll make a better one.

Characters copyright CWatson, 2003-2009, all rights reserved. Images are copyright their respective manufacturers and enablers..

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