The Brown Spots: A Lesbian Panty-Pooping Exploration
FF fsolo masturbation inc scat

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

November / December 2013

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Chapter 7: The New Brown Spot

Chapter Cast:

Megan Clearwater, female, 27
- Chemistry teacher
- Beige-white skin, 5'8, 165lbs, dirty-blonde shoulder-length hair
Chloe Harmon, female, 33
- High school Vice-Principal, mother of Channa
- Beige-white skin, 5'6, 140lbs, medium-brown hair with cropped bangs
Channa Harmon, female, 15
- High school sophomore, daughter of Chloe
- Pale white skin, 5'1, 110lbs, long yellow-blonde hair

It took a moment for Chloe to remember her daughter and what had just happened. I... ohmygod... whaa...? Channa...? She opened her eyes and glanced back at the door, but no one was there.

She looked at Megan as the young teacher turned around to lay on her stomach next to Chloe. “Oh, Chloe, that was fucking fantastic. You came so hard. I don't think I've ever seen a woman cum so hard. I hope Channa didn't hear that,” she laughed as she rubbed Chloe's breasts.

Chloe panicked, uncertain what to do. Was that Channa? I know I saw her standing there. Climaxing. I saw my daughter Climaxing! Watching us. She debated what she should tell Megan, who clearly had not seen or heard Channa. “It was... I just exploded... Best I've ever had... You … You brought that on,” she lied. Not really a lie, but not the whole truth either. She chose to remain quiet about Channa for the moment and tried to calm her nerves by cuddling with her lover.

“Hey, we forgot these...” Megan held up the teen's soiled panties and took a whiff. “Mmmm... lovely...”

Chloe tried hard to focus but lost her hold on reality and drifted off to sleep instead.

- - -

Channa collapsed on her bed and let her head spin a while. She thought she might puke, but that finally passed after some time. Feeling worn out, she replayed the intense moments from a couple hours before. What did I do... Megan shit... filled her panties... Mom smelled it... I masturbated... I masturbated?!... Mom watched me!... I came, she came... I saw my mom orgasm... I ran away still cumming... holyfuckingshit... The jumbled memories and emotions floated heavily through her wine-addled head.

She was pretty sure her mom and Megan had gone to bed. Not a sound had come out of the bedroom since the two had showered a bit ago and returned to the room. Mom watched me cum... and it made her cum... ohfuckingfuck... ohfuckingfuck... I need a showerナ

Channa crept slowly to her bathroom, trying to steady her uneven gait. Taking a quick drunk piss, she then turned on the shower and stripped her remaining clothes. Channa noticed the soap was gone, put on her moist panties, and tiptoed naked up the stairs to her mom's bathroom to slide inside.

The aroma that hit her brought to her mind her mother's orgasming face and she swayed, dizzy. Raw shit smells made the air heavy, and she felt a bit sick for a moment. Seeing her mom's climax again sent shivers through Channa and she tried to push the images from her mind. Grabbing a soap from the drawer, she turned to go. Then she caught sight of what was in the hamper.

Half-filled with towels, the clothes basket pile was topped with a pair of filthy panties. The light-orange ones she had seen Megan wearing earlier. Channa started to walk out but was drawn to the dirty underwear. She found a clean band around the edge of the Megan's soiled small clothes and lifted the panties closer. The smell hit her strongly, a dank mix of raw shit and unwashed pussy. The shit had been largely scraped off, but the dark brown smears left no doubt what had been there.

Channa held the panties motionless for a moment. She couldn't decide what to do. In her hand, she had Megan's shit-stained panties. The same ones her mom had sniffed as Megan filled them from her smelly bowels. The ones her mother had on her face when she came. While watching Channa orgasm. I let Mom watch me cum...

She grabbed a hand towel and wrapped the panties in them. Turning to head out again, she saw a second pair of soiled panties and her breath caught. Mom's panties. Before she thought further, she wrapped those in another towel as well, and returned to her room.

Inside she sat down and zoned out for a bit, tightly gripping two towels wrapped around two soiled panties. Channa's head was still somewhat buzzed, and her memories from her mom's bedroom kept sliding icily through her thoughts. The smells of raw shit and cum and sweat tickled her memories. Images flickering: Megan filling her panties; her mom staring at her when Channa came; her mom pressing her nose into Megan's shitty underwear. Mom shitting and orgasming as she looked at me...

Channa leaned back, still gripping the towels. Smells of her own unwashed pussy and moist panties reached her and she reflexively inhaled the wonderful aroma. Channa had begun masturbating when she was eleven, and had quickly learned to enjoy the smells and tastes of her pussy. She relaxed a bit, feeling a small moment of normality from the erotic scents coming from her own cunt.

Despite the wrappings, the aromas from the other soiled panties soon began to reach her nose. She could smell the damp, dank shit. Musk and sweat. Megan's shit... Mom's cumナ

Unrolling the towel with Megan's panties and setting the other towel aside, she laid back and held the smelly orange underwear over her head, looking at them blearily. Channa pulled the panties close to her nose, and inhaled.

A burst of raw shit and unwashed cunt hit her and for a moment she felt she couldn't breath. The rich scent was thick and heavy going down. Channa cleared her throat, recovered, brought the creamy part closer, and sniffed greedily. Megan's feminine aroma was strong and hinted of its sweet and pungent source. The woman's pussy had cum a lot, and the crotch was totally soaked through, slick with discharge.

Channa slipped a hand into her panties and began to feel her own cunt, tickling her pubic hair before slipping a finger inside her slit. Sliding it deeper, she gave a 'come here' motion against the top of her vagina, and moaned slowly at the sensation.

She moved Megan's panties around a bit and inhaled the teacher's shit smell directly. Powerful aromas tingled all her nerve endings as the dark scents made her clit throb. Channa stroked her clit, the fifteen-year old masturbating and bucking her hips softly.

Channa imagined letting Megan straddle her face, with her ass right in front of her nose. She inhaled over the panties, taking in the shitty essence, wishing Megan would shit panties over her. “Mmmegaaan... oh, oh, oh, Mmmegaaan... mmmm” The teen ground her clit into her fingers, stroking her pulsing pussy lips and dipping into her hairy vagina.

The hairs around her cunt were sticky with juice, and Channa brought her hand up to her nose for a sniff and taste. She was rewarded with the sweet, tangy, and tart sensations she knew so well. Channa coated her tongue with her own discharge and slid her hand back down between her legs.

Fingers back in her cunt, she thought again of the other towel. The one containing her mom's panties. Mom's soiled panties... A new idea rushed through Channa and in her over-aroused state, there was only one thing to do now.

After a final sniff, she wrapped Megan's panties back in the towel, and retrieved the towel containing her mother's dirty underwear. Unrolling it, she looked closely at her mom's panties for the first time. Damn, Mom, shitting really makes you cum. Look at all that cream...

Channa sniffed her mom's creamy spot deeply, and was surprised and aroused to find it was close in scent to her own. A second whiff brought out the nuances, and the smell of the older woman's cunt forced Channa's own cunt to pulse with excitement. Channa pushed out her tongue to taste her mother's discharge and sucked back a thin, slick fluid, pungent and tangy. Channa's pussy yearned for release, the smell of her mom's panties was driving her needs to the extreme. I thought about what it would be like to have Megan mounting my face... I wonder what it would have been like earlier... to be Megan... eating Mom's panty-covered cunt...

Channa flipped over onto her stomach, her mom's filthy panties in one hand while she thrust her other down her belly and into her panties. She placed the panties on her pillow, and imagined being Megan, Channa's mom's face buried in Channa's panty-covered teen cunt and ass. Mmm... Mom..Chloe... Mmm... your cum tastes so good... Channa frigged her clit while tasting the cum spot on her mom's panties. You want me to fill it? Fill my panties for you Mo..Chloe? Fill my little panties with my shit?

Channa started grinding against her hand, clit hard and aching. That's it Mom, that's it, watch me shit my panties. Just like you want me to. Filling my panties for you. Channa pushed hard out her anus, feeling her bowel movement begin to crown. Mom, oh fuck Mom, smell my ass. Smell my shit...

Her firm scat opened her anus slowly, pushing out as the rosebud expanded. Soft crackling escaped Channa's ass as a soft grunt escaped her lips. Shit was beginning to press against her panties. Mom, I'm shitting. Can you smell me? Can you smell my ass?

A solid turd slipped out of her ass and pressed against her panties. The pressure made the second turd harder to push, but Channa bore down and grunted as her asshole expanded again to let her shit through, Channa's cum nearly upon her, warm, soft scat spreading out around her asshole as she defecated in her panties.

My panties are filling, Mom. Shitting in my panties... shitting in my... “ohhhh... Unnnhhnnn... UHNNNNOHHHHUhhhhhhhh...”

Channa's pussy exploded in climax, her cunt squeezing and throbbing as shit ran from her clenching asshole. Her panties were bulging and the warm shit was spreading out from her ass. Inhaling her mom's soiled underwear, Channa exploded anew as the rich, dank smells sent vibrations to her clit. Cum slid from her spasming cunt as shit slid from her blossoming anus. Oh... Moooommmm...

Channa collapsed. Her orgasm pulsing through her body combined with the scent of her mom's cunt and shit overwhelmed her ability to stay conscious and the teen sank deeply into much needed sleep.

End of Chapter 7

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