An Evening at the Castle

Written by Daibhidh

Proof reading and encouragement provided by Silkinn



Chapter I: A Foggy Day in London Town


The Concorde's tires screeched twice in quick succession as they kissed the  runway; followed shortly by the roar of the thrust reversers pressing the  passengers forward against their seat belts. The noise and pressure decreased as the throttles were pulled back and the sleek airliner continued its roll - out, bleeding off speed. As we swung off the runway and followed the taxiway toward  the misty lights of London's Heathrow International Terminal, my mind was as foggy as the view from the sleek jet's window.

God I was tired. It was Sunday evening and I was exhausted! I'd just returned to the Chicago home office on Friday afternoon from a tough two weeks in Cape Town, only to be greeted with the news that I must be in London Monday morning to straighten out yet another problem! Oh, and by the way, don't forget the staff  meeting in New York on Saturday.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Alexandria Goodman, better known to my friends as Alex. (Others have far less complimentary names for me, for reasons that will soon become apparent.) As Deputy Chief Personnel Officer of a large Chicago-based firm, I had been dispatched to London to meet with our local manager  regarding the London office's slumping sales. By the very nature of my position,  I of course had full authority to take any corrective actions I deemed  necessary.

Clearing customs, I retrieved my luggage and caught a cab directly to the up-scale hotel where my firm had reserved a suite. The accommodations were nice enough I suppose but after awhile all hotels seemed pretty much the same; cold, impersonal and, most of all, lonely.

Leaving a request for an early wake-up call, I took a long, hot shower and fell into bed exhausted. Lying in the dark waiting for sleep to overtake me, I thought of my hectic lifestyle. Ten overseas trips so far this year and it was only June. My social life was nonexistent and, worst of all, I hadn't gotten  laid in nearly three months; that's enough to make any girl tense.

The last 'straight' sex I'd had occurred in early April during a trip to Manila when an evening with Juan ended with a visit to a night club featuring hot live sex shows. That had gotten us both so revved up that we'd returned to my hotel room where we'd fucked like monkeys until dawn. Since then it had been one  business crisis after another.

If it hadn't been for my best friend Ellen I'd be an emotional wreck. We are both mostly straight but every two or three weeks one of us would spend the night in the other's apartment for an evening of cuddling and mutual relief. W ell, at least I'd negotiated a few vacation days in jolly old England in  conjunction with this trip. England was lovely this time of year and it had been years since I had been able to relax and just be a tourist.

The next morning dawned dark and gloomy with a soft mist falling. I had  breakfast in the hotel dining room, then caught a cab to the office where I met with the manager, Mr. Robert Smyth. Robert introduced me to the rest of his staff and provided me with office space along with all the company records I requested. I was afraid I already knew the source of the problem and, after  reviewing the data and interviewing key sales and management personnel, my fears were confirmed.

I scheduled an afternoon meeting with Smyth and arriving at the appointed time, entered his office, quietly closing the door. Robert was a very attractive man in his early thirties with dark, wavy hair and an athletic body that filled out his conservative gray Saville Row suit quite nicely. The cologne he was wearing  was distinctive, exclusive and sexy. He exuded an animal magnetism that caused  my body to flush with excitement, which of course, I took great care not to show. I also noticed his large hands with long, strong fingers were not adorned with a wedding ring, only a massive garnet fraternal ring with some sort of  intricate engraving.

Get hold of yourself girl, I thought, as I felt my nipples tingle and the crotch panel of my panties begin to moisten. Here you are on the verge of firing this poor bastard and all you can think of is jumping his bones! Although Robert greeted me warmly enough, his demeanor seemed rather guarded. After all, I was  known to be the firm's hatchet man.

Taking a seat, I paused a second before beginning, wondering how he would react to my findings. "Mr. Smyth," I began, "Let me preface my remarks by saying that I have isolated the problem and, unfortunately, it is you. However, having said that, I still believe you can have a great future with this firm if you will  agree to the plan I have in mind."

"Thank you for your confidence in me ... I think. Just what does this 'plan' of yours entail," he responded rather sarcastically.

Ignoring his tone, I continued. "As you may know, I was instrumental in your  promotion to your current position, based upon your resume and past performance  reports. Therefore, I have a vested interest in your success. However, I now realize you need to gain more practical experience."

"I will not accept a demotion," he stated, his face suddenly grim and  determined. "I've had offers from several other firms; some of which are quite lucrative by the way."

"I'm not suggesting a demotion," I explained, trying to defuse his obvious  anger. "What I'm proposing is an opportunity to improve your management style.  The Branch Manager of our Glasgow office is planning to retire soon after thirty years, but his replacement is fully competent to take over that office immediately. My suggestion is to bring Ian down here to work with you for a few  months, on a consultant basis. This should allow you to learn from his years of  experience."

"I'm not sure that I could accept that. It could appear to my staff that I were being placed on probation, which would undercut my authority," he replied stiffly.

"I doubt that will be the case if you handle it properly, but it's entirely up to you Robert," I responded. "The alternative is to replace you, which I don't really want to do."

"If you don't mind Ms. Goodman, I would like to take your proposal under  consideration. I'll ring you at your hotel and let you know my decision  shortly," he replied rather stiffly, his expression unreadable. 

"That's fine," I responded solemnly. "I understand your concerns. I'll be in London on vacation for the remainder of the week. Let me know what you decide before I return to Chicago and file my report."

Returning to my hotel room that afternoon, exhausted from the stress of our  meeting, I poured myself a glass of sherry. Opening the sliding glass door onto the balcony, I collapsed into a lounge chair to relax and regroup my thoughts.

Since my return flight was not scheduled until Saturday, I had four whole days all to myself with no schedule to worry about! That reminded me of the downside of this situation; not only didn't I have commitments, I was also horny and didn't have a man. My reaction to Roberts's presence this afternoon made me  realize just how horny I had become. God, my panties were still sticky from that encounter! Of course, there was always masturbation. That's safe, practical and usually effective, but it's just so damn lonely!

Casting about for ideas, I realized the only men I knew in London were the men from our office and from what I had seen were a generally uninteresting lot. Except, of course, for Robert whom I was sure that under, the present circumstances, was not at all interested in me!

Sipping my wine, I mulled over my situation, wondering what I would do for four days in a city where I knew practically no one. Suddenly, I remembered Ellen had spent four years at Cambridge University. Thinking she might still have some contacts here, I decided to give her a call It was only a little after noon in Chicago so I should be able to catch her at work. After several rings, her voice  mail picked up and I heard her voice say "I'm away from my phone right now but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible." At thetone, I left my name, the hotel phone number and a message that I would appreciate her calling me as soon as she was available.

I had no more than settled back into my balcony chair when the phone rang.  "Alex," Ellen exclaimed, "How good to hear from you. I see by your phone number that you're in my favorite city! I was just coming back from a meeting when you called. I hope everything's alright."

"Oh yes," I replied, "I'm fine, but I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice. I'm taking a few days vacation here and I really need to unwind but I don't have any contacts here. I thought perhaps you could give me some ideas about where I could meet people."

"Knowing you, I think you're more interested in getting laid than you are in meeting people," Ellen responded with a laugh.

"Well, now that you mention it, that's more or less the idea," I giggled. I told her what I had experienced that afternoon in the manager's office and how I was still feeling tense and antsy from the encounter. "I'm not looking for true love," I said, "Just some hot sex!"

"ALRIGHT!" Ellen exclaimed. "I may have a solution. There's a private club just outside London that sounds exactly right for your needs. It's very exclusive but I was granted a lifetime membership because of my 'friendship' with a certain very blue-blooded young British gentleman who shall remain nameless."

"This sounds promising," I said with a grin. "Just what sort of club is this?"

"Well," she replied, "You've read about the Victorian-era's Hell Fire Club? This is sort of a twenty-first century version of it. It has a very proper dining room and pub but there is also a private area, available only to select members and guests. Things tend to get a little wild in there, even by our standards!  Still interested?"

"Definitely!" I answered. "It sounds intriguing."

"Let me make a few phone calls and see what I can arrange."

"That would be wonderful," I said. "I'll hang up now. See what you can arrange,  but please call me back either way."

Returning to my seat on the balcony, I had no sooner finished my wine than the phone rang once more. I was surprised to hear Ellen's voice; it had only been about twenty minutes since her last call.

"Great news!" she bubbled. "I contacted my friend and it's all set up. You  should be hearing from someone soon to explain the procedures and, with a little luck, they should be able to get you set up for tonight."

"Just what am I getting into?" I asked. "It sounds pretty exciting but exactly  what goes on there?"

"I don't want to go into too much detail, it's much better to leave some  mystery! But I'd recommend you wear something very sensuous ... and don't forget to wear your sexiest underwear! There's an initiation ceremony for all new members which is pretty hedonistic and which I'm sure you'll enjoy immensely,"  Ellen replied with a giggle. "Let's just say I wish I were going to be there  with you tonight. I really miss that part of my 'educational experience'. But seriously, I'd better hang up now. I'm sure you'll be receiving a call soon and you don't want to miss it! Be sure to call me tomorrow and let me know how it went. Have fun, babe!"

With that, she broke the connection. I replaced the receiver feeling a little  apprehensive but, at the same time, more excited than I had felt in ages.

poured another glass of wine and settled back to await my promised call. I didn't have long to wait. A few moments later my phone rang again.

"To whom am I speaking please," a female, very formal, cultured British voice  inquired.

"You have reached Ms. Alexandria Goodman," I responded, matching her formal  tone.

"I see. I just received a rather unusual call on from one of our members on behalf of an American associate, regarding possible membership in an exclusive organization to which I am connected. Do you know the person to whom I am referring?" the caller asked.

"Yes, I believe the American lady would be Ms. Ellen Hunter but I'm afraid I've never met her British associate," I replied.

"Right ... And would you please confirm the name of the firm you represent and your current position within that firm?"

I provided the requested information and could hear papers rustling, as though  she was thumbing through a file.

"Very good," the caller responded, in a much less formal tone. "I'm sorry about all the inquiries but I had to make sure I had reached the correct party. I'm calling to inform you that Ellen's friend has highly recommended you for membership in our organization and that, based upon that recommendation and a  cursory background inquiry, we are prepared to extend full membership privileges  to you. Of course you will have to complete some formalities before this can be finalized, but that can be all is accomplished on your first visit. I understand you will only be in our country for a short time so perhaps you would like to  visit our facilities this evening."

"Yes," I replied, "I would like that very much. May I have your address?"

"That won't be necessary Ms. Goodman. We will send our driver around to pick you up in ... shall we say, one hour?" I gave her a brief description of myself and said I would be waiting at the front desk in one hour.

"In that case, we'll see you soon then," she said cheerily and hung up.

I needed to shower and dress; I was still wearing my business suit and my no-nonsense everyday underwear. I hung up my suit and shoved the remainder of my cloths into a laundry bag. On my way to the bathroom, I stopped and viewed myself critically in the door's full-length mirror. Not bad for a 27 year old I  thought, as I took note of my physical assets. My raven hair, styled in a pixie cut complimented my slightly olive-toned skin which had retained its South African tan, with no tan lines.


I had kept my youthful slim, athletic figure, due in part to the hours spent in health clubs and my passion for handball. My firm perky 32B breasts rode high on my chest; standing out proudly with no hint of succumbing to the forces of gravity. They were topped with raspberry sized reddish-brown nipples which, to  my great delight, seemed directly wired to my vagina.


Someone had once commented I had the body of a female Peter Pan, the face of a young Audrey Hepburn, and the sex drive of a San Diego sailor. My 19" waist flared out to somewhat narrow but very feminine hips which were in turn supported by muscular, well-shaped legs. My black pubic hair was neatly trimmed  to a small triangle, covering only my somewhat prominent mons. All things  considered, I was very satisfied with the trim 4'11" body I saw in the mirror. Stepping into the shower, I adjusted the shower head to a needle spray and the water temperature as hot as possible. I needed to relieve the muscle tension caused by my confrontation with Smyth and further exacerbated by anticipation of  the evening to come.


Thinking of that meeting reminded me of Smyth's effect on my hormones. Running  my soap-lathered hands over my body was enough to start that whole episode  replaying in my mind until I felt my juices begin to flow. Cupping my hand  tightly over my mons, I let my finger dance around and over my clit.


The combination of my state of mind, my suppressed needs and the anticipation of tonight's activities combined to fuel a sexual firestorm that, in only a few moments, triggered a shuddering orgasm that left me with legs too weak to support me, forcing me to brace myself against shower wall to keep me from  slipping to the floor. Once I was able to focus again I thought, God ... I really needed that. Now I could probably make it at least through the foreplay tonight without embarrassing myself. With that, I retrieved the soap from the shower floor where it had fallen during the excitement and allowed the stinging  spray to perform its magic.

After showering, blow drying my raven hair and applying makeup, I quickly  dressed in the clothing I had selected for the evening; new sexy black micro  bikini panties that revealed more than they concealed, under a black full  skirted cocktail dress that reached only slightly below mid-thigh. The front of its form-fitting bodice plunged to slightly below my braless breasts, exposing a portion of their softly rounded under sides and framing my cleavage. I had decided against a bra because my breasts didn't need the support and I wanted to  feel the silky material of my dress caressing and exciting my nipples. Based on my conversation with Ellen, I wanted to appear especially tantalizing tonight!Black spike-heeled pumps With black fishnet thigh-highs completed the outfit, stretching my calf muscles, showcasing my shapely legs.  I much prefer elastic top thigh-highs to regular hose because I detest garter  belts; I find them uncomfortable and they tend to get in the way at the most  inopportune times!


Chapter II: The Castle

Gathering my purse and draping a lightweight cape over my shoulders, I rode the elevator down to the lobby to anxiously await my transportation. At precisely 7:00 pm a distinguished looking gentleman in livery arrived. Approaching me he said, "Ms. Goodman, I've been dispatched to provide you transportation. If you  would please follow me ..." With that he escorted me to a new shiny black  Bentley parked at curb.

After politely handing me into the rear seat, he pulled  easily into the light evening traffic. The Bentley purred quietly through the city streets and twenty minutes later we found ourselves cruising through

the rolling English countryside toward East Anglia.


After another twenty minutes we slowed and turned through an unmarked but  impressive stone gate, cruising quietly along a paved tree-lined drive that  traversed an obviously a large country estate. We must have traveled nearly a mile before we reached a huge stone mansion surrounded by manicured lawns, well tended shrubs and colorful flowerbeds. A parking lot on the side of the building  already contained a dozen or so very expensive cars.


Pulling under the portico, the driver glided to a stop at the main entrance  where a uniformed doorman moved quickly to the car. "Welcome to the Castle,  madam" he said, assisting me out of the car. Guiding me to the massive oak door he said, "Ms. Marianne, our manager, is waiting for you at the reservation desk."

Entering the sumptuous lobby area, I was met by a stunning red haired woman  about my own age. Smiling warmly, she said "Good evening and welcome, Alex."  Noticing my quizzical expression at the sudden informality, she explained, "We only use first names at here at The Castle to protect our members anonymity. My name is Marianne. I'll be completing your membership application and explaining our rules and customs." With that she took me by the elbow and guided me through  the lobby to her office.

Indicating that I should take a seat beside her desk, she opened a file folder  and quickly scanned its contents. Looking up at me, she smiled and said, "I'm not sure how much Ellen told you about The Castle but before we go further, let me be sure you understand just what type of club this is.


First of all, the entire ground floor is open to our general membership; this includes the main restaurant, the health club, and a gift shop. However, the second and third floors are reserved for our select members. Ellen and her sponsor both hold memberships in this group. The activities conducted in this  area are, shall we say, extremely uninhibited. Before I can proceed any further,  you must swear never to divulge anything you see or do on these premises.  Considering these conditions, do you wish to learn more about our organization?"


"Yes, I'm very much intrigued by the small amount Ellen was at liberty to tell me about your club. Ellen and I have been very close friends for many years, so I'm sure I'll fit nicely into your group as our tastes are very similar," I replied.

"I'm so glad to hear that. I was sure that, given my knowledge of your sponsors,  you would feel that way. If you  would just sign and date this confidentiality agreement, we can finish the remaining orientation quickly." Quickly scanning  the document and, seeing that it was a standard non-disclosure form, I signed it and slid it back across her desk. Marianne placed it in my folder then leaned back in her chair and, with a warm smile, began.

"As I hinted previously, this is an exclusive, secret club where our members can relax and indulge in sexual behavior not necessarily acceptable in our present society. As a member, you will not be required to join in all aspects of other member's activities but you will be expected to be open minded and tolerant of  their activities."


"The one activity you will be required to engage in is an initiation ceremony  designed to determine your compatibility with our group. This will consist of you willingly to engage in certain sexual activities in full view of other members.  You will not be forced to do anything you find distasteful and may stop the  proceedings at any time. Of course, if you decline to participate or fail to complete the initiation ceremony, you application will be disapproved and you will be denied membership. Do you have any questions about what I have covered thus far?"

"No, Ellen mentioned that there would be such an initiation and indicated that she thoroughly enjoyed her experience. I doubt that I will have any problems with that requirement," I replied.

"In that case, there is a initiation scheduled this evening for another  applicant and, if you wish, you could be included in that ceremony. Is there any sexual activity you find especially abhorrent," Marianne asked.

"Well, as long as it doesn't involve pain, I'm game for about anything," I responded with a smile.

"I can assure you that there will be no pain involved, our members are much more interested in giving and receiving pleasure. By the way, I assume you are on some sort of birth control?"

Assuring her that I was, she gave me a crooked grin and said, "Excellent, that will make our preparation so much less complicated!"

"Since the festivities are not scheduled to begin for another hour or so, whydon't you join our other applicant, Dianne, for dinner and I'll come to collect you both when we're ready for you," Marianne smiled. She then escorted me to the dining room where she seated me with a stunning but extremely nervous looking,  young blonde woman.


Dianne was several years younger than I and much taller; very attractive with a slim but shapely figure and large firm breasts. Like me, she wasn't wearing a bra as I could see a hint of nipples pushing at the material of her peach colored silk blouse. Her long champagne-colored hair hung nearly to her waist .


After introducing us to each other, she said, "You two ladies enjoy your meals and get acquainted. I'll be back for you when all the preparations are complete." With that, Marianne left us to our own devices.


After ordering dinner, we chatted about this and that for a while, Dianne  becoming more distracted by the minute. Finally I leaned across and took  Dianne's moist hand in mine and asked, "Nervous?"

She looked at me shyly and replied, "Yes, I'm not sure I can go through with  this."


"If it's not too personal, how did you become interested in the club," I asked.

"My fiancée nagged me until I agreed," she replied, "He's been a member for several years and he asked me to join. I love him dearly and really enjoy sex with him but I've never done anything like this before!"

"Has he given you any idea what to expect during this initiation," I asked.

"Well, according to him, we'll be required to perform sexual acts with several  other members of both sexes while the remaining members watch us. That's the part I'm afraid I'll be too embarrassed to go through with. I've never had sex with any man but him ... and I've never even thought of having sex with another  woman," she said softly, her face turning bright crimson.

"Just concentrate on your partner and the pleasure you're giving each other.  Don't even think about what's going on around you. Remember, every one there has been through the same experience. You said yourself that you enjoy sex so, as we Yanks say, just go with the flow," I said in a reassuring tone. She smiled at me  gratefully and seemed to regain some of her composure. Just then our meals  arrived so we discontinued our discussion.

We had no more than finished our meal when Marianne returned. Smiling broadly  she asked, "Well, are you ladies ready for some fun?" We rose from the table  and, with Dianne blushing once again, followed Marianne's swaying, sensuous hips toward the waiting elevator.

Exiting the elevator on the third floor, we emerged into a wide, dimly lit oak paneled corridor. My feet sunk into the soft deep piled carpet as Marianne led us past several identical closed heavy oak doors, finally stopping and unlocking one bearing a plaque "Dressing Rooms". Opening the door she ushered us into a  large, well appointed room equipped not only with several dressing rooms but also showers, lockers, lounge chairs and makeup tables. At the far end of the room was another door marked "Stage Entrance".

"Well ladies, it's show time!" she announced brightly. "Either of you having  second thoughts?"

"Not me. What about you, Dianne? Are you up for it?" I replied.

Dianne swallowed hard and, looking somewhat flustered, responded, "If you can do it, I guess I can too. Can't let a Yank show us Brits up."


"Right, that's the spirit," Marianne laughed. "First we must decide how to  proceed. This is unique situation in that we have two inductees tonight. Usually we induct only one new member per ceremony but since Dianne's induction hasbeen scheduled for days and Alex will only be in our country for a short time on  this visit, we felt we should accommodate both of you tonight. Which of you would like to go first?"


Dianne and I looked at each other, each waiting for the other to say something.  Finally Dianne said, "If you don't mind Alex, I'd like to go first; I'm so nervous I'm afraid I'll back out if I have to think about it any longer."


"Certainly, I understand how you feel," I smiled at her reassuringly. "And don't worry Dianne, you'll do just fine."

Marianne led Dianne to a small dressing room next to the stage door. After a few moments they emerged and Marianne, dressed in a floor length black robe, led a blindfolded Dianne through the stage door and out onto what appeared to be a low, brightly lit platform.


After a moment, Marianne returned and beckoned to me. "Would you like to watch,"  she asked. "We don't usually allow uninitiated members to view these proceedings  but, as you seem to be more experienced than most of our prospective members, I  don't see the harm of it. Moreover, since I make the rules, I guess I can also make exceptions to them," she grinned wickedly.


Chapter III: Dianne's Initiation

Ushering me into the dressing room, she turned off the room lights and slid back a panel, revealing a window that looked out onto the stage. "This is actually a one-way mirror," she explained, standing so closely behind me I could feel her warm breath on my neck and her firm breasts pressing into my back. Reaching up  she flipped a hidden switch and the low murmuring of the audience came clearly  through a hidden speaker.


"I'm a little concerned about Dianne," I said. "She doesn't seem to be quite w orldly enough to be involved in a club like this."


"Don't worry about Dianne," Marianne said. "While she's led a very sheltered life up to now, she's certainly no virgin. I interviewed her sponsor, who is also her fiancée, and found that she is still quite shy but once aroused she thoroughly enjoys a good romp in the hay. However, in deference to her inexperience, she will only undergo a limited initiation."


You, my dear, are another case altogether. As part of planning this evening's  program, I placed a call to Ellen while you were dining and discussed your  history in some depth. Believe me, based upon that discussion, you will,  luckily, receive the full treatment," she chuckled.


Marianne slipped her arm around me and slid her hand into my bodice, gently  carrerssing my breast; scraping a fingernail over the nipple causing a shiver of excitement to sweep through my body. The muscles of my inner thighs trembled in response, sending shockwaves to my moistening pussy and causing my clit to tingle in anticipation.


Looking out onto the stage, I saw the blindfolded Dianne nervously standing  stiffly in front of the bright footlights, her head held high and her body  tense. A trim young full-breasted redhead, dressed in a flowing black robe,  stood behind her with her hands resting lightly on Dianne's shoulders. "Good  Lord Marianne, that other girl looks enough like you to be your twin!" I  exclaimed.


"No, just my sister Jody," Marianne said. "Actually she is two years younger  than I."


Turning the rigid Dianne slowly from side to side, Jody allowed the audience to get a good look at the beautiful young blonde inductee. The audience members, only dimly visible behind the footlights, appeared to be either scantly dressed or naked; the lighting was too low to tell for sure.


As my gaze shifted back to Dianne, I noticed Jody was now standing behind her. Both arms were around Dianne's body, slowly stroking Dianne's full, lush breasts. Dianne's stiffening nipples were clearly visible through the sheer silk material of her blouse. Gently she moved closer and, kissing Dianne on the side  of her neck, whispered reassurances in her ear.


After a few moments, a large, well muscled man of about thirty stepped out of the audience and walked slowly across the stage toward the two women. He was completely naked, his large semi-erect penis swinging pendulously to and fro. As he neared the women, Jody moved slightly to her right, her hands remaining on  Dianne's shoulders. The man stopped at Dianne's other side, being careful not to block the audience's view as she stood blindfolded, her body trembling slightly. Reaching across, he slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt. Dianne responded with a startled gasp ... she hadn't sensed the man approaching .


"Who's the man," I asked Marianne, "He looks delicious!"


"That's Adam, one of our members who was selected to initiate Dianne because of his gentleness with comparatively inexperienced candidates," Marianne explained.Back on the stage Jody quickly grasped Dianne's unbuttoned blouse by the shoulders, slid it down her arms and tossed it aside, leaving Dianne standing in  front of an unknown number of strangers, naked to the waist. Her large alabaster  breasts gleamed in the glare of the foot lights, heaving as she gasped for air; her face and upper torso red with embarrassment. She tried to cover her breasts with her hands but Jody grasped her wrists and pulled them down to her waist as gently as possible. Holding her wrists with her left hand, she pulled a strip of  black cloth from a robe pocket and, with a move that would make a Texas calf- roper proud, quickly tied her wrists loosely together, allowing her enough slack to move arms forward ... but only as far as the sides of her thighs.


While Jody was displaying her bondage skills, Adam lightly caressed Dianne's  breasts then kissed her mouth hungrily. His tongue had obviously forced its way past her teeth and was gently exploring her mouth. At first Dianne resisted as best she could, leaning back and trying to twist her head away but he was not to be denied. Placing his left hand behind her head so that she couldn't move it  from side to side, he reached around her with his right arm and pulled her body tightly against his, mashing her breasts against his muscular chest. Now, obviously aroused, Dianne surrendered to the inevitable and returned his passionate kiss with growing enthusiasm.


Sensing her increasing lack of resistance, Jody quickly unbuttoned the waist of Dianne's skirt and slid its zipper down, allowing the skirt to slide to the floor, pooling around her ankles. A mummer of appreciation arose from the audience as Dianne stood clothed only in peach colored bikini panties, garter  belt, pink hose and matching pumps. As Adam moved his hot mouth down over her body, kissing her neck then moving on to her quivering breasts, Jody hooked her fingers into the sides of Dianne's panties and slid them slowly, tantalizingly down her thighs. As her fine blonde untrimmed pubic curls came into view,  another mummer of appreciation rose from the watching members. Lifting each foot in turn, Jody removed Dianne's skirt, shoes and panties, tossing them in the general direction of her blouse.

Adam, his large cock now fully erect, slid his hand down Dianne's stomach andslipped it between her slightly parted thighs. Cupping her pussy mound, he rubbed his hand firmly back and forth a few times, then spread her pussy lips and slowly slid his thick middle finger between them. Once he confirmed that  she was sufficiently aroused and that his finger was adequately lubricated, he eased it as deeply as possible into her vagina.


Dianne gasped in surprise but automatically pushed her hips forward to meet his invading finger. He stroked it into her for a moment then removed it with a soft sucking sound and held his hand high over his head. The members could clearly see her clinging sex juices glistening in the bright footlights. A soft, polite  round of applause arose from the appreciative audience.


Again he opened her pussy lips with two fingers and, finding her clitoris, he flicked it gently with a fingertip. After a moment Dianne threw her head back and emitted a primal cry, her body shuddering as a violent orgasm slammed through her body.


During the Adam's opening of Dianne, Jody had been crouched behind her, stroking  the inside of her thighs, softly nipping her ass cheeks and observing Adam's  progress. As he thrust his finger into her cunt, she ran a finger along Dianna's  vulva, gathering lubrication, then slid it back to her tiny puckered anus. She massaged the tight muscle ring gently, slowly working her fingertip a fraction of an inch up into her ass.


When Adam massaged Dianne's clit, she sensed Dianne's eminent orgasm and  suddenly drove her finger deep into her ass. This pushed Dianne over the edge and, as she climaxed, her rectal muscles clamped down tightly on the invading finger in a series of hard spasms.


From our viewpoint Dianne appeared completely spent, leaning limply against Adam as he clasped her to his chest; his raging cock pressed tightly between their naked bodies.


"Well, it looks like Dianne passed her test," I whispered to Marianne.


"Oh, it's not over yet," Marianne whispered. "There are a few more things she needs to experience. After all, her sexual activities before tonight have been limited to a few quickies in the missionary position with a man she has known for years."


Back on the stage, Adam smiled at Dianne tenderly and lowering his mouth to hers again kissed her slowly and deeply. When Jody grasped her elbow, he whispered something to her and gave her ear a quick, nipping kiss. He then released her and watched as Jody led her to a large futon cushion, easing her down until she  was lying on her back with her long, tapered legs slightly parted; her feet  pointed toward the audience and her arms at her sides.


Assuring herself that Dianne was comfortable, Jody bent down and began  whispering to her while caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. After a moment, Dianne nodded her head and Jody motioned the man to join them. While Jody continued whispering reassurances and stroking Dianne's trembling  body, he knelt and, placing his palms on Dianne's inner thighs, slowly  spreading them wide apart allowing the audience their first good view of her flushed, swollen pussy. Then, moving between her widely spread legs, he began kissing his way up her inner thighs as Dianne moaned and squirmed in anticipation.


By this time my crotch was soaked from the excitement of watching Dianne's  seduction. "Oh God," I cried, "This is making me so damn hot I could explode!"  Marianne stroked my tummy and pressed her breasts into my back as she nibbled on my earlobe.


"I've watched and participated in these initiations a hundred times but I must admit this is getting me pretty aroused also," she whispered. "Have you ever had sex with another woman?"


"Yes," I hesitatingly admitted. "Ellen and I have experimented with it when we're between men."


"I know. Ellen told me all about it earlier and also mentioned how much you both enjoyed it," she smiled. "I just wanted to see if you were comfortable enoughwith me yet to admit it."


"Oh yeah," I replied, turning my head to smile at her. She leaned forward and kissed me; softly at first but then with growing passion. I felt her hot, insistent tongue demanding entry. Our tongues fenced heatedly, probing each others mouths with mounting passion. I pressed myself back firmly against her breasts; feeling her distended nipples through the sheer material of my dress.


Reluctantly turning my attention back to the window, I saw that Adam had reached the highly sensitive area at the junction of her thighs and pussy. While he had not actually touched her pussy yet, Dianne's body was writhing from the sensations washing through her body. I was sure that she had by now forgotten  completely that she was the center of attention of twenty or more total  strangers.


Pulling back slightly and moving his head out of the way, he provided the  audience a better view of what he was doing. Placing his thumbs on either side of her blonde-furred pussy lips, he pulled them slowly apart displaying her blood engorged inner lips; her erect, throbbing clit standing out like a miniature penis.

Having allowed the members an unobstructed view of her pink, aroused pussy, he lowered his mouth and stroked her clit several times with his tongue. She responded by crying out and locking her long legs around his back, bucking her hips wildly against his face and leaving his lips and nose coated with  glistening film of her abundant lubrication. Judging by her violent reaction, I suspected this was her first experience with oral sex.


Unconsciously, I reached back, slipping my hand under Marianne's robe and up her inner thigh. Expecting my fingers to encounter panties, I instead found only soft damp pubic hair!


"Ummm ... I'll give you just twenty minutes to cease and desist," she whispered  in my ear as she slid her hand up under my dress, gently massaging my prominent  mons through my by now soaked panties.


We watched as Adam gave Dianne's pussy such a through tongue lashing that she was soon thrashing her way through a second intense orgasm. While waiting for it to subside, he moved up her body, alternately sucking her breasts and rolling her nipples around with his tongue. Jody remained kneeling near her head,  massaging Dianne's arms and shoulders to relieve her tension while languidly  kissing her lips.


Once Dianne regained her composure and her breathing had somewhat returned to normal, Jody rose and quickly stripped off her robe. She was completely nude! Her large, firm breasts with long, fully erect nipples bounced slightly as she tossed the robe aside. The muscles of her lithe supple figure were well toned  and her alabaster skin flawless except for a light sprinkle of freckles on her chest. She was obviously completely aroused. Her pussy juices, gleaming in the footlights, oozed from her well-trimmed red pubic hair.


Grasping Dianne's arms, she lifted her limp, exhausted body into a kneeling  position in profile to the audience. Kneeling behind Dianne, Jody teased her breasts with one hand while the other slid slowly down over her stomach before slipping between her parted thighs. Again she whispered something in Dianne's  ear which caused her to blush furiously once more. She shook her head as Jody continued whispering to her. Finally Dianne hesitantly nodded her head, seemly to reluctantly agree to Jody's request.


Seeing this, Adam moved toward them until the head of his impressive cock  brushed her slightly parted lips. Dianne recoiled slightly then, at Jody's  whispered urging, tentatively touched his cockhead with her tongue. Then,  seemingly surrendering to the inevitable, she opened her mouth wider and slipped herovaled lips over Adam's now throbbing purple cockhead, her tongue darting over its sensitive under side.


Seeing this, Jody slipped under Dianne's body, placing her head between her now widespread thighs. Grasping Dianne's hips, she lifted her mouth to her soaked pussy, her probing tongue seeking Dianne's swollen clit. As she made contact, Dianne moaned softly and began rocking her hips as she eased her mouth down over  Adam's throbbing shaft.


I turned to Marianne and smiled broadly saying, "God, I think I'm going to cum just watching this!"

"Just hang in there. You'll have plenty of time for that in a few moments  darling," she replied, giving my left nipple a tweak.


Turning back to the window, I saw that Dianne was again lying on her back with Jody kneeling astride her head and Adam standing to one side, slowly stroking his rock hard cock. Jody motioned for him to approach and he knelt slowly beside Dianne's hips, again spreading her thighs and massaging her pussy.


After allowing the audience a moment to observe her by now her flushed, slightly parted pussy lips, he slipped a pillow under her hips and positioned himself between her widely spread legs. Grasping her calves, he raised her legs and  placed them on his shoulders while moving closer to her until his cock brushed  her soaked, waiting pussy.


Marianne ran her tongue over my ear and nipped its lobe, sending tingles of electricity through my already flushed body. "This is going to be an experiencefor her. I know her fiancée and he is very much smaller than Adam," she smiled as she again pinched my nipple.


Adam had nestled his cockhead firmly into the opening of Dianne's pussy,  pressing his hips forward to hold it in place. Meanwhile, Jody moved toward him, placing her red fringed pussy directly over Dianne's face. Leaning forward, she grasped Adam's cock, holding it in position as he pressed it slowly but determinedly into her hot, tight opening. Dianne's pussy stretched slowly, seeming to flow over Adam's massive cockhead  until is suddenly popped into her. With a muted scream, Dianne jerked her hips upward, impaling herself on his thick cock. At the same time she thrust her mouth into Jody's pussy; sucking her clit between her lips, her tongue lashing  wildly.


Adam began sliding his cock gently in and out of her stretched pussy, pushing  deeper with each thrust until his entire length was completely lodged within  her, his cockhead resting lightly against her cervix. He held his body stiffly  rigid as she humped herself wildly against him.


Once convinced her pussy had completely adjusted to his considerable size, he began stroking his cock into her hot tightly clinging pussy; slowly at first, then gathering speed until he was slamming into her, banging against her cervix on each down stroke.


As Dianne neared her climax a low growl started deep in her throat, developing  into a full blown scream as she went over the top. Her body arched upward,  lifting Adam's body and driving his cock as deeply as possible into her. He could hold back no longer, adding his own scream to her's as his jerking cock pumped spurt after spurt of hot semen into her spasming pussy. Completely spent,  he collapsed onto her, his rapidly deflating cock slipping wetly out of her now limp body.


"Wow, I believe our little Dianne has passed her entrance exams with flying  colors," I exclaimed, smiling back a Marianne's flushed face.


"Yes, it appears she is now more than ready to join our little group," Marianne  grinned.


Dianne was now sitting up, smiling but still seeming a little bewildered by her experience. Jody released her wrists from their restraints, then reached up and removed her blindfold.


The first thing she saw was after her eyes adjusted to the lights was Adam's  smiling face as he gently said, "Welcome to our club, Dianne."


Dianne threw her arms around his neck and placed a warm wet kiss on his lips,  then she twisted around and did the same to a broadly grinning Jody. As the audience applauded, they rose and walked arm in arm from the stage.


Chapter IV: My Initiation


"OK, now it's your turn. Are you ready," Marianne asked, smiling wickedly.


"Oh God yes, I'm so hot at this point I'm ready to take on your entire  membership, one at a time or all at once," I replied in a voice husky with  passion and excitement.


"It will only take a few moments to reset the stage, so let's get you ready now. Surely Dianne's debut has gotten our members into the proper frame of mind to make this an experience to remember," Marianne said with a chuckle. I wondered what she meant by that but merely nodded my assent.


Opening a cabinet behind her, Marianne removed four black leather cuffs,  sheepskin lined with stainless steel D rings fastened to their outer sides.  Quickly buckling the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, she turned back to the cabinet and pulled out a heavy black strip of silk cloth about six inches wide and four feet long.


As she started to wrap the cloth over my eyes I protested mildly, "Is the  blindfold really necessary. I'm a big girl now and, from what I've just seen, I have a good idea what's going to happen."


"Trust me my dear, there will be some surprises. Remember, Dianne's experience was rather limited because she is a novice. Ellen would never forgive me if we let you off that easy. But the main reason for the blindfold is not to keep you from seeing what's happening, rather it's to enhance your other senses, allowing you tomore fully enjoy the whole experience. I read somewhere that the brain is your  most powerfully erotic organ," Marianne explained then kissed me softly, then sliding her tongue deep into my mouth while stroking my nipples with her palms.


As Marianne was explaining the reason for the blindfold, I noticed four men  dressed in flowing black robes positioning several items about the stage. A large black circular cushion was placed at center stage near the footlights, while a narrow backless bench with a padded leather seat stood slightly to one  side.


"Just relax and trust me dear; remember, you'll not be harmed in any way,"  Marianne reassured me with a lopsided smile, wrapping the black silk twice  around my head and knotting it firmly at the back. Well, I thought, at least  I'll be color coordinated anyway ... for a few moments at least.


After checking the blindfold carefully to insure it was correctly positioned,  she took me by the elbow and led me from the observation room, murmuring  "Show time!" With that she led me carefully onto the stage. When we reached  what I judged to be center stage, Marianne halted and turned me slightly to, I assume, directly face the expectant audience.


I heard a mummer of approval rise from the group, causing me to smile nervously  in what I assumed to be their direction. I could feel the warmth of the footlights on my legs so I knew we must be very close to the front of the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention," Marianne announced in a loud voice. "I'm proud to introduce Alex, a new and very special member to our group.  She is an intimate friend of Ellen, whom I'm sure most of you remember from a  few years ago, before she deserted us to return to 'the colonies'. Please make her welcome!" The audience erupted in loud applause, along with some whistles and shouts. I'd  like to think this was all for me but I suspect it was more in memory of Ellen, who seemed to have cut a pretty wide swath through southern England during her college years.


As the noise subsided I sensed, rather than heard, other people joining us on the stage. Of course I had no idea how many or of which gender. Not that it mattered to me at that moment; I was so highly aroused it wouldn't have mattered if the entire Coldstream Guard  were waiting to ravish my flushed tingling body.


Marianne stepped behind me and slowly slid the zipper of my dress down as I felt a pair of hands softly touching my breasts; caressing them, not squeezing or pinching, just softly using their palms to caress my already engorged nipples. Oh God, Marianne was right, the sensations were far more intense without the distractions of visual stimuli.


Marianne had pulled the zipper all the way down. I felt the cooler air on  the bare skin of my back as the dress back parted slightly but for several  seconds time seemed to stand still except for the stranger's hands moving  lightly over my tingling nipples.


Suddenly the hands were gone and with one swift motion, Marianne jerked my dress from my shoulders, allowing it to flutter  to the floor. I heard a sharp intake of breath from the audience and realized  the impression I must be making, dressed only in tiny black bikini panties,  black fishnet hose with black leather cuffs attached to my wrists and ankles. My body felt flushed with sexual excitement, my tingling nipples standing proudly at attention!


After a few seconds, which I surmised was to allow the members to inspect my now nearly naked body, I felt two pair of strong male hands grasp my wrists, pulling my arms away from my sides. A pair of soft feminine lips covered my mouth, her tongue firmly demanding entrance. Opening my mouth, our tongues excitedly  intertwined, urgently exploring. At the same time I felt soft hot mouths on both breasts, gently sucking in my nipples and nipping them lightly with their teeth. My body trembled at the sudden attention being paid to it simultaneously.


For a long minute the exquisite stimulation continued, then the mouths disappeared  as quickly and unexpectedly as they had arrived. Fingers hooked the  sides of my panties and began sliding them slowly down over my hips, hesitating  teasingly for a second before uncovering my pubic mound, then sliding them  quickly to my ankles. Someone, I assume Marianne, grasped my right ankle and lifted it, allowing her to remove my shoe and slip one side of my dress and panties away. She then  repeated the process on my left leg. 


I next fully expected someone to roll my hose down and remove them also, but instead I felt Marianne's warm breath on my  ear as she whispered, "I'm going to leave the stockings on, at least for now. They make such an exotic statement!"


As she was whispering to me, a man's hot mouth covered mine in a deep passionate  kiss while his hand slid down my stomach seeking my hot, wet pussy. Cupping my mound firmly, he parted my nether lips and ran a thick finger the length of my slickly wet vulva, then pushed it slowly but firmly up into my wet, overheated vagina. After sliding it in and out a few times, he reluctantly removed it and sought  my clitoris, finding it hard and throbbing. Satisfied that I was fully aroused and properly lubricated, he grasped my arm and guided me carefully across the stage.


After only a few steps he indicated I should stop, then turned my body slightly  to my right. I could tell by the soft rustling sounds emanating from the  audience that I was again facing toward them.  Again two men grasped my upper arms and eased me backward and downward  until my butt encountered the butter-soft leather of the bench I had seen earlier. I was then urged by hand pressure to lie back until I was resting comfortably on my back, the soft leather caressing my skin.


A wide soft leather fleece-lined strap was placed across my body, just below my ribcage, and I heard two soft clicking sounds as it was clipped to each side of the bench. It was then snugged tightly, effective immobilizing my torso.


At the same, strong hands pulled my feet apart until my thighs were spread wide. I then felt a bar snapped to the rings of my ankle cuffs. My legs were now spread wide enough to pull my outer lips apart, exposing my pussy to the expectant member's view.


Blindfolded and immobilized in this most vulnerable position, the feel of soft famine mouths simultaneously again encompassing my nipples, sucking them in and caressing them with their tongues, took my breath away. My abdominal muscles tensed and my inner thigh muscles involuntarily twitched, lifting my pelvis  slightly off the bench.


Just then I felt a woman's soft cheeks brush against my inner thighs, her warm breath exciting my exposed, flushed pussy. Her lips placed light baby-kisses up and down the sides of my parted outer pussy lips before her hot tongue flicked out, exploring my vulva and seeking my hard, throbbing clit. Her hands reached  under my thighs and grasped my hips tightly as she sucked my clit between her lips, nipping on it lightly and sending little flashes on electricity racing through my body.


W hile the three women continued ministering to my breasts and pussy, two pair of masculine hands took my wrists and, pulling them outward, placed each of them on a hard cock. Wrapping my hands around them I discovered that one was long and slim, other shorter but much thicker. As I tightened my grip and stroked the cocks, I  also noted that they were both circumcised, the thick one having a wide blunt head while the slim one had a smaller, slightly pointed head. I mentally dubbed them 'Stud' and 'Needle Dick'.


For some odd reason, I found this distinction comforting. Having assigned names to the men took away the feeling that these cocks were just so much meat. They were attached to real men who lived real lives and who were soon going to thoroughly fuck me.


After jacking both cocks back and forth for a moment, 'Stud' pulled away, only to be replaced by another man. This one was uncut, its foreskin only partially pulled back away from its massive mushroom shaped head which was an inch or more thicker than  it's average sized shaft! Wow, I thought, enter 'Fat Head'.


I had no more than made this observation than the woman sucking my clit pulled  away, only to be replaced by a pair of hairy legs brushing my thighs. I felt a large cockhead, which I assumed belonged to 'Stud', rub up and down my vulva; gathering my lubrication, then nestling itself firmly in the opening of my hot wet tunnel. As the rock hard cockhead pressed insistently against my tiny opening, I felt myself slowlystretching to accommodate it; gradually flowing around it like hot flowing lava.


As 'Stud' pressed himself slowly but surely up into my pussy, I felt a pair of warm soft thighs against my cheeks and a hot fragrant pussy descend upon my mouth. From her perfume I knew immediately it was Marianne. Driving my tongue eagerly into her slot, I explored it thoroughly, licking it from back to front;  finding her distended clit and sucking it gently between my lips and massaging  it softly with my tongue.


Meanwhile, the man in my pussy had worked his cock fully into me and stopped for a few seconds, waiting for my stretched tunnel to adjust to its massive presence. Now he slowly pulled out until only his cockhead remained inside me, then suddenly slammed deep into my hot tight depths, hitting my cervix as his  pendulous balls slapped sharply against my ass cheeks. After repeating this move several times, 'Stud' settled into a steady rhythm; at times pulling completely out, then driving his entire length back into me as I automatically snapped my hips upward to meet his hard driving thrusts.


I was quickly reaching the point of no return and could tell from Marianne's  grinding pussy rubbing against my face that she was keeping pace with me.  Suddenly, Stud's body stiffened as he slammed into me as deeply as possible,  emitting a loud primal scream. The feeling of his scalding sperm flooding my pussy sent me over the top, my hips thrashing and gyrating uncontrollably as Marianne also spasmed, collapsing on me as her pungent juices soaked my face.


I lay there feeling Stud's huge cock deflating within my body as his breathing  slowed to normal. I involuntarily tightened my inner vaginal muscles in a vain attempt to hold it in place as long as possible but could feel it slipping its way to freedom inch by inch until, with a wet sucking sound, it finally popped out.


Marianne had recovered sufficiently to lift herself from my body and, with a warm damp cloth, wiped her sticky juices from my flushed face. As she showered my face with light warm kisses, I hugged her close and whispered, "God, that was wonderful! I haven't had a climax like that in months. Is the initiation over?"

Marianne chuckled deep in her throat, then replied, "Soon darling. Just one more little thing to take care of."


With that she removed the wide fleece-covered strap from my chest as masculine  hands removed the spreader bar from my ankles. Marianne eased my limp, spent  body into a sitting position and I waited for her to remove the blindfold. Instead, she grasped me under my arms and lifted my to my feet. My legs were so shaky I nearly collapsed but caught myself as two women grasped my arms and led me solicitously away from the bench.  After only three or four steps, I was stopped and my body again turned toward the now whispering audience. Behind me, I could hear the sounds of something heavy being manhandled into position.


After urging me backward a few steps, my heels encountered a platform that proved to be about a foot in height. Backing carefully up onto the platform, I felt two men grasp my ankles and, pulling them widely apart, snap restraints to the rings of my  ankle cuffs. Next, my arms were raised over my head and similarly restrained. The  restraining ropes were then tightened, leaving my naked upright body immobilized  and spread-eagled.


Although I trusted Marianne's previous assurances that I would not be harmed, I still irrationally half expected to feel the sting of a whip at any moment. Instead, I felt a soft warm body press against my back; her arms circling my body, her palms softly rubbing my nipples. The magic was still working; my  tingling nipples stiffened and a warm glow again grew in my quickly dampening  crotch.


The woman behind me leaned forward, placing her mouth close to my ear as I again caught the delicate scent of Marianne's distinctive perfume. Softly she whispered, "Just relax and enjoy, dear heart. I promise you this will be a truly unique experience!"


Suddenly I felt a man's lightly stubbled cheeks brushing my thighs, his mouth  seeking my now burning pussy. His lips sought my heat and his broad tongue  slipped between my pussy lips seeking my again throbbing clit. My body writhed  against the restraints as he sucked it gently between his lips, his tongue  flicking it rapidly. He brought me nearly to the top, then suddenly pulled away and rose to his feet.


Standing before me with his chest hairs teasing my sensitive distended nipples,  he slipped his large cock between my trembling thighs. I felt his cockhead part my lips and rub slowly back and forth, slicking its length with my juices, then lodging itself firmly into the entrance to my cunt. Reaching behind me, he cupped my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled my hips sharply toward him as he thrust himself up into my dripping tunnel. The head of his  cock felt huge as it stretched my opening but, once inside, my muscles clamped down on a much thinner shaft.


This must be 'Fat Head' I thought as he continued to ease  that massive cockhead deeper into my stretching sheath. God, it felt like a tennis ball on a broom stick! He continued pushing with his hips while, at the same time, pulling me onto that  wonderful cock! Finally he was completely buried within me, his shaft resting  firmly against my clit.


As he held it there, I felt a small, well lubricated finger massaging my anus, slowly insinuating itself up into my ass. At first my sphincter opposed this invasion but soon accepted its presence and relaxed. After rotating several times to stretch the opening slightly, the first finger was joined by a second  and then a third.


For a moment, the woman's slippery fingers thrust and twisted, ensuring my  anus was completely stretched and lubricated. Then they were then removed  only to be replaced by a thin pointed cockhead. I knew it had to be 'Needle Dick'! Pressing his slender cock slowly up into me, he soon had his slender cock fully lodged  in my ass. While I had experimented with anal sex before, I had never been exposed  to being penetrated by two cocks simultaneously. I found it to be an extremely  stimulating feeling.


After allowing me a moment to acclimate to the sensation of unbelievable fullness both men, as if by some prearranged signal, began stroking into me in unison; slowlyat first, then gathering speed until they were both slamming their cocks into my suspended body. I soon realized I was reaching a level of excitement I had never  before experienced. The incredible feeling of being invaded simultaneously by two cocks was overloading my senses.


Suddenly the slamming thrusts stopped as both men grasped my hips and drove  themselves as deeply as possible into me, climaxing simultaneously. The sensation  of both cavities being pumped full of scalding hot sperm sent me over the top, writhing uncontrollably and screaming in pleasure. As the twin cocks slipped slowly out of my body I collapsed, my spent body hanging  limply by the wrist restraints. Seeing that I couldn't support my own weight, 'Fat Head'  placed his arms around me and lifted my body slightly as gentle hands released the ropes from my wrists and ankles.


Once my arms were free I threw them tightly around his neck, hugging his hard body to mine and kissing his warm mouth with wild abandon. Slipping his right arm under the back of my knees, he swept my slight body off the platform, gathering my 97 pounds in his arms as though I were a child. Carrying me across  the stage, he gently laid me back on the waiting floor cushion as the audience,  who had been silent during my double penetration, exploded into applause. Sensing others gathering around me, I sat up, bracing my exhausted body with my arms and smiled wearily in the general direction of the audience members.


Marianne knelt beside me, one arm comfortably around my shoulders. Placing her lips close to my ear she whispered, "You came through the initiation in grand fashion my dear. Ellen would be proud of you! Are you ready to meet your co-stars?"


As I nodded weakly, she reached behind me and untied the silken blindfold,  unwinding it from my head and letting it flutter to the floor. The house lights had been turned up and the entire room was now flooded with bright light. After being in absolute darkness for so long, it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. The first thing I saw was Richard's smiling face! Scanning down his hard muscled body I focused on his now limp uncut cock with its massive partially covered cockhead.


My God, Richard was 'Fat Head!


Marianne introduced me to the men and women gathered on the stage, introducing  Richard as Dick, my surrogate sponsor. Wow, so Richard was Ellen's 'blue blooded friend'! The ramifications of this turn of events swirled around in my befuddled mind as I smiled at Marianne and merely said, "Yes, Dick and I have met before."


Would Dick expose me to my firm? Not likely considering his vow of secrecy to the club. Would he try to use this to blackmail me into allowing him to keep his job? I didn't think he would dare to try that but I didn't know. My mind was so muddled from exhausted I couldn't think straight!


Chapter V: Afterglow


Marianne took my hand and said, "Let's get you cleaned up now. After you've  rested a bit, we can mingle with the members and you can get to know some of your new friends." Guiding me back to the dressing room she said with a smile, "You know, you did even better than Ellen did on her first night! Don't tell her I said so, but she required much more urging and encouragement."


Reaching the dressing room, I stood under a steaming hot shower, relaxing my sore aching muscles and clearing my befuddled mind. After ten minutes of this, I emerged refreshed to find my clothing, freshly pressed, hanging from a hook on the opposite wall. On a nearby table was a small satin pillow. Upon the pillow rested a  gold fraternal ring with a beautiful garnet stone; a femine version of the ring I had noticed Richard wearing earlier in the day. Slipping it on my finger, I found it fit perfectly! Damn, I thought, these people think of everything.


As I finished dressing, Marianne returned to escort me to a large lounge area where the members were gathered, sipping drinks and conversing quietly. Ordering us drinks from the bar, she led me from group to group, introducing me to dozens of elegantly dressed men and women whose names I immediately forgot but whom I was sure I would know intimately in the near future.


After meeting all the people present, Ellen said, "I'll leave you to mingle now. When you're ready to return to London, just ask the barman to notify me and I'll arrange your transportation." Behind me I heard Dick say, "Don't worry about that Marianne.  Her transportation is taken care of." With that, he linked arms with me and guided me to a quiet table in a dark corner of the room.


"Look Alex, I know this may seem to be a setup but, believe me, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I received that call from Ellen this evening. I had no idea you two knew each other. To prove it, when you arrive back at your hotel you'll find a letter from me accepting your offer to remain  with the firm under the conditions you laid out during our meeting. Please check the messenger's time-stamp showing the pickup time and you will find it was prior to the time I could have possibly have received Ellen's call."


Accepting his explanation, I leaned toward him and kissed him softly. We chatted quietly for awhile until I suddenly started to giggle. A thought had crossed my mind that Richard's full nickname was now 'Fat Head Dick'! I was just tired enough to  make that seem hilariously funny. Richard looked at me and asked, "What's so amusing?"  "Nothing important" I replied with a smile, "Just a random  thought." Perhaps I would share the joke with him sometime,  after we got to know each other much better.


Finishing our drinks, we moved back to the bar for refills and  to mingle with the other guests. I couldn't help but notice that most of the male members, and not a few of their female companions, 
openly and appreciatively assessed my body as we circulated from  group to group. The subject of Ellen was also a common topic of  conversation. During the evening I learned more about my friend than I  had ever suspected.


After an hour or so of wandering about the room and chatting with the others,  Richard finally said, "We'd better get you back to your hotel now. You've had a busy evening and I'm sure you could use a good night's sleep."


I suddenly realized just how weary I was from the evening's activities and agreed to his suggestion. Offering our apologies, we gathered our wraps and made our way to the parking lot. I was especially interested in seeing what sort of car Richard owned. I've discovered you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive.


Guiding me to the rear of the lot, he remotely unlocked the doors of a low-slung,  gleaming black Aston-Martin. Damn, I thought, these little cars don't come cheap. How in the world could he afford a car like this? I knew the amount of Richard's salary and it certainly didn't cover the cost of this little beauty!

Opening the door and handing me into the passenger seat, he walked around to the other side and settled himself in the driver's seat. The powerful engine sprang to life with a muted growl of power.


Pulling out of the parking lot, Richard said, "I know you must be wondering how I could afford a car like this on what you pay me. Actually, my salary is only a small portion of my income. The majority comes from a two million pound family trust.  You see, my great grandfather founded a very profitable shipping line around the  turn of the century and my mother’s family is also quite wealthy in their own right. I certainly don't  need to work, but I found I needed the challenge of succeeding in the business world  to validate my ego."


"An enviable position, I'm sure," I smiled.


As we neared the outskirts of London Richard fell silent, concentrating on the increasing traffic. I sat with my head reclined against the headrest, my mind drifting back over the events of the day; the contentious meeting with Richard, my conversations with Ellen, my experiences at The Castle, and finally my discovery of  Richard's participation in my initiation.


Chapter VI: A Glimpse Of The Future


Arriving at my hotel, Richard placed his hand on my thigh, slowly moving it upward until his hand cupped my pussy. Leaning toward me he kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwining sensuously.


Ending the kiss he said, "I hope you aren't angry with  me for what happened at the club tonight. It was my turn to participate in the next initiation but perhaps I should have recused myself because of our professional relationship. On the other hand, I'm afraid I was looking forward to sampling that  sweet body of yours!"


"No Richard, I'm not angry about that. I must admit I enjoyed your body fully as much as you did mine, although I’d have had some reservations about the ethics of the situation had I known about it before hand," I responded with a smile and another tingling kiss.


With that, I invited Richard up to my suite for a nightcap. He demurred however,  saying that would probably lead to something else and that I didn't need any more excitement until I'd had a good night's sleep.


As he helped me out of the passenger seat of his gleaming little toy he said, "I'll ring you up in the morning. Perhaps you'll  join me for a picnic in Bournemouth."


After escorting me to the front door, he kissed once again before he left, his sleek little sports car pulling smoothly into the heavy after-theater traffic.


Entering the hotel lobby, I approached the front desk and asked if there were any messages for me. The night clerk turned and retrieved a letter, delivered by a messenger service, and two fax messages from my box. After taking the elevator up to my suite, I collapsed on the sofa and examined my mail.


The letter was from Richard and I noted it had been picked up by the messenger service from his office at 4:17 pm, long before he could possibly have received Ellen's call. Since I already  knew the essence of its contents, I laid it aside for the moment and read the two fax messages.


The first was from Ellen, congratulating on my new membership in her club and adding that she would call me first thing in the morning for all the delicious details of the evening.


The second was from the CEO of my firm. Scanning its contents, I gasped in  total surprise. Rereading it carefully, I flopped back against the sofa cushions, staring at the ceiling as a wide goofy grin spread across my face.


It seems the board of directors had decided to open a consolidated overseas  headquarters in London, reporting directly to the company president and that I was being offered the position of its CEO. Should I accept the position, I should cancel my vacation but remain in London to locate an apartment, hire staff and  coordinate the acquisition of office facilities. Whoa ... this was completely unexpected!


I grabbed my corporate address book, looked up Richard's home address and dialed his number. When he answered I said, "Grab your jacket and get your ass back over here as fast as that little toy car of yours can make it; we're going out on the town and  celebrate!"


"Is this you Alex? What in the world are you talking about? Celebrate what?"


"Yes, this is Alex you twit! Never mind what it's about, just haul your sorry butt over here! I'll explain later." With that, I broke the connection, grinning like a fool.


Dashing into the bathroom, I took a quick douche and replaced my now crusty panties with a black thong. Grabbing my purse and a light jacket, I dashed down to the lobby to await Richard's arrival.


An hour later, comfortably ensconced in a dark corner of an upscale London club, I asked a puzzled Richard, "How would you like to be the Comptroller of our firm's Foreign Operations Division?"


"You must have fried some circuits tonight. There is no Foreign Operations Division," he laughed.


"That's entirely true ... but there will be within three weeks." I explained the Fax I had found waiting for me at the hotel.


Richard was silent for a moment, digesting the unexpected news and considering  its ramifications. Finally he cleared his throat and said, "Of course I accept your most generous offer. My advanced degree is in economics and I'm sure I can handle money much better than I can direct people. Umm ... do you think you could entice Ellen into accepting a position in our new division?"


"Let me handle Ellen. She'll be calling me first thing in the morning. I'm sure I can put together an offer she can't refuse!"


"In that case, how about returning to my place for some celebratory Champaign  and ... umm ... whatever," he replied with a Groucho Marx leer.


"Well, if you're up to it, I'm game," I grinned.


Richard lived in a very large plush apartment located in an equally very exclusive building only a few blocks away from the club. After giving me a guided tour of his obviously expensive lodgings, we arrived at last at his bedroom suite.


The room was dominated by a massive teak four-posted bed. I noticed, with a slight smile, that the lower side of its canopy consisted of a huge beveled-glass mirror. In one corner was a sitting area with a low coffee table surrounded by three overstuffed  club chairs and a matching love seat.


Seating me on the sofa, he walked to a wet bar hidden behind folding doors. Producing a chilled bottle of champagne and two flute  glasses, he returned, settled himself next to me and poured our wine.


As we sipped our drinks, we discussed our feelings about our afternoon meeting in his office, his relationship with Ellen, the events that had occurred earlier in the evening, and finally the ramifications of the fax I had received from the home office.


Finally, taking the champagne flute from my unresisting hand and placing both glasses on the table, he slipped one arm around my shoulders and kissed my waiting lips slowly and passionately, his other hand cupping and gently squeezing my breast. I felt  my body respond to his welcome attentions; a warm glow growing in my groin and my nipples tingling as they hardened. Breaking off the kiss Richard rose and, taking my arm, led me across the room to the bed.


As he removed my dress, I fumbled with his belt. Finally loosening it, I quickly unzipped his fly and slid his trousers and briefs to the floor. Dropping to my knees, I grasped his beautiful semi-erect cock and softly kissed its huge cockhead.


As I flicked my tongue over its sensitive underside, Richard groaned softly and pulled my mouth to his rapidly expanding cock. I licked and kissed my way down the hardening shaft until I found my  nose buried in the course pubic hair covering his pendulous testicle sack.


Kissing his balls, I gently sucked one of his balls into my hot mouth. After massaging it thoroughly with my tongue, I then let it slip from between my lips and slowly licked and kissed my way back up the shaft toward his cockhead. A drop of precum now glistened  from its slit. I licked the drop of tangy fluid, savoring its musky flavor but when I started to slide my ovaled lips over his now fully inflated cockhead, he suddenly grasped me under my arms and, lifting my seemingly insignificant weight, placed me on my back in the center of the large, king sized bed. Looking up, I could see my apparently childlike naked body stretched out on the coverlet; my legs spread wide apart and my tiny bush  glistening from Richards saliva and my own juices.


Kneeling over my head, he bent forward and buried his face in my eagerly awaiting pussy. His throbbing cock was now directly over my mouth. As I felt his broad tongue begin exploring my flooded vulva, I grasped his shaft firmly and, with some difficulty,  slipped my lips over his cockhead. I couldn't get much more than its head into my mouth due to its size but I sucked on it greedily, while at the same time jacking his shaft slowly with both hands.


While I was attending to his cock, Richard sucked my clitoris between his lips and flicked it rapidly with his wonderfully talented tongue. My body responded to this sweet torture, my hips involuntarily thrusting against his demanding mouth.


Finally, sensing my rapidly approaching orgasm, he sat up and  quickly reversed his position. Placing a small pillow under my ass, he knelt between my trembling thighs and, grasping both legs, placed my ankles on his broad shoulders. Leaning forward, he clamped his wet mouth over mine. I could taste my pussy juices  on his tongue as he thrust it deep into my mouth. Then, grasping my wrists, he raised my arms high over my head and held them there as I felt his  huge mushroom shaped cockhead press insistently against the hot, wet opening of my tunnel.


As his cock slowly pushed past the tight muscles surrounding its entrance and slid slowly into my slick, hot  depths, my final thought before surrendering to the sensations coursing through my b ody was …


Eat Your Heart Out Ellen!


The End   (for now)


Proof reading and encouragement provided by Silkinn

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If you enjoyed this story, let me know if you would like to read more of the adventures of Alex, Ellen, and Richard.

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