Chapter 46

Lisa woke up Sunday and felt Tom's morning erection pressing against her naked bottom and his arm over her waist. She took his arm into her hand and pulled it up, snuggly under her firm breasts. Wiggling her bottom on his hard on, Lisa glanced at the clock on the small table next to the bed. When she realized what time it was, she sprang out of bed and shook Tom by the arm.

"Wake up Tom!" She half shouted. "It's almost eight o'clock and we are going to be late."

Tom sat up and looked at his naked girlfriend as she hovered over him. Still half asleep, he reached for her, pulled her on top of him and held her tightly. He covered her lips with his and pushed his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply. Lisa melted into his arms and returned his passionate kiss, forgetting the time for a moment.

Stroking her back, Tom moved his hand over her naked flesh down to her round bottom and squeezed her. She moaned into his mouth, but suddenly broke the kiss.

Raising her head slightly and looking into his eyes she said, "I would love to make love to you right now Tom, but it is ten to eight. We have to be in class at nine and I still have to take a shower and get ready."

Tom released her and they both sat up on the edge of the bed. Tom rubbed the sleep from his eyes, not yet fully aware of the time.

"What did you say baby?"

"I said it is ten to eight and we have to hurry."

Tom looked at the clock and jumped to his feet when he saw the time. His hard penis swayed back and forth in front of Lisa's face as he stood near her at the side of the bed. She reached up and took him into her hand, stroking him lightly. Bending forward, she kissed the head of his engorged member and then let it slip into her open mouth. She sucked it as she moved her head and felt his shaft glide over her lips.

"We don't have time," she said, after letting his penis slide out of her mouth. "Maybe we can run up here during lunch, I would much rather eat you than the food they serve in class."

Tom pushed her onto her back, pulled her legs open and licked the soft folds of her sex. He pushed his tongue between her vaginal lips and probed her wet opening. After nibbling her clit with his teeth and tongue, he moved back and let her legs drop onto the bed.

"Me too," he said, licking his lips. "Now go and take a shower, I will get us some juice and bring you one."

Lisa slowly stood up, wrapped her arms around his waist and stretched up to kiss him. She let go and turned towards the bathroom, giggling as she walked away. Tom stared at her butt as she walked, watching it sway with each step. When she disappeared into the bathroom, he went to get the cans of orange juice from the refrigerator in the other room.

Returning to the bedroom, Tom could hear the shower running. He walked into the bathroom through the door that Lisa had left open. He announced his presence and set the cans of juice on the counter. He stepped in front of the toilet and forced his still erect penis down, pointing it at the bowl. Lisa heard him urinating and slid the glass door of the shower open. She watched as a sharp stream exited his penis and shot into the toilet in front of him. When he had finished, she observed how he shook the last drops from his member into the bowl. He turned around and saw her looking at him, and turned red.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't wait." He said, staring at her nude form as she stood in front of the open shower door. "I hope I didn't gross you out."

"Not at all honey," she said. "I have never seen a guy pee before, at least not with a hard dick. Doesn't it hurt to bend it like that?"

"A little, but when you got to go, you got to go."

Lisa giggled and returned to her shower, leaving the glass door open. Tom put the lid of the toilet down, sat down and watched her wash herself under the spray of the shower. He thought about the showers he had shared with her and with his sister in the past. He couldn't help but wonder how he would feel about Sally when he returned home. Would she still excite him as much as before? Would he still want to make love with her? Would she still want to make love to him?

Tom snapped back to the moment when he heard the water in the shower stop and watched Lisa pull a towel from the rack and wrap it around her wet body, tucking the end in between her breasts. She stepped out and took another towel, wrapped it around her head and smiled at Tom.

"Your turn."

Tom stood up and went into the shower stall. He turned on the water and began to wash his hair as Lisa watched him. He took the bar of soap and rubbed it over his body and rinsed the foam away. After turning off the water, he grabbed a towel and began to dry himself.

"I just don't understand how you guys can shower so quickly," Lisa said. "My two brothers can take their showers in half the time it takes me."

"Do you watch them too?" Tom said with a chuckle.

Lisa removed the towel from her head and rubbed it over her hair, letting it hide her face.

"I have seen them before," she said, her face still hidden from his view. "Haven't you ever seen your sister in the shower?"

"Yes here's your juice," he said, trying to change the subject.

Lisa hung her towel on the rack and took the can of orange juice from Tom. She drank slowly and put the can back onto the counter. Picking up her blow dryer, she turned it on and pointed the warm air at her hair, using her fingers to fluff it. Tom watched her fixing her hair for a few minutes, and then he stepped in front to the sink to shave.

The two teens quietly went through their morning routines. Tom shaved and Lisa fixed her hair and began to apply her makeup. She thought to herself about the two of them and how much the things they were doing resembled her parents' activities, as they would share the bathroom. She felt overcome with joy as she thought about the relationship that was budding between her and Tom. She wondered when the next opportunity would present its self and they could spend time as a couple alone.

Tom continued to watch Lisa in the mirror as she carefully combed her mascara into her eyelashes. He watched her apply a thin line of eyeliner and then lip gloss.

"You don't need any of that stuff," he said, breaking their silence. "You are very pretty without it."

"Thank you, but I think I need it. It makes me feel better." Lisa replied, her heart pounding as she felt her love for Tom explode in her chest.

Lisa removed the towel that was concealing her naked body from Tom's eyes and hung it up. She pressed her breasts into his chest and laid her head against him, running her hands over his back and bare butt. Tom put his hands on her shoulders, pushed her away slightly and took her chin into his hand. He tilted her head up and kissed her lightly on her lips, being careful not to smear her lip gloss.

"We had better get dressed," he said softly. "We wouldn't want to be late for class this morning."

Lisa released him and walked out into the bedroom. She selected a pair of panties and a bra from the drawer and started to put them on. With her mint green bikini panties in place, she fastened the back clasp of her white lacy bra and adjusted the cups on her breasts.

"Pants or skirt?"

"What?" Tom said.

"Would you like me to wear pants or a skirt today?"

Tom smiled and said, "I like when you wear a skirt, but you wear whatever makes you feel comfortable."

Lisa took a short knit skirt from its hanger and pulled it up her legs over her hips. She selected a matching top, slipped it on and buttoned it. The skirt she picked out was very tight and she could see the outline of her panties as she inspected herself in the mirror. Pulling the skirt up around her waist, she removed her panties, replacing them with a red thong. She smoothed the skirt and looked into the mirror. Satisfied with the way she looked, she turned to Tom for his approval.

"How's this?"

"You look great Lisa!" Tom said as her tucked his polo shirt into his slacks and buttoned them. He pulled his zipper up and sat on the bed to put on his socks and shoes.

Once he was dressed, the two of them left the room and headed for the elevator. When the door closed and the elevator began to descend, Tom circled Lisa's waist with his arm and drew her close to him.

"We're here," Lisa said as the car stopped at the first floor.

Tom and Lisa steeped out and walked down the hallway, hand in hand, bumping their bottoms into one another as they made their way to the room that the photography classes were being held in. Tom led Lisa to the table in the back of the room and they both took sweet rolls and juice before walking to the table they shared with their new friends.

"Good morning," Barb said. "Running a little late today?"

"Morning Barb, morning Marty, yes we are. I overslept and so did Tom." Lisa said, sitting next to Barb. "We didn't even have time to eat breakfast this morning."

Tom and Marty, both sitting on the outside of the two women, greeted each other and the girls. They reviewed the syllabus for the day as the two girls continued to chat.

Barb could see the sparkle in Lisa's eyes and knew that she and Tom had taken their relationship to a new level. She glanced at her watch, and deciding they had some time before the class started, invited Lisa to accompany her to the restrooms.

"Well?" Barb said as she and Lisa walked down the hall towards the restrooms.

"Well what?" Lisa replied, knowing full well what the woman was alluding to.

"How was it? You've got that 'I got laid for the first time' look all over your face."

Lisa giggled and grabbed Barb's arm as they went into the restroom. "It shows that much?"

"Yes, you have a glow about you that can only mean one thing."

"We made love and it was so wonderful Barb. I think I'm really falling for him."

"Falling for him! Honey, you are head over heals in love with that guy."

"I know I am, he is the greatest guy I've ever known. Barb, when we made love for the first time I thought I was going to bust. Tom was so gentle and caring, it was just so so, so loving and right."

Barb laughed, remembering the first time she had sex with her husband and how she felt. She hugged Lisa and said, "We'd better go, or we'll be late for the start of class."

Lisa smiled and followed her back to the conference room. The two girls took their seats, next to their guys, and opened the books they had in front of them.

The instructor stepped up to the podium, turned on the microphone and welcomed everyone to the last session. Frank explained that the class would end at one o'clock and that there wouldn't be a lunch today. He immediately started teaching the session, discussing artificial lighting. He reviewed the material that the students were to have studied the night before and his assistants aided him in setting up examples of light placements.

Just as the previous days' classes, this session seemed to fly bye. Soon Frank told the class that it was time for a break and invited them to enjoy the sodas, coffee and fruit that had been set out on the tables at the rear of the room.

"We only have about fifteen minutes," Lisa said to Tom. "Do you think we have time to run up the room?"

Tom laughed and put his arm around her waist, smacking her lightly on her rear before moving his hand to her hip.

"I wish we did," he said, "but I don't think we really have time."

Lisa smiled and guided him out of the room into the hallway. She glanced quickly in both directions before moving towards an exit near the doors to the conference room. Leading Tom outside into the cool morning air, she backed him into a corner of the building and put her arms around his neck.

"I just had to kiss you," she said, as she tiptoed up to touch his lips with hers.

They kissed and held one another, running their hands over the other's body. Tom put both of his hands onto her butt and pulled her up, pressing her breasts into his chest as his tongue explored her mouth.

Lisa moaned and ground her crotch against his hardening penis as she returned the kiss. When she felt his hands on her bare bottom, she quickly looked around to be sure they were not being observed. Once she was comfortable that no one could see their activities, she returned her lips to his and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Reaching between their bodies, Lisa covered Tom's penis with her hand and squeezed the firm member, moving her hand back and forth over the length of it. Again she looked around and then lowered his zipper and slipped her hand into his fly. She pulled his penis out through the opening in his slacks and continued to stroke his hot flesh.

"You feel so nice in my hand Tom," she cooed into his ear.

Feeling very bold, and a bit nasty, she leaned over and ran her tongue around the velvety head of Tom's erection. She opened her mouth and covered the head, allowing him to glide into her mouth and against the opening of her throat. Lisa gagged a little and removed him.

"I guess I have to get warmed up before I can do that."

"You're doing fine," Tom groaned. "If you keep it up I'm going to cum."

"Mmmmm, my favorite snack," she said.

Lisa bent her knees and sat on her heals in front of him, stroking his penis as she looked around again. Tom looked down and noticed that her skirt had risen high on her thighs and exposed the red thong panties she wore.

Putting her hands on his butt, she pulled him forward and licked the underside of his erection from the point it exited his slacks to the ridge under the head. She took him into her mouth and began to suck his swollen manhood as she bobbed her head and toyed with him with her tongue. Picking up the pace of her oral stimulation, she gagged again when the helmet shaped head pressed into the opening of her throat. She relaxed for a moment and then pressed forward, allowing him past the restriction and into her throat.

Lisa was having a little trouble breathing with his penis embedded in her throat and tried to breath through her nose. Her continuous swallowing and subtle gagging was bringing Tom near to his release.

"I'm going to cum Lisa," he groaned as he began to move his hips.

Lisa pulled back slightly and sucked on him as he slowly pushed his tool in and out of her mouth. She felt the first wave of his cum travel the length of his penis and splash against the back of her mouth. She wrapped one of her hands around him and jacked the part of his shaft between her lips and his slacks as he sent spurt after spurt of hot sticky semen into her sucking mouth.

When his ejaculations had stopped, she held him in her mouth and cleaned him with her tongue. She removed him from her lips and gently put his semi hard penis into his slacks.

"I love the taste and feel of you cock in my mouth," she said, and pulled the tab of his zipper up.

When she stood up, Tom put his hand between her legs and cupped her damp crotch.

"Does it turn you on when you do that to me?"

"Oh yes, I feel like I could cum by sucking you, if you lasted longer."

"I will have to work on that," he said as he hooked his finger under the material of her thong and parted her wet labia with his fingertip.

Lisa held onto his shoulders and opened her legs, giving his finger better access to her slit. She jumped when he briskly rubbed her clitoris and then plunged his finger into her vagina.

"That feels so good Tom," she moaned as she rocked her hips against his hand. "I just love it when you are inside of me. I wish you could put you dick into my pussy and fuck me right here."

Tom worked a second finger into her tight opening and pumped them in and out of her. Lisa's body tensed and she climaxed, gripping his fingers with her vagina. When the quivers subsided and her body relaxed, Tom pulled the thin strip of cloth over her heated crotch and held her close to him.

After a moment, Lisa pulled back, straightened her skirt and told Tom that they had better get back to the class. They went into the building and Lisa quickly walked to the bathroom to make sure she was presentable. Tom waited near the bathroom door and took Lisa by the hand when she came out. They went back to the conference room, grabbed a couple of sodas and returned to their seats.

Marty and Barb sat down in their chairs, next to Tom and Lisa.

"What did you guys do during the break?" Barb whispered to Lisa.

Lisa giggled, pointed to a spot on Barb's breast and said, "The same thing you two did."

Barb looked down, blushed, and tried to clean the spot of Marty's cum from her breast with a napkin.

"Oops," Barb said, "I must have missed a drop, and it's such a shame to waste any of it."

The two women laughed and glanced at the guys. They were relaxed in their seats with big grins on their faces.

"It looks like Marty likes to have his dick sucked as much as Tom does," Lisa giggled.

"I think he would rather have a good head job than fuck me sometimes." Barb said.

"I don't know yet, but I will call you and let you know as soon as I figure it out."

Lisa and Barb were laughing and the guys were staring at them.

"What is so funny?" Marty asked.

"We were just trying to decide if you guys liked our mouths or our pussies' better," Barb said, loud enough for both of them to hear her.

"I haven't made up my mind yet," Marty said. "I think I need another forty or fifty years to decide. How about you Tom?"

Tom blushed, cleared his throat, glanced at Lisa and smiled.

"I like everything about her," he said, avoiding any reference to their sexual activities.

Lisa stared into his eyes and her eyes filled with tears. She put her hand on his knee and squeezed him firmly, never breaking their eye contact.

Leaning into Tom, she wiped her damp eyes on his sleeve and kissed his cheek.

Frank started the final session of the workshop, but Lisa couldn't hear a word he was saying. Her thoughts were of Tom and how he avoided making any mention of their intimate moments. She felt a warm glow flow through her body and again she realized she was in love with him. Tom put his hand over hers and his touch sent jolts if excitement through her body.

Frank's words filled the room as he reviewed the past three days and the things the workshop had covered. Even though she tried to concentrate, the words were lost, Lisa was engrossed in the feelings she had for her new boyfriend and lover. Suddenly she remembered the night with her brothers and the things they had done together. Her feeling of warmth and love quickly turned to panic as she thought about what would happen if Tom ever discovered her secret.

Lisa's mind raced with the possible scenarios that could develop if Tom, or any of her friends, knew she had sex with her younger brothers. As she mulled the thoughts, she also realized that she really didn't want to stop doing things with Paul and Brad, after all, they had taught her, even showed her, how to give a blowjob and what it felt like to have a tongue in her pussy. She liked to play the game they had enjoyed for so long and wasn't sure if she was ready to give it up.

When one of the instructors placed a booklet in front of her, Lisa snapped out of her trance and looked around. The booklet contained the test she would have to complete in order to receive a certificate for the workshop. She listened to Frank give the last minute instructions for the exam and then opened the booklet to the first page.

Luckily, the answers came easily and Lisa moved quickly through the questions. The exam was open book, so she could refer to her notes when she was unsure of an answer. Lisa finished the test, closed the booklet and sat back in her chair. She watched as Tom completed his exam and closed his booklet, setting his pencil on the completed test.

One by one, the other students finished their exams and began to mill around the table in the back of the room. Tom and Lisa followed Barb and Marty to the table and selected cold drinks from the assortment that had been provided.

"So, how do you two think you did on the exam?" Marty asked.

"I think I did okay," Tom replied. "I only had to look at my notes a couple of times."

"I think I did fine too," Lisa said, her arm hooked through Tom's.

The four new friends stood in the back of the room and talked quietly, waiting for the last few class members to finish. They watched as two of Frank's assistants walked around and picked up the completed exams and took them the front of the room to be graded.

After about a half an hour, Frank announced that they had completed the grading and the students could pickup their exams. Tom, Lisa, Barb, and Marty walked to the front of the room and waited for their turn. Frank handed each of them their booklets and a framed certificate, indicating they had passed the workshop.

"I got a ninety eight," Tom announced. "How did you do Lisa?"

"I have a one hundred," Lisa said with a smile.

"That's great Lisa, I'm so proud of you," Tom said, and kissed her quickly on her lips.

Barb and Marty had also done very well and the four all congratulated one another. After making sure that they had each other's addresses and phone numbers, the four friends parted. Tom went to the front desk to settle his bill while Lisa looked around the gift shop.

"We're all set," Tom said, walking up behind Lisa. "The man at the front desk said that they have rented the suite and we need to get our things out as quick as possible."

"Does that mean that we won't have time to fool around?" Lisa asked.

"I'm afraid not, we have to pack and go."

Lisa looked disappointed about the fact that she and Tom wouldn't be able to make love one more time before they left. She held his hand as they walked out of the small gift shop and down the hallway towards the elevators. On the ride to their floor, Lisa snuggled up close to Tom.

"I'm really going to miss sleeping with you Tom, I like to wake up with you next to me."

"Me too Lisa. We can do this again sometime soon though. Marty and I talked about going to the lighthouse and spending a weekend with he and Barb. He said that we could bring Jack and Megan too, if we want to."

"I think it would be fun if the four of us could go, Jack and Megan are cool to hang around with and we really don't know Barb and Marty, it might be safer too.

Tom and Lisa stepped off the elevator and went to their room. After unlocking the door, Tom followed Lisa into the suite and then into the bedroom. Tom took their suitcases, put them on the unmade bed and opened them. Lisa began to remove her clothes from the dresser drawers and pack them into her bag.

"Are you going to change or ride home like that Tom?"

"I'm going to wear what I have on, how about you?"

"Me too, this skirt will make it easy for me to tease you while you're driving," she giggled.

"That's not fair Lisa, I have to keep my mind on the driving. If you start teasing me I may have to pull off the road and attack you."

"A girl can only hope," she said, as she pulled her tight skirt up her legs and exposed her red panties to him.

When Tom moved towards her, Lisa quickly pulled the skirt down and held her hand out like a cop at an intersection.

"Stop! You have to pack so we can get out of the room. If you start fooling around we will get in trouble with the hotel."

Tom kept coming towards her and reached for her breasts. He massaged the firm flesh and then moved his hands to her butt and pulled her to him. He kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her bottom as she pressed her crotch against his leg. Tom released her and turned around to finish packing. He took his things from the closet and folded them into the suitcase.

When the two had packed everything and closed their suitcases, Tom took one last look around to be sure they weren't forgetting anything.

"I think that is everything Lisa, are you ready to go?"

Lisa walked to the bathroom and said, "In a minute."

Tom took the bags to the door and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. When she walked though the bedroom door into the living room, Tom picked up the suitcases and followed Lisa out into the hallway. She pushed the button for the elevator and they stood quietly, waiting for the car.

Once Tom had put their things into the back of his Expedition, he opened the passenger door for Lisa and waited as she climbed in. She was careful not to let her tight skirt ride up too high on her legs as she swung her feet into the truck. Tom closed the door, went to the driver's side, and got in behind the wheel.

Lisa stared out the window of the truck as Tom pulled away from the hotel they had shared for the past three days. She felt a bit saddened by the thought of having to sleep alone in her own bed that night, but she still had enjoyed the time she and Tom had spent together. She thought back to the moment that Tom had first entered her and the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. She remembered that she felt that he had entered her sole, not just her vagina. The complete connection of mind and flesh that she felt when he was in her was greater than any emotion she had ever experienced.

Glancing at Tom, she recalled the tender moments they shared and his shyness. She loved the way he would always let her set the pace of their lovemaking, never rushing her into anything. Lisa also wondered if she was the first girl he had ever had sex with. He seemed to know what he was doing, but she couldn't be sure. She thought about asking him, but decided not to, for fear she would make him upset.

"How are you doing over there?" Tom said. "You're very quite."

Lisa reached across the console and took his hand into hers. "I'm fine, just thinking about the past few days."

Tom smiled, he too was reminiscing their time together and was becoming excited by the thoughts. He could almost feel the wet heat of her vagina on his hardening penis as he thought about their couplings and the tender caresses that followed.

"Me too," he said. "I had such a great time with you."

Tom turned the truck onto the entrance ramp of the expressway and merged with the oncoming traffic. He turned on the cruise control and adjusted his speed to match the other cars and trucks on the road. After a half an hour or so of driving and talking about the workshop, Lisa leaned against the console and put her hand on his thigh.

"Too bad this console is in the way Tom."


"If it wasn't here, I could take your cock out and suck on it while you are driving."

Tom felt his penis jump in his slacks when her heard her talk about giving him a blowjob in the truck. She could see the lump forming and moved her hand up his thigh to his crotch. Lisa rubbed his hard on through his slacks and cupped his balls when he opened his legs. She kept up her fondling for a few moments and then removed her hand.

"I'm sorry," she giggled. "You have to keep your mind on your driving."

Lisa moved away and put her back against her door. She pulled her legs up onto the seat and let her skirt rise on her thighs. While gazing across the truck at Tom, she fiddled with the buttons of her blouse, slowly unbuttoning them one by one. When Tom glanced at her, she pulled her shirt open slightly and exposed her bra less breasts to him.

Tom's eyes widened when he saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. He kept moving his eyes from the road to her chest and back again as she opened her blouse wide and then covered herself.

Lisa began to giggle as she kept teasing Tom, flipping her blouse open each time he looked in her direction. She moved her legs apart and then back together, causing her tight skirt to creep up her legs and reveal her red thong.

"You are going to make me wreck the truck if you keep that up," Tom said, staring at her.

"I'm sorry Tom," she said, "I'll stop doing it."

"Don't get me wrong, I love looking at your body. You're very sexy."

Lisa smiled and waited for Tom to look her way again. When he did, she spread her legs as wide as she could, pulled open her shirt and wiggled her shoulders. While she was exposing herself to Tom, they heard the air horn of a passing semi truck. Lisa looked out the window to see the passenger of the large truck waving at her as it passed them.

Pulling her shirt closed and slamming her legs together, Lisa said, "Oops, I didn't think about anyone else being able to see me."

Tom laughed out loud. "Serves you right!"

Lisa's cheeks turned pink and she began to button her blouse. She turned in her seat and put her feet on the floor.

"I'm so embarrassed! I never thought about the fact that other people could see what I was doing, I just wanted to tease you a little."

"Well you've succeeded! I am so hard that I think my dick is going to rip through my pants."

"I make you excited, do I?"

"Yes, very excited! Not to mention the guy in the truck."

"Really? Do you think I made him excited too?"

"I'm sure you did, unless he doesn't like cute naked girls."

Lisa sat back in her seat and thought about the man in the truck and what he had just seen. She felt a tingling in her crotch as her mind replayed the look on the trucker's face.

"Are you mad because that guy saw my boobs Tom?"

"Not really, it's a bit of a turn on actually."

"You mean that you like to idea of other guys seeing me like that?'

"It's not like we know them or anything thing Lisa, they are strangers. All that guy got is a glimpse of your beautiful body I get to enjoy it."

"Can the people in cars see in too?"

"No, just trucks, why?"

Lisa giggled, reclined her seat a little and pulled her skirt up on her legs until it was just covering her panty covered crotch. She undid the top three buttons of her blouse and pulled it open. Tom watched out of the corner of his eye as she wiggled in the seat and revealed as much flesh as she could, without really exposing herself completely.

"Do you enjoy it when I'm like this?"

"Oh yes!" Tom said, looking over at her. "You look hot."

Lisa grinned and watched her boyfriend as he drove along, steeling glances of her body. She fidgeted in her seat and thought about being seen by one of the truck drivers that shared the road with them. Tom pulled into the left lane, sped up, and passed one of the big rigs he had been following. As he moved along side of the truck, Lisa looked up and saw the driver staring down at her.

"Can I wave at him?" She asked, never taking her eyes away from the grinning man in the truck next to her.

"If you want to, go ahead."

Lisa smiled at the driver and wiggled her fingers as Tom finished passing him. When Tom pulled back into the right lane in front of the truck, he heard the horn blow a couple of short blasts.

"This is fun," Lisa said, turning to Tom. "Are you sure you're not mad at me for teasing them?"

"I'm sure, I just didn't know that you are such an exhibitionist."

"Neither did I, I have never done anything like this before." She told him.

Lisa watched in front of them for the next truck. She unfastened another button on her shirt and exposed a little more of her firm breasts. Tom could see her hard nipples through the gaping blouse and knew that it was turning Lisa on.

Over the next twenty miles or so, Tom passed several trucks. Each time he did, Lisa would look at the driver and give her subtle wave. Some of the drivers would wave back and others would blow their air horns, but almost all of them acknowledged her.

"Can you stop somewhere Tom? I have to pee."

Tom pulled off at the next exit and into a gas station. He watched Lisa button her blouse and pull her skirt down before she opened the door and got out of the truck. Following her into the gas station, he watched her bottom as it moved from side to side with each step she took. The tight skirt highlighted her round butt, pulling against her thighs below her cheeks.

Inside the small station, the girl behind the counter gave Lisa a key attached to a wooden block. She told her that the restrooms were around back and to be sure to return the key. When Tom asked for the key to the men's room, she told him there was only one bathroom.

The two teens walked around the building and found a door on the back of the building. Lisa handed Tom the key and told him to go first to be sure it was clean. He took the key, unlocked the door and stepped inside.

"It's fine, it isn't dirty at all." He told her.

Lisa walked in behind him before he could close the restroom door. She looked around the small bathroom and agreed that it was okay. Then, to Tom's surprise, she backed up to the stool, pulled her skirt up and her panties down, and then sat down. He turned his back as he heard the sound of her urine hitting the water in the toilet bowl.

"What's the matter Tom? Haven't you ever seen a girl pee before?"

"No I haven't."

Lisa reached out, put her hand on his hip and turned him to her. He looked down at Lisa as she sat on the toilet, her legs together. Looking up at him, she pulled the small tab of his zipper down, reached into his fly and pulled his stiff penis out the opening. Lisa slid her hand up and down the hot shaft and ran her thumb over the end of it.

"Just what do you think you're doing Lisa?"

Lisa didn't respond, she pulled him closer and put her open mouth over the head of his penis and ran her tongue over the tip, causing him to flinch. She moved her head forward and engulfed about half its length and began to suck on it, moving her hand over the flesh that wasn't in her mouth.

Tom put his hands on her breasts and rubbed them through her blouse. Lisa used her free hand to undo the buttons of her shirt and give him access to her bare flesh. When he took her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, Lisa moaned around his penis. Slowly, she moved her head over the hot shaft and stroked its underside with her tongue.

Gently rocking his hips, he matched her movements and slid his penis in and out of her mouth. He continued to tweak her nipples, sending shock waves to her crotch. Lisa put her free hand between her legs and pinched her clit as she increased the suction and pace of her movements.

Lisa's self stimulation brought her close to her orgasm and she began to moan. Tom took his hands from her breasts and placed them on the side of her head. He humped his hard penis in to her mouth, her hand restricting it from going too deep. Grabbing her hair in his hands, Tom shot a rope of cum into her mouth. He groaned as his penis pulsed his seed into her and she swallowed every drop.

Once the spurts of cum diminished, Lisa held him between her lips as she pushed her finger into her vagina and brought on her climax. Tom could feel the vibrations as she hummed her sensual song around his softening manhood. Lisa removed her hand from his penis and sucked his hot flesh into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" She moaned, his soft penis filling her mouth.

Lisa leaned back and let him slip from her lips. She ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth and over her red lips, savoring his flavor. She pulled a small strip of paper from the roll next to her and wiped it between her legs, cleaning the juices that had escaped her. Lisa stood up, pulled her panties back into place and smoothed her skirt down.

"Thank you Tom."

"For what?"

"For letting me taste you again. I love to feel your cock in my mouth and eat your sweet cum. I like it when we make love too, but having your big cock in my mouth just turns me on so much."

Tom put his arms around her and pulled her close to him. "I love it when you blow me Lisa, I'm really glad you like it too. I have to pee now though."

Tom stepped in front of the toilet and took hold of his flaccid penis. Before he could begin, Lisa reached for him and replaced his hand with hers.

"Can I hold it for you?"

Tom nodded and began to release himself as Lisa attempted to aim the yellow stream at the bowl.

"This is harder than I thought it would be," she giggled, finally directing the flow into the water. "No wonder my brothers piss all over the toilet."

Tom laughed at her as the last dribble of urine dropped into the bowl. Lisa released him and he took hold of himself, shaking the last drops off the end.

"It's not too hard once you have some practice," he said as he tucked his penis back into his slacks and pulled up the zipper.

"Well then, I guess I will just have to get some more practice."

They both laughed and Tom leaned over to kiss her. She threw her arms around his neck and pushed her tongue into his mouth. They held their kiss for a few minutes and then broke apart.

Lisa followed Tom out of the bathroom and told him she would wait in the truck while he returned the key. Lisa went to the truck and climbed in and Tom went back into the station to give the key back. He bought a couple of sodas and went to his truck.

"Here you go," he said, handing her one of the sodas. "I thought you might like something to drink."

"Thanks," she replied, twisting the top off the plastic bottle. She took a sip of the cold beverage and replaced the cap. "Can we play some more on the way home?"

Tom broke out in laughter and nodded his head yes. "If that's what you want to do go right ahead. I enjoy seeing you more than the truckers do."

Lisa began to undo the buttons of her blouse and Tom pulled back onto the highway. He noticed that she had undone all of the buttons and her shirt was open. It still covered her breasts, but he could clearly see the strip of bare skin from her neck to the waistband of her skirt. She shifted around in her seat and cleared her throat, causing Tom to look at her. Pulling her skirt up, she showed him that she had removed her panties.

"This is just for you to see, not the truckers."

Tom smiled at her and returned his eyes to the road in front of him. He came up behind a truck and Lisa covered her naked crotch before he pulled out to pass it. When Tom was next to the truck, Lisa moved and her blouse flipped open, giving the driver a view if her breasts. Tom finished passing the truck and saw the driver waving his arm out his window in the rearview mirror.

Lisa flashed a few more trucks and then turned her back to the door and faced Tom. She put her feet up on the seat and moved her knees apart so he could see up her short skirt, and her vagina. Tom reached across the console, put his hand on her leg and rubbed her thigh.

"All done teasing the truckers?"

"Yeah, It isn't as much fun as it was at first, besides I would rather have you look at me than those guys anyway."

Tom gently squeezed her thigh and then returned his hand to the steering wheel. They talked about the workshop and the things they had learned. Tom suggested that they get together during the week and work on their photography skills.

"Sounds good to me," Lisa said. "I think we should spend some time in the darkroom too."

"Developing film and making prints?"

"Yeah, we can do that too."

They both giggled and made a few remarks about the other things they could work on. Tom pulled off the interstate at the exit for home and told Lisa that she should put her panties back on.

"I suppose you're right," she said.

Lisa took her red thong out of her purse and put her feet through the garment. Tom watched her as she worked the tiny panties up her legs and into place. She fixed her skirt and re buttoned her blouse. Pulling down the visor, she fixed her hair and made sure she looked okay, using the small mirror on the back of the visor.

Tom turned onto Lisa's street, pulled into her driveway and turned off the truck. He was about to get out when she stopped him.

"Thank you for the greatest weekend of my life Tom. You are the greatest guy a girl could ask for. I'm so happy when I'm with you and you make me feel very special. Tom, I couldn't think of anyone in the world I would rather have given my virginity to. I just hope that we can be together for a long time."

Tom felt tears welling up in his eyes. He wiped the back of his hand across his eyes and swallowed hard.

"You make me feel very special too Lisa, and I want us to get to know each other much better. Making love with you was so wonderful and warm. I have discovered feelings that I have never felt before."

Tom stopped short of telling her exactly how he felt. He was afraid that if he told her that he loved her, she would back off on their budding relationship. He opened his door and scurried around the truck to open hers for her. When she swung her legs out, she made sure that he got one last glimpse of her crotch.

Lisa helped Tom carry her things into the house and into her room. She hugged and kissed him one more time before they went to find her parents and tell them they were home. Lisa's parents and brothers were all watching television in the living room.

"Hi guys," she said as she walked into the room with Tom close behind her. "We're home."

Lisa's mom got up from the couch and gave her daughter a hug. She welcomed her and Tom home and asked about the workshop. Tom and Lisa sat next to each other, on the couch, and told her family about all of the things they had learned and about Barb and Marty. Her mom, dad, and brothers listened to her telling about the hotel suite and how big it was. After a little while, Tom said he needed to get home and see his parents too.

Tom stood up, told Lisa's family goodbye and turned to leave. Lisa followed him out to his truck and they hugged and kissed before he got in and started the engine.

"I will call you after school tomorrow," he told her. "Maybe we can get together and do something."

Lisa leaned into the open truck door, pressed her mouth to his and Said, "I would like that Tom, please call me as soon as you can."

Tom nodded, told her goodbye and pulled his door closed. Lisa watched as he backed out of the driveway and turned onto the street.

"Goodbye I love you," she said as he drove out of sight.

Once she could no longer see his truck, Lisa went back into the house and the living room.

"Where is mom?" she asked, seeing that her mother wasn't in the room.

"The kitchen I think." Her dad said.

Lisa went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Her mom was fixing tea and asked Lisa if she would like a cup. She shook her head no and watched Dianne pour the boiling water into her cup and bounce the teabag in the hot water.

Dianne sat at the table across from her seventeen year old daughter. She could see the look of joy on her face and love in her eyes. They sat in silence looking at one another, Dianne sipping her hot tea.

"I take it you had a good weekend. You look very content." Dianne said.

Lisa smiled and said, "It was the best time in my life mom."

"So I assume that you and Tom got along okay."

"Mom, he is the greatest guy in the whole world. When we got to the hotel room he said that he would sleep on the couch and I could have the bed. He never did anything that made me uncomfortable or scared."

"I see, so who got the couch?" Dianne asked, knowing the answer.

"No one, we shared the king sized bed." Lisa was grinning as she told her mom about her sleeping arrangements.

They chatted for a few minutes, Lisa telling her about the room and they new friends they had met. Dianne stopped talking, looked into her daughter's eyes, and smiled.

"My little girl has become a woman." Dianne stated, her eyes filling with tears.

Lisa nodded slowly, watching her mom's reaction.

Dianne wanted to ask her daughter about her first experience, but restrained herself. She got up from her chair, walked to Lisa and pulled her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around the young girl and hugged her tightly, hiding her tears the best she could. Dianne was very happy for her daughter happy that her first time was with a guy she cared for. She thought about how it could have been some jerk in the back seat of a car or against her will.

"It was so wonderful mom," Lisa said, resting her head on her mom's shoulder. "Tom is very kind and gentle."

"Shusss, that moment is yours and yours alone."

Lisa tightened her arms around her mom and stopped talking. They parted and Lisa told her mom that she was going to her room to unpack.

"Your dad has to go to the pro shop for a few hours to put up some new stock. I was going to go with him, but I will stay home if you want me too."

"No, you go with dad if you want to, I'm fine. I need to put my things away and do some laundry tonight."

Lisa went to her room and began to remove her clothes from her suitcase. She put the things she hadn't worn into her dresser drawers and closet and her dirty clothes into her basket to be washed. Her mom and dad stopped by her room and told her that they were leaving and asked about dinner.

"I will fix something later, I want to get this stuff taken care of first," she said, pointing at the half empty suitcase and the laundry basket.

Dianne and Bob left and Lisa went back to her tasks. She had just finished putting the last of her clean clothes away when her two brothers came bounding into her room and flopped on her bed.

"We went on Jack's boat with Kim, Sally and Megan yesterday and we both got to drive it," Brad said.

"That's cool, did you guys have a good time?" Lisa said, moving about the room collecting her dirty clothes.

"It was really cool Lisa, we had a blast! We went to a park and had a picnic and then we went to an island and hung around for a while," Paul said. "How about you, did you have fun with Tom?"

"Yes, the workshop was really good, we learned a lot." She said.

Lisa picked up her laundry basket and carried it towards the door.

"I have to start the laundry, I'll be right back. Do you two have anything that need to be washed?"

"No," Brad said. "Mom already did our stuff."

Lisa took her dirty clothes to the basement and began to sort the things into piles. She started the washer and put her darks into the machine, realizing that she was wearing clothes that should go into this load. She removed her skirt, panties, and shirt, and tossed them into the machine, closing the lid. She looked around for something to cover herself with and found one of her dad's tee shirts folded on the dryer. She pulled the large white shirt over her head and headed back to her room.

"Did you and Tom get it on?" Paul asked, when Lisa walked back into her room.

"That's none of your business Paul," she said.

Lisa picked up her camera bag and put it on the shelf in her closet. When she reached above her head, her shirt rode up and exposed her bottom to her younger brothers. She could hear them giggling behind her and realized the source of their amusement. Like in Tom's truck on the ride home, she felt excited knowing that her brothers were watching her. She felt the familiar tingling between her legs and her heart begin to race.

Moving around the room, Lisa made a point of giving her twin brothers' quick glimpses of her body. She bent at the waist, facing the bed, to pick something off the floor, knowing that the boys could see her breasts through the gaping neckline of the tee shirt. Every time she would look at them, she would see their eyes following her every move.

Lisa glanced at their crotches and noticed the bulge their erect penises made in the front of the pants they were wearing.

Climbing onto the bed and folding her legs Indian style, she allowed the boys to see her naked crotch before she pushed the shirt down to cover herself.

"Did you guys have a good time with Kim and Sally yesterday?"

"Yes, we even got to fool around a little," Brad replied.

"What do you mean Brad, we did more than just fool around a little," Paul said.

"Oh you did huh, just what did you guys do with them?" Lisa asked, with a slight giggle in her voice. "Did they let you feel them up again?"

"Yeah, and more," Paul said.

The siblings sat on Lisa's bed and told each other about the things they had done over the weekend. The two boys shared their experiences freely, but Lisa said very little about the things she and Tom had done together. Lisa unfolded her legs, rolled onto her stomach and propped her chin into her hands. The movement caused her shirt to rise to her waist and uncover her naked bottom, but she made no attempt to cover herself. She knew that her brothers could see down her shirt and her bottom, but the talk was making her excited and she didn't really care. She enjoyed watching them stealing glances and seeing them squirm around.

Suddenly, Lisa felt flushed and excited. She wished that she could call Tom to come over and scratch the itch she had deep inside her, but she knew that he would be busy with his own family. She began to think about the stop at the gas station and the head job she gave Tom in the restroom while she sat on the toilet. Flexing her leg muscles, she tried to fight off the feeling between her legs. She glanced down the gaping shirt and could see that her nipples were hard, sticking out from her hanging breasts.

Reaching behind her, Lisa rubbed her thigh and said, "My skin is so dry, I wish I had some lotion to put on it."

"Mom has some," Brad said, springing to his feet. "I'll go and get it for you."

Brad charged out of Lisa's room and down the hall. He returned a few minutes later, carrying a bottle of baby oil and wearing a pair of baggy running shorts.

"I couldn't find any lotion, is this ok?" He said, holding the bottle out to her.

"Yes, that's fine" she said, reaching for the bottle of oil. "Why did you change Brad?"

"My jeans were too uncomfortable, so I just put on these shorts," Brad replied.

Lisa watched Brad climb back onto the bed and sit back on his heals. She could see that he was hard and it made her even more excited, knowing that she was having such an effect on him. Glancing at her other brother, Lisa saw that he also had a bulge in the front of his jeans.

"I have to check the laundry, I'll be right back," Lisa said, climbing off her bed.

Standing outside her bedroom door, she listened to her brother's talk.

"Do you think she wants to fool around?" She heard Paul say.

"I don't know Paul, she sounds like she really likes Tom a lot. Maybe she only wants to do things with him."

"Maybe," Paul said, "I wonder if she let Tom fuck her? I wonder what it is like to fuck a girl?"

"I think that Sally wants to do it with me," Brad said. "Do you think that Kim will let you fuck her?"

Lisa quietly walked away and headed for the basement to change loads of laundry. As she moved down the hall, she heard one of her brothers make a remark about fucking her. In the laundry area of the basement, Lisa took the clothes she had in the washer out, and went to put them into the dryer. She discovered that there were clothes already in the dryer, left by the last person to do laundry. Mumbling about the full dryer, she began to remove the items, fold them and stack them on top of the machine.

As she removed the clothes she decided that one of her brothers must have done the wash. She found darks mixed with lights and sweatpants mixed with cotton shirts. Giggling to herself, Lisa finished folding the clothes and put her wet things into the dryer. She turned it on and went back upstairs.

When she returned to her bedroom, she saw that Paul had also changed into a pair of baggy shorts. She went back to the bed, sat on the edge and leaned back, leaving her legs dangling over the side. As nonchalantly as she could, Lisa put her arms at her sides and moved them down to the bed. The action stretched her white tee shirt over her breasts and made her nipples prominent in the thin fabric. She could feel the bed move beneath her as her two brothers shifted around.

After lying like that for a few minutes, she let out a sigh and stretched her arms above her head. Her shirt rose and exposed her naked crotch to her brother's wide open eyes. Turning her head to the side, she saw that his erect penis tented Paul's shorts. She could see up the leg of the baggy garment and noticed his balls.

"Got a problem there little brother?" She said with a chuckle.

Paul made no effort to hide his condition as he nodded his head yes.

Lisa rolled onto her stomach and scooted onto the bed between the two boys. She folded her arms, laid her head on them and closed her eyes. She briefly thought about the night that Tom had kissed and touched her all over and finally licked her crotch until she passed out. Lisa knew that her vagina was beginning to get wet as she reminisced that night.

"Would one of you mind rubbing some of the oil on my legs for me?" Lisa said, her eyes still closed.

"I will!" Paul almost shouted as he reached for the bottle of baby oil.

Lisa shivered when she felt the cool oil hit her leg, as Paul trickled it along her calf. She felt his hands begin to spread the oil over her skin and rub it in. She felt the same sensation on her other leg and knew that Brad had decided to help. Lisa began to moan deep in her throat as her two brothers worked the slippery oil into her skin, starting from her ankles and moving up the back of her legs.

"That feels so nice," she said.

When her brothers' fingers dipped into the crook of her knees, she felt as if an electrical current shot from the spot to her crotch. She remembered the feeling that she had when Tom had pressed his tongue into the erogenous zone on the back of her leg and her legs parted slightly.

The two boys continued to coat her legs with oil and massage it in. When they reached the point on the back of her thigh that was covered with her tee shirt, she reached down and pulled it up. The shirt reached the crease of her bottom and she stopped momentarily, but then pulled it up to her waist. Releasing the shirt, she flopped her arms back onto the bed. She felt Brad's leg and lightly ran her fingertips along his skin, before moving her hand away.

Lisa's brothers finished massaging her legs with the oil, stopping at her butt. When she felt their hands lose contact with her flesh, she opened her eyes and turned to Paul.

"Are you guys finished?"

"I don't know how much do you want us to do?" Brad said.

Lisa wiggled out of her tee shirt, laid back down and said, "Everywhere."

Paul and his brother quickly began to rub the oil over their sister's body. The two boys hands massaged the round globes of her bottom and up her back. Lisa could feel herself heat up as the four hands left on area on her backside untouched. When they reached her shoulders, Lisa rolled over and they started on her front.

Immediately, she felt their hands on her breasts as they gently squeezed them.

"Start at my feet you guys, if you don't my legs may never get done."

The boys released her breasts and began to cover the tops of her feet and her lower legs with oil. They worked their way up, coating the inside of her thighs and the tops of her legs. When Paul's hand was close to her crotch, Lisa opened her legs and gave him access to her hot sex. She felt his hand cover her and rub over her wet vaginal lips, sending a tingling sensation deep into her belly. She felt his fingertip part her swollen labia and sink into her vagina.

"Do my tits Brad," she panted as Paul began the stroke his finger in and out of her.

Brad covered her breasts with his hands and squeezed them firmly. He rubbed his palms over her nipples, feeling their firmness. When Brad bent over and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suck it, Lisa groaned and began to grope around for her brother's crotches.

Paul saw her hand searching for him so he took her wrist and guided her hand to his lap. She rubbed his penis through his shorts briskly and then slipped her hand into the leg opening. Wrapping her fingers around him, she pulled his hard penis out through the opening and began to stroke it. Groaning out loud, Paul pushed another finger into his sister's heated hole and pumped them in as far as he could.

When Brad saw that his sister had his brother's penis in her hand, he quickly shucked his shorts.

"Will you rub my cock too Lisa?" Brad asked, barely raising his mouth off her breast.

"Yes Brad, I'll rub your cock for you," she said, as she wrapped the fingers of her other hand around his throbbing shaft and pulled his taught skin over the helmet shaped head.

Lisa was becoming overcome with lust, she felt an orgasm rip through her as her brothers continued to touch her breasts and vagina. She twisted and turned on the bed, pulling at her brother's penises. When she felt Paul's tongue join his probing fingers, she had another orgasm, this one more intense than the last.

Clamping her legs together and holding Paul's head between her thighs, she lifted her bottom off the bed and humped against his mouth. She squealed when Paul's tongue tapped at her clit and she felt her vagina grip his fingers.

Pulling on Brad's hard penis, she guided him into her mouth and closed her lips around his shaft. He began to push himself deeper into her and she used her hand to control the depth.

Lisa stopped thinking about what she and her brothers were doing and began to respond with animal like instinct. She scrambled up, pushed Brad onto his back and took his penis deep into her sucking mouth. She knelt on the bed and pushed her round bottom into the air for Paul to see as she moved her head quickly on Brad.

Reaching behind her with one hand, she grabbed Paul's penis and stroked it roughly. She was consumed with passion, not the love she felt for Tom, but just raw sexual need. She felt Paul move closer to her butt and in a moment of uncontrolled lust, she pressed his penis against her opening.

Lisa lifted her head from Brad's penis and looked back at her shocked brother. "Put your fucking cock in my pussy and fuck me Paul!"

Paul pressed forward, following the demand his sister had just yelled to him. Her voice was gravely and hoarse and he knew she wasn't kidding. Brad twisted around so he could see his brother as Paul's penis slid into Lisa's quivering hole. Hearing Paul let out a loud groan as he sank his manhood into Lisa, Brad told his sister to suck him.

Opening her mouth wide, Lisa took brad's penis in and closed her lips around him. She pushed her head down and felt him go into her throat. Even as turned on as she was, she couldn't control the gagging and had to back off of Brad's throbbing member. When she had half of the six inch penis in her mouth, she felt the roof of her mouth get splattered with her brother's hot cum.

Paul had only had his penis buried in her vagina for about two minutes when he too let go and shot his seed into Lisa's convulsing tunnel. He held her hips and pumped into her, groaning out the joy of losing his virginity.

"Lisa," Paul howled. "Your pussy is so hot!"

Lisa bucked back against Paul and sucked and swallowed around Brad's penis. When both of her brothers were spent, she rolled onto her side and breathed heavily. Paul fell backwards onto the bed and Brad laid still.

Still unsatisfied, Lisa put her hand between her legs and began to finger herself, gliding easily into her hole on the combined fluids of Paul's cum and her slick discharge. When Brad saw his sister servicing herself, he moved down, grabbed her legs and spread them wide. He removed his sister's hand from her crotch and replaced it with his mouth. He had just watched his brother screw Lisa and he too wanted a chance to put his virgin penis into her.

Brad knelt between his sister's legs, cupped her bottom in his hands and lapped at the puffy lips of her sex. Lisa put her hands on her breasts and massaged the sensitive flesh, rubbing her fingertips over her hard nipples.

"Oh yes Brad, suck and lick my pussy. Push your tongue into me and taste my hot cum!"

The sweetness of Lisa's vagina was overpowered by the tangy cum his brother had filled her with. He felt his stomach rumble slightly, but he was relentless at his task. He used his fingers to part her puffy red labia and found her clit with his teeth. When he began to nibble on the hooded bud, Lisa yelled out and came hard again.

Paul rolled onto his side and moved his head so he could see his brother's tongue and mouth attack Lisa's sex. He noticed that Brad's penis was beginning to lengthen and watched as it swayed between his brother's legs.

Brad lifted his head and looked up at his sister's contorted face. "Can I fuck you too Lisa, like Paul did?"

Lisa groaned out a yes and nodded her head. Brad scooted up and probed at her with his hard on, unable to locate the hot tight cavern that he sought. Paul saw the difficulty his brother was having and reached between Brad's legs. He took his brother's wavering manhood in his hand and aligned it with his sister's opening.

Lifting them into the air, Lisa grabbed herself behind the knees and pulled her legs apart. She felt her brother's penis stretch her as he pushed into her vagina and sank his full length into her. The moment he felt his pubic bone touch hers, Brad began to pump wildly into the slick tunnel that encased his penis.

Paul moved up near Lisa's head, pushed her hands away from her breasts and replaced them with his. He massaged the mounds and bent over to lick them. When Lisa felt her brother's rough tongue scrape over her tender nipple, she moaned loudly and felt another orgasm consume her. She turned her head to look at Paul and he presented his penis to her lips. Without a moment's hesitation, she opened her mouth and sucked him in. She could taste the remains of their coupling on his slick shaft and she increased her suction.

Brad's balls slapped against her bottom each time he drove his member into her. He held her hips and rocked back and forth, feeling her grip his penis with her tight vagina.

Lisa was in the throes of yet another climax when she heard Brad call out.

"This is so good Lisa, I love fucking your pussy!"

Unable to answer because her mouth was stuffed with Paul's penis, Lisa just groaned. Releasing her legs and wrapping them around her brother's waist, she pulled Brad into her.

Brad's penis erupted and added his cum to that of his brother's. He had lasted almost five minutes before he was unable to control himself and ejaculated into her vagina. He continued to push and pull his spent tool in Lisa's squishy hole, until he became flaccid and fell out. He slid down and rested his head on her chest, watching his brother's penis glide in and out of Lisa's mouth.

Paul let out a groan, pushed forward and came in his sister's mouth. Brad could see her cheeks puff out slightly and her throat flex as she swallowed Paul's cum. When the last weak spurt dribbled from the end of his penis onto her tongue, he pulled out of her mouth. Lisa was still sucking when the velvety head of Paul's penis passed her lips and it made a popping sound.

The three siblings lay still on the bed, each trying to recover from the sexual activities they had just engaged in. Paul thought about how good it was to have his penis surrounded by his sister's hot vagina and Brad thought about doing the same thing with Sally. Lisa began to come to her senses and realized what she had just done.

'I can't believe that I just let my brothers fuck me!' she thought to herself. 'What have I done, will they ever forgive me.'

Lisa slowly sat up and picked up the tee shirt from her bed. She looked down at the wet spots that were on her sheets and decided that she would need to change them before her mom and dad got back. Standing next to the bed, she looked down at her twin brothers and could see the look of contentment on their faces. It was at that point that she realized that she didn't need to seek their forgiveness; she needed to decide if she would ever let them do it again.

Paul was the first to stand up, followed by his brother. He put his arms around his sister and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you so much Lisa," Paul said. "That was wonderful."

"Yeah," Brad said as he too put his arms around his naked sister. "You are the greatest! I just wish I could have done it longer so you could have cum too."

Lisa threw her arms around her brothers' shoulders and began to laugh out loud. She shook her head from side to side as the boys looked at her strangely.

"I must have cum a dozen times you goofs! It was just as nice for me as it was for you two."

Lisa pulled the stained sheets off her bed and saw that their cum had soaked through to the mattress pad. She knew she wouldn't have time to wash the pad and the sheets so she decided to wait for another time. Balling the dirty sheets in her arms, Lisa headed for the basement to wash them. She glanced at the clock on her dresser as she passed it and decided that she had another hour before her parents would be home.

"I'm going to toss these into the washer. I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

Paul and Brad waited in Lisa's room for her to return. They discussed the fact that they were no longer virgins and tried to figure out if their sister would ever let them do it again with her.

"I wonder if Kim will let me fuck her someday?" Paul said to his brother.

"I hope that she will let you Paul and I hope Sally will let me fuck her." Brad replied.

"You guys are something else. You get your first piece of ass and already you're talking about fucking other girls. I'm hurt!"

Paul and Brad spun around and saw Lisa standing in the doorway. They both looked shocked until they saw the big smile on their sister's face. The boys laughed, went to their sister and put their arms around her.

"We were just talking Lisa," Brad said. "You are the best piece of ass I've ever had."

Lisa smacked Brad on his bare butt and giggled. "I'm the only piece of ass you've ever had!"

All three of them began to laugh and make jokes. Lisa took a clean set of sheets from the linen closet and made her bed. She grabbed her brothers' hands and pulled them out of her room and down the hall towards the bathroom.

"Let's all take a shower, we have a little while before mom and dad get back."

The siblings all climbed into the tub and Lisa turned on the shower. The two brothers washed Lisa and she washed each of them. As they showered together, they took every opportunity to touch one another's genitals. At one point, Lisa was rubbing her soapy hands on both of her brother's penises and they were rubbing her breasts. When the water began to turn cold, they all rinsed off and began to climb out of the tub.

Lisa, Brad, and Paul were all standing in the small bathroom, dripping on the floor. Lisa reached for a towel and was just about to begin drying herself when the bathroom door opened and she saw her mom standing in the doorway. Dianne's mouth fell open and she searched for words.

The three kids stood rigid and stared back at their mom. Lisa thought quickly and smiled.

"Hi mom, you and dad are home early. The boys and I decided that we would save on the water bill and we took a shower together."

Dianne broke out in laughter and leaned against the door jam to keep from losing her balance. He gripped her belly and tried to control her laughter, but couldn't. Her husband walked up behind her to see what was going on and looked past her into the bathroom at his three naked children.

"What in the hell is going on here?" Bob asked.

Dianne shook her head and managed to get out a few words.

"Tell your father what you told me Lisa," her mom said, almost choking.

Lisa repeated her reason for being naked with her two brothers and her dad also broke out in laughter. She casually wrapped the towel she was holding at her side around her and tucked the corner into the space between her breasts. Paul and Brad also covered themselves and their parents began to walk away, still howling.

"I guess that we aren't in any trouble," Brad said.

"I don't think so, but we would have gotten killed if they came home any earlier." Paul said. "Do you think they know that we were messing around Lisa?

"I don't know, they might. It reminds me of when we were playing house and she caught us. I though she was going to ground us for life." Lisa replied, as she removed her towel and rubbed her wet hair. "I remember that she took me to the doctors the next week and had him put me on the pill. I guess she was afraid we would end up screwing someday and she was right."

Paul and Brad both giggled and finished drying themselves. Paul hung his towel on the rack and moved towards the door. When he passed his sister, his erect penis brushed against her butt.

"Why don't you guys get dressed and met me in my room," Lisa said. "I think we need to talk about what just happened."

The boys looked worried as their sister walked out of the bathroom and down the hall.

"I'll bet she's pissed about what happened Paul," Brad said. "She is mad about us fucking her."

"I hope not, I would really like to do that again," Paul replied.

The boys finished up in the bathroom, went to their room and put on tee shirts and sweatpants. They went to their sister's bedroom and knocked lightly on the door. Lisa opened the door and invited the boys to come in and sit down on the bed.

Lisa had put a pair of dark blue cotton pajamas and was buttoning the top as her brothers went to her bed and sat on the edge. Lisa pulled her chair from under her desk and sat facing the two confused teens.

Resting her forearms on her legs, Lisa leaned forward and looked down at her hands. She picked at her nails and fidgeted with her fingers as her brothers waited to find out what she wanted to talk to them about.

"The first thing I want you two to know is that I'm not at all mad or upset about what we did," she said.

Paul and Brad breathed a sigh of relief when their sister told them that she was not mad at them.

"In fact, I really enjoyed doing it with you guys. I just think that we need to talk about the future and stuff."

"What do you mean Lisa?" Paul asked her.

"Well, I have been thinking about what we did and what it all means, you guys know that it is against the law and we could be in big trouble if anyone ever found out. I'm almost eighteen and I could go to prison. You two are minors and could be taken away from mom and dad."

"We won't tell anyone," Brad said, "I don't want us to get into trouble. What about mom and dad? What should we say if they ask us about what we were doing in the shower together?"

"They won't say anything about the shower, we have seen each other naked before and they know it. I don't what to do if they ask if we have done anything else, I will just have to figure that out if it comes up." Lisa told her brothers.

The three siblings sat and talked about the afternoon. They finally left Lisa's room and went to the living room to watch television with their parents. When they walked into the room, Dianne looked straight into Lisa's eyes and gave her a little smile. Lisa went over to the couch and sat next to her mother, while the boys sat on the floor. Together the family watched a movie, that had just begun.


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