The Camping Trip

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Published: 27-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Emily and I had been sweethearts all through college. We married after graduation, I an architect, she a clinical psychologist. I had risen to become one of the senior partners in my firm and she was the head of her department. And then there was Amy. Amy was a beautiful, sweet child that never gave us a minute's worry. Then the axe fell on our life.

Emily was diagnosed with one of those sneaky cancers that gives no warning until it is too late to treat. She died six weeks later. Amy was only ten. I was devastated. How was this possible? It seemed that we would go on forever, but fate hadn't seen it that way. I fell into a blue funk. Life went on, but not quite the same. I got up, exercised, ate and went to work. I came home, had supper and watched the tube. Day after day, a rubber stamp. It is to Amy's credit that she survived this mess without becoming a mental case. I, on the other hand, had probably done just that.

This routine went on for two years, then one evening Amy came to me. "Daddy, do you remember the times we used to camp out on Robbie's land?"

"Yes, baby," I replied, "I remember."

"Do you think we could get away for a while and do that again?", she asked.

School was out for the summer and I was fairly caught up at the office. Maybe we could. Maybe this was a good idea for the mess I had been in. Robbie was an old friend that owned a large tract of mountain land that he would not allow to be developed. He wanted it to stay as pristine wilderness. He allowed me to camp on it whenever I wanted. I called him the next day and after a bit of old friend banter he gave me the combination to the gate at the base of my favorite hill.

I think the other people at work may have been glad to see me take some time off. This would be the first time since Emily died and I may have been perceived as becoming something of a grunge. I told Amy that evening and the next day we dusted off the old equipment and packed up the Cherokee. She was overjoyed.

It was mid afternoon when we arrived at our favorite spot. It was on the side of a hill, beside a mountain stream sheltered by old, tall trees. The air was so clean and fresh. It was so quiet except for the sounds of nature. No phones, no pagers, no overnight deliveries. This was relaxation at its best. We set up the tent and our cooking equipment and had supper and just sat around the rest of the daylight hours kind of snuggling and talking about the beautiful sunset as the last of the day faded away.

We had a gas lantern in the center of the tent ceiling so we could see to lay out the sleeping bags and get ready for bed. We had separate bags about three feet apart. We got everything ready down to the last dressing for bed situation and then turned out the lantern. We thought little of running around the house in our underwear, but I usually slept nude and Amy wore large t-shirts and panties. With the lantern out we could hardly see each other in the little bit of moonlight that got through the fabric of the tent so I didn't worry much about Amy seeing me nude.

I had gotten pretty soundly asleep when a small hand rocking my shoulder awakened me. "Daddy, I'm cold." I had underestimated the night temperatures and had not packed any extra blankets. We just had the sleeping bags. I was comfortable, but it was a bit cold for Amy.

I didn't know what to do about the problem, but then I remembered that these bags could be zipped together. Without it even crossing my mind that I was naked, I said, "Pull your bag over here next to mine and we'll zip them together into one big bag and we can snuggle together and stay warn."

"OK, Daddy," she replied. She pulled the bag over and we unzipped the adjacent sides and zipped them together into a double bag. We had not lit the lantern. She climbed back in and snuggled up against my back with her arm wrapped around me and said, "That's nice now."

For reasons I still don't know, I woke up several hours later. The clouds had parted and there was a little light inside the tent from the moon. I was lying on my back with Amy's cheek on my chest and her body tightly up against my right side, one leg thrown over mine. I instinctively put my right arm around her and lay there for a while thinking what a wonderful little girl I had and how much I loved her. My next thought wasn't so fatherly. I realized that she had no panties on and her little pussy was crammed tightly up against my leg. It was noticeably hotter than the nearby thigh areas. I knew I should not be entertaining such thoughts about my own daughter, but I couldn't help myself.

I reached down and put my left hand on her thigh just above her knee. My right arm was still wrapped around her shoulders. She was so incredibly soft and smooth. I had touched her many times in the past, but had never perceived her femininity in this manner before. After all, she was my daughter. She slept soundly and seemed to take no notice of my contact with her.

I started to move my left hand along her bare thigh, enjoying the touch of her young skin and couldn't help what seemed a natural movement up to her beautiful ass cheeks. I had no idea they would feel so incredibly fine. If there was ever a stopping point to this unfatherly caress, I was probably past it after feeling this lovely ass.

I started moving my hand down farther toward her crotch. Her right leg was up over mine with the knee folded up a bit putting it nearly on my balls. Her crotch was wide open. I moved down slowly, gently moving around, caressing and savoring the moment. Finally I reached her soft, puffy cunt lips. I was hooked. I had to keep going and explore this beautiful child to the limits. I gently rubbed around her whole pussy area finding a bit of soft downy hair covering the mound and below that a clit larger than I thought a twelve-year-old would have. Then there was the wonderful little moist cunt hole, but that would be for later. I moved back up to the clit and gently rubbed it around in little circles. It stiffened up a bit and I realized that I had done just that myself. In fact, I had one of the most raging hardons I could ever remember. I'm not huge, just a respectable six and a half inches, but it sure felt bigger than that now.

I wondered if she even noticed that my rock hard dick was pushing at her knee. That feeling excited me even more. As I rubbed, she started moving around a bit and seemed to be moaning a little even though she appeared to be asleep. I dipped down a little and found that her little cunt was all wet and slippery, so I slid my middle finger around there and rubbed her clit with my index finger.

It was only a matter of time until I had to slip my finger inside her. She was so wet it slipped in easily to the first knuckle. I couldn't remember ever feeling anything that pulled my mind so far into what I was doing and completely wiped out the rest of the world. For me, nothing else existed but this beautiful, sexy little girl and the space we occupied.

I moved my finger in and out a little in a fucking motion and she let out a low moan. I thought she might be waking up now. She tightened the grip of her arms which were around me and pressed her body tighter against mine. She turned her face up to mine and said, "Oh, Daddy, that feels so good." For a minute it crossed my mind that we were father and daughter and were not supposed to be doing these things, but as I said, only for a minute.

As she got wetter and I got hotter, I started sliding my finger in farther. Finally I had my whole middle finger inside her and was finger fucking her in one-inch strokes.

She was enjoying it so much that she kept wiggling her ass around and her right hand started wandering. It found my hard dick and squeezed. "Wow, Daddy, I like that. It seems bigger than some of the boys I have seen peeing behind the school." She instinctively started moving her little hand up and down in little jacking motions. I thought I would blow a load right then and there.

I turned toward her a little more and pulled her leg up over my other leg aiming my dick toward her cunt. I knew I should not be doing this, but there was no stopping now. I put the head of my dick up against her clit and rubbed it a bit before sliding down to her cunt hole. She moaned and pushed it toward me. I moved the head around in her slit getting it wet all over with her juices and then pressed a bit into the hole. With little effort the head popped into her. It was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. This beautiful little twelve-year-old pussy had just popped around the entire head of my adult dick and was holding it in a tight grip.

"Did I hurt you sweetheart?" I asked.

"No, Daddy, it feels fine."

"Look, sugar," I said, "this is not a good position to continue this. You roll over onto your back and I'll lay on top of you." I reluctantly pulled my dick out of her and she rolled over, slipping her t-shirt off in the process.

I crawled over and positioned myself over her, spreading her legs apart and pulling her feet up so her knees were up in the air. I kissed her on the forehead and cheeks, but then she pulled me over and kissed me strongly on the mouth. It felt wrong at first, but then I got into it, kissing her like a lover. I kissed my way down to her small boobs and kissed and licked the hard nipples. My God, how fine she was.

"Daddy, please put it back in," she said, "I want to feel what it's like to do it."

Obediently, I placed the head of my dick at her hole and pushed. It popped right back in where it had been. I moved one hand between us and started rubbing her clit again. I did this for a little bit and then when I felt Amy's muscles relax, I pushed. My dick slid in about another inch and a half. Amy let out a sound like "uunnngh" and I asked, "Did I hurt you, honey?"

"Not much, Daddy. It mostly just surprised me, but it's OK now."

I was amazed that this sweet little girl had taken my dick without much discomfort, but then I was not exactly hung like a donkey.

I pulled back a little and then pushed back in. I kept doing that with about one inch strokes, pushing a little farther into her with each stroke until I was all the way in and felt my bush up against her downy mound. Then I started lengthening the strokes, fucking into her like I would fuck a grown woman.

"Oh, Daddy, I like this," she said.

For just an instant, it crossed my mind that I was actually fucking my own twelve-year-old daughter. "Christ!" I thought, "What the Hell are you doing?" But, there was no stopping. This little virginal cunt holding my dick in an unbelievable grip was the most incredible feeling my brain had ever had to process. I was not about to stop for anything short of an earthquake. What I really wanted to do was to blow a load that would knock down a door, but I made a conscious effort to hold back and kept the strokes kind of slow.

After a while I felt her cunt muscles start to pinch and release. It felt as if she was pulling me farther into her and I realized she was actually cumming. That was the end of my holding back. I started blowing load after load of my own hot cream into her little cunt. She was so snug inside there was little room for it. Her cunt expanded some and the head of my dick felt like it was floating in mid cream, but it couldn't handle the volume I was spewing and it started seeping out past the shaft of my dick, draining down the crack of her ass and dripping off my balls.

Finally, the spasms subsided for both of us and we went limp. I started to pull out of her, but she moaned and held onto me. "Don't take it out yet, Daddy, please?" she begged.

"It will go soft and fall out on its own in a little bit, sweetheart," I replied.

"That's OK, Daddy. Just wait until it does on its own. I don't want to let go of it yet." So, I left it in and she held onto me for dear life. It was obvious she had enjoyed her first fuck immensely. We laid like that until my dick went soft and then just slid out of her with a little popping sound and more of my cum drained out of her.

All in all, we had made quite a sloppy mess of that area of the sleeping bag, so we moved over to the far end of the coupled bags and slept the rest of the night in each other's arms. It was a very satisfying, love filled sleep.

The next day we fucked three more times. She was getting kind of sore, but loved it. We didn't have to worry about pregnancy since I had had a vasectomy a few years after she was born and she was completely clear on the situation of anyone other than us ever knowing about this. We lived together almost as man and wife until she went off to college.

I love my little girl very much and miss her every day she is gone, but even though she is now married and has two children of her own, she still comes by and gives her old man a thorough fucking on occasion.

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Jack T. Ripper

Very nice story, well-written.


Beautiful story. I'm sure there are many more happy father/daughter relationships than anyone would think!


I'd like this story more if Amy stayed with her Daddy and had his babies


Very nice, I also would like this story more if Amy stayed with her Daddy to have his babies. Now they should fuck on occasion till she would be preggie by her Dad.

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