The Brown Spots: A Lesbian Panty-Pooping Exploration
FFf inc scat ws squirt mother/daughter

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

January 2014

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Chapter 27: Final Contact

Chapter Cast:

Megan Clearwater, female, 27
- Chemistry teacher
- Beige-white skin, 5'8, 165lbs, dirty-blonde shoulder-length hair
Chloe Harmon, female, 33
- High school Vice-Principal, mother of Channa
- Beige-white skin, 5'6, 140lbs, medium-brown hair with cropped bangs
Channa Harmon, female, 15
- High school sophomore, daughter of Chloe
- Pale white skin, 5'1, 110lbs, long yellow-blonde hair

Megan put down the last of the towels and grinned in excitement. She was finally going to get to have some dirty fun with Channa. She'd only recently had the thrill of licking the young teen's pussy, tasting and smelling her sticky little slit. Channa and her mom were going to join Megan on the bed that afternoon, and everyone was hoping for full bowels.

Chloe and her daughter were making a big breakfast before heading out for a festival downtown. The three had talked excitedly the night before, Channa describing how she'd shit in her mom's panties and passed out after orgasming. Megan told the teen about making Chloe wear a butt plug all day, and how they'd had explosive bowel movements and climaxes in the park. They were all aroused as each listened, but sore bodies and assholes had had them all in need of rest and something to eat. Late sandwiches and salads were followed by a three-person cuddle into sleep.

Megan double checked the towels and old blankets she'd piled thick on the bed, ensured fresh towels and wipes and baggies were handy. They were going to make a mess later, a smelly wonderful mess that Megan would finally share with Channa.

- - -

The festival was loaded with art vendors, fragrance stalls, fresh produce, and food trucks. The women snacked on berries and ice cream while Channa enjoyed a turkey leg and jelly beans. Megan bought Chloe a two-foot painting of a nude, featuring a dark-skinned woman beside a pool, her small breasts and trimmed snatch drawn in vibrant detail.

Chloe purchased two bottles of wine and a short skirt on the way out and early evening found the women lounging on the couch, munching on strawberries and brownies, a bottle of wine put away and the second half-gone. Channa had already finished her glass and begged for another. Chloe poured her half as the teen hiccuped and blushed.

Channa sat between her mom and Megan, thighs touching and hands frequently running over her chest, rubbing her small braless breasts through her shirt. Setting aside her drink, the teen ran her hands to each side, petting Megan and her mother over their yoga pants. Channa could feel the heat between the women's thighs, and she stroked firmly through each damp crotch.

The teen leaned down to Chloe's lap and inhaled her mother's feminine aroma. Sweat and warm flesh and moist musk hit her nose and she buried her face between Chloe's legs and inhaled deeply. The girl shivered as her arousal grew.

Megan watched the teen smelling her own mother's crotch and did the same to the teen, leaning forward, lifting Channa's shirt, and inhaling against the girl's wet panties. The girl's pussy smelled salty, light, soapy, like wet, cut grass and fresh brine breezes, pungent like a sweet, ripe cheese. Megan ran her nose along the girl's panty-covered little slit and felt the teen's damp crotch on her face. Channa moaned and so did Chloe.

Chloe breathed, “Anyone feeling full?”

“Mmm-hmm,” replied Channa, face between her mother's thighs.

Megan moaned into Channa's snatch, “Me too. I can feel it wanting to move. Mmmm-mmm...”

“That makes three of us, I've been holding it for hours.”

Megan pulled Channa to her for a wet, panting kiss before rising and kissing Chloe deeply. They jogged to the bedroom and shed everything but their panties. Megan's dirty-blonde hair was loose and already disheveled, her light-blue cotton panties showing her hairy bush through the fabric and a darker wet spot between her labia. Channa's small breasts were topped with tight pink nipples and her white cotton underwear showed a hint of her little wet slit, a damp spot clear in her crotch.

Chloe wore thin, grey cotton panties, her bush sticking out around the fabric, her heavy breasts swinging as she slid on the bed. Megan and Chloe had decided to make Channa their focus and see how many times the girl could orgasm. Right away, Chloe had Channa on her back between them, her lips locked to the girls, her hands freely stroking her daughter's thighs and crotch.

Megan sucked on Channa's young breasts, taking each small tit into her mouth and licking under and over the girl's nipples. The slender blonde moaned into her mother's mouth, was already shuddering. Chloe slid her hand into her daughter's panties, sliding her fingers into the young girl's little slit. Channa arched, desperate for her mother to touch her clit directly. Chloe teased her a moment, letting her fingers dance along Channa's thin, puffy labia, the hairs there wet and sticky.

Channa burned hot as Chloe's fingers found her nub and stroked it firmly. Her stomach tensed, her ass rose to the contact, the girl moaning into her mother's mouth. Megan sucked her breast and ran her hands under the girl's ass. Her mom slipped a finger inside her, drawing out her slickness, running her coated fingers around her clit again.

The teen spasmed and came, “mmmm... mmmMMM... MMMAAAhh... aahh... aaahh... aaAA... aaAA... aaAAAA... UHNNNN... UUUUHNNN... UUUUUUNNNN... MMM... mmm... mmm...” Channa exploded in orgasm, thrashing on the bed, four hands stroking her skin, her private places touched and fondled, two mouths soaking against her breast and in her mouth. Cum flooded her cunt and slid out of her small, lightly-hairy slit, drooling down her anus and into her panties.

Megan had to taste the teen. She slid between her legs as Chloe suckled at her daughter's breasts. Pulling the girl's wet panties aside, Megan looked at the small, glistening vulva below her. She dove in, parting the girl's small, swollen pink labia and pushing her tongue deep in the teen's tight vagina. Channa cried out as Megan's tongue slid around her young hole, darting over her clit and down to her anus. Megan licked noisily, moaning and savoring the delicious little tart. She thrust her finger under her tongue, pushing deep in Channa's pussy, rubbing the teen's G-Spot from inside.

Chloe sucked at her daughter's breast while the woman again found Channa's button. Megan's tongue licking her labia and a finger brushing her rough patch, Channa arched up. Her pussy clenched, vagina squeezing around Megan's penetration, her body shuddering and jumping. “NNNNNNN... NNNGGGNG... OOOOOHHHH... OOOOOOHHH...” Channa ejaculated, fluids splashing against Megan's face and hand. Again, squirt fired out of the teen's cunt, warm and loose and dripping from Megan's lips and tongue.

The young teacher swallowed and lapped at squirt pooling in Channa's vagina. Megan was moaning uncontrollably as she drank from the teen's cunt, the spasming girl moaning and breathing hard. The woman slid her tongue down to Channa's asshole, tasting her soaked, rough flesh, the ring tight and unyielding.

Megan pushed saliva and squirt and cream from Channa's drooling pussy into the girl's butthole, thrusting her tongue as deep as she could. She got a hint of bittersweet on her tongue and knew the girl's bowel movement was soon to come. Megan pushed a finger against the girl's anus and probed her tight backdoor. She licked Chloe's finger as it danced around her daughter's vulva and penetrated her pussy. “uuNN... uuUUNN... uuUUNN...” Fingers in each hole had the girl writhing and gasping once more.

Megan felt firm poo almost immediately. She pressed her digit into the stool and pushed it deeper into the girl's bowels. The girl was incredibly tight back there and as Megan dragged her sticky finger back out of the teen's anus, the shit rushed to fill the gap, Channa's butthole barely holding it back as Megan withdrew and sniffed.

Her finger had a brown spot that Megan inhaled, raw, sharp shit filling her nose. Oh,fuuuuck Channa... oh fuuuuck, yesss... Megan slid up beside the girl, bringing her soiled finger to Chloe's nose.

Chloe sniffed deeply, sucking in the strong odor from her daughter's bowels.

Ohmygod... so hot, so stinky... so wonderful... Her cunt drooled into her panties as she fingered Channa and the girl's shit. Chloe sucked the finger, partially cleaned it of the mess and put it between Megan's lips, watching her lover finish the job and let out a soft moan.

Chloe turned Channa onto the girl's stomach while Megan sat against the headrest, Channa's face in her crotch. The teen sniffed the young teacher's crotch, inhaling sweat and pungent cunt. She pulled Megan's panties aside, inhaling closer the humid ripe snatch. The teen felt hands on her hips, her panties pushed aside, and a hot, wet tongue slapped against her anus.

Chloe lapped at her daughter's raw asshole, savoring the salty, rough flesh dotted with hints of bittersweet. She ran her tongue from Channa's thin, moist slit over the tiny, closed pucker between the girl's ass cheeks. Over and over she licked, pushing against the teen's backdoor and darting inside, licking the tight tunnel. The tip of her tongue slid against Channa's poo, the rich, heavy, bittersweet stool firm and wet. Chloe pushed in, forcing the poo back into her daughter's bowels, overwhelmed by the mix of wonderful and repulsive flavors.

Channa could feel her mother's tongue meet her warm, firm shit. She barely controlled her bowels, trying to hold her load as long as possible. The young teen tried to concentrate on Megan's cunt. Channa lapped between Megan's parted, hairy labia, slathering her saliva and drooling into the teacher's vagina. The teen purred as she lapped at Megan's thick cream as it pooled near the entrance to her pussy. She ran her tongue over the woman's asshole, tasting bitter and brine and coffee. Megan moaned and brought her hips up a bit, opening her thighs more.

“uuuuhh... aaaa... aaaa... oh, Channa... oh, I'm gonna shit. I'm gonna shit... Eat my cunt. Eat my cunt, sweetheart... oh, yes, that's it... yes, that it's... good girl... good girl... I'm pushing it out... ssssshhitting...”

Channa lapped at Megan's clit, feeling the woman tensing. A wet, tight fart forced out, then another, then the teen heard wet squishing just below her mouth. She held the panties aside over Megan's vagina, but left her anus covered. Channa's chin felt warm as Megan bucked, her shit forcing out. The strong, overwhelming smell of shit hit Channa's nose and she farted against the tongue on her own ass. Her mom didn't pause as the licking continued on the teen's backdoor.

Megan pushed hard, knew her shit was just below Channa's face. She smelled herself then, wondered how Channa hadn't needed to come up for air. The teen kept attacking the woman's clit and Megan felt her body letting go. Shuddering, gasping, tensing, shitting.

Climaxing. Hard and fast. “wwwwUUUU... WWWWUOOOH... OOOOHHH... OOH... OOH... OOH, OOH, OOOOHHOHOH... Ooh...” Shit slid from her asshole and piled into her panties. Channa licked up and down her vagina, circling her clit and running her tongue across the woman's swollen labia. Megan farted again, her poo spreading around her ass and pushing her panties out.

Chloe ran her tongue deep into her daughter's ass while Megan shit and came. The strong smell of Megan's bowels was thick and Chloe knew the teen's shit would be close behind. She felt Channa's bowels clench around her tongue and instinctively opened her mouth, covering the girl's small, tight butthole.

Channa farted in her mother's mouth, Chloe almost choking from the way it coated her throat and filled her nostrils. Her tongue responded by sliding back in, cleaning the girl's anus once more.

Megan stirred, wanted Channa's load for herself. “Ohhh, fuck, Channa... ohh fuck, Sweetie... I want you to shit for me... You wanna shit for me?”

Channa purred her answer into Megan's crotch, rising up. Her youthful chin was marked with a sticky brown spot and Megan shivered and nearly came again. The girl smiled brightly. “How do you want it?”

“Over my. Here, let me lay down... ohh, fuck, yes... yes...”

Megan slid down the bed, onto her back, the load in her panties squishing and rushing up her crotch and over her hairy pussy. The teen settled as Megan guided her and soon they were in a 69, Channa's panty-covered crotch inches from the dirty-blonde's face.

Chloe stood off the bed, playing with herself while she watched her young teen daughter straddle Megan. Channa smiled at her and Chloe leaned in for a kiss. The brown spot on Channa's chin smelled strongly of Megan's bowels, and she could taste the woman's ass on the teen's tongue. Chloe loved it all.

Channa moaned into her mother's mouth as Megan pressed her face into the girl's crotch. Her nose rested against Channa's anus, her mouth over the girl's vagina. The teen pushed, her thighs tensing around Megan's head, a small steady fart snapping into her panties and into Megan's nose. The teacher inhaled the girl's fumes, dark and rich and earthy. Another fart, and the girl's voice.

“I think I need to pee first.”

“Do it. Right on my face. Oh, do it...”

Channa rose up a touch, repositioned herself, and let go. Urine quickly soaked the fabric over her little slit and rushed through into Megan's mouth. Megan let the pee pool in her throat, the bitter, acrid piss hot and wonderful. She swallowed, the girl's flow splashing over her chin and down her neck. Channa moaned as she peed in Megan's mouth, emptying her bladder quickly.

Chloe was turned on watching Channa soak her panties and urinate in Megan's mouth. She couldn't believe how much the woman swallowed, and how she moaned like she wanted more. Chloe's tension was building and she couldn't hold off much longer. She stepped onto the bed and pulled the front of her panties tight against her hairy snatch. “Want mine?”

Channa opened her mouth wide.

Chloe closed in, dropped her hips and settled her pussy over her daughter's gaping lips. She relaxed, urine flowed and soaked through her thin panties, rushing out and splashing into Channa's mouth. The girl swallowed, a half choke, and quickly began catching more of her mom's piss on her tongue. She swallowed again, piss running down her chin and down to her small breasts, dripping below onto Megan's naked flesh and soiled panty-covered crotch.

Channa swallowed all she could until her mother's flow slowed, then she buried her face in the woman's snatch and cleaned her with her tongue. She felt her bowels twitch and pressed back against Megan's nose, blowing a thick, loose fart onto her face. Shit pushed from the inside, her anus dilating and straining. She still felt sore from the night before, her asshole bruised and tender against the stool shoving it wide. Megan's tongue found the girl's clit through the urine-soaked panties and swirled hard against it.

Megan smelled Channa's and shuddered. Thick, heavy, dank odors pushed out ahead of the turds, Megan's tongue darting around the girl's panty-covered snatch. The young teen's anus pulsed and opened, hot shit pressing against the fabric and spreading. Megan inhaled and vibrated under the defecating girl.

Chloe buried her face in Megan's messy crotch, licking the woman's clit through her pissy panties. The shit in Megan's crotch was sticky and warm and the dark smell was sharp, bitter. Chloe lapped at Megan's nub, the woman rocking and moaning loudly.

“Ohmff... Channa... Shit... Shit for me... fuuuuuck...” Megan's muffled delight sent shivers through Chloe's body as she realized her own daughter was shitting over Megan's face and into her teen panties. Chloe attacked her lover's clit, slathering and stroking and slapping it with her tongue. Megan cried out, arched, pulled Channa's hips tight to her face, and exploded.


Megan's body tingled and sparked as she orgasmed, her nosed pressed into the spreading bulk of shit in Channa's panties, Chloe's face pounding away between her thighs. She rolled between Channa's legs, the teen grunting and panting as she defecated, filling her panties from her teen ass. Raw shit slid against the fabric, piling firm and sticky over Channa's lightly hairy slit.

Channa could still feel Megan shuddering as her bowels emptied and the teen farted again. She pushed again, could feel one more turd in there. So close... wanna cum while I push this out... oh fuck just need a touch and I'll explode... Megan's breath was heavy into her smelly crotch. Channa's anus opened just a bit, clenched, opened again, the firm poo stuck, just poking out of her little teen butthole. So close...

A warm, wet hand slid across her nipples, a slick finger slipped between her lips, her mother's cunt juice in her mouth and on her breasts. Channa climaxed hard as her mother's hands set her off. “NNNNUUUNNN... MMM...MMM... NNNNNMM... mmOOOHH... mmOOOHHH... OOOHHH...” The turd was forced from her spasming asshole and pushed into the mess in her panties. She rocked around Megan's face, riding her filth into her. Chloe tweaked her nipples, finger running across her tongue as the young girl orgasmed.

Chloe was stroking her own clit suddenly, feeling her bowels ready to open. She pulled Channa's rocking body across the bed, laying the girl on her back, soiled, filled panties squished under Channa's small teen ass. Chloe straddled her hips, sitting down moderately with her labia resting through panties against the girl's Mons. The woman sat back a bit, bringing her ass crack directly over Channa's slit.

Channa stared into her mother's eyes, saw how close her mother was to both orgasming and shitting. The girl slid her hands between her mom's thighs, stroking her enlarged clit through the fabric. Chloe moaned, squeezed around Channa's hips, tensed up and grunted. Channa felt a warmth spread against her panties and over her pussy. Snapping and wet squishes were the result of Chloe bearing down and defecating in her panties, panties held down on Channa's underwear-covered snatch.

Chloe shit into the fabric, could feel it spread against her daughter's body and along her own ass cheeks. The girl's fingers were rapidly twisting around Chloe's clit, the teen's small body heaving as she breathed heavily. Burning fired through Chloe's groin as her raw shit felt fiery and warm as it slid through her anus. She inhaled the rank, thick fumes in the room, the combined odor of the bowel movements of the three women, felt her own shit sliding and warming against her labia.

Megan watched the mother and daughter together, Chloe defecating directly over the teen's crotch, her panty-covered shit pressing against Channa's panties and little slit. Megan stroked herself fast, pounded fingers into her pussy, warm stool messy and sticky between her legs and under her ass.

Chloe strained, her stool rushing and squishing against Channa. Chloe looked at her daughter's face, the teen's mouth open, a brown spot on her chin from Megan's poop, and the woman exploded in orgasm. “uuuUUUUUHHOOOHHHHOHHH... uuuUUOOHHOHH... uuuUUOHHHHOOOOHHH...” Cum rushed out of her cunt and splashed against her panties. Her anus closed and spasmed, squishing poo into the mess in her crotch. Squirt fired again, soaking through her underwear. Another squirt shot through the fabric and splashed onto Channa's slender stomach. Chloe climaxed, rocked, shit her panties, moaned loud.

Channa held her hand in Chloe's cunt as she orgasmed, the smell of her mother's bowels sharp, bitter, and tangy. The girl was soaked and filthy, her panties heavy against her small ass, her asshole sore and still holding a small piece of shit in it.

Chloe wasn't through. She rose off of Channa's body and pulled the girl over, dragging the teen into a doggy-style position. The thick dump in Channa's panties shifted, bulging and messy and covering the teen's little ass. Chloe sank down on her own knees and backed up to Channa, running her legs around the teen's and bringing their panty-filled asses together.

Channa felt her mother's messy, curvy ass touch her small ass cheeks and she immediately started frigging her clit. The hot mess between her own legs pressed back against her mom's crotch, squishing together and slurping against skin.

Megan's pussy was on fire watching Chloe and her daughter humping ass-to-ass through shit-filled panties. Chloe started playing with herself as Channa moaned and ground her mess against the woman. Megan got on her knees, then stood over the two stinky asses, stroking her clit quickly and feeling the burn rising. Chloe and Channa were getting close, too, and Megan wanted to set them off.

The dirty-blonde slammed fingers into her cunt and frigged her nub with the other hand, pounding her hairy vagina and humping just over Channa and her mom. She paused only a second to pull her panties down a bit, exposing her bushy snatch, resuming her thrusting and stroking. “uuuUUh... uuuUUh... uuuUUhnnnn... uuuUUhNNNNnn... UUUUHHHNNN... CUUUUUMING...” Megan ejaculated, pulling her hand from her cunt and firing squirt onto Channa's back, a second squirt hitting Chloe's ass and hips. Another soaked the shitty panties and made them run brown down legs.

Megan's squirting orgasm set off Channa's, the girl climaxing hard. “uuuuUUUUUUHHHH... UUUUUUUHHH... AAAAAAUUUHHH...” The teen squirmed against her mom's filthy ass, the woman's butt cheeks slimy and stinky.

Chloe felt Megan's squirt splash against her skin, her daughter shuddering through a powerful orgasm. Chloe's fingers twirled her clit, strong burning rising through her tensing body. Her stomach flinched, her back shuddered, and Chloe exploded in orgasm, slamming her shitty ass against the teen's filthy orgasming body. Again and again euphoria rushed through her body, her anus filthy, her panties full, her body covered in piss and squirt and sweat.

Megan collapsed onto the bed. Channa crept up the middle and lay still, panting. Chloe slid in beside Channa, the teen's body pressed between the two women. The three panted, sighed, sweat dripping from flushed skin. Raw, fresh shit heavily coated noses and filled panties. Beneath them was a wet, sticky mess that no one was willing to clean up just yet. Bowels were empty, bladders drained, and post-orgasmic glows radiating from the three lovers.

Chloe kissed her daughter's face, again gazing on the brown spot on the girl's chin. She couldn't help smiling again, the dirty shit contrasting so sharply with Channa's youthful, innocent face.

Megan purred and nestled her head on Channa's shoulder, idly stroking the girl's soft breasts. She, too, smiled at Channa's brown spotted-chin, her anus still twitching from the bowel movement which had put it there.

Megan couldn't help flashing back on how this all started a few weeks before.

Well... I have come a very long way... I went from almost being caught masturbating and defecating, to farting in Chloe's face, to... Now, I'm shitting my panties with the woman I love and her fifteen-year old daughter, Channa wearing my brown spot with pleasure... and we're all panting and grinning like a bunch of... well, a bunch of very satisfied women. Yes... this is good. This is so, so good...

End of Chapter 27

End of Part 1

Read the Author's Epilogue to Part 1

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