August Moone With 'Hey Dude' Parody Theme, Part 3

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Published: 11-Aug-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter Three: Hey Dude

A good hour August had spent with Mr. E's son, Josh. He had filled the lad's rectum, spanked him, peed on his genitals, and popped off a load into the boy's mouth. The boy had gone down and cleansed the snatch he had been fucking on the love doll; and thereafter August had taken his own turn.

He was surprised to find how intriguing the love doll was, and more than that how much there was "lifeness" to the life-like doll. It was incredible, unbelievable, unconscionable at how much to the likeness of boning the real thing there was in comparison to the love doll.

But August understood, Mr. E was stuck out in the desert with scads of beautiful young ladies about--he had to have some recourse lest he found himself banging one of the horses! (or his son)

The owner/operator returned just before sundown, Joshua had contemplated his involvement with the doll, cleaned it up and tucked it away in a special "hidden" closet. August slinked out to his room, showered, and let the GI Item 0110 cool down some itself.

At dinner in the main dinning hall later on that eve he saw the object(s) of his desire--Melody and Bradley. He pursed his lips and stared at them, drinking them into his mind. His cock surged, balls swelled, asshole tightened. Both girls were highly desirable, delectable, delicious. He had already messed with Melody, but he yearned to "mess" with her more so, he had a thing for ultra cute blond girls.

Through most of his life August had been an observer; in his brief military career as well as for himself--observing life, other people, the progression of depravity, architectural changes, life changes in general. Mostly, though, he observed people. Currently he observed two young teen boys who seemed to be buddies to subjects Melody and Bradley. The observation duly noted the lust in both the young teen boys' eyes, how they chatted to one another when the girls went off to the bathroom. There were other girls at dinner, some were employees, some guests. With the little Device, August smiled inwardly to himself, the possibilities were endless--absolutely endless! He cracked his knuckles (a bad habit) and thought carefully, mulled, and then made his way along across the dinning hall to the short hall to the restrooms.

It had been a while since last he had "checked-in" to a public bathroom. He fondly remembered his first time, at an elementary school no less. With the images of that time firmly entrenched in his demented mind, he made good with becoming Invisible--enabling another facet of the GI Device Item 0110. True Invisibility, the Device created a field of his own brain waves, disturbing the "air" surrounding him to such a degree that he was virtually unseeable.

There were some hazards to this; afterwards he often was very ill, dizzy, disorientated. The Device initiated invisibility didn't last as long as did when he used a Victim/Subject's brainwaves, so he had to be timely and careful. And regardless, whether by the Device or brain waves, just because he was invisible didn't mean that he couldn't be "felt", smelt, heard, etc.

He saw his own brain wave pattern displayed on the monitor of the Device, assuring him that his waves were "captured" and he could initiate the invisibility mode. Of which he did.

Time was pressing, though, he had to hurry if he was going to see anything of worth. He eased into the bathroom, dull western wood paneling, low lighting from old antique lamps on two counters, some lighting from recycled lanterns hanging from the exposed rafters.

Four bathroom stalls, two were "occupied." At his time of arrival, though, the Subjects had completed their "business" and were pulling up their clothes. He was about to disengage his invisibility trick and whammy the Subjects as they emerged from their stalls, when the bathroom door opened and two more (potential) Subjects entered. Women, one was a grandmother while the other was possibly Methuselah's wife. August suddenly saw a brief flicker on the Device's LCD screen. He felt a quickening surge of dizziness envelope him and it was time to boogey.

He barely made it into the men's room before the unique Item 0110 blinked out and shut-down. He then kissed the hard wood tiled floor.

He lay still and prone for a moment, awash with dizziness much the same feeling as seasickness. Several minutes were needed to cast off the illness and gather himself, he could not afford anyone coming to his rescue, the nifty gadget in his possession would certainly be the object of someone's attention. With his face soaked in the cool refreshing waters of the old style porcelain basin, he felt somewhat better. There was still the lingering nausea seething through his body, but the ill effects of his Invisibility trick were diminishing. He made a mental note NOT to attempt such a debilitating thing again.

Several more minutes were needed to fully recover. Other patrons visiting the rustic bathroom assumed that he had had too much to drink and joshed him. It only further instilled in August Moone the reasoning why he did not socialize with the general populace.

Once 99% back to his old self, he slipped out and hugged the dinning hall wall, making his way to the entrance doors.

"Mr. Moone!" came a voice. August groaned, he rolled his eyes and sighed deeply. Mr. Ernst hustled up and began a five minutes conversation involving ancient Indian Artifacts.

The cool air of the desert did him good. His mind was still somewhat fraught with his earlier occurrence ills; but he was recovering fast. Long winded attention/recognition starved Mr. E held him up for several minutes before thankfully a big busted guest distracted him--August was eternally grateful and scooted away before anything could happen.

In the shadows August made his way across the open to the bunk houses. He had been on a "mission", got distracted, waylaid, confused, and then the "mission" just seemed to be simply scrubbed; once making the end of the bunkhouse boardwalk he sighed and felt the bed in his guest room calling him.

The heel of his boot hadn't hit the hard packed dirt when his Narly Senses kicked in. He paused, debated, deliberated, then returned to the "mission." Leaning against the bunk house outer wall he strained his mind to pick up on what he had "sensed." Cautiously he moved down to pause at a door. Lanterns spaced along the rafters provided dim lighting, it was a moonless night; a horse whinnied from the nearby stables.

The door opened and there stood a naked young teen. August smiled, the "boy" was a handsome fart, tall, nice features, and had the hots for Melody. August slipped into the room and shut (and locked) the door behind him. He put the boy back into whatever it was that he was doing, and did likewise to the teen's roommate. The two boys were Ted and Danny. Fast friends to Melody and Bradley. August had it on good authority, though, that neither Melody or Bradley cared much for Ted--this information August had gleaned slightly before his illness overwhelmed him earlier. The girls liked Ted, it was just that he was so full of himself, obnoxious, egotistical, self-absorbed, etc.

Danny was alright, he was fifteen and American Indian. He was cool and likeable. Ted was sixteen and so-so likeable. He was skillful as a horseman, could rope and be one with his horse. But it was off the horse that proved him to be something other than a horse (jackass).

August, though, still got the impression from the girls that they really wouldn't mind a "fling" with Ted. No more info could be garnered as his illness had interrupted and ..

Ted & Danny. Sixteen and fifteen years young. Too old for August's liking, he didn't mind an occasional romp with a lad, but not Ted & Danny's age, he preferred younger--like all good perverts did.

Both lads had boners. August wondered if something was up. (er, yeah) The Device Item 0110 put the two back into their normal modes before August's appearance, their brainwaves captured and thusly allowing August to be among them unseen.

Ted entered the small bathroom and dropped to his knees, pleasing himself as he peered 'neath the wash basin's piping. August stepped a little closer, mindful of the masturbating American Indian, Danny.

"Hurry up, are they still there, I wanna see." bitched Danny.

August wanted to see, too. There was naught to do but to bring Ted out and have him hold still while August had a looksee. There was a small hole, right at the spot where the plumbing entered the shared wall. There was plastic wrap and insulation partially blocking the way and only a bare allowance to peer into the room beyond.

At first August saw nothing, but another bathroom.

Then, he heard the minute sounds of someone peeing into a bowl.

His cock surged, his balls swelled.

He saw lily white skin from someone rising up from the nearby toilet. He then saw bare legs moving about and facing the wash basin. Only when the person stepped back did he saw muff. Blond muff. Young blond muff. When the young blond muff stepped further back, turning and entering into the small quarters did August smile big--it was Melody.

Sitting on a twin size bed was the naked Bradley. She arose and entered the bathroom and made good with taking a shower. Melody sat at a desk and began brushing her hair.

August stepped back and let Ted continue with his spying, Danny with his masturbating. Slowly in the deep recesses of his piqued mind he thought, contemplated, mulled, re-thought and summoned a plan into formulation. Danny took his turn at watching the girls' antics in the adjacent room, Ted struggled to achieve an orgasm, jerking his pud hard, switching hands and struggling. He stood with legs apart, beating his meat while Danny sat back on his haunches and watched.

At length Danny leaned forward, Ted leaned forward as well.

Danny closed his eyes and partook of Ted's schlong. Ted eased his engorged organ into his roommate and friend's mouth, saddling up all the way to the base. Danny worked the cock in his mouth, thrashing back and forth and then pulling back to the bulbous tip before re-engulfing the schlong whole.

Ted reeled, toes curling on the floor, back arching, cock pounding and pulsing in Danny's mouth. Danny gripped Ted's lily white ass and held on tight as he sucked cock. Ted flexed his ass and pounded until he began to cum.

Danny slurped happily and August watched on happily. Ted humped until he could hump no more; then pulled free of the tight pleasing mouth to rub his aching cum laden schlong all over his friend's face. Danny smacked his lips and humped his own pud, standing up and laying out on his bed.

August did nothing but watch. Ted masturbated himself and then.came to his friend, climbed onto the bed and settled on the younger roommate's cock. A moment later and he was rising up just so--just so as Danny could guide his schlong up into the white man's asshole for a righteous and deserving butt fuck.

August was getting enthralled. But he still had limits, no morals, just limits. Ted and Danny were too old for him--so he thought. He was getting entranced by their antics; Ted lay down on Danny, Danny clutching at Ted's naked ass with his cock still embedded nicely up into Ted's corn hole.

The two boys then began to smooch, a little Frenching but mostly grinding, humping, ass grabbing, and everything in lust. Ted humped Danny's belly until once more he was cumming, shooting a nice wad of jiz onto the dark (red) skin. He clenched tight his ass cheeks while Danny was in the midst of cumming off himself. The illness that had plagued and interrupted August earlier was back. Not as bad, but a small wave of nausea came sweeping over him. He held his breath, checked the condition of the Device and the captured brainwaves. There was no indication(s) of anything the matter; but that didn't mean that there was--with the Device you just didn't know.

The two on the bed lay off side by side, drifting into a lust filled aftermath of their illicit unionship. August carefully checked the status of Bradley and Melody, both were sitting on their bed, chatting and brushing their hair.

Time for more contemplation.

He returned to his own room, laid out naked on his bed and drifted aimlessly on turbulent clouds before finally settling into more sublime unconsciousness.

Bradley, Melody, Ted, Danny.

Joshua, Lacey.

They filled his mind fully, he was enthralled with them. A thousands ideas came rushing into his mindset, by morning only a couple had soundly survived. After breakfast he quickly made himself scarce, prowling the outer fringes of the ranch for Indian artifacts and dwelling on how he could ultimately satiate his most narly desires.

He didn't trust the Device, not fully, not wholly. Its singular flaw was the major setback and concern. He dared not tinker with it, that risked fouling the whole thing entirely--and that just wouldn't do! (he was having way too much fun with it!)

As the day wore on, August came to an area that struck him. It was always away from the ranch, but not too awfully remote. There were huge boulders, bushes, tumble weeds, sage--a perfectly concise little area unseen by prying eyes human or otherwise (binoculars.)

Slowly he made his way over a small ridge and down an embankment, coming to a dry wash and chancing upon----Bradley, Ted, Melody, Danny, and Joshua.

All on a ride, by themselves. ****

Chanced happenings like this were opportunities of a lifetime! August wasn't about to let it slip through his fingers. He hustled through the brambles and rocks, using as much stealth as possible, keeping in tune the direction and whereabouts of his Subjects.

Bradley's horse he saw had stopped, she was still astride the roan, it was a female horse and she was--she was pissing up a river! Her tail flinched, legs spread, and creating quite a river of horse pee. August's mind was once more filled with the antics of Lacey the Wrangler--the things she had done that night were incredible! And no one knew!

Melody's chest bounced lightly as her horse's gait created a nice little jostling. The three boys had moved up ahead checking the trail and talking amongst themselves. August went over in his twisted mind how he could make this work.

His first concern was foremost--would the Device be able to manipulate ALL of them? He had tried a few times before but found the results were far better when working Singularly. He fumed, twitched his nose and thought carefully.

With the boy's ahead--and the girls behind, August smiled. He pulled out of his fanny pack a black mask--for just such emergencies. The Lone Ranger mask, he also placed on his chin a plastic chin guard and his red bandana concealing his head. His hat he placed in the fanny pack. His clothes were pretty much like anyone else's, but once back at the ranch and in his room he would quickly change to different ones--there was a way to delete the info the group would have on him from their young minds, but it wasn't always for certain so it paid to be cautious.

He removed his watch and class ring from the university of Michigan. Then, before the girls began striding off, he aimed the Device Item 0110 and made contact acquisition.

The boys were riding further and further on, not taking much notice of their fellow companions. Which was alright with August, for now. After securing the brain wave patterns of Bradley and Melody, he had them dismount. They complied. He took the reigns of their horses and tied them out of the way.

A few minutes of careful planning and thought--then, Bradley screamed. Melody screamed. Loud & clear. August counted to ten and let the girls bellow again. Another count to ten and the girls ripped loose another lung full. Another count to ten and then he heard the sounds of galloping horses. August hid in the bushes just as the three boys arrived. They brought their horses to a rearing stop. Young Joshua lost control of his mount during the sudden stop and was thrown. He wasn't hurt, just terribly embarrassed.

Ted and Danny dismounted properly and quickly, coming into the small secluded clearing trying to ascertain just what the fuck was going on.

What was going on was--Melody was in a very precarious situation--she was tied to a boulder. Just her arms, spread out with her back to the huge smooth faced boulder in a standing position.

Bradley was on the ground, spread eagled, wrists secured by tent stakes pounded into the hard packed ground surrounding the boulder. The boys didn't understand. (nor the girls) Suddenly, out of the bushes emerged August. He held in one hand a strange unknown object, in the other was something of a weapon, a gun perhaps.

"Move." he said in a dull mono voice. Ted and Danny wisely obeyed, this was not the time to be heroes. Joshua favoring his shoulder and right leg was directed NOT to move but to come to the stranger. No one understood what was happening (or going to.) Joshua complied and was turned about, put down to his knees--and the second object pressed to his bare dirty neck.

Ted and Danny quickly tried their hand at rescue, their young friend wriggling crazily on the ground, peeing in his pants and frolicking about like a fish out of water. They were stopped, both by the Device object in the stranger's other hand and the threat that he would make the boy suffer even more.

"Now that I've made my point," said the man, "you two will do EXACTLY as I tell you to do."

Ted and Danny looked to one another. Melody tied with arms outstretched wriggled and fought to understand what was happening, Bradley wriggled and fought to free herself from her confines. Joshua suffered the indignity of being zapped by the tazer gun once more.

"You will ALL settle down, or he suffers." said the stranger calmly.

"It's that simple." he added.

Ted and Danny were pissed, a little frightened and concerned. "What do you want?" Ted asked not really knowing.

"Compliance." answered the man. The boys stared at one another, Bradley had settled down, cognizant of the suffering her antics would cause Joshua should she continue her frivolous endeavor to free herself. Melody began to weep and cause rope burns to her soft supple wrists.

Joshua finally ceased his wriggling about; he was pulled up to his knees and the tazer pressed to his neck. "One more good jolt ought to put him out of his misery for good." stated August. "Piss me off in ANY way--and I'll do it!"

"You don't have to hurt him." decreed Danny.

"Oh, I won't." said the man, August strove to alter his voice somewhat like a sissy, a gay man with a Louisiana accent, "So long as you all do EXACTLY as I say!"

The point was once more made and understood. Compliance would be accepted.

August sighed and entered into Phase Two of his diabolical depravity. He nestled himself behind Joshua, placing the tazer between himself and the boy, freeing his one hand--thusly allowing him to retrieve from his fanny pack a small object that was more common--a digital camera.

It was actually a camcorder that took a moment to set up on a small tripod. The dude ranch kids had no idea what this was all about, Melody continued to struggle on the rock, Bradley cursed under her breath and wriggled in the loose sand, Ted and Danny were simply confused.

Once the camera was in position and functioning, a small LCD full color screen fold-out folded out, August set into motion for Ted to come to Bradley and pull the tent stakes out of the ground. He had the boys' brainwave patterns as well as Bradley's. They were not "in use" specifically but could be should any of them try something foolish.

Ted struggled with removing the stakes, then he had the assigned task of undoing the tight trucker's rope securing her equally supple wrists to the stakes. But once she was free--August held his thumb over the button that would zombiefy her--of all of the teens he deemed that Bradley would be the one who would cause the most trouble. She had the potential to be the hero.

But August would have none of that. The kids' brainwaves were "captured" but not in manipulation mode, just in "stand-by." Joshua and Melody were really the only ones not in "capture" mode at all--he needed to save time and energy of the Device to ensure capturability of the others that he DID need to control if need be. Now, with that out of the way.

Ted stood up. He was partially of his own mind, allowed to be himself, but not allowed to act without August's allowing him to. Bradley and Danny were likewise. They really had no choice in the matter. Bradley set up, eyed August with pure hatred. She couldn't recall exactly how she and Melody had come into being in such a predicament, but she truly wanted to punch their Tormentor out.

"Take off your shirt." said August to Ted.

Ted paused and digested the command before it was repeated again.

Everyone stared at August, then to Ted. The command was re-spoken and slowly (on his own) Ted removed his favorite blue $20 cowboy shirt and discarded it onto the ground.

"Now your boots and belt."

Bradley possibly got a notion of what was going to happen nextly. She shot a wild look to August, he remained rather stoic about the situation, pressing the tazer into Joshua's backside, angling the camera to capture the disrobing Ted.

Bradley was commanded to sit up on her knees--and take Ted's jeans down. She firstly refused. Which was allowed, August could easily "make her" comply, but that would take some of the fun out of it.

"You fucking pervert!" she suddenly bitched.

August almost cracked a smile. It was out of character for her to cuss so, she was losing her cool. But he was still in control; he sent her an image of Joshua struggling on the ground and trembling shaking hands took a holt of Ted's brass button to his $30 jeans and undone them.

She held her breath as she peeled the flaps back, closed her eyes and swore under her breath. August hid his smile and sent her the next command: remove YOUR shirt.

A nice light pink bra with a red rose in the middle concealing the frontal security clasp. At sixteen the girl had a good start of being well busted. There was heavy resistance as she was told to remove the dainty garment. Ted and Danny looked on in some awe and horror with a little pissed off thrown in for show. Joshua looked on in some reserved awe and hidden delight. Melody continued to struggle against the nearby boulder.

Once topless, Bradley continued her disrobing of Ted; taking his jeans all the way down, running her hands up his legs and slipping them inside his briefs to squeeze cool bare ass flesh. Her neck muscles tightened, everyone's eyes widened; there was gulping and mass eyes of shock and horror as Bradley leaned in and began sucking on Ted's cock through his undies.

Ted's cock had only been slightly stiff, growing when Bradley had been merely in her pink bra. Once the bra was removed, his schlong began a steady fulfillment of engorgement. When her hands began their upward travel to his ass--his cock began pulsing to full strength. With Bradley's hands clenching his ass, her mouth against his organ--he began to react as he should.

Everyone watched, August found himself very enthralled with his new doings. And capturing it on video was even better--he'd make a copy for himself as well as for distribution--old miners in far off places loved this sort of stuff!

"Take 'em down." came the voice Bradley dreaded. She managed to keep her cool, close her eyes, tremble lightly and then with shaking fingers began tugging down Ted's crisp white briefs. His cock plopped out, it was indeed at full strength. He was a bit embarrassed to be so vulnerable. It was a situation he did not care for, not under these odd circumstances anyways.

Bradley then was commanded to take the cock and masturbate him. August cautiously allowed her a little more freedom, freeing up emergency energy from the Device if need be. Bradley fumed but gripped Ted's dick and did as commanded. Ted's cock became yet even more harder, his face was awash in pleasure and embarrassment. Bradley pressed her full red lips to the head of his schlong, diddled the piss slit and ran her tongue about the shaft's head before taking the cock fully into her teenage mouth.

August nodded to himself, she knew how to suck.

Ted pumped Bradley's mouth, clenching fists and toes, arching and reeling in the first honest to God blowjob from a girl. Bradley eased into the ordeal with eyes closed, sucking and sucking and sucking and sucking. Ted pumped, flexed his ass muscles and cared less that it was out in the open and before his friends.

Bradley clutched at the naked ass of her obnoxious companion and finally began bringing him to orgasm. August reached around and felt of Joshua, finding the boy equally hard as he himself was. This was going to be some afternoon!

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