Daddy & Little Sara's Photo Shoot

[ MMg, inc, reluc, bd ]

by Casper

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Published: 19-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I own and operate a small photographic business in a small town. I picked a small town to stay out of the radar. I take all kinds of pictures from wedding, school, birthday and family photos I all do video for all the above. I also do some videos of Porno, Bondage and S&M if the price is right.

On this one day this nice looking guy about 30 brought his 10 year old daughter in to get some pictures taken. I try hard not look at little girls with sexual interest but damn she looked very pretty long blonde hair and two little budding breasts that pushed her sweater out away from her otherwise flat chest and a very cute behind my cock was hard as a rock.

Ben told me he wanted some special pictures of the two of them and he said Bill Gladstone told him to come and see me then handed me a business card where Bill put a code on the back. This code was to let me know it was safe to shoot any kind of photos that he wanted me to do for them.

Ben took me aside and told me his wife left him and he had two daughter's Sara 10 and Kathy 8 he also said he was getting horny and sense his wife left he has been looking at his little girls in a different way and started to coop little feels here and there but he wanted to advance the two little girls along so he could have complete sex with them and he wanted to start with Sara here.

He also said he wanted to start by having her model some different outfits that he had in his bag that he brought with him and with any luck the both of them without any clothes on and any if I would help him try to get her to play and even suck on him before the day was through.

As I went through the bag I was very happy to see some very sexy clothes for her to model in including a micro bikini, nylons, guarder belt, short skirt, see thru tube top, thong panties and high heels sandals. I called Sara over to show her the stuff, her father just stood back to view her reaction to the clothes. Sara seemed very excited as I told her how pretty she would look in them and she should be very happy her Daddy love her enough to bring her here and have me take lots of pictures of her and her Daddy together.

I picked up my camera turned on the video cameras and told Sara she should start by going over and giving her Daddy a nice kiss she ran over to him I started taking pictures and Ben kneeled down and she gave him a quick kiss. No Sara not like that here at the studio I want you to kiss your daddy like your mommy use to kiss him now open you mouth and let Daddy put his tongue inside.

Ben did not need to be asked twice although he was smart enough not to force too much in until Sara got use to it. Ben I said why don't you pick up your budding little daughter and keep kissing her as I can get some nice pictures and maybe give her butt a little squeeze and even a little pinch.

Oh that looks nice now rub her butt a little as you kiss her. That's it great now Sara doesn't that feel nice when Daddy kisses and rubs you like that. Little Sara just said un-ha. You are very lucky to have a Daddy that loves you so much to do this with you now put your legs around your Daddy's waist and I helped her till her leg were stretched nice and wide then I took the opportunity to brush my hand across her little pussy.

Ben keep up the kissing and slide your hands under the legs of her shorts and rub both sides of her nice little butt as he did I asked Sara now I bet that feels even better now doesn't it? Sara broke off the kiss and looked at me and nodded. Sara now please look over at the video camera and say "I love it when my Daddy kisses me and rubs my butt."

Sara spurted out I love it when Daddy kisses me and rubs my butt." Good girl I said you are doing a great job now keep saying that and as she started repeating the words I told her to.

I reached down and guided Ben's hand even deeper up her leg till he felt her little sex Sara just finished saying rubs my buuuuutt as her Daddy's hand felt her little pussy. "Daddy she said that's not my." I stop her right there and said now Sara be a good girl for your Daddy and let him make you feel good. Sara honey please put your head down on your Daddy's shoulder for me. Just like that good girl I said and now Ben I want you to continue probing her little pussy and stimulate it for about 10 minutes.

As I clicked off picture after picture I said Sara honey you are being a good little girl I bet your little pussy is feeling good right now. Please ask your Daddy nicely to push a finger inside you nice and slow. Sara lifted her head and with tears running down her face she said Daddy can you Pleeeeeese!!! As Ben forced his big finger deep inside Stoooop!!! Sara screamed out its too big it's too big she cried as Ben continued probing her. I just kept taking more pictures as Ben finger fucked his little Sara.

Ok you two why don't you go put on you bathing suits and they headed to the changing room Ben came out first wearing a very small Speedo this was the first time I seen his package he was Hugh. Ben I said how big are you? He smiled and said 11 inches long and 2 ¾ girth. I said if you put that thing into those girls you will hurt them very badly.

Ben said he would love to hear both of them scream as I forced as much of my cock into them as possible. When I fucked their mother she would cry the whole time I loved hearing her beg and plead as I fucked her deep and hard and I am sure my two little girls will cry, beg and plead even more as I stretch their little pussy's with my big cock.

Sara came out you could see she was a little embarrass by how small the suit was I piped up and said honey you look so pretty and very sexy her little breasts stuck out so proudly and I could see the folds of her pussy I had not noticed before the Ben ripped the liner out of the suit I had her come over to adjust her suit making sure it went into the folds of her pussy and took many opportunities to feel her little sex parts as I adjusted the suit I even managed to accidentally drop her strap just to see her pink nipple.

After we were set I had her pose in lots of different ways and as she was getting comfortable I had her bend over then open her legs then I had Ben get in the photos with her and she was all smiles as I clicked off many pictures then I nodded and said to Ben to lower his hands over her breasts Sara looked a little shocked as Ben followed my directions after a few more shots I said now squeezed her little breasts then she squealed as I told him to roll her nipple thru the bikini top. Great now fluff her breasts up a little pull her nipples out from her chest.

I kept shooting picture after picture acting like everything was normal as her Daddy molested his 10 year old daughter in front of me and the cameras. I kept telling her what a good girl she was being for her Daddy you are so lucky to be here getting your pictures taken with him Sara I bet that feels real nice to have your nipples stimulated and look how hard there getting. Sara honey you look so pretty I bet your little pussy is starting to tingle.

As she stood there Ben tweaked and toyed with first one nipple and then did the same thing too the other one. Sara you are doing great and I nodded to Ben and he slid both hands through the sides of her top and molested her tiny breasts Sara stood still and her eyes were wide and a little misty as her Daddy played under her suit for awhile before he pulled one hand out and pulled the string of her bikini top and pulled it down below her now exposed hard little nipples.

I zoomed in for a nice close up of her two pretty preteen breasts and then a close up of her face now filled with tears. Sara you are such a good girl letting us see you pretty little titties then I leaned in closer and sucked her little nipple into my mouth and then kissed it Sara went to push me away but her Daddy grabbed her hand and said be a good girl let Mr. Mark have a little taste honey as more tears flowed down her face I sucked the other breast into my mouth then I started switching back and forth between them as Ben held her for me.

When I finished I looked at Sara and thanked her and told her how good she tasted she turned around to hide her face and ended up putting her face right into her Daddy's cock Ben just grabbed her head and held it there and rubbed his bathing suit covered cock around her face, then pulled out his now hard cock and as Sara looked at the huge weapon in shocked then Ben pushed it to her lips and said Sara honey Daddy wants you to kiss it.

And as tears flowed down her sad face Ben pushed it to her lips and I said what a good girl you have here Ben, now Sara I think Daddy would like it if you would suck on him. Sara you are such a lucky little girl not many girls get to show there Daddy how much they love them by doing this for then now open nice and wide and show your Daddy how much you really love him. Sara reluctantly opened her mouth and Ben wasted no time in pushing his large cock into his scared crying little daughter's mouth

Sara you are doing a great job and you are very lucky too your Daddy has a very big cock for you to play with as I clicked photo after photo the tears were still flowing down her little face with her cheeks bulged out from her Daddy's huge tool. I kept saying that's a good girl then I said I think Sara you can take a little more into your little mouth as pushed her face further down her Daddy's shaft till I heard her start to gag as I took more photos I was hard as a rock as I seen Ben had only 3 inches of his 11 inches in her mouth and boy I could not wait to watch him force the other 8 inches down her little throat.

As Sara stood there getting abused by her Daddy I took the opportunity to pull the strings on her bikini bottoms and remove them. I got some close ups of her sweet round little butt then as Bill held her on his cock I pushed her legs apart and I got some really great photos of her bald preteen little pussy. After I had the photo's I needed I pushed my face into her cunt and started eating her out as her Daddy fucked her mouth although Sara was still crying she started moving her hips and pussy around as I licked and nibbled at this beautiful little preteen that stood before me.

She did not want us doing this stuff to her she was always told by her mother that you should not do any sex stuff until you are married but she was starting to get excited as I sucked on her little pussy she never felt anything like this before. She was still crying as her father fucked her face but she was now trying to push her little cunt further into my mouth as I licked nibbled and sucked her little preteen cunt.

You like that don't you Sara? All I heard was a gurgle and gagging sound as her Daddy pounded her little tear struck face. I laughed and said you must you are not complaining. I think I will just stick a big finger up your little asshole I bet you will really like that then I just shoved my spit covered finger all the way in I could hear her scream around her Daddy's big cock as Ben heard this he shoved his cock in and half the way down poor little Sara's throat and started firing hot loads of cum into Sara's belly and as the cum lubed her tiny throat Ben use this opportunity to force the remainder of his 11 inches in and down the now suffering to breathe little slut's throat.

Then Ben pulled out some what her fired two hot loads into her mouth to give her a good taste then he pulled out completely tipping her head back and made her swallow the fowl mixture and told her she better get used to it because sense that useless cunt of a mother left it was going to be your job to take over her duties and little Miss Sara I mean all her wifely duties.

Sara look up at her Daddy still gagging and crying with tears flowing non stop and Ben just smiled and said you do have three holes for Daddy to squirt all this nice cum into and this is just one of them just think when Daddy pushes his big cock into your other two holes I am going to stretch them out real good won't that be so nice.

I told Ben I have a ball gag it made for an adult women but I'll bet we could get it into her little mouth if we try hard enough. Ben smiled and said that sounds like a good idea to me please get it no sense waiting she's already crying anyway I my well bust that little pussy wide open for her too I all ready waited way to long and now that her mothers gone no ones going to stop me from using her anytime I want.

Isn't that right Sara my soon to be little CUM SLUT you are going to be Daddy's good little Wife and take all his hot Daddy's CUM.

I left and came back with the gag and showed it to Sara I said this will keep you quiet as Daddy pushes all his great big cock into your little pussy while I take lots of pictures so you will always remember your first time and Ben here is something for you take a couple of these Viagra's pills it will keep you hard for hours and put this COCK RING on it will make you last a long time I know you will want to enjoy her virgin pussy for a very, very long time and I will get a lots of pictures and even a video of you stretching her little holes.

Ben said he needed to use the bathroom before we started and asked where it was I just laughed and said Ben it's right in front of you and I pointed to little Sara's mouth Ben said I never tried that before.

I told Sara you don't mind if Daddy uses your little mouth as his toilet do you honey? Sara tried to run but I caught her and grabbed her arms putting them behind her back as Ben forced his big cock into his daughter's mouth then starting pissing. Pee was coming out around his cock so I force Sara's face farther down onto Bens cock till the leaking stopped and little Sara was forced into being a good little toilet for her Daddy.

After Ben finished filling her belly he said that was great I will have to remember that for the next time and as we talked poor little Sara was wrenching and gagging on the fowl taste in her mouth. I looked down at her and said don't worry honey you will get use to it my kids did all though it took awhile before they didn't turn a little green I said with a smirk.

I pulled out a fold up full size bed over to the center of the room I tied some rope to the metal frame and then I took the ball gag over to Sara she had tears in her puffy eyes and was still trying to get that fowl taste out of her mouth from the rank piss. I told her to open up and she tried to back away but I caught her by the hair and pulled her close to me then I pulled her hair till she opened her mouth and started forcing the ball gag in and past her teeth she was struggling to get it out but I put the straps around her head and fasten them very tightly making sure she could not get it out of her mouth.

Then I led her over to the bed and told her to lay down she started shaking her head as to say please don't make me do this so I gave her ass a good hard smack and said get on the bed or I will use a cane on that sweet little ass of yours. That must have scared her because she laid down on the bed then I pulled her arm over to the side and fastened it to the rope pulling it as far as I could then I repeated this to her other arm Sara was crying into her gag as I tied a rope to each of her ankles then Bill and I each pulled one back over her head then out towards the poles welded to the outside of the mattress frame making sure her legs were as wide as I could get them putting a big strain on her groin area I did not want this little poor little girl to be able to escape the first rape of her Daddy's big cock as her ripped her tiny pussy open.

I new this was going to hurt her very badly because of Ben's size but what the fuck Ben supported this little slut for the last 10 years it was time for her to repay her Daddy with her hot little body. I tried to help her a little I pulled out a tube of KY jelly and forced about ½ of the large tube into her little cunt and as she cried I said you will thank me for this Sara this may save you from your Daddy's big cock ripping you apart.

When I was done I played with her nice little nipples for a few minutes to make them hard then I took some nice close-ups of them and a few more of her virgin pussy.

Ben I do believe she is all ready and waiting for you to receive her first good hard fuck from her loving Daddy.

Ben finished his drink and came over to the bed god he was huge 11 inches of hard cock which he had nicely groomed and trimmed and he had on that cock ring I gave him pushing all that blood up into his shaft and the big purple knob on the end.

As I got all the cameras in place and running Ben asked Sara are you ready for Daddy to make you his sweet little cock slut making sure she got a good look at his big fuck stick. Little Sara was crying and shaking her head No, No you could see she was pleading behind the gag. Ben just smiled as he climbed between her legs and started rubbing that big purple mushroom all around her little pussy pushing it in a little.

Sara was in panic mode trying to escape her fate but to no avail Ben started pushing his fuck stick into his little preteen daughter as she screamed into the gag Ben said now be a good girl for Daddy and open up nice and wide for my big cock and he thrusted in hard tearing her hymen to pieces and sinking about 3 inches into her tiny body making her eyes bug out and scream at a new high.

I made sure to get lots of close-ups of her pussy with her Daddy big cock in it and a lot of pictures of her distorted screwed up tear stricken face as Ben continued the rape of his 10 year old daughter Ben kept thrusting in and out and after a few minutes he had a good 6 inches in Sara's wrecked little cunt she was never going to be the same ever again all her innocents and pride were now shattered as her Daddy made her into his whore not his sweet little girl just his fucking whore a piece of meat to use and abuse when ever he wanted and she knew things were never going to be the same as she starred up at the man that used to be nice to her and give her hugs and read to her at night before she went to sleep.

Sara honey I hope you are enjoying this fucking as much as Daddy is I want us to be close like this for many years as Ben smiled down as his tear struck daughter an thrusted in even harder busting through her cervix and into the soft tissues of her womb Ben was now 8 inches into her body and I got some great shots as you could see her tummy bulge and the outline of Ben's huge cock as it was past her belly button god it must have been tearing her up inside.

Sara could not even scream anymore her heart was broken why was her Daddy doing this to her she was wracked with so much pain and guilt she wondered did I do something to cause this was I a bad girl and am I being is punished maybe I was bad and deserve this maybe I am a slut. I am sorry if I was a bad girl somebody please make this stop. But it did not stop Ben continued her 1st rape for over an hour and now he had all 11 inches up into his little daughter and he was fucking her like a well seasoned whore.

As I took even more pictures I could not believe that little Sara started lifting her little hips up meeting Ben's thrusts and trying to get even more of his big cock inside her then she lifted up higher and held that position for a minute then collapse back down.

I could not believe this little girl managed to climax as her Daddy pounded her tiny pussy so I untied her hands and she put them around Ben pulling him closer and started lifting her hips again meeting each thrust.

After about 90 minutes Ben finally blew his wad deep into Sara's womb when he pulled out a river of cum and blood followed and her pussy gaped open I could she all the way down to her shattered cervix Ben leaned down and kissed Sara on her little nose and licked the tears from her eyes he said Sara I love you so much this felt so nice for Daddy thank you for giving me your little body and letting me be you first lover it make me feel so special and I know we are going to be doing this a lot from now on I now you want to please Daddy with your little fuck hole now don't you and Ben pulled Sara's chin up and down for her as the tears flowed down her face she knew that she was his whore.

Ben said to me wow did that feel I can't believe I waited so long to bust her cherry I am hungry is their any place to get some food before I bust her ass cherry I told him the best place was 2 blocks down. He asked if I would watch Sara for him and he would be back in about an hour I said I would if he didn't mind if I played with Sara while he was gone I have a few clients that want a few special hard and cruel shots of a preteen under sever stress. Ben said that would be fine just don't do any permanent damage to my little slut. I said she would be a little sore but nothing that would not heal up in a few days.

As soon as Ben left I look at Sara are you ready for some real fun I need some photo's of a little preteen in great pain for my internet friends and I will be hurting you a little as she seen me raise up a ridding crop and bring it down hard across her small tit boy did she whale and I raise up and then came down on the other one I must have hit them about 20 time each as she screamed into the gag as the video cameras rolled I took the opportunity to take some pictures of her tortured chest then I put the camera down and said time for your little pussy and I hit her over and over making sure the cameras got everything.

After the photo shoot I was paid and we cleaned up poor little Sara Ben made her suck me off as thanks for taking their pictures. Then we got her dressed and we said our good byes and they left I did get to do a photo shoot with her little sister Kathy a few weeks later because she was only 8 years old Ben had asked me fuck her he said she would be to small yet for his big cock he was just going to use her mouth till she was a little older I did not mine a bit to an 8 year old even my little 6 inch cock felt huge and boy did I enjoy her. I did not see them again until I ran into Sara at the mall she was 12 years old now and about 4 months pregnant with decent size tits a nice little belly sticking out under her cutoff shirt and short skirt I smiled and asked Daddy's? As I gave her tummy a little pat and pinched her nipple and said congratulations. Uh Ha she said and smiled back at me and Daddy is happy too the doctor said it is going to be a little girl and Daddy said I bet she is going to be a good slut just like her Mommy and Aunt Kathy then she gave me a kiss and said goodbye and left.

The End

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I like this story about raping and abusing a ten year old innocent girl. There was a good focus on forcing the kid to give oral to her father, and I enjoyed how the photographer got to molest her too. It would have been better if he described fucking and forcing the 8 yo girl a lot more than just saying what he did two weeks later. It was hot when daddy pissed down the little girl's throat and in her mouth.


An absolutely phantastic story, I enjoyed it greatly. If there were any component missing it might perhaps been in forced undressing/humiliation, embarassment and strict punishment before any sexual activity took place. But each has his own favorite storysettings :-) Please keep on writing, this is a masterpiece.


slam, bam, thank you mam. a really bad story. no imagination or style but plenty of violence and abuse. i won't be reading this writer's stories in the future.


i loved this, i do wish dad had taken his 8 yr olds pussy though and we got to hear all about that


what a wonderful story, got me so wet i lost my cherry when i was 9 and it was nearly rape but i got to enjoy it love all sorts sex after


Loved it..!! Agree with others about the 8yo make another story about her and more detailed.... and also the pregnant girl make a story of her baby being made to do stuff aswell maybe in a later stage at maybe around 3yo baby lessons....!!

old perv

love this the idea of daddy and the photographer raping and abusing his 10year old daughter.can't understand why anybody would want to use a beautiful 10year old girl as a toilet. raping and abusing little girls is what turns me on, not pissing all over em.


Great fantasy story. Looking forward to the 8 yo girl getting the same next.


Very nice forced story, hope in the future we can read about even younger being forced, maybe a lil boy, very good story though


I too, love tales of the molestation of little girls. This is going to keep my cock VERY hard!


one of the best! love it when a daddy shares, especially when the little girls don't want to! keep it up!


I like the storie it would be nice to see a part 2 to sthis storie with the other daughter if ther is going to be a 2 to this storie thanks it was a good read.

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