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Master PC in Nippon
Chapter One: The Pariah


The water if the North Japan Sea was cold, as it always is cold. The small trawler pitched and yawed heavily in the slate gray seas as it closed in on the island. The island's coastline appeared scabrous and threatening, like the dried black blood of the countless sailors who had ruined themselves on the rocks.

The new hand, Akiro, eyed the leeward shore nervously. He could feel the spray from the rocks only a dozen yards away. Then the old mate, Baku, barked at the lazy pup to continue stowing the gear.  Baku was not in the least worried. The captain had steered this course hundreds of times before. They could see the lights of the dock ahead.

The Captain shouldered the trawler up to the dock expertly and leapt from the gunnels to the planks of the bobbing dock with ease. Dressed only in a weathered greatcoat and Mommonth cap, he seemed immune to the stormy weather.
He left the mates to lash the boat down and proceeded down the swaying dock like it was a simple walk in the country. The asylum was two miles down the road.

He passed the outbuildings and entered the empty watchman's shed. He rang the asylum and told them to expect him.

A new nurse, Miss Susan Kana, greeted him. She was no uglier and no more brutish than was the norm. The recession on the big islands had not caused a great influx of talent the Doctor Hiyashi had predicted. Hiyashi was a fool, sober or drunk. Money was not enough incentive to live in this place.

The Captain was escorted to the antechamber where his wet clothes were hung up and all sharp or dangerous objects, like his pen and belt were removed. He dispensed with his boots and slipped on the canvas deck shoes he had brought with him. He despised the slippers they provided other visitors.  Doctor Rhee arrived in short order.

Rhee was a Korean and therefore loathed by the rest of the staff, even the ujibe'. He was seen as a foreign invader. It did not matter that his grandfather was dragged over, in chains, to work in Japanese wartime factories. That was four generations ago and people still regarded him as a foreigner. Captain Abe saw the matter differently. He respected Rhee.

Unlike the other doctors, who worked there only because they were drunks or incompetent, Doctor Rhee had a genuine compassion for his patients. His compassion is what mattered to Abe, specifically his compassion for Abe's sister, Ai. So he insisted on the man.

Surely, Rhee may be working at the asylum because of his unfortunate choice in parents, but that did not stop him from the performance of his duties. He did not see mental illness as a curse but a medical problem to be solved.

Because they both schooled in America, he and Rhee often annoyed the other staff by speaking in English. They did so at this time as they walked to his sister's room.

"Any change?" asked Captain Abe.

"She has learned to wash her own clothes and take out the trash. I expect she will be ready to leave this place in a year."

"She will need assistance?"

"Yes, but not at the level this facility provides."

"Except for the garden house, this is the only home she has known. It would be hard for her to move."


"Yes...challenges."  Retsudo gloomily accessed the flaking plaster on the walls, the desperate need of paint and the ubiquitous smell of urine. The windows were deliberately kept small, for the cold climate. Every third light had a bulb, to save on electricity. He despised the place but it was close and all he could afford.

As Retsudo Abe entered the common area, Ai's sweet, innocent, stupid face lit up like a firefly's bottom. She ran to her brother and embraced him. The rest of the inmates stared dumbly at the television.

Ai's head came up only to her big brother's collarbone and the top of her hair caressed his unshaven chin, silk on sandpaper it was. Her brother caressed the back of her head, soothing her. Ai was a creature of the forest and had never grown used to the concrete institute.

Ai took his hand and tugged him in the direction of her room. Rhee escorted his friend and patient to her door and then left. Ret would examine his sister alone.

As the door shut, Ai immediately threw off her loose surgical shirt, bra and then dropped her trousers. She stood there, panting, nude, except for her simple white cotton panties. Ret noticed that she had grown paler and gained weight, more flabby, since his last visit. She needed to get outside more often.

Ai grabbed her large breasts with her hands, leaned forward and groaned. She knew that her inspection was at hand. She was eager to get started. When she pinched her nipples and whined in her excitement, Ret knew what was coming next.

Ai shuffled forward, still working her tits. She cocked her hips forward and ground her crotch into her brother's left thigh. "Ret-udo, Ret-udo, make feel good, please inspect me." She was a grown woman with a grown woman's needs, locked in with the mind of a very slow child.

This was a big change from his first inspection of his sister. She fought and squealed the whole way. Then Doctor Rhee recommended something from the behavioralist school of psychology. Rhee suggested Ret include "positive reinforcement" in his examination. After researching "behavioralism" and Pavlov theory, Ret reluctantly agreed that it might be the only way to deal with his sister's basic intelligence.

Ret eased her down onto her clean futon. Ai threw her legs in the air and Ret eased his sister's panties off. Her pussy was shaved for the same reason her hair was cut short. It was easier to clean and prevented lice. With two fingers of his left hand he spread her labials, then with his right, he drew tiny circles over her clitoris.

Ai bucked with joy. Only her big brother made her feel good this way. Her face contorted with the feelings of erotic joy. Then she called her brother's name over and over. Retsudo simply kept up the small circles, with a flick every now and then. He had discovered that speed mattered little, just so he just kept up the pace. A minute later, his little sister orgasmed, oozing mucus onto his right fingers.

Then checking for her hymen was easy. His sister did not allow him to examine her with nor more reticence than if she were squatting on a toilet.

Time was Japanese asylums were infamous for their abuses. Families, ashamed of their mentally or physically handicapped offspring, shut them away for the rest of their lives in isolated places, like Ryu Island. This, of course, led to a climate where the caretakers could perform the most heinous abuses with impunity. Death was considered a relief for all involved.

When Abe-sama had fallen ill, he and Ret agreed that he alone could not fish and watch Ai at the same time. She would have to go to the only sanitarium available, Ryu Island, only twenty miles across the strait. The old man made his son promise to make sure she was never raped.

Ret took his beloved father at his word. When he enrolled his sister, he made it quite clear that he would inspect her hymen with every visit. If it were broken, he would kill everyone he thought responsible.

Of course, he really doubted if he could do that. But they feared that he had enough samurai left in him to do something stupid. The rough looks of a fisherman didn't hurt either.

He pleasured his little sister again, as usual, then gave her an orange. She hugged him. Unashamedly naked, she plopped her head on his lap and the two spoke of very important, silly things.

Rhee walked Abe out.


"Yes. Care for an orange?" He offered the doctor one.

"For a fisherman you catch lots of strange things." He accepted the fruit and began to peel. "What now?"

"First to town to sell my 'catch.' Then to check my email."

Rhee knew that Ret was constantly looking for cures for his sister. "Find anything?"

"Hmph. A place called the 'Kimberly Institute' sounded promising. So I am eager to check."

"Kimberly Institute? Haven't heard of it."

"Sigh. Probably another fraud."

"I pray not."

The town was its usual bustling self. Ret sold his cargo to the warehousemen, berthed his boat and stowed the gear. The crew left, but not him. He lived on his trawler. All his money went to Ai. Just as well, he hated the townspeople.

Exhausted as he was, he still had to check his email. He removed his laptop from a waterproof locker.  The landline had been hooked up with the steam, water and electrical at the old dock.

There was an email from the Kimberly Institute, specifically [email protected]
<Your story has moved me. Attached you will find a program that will help your sister and others. It requires a whole separate hard drive. Keep your feet on the Path. >

"Path? What the fuck is the Path? Americans, think we talk like some frikken samurai movie.
 Damn. The file is huge. I'll have to pick up a hardrive tomorrow."  Ret kept the mail as "new," and then took himself and his computer offline for the night.

He broiled some anchovies for breakfast. Then Ret zipped his laptop into his backpack case and walked into town. Ainuban was the same small fishing village it had always been. People wore different clothes and bought different things, but the attitudes remained the same.

As Ret walked through the main street, people pretended not to notice him. He was not an ugly man, far from it. Before the sea marked him, he had been very handsome. He stood over two meters, tall for his area. His face had a strong chin, and he had a quick, honest smile.

Now, though he was only thirty-five, he looked much older. His fishing seasons had leathered his skin and hands. He grew a full beard to conceal a particularly nasty scar caused by a snapped line. But the townspeople were used to such men of the sea. No, what caused them to avoid him was his sister. Retsudo's sister had the misfortune to be born retarded.

The supersitious peasants regarded it as a curse, a contagious curse, as punishment by his family. The Abe's had once been THE noble family on the island. They lived in the castle on the top of the hill and at one time they ruled over the village.  But their fortunes declined and the gods finished their punishment with a broken daughter.

Retsudo saw a gang of children up ahead and moved to avoid their notice. They teased him mercilessly since they found their parents did not mind. He usually was able to ignore them, but he had his expensive laptop and he did not want to risk another hurled stone.

Eventually, he made it to the electronics store.  No one met his eyes; even when he asked for an expensive item, like an external hard drive. They spoke mostly in sign language. The salesperson checked to make sure the hard drive worked on his computer and even installed all the necessary drivers for him, while he let Retsudo read the directions himself. It seemed easier to use than his weather radar.

After he left the store, he was forced to walk trough a pack of senior schoolgirls. They were from the local prefecture school. They were dressed in the traditional black leather shoes, pleated plaid skirts, white blouses, blue neckerchiefs and navy blue wool jackets. Their henna dyed hair was bound in ponytails.

They had come to this back alley to sneak a smoke. It was still considered improper for young ladies to smoke, Chinichi Kosai, an old family friend, held the communal pack. Mie and Miko Katayama stood by, tugging on their fags.

Retsudo hated the girl gangs more than the boys. Girls did not throw stones, they threw worse; they threw words. These were three of the bitchiest.

"Make any cripples lately, Ret-awdo?" Chinichi spoke loudly.

"Retardo" was Retsudo's nickname to the brats of town. Someone stole it from and American movie but they could never get the "R" right. The girls followed him. His ears burned.

"Don't you know? Retawdo can't make any babies. Even the whores won't sleep with him." Mie, the tall ice maiden, joined in the ridicule.

"Ha! Probably because he's got a crooked dick. Right Retawdo?"  Miko, Mie's tart cousin, chimed in.

Retsudo did not usually loose his temper. He had learned that lesson long ago. But that first comment really hurt, because of its source. Chinichi's grandparents had been servants in his family's house for years. They had been treated very well, even sponsored her father to university. Now this was the respect his family got?

He turned and as easily as snatching a wriggling salmon off a hook, he snatched the pack of cigs from the Kosai girl and crushed it in his thick hands. "Unhealthy habit." He threw the pack to the ground and walked on.

The girls dogged his heels for blocks. They screamed every foul invective at him that they could think of. Other young people joined in. They assumed the evil man must have been harassing the sweet, innocent girls.

Old women, young boys, people with nothing better to do, followed him on his way to the docks. It was quite a crowd. It was only when they began to block delivery trucks did the constable step in. He shooed the people away. Then he and his junior confronted Retsudo Abe.

"What did you do to offend these people?" The senior constable demanded.

"I happen to have a sister who is mentally retarded."

"The good people of this town would never behave in such a fashion." He lied and he knew it. Then the junior whispered in his ear.

"I understand that you we harassing our young women."

"That is a lie. I was simply walking down the street and they started insulting at me."

"I am going to discuss this with the mayor." He began writing it all down in his little black notebook. " This is not the first public disturbance you have caused. It may be that you will be registered as a public menace and you will be asked to leave this town."

Retsudo could feel his anger beginning to boil over. But it was his show of temper that got him into this, he had to get out. "May I go now, sir?"

"More disrespect. Do not think that this will not be noted."

Retsudo choked down four hundred years of family pride and apologized to this shopkeeper's son for daring to be a victimized by a mob. He thought of his sister and bowed.

"Please, sir. I just want to be off the street. You and I both know that my mere presence offends some of the older, less modern people. As for the girls, they were smoking and all I did was remind them that the reason their parents ask them not to smoke because it is unhealthy habit.
They took offense." Beneath his brow he watched his "neighbors" amused faces as a great Abe was scolded like a schoolboy.

"Yes. Old superstitions are regrettable. But my interest is in preserving law and order. You are a disruptive influence."

Not for the first time Retsudo wished he could move back to Seattle. No one there gave two shits if a member of one's family was disabled. "Yes, sir. I apologize."

"From now on stick to the back alleys."

Back alleys? How was he supposed to get groceries? "Yes, sir." For ten more minutes he endured the public tongue-lashing. He could hear the little girls' giggles.  Then he was allowed to leave.

Back on his boat, he rested. Here he was king. He installed the new hardrive and downloaded the Institutes' file, Master PC.exe. While the drive whirred and buzzed, he got himself some good American micro-brew and a lemon out of cold storage. When he came back the hardrive was still busy.

"Damn that is a huge file." He sat and sipped and slowly dozed, it had been a long hard day, at the end of long "fishing" season and he was not the young man he used to be.

Something had woken him up. He listened. Someone was on his boat. It was probably just drunk kids again, but he grabbed his shotgun anyway and started up the stairs. He hit the deck lights. Then heard whispers of alarm and running.

He opened the forward hatch just in time to see a gang of a dozen or so boys and girls running down the dock. As they passed under the streetlight he noticed three of the girls had henna colored hair.  He let them go. Then he turned around and dropped his gun in shock. They had spray painted "bad luck" all over his lovely trawler.

It took him all night to paint over the graphiti. He could not let anyone see those words. In a fishing village, to be branded "bad luck" was worse than "murderer". Arson would not be out of the question. Fortunately, he had paint and a sprayer in his shed. He dared not make his problem known, but he couldn't afford them to come back.

More challenges; what was he to do? He couldn't change the minds of a whole town.

It was morning. He was too wired on caffeine to sleep. He tossed and turned in his bunk for an hour. He was royally, number one, screwed. He couldn't go into town. He couldn't sail away from his only source of income. He had to take care of his sister, but the more he did, the more the town shunned him. Things were never so bad, even after Father died.

He finally thought of a thing to occupy his mind, his computer. "Surely the program would be ready." He thought. Master PC was indeed ready.

In the blue light of the CRT the white words, in English, appeared.
<Welcome to Master PC. Do you care to enter a password? >

In was in English. He tried to think of words no one would ever use. He thought of a joke an Alaskan fisherman had told him and then entered "two dictionary words no one would ever use together." He entered "President Gore."


The screen changed into a window with several command buttons above. A text box in the window offered "Please enter subject's name."

He entered his sister's name, his intended patient. A picture frame appeared and a decent 3-d image of his sister slowly rotated in the frame. She was dressed in her surgical scrubs and appeared to be sleeping on her side.

A simple exploration of the tool bars revealed a series of scroll bars that indicated his sister's relative health. Ret was impressed by how complete the health monitor was, it showed everything from her heart rate to white cell count. The funny thing to him was that all the information appeared constantly updated.

"This machine could not do that, from twenty miles away, could it?" He typed his query into the help file. He expected a simple index reference, but a surprisingly informal response came back.
<Effective range is a one hundred mile radius. And yes, all information occurs in real time."

"What else can you do?"

<I do nothing. You can alter the mind and bodies of any subject entered into the text box. >


<Test it. >

He entered his own name. An image of himself dressed in his sweatsuit appeared. He looked like he felt, bad. He checked his health.  He raised his heartbeat. His heart beat faster. He lowered his heartbeat, his pulse slowed. He removed all his fatigue He felt great. Then he went big time.

"Remove my scar."

<Specify. >

"The scar on my jaw, the big one."

<Accepted. Press send to complete instruction. >

His scar went away. Even the white discoloration of his beard was gone. His jaw felt less numb too. The program was very complete.
"Is there a limit to your effect on a person's mind or body?"


"What's the catch?"

<Whatever catch there is you make yourself.>

"There are always consequences."


"So I must be careful how I use Master PC."


He summoned up his sister again. She slept peacefully.
He scrolled up her intelligence and all her mental faculties to above average levels.  He didn't want shock her by simply injecting her with knowledge. He was Japanese enough to be wary of thing gained too quickly.  But he wanted her to be eager to learn. So he made his first mistake.
<Ai will be eager to learn and ambitious to improve her condition.>

Then he took his loving brother's hand to her commensurate physical difficulties. He increased her fitness, coordination and lowered her body fat. The digital 3-D image was extremely helpful when he repaired her idiotic facial expressions.

In the end, he made his sister beautiful, the way she should have been: nice 34C breasts, a tight but round behind, strong, slender thighs, good muscle strength and definition, but nothing unfeminine. Then he removed her need to shave anything, it always irritated her delicate skin. He repaired her nails and eyesight. He made her immune to all diseases and ailments. He even straightened her teeth too.

Somehow he knew it worked. He shut the computer down. And for the first time in along time, he rested.

Retsudo's father was on one of his favorite rants, again. "They are all animals, Retsudo, animals. I am not saying that our samurai ancestors were free of abuses, but at least they held great ambitions. Now these merchants and their peasant lapdogs rule.
 They pretend their petty wants are noble. They are all animals, willing to slit each other's throat for the least little indulgence. I have nothing but contempt for them all.
The vanity of sensuality..hah! Samurai avoid such things. Always the vanity of sensuality...."

"Yes, father." Retsudo wondered how much was the saki talking.

His cell phone woke him up. He noted it said 13:01 before he hit the "talk" button. It was Doctor Rhee relating exciting news. Ai's had experienced a "miracle cure." Ret smiled. Both men were elated and relieved. But only one was mystified. And then Rhee put Ai on the phone.



Brother and sister wept openly.

"I want to thank you for all your...kindness."

"You remember?"

"Yes, like a dream."

"I am so sorry, Ai, for all I did. I only did it because...""

"I know. Doctor Rhee and I have talked all morning. It was necessary. He says I will understand in time."

"In time? I did...I only did it because... take you away from that evil place. I will be there in two days."

"Take me away in two days? Do not rush on my behalf."

"Rush? What rush? My trawler crew is gone. The next ferry is in two days....Hello?"

"Ret? Rhee here. I don't think your sister wants to talk with you any more."

"No? Why not?"

"Well, it is a big adjustment."

"It's because of what I did. Isn't it?"

"Like I said it is a big adjustment."

Retsudo smoldered. He friend was being evasive. "But you said it was necessary!"

"And it was... at the time. Look. Like I said it is a big adjustment..." Rhee's placating of the elder brother went on for the better part of an hour. When it finally wound down, Rhee took the initiative. "Retsudo?""


"Did you have something to do with this?"

Ret stopped and thought. He considered the man's character and landed on the side of trust Beside Jack could always tell when he was lying.  "Yes. But I cannot discuss this now. We must keep this a secret."

"Agreed, Ai must pass a board exam before we release her. Anyway. We will talk when you arrive."

They made more arrangements. It was Rhee who hung up first.

Retsudo fixed himself a Reuben sandwich and thought. Leaving the trawler would be risky. He sat at his computer and "talked" to the help file again.

"Can I broadcast a non-specific command?"

<Yes.> And it showed him the broadcast text window. He set the range for 100 miles, the maximum.

After excluding himself, Doctor Rhee and his sister from the broadcast, he typed in insurance and vengeance. He started by changing a whole town's superstitions. "Now I can change a whole town's mind." He incanted.

"There is an old tale of how brothers with sisters who are mentally retarded are incredibly virile. They are always huge below and they produce only strong sons. Women in centuries past, who husbands are limp, like rice fronds, seeking out such men, getting his bamboo rod between his legs, then get fat with men-children. But such a journey is perilous as the women often get addicted to his huge cock and become big cock hungry.

The tale that retardation runs in families is foolish and comes from ignorant foreigners only.

You treat Retsudo and Ai Abe with the greatest respect. He had taken great care of his sister. Fathers seek him as a son in law. Women find him incredibly attractive." SEND

While he was brainwashing the town he thought to inflict his justice on the three little bitches.

He considered his choice of weapons. First he would need some physical power. He entered his own name.  He increased his fitness, repaired an old knee injury and scrolled his youth down to twenty five returning his face and hands to pre-sea smoothness. Just to make sure, he make his skin tougher than it looked and increased his physical strength, fitness, coordination, reflexes and speed to peak human levels. > SEND

Then he needed a mental weapon. He drew on the dream as a sign. He drew on his research into behaviorism and asked

<Grant the power to mentally stimulate a person or group of persons pleasure and pain centers. The power will only effect their perception of pleasure or pain. The power can be aimed by sight or concentrating on the person's name.
The pleasure or pain can be measured or flavored in any degree.> SEND

Then he turned his attention to his dick.

He gave himself stamina, super sperm control and then increased it's size to fourteen inches and as thick as his wrist. He knew it was a monstrous thing, shot trough with veins and a head a big and purple as a plum. But he wasn't creating an instrument of love, he was creating his weapon of vengeance.

Then Ret set about programming all the townspeople he would need for his little morality play.

Chinichi Kosai, Mie and Miko Katayama sat in the principal's office waiting, wondering what the bother was about. They really began to sweat when the Policemen entered the office. Then they really began to sweat.

The principal addressed them sternly. He used the "you are in very great trouble" voice, usually reserved for wasteful children who used more than two sheets of toilet paper at a sitting. "Young ladies, this officer informs me you behaved most shamefully."

All three put on their sweetest, most innocent faces.

"Do not lie. We have all the details."

The officer opened his little black book. "Yesterday afternoon you accosted an upstanding member of our community, Abe-san."

All three girls looked up, shocked. The whole town had joined in. Why the sudden change of attitude? Chinichi, the smartest of the three feared she was about to made a scapegoat. She was very far from the truth.

The officer read from his notes. "Last night, Abe-san witnessed three girls, with henna dyed hair, vandalizing his boat."

"Honorable sir, many girls have adopted henna hair, it is the fashion."

"Silence. You take me for a fool? We have recovered several aerosol cans from the scene of the crime. We are checking for fingerprints.

"You should be ashamed of yourself for taunting a man who has merely taken care of his sister so well."  interjected the principal, "The officer and I agree you should be suspended from school for  period of three days. "

That word, "suspended" hit them like a bombshell. It meant that any hope the girls held for college was at an end. All three wondered how would they ever tell their parents.

"You are dismissed."

Heads hanging low, the three girls shuffled out of the principal's office. They felt the officer's eyes on them like laser beams.  Once outside, they burst into tears.

The word spread like wildfire. "Best friends" avoided them like the plague, lest they be implicated and likewise suspended. Through a veil of tears they managed to pack and leave the school.

On the way to the street they shared, people shouted "You should be ashamed!"  "You are a disgrace to your family!" and similar admonitions at them. By the time Chinichi, Mie and Miko arrive home, they felt like red-hot irons had branded them.

Chinichi entered her house and began to remove her shoes. Then she saw her father and brother standing there. Her father and uncles were red with rage. "The Abe's sent me to college. And this is how my daughter repays their kindness?"  Father was holding willow switch in his hand.

Miko and Mie tumbled out into the street ahead of Chinichi. Their fathers and brothers paddled them with flat pieces of fir wood.

The families drove the girls to the docks and a mob followed. The crowd alternated between shaming the girls and encouraging the parents to beat them harder. By the time they reached the docks, their clothes were in tatters and their backs were covered with welts.

Retsudo, acting like he had just come out to see what the commotion was, ran out to meet the girls. He placed himself between the girls and their persecutors.  Mie, Miko and Chinichi took respite a few feet behind him. They panted and whimpered.

"What is going on here?" demanded Retsudo.

Mr. Kosai, the senior man there stepped forward and bowed. "Sir, we drove out daughters here so they may humbly apologize for their unseemly behavior towards you."

Retsudo turned towards the girls. "Is this so?"

Between sobs, the girls nodded. No one had ever treated them like this before.

"Is this why they have been switched? "

Then the principal stepped forward, "And they have been suspended from school."

"And are under investigation for the crime of vandalism!"

Slowly, Retsudo spun around on the girls and said in a mild tone of voice. "Young ladies, I think you better get to it."

All three fell to the ground, prostrate and begged forgiveness of Abe-san.

Retsudo tried not to enjoy the moment. He let it continue, longer than he probably should. Then he approached the three as smoothly as a monk. "You are forgiven."

This scene seemed to reinforce the towns' opinion of Retsudo Abe as a noble man. But the play was not over.

"Honorable principal, I, the injured party, have forgiven them, could you not as well?"

"Well, if you have forgiven them Abe-san, how can I refuse? But they are unworthy of such kindness."

The three girls sniffled. Did they hear the principal correctly? Were they reinstated? Did they man they tormented just rescue them?

"They have broken the law. They must be punished."

The girls held their breath.

"Officer. There is much work to do on board my trawler. Perhaps they could spend the next three days cleaning it? Making amends for their crime? I will drop all charges then?"

"Let him keep my miserable daughter!" Mister Katayama shouted. "It would do her good to do a day's honest work."

"Very well if you and the parents agree. They girls will remain in your custody."
A few more exchanges and the crowd dispersed. The three girls thought about returning home, but one look at the furious men folk changed their minds.

Their surprise savior spoke to them. "Come on girls. Let's get a look at those wounds."

He took them to the kitchen, which also served as sickbay and removed the jar of lableless antibiotic ointment. Master PC would be applied later.

He instructed each to sit at the table and lift the backs of their shirts. He dabbed the ointment on them and they winced.

He stared with Chinichi, her back was full, strong and had many moles. It was a back designed to hold her large tits.  Her full, coarse, hair fanned out to the middle of her back and irritated the wounds. There where many more inflamed stripes on her buttocks, but she would not have him administer his healing there. "This ointment was given to me by and Aleut shaman. It will heal your wounds in no time. But he warned me to be very careful to avoid alcohol for the next day."

"Ouch. Or what happens?"

"He warned of a bliss beyond all experience." He moved on to Mie. Her back was as long and slender as a willow. She was the tallest of the three and had the fairest skin. Retsudo had to hold her buttocks-long, fine, silky hair out of his way.

"You don't believe that do you, Abe-san?"

"I know the ointment works, so I believe him in other things." Miko was tiny but well proportioned. Her hair was short and bound into two ponytails.

They talked more about the day's extraordinary events and he continued to medicate them. Finally, he was done.

"There. That will do. I will get you three some overalls."

After he left, the girls talked. "You don't really believe that foolishness about the ointment do you?"

"Of course not."

"Pervert. This is his way to get us into bed."

Retsudo re-entered. "I have your overalls. You may use the crew quarters to rest for tonight.
Ah! I see the ointment has worked."

The girls twisted and gawked. Their backs were completely healed. Chinichi wondered what to do for her buttocks. The other two had not been switched. Retsudo dropped of the clothes and left.

It wasn't long before the silence in the crew quarters was broken. "You don't really believe all shit that about the 'the bliss?' Do you?"

"Course not, bullshit. All of it."

"Besides. How would we ever find out? We have no booze."

"We are in the crew quarters. Maybe one had his stash lying around, hidden from Captain Retawdo." All three laughed. Then they searched.

Retsudo watched it all and smiled. In his line of work, it was necessary to spy on the crew. Through the minicams and mini-mike her heard and saw all. The girls searched the bunks until Mie found the whiskey flask he had hidden under a mattress.

In real life, if anyone was fool enough to drink on the job, Retsudo would have kicked his ass, then fired him. Retsudo talked to the screen, "You could still turn back. All you have to do is listen to my warning. Listen to the man who saved you from a beating and a the ruin of your careers."

"So? Who is going to drink first?" asked Miko.

"I hate whiskey." Protested Mie.

Chinichi felt she had to reassert her leadership. "Fine. More for me. " She took a good sized pull and smacked her lips in bravado. All three waited nervously. "See? Nothing?"

Mie, the girl who didn't like whisky, immediately took a hit, then passed the flask to Miko, who joined in with a small sip.

"What a lying sack of shit that bastard is."

"Such ingratitude." Retsudo concentrated and sent a bolt of pure stimulation directly into the pleasure centers of their brains.

All three girls simultaneously collapsed to the cold, steel deck in purest rapture. They convulsed. Miko squealed in joy. Mie breathlessly cried out the fifteen names of Buddha. Chinichi barked vulgarities through a broad grin. After three minutes of bliss, Ret figured they had enough and let them up.

"Gods! That was great!" Chinichi grabbed the flask and chugged, as did Mie and Miko, without result. Despite the rapture, they were left unsatisfied.

"Do you think he has more of that ointment?" Miko pleaded.

"We could ask him for some."

"NO! We will not go crawling. This has all been a trick. That is what he wants!"

While they bickered, Retsudo typed. He had given them a fair chance, now they were his. One by one they would come to him this night and one by one they would gladly give themselves to him.

Ironically, the erotic fulfillment each had experienced had only left them hungry for more. While her two friends dreamed of big cocks penetrating them. Little Miko slipped out of her bunk and tiptoed to the Captain's cabin. She knocked.

The hatch opened. "Yes?" The captain was dressed in pajamas, robe and slippers. He appeared to have been awake.

"Sir, I..."

"It is cold out there. Come in."

Miko entered. "Sir, I was wondering if..."


"My wounds are hurting again. May I have some more ointment?"

"Really? Turn around. Unzip your overalls up front and allow me to see your shoulders."

Even though she had no bra on, Miko allowed it. Anything to get more ointment, to feel that first time again.

Suddenly, she realized Abe's touch was exquisitely  pleasing. She had not noticed that before. "Yes." She thought to herself. "His touch feels so good, like the onset of the ointment. Like when..." she thought of the boy she had let suck her breasts, but the sensation instantly ceased. Practically panicked, she returned her thoughts to Captain Abe's touch and was instantly rewarded with more pleasure. "MMMmmmmmm."

He stopped "Well Miko you certainly seemed healed."

"Really?" She turned showing him her breasts. "Oh but it is my breasts that are hurting. Please examine them too."

"Very well."

Again Miko entered heaven. His hands caressed the underside of her tits, circled her areolas, and then cupped the velvety handfuls. She heard someone purring just like a kitten.

Retsudo stopped. "Still no wounds."

Miko looked up at the man who gave her so much pleasure. Titled her head up and to one side as she wondered at the meaning of it all. They kissed.

Fireworks went off in her brain, the earth moved and her overalls fell to the floor. Miko Katayama wanted more.
She wanted...needed his skin on hers. The bliss of the ointment was back.

She peeled off his robe, unbuttoned his pajamas and pulled them down. She knelt, face to his monster cock. She paused only a second before she licked it. Again a bomburst of pleasure reverberated through her brain. She sucked and licked and kissed his balls.

Retsudo held on to her ponytails with either hand and fucked her face. She coughed and gagged, but he did not choke her. He felt the sea of semen about to release, then he tugged her in close.

Spray upon spray filled her mouth. Miko looked up to her captain, her mouth a bowlful of cum, then swallowed.  She collapsed in joy. Her lover's cum was the new ointment of bliss.
Retsudo place her on his spare bed and went up to the dining cabin, to keep he second appointment.

As Miko wafted off to sleep, she thought about the next time she would taste rapture. She hoped it would be soon.

"Can't sleep, Captain?"

"Apparently neither can you, Mie. Cocoa?"

"No thank you. Cocoa will not help. I am afraid my wounds are causing me too much discomfort. "

"Really. Unzip the overalls, let me see."

Putting up with his touch to get her pleasure, Mie reluctantly complied. She held her front firmly in front of her breasts. Boys begged before they even saw her back, but she wanted more ointment.

He touched her with one finger, seeking the welts. Mie found his touch...disturbing. A shiver, not related to the cold boat ran down her spine. She held on to her composure.

"There are no more welts here."

"They are elsewhere."

"In the front?"

Mie's mind raced. She would not put up with him seeing let alone touching her breast. But what to say? "No, lower."

The man-sized overalls easily zipped below the line of her buttocks. He caressed her upper cheeks and Mie sighed. The pleasure entering her brain was too much. Her knees grew weak and she braced her arms against the bulkhead. For all the world Abe's caresses felt like the onset of the ointment rapture and she did not want it to stop.

He nibbled on her cheeks and swiveled his head to her pussy. He stuck his nose inside her and inhaled. She laughed softly and caressed his head with the long fingers of her right hand. "Yessssss."

Mie wondered what she was doing. "It is so dreamlike." Her lover sucked her sex and she sighed deeply. This was good but it was not what she wanted. She withdrew her hand from his head. Ret withdrew and then stood behind her.

She presented herself to her lover fully, taking pleasure in her personally forbidden act of surrender. His cock was huge, an engorged and pulsing log of flesh. He slid it against her labials, bathing it in Mie's juices.  With his right hand he guided it up and into her.

A windstorm of pleasure infused Mie's mind.  Abe's monster cock was just like the ointment. The penetration was exquisitely painful. Each increase sent a fountain of ointment bliss into her brain. She breathlessly cried out for all the satva's and Abe's name over and over. She finally landed on "my lord" and repeated it over and over until she gave over to the call of life, like a meadow in bloom.

Abe thrust his cock deep inside her. He pistoned her. He pummeled her until she panted his name or "my lord" with every thrust. The ice maiden had become his whore. He held on to her peachy cheeks to greater penetration.  Then, with no more effort than the first time, he blew his load, deep inside her. He stabbed the pleasure center of her brain. She went rigid then sighed and leand back. Ret reached around, under the overalls and massaged her previously forbidden globes.

He took a moment to brush her hair aside and kissed her neck. He fumbled around in her lymbi, trying to connect his pleasure jolts to what he was doing with her breast. When Mie began an undulating moan he felt like he succeded.

Suddenly he withdrew, spung her around Mie whipped off her clothes. Mie reflexively covered her breasts. He spread her legs, leaned her against the counter and rammed his dick home. Mie shrieked. With every jam of his cock he sledgehammered her joy points. He wanted to see how much she could take. She couldn't take much.

He stood above her for a moment, savoring the look of Miss Mie Katayama lying on the deck, oozing his cum from her pussy and wearing a smile that would last all week. He wiped her off a bit, then carried her to his own bunk, half comatose.

He took Mie into his bed and began to suck on her lovely b-cup breasts. The he worked down her neck. Mie moaned and responded in kind. She kissed him beneath his chin and massaged his cock.

Over Mie's shoulder, Retsudo surreptitiously observed Miko. She was awake and watching.

"Tell me you love me, Mie."

"I love you, Retsudo."

"No. Call me by the title you called me earlier."

"I love you, my lord."

"Good!" Retsudo stood up. "Mie, get out of bed. Miko, you too." Mie was still in shock that her younger cousin was there when Retsudo tugged the mattress out from under her and tossed to the floor. Then he repeated the process for Miko.

The two cousins, one tall and slender, the other short and pixie-ish stood together and stared at him in horror.

"Well? Come on you two. Let's go." He pointed to the mattresses.

Mie was properly aghast. "Do you think we would....?"

"Yes. Or don't you want more of what you have been experiencing? I warned you about mixing alcohol and ointment. You are sex addicts now." He waved his dick at them. "And I have your fix right here."


Miko leaned forward, breaking away from her cousin's psychological grip.

"Miko! What are you doing?"

"But I want him so much. I love...I love..." she knelt and took Retsudo's penis in her mouth. Her words turned to hums of happiness.

"That's disgusting!"

"Is it?" Retsudo pulled the girl's head away. "Tell your cousin what it feels like, Miko."

"It feels just like the ointment, Mie, really. Oooo!" She got a mouthful of head, "It feels sooo good."

"Well, Mie? Don't you want that feeling again?" Retsudo smiled the smile of a wolf.

Mie stood there, trembling.

"Fine, your cousin will receive all." Retsudo leaned back onto the mattresses. Miko deep throating his penis all the way, still managed to shoot a bitchy smile of victory at her cousin.

"No. I want it."

"Your lord wishes to suck on your cousin's sweet little pussy."

"But lord..."

"Shut up and do it."

Miko swiveled and Mie sucked on her sex with moans of happiness.

Mie couldn't take it any more. The combination of arousal, addiction and competition was too great. She pushed Miko aside and straddled her lord.


"Silence. Mie, mount me."

Mie reached down with her long, cool fingers and took hold of the object of her desire. Slowly, carefully, like she was entering a tub of too-hot water, she impaled herself on Retsudo's phallus. Every inch was punctuated with a new hiss of pain mixed with pleasure.

"You find the sight of your cousin mounting me, incredibly erotic, don't you Miko?"

"Ooooo, yes , lord."

"I knew you would. Want to suck her tits, do you? And you'd like that, wouldn't you Mie?"

"Yes lord."

"Oh yes, lord!"

"I knew it. Indulge yourselves."

The love pyramid bobbed up and down. As soon as Miko's lips hit Mie's tits, her river turned into a flood, the same with Mie. Master PC had programmed them very well.

Retsudo felt the familiar itch in his ball and let loose. After he had his pleasure, he made the girls come together. They shook, spasmed and collapsed.

He left then there while he got up and got himself a beer. When they finally came to, he gave them water. They watched him and his dick like a hungry dog watches a steak. They were on edge to see what they could do for or to him next....anything to feel that way again.

Chinichi awoke from her erotic dream covered in sweat. She was thirsty and needed water. Miko and Mie were out of their bunks. "Probably got smart and left this freak show." Chinichi groused. She always woke up grumpy.

But no, what woke her up were her two friends returning with a ceramic jar of the ointment. She was awake then.
"You got it?"


"It was easy."

"And fun."

The two cousins shared a secret smile.

Chinichi never liked that smile. Mie and Miko had grown up close in age and proximity. They were more like sisters than cousins. Intuitively, she knew she always had to work against family unity to maintain leadership. "Give it here."

Mie held the tube close. "No. We got it. We should be first."

"My ass still hurts from the switching that asshole of a father gave me. I had to sleep on my stomach. I need it. Now give it here."

Pouty lipped, Mie handed it over.

Chinichi stripped off her overalls daubed a bit of the oily, white substance on her finger and then realized the flaw in her plan. She couldn't reach her wounds. It would be up to the girls she just chided to heal her. She decided to use bravado, it had worked in the past. "Here. Put it on." Mie took the jar and Chinichi's transferred the dollop from her  finger to little Miko. Then Chinichi bent over and tried to maintain both her superiority and her dignity.

Retsudo watched it all from his cabin.

Quietly, gently, the cousins applied the white substance to Chinichi's inflamed skin. Chinichi felt the soothing coolness of the healing at work. "Thanks, friends. I feel so much better." Then she got out the flask. It still held several swallows. "Want some?" She had that much good manners to offer it to her friends first.

"No, thank you."

"You first."

Chinichi inwardly frowned. It was anathemic to their deeply selfish natures that her girlfriends turn down anything free. She shrugged it off. "Fine, more for me."

As she drank Retsudo, through Master PC altered her mind, as he had already altered the two cousins.

The rapture she experienced before began to engulf Chinichi's mind. But it was different this time, slower, richer and it made her impossibly horny. She looked at her friends.

"It is okay, Chinichi. The second time feels really good, doesn't it? " Soothed Miko. She circled Chinichi from behind, disrobed and caressed her ass.

"Yes. It feels wonderful. It makes me want to fuck. Don't you want to fuck?"  Mie disrobed as well and took a step towards Chinichi's front. The intoxicated girl didn't know what was better, the sight of such two beautiful breasts, or the feel of having her buttocks smoothed over by tiny hands.


The two girls pressed her between them."

"But he feels just like the first time with the ointment."

"Better." Mie brushed her nipples against Chinichi's and the girl practically orgasmed right there. Her eyes and mouth shot open. She lost her breath.

Of course the big-breasted girl blamed the ointment for making her nerves so sexually charged, but it was all Master PC with Retsudo at the helm.

"Get away from me, you bitches." She held up her hands, half-heartedly warding them off. She hated feeling this helpless.

Mie gently held her friend by the wrists and bent her head down. "But we love you, Chinichi." Sensing her breasts were her weak point Mie kissed her left nipple.

"Oh fuck! " Angry though she was, Chinichi could not help but throw her head back in bliss. " No wait, stop..."

"Yes, we love you." Miko nibbled on her left cheek.

"Oh shit!" Chinichi wanted to push them away. Instead her body betrayed her and her right arm encircled the silken tressed head of Mie, pulling her closer.

And there the three stood. Pony tailed Miko kneeling, nibbling on her ass, working her way to her Chinichi's sex. Long-tressed Mie, bent over to suck Chinichi's breast. And Chinichi's eyes closed, head back, shouting dirty words and dripping arousal juice on the deck. Chinichi never noticed that Mie had never fully let go of her wrists, nor Miko of her ankles.

"That's enough girls. Let's do what we planned."

In a flash, Miko handed off her hand to Mie. She went down on all fours and Mie bent the intoxicated Chinichi over her so that one of Chinichi's legs was over each of Miko's shoulders.  Miko held on to her ankles.

"What's going on?"

"A lesson. Your friends have betrayed you to me. Struggle all you want. They are much stronger."

Chinichi stared into Mie's breasts. Even now, when she knew what was going to happen, she wanted to suck them. They were so pale, so flawlessly smooth.  Chinichi rode the razor of dread and anticipation.

"You will like it, Chinichi, we promise."

"She is ready, lord."

"Lord? What the fuck is this?" she struggled.

"Lord is what your friends call me now and what you will call me soon." Ret lubed up his dick in Chinichi's vaginal juices.

"Open up her legs, Miko."

"Yes, sir." Miko slid her ankles to either side

Retsudo took his middle finger and with a bit of Vaseline, and worked it into the bitch's ass. He would wash later.

Chinichi railed against the indignity but her friends were stronger than she ever thought. Her girlfriends giggled, like it was some practical joke. He put his head against her tiny bud and pushed.

The End of Chapter One.

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