Letter To Mr. Carlson

[ Mb/g, inc, racial, ws, oral, anal, D/s ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 23-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Hey Mr. Carlson:

Maybe you see me hanging with a bunch of teens around the school or even at your nice home for one of your daughter's parties. I'd be the black dude who looks hot at shit and everyone wants to hang with.

My name is Jerome Stevens. I stand out cause I got a scholarship to University High School which as you know is 99.9% white. I also stand out cause being a Black, I got the biggest dick in the whole fucking school. You ae wondering why I am telling you this, you will soon learn. A lot of folks at the school don't like a nigger hanging around. I am kind of a symbol of the future of the high school. It has got to open up to Black!

And let me tell you that the bitches in the school got to open up to black as well. I don't know what the fuck the white boys at the school do for fun, play video games, watch tv, and play soccer, I guess. LOL. But a seventeen year old black boy loves to do only one thing in his free time, and that is fuck young white pussy! If I don't fuck white cunt two times a day, I go nuts. My balls hurt so bad, I can't concentrate on what the fucking teachers are saying. I jerk off all the time, but it don't help at all. Going to a Honky school is tough enough without the added torture of blue balls. And when a nigger's big fat balls hurt, it is really something. Why am I telling you al lthis shit? Give me a second and I'll explain.

As you may know, I am staying with the Johnson's, a very nice white family. My own family of eight boys and a single mom lives in a dump in the "urban ghetto!" I am grateful for the scholarship and the chance ot better my life, but that don't help my sexual problems none. I have had to put up with a lot of shit from my homies for going to a white school as well. My bros all make fun of me for wanting to make something of myself and live in a white world. When you got seven bros who only want to fuck and take drugs and play basketball, it ain't easy to swim against the stream.

I got to tell you, I been really good so far at the school. I am ver polite and concentrate on studies and all that shit. But all the time, I feel like an outsider. And needing sex as much as I do, I been going nuts. I have been fucking one of the female teachers. I should not be telling you this, but as we are going to be really close int he future, I feel it is okay. I been fucking this one hot English teacher. She is married, but I guess her husband got a small dick or something, cause she goes nuts over my big black hunk of fuckmeat. I going to get an A in English at least, cause I drip my fuck slop into her mouth or shoot it up her pussy before class almost every day. She cannot get enough of my big dick, but I am used to that from white bitches. But she is twenty-eight and a little old for me, and besides, only getting to slam her cunt every now and then is just not enough for me!

And that brings me to the point of this letter. I never written a letter this long in my whole fucking life. Usually I just tweet, and as you know it is short and sweet. I am having this letter proof read by my English Teacher cunt bitch so that it is written proper and I hope impresses you. Mr. Carlson, the fact is, I need a girlfriend. I need a full time bitch of my own. You being a man, you will understand the needs of my big black dick and orange sized nigger nuts. Then again, being a white man, you don't have the same fuck needs as us niggers. I am amazed at all the white boys at the high school who want to swing on my black fuckmeat. They got girlfriends and claim to be straight and everything, but they still go after my fucker like a dog goes after a squirrel. I see them drooling over me in the locker room, and many of them actually come to me and say they would be glad to service me if I need it. But I am not into fucking white boy mouth and ass. I love cunt! I am a Bitch hound. I need me a hot little piece of pink pussy who will take care of me night and day! I hope you understand.

And this is where you come into the picture. The bitch I have chosen is your daughter Millie. You have to admit, even as her daddy, that she is one hot piece of cuntmeat. I know she is only a freshman and has just turned fourteen. Part of her problem adjusting to the school is because she skipped seventh grade and is starting high school so young. She and me got something in common, you see. We both feel a bit like outsiders. I related to her the moment I saw her. She is so fucking pretty with that blond hair and those perky tits. I sprung a boner at once. Her hormones must have kicked in early cause she is really mature looking for fourteen. I mean, she looks ready to fuck!

Well, she is ready to fuck, and all the white boys in the school pounced on that little white piece of pussy hole, but I could see at once, they just didn't have enough to please her. We got together at an assembly and been hanging ever since. I know you are a broadminded white dude with a liberal mind, and I hear great things about you. I know you will understand your little girl loving a black dude. And don't worry, I understand that a fourteen year old bitch isn't ready to make any life altering decisions. I graduate next year, and she is just starting high school, so I don delude myself into thinking that this is any life-logn relationship or nothing. No Sir. I am more responsible and mature to think something stupid like that. No, Millie is just a temporary fuck, Sir. I figure I will fuck her for my senior year, and then she will be free when I move on to college. That way, everybody will be happy. She will be sick as shit to lose my magnificent black dick, but I am sure by then she will be able to move on to some other nice black dude. You see, she will never want some small dicked white boy ever again. I will teach her how to keep black cock happy. I will educate her on all the tricks she will need.

She is a sweet bitch, let me tell you that. It was no fucking fun for her to learn how to take my huge dick up her tiny virginal pussy. We had to work on stretching that fuckhole for days before I could even get the head all the way in. She cried alot, and I felt so sorry for her. She kept saying my fucking meat was just to fucking big for her. But I told her that I fucked cunt a lot younger than her, and she just had to stretch her pussy. The youngest I fucked was ten years old, and I got to admit, she was pretty damaged, but I did get it in, although not all the way to the balls which is why I settled on getting a girlfriend bitch a bit older like thirteen or fourteen. Your daughter fits the bill perfectly. And I love her big fucking tits. Most fourteen year olds only got apples not MELONS. And her being so bitchin' young, I didn't need to hardly make her shave her pussy at all. She only had some fuzz down there, so it was easy.

Anyway, on our first date, she sucked me dick. She didn't want to , and you can be real proud of her that she is so pure. But I told her if she wanted to be my girlfriend, we had to get things straight right from the start. A bitch sucks her boyfriend to pay him back for paying for the fucking date. So. she tasted her first dick. Let me tell you, her first dick being black...she is spoiled for life. Imagine sucking on a little white worm after having experienced a gigantic black fucksausage. She could not deep throat on the first date, or even on the second. But we kept working at it. I got to tell you, Mr. Carlson, her pretty pouty little mouth looks so fucking hot wrapped around my dick. I snapped some pictures with my phone and sent them to all my brothers and my buddies. They all think she is a real hot piece of fuckmeat. You should be proud. And let me tell you, she sucks awesome for a fourteen year old. Yeah, she gagged at first, of course. Who wouldn't? Have I mentioned that I got eleven inches of BLACK MAMBA? And I leak like a motherfucker, so the damn thing is always slimy. She didn't go for all that dick leak at first, but now she slurps it up like it is a fucking milk shake.

On the fourth date, I got balls deep down her throat. She almost passed out, and I had to teach her how to breath while sucking dick. You may remember when she had that sore throat a few weeks back, and just could not seem to kick it? Well, it wasn't no sore throat, it was DICK THROAT. When you take eleven inches of nigger meat down your throat four times a day, it tends to get a bit raw. But she is doing real good at it now. Meantime, I was working her little pink pussy with my fingers. I knowed she couldn't take my fucker right off the bat, and I am very considerate of a girl that I date. I worked a cucumber up her cunt to stretch her pussy, but only to her cherry skin. I did not bust her cheery until I could do it with my dick. I needed that thrill.

I know it must have hurt her something terrible, but your daughter was a real good sport, and you can be really proud of her. My God, she screamed and cried, but I am used to that with bitches the first eight or ten times I fuck them. I have to admit that I get a bit carried away and fuck pretty hard. I tried to take it easy with Millie out of respect, but she is so fucking hot, Sir, that I just had to cunt slam her! But you now as a man what an elastic thing a bitch's cunt is. They can stretch like hell and take most anything, of only you are persistent. I am proud to inform you that your daughter's pussy can now accommodate my eleven inches balls deep just fine. It is a great, tight fuck.

I had a little more trouble with her asshole. First of all, she had all these moral things against me ass fucking her. I hope she didn't get none of the shit from you. I explained to her that getting ass fucked was a normal part of a bitch's duties. She said is was "unnatural" or some such shit like that. That was the first time I had to slap the fucking twat. Now I don't want you to get upset. I don't beat up or abuse my bitches, but you and I both know that sometimes a cunt will get out of hand and needs to be reigned in. I only slap her when she is God damned stupid. Telling me a good old ass fuck is unnatural. What the fuck does she think I am? So I slapped the bitch good front and backhand until she agreed to take my dick up her ass. And I was so insulted and angry that I was not even gentle with her asshole. Imagine how I felt? What if one of my brothers had heard her dissing me like that? What the fuck would they think I was dating, if they heard that my bitch won't take it up the ass? You know that that is half the fun of fucking! We we sorted that out, and her asshole is now as stretched as her cunt.

So what is the purpose of this here letter, Sir? It has several purposes. First, I want to get to know you better as the daddy of my girlfriend. Second there will be some changes in all of our lives. I am sick of living at the Johnson's. They are nice folks and all, but I can't bring a bitch home to fuck or walk around the house bare assed or nothing. So I figure I will move in with Millie and you. Being a single dad, you could probably use some company. We can watch sports together on television, as long as you don't mind Millie sucking on my dick while we do it. I keep her mouth on my dick most of the time we are together, unless of course I am using one of her holes. You might be a bit embarrassed at first, but you will soon get used to it. I also love to go around bare assed with my big smelly dick and balls swinging free. Me and my brothers do that at home all the time. And since I don't want to feel out of place, I would like you to go around the house naked all t he time as well. I know you will get to like it really quick. It is so freeing. And don't be shy about Millie seeing her daddy's dick. She only has eyes for my fuckmeat, and I am sure your cock is really tiny compared to mine. She won't be drooling for Daddy dick no time soon. And Millie will be naked too. I like to keep my bitches bare assed at home, so they are ready for fucking at all times.

It might turn you on to see your little girl's cunt and tits, right? I mean she is fourteen and one hot piece of fuckhole. And I will be happy to let you watch me fuck her. I know you might get off on that. In fact, I will insist that you watch us sometimes. I want us to be a family. I might even be a really good guy and allow you to clean off my dirty dick with your mouth after I fuck her. YOU COULD BE MY PERSONAL CLEAN UP MAN. Would you like that? I know white dudes get off on that kind of shit. Who knows, I might eve allow you to clean up your daughter's fucked cunt, you know, lick out all my good thick nigger cum. Since I don't use no rubbers and she ain't on no birth control, you can do her a great service by sucking my cum from her cunt as a kind of "birth control service." And while you are down there, Mr. Carlson, you might as well suck my cum from her asshole as well. You see, I got all kinds of creative ideas for making us a real fun "family."

Millie says you got a really nice big bed in your bedroom, so she and me will be moving in there so we can fuck in comfort, and you will be sleeping in Millie's room from now on. I will also expect a great foot massage from you. I really enjoy that, and although Millie is willing, she is just not strong enough int he hands to really work my tired sweaty feet after a basketball game. So I figure you got the strength and can massage my feet for me. I also like to have them licked, and I know you won't mind doing that, as I am your daughter's boy friend.

I know it is going to take you a bit of time to adjust, and I want you to know I got your back. I am with you all the way. Every group of people got their own cultural styles and rituals, and it may take you some time to learn how I like to do things. Let me just clue you in on a few things you might think are odd to begin with but will adjust to in no time at all. I have forbidden Millie from wearing panties or a bra. As I said, we like our bitches ready, and besides, I want to show her off a bit. I am so proud of her. So she will be wearing a really short cheerleading type skirt and a thin white blouse most of the time. That way her nipples will always show through. She got some really pretty fat brown pouty titty-tips and I want everyone to be able to enjoy them. I also want her to lift that short skirt and show the boys at school her pussy. I want her to sit with her legs spread nice and wide, so all the horny white jocks see her cunt gash and know she belong to me! The other kids at school call her a fucking slut, but who the fuck cares? Right, Mr. C.? I mean what do we care what they say?

The next thing is that most nights, some of my brothers going to be sleeping over at our house as well. My house in the ghetto is so cramped and dirty and small and stinky, I want to give my bros a chance to enjoy luxury. So I know you won't mind on nights when one or two of my brother sleeps over, you sleeping on the couch, so they can use Millie's old room. Millie says you cook real good, so my brothers are going to enjoy that. My druggie ma can't cook worth shit. And my brothers going to walk around bare assed as well, so you will have lots of humongous black dick swinging around your house to look at.

I am going to need your help with something. My brothers think Millie real pretty, and they are going to want to fuck her as well. I need you to help me convince her that this is no big deal. I mean, what should I do, dis my own brothers? They got a right to some good white girl pink pussy as well as me, and as I am the lucky nigger to go to a white school, I need to share the rewards. Right? I mean, I hope you can understand that. But she says she loves only me and she only wants my fat fuckmeat. She can be a selfish bitch at times. Maybe cause she only fourteen. Anyway, my brothers going to be fucking her alot. As I say, I got seven brothers. The oldest is twenty-two and the youngest fourteen. So they going to be taking turns with her pretty much non-stop when my balls is drained. I'll want keys to the house and your care made for all of them, so they can come and go as they please.

I must tell you that Millie has not as yet had a dick up her cunt and another one up her ass at the same time. So my brothers and me going to work on that. I figure one dick in her ass, one in her mouth and one in her cunt. That's three of us brothers taken care of at one time. And maybe you can help out by masturbating the boys who will fuck her next, to keep them entertained. Or you might even suck them if you want. Even my little fourteen year old brother got almost nine inches.

And then of course, to be polite, I will also share Millie with my Ghetto Bros. That is not my family brothers, but my good buddies from the hood. I got about twenty or thirty really good friends who will be stoping by from time to time to sample that prime teenage pussy. Make sure you always got enough beer and liquor around the house to keep them well entertained. Some of them might want a good foot massage while they are waiting to fuck your daughter. A lot of them are dudes your age or older, so you might even have some stuff in common to talk about, although then being street niggers and you being a rich white dude, I doubt it.

Another thing your fourteen year old daughter is squeamish about is sucking ass. Jesus, the little bitch fought me on that one. Every fucking male in the world loves to have his ass sucked. He loves that almost more than fucking, and yet so many little cunts resist doing it. I had to slap the shit out of her. I even had to beat her on the cunt mound with a ruler. I had to spank those pussy lips goo and hard. But I want her to become a first class ass sucker, so that when my brothers and friends want a really good ass suck, she is there and makes me proud. My reputation is at stake! How would I feel if one of my brothers told me my girlfriend gave lousy ass suck? Do I want you to help me in this case. I want you to talk to her...try to convince her that she has to become an expert ass sucker. No half measures. I need to feel real enthusiasm when she is slurping shithole. In fact, I think it would be a great idea for you to practice with her. Have her suck your asshole when I am out with my bros, or hanging in the hood. You can teach her how to properly respect a man's ass. I hope that is not asking too much of you. But I know you want to be proud of your little bitch as well.

Also, this may be old fashioned of me, but I do not believe in abortion. So if Millie gets pregnant from me, or one of my brothers, or one of my friends, I think she should have the baby. Quite frankly, just between you and me, I think a young pregnant bitch is really sexy. I am pretty potent. I have gotten eight bitches pregnant so far. It's fun to watch their little bellies bloat and grow. And then it is so fine to see her tits fill with milk.

Tit milk can be really delicious. Anyway, chances are she will son be pregnant what with all the dick she will be taking, and I just want to say that I believe she should deliver the baby, and you can raise the bastard as your own. And who knows, if when I go on to college, I pass Millie on to one of my brothers full time as their girlfriend, she might drop two or three kids in the next few years. I know you got the money to raise them right.

All of our lives are about to chance, and it is very exciting. When we sit down mano et mano and chat in person over a brew, I will tell you the other less important things, like piss games. I am really into piss games. I love to piss in the mouth of a white girl or dude. I will be wanting to piss in your mouth, just to keep you in your place. My brothers will want to piss in your mouth as well. Kind of to stake out our territory, you dig?

It is just something you will need to get used to. We dont' play shit games too much, but once in a while for kicks. I got this power thing about seeing a white man eat nigger shit. And of course, Millie will do those things to show respect to her boyfriend. I am also going to get Millie pierced and tattooed. Rings through her nipples and clit, and the words "Black Man's Bitch" tattooed on her tits. Maybe a cute arrow above her pussy and on her ass cheeks and the words, "BLACK DICK HERE!" We might get you tattooed as well, but we can talk about that. You know, I think it would be really kewl to have you fuck Millie. Me and my bros could watch. Wouldn't that be fun? Shit, I am so fucking creative, my mind is spinning with ideas.

So Anyway, Mr. Carlson, here is a picture of Millie and me last weekend. You know when she went on that weekend Spring Break trip with her girlfriends? Well, there weren't no girlfriends. Just me and five of my Black male friends. We kept your fucking whore cunt of a slut daughter busy all weekend. She never even got outside for more than ten minutes. We also had her suck the room service dude and the front desk dude at the hotel to get some free perks. We also had her fuck the pool bartender and suck off the limo driver. You would be amazed the things you can get free or on discount if your girlfriend is willing to suck and fuck for them. Of course your girlfriend needs to be hot...and let me tell you, Sir. Millie is one fucking hot slut of a bitch! And only a month ago, she was a total virgin. Ain't that Kewl?

I am trying to work out a deal with some of my male teachers at the school for Millie to suck and fuck with them, so maybe I can get straight A's this semester. I am sure I can get a couple of them at least to go for it. So, enjoy the picture, and I will be stopping in to bring my luggage and stuff over in the next few days. I know we are going to be great friends.

Jerome Stevens

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Although I would have liked another chapter from the on-running story 'Peter's Peril' anything from the master author is a added bonus. As I'v said many times before he is the greatest on Loliwood.


Wow, Dale! You sure teased the fuck snot out of my cock with that one! PLEASE, PLEASE,keep posting your stories. I love reading them while i stroke my dick like a crazed man. I look forward to reading your next work, and I hope you will continue this story, with lots of fucking and humiliation for Mr. Carlson! Thanks!


Great story. I hope that you'll make more Mg stories

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