Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill


Rachel by Darius Thornhill

Chapter 1

Is having sex with your stepdaughter when she is a grown woman incest? Before you make up your mind and judge us, read this story.

I'd started my `second career' that summer. I was trying to be a writer. My children - I call them my children, but they were really my second wife's family, my step kids - had grown up and moved on to lives of their own. Rachel was 27 and her brother was a couple of years younger. She left home for college at 18 and was now, after a few false starts, successful - as successful as any parent could wish.

Based at her own design studio overlooking the river a few miles west of the London, her work was beginning to be seen on advertising hoardings, magazines and in corporate literature. Her smiling face framed by long silky brown hair looked out at me from a framed picture on my desk, a moment in time that had caught her carefree and sympathetic character in a perfect instant. It had of course not always been like that. As a teenager she had hated me, and everything I stood for, blaming me for the break-up of her original family. With time and maturity we became at first more comfortable and then close friends until she started to look on me as more of a father figure than an unwanted complication in her life. After she left home we became closer and were able to talk more as friends than anything else.

So there I was. Old job behind me - no more meetings about meetings, no more corporate bullshit. Just the freedom and excitement of breaking out to do what I'd always wanted, to write. To write anything that anyone would pay me to write. I'd be a literary whore - the refinement could come later. A few months earlier my wife - Rachel's mother - and I had separated amicably. We'd just out-grown each other and moved on to different interests. A few regrets on each side, but not many.

I was lucky. Early on I was awarded a contract to write a series of articles for a magazine about sailing ships in the later part of the 19th century. This meant research trips to London and naturally I'd stay with Rachel at her studio flat while I was working in the city, visiting archives out at Greenwich and Kew.

One week in late spring I'd called Rachel to let her know I was coming down for a couple of days.

`Hey that's great - I'll see you on Thursday evening.'

It was a warm day and loads of traffic held me up so I hit the M25 in the rush hour. When I arrived at Rachel's I was hot and bothered, but her big smile, her arm round me as she helped get my luggage up the stairs to her second floor studio made me feel better.

`How are you? Do you want a drink? Do you want a shower? There's a towel in the bathroom.'

I'm OK, yes, yes and thanks.' I replied laughing at her torrent of happiness and shear zest for life. Rachel never did anything by halves and always asked two or three questions at once when she was excited.

`OK. You know where the bathroom is. I'll get the drinks.'

I stepped through to Rachel's bedroom - it's a single bedroom studio and the bathroom is off the only bedroom. I noticed the faint aroma immediately. A pleasant musky tang hung in the warm room and if I hadn't still been a bit fazed by the journey I would have known straight away what it was. But it took me a few moments to notice the body-shaped depression in her duvet where she had obviously recently been lying. Studying the shape I realised that she had been lying with her legs apart and then it clicked. The faint lingering smell was, well... was the smell of a recently excited female body. Despite my relationship - this woman was still my daughter, and much to my surprise - I felt a little tingle of excitement stir in my groin.

Laughing at myself I moved on to the bathroom and started to undress.

`Put your clothes in the wash basket if you want to. I'm doing some washing later.' Rachel called from the other room.'

OK. Thanks love.' I called back.

Stripping of my clothes was sheer luxury after the hours in the hot car. I lifted the top of the wash basket and was about to drop them in when I noticed a pair of small white cotton panties lying on top of the heap of clothing already in there. They were very skimpy, in fact they had no back at all apart from a thin piece of material. What caught my eye next made my heart miss a beat and then restart with an almost audible thump. In the part of her panties that would have been next to her vagina a patch of wetness showed up as a darker area in the soft whiteness. I noticed at the same time the female aroma was much stronger. She must have been wearing these panties while she lay on the bed pleasing herself with her fingers or who knows what...

My cock twitched again and I could not help my self - I just had to pick them up them so I could breathe in the erotic scent of secret pleasure. I held them close to me and savoured the fabulous scent of a woman's most private moments. I have always been sexually exited my a woman's smell, but the added taboo of smelling my own step-daughters freshly used panties was one of the most exciting things I'd ever experienced. My cock was rapidly getting larger and when I gently licked and tasted the wetness it stood fully up and demanded my attention.

I was standing with one hand round my cock and my stepdaughter's panties held to my face when a knock came at the door.

'Ere’z your drink sir!' Rachel called in a mock French maid's accent.

I quickly dropped her panties back into the basket and scooped my clothes in on top of them. Grabbing a towel I wrapped it round me and turned away from the door to hide my erection as I called `It's OK.'

Rachel opened the door. I saw her reflection in the mirror smiling at my naked back for a moment then placed the drink on the washstand.

`Thanks love. I'll be out in a minute.'


Jesus! That was close. The thought of Rachel catching me like that brought me back to a limp reality with a vengeance. What was I thinking of? I drained the drink, showered and changed into loose and comfortable shorts and T-shirt, then wandered back to the main room where Rachel sat cross-legged on a wide, low couch sipping from a long glass. This wouldn't normally have caused me any problem but Rachel was wearing a pair of those very close fitting cotton/Lycra shorts that hugged every contour of her lower body and left just enough to the imagination to be enticing. Topped off with a matching crop-top that left her smooth brown tummy exposed and emphasised her breasts, the effect - especially after my recent excitement in her bathroom - was electrifying.

`Are you OK? Sit down. I'll get you another drink.' She rose smoothly from the couch and passed close to me leaving a subtle air of perfume and musk as she went.

`I'm, um, fine thanks.' I managed to say, my voice betraying the nervousness I felt. Rachel turned and came closer.

Are you sure? Only you seem a little distracted.'

`Well it's a long drive. I must be a little travel-shocked.' She squeezed my arm and said, `Sit down. I know what you need.'

I sat on her couch and on her instruction leaned forward with my head over my knees. I felt her gentle hands begin to massage the back of my neck and shoulders. It felt great, really great and certainly helped to ease the stress. But after a few minutes another form of stress returned because I was acutely aware that her thinly clothed body was only inches from mine as she leant over me to work on my back. The source of that delightful aroma was only a few inches from my head. Breathing gently in I sensed again her female musk and again that began to excite my cock. I could reach out and... No! Don't even think about it. She must have sensed my increased tension. `Relax. That's an order.' I tried to breathe deeply, think about something else, and after a few more minutes managed to convince her I was OK. `Thanks love. That was perfect. I feel much better now.' I said, as she flopped down next to me, put her head on my shoulder and said,

`I love you and I'm glad you're here.'

I smiled at her, a great lump of emotion welling in me.

`Thanks Rachel. You know I love you too. Even though you're not my `natural' daughter I always felt you were the child of my spirit.' Her eyes sparkled and I knew I'd said the right thing.

It hadn't always been like this. During her teenage years we had fought like cat and dog. Sullen resentment alternating with deliberate aggressive confrontation had been my lot for three or four years while she had worked through unbalanced hormones towards her womanhood. All this confusion was made worse by my being a stepfather. How many times had she wounded me with the casually flung phrase: `You're not my real father anyway.' And it hurt because that is what I had wanted to be ever since she stood with her mother and younger brother on my doorstep on the day they moved in. All gauche resentment and childish confusion, crying out for love and care but rejecting all offers of closeness.

Her head was still on my shoulder and she wriggled a bit until my arm slipped round her waist and she hugged me. Careful not to touch anywhere a father shouldn't I hugged her back. The closeness of her and the smell of her hair brought back that other aroma and against my will my cock twitched and began to grow thicker. I shifted to conceal it from her.

'You don't want to cuddle me do you?' She pulled back with a look of mock hurt.

'Yes I do. It's just that I was a bit, umm, uncomfortable.'

'What with me?

'No, just the drive, I'm a bit stiff, I mean I ache a bit.' 'Where? Do you want me to massage it for you?

'No! I mean no, it’s gone now thanks.'

'I don't believe you! Show me! Prove it!' And saying this she grabbed a loose cushion from the seat and threw it at me. I picked it up and threw it at her retreating rear as she rolled backwards over the arm of the couch, landed neatly and dived sideways to avoid the cushion.

'Right - its war!' Rachel laughed as she grabbed the cushion and did a long distance lob from the corner of the room. I grabbed it in mid air and advanced, blocking her escape from the corner.

`Let battle commence.' I said menacingly as I lunged towards her, falling easily into the childish game we’d played when she was younger. But I should have accounted for her speed and agility. She ducked under my arm, grabbed the cushion and dived back onto the couch. Without thinking I dived after her and found Rachel pinned under me, face down and still holding the cushion.

This was a bad situation. Her rounded buttocks, lifted by the cushion, were now pressing against my already excited cock, but I couldn't just stop in the middle of the game without making her suspicious so I tried to take as much weight off her as possible while reaching round in an attempt to grab the cushion. But instead of the cushion my hands found something soft and firm at the same time - and warm as well. Rachel laughed and pushed up with her hips to give her room to move the cushion. This must have been enough for her to feel my erection through only two or three thin layers of clothing. Lifting my weight a little more allowed Rachel to wriggle and turn over quickly underneath me so that now she lay on her back.

A change came over her face. She now looked serious and happy at the same time. Not knowing what to expect I did nothing just lay with my arms lifting myself up from her warm body, her face a few inches below mine. Then to my surprise, but I can't in all honestly say against my will, she reached up, put her arms round my neck, pulled me towards her and kissed me. Not the gentle peck on the cheek of a daughter, but the sensuous, full on the lips kiss of a lover. After a few seconds of stunned panic I pulled away.

'And now you know,' she said quietly.

'Know what?' I said like an idiot, still too shocked to think clearly.

'That I want you.' She said, in matter of fact voice as if explaining to a small child.

'You mean..?'

'Yes, that's exactly what I mean.'

But Rachel, I, we...' But I didn't finish because her lips touched mine again and this time the tip of her tongue gently separated my lips and played an erotic dance with the tip of my own tongue. What could I do? I froze, not responding, but my baser instincts were gradually overcoming the taboo. After all this was a very attractive women whom I already loved, but she was my... daughter. Was she my daughter? We weren't actually blood relations and I didn't live with her mother anymore. Did this make it all right?

'Rachel!' I said pulling away firmly and trying to be stern.

'What?' she was laughing at me.

'I'm your father, well step-father.'

'I know,' she said simply 'that's part of it.'

Part of it?

'Yes silly, part of why I want to fuck you.' A double blow hit me. The use of the word 'fuck' by my daughter and the fact that it was me she wanted to fuck.

'But why?' I said at last trying to get some measure of control and sanity back into the situation.

'Look,' she said. 'Lie down next to me and I'll tell you.'

Relieved to be out of the immediately compromising position, but still close enough to feel excited we lay full length along the couch with her cuddling up to me and kissing me as she explained.

'I've thought about this a long time, and I'm quite certain I want to and that it's the right thing to do. I have never really apologised for how awful I was to you. I know I was mixed up and confused but that doesn't make me feel any better about the way I treated you when I lived at home. So the first reason is to say sorry.'

'But you don't need to..'

'No, let me finish. The second reason is that I want to become - and to stay - as close to you as a real friend and the best way to do that is to share an intimate secret, and the best secret we could have is to be lovers. So I want you to love me and I want to love you back, and not just once or twice. We have the whole weekend and you can't deny you want to because I felt this when you were laying on me just now.' She pushed her hips against my still erect cock and I had to agree with her, I did want to - physically, but mentally was another thing.

'Listen love. I do love you, you are a very, ... sexy woman, but we can't - it’s not right.'

'Of course its right - we're not related are we?' If it was some other girl laying here you would wouldn't you?'

I sighed. She was right of course; she had me down cold on the logic. What could I do? She saw my resolve crumble and whispered in a low sexy voice. 'Now kiss me, kiss me like a lover.'

So I did.

For the first time I relaxed, knowing that she wanted to and I wasn't going to hurt her, so I kissed her gently and lovingly, releasing years of care and love, pouring my warmth and feeling into her with soft lips and a giving tongue. She responded by opening her lips to admit me into the first of many intimate places we would discover during that long weekend. Encouraging me with small sighs of approval and satisfaction we lay for ages, while the falling evening light reflecting on the river illuminated the room with a soft glow - kissing and licking, laughing and talking about the good times and the bad times we had shared and getting to know the person each was now. As the conversation slowed and the kisses grew longer and more passionate Rachel pushed away from me, sat up and lifted her crop top over her head, then settled back down and lifted her nipple to my mouth.

'Kiss me here.' She whispered.

'What there?'

'Oh yes, just there, and there, and...' her voice trailed off into a deep sigh as I gently kissed her upturned nipple then sucked it slowly into my mouth to roll my tongue gently round her little erect bud.

'You have such beautiful breasts. I never realised.'

'Mmmm.' was all the reply I got as she lay back on the cushions while I moved with gentle kisses and licks across to her other nipple and then widened my attentions to the whole of her breasts. They were silky smooth and soft, but under that was the firmness of her strong young body. I licked carefully round each mound and then down towards her petite navel and back up to circle her erect nipples again and again. After many minutes of this sweet stimulation she reached up and pulled my T-shirt over my head, whispering 'I want to feel you against me.' As she pulled my chest against her breasts and kissed me again with increasing passion, her stronger more demanding tongue teased and provoked me into action.

Now she parted her legs and I felt my erection pressing through the thin layers of fabric and against the soft flesh between her legs. My cock was straining to be free of my shorts and my shorts were wet with anticipation. We lay there kissing and moving against each other's bodies, anticipating but delaying the inevitable, becoming even more excited - Rachel's legs were now wrapped round my back pulling my erection against her warm body, her hips moved slowly against me rubbing her moist and intimate warmth against my stiffness. Her kisses became hungrier and almost savage as she panted and made small squeaks and groans of passion as my hard cock touched her where she wanted it most.

'Rachel, I'm going to come in my shorts if you don't..'

'OK, yes, lets...' She wriggled her tight shorts down and kicked them off leaving her sweet young pussy pressing directly against my shorts. I could feel her warmth and wetness mingling with mine and the head of my fabric encased cock found her entrance. I was almost coming as she pulled and tugged at my shorts. We both laughed as they got stuck on my cock but Rachel quickly pushed me up and slid them off.

Not being in contact with her body, and seeing her lying back, nude, open, vulnerable and sensuous made me catch my breath. Just what was I doing? What was I thinking? Did she really know what she wanted? But the sight of her smooth firm breasts, her sexy little belly and the beautiful, soft-brown curly hair emphasising the swelling of her genital mound was too much for me. I said without really meaning it;

'Rachel are you sure you want to do this? Its not too late if you want.., I mean I don't want to hurt you, emotionally I mean, so if you...'

'Hush you silly man.' She said with infinite care. 'This is what I think.' She pulled me gently towards her and moved so my cock head rested in the entrance of her pussy.

'Now what do you think?' She asked me. 'Do you want to?'

'I think this.' I said, moving so the very tip of my cock pressed a little further into her soft vagina.

'Well that's good because that's what I feel too.' With this she separated her legs a little further and pushed her hips upwards so the head of my cock popped into her tight young pussy.

'Oh God! That feels so good.' I said.

'I love you and I want you deep inside me - daddy!'

God! The use of that word in that situation removed any last trace of hesitation I felt.

And then together, in a mutually happy, sexy embrace, I pushed and she pulled - until I slid slowly into the depths of her vagina; until I could feel her little lips locked around the base of my cock; until I could feel her soft hair caressing my stomach; until she could feel by balls pressing against her anal opening. We were committed now, the act of physical love, of penetration had happened and our feelings for each other were confirmed and elevated to a higher level - a level from which they would never return. We lay for a few moments kissing each other gently and savouring that first, most intimate embrace, knowing that this moment would not be, could never be, repeated; that all doubt was gone and there was no going back - for better or worse.

'Do that again please daddy.' She whispered.

'This?' I said as I eased my cock reluctantly out of her warm wetness.

'Oh yes - that.' She murmured as I slid fully into her again. Her tightness, her wantonness, and the taboo excitement of penetrating my stepdaughter suddenly became too much and I started sliding into her with long slow rhythmic thrusts. She answered my need with her own demands and soon we were locked into the deepest embrace two lovers can experience, timing our thrusts and withdrawals so that we went from the merest genital caresses to the most basic grunting slap as pushed each other against an erotic wall of pleasure. The musky aroma of her sex mingled with mine, filling my senses and driving me onwards to a climax. Climax? Sperm? Pregnancy? A moment of panic... 'Are you... is it..?' She knew what I meant.

'It's all right, I'm OK, just don't stop!' she panted as we entered an animal state. I no longer had control of myself. For what seemed ages I was centred on driving as deep into her as possible and filling her hungry, demanding little cunt with as much sperm as I could give her. She was intent only on being filled and feeling me fill her when the time came. Her hot, wetness stroked and sucked at my cock and as I began to come in a frenzy of panting Rachel started a series of small vaginal spasms that drove me to begin emptying my balls into her. She felt the tightness of my pregnant balls about to unleash their load as I slapped them hard against her anus and this triggered her orgasm. I felt her full spasms start from the centre of her cunt as it wrapped itself hungrily round the head of my cock and these rapidly spread outwards in a series of violent shudders. My semen was spurting deep into her while she clung onto me with arms and legs pressing me ever deeper into her as the waves built to a climax which made her scream in an ecstasy of pleasure and fulfillment. Panting, crying, and squeaking like a frightened child she rode the storm and milked my cock of every last drop of sperm-rich semen. Finally with three gigantic spasms she cried out as if hurt and then collapsed back exhausted on the couch pulling me on top and keeping me locked into her with her legs and arms. My pulsing cock and balls slowly calmed down as we relaxed into each other.

After a few minutes she whispered dreamily.

'I love you.'

'I feel loved.' I whispered back. 'Thank you.' Then I eased myself up and carried her like a small child to the bedroom. As I lay down beside her and covered her up she turned on her side, pulled my arm sleepily over her so my hand rested on her breast, then wriggled her firm little bum up against my cock.

'Mmmm..... just wait 'till tomorrow.' she sighed as we both drifted into a deep and satisfied sleep.

Chapter Two

I awoke early - as I always do.

Lying in my arms and still pressed close against me Rachel slept soundly. Time to think.

I'm always at my most clear-headed early in the morning, especially as outside it was already apparent that it would be a clear, warm and fresh spring day.

What had we done? Was this incest? If it was, was it wrong? We were both 'consenting adults' weren't we? We loved each other and, she was right, we now felt closer than we had ever been before. I looked at my feelings and realised I felt no guilt, only love, no fear for the future, just confidence and happiness. Rachel stirred a little and whimpered in her sleep. I held her a little closer and felt her relax again. I thought about her certainty that this was what she wanted and knew everything would be fine when she woke up. I though about surprising her with breakfast in bed and then chided myself for being a parent. What would a lover do?

Gently I disentangled myself from her sleepy form and slowly uncovered her naked body. Careful not to wake her I turned her very slowly onto her back. She murmured something and then breathed evenly again as she slipped back into a deeper sleep. Kneeling beside her I took a long and luxurious look at her nakedness. Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders and covered one breast allowing only her perfect little nipple to peek through the soft silky covering. Her other breast was fully exposed and I looked for ages at the proud perfection it, the soft texture and creamy pinkness of her skin and the large slightly fuller aureoles supporting her bud-like nipple. Below her breasts, her smooth gently rounded belly was partly covered my one hand that lay just above her pubic mound - as if she had fallen asleep while touching herself.

Below her hand, nestling at the top of her legs was that soft curly mound of hair that protected and invited at the same time. I stroked her smooth thigh gently and after a few moments she sighed in her sleep and to my delight parted her legs slightly. At the same time her hand moved and she began to caress the hair on her pubic mound. I could not resist the temptation to let my hand join hers in the gentlest of circling movements that I gradually enlarged to encompass the prominent little lips that were peeping out from between her thighs. As I did, her breathing became shallower and she parted her legs a little more. I could now see the provocative little gap between her lips. I gently bent over and breathed again the delicious aroma of her excitement, and then I replaced my fingers with my tongue and gently began to lick the outside of her lips. Rachel continued to touch her mound and with a little encouragement from me parted her legs so that her lips opened offering a glimpse of the already moist and enticing redness between her labia. Deep within, her beautiful vagina lay coyly concealed. Lying down between her parted thighs I carefully separated her lips with my fingers and looked at her little bud. With the gentlest of kisses I caressed it and then with the tip of my tongue reached out and touched it.

'Mmmm.' she sighed as I began circling round her little erection. The musky aroma of her vagina was getting to my cock and a large erection was now trapped between Rachel's sheets and my body. When I gently probed her wet vagina with my tongue she jumped, opened her eyes, and smiled with a warmth that thrilled me. She lay back, parting her legs as a long sigh escaped her half open mouth.

I continued to lick her from her erect clitoris, over and into her vagina and down to circle her anus, covering my face with her sensuous, aromatic wetness as I did so. As she became more excited she pushed her bottom up allowing me to cup her buttocks in the palms of my hands. She responded by pulling her knees wide apart and up towards her chest, opening and exposing all her secrets to my hungry tongue. I could now bury my tongue fully into her tight pussy while massaging her firm little bum cheeks at the same time. Rachael began to moan and moved her hands up to massage her own breasts, circling and rolling her nipples between her fingers adding to her ever-increasing excitement. Moving rapidly between her pussy, anus and clitoris, and increasing the depth and frequency of my penetrations, I started to drive her up towards her orgasm. Panting in short sharp bursts with her head thrown back and a look of ecstasy on her face she started to push in rhythmic thrusts against my invading tongue. Her clitoris stood out as a small hard button that I sucked into my mouth and licked and circled with the tip of my tongue. Her legs locked around the back of my neck and she buried me in the hungry folds of her erotic musky flesh. In the moment before her orgasm she became suddenly rigid for a few seconds before releasing a deep cry of pleasure and fucking hard against me as the first of the spasms of pleasure racked her. My tongue was just entering her vagina when she cried out again and a small spurt of her pee was released from her urinary tract. It ran over my face and mouth and trickled down to the sheets. Again she cried out as if in pain and again a small spurt of pee cascaded over me. More spasms came thick and fast as her orgasm peaked and then slowed as I continued to lick her lovingly and longingly. I was in ecstasy at the sheer pleasure I had so evidently given her, so it was a moment before I realised what she was saying.

'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help myself. It just came out.'

'Rachel you mustn't be sorry. I'm not.

'You're not?

'No I'm not. In fact I found it very exciting.'

'You did? She said looking at me in surprise. I sat up and pulled her to me. 'Yes. It turned me on even more - look.' I said and showed her my huge erection.

'I didn't think that you, well that is I supposed I hoped you wouldn't mind, but I meant to talk to you about it first. You see when I'm very excited and have a full bladder it just spurts out when I come. I meant to get up and pee before we did it again, but I woke up in the middle of it and I couldn't stop.'

'The only problem is the bed - it's a bit wet.'

'That's OK I have a special sheet. It sometimes happens when I masturbate.'

'Well darling, I'll tell you a secret. I have always wanted that to happen, I loved the feel of it and I was sorry that you only peed twice.'

She squeezed me to her, kissed me and told me how relieved she was I wasn't upset and asked me some more questions about what I liked. I found myself telling her about my most secret, deeply buried sexual fantasies - things I only ever dreamed of.

When I'd finished she kissed me, pushed me down and sat astride me, her moist pussy sliding smoothly along, caressing my still erect cock, but not letting me enter her.

'I need to pee.' She said simply.

'Yes, now, please.' I smiled at her.

'Are you sure?' She teased.

'Yes, I'm sure.'



She grinned and I watched her concentrate, relaxing her lower body and soon I felt a warm wet trickle flow over my cock, round my balls and down between my buttocks. I became stiffer than ever, almost painfully hard.

'You like it?'

'I love it.' I panted from the edge of ecstasy.

This time a longer trickle heated by balls. Rachel moved her hips backwards and forwards so she washed my whole cock with her warm stream. Then she lifted my cock, guided it into her pussy, and settled down so I felt again the glorious tightness of her round the base of my cock. She began to lift up and down, sliding my cock in and out of herself and grinning down at me. 'Oh you like zis don't you sir?' She said in her silly French accent. 'It's what I dreamed of.' I gasped between breaths. Now she stopped with the head of my cock just in her and I felt a strong steady flow of her pee showered down onto me. As she peed she slid down onto me again and leaned back so her pee cascaded upwards over my stomach in a flood of erotic warmth. I started bucking and gasping as from the tip of my cock spasms of pleasure forced my balls to send their load of semen spurting into the depths of her belly in huge convulsions of erotic ecstasy. Rachel started to come again and as my climax crested she took off on one of her own, ramming her silky tightness down onto my cock trying to get every millimeter into her hungry body. I pushed hard into her as her climax built and peaked in panting cries of ecstatic joy. Two or three last great heaves convulsed her body and she collapsed on top of me giggling and panting and smiling.

'You randy old bugger!' She said.

'Hey! Less of the 'old' thank you very much.'

We both laughed and kissed and fell into a warm wet heap of love and care. She squeezed out her last few drops of pee, which trickled slowly down over my anus making my prick twitch and my balls tighten. I felt a great sense of trust and love for this woman, my stepdaughter, with whom I was sharing my innermost secrets.

Later when we'd cleaned up, washed each other in the shower, dressed and breakfasted, we sat talking of the day ahead. We both had work to do so we chatted for while organising the domestic stuff and finding ways of loving each other with caresses, care and silly compliments. Later I went out to research my article while she worked in her studio on a design commission.

Chapter 3

Traveling on the Underground over to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich gave me time to reflect on what had happened. Now I was away from the provocative influence of her nubile body and the aroma of sexual readiness that pervaded her studio flat, I could think with my brain instead of letting my cock make the decisions. I had made love to - no that wasn't right - I had fucked my stepdaughter, and been well fucked by her in return. And she had been right; it had made our relationship something even more special. Did I want to fuck her again? Even in the cold light of day I knew I wanted to feel that sweet young pussy sliding down onto my cock as often as possible, to feel our love overcoming any social barriers. Anyone watching me must have wondered what I had to grin about as I rattled across London thinking of all the sexual fantasies that might now come true with this sexiest of girls.

I laboured through the morning looking for details of the times and routes of sailing vessels in the final age of their greatness when elegant tall ships made the journey to the Far East and Australia and back in record times to catch the height of the London markets. Pictures of those stuffy Victorian ship owners and their straight-laced women stared back from the old journals. But I couldn't help wondering if in the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms they didn't enjoy a good hearty fuck, or if they found their pleasure elsewhere. I drifted off into a fantasy of white cotton bloomers and innocent, but willing housemaids on their knees before the master in the scullery or romping naked with the mistress of the house in her four-poster bed. Of firm white bottoms spanked and large bosoms lifted and exposed to a gentleman's attentions.

It was no good. I couldn't concentrate on work, so around midday I packed my laptop and research notes and caught the tube back to Rachel's studio. I entered quietly and saw Rachel working on her drawing board.

'Hi Rachel'

'Hi, you're back! Great!' Come and see what I've been drawing.'

I walked over and looked over her shoulder. The soft grey pencil lines showed the rounded forms of Rachel's breasts and belly, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she rode my cock to orgasm.

'Wow! That's fantastic!

'It's for you. I couldn't stop thinking about last night and this morning so I drew it to get it out of my system. But it didn't work.' She continued as she stood up and put her arms round me. I kissed her soft lips and felt the urgent need in her - a need that matched and complimented my own desire to be close, no - to be inside - her.

'I couldn't concentrate either.' I said.

'Come here then.' She said, leading me over to the couch where it had all started the night before. I squeezed her hand and willingly followed her sexy little bottom, encased as it was in a very short skirt. She pushed me down, separated my legs and started massaging my cock through my trousers. 'You are pleased to see me!' She exclaimed as she felt my cock stiffen and grow.

'I haven't thought of anything else since I left. I kept imagining all those Victorian society people fucking each other and everybody else too!'

'Well you don't have to imagine anymore.' She said as she unbuttoned my fly and slid her hand into my pants.

The feeling of her warm hand as it closed round me was pure heaven. She formed a circle with her hand round the end of my cock and started to move it up and down so that my foreskin covered and uncovered the end of my penis. I groaned and lay back, happy at what she was doing and even happier to know that we would be fucking each other all afternoon and evening. She freed my cock from my pants and slid my trousers off, then lifted her T-shirt to reveal her naked breasts. I instinctively reached for them, but she gently pushed me back indicating that this was her treat.

Leaning forward she pushed her breasts together so they enclosed my cock and began to gently massage my erection with her breasts. I could feel her erect nipples caressing my stomach as she rocked backwards and forwards. After a few minutes of this sweet torture she leaned down to lick and kiss my nipples and then slowly, exquisitely slowly, licked down over my stomach towards my cock. Her nipples and breasts cushioned and caressed my balls as I felt her exhale over my cock and then the gentlest of touches as the tip of her tongue began to explore then end of my cock.

She carefully licked the small slit in the end from where my own musky wetness had been oozing for the past few minutes. With appreciative noises she began to circle round the end of my cock with her tongue as I began to get more excited. Her lips began to kiss and caress the end as I began to thrust my hips upwards trying to bury my whole cock in her mouth. She giggled as she resisted my pushes and then as I moaned for mercy she let the end of my cock pop between her lips and into her warm wet mouth. She sucked and licked lovingly at my cock and moved one hand round to cup my balls and the other to massage the shaft. Pressure began to build in the base of my cock as she increased the frequency of her sucking and then slowly matching the increased speed she let my cock go deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was sucking almost all of it into and out of her mouth. I gasped and moaned in total helpless passion while Rachel worked my cock ever deeper into her hungry mouth. She must have been swallowing the end of my cock because I could feel the silky softness of the back of her throat around the tip of my cock. My balls tightened and this warned her I was about to come because she clamped her hand hard around the base of my cock and stopped me spurting. This had the effect of letting me have an orgasm without ejaculating, and when the spasms had passed Rachel carried on sucking and licking me towards a second and even more powerful orgasm.

My balls felt so full I thought I would hurt myself. My hips thrashed and I moaned with the rising wave of passion that she was driving and leading me toward. As the first convulsions began to wrack my body she sucked the whole length of my cock so far into her mouth I could feel her lips around its base. The first spurt of semen burst into the back of her throat causing an even more frenzied bout of deep sucking as more and more of my erotic fluid filled her mouth. She swallowed and sucked, sucked and licked, wanting ever more of it. I spasmed three or four more times sending huge spurts deeper into her mouth with each orgasmic crest and feeling Rachel swallow and come back for more. She was moaning and sucking hungrily at my cock as I collapsed back exhausted onto the couch.

She continued to gently lick and suck me while my cock grew softer and my balls relaxed.

'That was amazing!' I said eventually, as she lay with her head on my thigh teasing the end of my cock with her tongue.

'I just wanted to swallow all of it. Your taste turned me on so much.' She smiled up at me.

'Perhaps you'd better come up here.' I said lifting her up and sliding my hands under the edge of her short skirt. To my delight she wasn't wearing any panties so I pulled her forward and lay back so her furry little pussy hovered over my face. She was already wet and the fresh musk of her excited vagina woke my cock from its rest.

I began by kissing her belly and breathing in her aroma, letting it re-kindle my excitement. My hands found her buttocks and I began gently massaging the cheeks of her bottom, squeezing them, pushing them together and easing them apart, and sometimes touching the little ring of tight puckered flesh between them. When I did this she pushed back against my hand and fingers encouraging me to touch her again. My kisses moved lower and lower until I was buried in the soft down at the base of her belly then, moving a little lower still, my tongue slipped easily between the lips of her pussy as she spread her thighs to give me access to her moist centre. My tongue found her clitoris which I sucked and licked slowly and gently to the accompaniment of Rachel's sighs and groans. My fingers found her wet pussy and I gently pushed one, then two, deeply into her, lubricating them with her erotic emissions. Rachel pushed downwards against me, her movements matching the rhythms of my invading tongue and fingers in a series of long slow erotic thrusts. My other hand found her breasts and she took it, sucking and licking my fingers until they were well lubricated, then used my hand to massage her nipples and breasts.

For long minutes I licked, sucked, and massaged as many of her erogenous zones as I could reach while she gradually became increasingly excited. Her movements became faster and less controlled as she began to give herself to the feelings that emanated from her breasts and vagina. Her sighs became little cries which in turn became deep groans of excitement and longing. As the rhythm built I was almost smothered in the folds of her labia as she pushed herself down onto my tongue trying to get more into her demanding pussy. Her movements became more frantic and I knew she would come soon. As she started the deeper series of convulsing thrusts that signaled the beginning of the end I pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart and slowly pushed my lubricated finger into the tight ring that guarded her anus. Rachel went wild, bucking and pushing, screaming and crying as she came in a series of deep orgasmic after-shocks, grabbing my head and fucking my tongue with her cunt. In the middle of this frenetic fucking I felt the reward I longed for. She momentarily lost control and a small spurt of pee jetted out of the little hole above her pussy. I clamped my lips round her and sucked the delicious liquid into my mouth licking the hole as I did so. The next spurt hit the tip of my tongue and the next went straight down my waiting throat. My fingers were ramming faster and faster into her bottom as Rachel screamed her final climax, her body was tossed around as if by some inner demon. Her bum and her vagina spasmed and squeezed and opened to admit me further, then clamped me into her to allow her to feel the last moments of pleasure before she sighed and panted through the subsiding waves that faded away as reality returned.

She moved down so my erect prick nestled between her legs and slid easily into her wet pussy. Kissing me deeply and lovingly, she slowly and gently worked me to a climax by squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles and moving her furry mound and breasts against me in an erotic massage. This time I deposited my load deep into her vagina. This less lusty, but perhaps more loving sex was the perfect end to the afternoon. The light was beginning to fade when we surfaced, threw on some light clothes and sat down for a meal and a bottle of wine.

Chatting over the meal, she looked at me with her big brown eyes sparkling in the candlelight.

'I've got a present for you.'

'Another one! What is it?'

'It's a surprise.'

'Oh go one, tell me you little tease.'

'No, you'll have to wait, and besides you like it when I tease you.' She giggled.

She was right I did enjoy her games. I smiled and said, 'OK, I can wait.' But not too long I hoped.

Chapter Four

After the meal we sat on the couch finishing the bottle of wine, laughing about the day’s events, and kissing every now and then as the mood took us. After an hour or so when we were rested and slightly drunk Rachel said.

'It's time for your present. Wait here, I'll call you when it's ready.'

I sat waiting and wondering what she was doing and what my surprise would be, a delicious feeling of excitement twitched my cock. After a couple of minutes of quite rustlings from the bedroom she called me in.

The room was lit by candlelight. Standing by the bed with her hands held innocently behind her back, Rachel was dressed in soft white cotton and lace. Her breasts were emphasised by the cups of smooth white material that held them proud and sensual. Round her waist a suspender belt held a pair of white translucent stockings. Covering, but not concealing her perfect furry mound a pair of see-through white panties clung to her body. My cock started to harden immediately. She was dressed like a virginal bride wearing her first sexy knickers and the look on her face showed this was exactly the game she was playing.

'Wow! You look amazing. That's a brilliant present. Thank you.' I said as I held her shoulders, kissed her and then looked down at the sensual swellings and curves of her body.

'This isn't all.' She said, smiling a cheeky grin and putting something in my hand. She turned round and lay face down on the bed over some pillows she had placed there. The back view as she lay there with her bottom pushed up was stunning. Her pert little buttocks peeked through the see-through panties and then as she moved her legs apart she revealed that the panties were not only see-through but had a gap designed into them so that her wet pussy and puckered anus were open and exposed. I looked from her provocative body to the object in my hand. My heart missed a beat when I saw it was a tube of lubricating jelly.

I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. I resisted the invitation of my cock to jump on top of her and get into her as fast as possible. I had to be sure she wanted what I thought she wanted. 'You're amazing, you sexy girl. I love you.' I said, as I kissed her ears and neck. ' Are you sure you want to...?

'Want to feel your cock penetrate my anal sphincter, to be buggered, to have my arse fucked?

'Well yes.' I said, my cock growing harder every second, reacting to the crude and provocative language.

'Yes please, its part of my present to you.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, I would like you to have taken my virginity; you know, I used to fantasise about that when I was fifteen, but that's gone so this is the next best thing. I've never been fucked there before and I want you to be the first, then my anal virginity will be yours for always and I'll always remember the first time with you.'

`But I might hurt you, and it might not turn you on.'

`I know you'll be gentle and when you touched me there I liked it, and besides I know it turns you on so that will turn me on.'

What could I say? Again she had left me speechless with surprise and excitement. How could I argue with this simple statement of trust and desire? I kissed her and stroked her shoulders and back, then whispered. 'This is the best present you could have given me. You're right. I have always wanted to have sex like this. You can read my mind.'

I moved down so I knelt between her spread legs. A ring of slightly wrinkled darker flesh lay partly hidden within the whiteness of her panties. I gently eased her legs further apart and exposed her little ring. I began to lick small circles around the edge of her anus, breathing in the sensuous earthy smell of her body as I did so. My cock was rigid between my legs but I knew I had to take my time penetrating her, or it would hurt and perhaps spoil it for her. Gradually I licked in smaller and smaller circles until I was just teasing the edges of her tight little opening. She began to make pleasing little sighs and moved her hips so the tip of my tongue brushed over the very centre of her anus. Feeling my tongue where she wanted it she pushed upwards encouraging me to penetrate and prepare her for a grander entrance. I gently eased my tongue a little way into her, only to feel her tense, then push back, relax and open a little for me. I pushed more firmly and felt her relax some more. Then my wet tongue slipped past her tight ring and into her anus. She sighed and started some gentle rocking movements to move my tongue inside her. I withdrew and then entered her again feeling her relax immediately I pushed against the opening. I could have lain there for ages licking her, gently fucking her with my tongue and breathing that erotic, forbidden scent, but my cock wouldn't let me rest.

Kneeling, I took the tube of jelly and squeezed a long line of lubricant between her cheeks and over her anus. Then I lay my cock full length between the cheeks of her bottom and squeezed her firm buttocks so they massaged me and spread the jelly over my cock. I lay full length on top of her and felt her bum pressing against my legs and stomach. My cock was trapped in the slippery valley between her cheeks and I moved so that the length of my cock slid up and down between them, caressing the tight opening and encouraging her to relax and become more used to the idea of having my cock easing open and sliding into her anus. Biting and kissing her neck and shoulders I whispered to her.

'I'm going to put the head of my cock in your tight virgin arse and slide it into you until I can feel my balls up against your wet cunt. And then pull it out and push it in again faster and further. I'm going to bugger you until you come like a train and wet your knickers and then I'm going to keep on buggering you while you masturbate and stuff your own fingers into your cunt and...'

'Oh Daddy! Show me, do it to me. I want you to fuck my naughty bum. I promise I'll be a good girl and come for you like you want. Oh Daddy, please fuck my bum now, I want it so badly, I want your big cock up my arse as far as it will go....'

'You are a good girl, you've kept your arse just for me to fuck and I'm going fill it with sperm and you'll be able to feel it spurting deep into your belly.'

This crude and provocative language drove us both to higher plains of lust and if I wasn't careful I would have come with my cock between her buttocks and spurted my semen all over her back. I eased back, lifted myself and positioned the head of my cock against the ring of firm flesh round the entrance to her anus. I pushed gently feeling the taboo tightness of her resisting anus. Rachel reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, opening herself and then pushed back and we both gasped with ecstasy as we felt the head of my cock pop into her. I lay still for a moment savouring this first anal penetration, this taking of her virgin bottom, and then gently pushed my lubricated cock slowly, very slowly a little way into her as she relaxed her anal muscles and pushed upward and outward allowing me deeper and deeper into her most private and taboo opening. The exquisite tightness gripping my cock nearly made me come there and then, so I moved slowly until I felt her cheeks nestle against my balls. My final push was matched by hers and then I was as deep as was possible inside her anus. I would like to have laid still and kissed her and talked to her but I couldn't stop moving, exploring the unique feeling of this tight opening and my cock deep within it. She obviously felt the same as she wriggled and swayed her hips so my cock moved inside her.

'That feels good Daddy, and I have been good. Do it again, please do it some more.' She pleaded still playing the innocent virgin.

I slowly slid my cock right out of her and again rubbed my length between the cheeks of her bottom, brushing enticingly across the entrance to her tightest entrance. Talking to her I asked her if she wanted me to enter her again.

`Yes I do.' She gasped, so I eased gently into her again, this time pushing a little faster against that smooth firmness. Rachel grunted like an animal and pushed back harder against me. Again I withdrew and again plunged into her bottom faster than before. Again she sounded like an animal on heat and suddenly we were both animals, moving more and more urgently, ramming against each other so my cock buried itself in her, while her cheeks slapped against my stomach and my balls beat against her vagina.

For long minutes I savoured the unique experience of Rachel's tight anus sucking at my cock as I withdrew it, and that same silky tightness giving way as I pushed back into her again. My balls tightened as Rachel started a series of rhythmic muscular squeezes that masturbated my cock. I pulled her hips up so she was now kneeling, then reaching round I took her hand, placing her fingers into her cunt. She started sliding her fingers into her pussy, fucking herself as I rubbed her clitoris with one hand and massaged her hanging breasts with the other. All the time she was grunting and slapping her cheeks against me as my climax came and my balls began to overflow, sending their load gushing deep into her anus in spurt after spurt.

Rachel felt me coming and this set off on her own orgasm. Her movements became more frantic and I could feel the spasms centred in her bottom and vagina bursting outwards, shaking and racking her body. Her grunts became cries of joy and pain as she lost all control, impaling herself onto my still spurting cock with total abandon. Now her first big spasm reached the critical point where she lost all control and couldn't stop herself peeing as she came. The feeling of her warm pee flowing over my hand and then round my balls and legs made me starts to come again. It was now me grunting like an animal. I was helpless. All I knew of the world was centred on her tight anus, on her rounded little bum encased in her see-through panties, on her loss of control and on her continuing orgasms. My fantasy came true. I fucked her sexy tight bum for what seemed like ages while she came and peed and came again. My cock stayed hard, clamped in the warm taboo depths of her anus while I reached a third climax.

It couldn't last forever and eventually we had to collapse exhausted onto the wet bed and curled up together with my cock still inside her. An hour later we awoke, giggled with each other, cleaned up, made the bed, crawled into it, wrapped my arms around her and slept with my cock semi erect between her legs until a new day came and woke us with shafts of clean fresh colour.

Chapter 5.

It was Monday afternoon - I had to go soon. After another long sexy afternoon of love, lust, care and sexy giggles we lay in each other's arms, kissing and slowly drifting back to full awareness of each other. Rachel took my cock in her hand and gently encouraged me to a full erection again.

'You're insatiable!' I laughed.

'It's important.' She smiled as she sat astride me, wriggled her cute little bottom until my cock was positioned at the entrance to her soft pussy and then settled down so my cock slid fully into her.

'Why is it important?' I asked, confused.

'Because the time is right.'

'Right for what?' I said like an idiot.

'For me to conceive.'

'What do you mean. I thought you said you were covered!'

'No.' she said as she continued to slide up and down on my erection. 'I said it was all right and it is. I want to have your baby.'

Why wasn't I surprised? Why wasn't I angry? Why was I so happy with the idea of impregnating Rachel?

'You really are amazing!' I said.

'Then you don't mind?'

'No, I don't mind. In fact I love the idea of my baby growing in your sexy belly. And I love the idea of you being the mother of my child and of me your child's father. And of course I'll look after you both.'

'You don't need to do that. I earn enough. But I do want you to help me bring her or him up like you brought me up. And I do want to carry on fucking you as much as possible. And I want you to keep filling my belly with babies.'

Then we were lost in an increasingly passionate embrace, which climaxed with me filling her belly in the fullest possible sense. I know that it could have been any of the times we made love that was the successful one, but I like to think it was that time.


Before the baby was born we bought and renovated an old mill further up the river. I now have half the top floor while Rachel has the other half. We made love right up to the last night before I took her to the maternity hospital. She lay on her side and asked me to put just the tip of my penis into her `to help the baby on its way' she said. We fell asleep like that. She woke suddenly in the night and announced calmly that the baby was coming.

We have to be careful now, her three children - my three children - two girls and a boy, come and go as they please, treating my flat just like their own. Life is full of games, laughter, a few tears and many childish journeys of adventure and discovery. But we still find plenty of time to love each other. We still lust after each other and care for each other in equal amounts - really we couldn't be happier.

Are we committing incest? Who cares? When two people feel like we do about each other they make their own rules.

Darius Thornhill
12th June 2001

Readers' Comments

  1. Wow! I came twice while I was reading it.
  2. This story had me cumming til the very end...I couldn't stop reading it.
  3. Brilliant! Loved it hugely - as I do your other stories. Now... please finish - at least Ch 1 - of "Indian Summer"
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  6. Incredible story. The peeing was really exciting to read about. It was as though I could feel the warm flow of pee spurting on my hand, fingers, and arm, which felt wonderful, while I was reading your exciting story. do write more stories about peeing and incest.
  7. Being an "old" romantic, I thoroughly enjoyed "Rachel". I love perfect endings. Thank you !! I look forward to reading your other stories.
  8. Wonderfully written fantastic love scenes. Sensuous and seductive all the way through. I had a beautiful stepdaughter and I wish we could have been lovers.
  9. Love the enticing picture at the beginning of this story. Will be reading "Indian Summer", next, due to one of the comments. Have enjoyed your stories so far. Will read all that I can find and will probably have comments.....
  10. I have screwed one of my sisters twins... man that was good screwing.
  11. What a sweet relationship. The musk of a woman's bottom. Being offered it. To gently smell and then to taste it. Oh what a lucky man he is. To be offered this Manna from his step-daughter. She is one sweet and very considerate woman. Combined with her sweet pee. Could we have more of this sort. I could lie between those sweet delicious cheeks inhaling and gently licking ....
  12. So good drove me to new heights.
  13. Its unbelievably realistic, passionate and erotic. Fabulous job done. Bravo
  14. Excellent build up to a great finish. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Please if at all possible continue with this story. It's such a wonderful account of incestual love that even reminded of my step-dad's love with me. As I'm not an author I really, really enjoy reading all your stories!!!
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  17. Darius, what a great piece of writing, it is something that was loving, caring and full of love by both parties. Not incest as he was worried about, there was no blood relationship there. What a great ending, just the way it should be in real life.
Copyright Darius Thornhill

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