Fuck Camp, Part 4

[ mgb, oral, anal, ws, scat, tor, best, humil ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 2-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

While the other two counselors stripped bare assed, revealing their hard muscular, masculine bodies, and played with their fat, long, quickly swelling dicks, poor little Peggy, or Piggy as she would now be called curled up into a tiny ball on the bed and sobbed. A little pink darling. One thumb went into her mouth for security. Jizz bubbled and ran from her ruptured pussy and puddled on the bed. Her tiny slit was swollen and the fat little cunt lips were slightly turned out from the fucking she had received. Her little cunt was slowly changing shape. Soon it would be a fully turned out flower of fucked twat.

Josh was having a great time. The handsome, naked, nineteen year old stud wiped his half hard still leaking dick in the puddle of cum and then crawled up to Piggy's pretty little tear stained face. He rubbed the cock slop all over her button nose and pink cheeks and pouty mouth. He had to take her thumb out of her mouth to do it. Her eyes looked wild and out of focus as if she were in shock. Josh loved to wipe his fuck slop all over little girls' faces. They looked so delightful covered in fuck, like little sluts, which to Josh is what they were. All little girls were just fuck sluts in the making, just holes for his dick and balls to unload in.

Little Cory stared in awe at the huge hunks of fuckmeat on the other two counselors. Huge slabs of leaking dick bobbed and swayed as the counselors climbed onto the bed. The huge nuts jiggled and danced in their fleshy, hairy sacks.

"Yeah, dudes. One of you fuck her in the ass while the other one gets sloppy seconds in her pussy. Look how tiny her asshole looks. You guys are gonna feel each others dicks through the membrane separating cunt from asshole." All three studs laughed and fisted their fuckers to get them really hard.

"Oh Please, please no, you'll kill me..." Little Piggy squealed, tears pouring from her eyes and mixing with the fuck slop all over her cute little face. It turned the sperm slop into a kind of running mass of slime that dripped from her chin and coated her lips. Josh laughed and rubbed her flat chest, yanking on the budding nipples. There wasn't much nipple to grab, but he found purchase and actually pulled her little body up off the bed by her tit buds.

"Honey, we are just getting you ready for what you will be facing for the rest of your life. This is what bitches are for! You were born to be fucked every day all day. You're just getting a nice, early start. Don't fret, little darling, soon you won't be able to stand it when you haven't got a big dick in your mouth or cunt or ass. Why do you think all those teenage cunts are out prowling the bars every weekend? They are looking for cock. They need dick.

"Cory, get your fucking little boy face over here and lick my balls some more."

Cory was terrified to refuse the older counselors anything. After all, he was just a little kid. He stared in wonder at Josh's huge heavy scrotum dangling over little Piggy's fuck covered face. Was this really how adults lived? Did their entire world really revolve totally around fucking? Cory crawled down low, between Josh's meaty thighs and the counselor's big balls sack swung and slapped him in the face. The ball sack was slick with fuck slop and smelled really funky. Fuck residue dripped from the scrotum. The three counselors hunkered over the tiny body of the little girl. One of them spread her little legs. He reached down and fingered the sore pussy. The second counselor lay on his back on the bed, his fat over nine and a half inch prick sticking up like a flagpole. Josh helped to lift the squirming little body and lower it onto the big dick. At first it would not go into her asshole. She was just too small, and it was just too big. But these young men were persistent and they were well versed in child fucking. The cock at her cunt nudged and pushed and spread the damaged pussy lips. Piggy was screaming now, as two dicks impaled her at the same time, a black one and a white one. Both were shockingly thick as well as long. The counselors knew they could only get half their pricks into the little cunt, but the asshole was a different matter. You could acutally adjust the intestines to take a whole nine or ten inch dick, even in tots as young as Cory and Peggy. They knew they had to work slowly to stretch the little bitch inside and out.

Cory was lapping at Josh's huge sweaty swinging scrotum. Ball hair was stuck in his small white teeth. Josh's big fat fucker was fully hard again in no time.

"Oh yeah, I feel like some little boy cunt, now!"

Cory almost fell off the bed. He tried to crawl away, but he was too tiny. Josh grabbed the little boy with one hand and dragged him back.

"No, please don't do that to me. Please. I'm a good boy. I do whatever you say. I licked your balls and ass. Please don't do that to me!"

"Baby, your ass mounds are so delightful and your tiny pink asshole seems so sweet, I just got to feel my dick up it. Besides, I couldn't fuck Piggy balls deep in the cunt, so I just got to get me a balls deep fuck someplace." You cannot blame Josh and his friends. It was not their faults they were so heavily endowed. Why were they given such huge fucking dicks if they were not meant to use them?

He flipped the little boy over on the bed. Now both children were squealing in terror. Piggy was double fucked. Her cunt was so stretched it looked grotesque and her asshole was torn a bit and bleeding. Josh spread the little boy's ass with his large hands. His hands were as large as the ass globes. The tiny pink asshole looked wildly erotic to the nineteen year old counselor. He leaned in and spit a gob onto the rosebud for lube. Then he placed his huge cock knob onto the pucker and pushed. Little Cory had never felt anything so painful in his entire life. He grunted and then wheezed and then screamed a tiny high pitched scream, that got the three counselors laughing. Josh shoved as hard as he could, sending his massive fucker into the little boy's rectum. Half way in he met some kind of obstacle and had to work his dick around a bit. Then he pushed through whatever it was and was able to fuck in balls deep. Josh knew he was actually up into the boy's bowels and guts. The pulsing veins along the side of the jock's prick added extra pain to the already stretched to the limit boy asshole. Little Cory saw white and heard buzzing and didn't know what was happening to him. He felt numb down below, but inside a burning, like he was on fire. Josh started to fuck in and out of the boy. On the other end of the bed, the two other muscular counselors decided to change holes, so one pulled out of the asshole and went into the little girl cunt, while the other took his place. Piggy's teeth chattered together like she was freezing as tiny rips in her cuntal and anal flesh reacted to the rough fucking. Her body was jerked and pulled and punched and shaken by the double fucking.

"Nothing like the first day of camp. And just think, we get to do this all summer, anytime we want to, day or night." Josh yelled, the sweat dripping off of his chest onto the little boy's back. He reached down and circled the boys slender waist with one large hand. He hauled the boy up onto his thin knees, so that he could fuck him harder and deeper.

"Holy, shit, you got to try this ass hole. It is so sweet! Totally awesome. I knew when I saw him standing bare assed in line today, that he would have a perfectly fuckable ass. We are going to turn this little boy in to a first class cunt!" The fucking was too sweet, he couldn't even form words any more. So he just grunted and fucked the boy harder and harder. Then mid fuck, just for fun, he placed little Cory on top of Piggy.

"You two little sluts tongue kiss while we fuck you!" He screamed at the children. Out of sheer terror, they began to kiss, slopping spit from mouth to mouth. The fuck on Piggy's face transferred to Cory and soon their was a sperm bridge between their sweet innocent lips.

"Hey, dude," the counselor in Piggy's ass said, "How about I shove my shitty dick in her mouth, so she can taste her own shit?"

"Great Idea. And then Cory can kiss her some more." This brought a fresh wail of anguish from the children.

The muscular counselor pulled his dick out of the little girl ass. She had been stuffed so thoroughly that her inner ass lining partly pulled out along with the dick. It was obscene. The dick popped free, bouncing and throbbing, wet and glistening, covered with cuntslime, pre-cum and some streaks of little girl shit.

Josh grabbed the little girl's head and lifted it. "Here, Piggy, gobble your own shit off the nice fat dick!" The shit streaked prick was forced into the little girl's mouth. Her tiny face wrinkled up in disgust. She tasted her own shit for the first time.

This may seem like a rather extreme form of sex to some of your readers, but you would be astounded at the number of young men who secretly would like to see their girlfriends eat shit. The demeaning quality of the act turns them on and makes their dicks throb. To see a beautifully innocent pure face stuffed and coated with shit, can really give a horny dude a high. Many husbands have this fantasy about their wives as well. And The gay community is well plugged in to this fetish. They understand it's power and it's kinks.

Josh just loved to make girls eat his shit, so he laughed watching his buddy make the little girl taste her waste. When he dated some sweet young thirteen or fourteen year old cunt, after he got the little slut addicted to his cock, he told her she could not suck on it any more, unless she ate his shit. At first the girls would refuse of course. What sweet normal little middle school sweetheart would agree to eat shit, even the shit of a handsome stud like Josh. But soon, their need for the taste of his dick would weaken them. It amazed Josh how cock hungry the little sluts became. In order to get his dick, he made the twats eat his shit. He would squat over their faces and drop nice thick turds right into the little sluts' mouths. He made them chew the turds and open their mouths and show him. Sometimes, he took a shit on a plate and served it to a twat as a meal, perhaps with a nice tall glass of his fresh warm piss. There was this one freshman girl in high school, and Josh had made shit sandwiches for her and made her eat them in the cafeteria, and all the kids knew and laughed. It was the price she had to pay to get his dick!

I know you are wondering , do little girls need dick that badly. The answer is, YES! Once they get their first taste of cock, they are hooked for life. As soon as the horrible pain of her first fucks wore off, little Piggy would feel the need to suck dick daily. She would hunt out the largest dicks. She would suck the boys at her school, but little boy cock would not satisfy her. She would need huge black and white and latino dicks. Josh and his friends would make sure of that. They would train her to be a perfect little cock slut. She would go through life staring only at the lumps in men's pants. She would crave dick night and day. She would willingly suck any man of any age who would even smile at her. Her pussy would drip constantly. And all of this while she was still in grade school or middle school! She would hunt out teachers who might let her suck their dicks or be willing to fuck her. She would dream about her own father's dick, and God help any brother she had, she would be after him like an animal in heat. Her need would get worse as she got older. By high school, she would be a fucking nympho slut! She would let the entire football team fuck her several times a week.

Josh would also make sure before the summer was out that little Piggy was fucked by dogs and goats and pigs. That way, she would learn to love all dick!!! Josh would teach her that the more she degraded and humiliated herself, the more the boys would like her. She would never wear panties or bra to school. She would remove them as soon as she was out of her parents' sight. And some of the parents who sent their kids to this camp wanted their daughters and sons turned into sex sluts. Many of them wanted to fuck their own children.

When a dad couldn't handle the sight of his little son's sweet little ass cheeks bouncing around the house any more, he sent him to this camp to turn to the boy into a sissy boy fuckslut. When the boy returned home after camp, well trained as an ass and mouth boy, he would be home schooled, so that he could be fucked all day every day. Mom might play with her son's tiny little prick while Dad shoved his fat fucker up the kid's asshole. Then the little boy would suck his mother's pussy. He might be kept chained to his bed night and day, just a fuck hole for his parents and their friends.

These were people who loved nothing more than to totally ruin innocence. They hired Josh and his buddies because of their large fuckers, and also because they were sadistic jocks who lived to ruin innocent virgin boys and girls.

Josh slammed his hips against the boy's ass cheeks, his thick dick deep inside the boy's bowels. Little Cory was sure he could feel the cock bumping against his heart. He let out with a horrifying squeal.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, yeah, beautiful...beautiful fucking fuck!" Josh yelled. He grabbed Cory's hair and yanked the kid's head up and back. His buddy had just shot his load into Piggy's ditch and had pulled his leaking dripping dick out. Now the stud wiped the cock slop and ass slop and cunt juice all over Cory's sweet young face.

"How's that, you fucking little faggot?" The counselor bellowed. And then unable to control himself, he started to piss all over Cory's pretty little face. The little boy was in shock. This huge stinking dick was pissing all over his face. Piss stung his eyes, ran into his nose and mouth, dripped from his chin. Stinking yellow piss soaked the bed and covered both fucked children.

"I think we should turn this little fuckhole in to the permanent counselor toilet!"

The counselors often kept a boy or girl chained in the main cabin so that during the day, instead of having to take a piss break, they could just piss in the kid's mouth. The things kids learn at camp. They would also make the children serve as shit holes for them. They would take dumps into the mouths of the boys and girls. Before summer was over, they would have boys and girls lying in a sixty-nine position, sucking shit from each others' assholes. No act would be too perverse for them to make these children try. The kids would play games where they would pass a counselor's thick brown turd from mouth to mouth. The girls would have counselor turds shoved up their stretched out pussies, and then the boys would eat them out.

The children would be fist fucked and double fist fucked. The little girls would have fists up their cunts and assholes at the same time. Josh and his pals played rough. And we have not even yet discussed torture games.

None of these children would ever be the same again. They would be damaged for life. They would know how to service cock!

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Look I get that this series is mostly a torture series, but can the kids actually at least start to like the sex? I feel like I'm reading a snuff story and they're about to kill the kids.


Hot stuff.


Another very hot and very perv story from Dale10, one of my favorites. Loved the huge dicks raping boy and girl holes, and making the bitches eat stud shit and piss. very fuckin hot!


I love your detailed description of the painful damage the cocks were doing inside the cunts and assholes...and slso the bleeding. Forcing the little girl to suck his cock covered with her shit, blood, his precum and cum, was one of the hottest scenes I have ever read. Please more very little girl and boy injury, pain, and very dirty sex !


You know, I really detest stories where the sex is painfully brutal, and all of a sudden, the little bitch loves it and can't get enough. How fake. How contrived, and what a convenient way to assuage guilt on the part of the adult who is obviously raping and hurt and torturing. I am sorry, but I just cant turn a brutal act in a story I write into something consensual. I have written stories where a boy or girl is trained by a master to enjoy pain or forced sex. But that kind of training takes a long time. by the end of Fuck Camp the kids might not only need dick, but come to love it. Who knows?


just to say that i think this a HOT story, please keep writing!

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