The smell

Author: JensenDenmark

Synopsis: The story about Fritz and his out of the ordinary jobs.

1. Bosnia July, 1995 A fountain 11. Black River, Jamaica September 2001 A typically school day
2. Sarajevo August, 5 1995 A hunter becomes prey 12. Oxnard, California December 2001 Picking up Jack
3. Sarajevo August, 6 1995 Good bye to a dear friend 13. Black River, Jamaica may 2002 Exit plan
4. Sarajevo August 1, 1995 - The studio 14. Black River, Jamaica October 2002 Delivery problem
5. Sarajevo August 2, 1995 New staff at the farm 15. Black River, Jamaica May 2003 Graduation
6. Nunspeet August 15, 1995 A plant is set up. 16. Nunspeet, August 2003 Changes
7. Mount Vis September 10, 1995 Red wine and Boriss demise 17. Somewhere over the Atlantic, April 2006 Revenge
8. Nunspeet October 4, 1995 Depression and the Stockholm syndrome 18.Nunspeet, July 28 - 2006 Surprise visit
9. Amsterdam March 2001 Fritzs new work. 19. Nunspeet, July 29 - 2006 A very long day
10. Black River, Jamaica September 2001 The boarding school

Bosnia July, 1995 A fountain

Boris approached a group of Dutch soldiers. He shortly greeted Fritz - a sergeant he had been drinking with after the Dutch general had surrendered without a single shot firing.

Ivan his second in command just stood and looked at the five youngsters, the Dutch should have protected. However, instead of protecting them, it had been arranged that the Dutch would separate men and woman from each other turning the male over to Boris and his men. It was easier so. If Boriss men should have done the job, panic would have risen among the Muslims. Now, still falsely believing that the UN-sanctioned Dutch would protect them force, the civilians let themselves be divided in small groups without protest.

I am ready to take charge off the prisoners. I would recommend that you remove your men before we ship them to their final destination. Some of your men look innocent and there is no reason to destroy their nave understanding of the world.

I do not mind what their destiny will be. Seeing it would not mean anything to me. But of course you are right. Some of my men are quite new out here. Fritz waived to his men so they would return to their base.

Ivan commanded the youngster to go in front of him. When they had walked for about 15 minutes, Boris took out his handgun. Would you like to be part of the fun?

Fritz nodded. Born in a small town with the name of Nunspeet, he should have taken over his fathers tulip nursery, but he did poorly in school. He actually did not like gardening. The only part about tulips at all was the smell of the flowers. He was so good that he blindfolded could tell the different sorts apart. Eventually he wanted to become a flavor expert, but his poor academic performance stopped that. His younger sister made it. He hated her for it. She left town after high school and he only met her a few times after that.

Bitter and angry he joined the army and after some training, he ended up in Bosnia as part of the Dutch peacekeeping force. However, he did not feel much for the people, he was supposed to protect. He had, like most of his senior colleagues, been used to view the Russians as the enemy. He wanted to protect his home, his country. Not some far, remote and irrelevant county and the indifferent people living in it.

Ivan told the youngster that they have to wait for a truck to pick them up. In order to prevent them from running, he would tie them with their hands on their back. They became a little nervous but Fritz assured them that it was all right and calmly they let Ivan tie them. His Dutch uniform made them relax.

Ivan ordered the down on their knees. When they all were in position, Boris went behind the first of them and shot the youngster in his head. The other youngsters began to scream. However, Boris was not distracted. As a machine he shot another three before he stopped at the last surviving Muslim. Should we make a fountain?

They all nodded.

Let me try! Fritz stepped forward.

Fritz moved behind the remaining captive. He positioned him head just behind the youngster. Then he took a pause to enjoy the very little enjoyment, he had down here in Bosnia. He took a deep breath. Oh he could smell the fear. The mixed smell of sweat running down the youngsters body combined with the pee he had left in his pants. It was so good. This was what he lived for: Smelling new flavors.

When are you going to finish him? We have not all day.

Just a minute: I also want something from this experience.

Fritz took out his knife. His next move must be precise or they would be cheated for the sight of the fountain.

SCREAM. Scream at loud as you can!

But the youngster was in shock. Fritz reached out and took his knife and made a cut at the youngsters genital. It made him scream out. It was exactly the reaction, Fritz wanted. Quickly he sliced the youngster throat and they all got the result they wanted. Blood stood out from the youngster with a gurgling sound as a fountain.

Nice work. We have to go now. Do not mind the bodies. I would send some men over and burry them. Ivan and Boris left the scene joking and laughing. This safety area had been so easy to capture. Ivan mentioned Tuzla and Boriss eyes showed the fear at once. When attacked a year ago the Danish troops had engaged in what the Danish called operation Hooligan Bashing. In just one day they had lost about 150 men without the Danish side losing just one. It could have changed the course of the war if the public had known the true number of casualties. They had to bury their men in secret.

It took almost a minute before the body of the youngster tipped over. Fritz maintained his position just behind him until that moment. This was also a kind of enjoyment. He could smell the blood. It had been quite an experience. He almost got a hard-on.

When he had cleaned his knife, he stood for a moment shaking his head Stupid people, stupid county and left.

Sarajevo August, 5 1995 A hunter becomes prey

Ivan sat in an apartment with his sniper riffle. He had been drinking all weekend and had a headache. It would be nice with some simple targets before the column of truck from the relief agency did pass. He looked carefully down on the street and saw an elderly woman. She would have to do. He slowly positioned himself and aimed.

Just as he was ready to take hit shot, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something blinking at a rooftop of a building nearby. He stopped and looked up. Then he felt himself being thrown across the room. For a moment, he was caught in surprise. He had been hit in his arm. It hurt a lot. Just as he was going to turn his head in order to inspect the damages he saw his arm lying on the floor a meter from him.

They had shot his arm off!

Slowly he tried to stand up on his feet. It was the last thing, he remembered. ---

Good shoot.

Jensen was excited. It was the first time he had shot and hit another human being. Normally he only hunted ducks and deer but he had been approached by a former Danish officer, who had offered him a one-in-a-lifetime chance to hunt the most, difficult and intelligent animal to kill: Another human. It would cost him, but Jensen did not care.

He had paid the amount and had been flown to Bosnia with false papers. Another Danish officer had driven him into Sarajevo and had shown him up on the rooftop where he had been handed the riffle. Even the target had been pointed out to him. He just had to aim and push the trigger.

First he was nervous because they were out in the open. But asked why, they did not hide in an apartment; the Danish officer said that the riffle was a powerful Barret MK II. It could kill a man from a distance of 800 meters without problems, but when fired inside a building it would cause the ceiling to fall down on the shooter.

When he was ready to shoot, the officer moved away saying that a safety distance of 5 meters had to be observed. Jensens first shoot did not kill the sniper and he was both excited and a little bit scared. Would the sniper fire back on him? Then for some inexplicable reason the Serb sniper did make the mistake to stand up, which made it possible for Jensen to have a second shot. It made the snipers head smash like a tomato. Jensen could claim his kill.

For a moment, he was almost on his way to stand up and dance out of enjoyment, but then he remembered where he was. When he moved he also discovered that he had nosebleed and his arm hurt. What the fuck?

Hurry! We have to move fast. You were not hit. It is only the recoil.

Jensen took the riffle and ran down to their car with the officer.

Sarajevo August, 6 1995 Good bye to a dear friend

Oh - My dear friend -Those bastards. Boris was in rage. On the stretcher lay his long-time friend Ivan or what remained of him. Most part of his head and some parts of his upper parts were missing like a shell had struck him. Ivan did not know who was responsible. He left the room accepting that he needed to get his anger under control or he could end up dead if he in a hot-tempered mood attracted some opponents, so he went to his new studio.

He could always whip the life out of some random peasant girl.

Sarajevo August 1, 1995 - The studio

Shortly after the events in July, he, together with Ivan met with Fritz a last time before Fritz had to return home to Holland. There was no demand for Dutch troops after their failure to protect their safe area, so Fritz would be stationed home just killing his time with one exercise after another.

As Fritz would have much spare time, he asked if they could set up a business together. Boris and Ivan should make the product and Fritz should distribute it across Europe. Their business was the making of snuff movies. It was an obvious choice because there were plenty of actors to choose among.

Together they build the studio outside Sarajevo in a barn. Present at the making of the first movie was beside the three of them, Gnter a former mercenary that had helped Ivan from time to time and 5 young Bosnian woman.

Take 1: Electrical tit-torture

The young woman was dragged in the studio. Gnter and Fritz both hooded - tore her clothes of leaving her naked. They took her to some leather cuffs hanging down from the ceiling and hoisted her leaving her feet just a few inches above the ground. Fritz stopped for a moment smelling her fear. He put his head under arm and inhaled her smell. Oh it was so good.

Gnter came with some wired clamps. She cried out when he applied them on her tits. Gnter took the control box and activated it. It was their first movie and at once her body cramped and smoke started to rise from her tits. Damn the voltage is too high. Gnter stopped at once, but the damage had already been done. The girl had passed out and hang limp in her restraints. They lowered her and took her to their custom-made oak chair where they cuffed her.

Then they repeated the process with the next girl. When Gnter activated the power the girl began to scream and she pissed herself. For some minutes they shocked her and watched her squirm and then let her doze off for a minute or two before applying the next shock. Then they paused before they applied a clamp at her clit and inserted a wired metal butt plug.

Take 2: Electrical all over.

Ivan took a bottle of water and threw it at the poor woman. She woke and Gnter applied the power in her lower region. Fritz had newer heard such a scream from a human as she stiffened as result of the electrical power. They kept the power on for almost a minute with the woman twisting and shaking. When they turned the power off, Fritz went over to the woman to check whether she had died. She was still alive barely breathing. Fritz took a deep breath. The mixture of her sweat, piss and burnt flesh was new to him.

He put his gloves on and took the plug out. A stream of faeces ran down on the floor. She had lost totally control of her body functions.

He looked at her face. She woke and stared with empty eyes at the crew. Fritz probed her cunt and found it quite wet. He then inserted a large metal dildo and went back to his fried. Start and increase the power a little every 15 seconds until she is dead.

Gnter activated the control and once again she let out a cry and began to shake. Soon the smell of burnt flesh filled the room and smoke was seen rising from the womans clit. Her body trembled for the last time and they turned the current off and waited for her body to cool down before Gnter checked her and pronounced her dead.

Take 3: Slow hanging

The first girl had slowly regained consciousness and began to groan in the chair.

Fritz came up with an idea.

What about hanging her instead of grilling her? It could also be fun.

Good idea. I would make the necessary preparations.

When they were ready Fritz threw a bucket of water on the girl in order to wake her completely. She began to cry out and Fritz took a gag-ball and inserted it in her mouth. They released her from the chair a dragged her to the execution spot. In order for her to have the right posture Fritz put an arm-binder on her. It was very tight and forced her breast up. Tears were pouring down her cheeks but Fritz continued his work. He gave her a leather belt on. Beside a belt that went round her waist, it had also a strap going between her legs. Fritz took a butt-plug out of steel and lubricated it before he pushed it inside her. It made her attempt to cry out but the gag prevented it.

Finally he forced a steel dildo in her vagina before he tightened the belt. Fritz connected a D-ring at the end of the arm binder to a similar D-ring in the belt forcing her to stand up strait. Gnter attached wires to both the plug and the dildo, which he connected to his control panel. At the end Ivan came into the studio with a wine barrel.

Together they supported her to stand on the barrel and put a noose around her neck. Ivan hoisted the rope so she stood on her tiptoes on the barrel.

OK here is the game. If you succeed in standing on the barrel for 5 minutes without making it rolling away from your, we will let you go. If not and the barrel rolls away from your feet, you will hang and strangle.

They moved away and Ivan said Action.

The poor girl did the best to maintain balance. They could see sweat coming from her forehead. It ran in her eyes, which were very irritating for her. Fritz took a feather and went over to her and touched her breast causing her to work hard to maintain balance.

Fritz was doing his best to make her fall, but she was very concentrated and managed to keep her balance. Four minutes had passed. Only one minute to go and the girl would be free to walk. Then Gnter activated his ace control panel. He applied an electrical shock to the butt plug causing her to jump. By pure luck she managed to land on the barrel. She is going to get difficult, he thought.

Plleee!!! She tried to plead for her life, but the gag made her message unintelligible.

But when he applied a shock to the dildo, she lost balance. Her eyes opened wide with horror and she started twisting around with a gurgling sound. Her legs went I direction of the barrel just it was out reached and rolled further away from her. Then she began to make her final dance. Her legs went wild and at the same time a purple color began to show in her face.

With a painful look in her face her pace began to slow down. When she was almost unconscious, she peed on the floor. In the end only a quivering were seen at her body.

During the entire take Boris had sat in the corner smoking a cigar. When it was clear that there were no life left in the girl, Boris went over and put out his cigar on her bare skin with hissed sound just because he wanted to be 100 percent certain that she was a goner. Fritz also came over. He just had to smell the flavor of the burnt flesh.

Dinner and relaxation

It was hard work. I never thought it would be so hard to make a movie. Lets have some lunch!

They all sat down and dined. What about the other girls?

What you dont achieve today, you do tomorrow!

I have to report to my station tomorrow and I do not know when I am send back home. Fritz was worried. His time in Bosnia had been so rewarding. He had developed as a person. No one would ever trust Dutch soldiers to guard anyone in the future after Srebrenica. The prospect of spending the rest of his life back home in barracks, was not the kind of future he wanted for him self.

After dinner Fritz put a collar on one the girls and took her up to his bedroom. He connected the leash on the collar to the bed frame and commanded her to give him some massage and she did.

Could you not spare my life? I would serve you forever.

Are you sure? You dont know anything about my demands. I can be very demanding.

I would do anything.



Fritz looked the girl over. Just under 6 feet. Trim body. Dark hair. She could be something to work with.

Lets sleep together. Then I would decide.

They went into bed. First she let her tongue lick his scrotum; then she continued by giving him a blowjob. He thanked her and cuffed her hands at her back, so she would not escape and went to sleep.

During the night he woke by her licking his member. He released her and took from behind. When he came, he thanked her and cuffed her once more. He had made his mind up. She would be nice to have around at the farm. He knew his day in the army was numbered. He had to move on in life.

Sarajevo August 2, 1995 New staff at the farm

In the morning he looked at the beautiful girl next to him. She would do nicely back in the Netherland. Some months before, he had received bad news from his mother. His father had been ill for some time and had passed away. Even though, he had not visited them a lot, he knew that he had to take over the tulip-farm, because the market for farm like his parents was not good. He hated gardening, but with a little bit of help, it could be bearable.

When she woke, he asked her What is your name?


Do you have family?

I dont know what happen to most of my family, but my two twin-sisters are still in the basement. We were five girls from our villages until last evening, when you took two of us. What happened to them? I heard them screaming.

I would not lie to you. They were used as sex toys. I do not know where they now. Of course, he knew. But if he did not tell the truth, she would be more manageable. His greatest problem would be convincing his mates.

Still cuffed, he left her at the bed and went to Boris and explained his situation. You can just capture some new ones. I feel that I can make good use of her and her sisters back at the farm. You have to take into consideration that we cannot duplicate the master-tape here and just ship videos out over the world. This country is still under U.N. Embargo. If I set up the duplication process in the Netherland, it is just the master-tapes, we have to smuggle out of Bosnia. By doing so, I would need people, which cannot tell the police anything. If take these girls with me and provide them with a false identity, they could not go to the police, because they would be sent back to here without a future. The Dutch authorities are very strict about these things. Whatever their destiny would be, they would be sent out of the Netherlands.

I would think about it. Boris sat for a while. Then he pronounced: It is OK. But you have to kill them, it something goes wrong down here. I would no leave any witnesses. Can you manage this?

Is my name Fritz? They had an agreement.

Nunspeet August 15, 1995 A plant is set up.

Upon arrival in the Netherland, Fritz did not waste time. He handed his resignation also as soon his feet touched the ground. None thought it was strange. The massacre was very shamefaced for the Netherland as a country. It would be a dark spot in the countrys history books.

His mother moved from the farm and a week later a truck came by driven by Gnter. The three girls were cuffed and gagged in the trunk. They were very thirsty. Ann and her two sisters Betty and Julia were locked in a storeroom where he had installed water, a toilet and kitchen facilities. They have to eat and sleep in there naked.

After the girl had been locked away, Gnter told him about the death of Ivan. Fritz was very sad but knew that it was an occupational hazard. They decided to go into town and buy some food and wine so they could have a formal dinner in the memory of their deer friend.

Back at the farm, they ordered Ann out and prepare the meal for them. Ann had some knowledge about work in the kitchen because she had helped her mother back home, so the steak was not so bad.

You are lucky to have such a good staff. They just have to be broken in. Are you sure that you are the man for it.

Well, the twins are only 15, so properly would spare them for later. But Ann would be at my service at all times, when I choose so. Just to be to the safe side, I would buy two chastity belts for the twins, so they would be mine, when Ann is worn out.

The next morning Gnter left for Bosnia and in a couple of weeks a daily routine appeared.

Ann would sleep in his bed most of the nights wearing a collar. Whenever he couldnt sleep, he took her and every morning during the winter, she had to drink his morning urine if he did not feel like leaving the bed early. Most of the days, he finally left his bed about 9 a.m.

After Ann was fitted with cuffs at her feet and wrist, which were connected chains she would start making breakfast. Then he went out to the storeroom, where the twins slept. He handed them some panties and boiler suits and cuffed them like Ann.

Together they ate and while Ann remained in the house, the two twins had to work at the farm and in the small plant in the basement, where he edited the raw film sent to him from Bosnia. Once finished editing, the sisters handled the duplication machinery and made copies and packed them to shops all over Europe.

The sisters also had to work around the farm. Most of the days, they ended up in the kitchen about 8 p.m. where they had dinner. When they were finished, the twins were ordered out to the storeroom and told to undress, before he locked them up. Ann would be tied to his bed and they would start over the next day.

Two weeks after their arrival, Fritz suddenly realized that they newer spoke. He went to Ann and asked her why they were dump.

When the soldiers entered our home, our parents were shot and we were all gang-banged in every hole, we have. Then even forced us to clean their dicks with our mouth after they had satisfied themselves in our end. My sisters were only 14 years at that time, and they stopped to talk on that very day.

Fritz was not exactly surprise and in a way it did not worsen his situation. If by accident, some passer-by would try to talk to them, they would not be able to sneak.

Mount Vis September 10, 1995 Red wine and Boriss demise

In a bunker on the side of the mountain, Boris and his men were about to drink a toast for their next attack. Since the unfortunate death of Ivan, Boris wanted to revenge his death. So he joined his men at the end of august in order to attach the Danish safe zone at Tuzla. They had used mortars at several attacks. In a single attack they were able to kill 37 people. But some U.N. public officer far away from Bosnia controlled the Danes, so the Danes could not strike back.

One of his men came with a bottle of red wine. I could not find any champagne, so we have to settle with these bottles. However, the owner told me himself that it is a good quality just before I shot him.

OK, that is fine. Bring in the men and we should toast on the death of our enemies.

His men came into the bunker and they all toasted for their good fortune in the upcoming battle.

Boris heard some gunfire and went over to look out of the gun skit. It was just some machineguns down in the valley. Just as he held his glass up to in order to drink from it, he discover something trough the glass.

He held his glass up in the front of his eyes. It was some ray of light coming from a hill nearby. What is that? Then he heard an airplane and realized.


His men looked at him like he was crazy.

They have locked a laser target marker on this bunker. We would die if we dont run now.

Panicked, they all ran for the exit, but it was small and only one man could pass at the time. Only two of the soldiers managed to leave the bunker before the first Harrier dropped its bombs. Boris died at once together with most of his men.

One of the escaping soldiers managed to fire a missile against the second Harrier, but it did not hit. He was killed off when the third plane - a F16 fired its missiles against his position.

Across the valley, a Danish officer was very satisfied. Very different planes from various countries had wiped the entire top of the mountain out. Operation Sugarbowl was a success.

Nunspeet October 4, 1995 Depression and the Stockholm syndrome

Fritz was sitting at his table in the kitchen. 10 empty beer cans were lying at the floor.

Damn! It is not fair. What shall be of me? It can not be true.

He had been expecting a new movie from Boris and Gnter, but instead of some videotape, he had received a letter from Gnter telling him about the death of Boris. Boris had been his mate almost since his first day in Bosnia. It was Boris that should arrange for the recording of the snuff movies. He should take prisoners among the girls and use them in the movies. Now he was dead and as if it was not bad enough everyone talked about peace in Bosnia.

Gnter couldnt continue alone and it was not his intention according to the letter. He had already left Bosnia in order to seek new adventure another place on the planet.

It was a catastrophe for Fritz. The duplication equipment had set him thousand of dollars back. The first movie had sold well, but without new movies in the future it very limited how many videotapes there was demand for. He could lose his farm

For days he sat and drank one beer after another. He had lost interest in Ann and the twins. But even if he had left her and her sisters going around without chains they did not try to escape. Finally one evening, when he lay in his bed drunk and dirty with puke down his shirt and wet trousers after having wetted himself, they all three came in.

They lifted out of his bed and dragged him to a prepared bath, where they washed him while his was half-unconscious and shaved him too. After bathing him, they dried him and dragged him to the kitchen where they served him one cup of black coffee after another.

When he finally was himself, he was a little surprised by their act. Why did you help me? Why didnt you run away?

Where should I go? Our family is properly gone? Our house was destroyed and even though you have cuffed us, you have not whipped us or raped us. You have been nice to us. We do not want to leave.

It was a light in the ocean for Fritz. Now he could avoid fulfilling his promise to Boris about killing the girls when the operation stopped. Not that is matters. The only persons, who could be hurt if they went to the police was Gnter and himself. Everybody else was dead.

So things changed around the farm. He managed to sell the duplication equipment and they just turned all their activities into cultivate new kinds of tulips. The money situation was tight, but for some time, they could exist until Fritz would come on to another source of income. Ann still shared bed with Fritz, but she was no longer cuffed and collared. The twin also moved from the storeroom to the house and they were hard workers in their silenced way.

Amsterdam March 2001 Fritzs new work.

It has been some years since we visited the farm. What have happen since?

Ann learned Dutch and it turned out that she had a talent for accounting. So she ran the books at the farm. They were still low on cash. After some years, it was clear that the farm needed more income so Fritz had to get a job.

There were not many jobs for a former soldier, but one day he received a letter from Gnter. He had opened a boarding school for American teenagers and he needed help. Gnter was so sure that Fritz would help him that he even had send a plane ticket along for Jamaica. Ann said that she could manage the farm for some months and Fritz left the next week.

Fritz flew to Miami and from there to Kingston, where Gnter greeted him. While they drove to the school, Fritz asked what kind of school, it was.

It is a school for troubled teenagers. When the war was over, I needed to lie low for some time and Joe had a house here, where I could spend some time.

Across the some Mormons had created a similar boarding school and I bribed one of the local so-called qualified staff-members and found out that the students were treated even worse than our victims back in Bosnia.

They use some kind of grade level system and for the students count that even the right to raise once look from the floor and look a teacher in the eyes is something that the student had to earn. Most of the students lie on the floor on their stomach for all day for weeks sometime even months. Their food was uneatable, there were maggots in it, and the water was certainly not clean.

Fritz was shocked. Thats sound horrible.

Yes, but the best part is that the parents dont care. They pay up from 25.000 to 40.000 $ per year just to get rid of their own kids for up to 5 years.

Fritz dropped his jaw What kind of parents are we talking of?

As we have discovered, it is just ordinary middleclass American people in a double income society. It is not like they come from a special part of the states. The Mormons does only have one problem. That is that they trick some of the more nave parents into the illusion that their kids are educated.

Is it not a school?

Yes, but they have created a scam association in Idaho that accredits the diplomas. There is no real education going on there.

So you decided to go into the business?

Yes, and I have done a bad thing or two in my time. But cheat parents and batter the children just for money is not my style. In our school we give the children real education, so they are able to go on in life.

But would the children not be better of going to school at home?

Yes, they would. But their parents have so many things of their own going on in life, so they have no surplus so they can understand the modern world, their children live in. They just want to escape from their responsibility and all the worries having a teenager in their home could create.

You called it a boarding school for troubled teens. Dont they have some special problems like drugs, alcohol or unprotected sex?

Yes, about 25 percent has problems with drugs. The rest of them have acted out like normal teenagers. We have been teenagers ourselves and dont you remember how it was?

I had my share of booze and women.

As I see it we are doing those parents a favor. We would see to that that the teenagers dont get tempted by drugs, alcohol and the other sex. We will protect them from all the temptations normal teenagers are up against. We offer them a structured environment where they can focus on their studies and work with themselves towards adulthood. And when they are either 18 or 21, they would be ready to go on to college.

How do you prevent them from doing normal things and what is my job?

You will soon discover what kind of precautions, we have taken and your future job is being a teen escort.

What does that job consist of?

Going to the teens home and bring them to the school. It sounds simple and it sometime is. But some time the children are not informed by their parents that they are going to attend school here and means use of force. There is the school.

Black River, Jamaica September 2001 The boarding school.

When they came to the gates of the school, Gnter greeted a guard so he could open the gate. A wall, which was eight feet tall, surrounded the campus and the only exit besides the gate was the ocean.

When car was parked in a secured garage, they got out in the yard. Then it was that Fritz saw a student and the sight was with an easy word bizarre.

The student had a corset looking outfit on that reached down just above his knees. He was barefooted and had leg-irons on. Around his waist he had a leather belt with chains going to some cuffs on his wrist.

It was only as they approached the students, that Fritz saw that the student was a boy.

Why do you have a boy wearing a corset?

Because the corset causes their lungs to be compressed, so they cant run very fast. Look at the neck part. It is very rigid so they also have to keep their posture straight.

Is corset mandatory for all students?

Yes. That is the only type of force used here to maintain discipline. New students are put in a discipline corset and restrained, when they arrived. In fact, we have a new student waiting in a holding cell. You can take part in fitting her in her new school uniform. Meet me at the lacing room. Just follow the signs.

Fritz placed his luggage in his room and went to a lacing room. In the room a 15-year-old clearly angry girl was hanging naked in her suspension cuffs and she was stretched out because her feet were bound in similar leather cuffs.

Let me loose. I will tell my parents. They will sue you for all you got. This is not fair!

Gnter replied What a temper. I have to introduce myself. I am the head master here at Meditation Inlet where you are going to study until you are 18. It is a school of your parents choice. They know that this is a school with a Victorian age theme where purity is in seat of honor. Your parents told me you has been with boy and have participated in drinking alcohol. So in order to save you from going down the toilet, they have placed you here. Accept it sooner than later.

Oh my god - It can not be true. They couldnt.

Yes they have. You have to earn their trust again by studying hard and learn how to obey house rules. If you do well, perhaps you will go back before you are 18. But for now, you are going to be put in your uniform.

Gnter took out some stiff canvas. You will be wearing this.

What is that? Are you sick? I am not going to wear something from a horror movie.

That is not for you to decide. It would improve your stooped-over posture and make you behave like a lady. Give me a hand, Fritz!

They started to lace the corset. The girl cried and yielded but eventually she lost her air and when the corset was almost entirely laced she could only manage to produce small grunts when they tugged at the laces. Once finished they lowered her to the ground and when her feet were on the ground Gnter buckled the shoulder straps on the corset in place causing her shoulder to be pulled back. It seemed that it was somehow a little painful as she made a wry face.

Now for the waist belt: We buckle it on their back and place their wrist in leather cuffs which is chained to the waist belt. Their feet are also placed in cuffs with a 20 centimeters chain between them so they can walk but not run. We have promised their parents that sex must not take place the corset has a thick leather flap going between their legs, just in case so they can not abuse themselves when we are not watching.

The girl almost stumbled when he took the flap and pulled it between her legs and fastened it on the back of the corset. The girl was now broken and just looking down in the ground.

And now to the difference between our boarding school and the Mormon nightmare across the bay: Our students shall keep their heads up.

He took out a strange thing. It was a neck corset made of leather. He laced it on the girl, which forced her head up. She looked straight but Fritz could see in her eyes that her spirit was gone. They had created something looking like a human but acting like a robot. Gnter called a guard.

Take her to her room. Remember to put gloves on her so she doesnt tamper with her laces during the night.

Gnter and Fritz went back to his office where they ate dinner before Fritz went back to his room in order to sleep.

Black River, Jamaica September 2001 A typically school day

The morning at about 6 a.m. he woke and ate some breakfast in the kitchen. 30 minutes later he helped the staff getting the students up.

The students had to be helped to the toilet because the strap prevented them from using the toilet on their own. When he asked one of the staff what would have happen if the students needed to go to the toilet often, the reply was: They have to plan ahead or use a diaper.

The student had 30 minutes to eat breakfast. The breakfast consisted of soup. Fritz tasted it and it was good. Why are they having soup for breakfast?

Most of the teenagers needs to loose weight in order to achieve an attractive body. In fact all their meals are soup. It contains fresh vegetable and the finest meat we can buy here. No maggots here.

Oddly there were about 300 students in the dinning hall and no one spoke. They seemed very concentrated.

Dont you have trouble makers from time to time?

Yes and we have some special discipline corsets with an electrical unit built in it. Those students would receive a shock of two second, which would send them to the ground. We also use isolation hoods. But for most students being corseted is doing the job.

A clock sounded and the students went to their classes. What kind of stuff are they studying?

They study normal high school things. They have monitored Internet access. We approve every site they want access to. However, all email must be read by our staff before its leave this facility. Our firewall prevents the use of web-mail and only mails that it necessary for the studies and a single email every week to the parents are allowed. Not even email to other family members is allowed unless the parents pass them on.

They looked into a classroom. It did not look like an ordinary classroom, more like an office with cubicles for every student. Gnter could see the question coming and he replied in advance. It is not a chat club. There is no reason for them to talk with each other.

Suddenly they heard some noise down the hall. One of the guards dragged a boy out. When Gnter asked what the problem was, the guard explained that he could see that the student was sweating a lot and noticed a small bulge at the leather flap between the legs. It was clear that the student had become aroused for some reason, and he needed to get a relief.

Gnter helped the guard and they dragged the boy down to a male relief room. Inside there was a special contraption. It was a massage bed with a hole to the head of the student, but also with a second hole just where the genitals would be when the students were placed on the bed on his stomach.

The boy was placed on the bed and the leather strap between his legs was removed. Several wide leather straps secured his body to the bed and a last strap went over his head, so he was lying with his face looking through the hole down on the floor.

When they removed the leather strap, they saw that they were right. The boy was aroused and his penis was very stiff and pre-cum was floating from it. The guard flipped the bed so the boy was now placed vertical instead of horizontal.

The guard came with some small leather item. It was a ball stretcher. We are going to teach you that ejaculation is only allowed Saturday morning. All other time you must maintain self-control.

The guard put the ball stretcher on. It consisted of a leather part with was wrapped about the base of the scrotum making the ball being displayed very clearly and the tight scrotum was also must purple. The boy groaned when the stretcher was tightened. There were two other straps one went around the base of the penis and another worked as a ball divider. The boy was in pain but his ordeal increased as the guard attached a weight so his scrotum was pulled down.

No. Please stop. I can not take the pain. He whined.

Your parents were too tired of you abusing your self every day. They had found leftovers from your semen all over your room. They have sent you here so you can be content with jacking it off once a week.

It hurts. Please. I would behave.

Do you promise to control you self until Saturday? Then we will grant you relief and you will get off with 3 hours in an isolation hood so you can your thoughts together.

I promise.

The guard took an aneros and lubricated it before he inserted it in the students rectum. Wearing a latex glove he also gave the student a hand job. The boy began to tremble and he came with a small cry. The guard continued to massage until the last drop was milked.

Then they released the student from the bed and buckled the leather flap back on. They took the student to a chair where they secured him to the chair. The guard came with a leather helmet. Once they had put it on the students head they laced it tight. The only opening in the hood was for the nose.

Now he can not hear us and he would stay here for 3 hours.

What is the longest a student has sat here?

20 x 8 hours with a 1 hour break so they can eat and drink. When they are confined to the chair for such a long time, we wheel the chair over a toilet and remove the leather strap so they can use the toilet whenever they need. They even sleep in the chair. Trust me, they behave in the future.

They continued their walk around the campus. Between the palms they saw a group of students that rested on sun lounges with earplugs obvious hearing some music. What are they doing?

That is level 4 students. They rest for two hours before they continue to study. They are almost ready to leave. Opposite students on the other levels they have no chores. It is not actually music they hear. It is only the sounds of waves. We do not allow any kind of music. According to our client the parents - music is the root of all evil and promotes intake of alcohol and drugs.

For how long do they study every day?

10 hours every day at level 4. All the other levels study less. However, they dont waste the day. Students on level one or in mistrust spend a half the with the isolation hood. The other levels have chores enabling us to run this place in a proper manner.

About 6 p.m. the students ate dinner and went back for 3 hours of study before it was time to sleep. Television was not allowed, but during weekend the students were allowed to watch Disney and Teletubbies movies. News was available on an intranet site, where the staff selected what kind of news the students could read.

Oxnard, California December 2001 Picking up Jack

Fritz was in a company car with John one of the staff members.

A worried mother had called Meditation Inlet because her 16-year-old sons grade had dropped and he had begun to argue with her. She had found out that he dated a girlfriend living at a trailer park. It was not a girl from the social standard; the son had grown up in. The mother did not want a son around that could endanger her family from keeping up appearances.

It was about four a.m. in the morning, when their car pulled up in the driveway of their client. The worried mother greeted them silently and they sat down in her living room and spoke about what was suppose to happen.

Does he have some weapon up in his room?

No. We dont have weapons in this house. I dont know about his trash girl friend. But I searched his room yesterday and he did come home alone, so you should be safe.

Does he suspect you of doing this?

No. He is so in love with the tart that he has no eye for anything else and that is the sole problem. He doesnt care for school either.

Did you read our manual?

Yes. I introduce you and leave the house until you have driven off.

Shall we proceed then?

I just have one question. You dont use maze or something like that? One of my neighbors had a teen escort service using pepper spray and it stuck in the wallpaper so she had to have a paintjob.

No. We use a stun baton, but only when things get tough.

Oh. That is a relief. Lets go then.

They went to the childs room where the mother woke the child.

Jack. Waky.Waky.

The very sleepy teenager woke up and starred in disbelief on the two men in his room.

Jack. These two gentlemen are here to take you to a boarding school of my choice. I want the best for you and I want you to go with them. Now I have to go to work. Bye. See you later.

She kissed him on his forehead and left.

Jack. Please stand up. We want you to understand that our job is to take you to the school not to argue whether you are going. We are ready to use every force necessary so just undress and place your hands on your back.

The boy slowly did what he was told. When he was finished John moved behind him. Very fast wrapped a leather piece around the forearms on the boy and fastened leather straps to two leather cuffs on the upper part of the arms. The boy was now unable to use his arms. He started to protest when John pulled an isolation hood over his head. Fritz joined in holding him still. John put a diaper on the boy and each took the boy under his arms virtually carrying to the car. They strapped him with a custom-made 4-point seat belt and went to the airport where a private plane waited for them.

Well arrived in Jamaica, they drove on to the school. Jack was still in restraints and the transport version of the isolation hood had a detachable mouthpiece so they could give Jack something to drink and eat. Of course he had a lot of questions but the policy was not to inform the students of their destination before they were hooked up to the lacing bar.

Once on the school they unbuckled the restraint and placed cuffs on his wrist and feet so they could hoist him in the lacing bar. When his body was almost stretched entire out, he wailed from the pain.

Jack removed the isolation hood and gave him the welcome speech. When he showed him the uniformed him complained at once. That is girls wear. You can not have me wearing that. He cried. Jack was not a man of many words. He quickly wrapped the fabric around the boys waist and began to tug. The boy yielded and tried to pull the restraints, but the result was certain. Yields became groans and the groans ended up in small grunts whenever Jack pulled the laced. He placed his foot on the boys back and pulled the laced to tight that they had to use smelling salt when Jack passed out two or three times during the process.

Again it was a broken student they could lower to the floor.

When he was fully placed in restraints they took him to the room with isolation hoods. He was placed in a chair on a 5 x 8 hour isolation period, which was mandatory for reluctant students.

Another job well done.

Black River, Jamaica may 2002 Exit plan

Fritz was worried. Paula was an 18-year-old girl, which had been placed at the school for 8 months ago. Her parents had a divorce and as a result of the broken up home their normally overachieving daughter had begun to date boyfriend and having sex.

So she was sent to Meditation Inlet, but her treatment was not finished when she turned 18 and according to the law they could not held her here if she did not want it herself. Paula entered the office.

Fritz started: You are here because I first of all want you to congratulate you with your birthday and secondary because we are going to offer you a voluntary treatment plan until you are 21.

Forget it. I want to go home. Put me on a plane and I am out of here.

Of course. If it is what you want. However. Your parents would not receive you. You will get 50 dollars, your passport and a plane ticket to Miami. From there you can go where ever you decide.

What. But I live in Monterey, California. How am I going to ride home from Florida to California?

That is your problem. And I also have to inform you that your parents would not pay for any further education if you decide to leave this school now.

That is blackmail! Forget it. I am going anyway.

Fine. Leave the office. We will meet here so you can get some clothes so you can travel.

The next morning they stood in the office. Paula was naked and she was noticeable weakened because her body was not used to go without a corset.

Here are your clothes for your journey. If you remember how you were brought here, you did not have a lot of clothes with you, so I have convinced your parents to sponsor a suit out of pure kindness.

I can not travel like that. People would think that I am a hooker.

That is the only clothes we are able to buy from our supplier at the present time.

I just want to go, so I have no choice I guess.

Well. It is your choice. Here is the plane ticket and your money. Dress into your clothes. I will send in a female guard to help you with the corset.

When he returned 10 minutes later, Paula was finished and stud in her new clothes. She wore a red PVC corset and had net stockings with 6-inch high heels. Besides that she only had a black PVC jacket. She looked like a tart. No one would hire her looking like that. She would be living in the streets or at a shelter for the homeless. Fritz handed her a small handbag.

Here this is for your plane ticket and money. You will also find a calling card with a number you can call anytime, if you rethink your decision. Before you go, I also have a phone call for you.

He pushed a bottom on the phone and Paula heard a familiar voice. It was her father.

Hey! Pumpkin. I just want to bid farewell to my daughter before I loose her. I know bye my heart that we wont be seeing each other any more. Your brother also has a word to say to you.

Her brother was crying sounding as he was very convinced that his sister now was about to die. Finally an obvious tear-wetted mother said farewell to her once bellowed daughter. In his mind Fritz send a grateful thought to the parents manual and some of the courses the school held in the state. Paula was emotional touched by the phone-call and Fritz knew that they had successfully planted a little doubt in her mind.

Paula left the office with tears running down her chins. He saw her taxi go off for the airport. How many days would it be before she called in and wanted back?

Black River, Jamaica October 2002 Delivery problem

Fritz was summoned to Gnters office where a very worried manager greeted him.

What is the problem?

We had a power failure yesterday and our uninterruptible power supply did not work as intended. We lost our supplies of this month semen.

I did not know that we kept semen. What purpose serves the semen supply?

I have not told you about it. We are a subcontractor to one of the largest sperm banks in the states. Of course no one knows from where we get the semen. When a new student enters the school, we test him for all kind of sickness. If the tests are good, all the semen collected during the mandatory masturbation session on Saturdays would be stored here and send to the states every month.

And the school earns extra money!

Yes. The best of the all is that no one is hurt. Long-term denial at males means a higher risk of prostate cancer, so it is good for the boys. A lot of people up in the states cant have a baby of their own. Those people we help too. But of course it is a secret because it could look wrong in the eyes of our customers the parents.

It is always nice to know that we help out with making this world a better place to live. But how can we produce almost a whole month production?

We have to milk the boys every day.

Would it not be unhealthy?

Not if we care extra for them regarding food intake, minerals and vitamins.

Lets go then!

The first three boys were led into the cow-stable, as the milking room was named and fastened on some gynecology treatment tables. Ones they had straps strapped around their body and their feet were bound in the stirrups, a nurse carefully removed the leather flap covering his genitals and teased his scrotum so the penis became erect. It was never a problem with these kids.

Being the victim for long-term denial meant that they were so sensitive towards every touch to those areas of their body. Also the fact that most of them were hardly experienced in sexual activities combined with the rather strange and bizarre surroundings, contributed by making them being on their toes. The sensation in their young bodies was for most of them a new strange feeling they did not know how to handle.

As soon as the pre-cum was visible a special masturbator were force on them. It was transparent so the staff could see when they have milked the boy. In order to increase their senses an isolation hood were pulled over their heads.

Now they were ready. The masturbators were started and it caused a visible reaction by the boys. Their bodies tensed up and the nurse checked the restraints. Of course there was no problem. After a minute the first boy came and the nurse checked every table helping a little with her hand.

The whole process had not taken more than 5 minutes and normally the next step was to release the first set of boys and send in the next team, but due to the shortage of semen, every team was to be milked twice.

It was obvious that it was more difficult for the nurse to ensure the erection the second time. She had to use a cock ring on two of the boys. Once prepared, the process started over again. This time sobbing sounds were heard from inside the hoods and the nurse knew that she had to be careful when she massaged the scrotums because they were tender.

The second batch was released from two of the boys but the last one had difficulties. The nurse lubricated the prostate massager and inserted it gently. She was very skilled and after 30 seconds the last boy reached his climax.

The boys were cleaned and when the leather flap was in place, they were released. They had to be supported and were visible weakened. None of them dared to ask why they were milked twice. As it the rules in Meditation Inlet stated talking to the staff was only allowed when a student was addressed.

It took the rest of the afternoon to milk all the boys and during the entire week every boy was milked twice.

At the end of the week most of the boys were so emotional worn down, that they cried when the staff came to take them to the cow-stable.

On Friday one of the boys panicked when he entered the cow-stable and passed out. Nevertheless, they milked him while he was unconscious.

Fritz was rolling the boy out on a stretcher while he was conversing with the nurse.

Are we close at the target?

Yes, we have reached the normal volume; we would normally produce during a month.

What about tomorrow? We do milk them every Saturday.

I have talked with Gnter and we have decided to give them this week off. Milking is also a kind of security measure against the students having sex if they should succeed in tampering with the leather flap but now we have milked them twice for five days. Their genitals are now so tender that they dont want to do anything with it for the next week. I dont think that anyone of them would even think of sex, so we skip the next milking session.

Black River, Jamaica May 2003 Graduation

It was a day of celebration at Meditation Inlet. 20 students were ready to leave the school and all were busy.

Graduation was held in a secluded area at the campus. In order to graduate the students had made it to level 4 before marts. Two nights before the graduation the guards in the middle of the night waked them and escorted them to the secluded area.

Speaking of graduation was strictly forbidden. It could distract the attention of the students from the studies. Often the rest of the students woke in the morning with an empty bed beside them. Gnter had put a lot of research into that subject when he started the school and they had chosen this approach because they would spare the students left behind for the emotional stress of saying goodbyes to the graduates.

The next day they had to try on dresses. Because the school was run with a Victorian theme the gowns the girl wore, were replicates from that period. They were also issued corsets without shoulder-straps, but their corsets were laced just a tight as the old one.

The boys wore under-breast corset and a dress suit and on their head they had a top hat on.

The most difficult task for the students was however to walk up to podium where they would be given their exam papers. Both male and females had a pair of locking high heels on. So besides fitting gowns and dresses also walking practice took time preventing the students from doing naughtiness throughout the day. It was a matter of keeping them busy. The parents for the majority of them were already on their way from all over the states and Europe. It would be difficult to explain the parents that their travel would be in vain.

In the evening they were strapped in their bed for the last time. Tomorrow they would be welcomed back into a family their own family.

At six a.m. they were waked by the guard and began to prepare themselves. All the morning went with bath, makeup and styling the hair. Most of the girls had not worn make-up since they came to school. Make-up was forbidden. The only hairstyle allowed for the students male or female was rat-tales.

The boys got a well-needed haircut and for the first time in months even years for some of them, they looked as young men again.

When they were ready they were lead to the graduation hall where they were placed in a chair where they were buckled to the chair with cuffs to the armrest and a wide leather strap around their waist.

A facemask, which covered their eyes and mouth, was also put on them and earplugs were inserted, so they could not hear what was going on.

Slowly the families entered the hall and took their seat. When all were present Gnter mounted the podium where he started the ceremony by welcoming the families and made a speech about the lack of values youth in the western world live by and how these families should fell so lucky that they were able to save their children from certain death.

When the speech was done, he called the family to the podium one by one and when a students family was standing there the guards freed the student and remove the earplugs and blindfold. First they were a little confused by the assembly in the hall, but soon the recognized their own family and there was a lot of tears and hugging.

Every time a student came up to the podium the process was the same. First the family hugged the student and welcomed him or her back in their family. Then Gnter asked the student to kneel on a spanking bench. A guard lifted the gowns on the girls so their underwear was visible. The boys just had to drop their trousers.

The father or mother was handed a cat-o-nine-tale and their task was now to administer one blow corresponding to the students age.

This part of the ceremony served two purposes:

Most of the student received about 16 to 21 blows. Of course it was a celebration after all - it was a light whip, so there was no blood even if it seems that some of the parents had to blow some steam off. In some cases some of the siblings were encouraging their brother or sister during the whipping. Some of the students were quietly sobbing at the end, but as soon as the last blow had been administered, the family hugged and comforted their child.

Gnter then handed the exam paper to the student and wished good luck in the future and the family with their new old member went back to their seats.

When all students had been joined together with their family they went to the dining hall where all joined in for a banquet. A local band had been hired and for the students it was the first music they had heard since they had sat their feet on the school campus.

It was also the first time they had enjoyed alcohol, and as the evening progressed the atmosphere became more and more merry. It became very plain that alcoholism was a sickness that could be inherited.

Bonds were formed between the families and it was past midnight before hired busses collected the families with the former students for a drive to the motel Gnter owned further up the coast, which parents normally used during visitation days. Gnter also used the motel to lure children of European clients to Jamaica on a fake holiday because Teen Escort Services were forbidden in Europe. But tonight the motel would be solely reserved for the former students and their family. Tomorrow they would go back to their homes in normal clothes.

Fritz sat in a chair with a bottle of wine. He thought of how strange it must be for the student to sleep without a corset and with their hands free instead of the gloves. He knew that Gnter and some staff members would go to the motel and offer the students corsets for a fair price so they could continue to be laced for a period until they their bodies had adjusted to do without a corset. Some the students would never go without corset for the rest of their lives. A trim body would be their key to society.

But also another feeling overwhelmed Fritz. The wine, female companionship made him think about Ann and the twins. In the morning, he went to Fritz and quit the job. Later that day he flew back to Holland.

Nunspeet, August 2003 Changes

When Fritz returned to his farm, he was in for a surprise. A new resident had moved into the house - His sister Beatrice.

Both his parents had died during his stay in Jamaica and Fritz and Beatrice were the only lawful successors. For the first time in year the two siblings sat down a talked about their life. Fritz was very curious to know what Ann had told Beatrice about her and the twins but it seemed that Ann had made a story up about Fritz saving them from the war.

Beatrice had taken a degree in child psychologist after some years studying law. When she first came to the farm, she looked through the books with Ann and discovered some entries where they could improve the economy. So during Fritz absence they changed a few things so Fritz no longer needed a job outside the farm to making the wheels turn.

Ann and the twins would run the farm if he just helped out once in a while.

For a while it was heaven. After having collected the mail he would sit on the terrace until lunch. Sometime the girls would have time to have lunch with him - sometimes not. In the evening Ann would come to him and they would have sex like it has been before he went to Jamaica.

He could not understand how he had managed to do without Ann for such a long time. She was so wonderful. It was like he had never left. Somehow she had matured and was so good in licking and teasing him that he at some point got the suspicion that she at some point during his absence must have got a lover. But as hard as he investigated no sign of a man that should have stayed on the farm was seen. So eventually he dropped his suspicion and enjoyed the sex with Ann.

But there was another change at the farm the twins had begun to talk. When he asked how that could be possible, Ann told him that Beatrice had given them some consultations in private. Somehow it made Fritz uneasy. What if they discovered what had happened that night with the other girls? All the tapes had been sold. Even the master tape was gone. So they would only be able to figure the event out if they by chance had seen some from the basement. It should have been impossible.

All though he had enjoyed his stay at the farm after haft a year he wanted to have a job outside the farm and by sheer luck he was contacted by a former soldier which had started a low price airline. He agreed to take the job as a flight attendant on a part time basis, so he could be at the farm and enjoy sex with Ann from time to time.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, April 2006 Revenge

Fritz enjoyed his new job. It was only part time and the only route he worked on was M-Air route from Amsterdam to Miami.

A former colonel from the Dutch army had started M-Air, a discount airline company. Fritz was approached by the manager and accepted the job as a flight attendant on the spot. In a way he was sad for leaving Ann and the twins in charge, but at the other hand his urge to leave was bigger, so he was soon on his first flight. M-Air was a true discount company. A internally joke sounded It is Sergeant Schmidt welcoming you onboard as we can not afford a captain. The management saw passengers as cattle, which needed transport from, spot A to spot B - Nothing more.

If he had been working full time, the work would have been too stressful. They did not have time to clean properly. During the flight the crew was shorthanded by the demanding passengers. But as said before -The job was only part-time. It was bearable.

On December 26, 2004 a tsunami struck Thailand. A lot of Dutch tourists had to be evacuated. M-air sent one of their planes to Thailand and picked up some of the survivors.

When they arrived back at the airport in Amsterdam, one of the relatives asked Fritz whether they could take the back door avoiding the press because their relative was quite upset. But Fritz said no. They had transported their passengers and their task was over. So he ordered the passengers to go out trough the front gate where the reporters waited. This was the kind of standard M-air was known fore. Just transport nothing more!

Of course ordeal of passing through a mob of journalists and photographers of course did put a strain on the victims and Fritz had a laugh. Most of the company customers knew of the bad and poor service but they considered the low price in favor of the level of service.

But then late in April his plane was on tour to Miami from Amsterdam.

He noticed the tall blond woman at once when she boarded the plane.

Her slim body was outstanding and for once his considered giving a customer a decent treatment, but then he notice another thing.

The woman kissed her girlfriend when they were seated in a manner that left no option. They were lesbians.

Fritz was disappointed. He wanted so to have her. He had done it some times during his years at M-air. Being very experienced he had seduced a young tourist into having sex at a motel in Miami.

One time he even got caught red handed when he left his room at the motel by his sister. Beatrice did sometimes attend conferences in the states due to her line of work. She promised not to tell about it back home and he believed her.

The two women on the plane continued to hug and ordered wine while they played some kind of a card-game. They were enjoying themselves and Fritz became exasperated. He took the passenger list and discovered that they were Danes. If he was crossed before, it now got him totally pissed off. He remembered how Danish soldiers back in Bosnia had destroyed his business by killing his mates.

He made a couple of negative remarks to his colleagues. Most of them worked full-time and was always exhausted and worn-out with little surplus left to deal with passengers. The cheerful couple also irritated them. Passengers should sit down and remain silent throughout the flight.

His mind was filled with intention about revenge but he did not know how to carry it out. Perhaps he could drop wine on their clothes or spit in their food, before he got his chance to do anything about it, the couple went to sleep.

On the inside Fritz was foaming with rage, but he couldnt do anything. But after some hours fate did throw matters into his hand.

Shortly before the plane was about to land, he went over to their seats to adjust the seat by the window. The tall blond was sleeping with her blindfolds on. When he leaned in over her, he got to smell her scent. She had a shirt blouse on and he put his nose down to her cleavage in order to smell it. It reminded him about the fields back at the farm.

The lady woke by his breathing into her face. Still wearing blindfolds she oblivious was alarmed over it and slapped him in the face by reflex. It made a lot of noise and some of his colleagues noticed it and giggled. Fritz stepped back and the woman removed her blindfold and held her arm up as a sign of apology when she saw whom she had hit.

Every muscle in his body wanted to punch her right in her face, but it would of course not be appropriate. He went back to the stirrid where he tried to calm himself down. One of his colleagues noticed his disposition and said to him:

You could notice the airport that we have passenger which is on an air rage. She did slap you and after 9/11 we are the lords in the air. She would not stand a chance in court. Go to the pilot and convince them to call for police backup upon arrival. If we instead of using the loudspeaker go to each passenger and tell them to buckle the seatbelts, they would sleep when we land and the police would be able to take them by surprise. They would not know what hit them.

Fritz did as his colleague told him and when the plane landed, the police was ready. They entered the plane and pulled the poor women out of their seats still sleepy. Needless to say that they became confused and started to talk in Danish, which upset the police officers because they though that it was some kind of code messages. The tall blond was thrown to the floor and her arm was twisted to her back where she was handcuffed.

They virtual dragged her off the plane and on the inside Fritz was laughing at the scene.

When he got the motel and turned on the Television, the story was all over the news. The tall woman was some kind of model and the when the police had handled her just like everybody else she got extremely hurt because she was partly invalid from a former traffic accident and also underweight due to her profession.

He ordered a six-pack and a hooker from the room service spent the rest of the evening partying.

Nunspeet, July 28 - 2006 Surprise visit


Fritz was at the farm reading his newspaper. He had some days off and had nothing to do. Perhaps he would get Ann in later and have some sex with her. Lately he felt it like there was some kind of distance between them. It was not like it used to be. She had become demanding and he could not kill her off, because of his sister.

Beatrice had moved her office from town to one of the buildings on the farm. It also irritated him because even if she was his sister, he did not want to be around her.

His eyes caught an article in the newspaper. It read that the Danish woman had been forced to make a deal with the prosecutor. He had to admit that he had become a little nervous when he was told that the woman was up to getting a jury trial. He had contacted the police at the airport, and they had assured him that he was not in danger. After 9/11, the aircrew could have kicked her in the face and would not have faced any legal action.

The model was forced to undergo Anger Management therapy as a part of the deal with the district attorney. Fritz had talked with Danes during the war in Bosnia from time to time and he knew that she in the eyes of the Danish population was now much worse off than it would have been the case if she had got 6 months in jail. Psychiatric treatment is regarded as very shameful in Denmark. He knew from his talk with the soldiers that they would rather endure with the psychological after effects from being in a war zone the rest of their life than letting their family know that they have been treated. Some had relatives with such social unacceptable sicknesses and they had their names changed in order to protect their family.

He knew by hart that the model never again would appear publicly and properly would end her career in a few years. He had his revenge in some way over the Danish people.

Out of pure joy, he sat down and did something new in his life.

He wrote a limerick.

I notice you on the plane as you board. Normally due to my low salary passengers do not make me care.

Your long bright hair - your trim figure -I long to talk to you, but do not dare.

My job is to adjust the chairs. I bent my body in over you. My lips are 10 centimeters from your. How I would like to take this kiss.

Then I smell you. The time seems to stop. The scent of roses reaches my noose. I fantasy my hands going over your entire body. I can feel every breath you take. You should not have made your shirt stay to open. I move closer. I have all the time in the world. How peaceful no stress.

If you were my wife I would have youre behind smacked. I contact the pilot in order to arrange for a reception committee, when we land. He also thinks that such a conduct characterizes a brat. I knew I would be backed.

When the police arrived, you still have the blindfolds on. They yank you up without warning. You and your girlfriend are caught by surprised. You shout in your funny language and it upsets the police. A 250-pound officer forces your 110-pound body to the ground and cuffed you on your back. The skin is torn on one of your wrists. They pull you up and carry you. Then you are gone.

It seems that your girlfriend is more than just a friend. Your kisses and laughing makes it seems that we have a married couple to take care about.

It is contemptuous to illustrate such an unnatural relationship in the open. The sun you let shine on my vanished behind that cloud.


Yesterday I bought the newspaper. I got you. They had made you pay. Not by prison but by ordering you to correct being bad-tempered crackpot.

The shameful sentence would prevent you from ever been being taken serious. The sweetness of revenge fills my mind. I could never have planned such a plot.

You order wine and yet more wine. Of course as a Dane you take can handle the booze. You only end up getting sleepy. You take your blindfolds on. I have my chance to get happy.

I am closing in on you. How I want to squeeze those firm oranges. Both you and your girlfriend are sleeping heavily. Before I decide to make my move I hope the situation does not bring any changes.

You suddenly woke and your hand flew up. You looked shocked by your own reaction. You put up your hand in order to sign an apology.

I do not care. I want rehabilitation. You have stopped my dream by your intend to start a battery.

I hope you one day would travel in my plane once more. When I approach you I know you would be stiff from fear. I would take my kiss. Squeeze your oranges. You will forever become a property to me.

Both you and me would never forget our night together on six - four - three.

The naughty flight attendant

The rest of the day he drank and ate in a cheerful mood. Tonight he would have the twins in the bed too. They had the age so it was time that they had a real man.

He was about to get ready to have dinner when Ann called him from the barn. Something was wrong. He went over just to find the lights all out. The must be something wrong with the power was the thought he had.

He called for Ann. Then something hit him on his head and he went black.

When he came to himself he discovered that he was naked and tied to a chair.

5 women stood looking at him.

Ann, the twins, Beatrice and Paula!


He was confused. Why had they tied him up? How come that Paula is here? She should somewhere in the states in a shelter.

Why have you done this to me? Release me. Beatrice help me! They have gotten mad!

Beatrice stepped forward.

As you know, I have worked with the twins. I have discovered your dirty secret. A month ago, I also met Paula at a seminar about the abusive teenager modification industry in the states. All those facilities put strains on the charity organizations in the states, when you send innocent teenagers on the road as victims for your so-called Exit Plans. And a lot of taxpayers money goes to the treatment of the former students, when we wake from the post-traumatic stress reaction. We cant stop the industry but Paula and I made friends and in fact we are lovers. We can however stop you and that is going to happen.

But you can not do this to me. I am your brother! Ann interrupted him. I also have news for you. Beatrice had researched what took place in Bosnia. Because she is Dutch and Paula is from America, they can travel around in Bosnia without caring about their ethnic roots. They talked with the landlord where you had your studio and paid for information that led to the graves of the two girls from my village. One of them was my cousin by the way. They even located some of the survivors and some of my relatives. Those girls were reburied at a decent place.

But I did not kill them. I was forced.

You can stop those excuses up your ass. We know who was present. We will deal with Gnter later. In fact Beatrice would start at a job as child psychologist at Meditation Inlet next month and the twins would join me at some other positions, when I have arranged for it.

What are you going to do with me? You cant prove any of those accusations.

You will see. I was able to obtain a tape of your first production. It must have slipped behind one of shelves in the storeroom. It inspired us, but you will learn that we are creative.

I will report you and I would beat you when I am free.

I dont think so. One of the twins went behind him and suddenly she held a cloth with chloroform over his mouth. Fritz passed out again.

Cleaning job in the storeroom

When he woke, he was hanging in his arms with suspension cuffs connected to chains from the ceiling. He recognized the storeroom. They had inserted a huge gag ball in his mouth.

They had used a spreader bar so there was free access to his genitals. He notices that they all wore heavy latex apron and latex gloves.

Good morning, sunshine. You are up for a cleaning job, before we go to business.

One of the twins moved behind him a pushed kind of butt plug in his behind. It hurt a little. Then he felt it being pumped. She was some kind of tube connected to the plug, which the twin connected to a tap. When she turned it on, he felt cold water enter his rectum. His stomach soon began to cramp and he twisted and turned in his bonds.

The pain became intense and Ann signaled that they should stop. We dont want you to get hurt yet. Beatrice has made coffee and I think we just would take a break, while the water settles in your system.

They left.

The pain became more and more intense. He felt like screaming but the gag ball was very effective. It was like he was going to explode. 15 minutes later they returned to a Fritz covered in sweat and drifting in and out of unconsciousness.

One of the twins deflated the butt and removed it, which caused cascades of water running out on the floor. They continued to clean him with cold water from a hose.

We need you to be totally cleaned up inside. Here we go again.

This was too much for Fritz. Even though he was gagged they could understand that it was sobbing sounds that they could hear from behind the gag. The twins look surprised at each other. They had broken him and they had not really started. Was it the same man they had feared for years?

Fritz was filled with soap water a second time and left in agony. They returned and find him limp. After his bowel had been released and he was cleaned they were ready to some fun.

The Jamaica way

When Fritz woke he found himself cleaned and dry. One of the twins had used his unconsciousness to shave all his hair off. They had cuffs his legs to the floor so they were a little apart.

Ann came with a lot of wires. He also saw Beatrice crying. He tried to make eye contact with her. She was after all his sister. But she left so the twins could continue their preparations.

Paula came in front of him. We are going to prepare you like I was when I entered the school. Still, I have to use corset because my body have adjusted to long time wear in the school.

Fritz tried to protest but the twins had already started with wrapping the rigid leather lining around his waist.

Ann and Paula made sure that he was hoisted off the ground so his body became stretched out.

Both the twins tugged at the stays, which caused the air to leave his lungs. His breathing soon became difficult but they continued to tug. At some point, Fritz passed out but the twins did not stop. Finally they were finished and Ann put a ball stretcher on him. When Fritz woke after Paula had used smelling salt on him, he looked with disbelief in the mirror Ann held up.

His body had been completely transformed. His lower body had an hourglass shape. His breath had become very restricted. It was unbearable. And they were not finished. One of the twins went behind him and he felt something enter his behind. Carefully a butt plug was inserted and once inside it was inflated. Each pump meant additional pain. He pulled his restraint and tried to shout. It was of no use.

Ann patted him on the cheek. Now we are going to leave your for tomorrow. Try to get some sleep. I will be a long day.

His brain mind was working for full speed. His body hurt. His arms hurt. They could not leave him here.

But they did.

Nunspeet, July 29 - 2006 A very long day

Electrical torture

The next morning the women entered. Beatrice had prepared a breakfast and took the ball gag out.

Beatrice. Release me. You are my sister. Does it not count?

After having learned what you have done of damage to our family name I regard myself as not having a brother anymore. A part of me would always have feelings about you but that is memory and the past. For me you died the moment I saw the graves of the poor girls in Bosnia.

I have saved three girls from the certain death. Does it not count?

You saved them because you needed some sex-slaves. You will properly have done them in, if your pals havent lost their lives.


No but! Eat! You are going to need it. Beatrice began to feed Fritz. Slowly he finished his breakfast. His stomach was compressed so he couldnt eat very much. Paula came closer.

For an unspeakable amount of time I had to live solely of soup and bananas. Now you would learn how it is to be hungry and be unable to eat just because there is no room for food. Then she pulled a hood over his head. There were openings for the eyes and the mouth. She laced it tight.

The hood was also issue with a gag ball that could be clipped on and Ann put it in his mouth. Fritz did not even resist. If Beatrice wouldnt help him, he was as left to their mercy. When the gag ball was inserted Ann buckled a piece of leather over the mouth opening. He could not utter a sound.

Ann took some wires and clipped them on the corset. Suddenly Fritz realized that it was one the awful punishment corset from the school.

He tried to make some protests but he was only able to make mumbling sounds.

When he was all wired up Ann stood in front of him.

We can not burn you alive and still having fun later on. So we are going to progress slowly. The fun starts now.

With these words she pushed a button on the panel.

Fritz felt it like someone had kicked him in his kidneys. His body tensed up

When they stopped the current, his body continued to shiver.

I hope that it was not fatal.

Ill weeds grow apace.

Ann checked him with a stethoscope. When she decided he was OK, she gave a sign to the twins. A second shock went through Fritzs body. When they turned it off, he pissed on the floor.

At once, they reapplied the electricity. This time the he also lost bowel control. It was way better than they had expected. They began to laugh hysterical. Their feeling was a mix of revenge, anger but also a kind of reunion with their own torment years back. One of the twins broke down in tears remembering their former girlfriends, which lost their life at the end of the rope by the hands of Fritz and his pals.

Paula entered the room. Dont you think that you should give you self a break before you lose it?

The left Fritz and sat down over the lunch table.

After some time eating without a word, Paula broke the silence. Could we not say that the punishment for his actions in Bosnia is paid? Further electrical torture would properly just kill me and they you wont get the chance for repaying him for his years of abuse on this farm.

One of the twins nodded. Paula continued Let continue with our plan. Ann agreed: Although I still miss something, I think that your revenge must be our next step.

Strap-on dildo torture

Beatrice did choose to go to town for some shopping in order to put her mind on something else.

The rest of them came into the room. They checked him and found him unconscious. Then went on to the next step.

When he woke he was back at the bench tied up. They had removed the hood and he found the four of them standard in front of him. All of them had leather corsets on. Also they had a strap-on dildo mounted on a harness on.

Years of abuse are going to be repaid now. One of the twins went behind him and soon he felt the pressure from the dildo against his sphincter. The pain was intense. The pressure increased and suddenly it slipped inside him. He screamed from pain. No lubricant as all was used. She picked up speed at once. The other twin moved in front of him. She wanted him to lick her.

He cleansed his teeth. Paula interfered. I have an idea so he would be more service-minded. She returned with some kind of a gag. It is a tube-gag. This way he has to serve us.

But he refused to open his mouth. However, the twin working his rear hole knew the trick. She grasped his balls hard, which made protest. The gag went in at once and soon after he had to lick the dildo the other twin inserted in his mouth through the tube-gag.

The twins switched places and he was almost ready to vomit when the dildo which had been in his rectum was put in his mouth.

Both the twins were panting and exhausted. The twins left for a shower and now it was Paula and Ann, who took their time.

First Paula was hesitant but Ann convinced her to go on.

They must have done it for hours. What Fritz did not know, was that their corset also had built-in dildos. She satisfied them selves while fucking him. Ann came with a cry. Paula followed soon after.

When Ann redrew for the last time, she noticed the blood. Oh. That must hurt. What a fitting punishment for all those years of having me to lie under a sweating disgusting man.

Well, I never had to serve him, but his manipulating made my parents disallow me to return home. I ended up with 50 dollars several hundred of miles from home. I had none to call. I had been at the school for so long that I could not get hold of my family for friends in my hometown. I just couldnt remember a phone number. I lived on the streets until Beatrice found me in a shelter. I even wont talk about what I did for a living. Just remembering all those things I wanted to repay him for it so hard that I would slice his throat this instance.

We all have a reason for revenge, but you have to get a hold on yourself. Beatrice is our key towards you complete revenge. You can not even get close to Gnter, but she can. You also know her demands when it comes to her brother. She wants to have her private moment with a corpse, which have no nasty holes in it and of course she made it very definite that his head has to be connected to his body.

We can let him go after this. I hope that you have a plan for him to die.

Oh. I have. Oh. You can be sure that I have.

The last dance

Ann was busy in the barn. She was a little stressed. It had to be perfect. 4 four deck chair was lined up. Drinks - toys had she remembered everything in place.

The door opened. The twins and Paula entered with Fritz. He was naked but had an arm binder on. When he saw what was in store for him, he panicked. He tried to pull away. It looked at he begged for his life, but a gag ball had replaced the tube gag. Even if they could have understood his begging, even he knew that they would not spare him. It was just pathetic.

Soon he was positioned under the noose. He had a frightened look in his eyes.

Paula took a wide leather belt and strapped it around his thighs. They wanted to see some kicking.

Ann gave him a kiss on his chick. Happy journey - Darling. Then she pulled a hood over his head.

Next the noose came into place.

One of the twins had a remote control and she activated it so a winch in the ceiling pulled the rope tight. It was cold in the barn. They could see his breath when he took his breathe.

The girls were warmed up. They undressed and sat down in the deck chairs. Soon they were busy satisfying them selves. Ann activated the remote control once more. Now Fritz was forced up on his toes. They could see how his breath was becoming more difficult. It just turned them on.

It was so arousing to see the hood moving very fast: Breathe in Breathe out, in out, in out. Ann felt her nipples tense up.

Ann used a vibrator and she was almost in heaven when she felt a tongue in her private parts. It was Beatrice. She was supposed to be in town, but regardless of the fact that Fritz was her brother, she wanted to be present.

Beatrices skilled tongue soon brought Ann to her climax. Just as waves of pleasure rolled through her body, she activated the remote control a last time.

The feet of Fritz left the ground. For some minutes it was as they tried to find support, but then the - for the girls sexually arousing - sight of a man dancing in a panicked attempt to avoid death, started.

Fritz tried to turn and twist in frantic try to get out of his deathly situation while groans escaped from his hood. One of the twins came with a cry. She slipped back in her deck chair. Fritzs member became erect. It would not be fun, it he came too soon, so Ann went over a put a ball stretcher on him.

Beatrice started to work on Paula. She was in some kind of service-mode today. She licked all the juices from Paula and soon Paula came violent.

The movement of Fritz had turned into a shiver. Ann stood near him. He is almost a goner. I will assist him. With a quick move she took a dildo and forced it up with rectum, which had been enlarged from hours of strap-on dildo. He shot a load, which they had never seen him do before. It just did not seem to stop. It made the last of the twins reach her climax.

They left him there until next morning.

The next morning Ann found Beatrice crying next to her brother body - Still hanging from the day before. It was as he still had a hard-on, but of course Ann knew that it was due to his blood being caught in the lower part of his body after his heart had stopped.

Do you have regrets?

No. Even due to the fact that he was my brother, he had to go.

Where shall we put him?

I want it to be up in the new field. He loved the smells of flowers. Let him rest in peace.


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