Secret Dances

[ poem ]


Published: 31-Jul-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Our first glance was incidental but
Still it addicted my eyes were
Impatient for more glances made you
Shy and demure you closed your
Blinds and my window to your
World was cut off, leaving me in
Darkness I sat staring out my own
Window remained open and inviting
You to look out once again

Our subsequent glances were
Intentional but still somewhat
Tentatively you looked out through
The slats of your blinds to see if I
Was looking at your window hoping
To see just a glimpse, an eye peering
Out at me would indicate that you
Were thinking of me before you
Went at night to sleep

Eventually your glances became
Bolder and more open blinds remained
So much longer and our strange and
Secret relationship was both voyeur
And exhibitionist and we became
Co-dependent and sad when the other
Was not there or the blinds were shut
And we could see no light from the
Other person's room

Our first hello was awkward and
Constrained and a bit weak for fear of
Being overheard by mine or yours
Would certainly look askance at our
Secret rendezvous and wonder what
Secrets we were hiding behind the two
Closed doors which joined our rooms
In a furtive conspiracy of intimacy
Which we both so sorely lacked

Our subsequent hellos were more
Frequently we talked of ourselves,
Two strangers divided by just a
Fence and two windows yet still a
World apart when not linked in our
Private affair drew us ever closer together
We learned of each others likes and
Dislikes and hopes and fears were
For such a sweet moment forgotten

Eventually our hellos were daily
And sorely missed if one of us could not
Appear at our evening trysts grew
Longer and more suspicious to those
Around us sometimes heard us speaking
To ourselves behind our closed doors hid
The exciting truth that we had grown so
Close despite my age and your youth
Did not really matter

Our first telephone call was brought
Upon us by the rains and the winds
Made our evening chats unbearably
Cold so our windows stayed shut and
Our conversation grew longer and we
Were thrilled by our new freedom to
Share our thoughts late into the
Evening turned to night before we
Finally said good night

Our subsequent calls became
More intimate as we began to
Enter territories unexplored
Feelings began to surface to our
Mutual surprise we realized that maybe
We had fallen in love was a word which
Never entered our conversations as
Though we feared that its utterance
Would destroy our liaison

Eventually you hid in your room and
Waited as your friend asked me if
I loved you but I was still
Afraid to hear myself say to your
Friend that I do not know why I
Lied to her like a coward I hid
From the truth which had become
So painfully obvious to us both
Felt doomed by its impossibility

Your first dance I witnessed from
The back of the auditorium was so
Far from your lithe figure was lit on
The stage ceased to exist as I was
Consumed with pride that you, my
Lover had invited me to witness
Your performance in the anonymity the
Crowd provided me an excuse to
Be close but far away

Your subsequent dances were
Performed on the private stage of our
Secret room grew humid with our
Desire to transcend the distance became
Almost unbearable and our fingers tried
To span the space which separated
Us carried our whispered vows were
Too intimate to transmit by copper
Wire seemed so impersonal

Eventually you turned off the
Lights and so did I, and I
Watched transfixed as your clothes
Began to fall about your feet kept
Moving as your breastless body
Offered itself to me across the chasm
Which separated us suspended my
Gasp of pleasure brought a
Winsome smile to your lips

Our first meeting never took place.
I rushed home to be with you and
I looked across to your room was
Naked and blindless and you
Were gone-uprooted from
Our secret chamber which had
Fused by our will for it to be, now
Torn asunder and dashed to the
Ground grew wet from my tears

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