Grace, My Whore, Crystal & Lexi My Loves

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Published: 21-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

We laid on the bed in the half shade half sun shining through the blinds. I kissed the back of Grace's neck as I slid a finger in and out and around her tight 8 yr old hairless young pussy. I was used to fucking young as I had met my gorgeous Lexi when she was only 12 but this was different. Grace was a professional fuck toy and a little girl with a tight little girl hole. Nonetheless I started to feel light headed and as if I was falling in love with the tiny sexy thing.

As I fingered her pussy, gently riding it up from her tight sucking hole to sliding up and around her clit, pleasuring her, she did as she promised and told me about all the men she had fucked. It started when her parents left last year, with her aunt minding Grace and the house. Her father had already introduced her to the joys of sex so she was no innocent but before being left with her aunt she had never fucked another man than him.

Her aunt got used to collecting the rents off the people who took rooms in their big house and she started partying hard. Then she got on the crack pipe and started running up big bills. At first it was her aunt who was whoring whilst Grace answered the door. After a while it became clear that her aunt could earn far more cash from pimping the child than from selling her own skanky drug riddled body. Every man who came to the house was offering ten times more for the child.

So, that is how the roles became reversed and Grace became Hooker and aunt became Maid. A set of circumstances for which I was truly thankful, as the idea of being able to ride her 8 yr old pussy was enormously exciting and not at all by that risky crack ho on the door and her sloppy pussy - not her aunt for me. I like young. Very young.

As Grace told me matter of factly all the things she does with regular customers and how she hooks new ones (by throwing pebbles) my well cummed cock started to twitch and harden again. I looked forward to the day I could pimp my own angel Crystal Spirit but it sure as hell wouldn't be seedy like this. It would be a beautiful thing for special people only - real child lovers, not stupid crack ho pimps with debts just using her. I also suspected that my wife Lexi would enjoy using Grace in the right circumstances as we often talked about our lust for youngsters and how we looked forward to our own incest family.

My imagination was running riot as Grace chatted away, seemingly high herself on something, telling me all the cocks she fucks and sucks and all the photographs the men take of her. She reeled off name after name after name of people I knew from the area (and plenty I didn't) including all the local cops, the local priests, school teachers, shopkeepers ... seems everyone was fucking Grace, and yet.... her pussy was sucking back on my finger as if it had never taken a cock at all.

I asked her about this and she told me she has special pills from her aunt that help relax her and mean her pussy doesn't get harmed so badly. She said she likes the pills because they make her giggle. And giggling she was as I bit into the back of her neck giving her childish lovebites, softly pinching her lil baby nipples and stroking her pussy, and she reeled off her stories.

I was circling her now wet pussy and clit to excite her as I genuinely started to adore this beautiful smart sassy and drug addicted little girl and wanted to give her at least some pleasure - to bring her off. She was giggling and sighing in between her stories of utter filth and detailing every child lover in a 5 mile radius.

I started to rub her clit harder and felt her respond. As she began to grind herself into my finger I said 'Gracie turn around baby', she rolled over and looked up at me with those stunning baby slut eyes which seemed to almost glow cat's eye green in the half light. I said 'darling I'm going to fuck you in a minute and whilst I do, I want you to keep rubbing your clittie like I have been doing until you cum whilst you're sitting on my cock'. I'm not sure if she understood but as I rolled onto my back she leaned over and passed me a condom and a bottle of lubricant. I guessed after the number of names she had reeled off I didn't fancy fucking her without a condom. I rolled it down onto my cock which was rock hard, slathered it in lubricant, laid back and told Grace to sit over me with her legs straddled.

The sheer and pure pleasure I took from watching that baby pre-teen girl straddle me reminded me I was allowed to film her. I told her to get off me and look in my trouser pocket for my fone. As she did, again I was able to delight in all her gorgeous features, her tiny tight ass and her rock solid skinny thighs. She handed me the camera and said 'are you sure you don't want me to dress up mister', I considered this as my eyes scanned the room and I said only one thing, 'Gracie darling, that pink studded diamante dog collar over there with a leash, bring it here.... NOW'.

She handed me the dog leash and as she bent over me I fixed the pretty collar around her neck. What a beautiful sight this naked 8 yr old with her dirty blonde hair brightest eyes flashing, her little dimples, and smooth gorgeous underage baby pussy, her face framed by the sparkling collar. I held on to the leash as she went back to straddle over me. I told her 'don't move baby', as I set my video camera on my fone. As I started to record I asked her to tell me her name and age and what she was going to do. Bless her heart the well trained little slut said 'hello everyone, my name is Grace, I'm 8 years old last week, I am going to ride on this man's cock whilst I rub my clit because he asked me to'..... then as an add on she said 'oh yeah, and I'm wearing this dog collar which he asked me to cos it's cute'. Then she flashed her eyes her grin and her dimples as she climbed over my cock.

I filmed her as I held the leash tight, bringing her face forward and as she positioned her pussy hole over my cock. Oh, the glorious feeling of her little hole engaging with my rock hard cock head. The pleasure making my head spin as she wriggled around until the fat head of my cock started to enter her baby pussy.

The joy and tightness as she started to lower down onto my cock with every millimeter feeling pure pleasure of tightest youngest slut pussy gripping it. The fear she was going too far as she continued down onto my 8 inch cock and carried on sitting on it as it sunk further and tighter into her. I would have shot my load up her there and then had a flash of fear not passed my mind... what happens if you rip up an 8 yr old's pussy...

Oh well, this lasted not 1 second as she bottomed out on my cock with the most intense tightness grabbing around my cock head and first few inches. I figured this is what people mean when they say pushing through the cervix... oh but who cares... I was light headed and delighted with this unusual feeling. I allowed her to lean back a little so she could put her full body weight down onto my cock and with one hand she started to circle her little hairless baby pussy clit. The gorgeous slut spat on her fingers and put them to her clit and rubbed it ferociously.

'That's it baby', 'That's exactly what I want you to do', I said 'keep rubbing your clittie until you feel like cumming'. I told her as she rubbed away how beautiful and special she was and how she looked like a superstar in the video. I told her she was the best 8 yr old girl I had ever met in my whole life and how I felt I was falling in love with her. All the time, her sitting full bodyweight on my rock hard cock frigging herself hard with this damn beautiful collar on.

I saw her eyes begin to un-focus and her rubbing become more frantic, she started to sigh, and wriggle around on my cock. As she started to cum from her own fingers on her clit she began to bounce slightly on my cock and groaning the words 'oh daddy fuck me daddy fuck me daddy fuck me daddy'.

HOLY SHIT this girl was in love with fucking her father and how nice it was too. I stayed totally still and watched her riding me and cumming as I filmed her. She was losing the plot as she came... her eyes looked wild and she screeched 'DADDY FUCK ME!!!', as pussy spasms and her own self induced shocks ran through her body. My cock felt every tingle of her orgasm and I had to concentrate on filming her to stop myself from coming. Her whole body writhed and tensed as she came and then .... relaxed and it was over.

She limply stayed sitting on my rock hard cock as her pussy felt more open and loose, then looked me square in the eyes and giggled.... 'thank you' she said, 'that was nice, I'm funny when I cum aren't I'. I pulled her forward on the leash until her face was right in front of mine and I said 'baby, you're not funny, you're absolutely stunning, and this daddy is deeply in love with you, you have made me a very happy man seeing you cum on my cock like that'. I kissed her for a long time.

Then I told her Daddy is going to fuck you very very hard now so if it hurts you have to tell me to stop OK. I spun her round with my cock still fully inside her and flipped her onto her belly so she was ass up doggy style. I pulled the leash til she squealed then rammed her from behind so hard she squealed some more. I rode that baby girl to within an inch of her life. I plunged in and out of her pussy getting the full effect of her baby tightness. Then, every time I was about to cum, I said NO HONEY NOT YET..... and distract myself to lose the urge.

I managed to do this about 6 or 7 times at least before finally I gave up the will to keep trying not to cum and plunged my cock deep into her with my balls slapping hard on her ass. My balls were full of boiling hot cum and my cock was fatter and hotter than before stretching her some more and I slammed into her over and over and over again as I shot hot jets of steaming cum up her 8 yr old street whore baby hooker pussy.

ARGHHHHhhhhh ggggooooddd I screamed as I came up her tight hole and shook as my whole body went into that cum and my dirty filthy pervert pedo nasty spunk starting running out of that condom and down her crack and between her legs.... o god what have I done. I knew I am addicted to this little whore now and she is going to cost me money on a regular basis. Maybe I can recoup the money from selling the videos, I don't know, but she is not something I am going to stop voluntarily. We relaxed on the bed and I fondled her some more and kissed her and played around with her then took a shower and went home. The aunt was sucking off two huge black guys as I walked passed her and left, they gave me a knowing smile.

Indoors, my wife, Lexi, had actually got our home looking lovely. She'd cleaned and tidied in my absence and there were fresh cut flowers delivered from friends and family for our newborn. I realised I should have bought her or the baby a present. Shit. Now I have no money in my wallet. The baby was fast asleep in the afternoon sun and everything was relaxed and how it should be.

'Hey baby' I said, 'the house looks great, why don't you treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath in the tub and just take time out, I can mind the baby'. She looked at me with gratitude, leaned over and kissed me and thanked me. Whilst she was gone I half-slept on the sofa exhausted from fucking Gracie and Crystal Spirit didn't wake at all. Bliss and peace and quiet.

Lexi crept quietly out of the bathroom so as not to wake Crystal and joined me snuggled up on the sofa. We relaxed and kissed and cuddled for a while and stroked each other like people who have been together a long time just do.

I softly gently licked her sore nipples and told her at some point I want to drink her mother's milk from them. Then she said to me 'honey, seeing you feed Crystal Spirit your cum yesterday drove me out of my mind with filthy desires and I can't stop thinking about it'. Oh god.. my cock is starting to stiffen again... I asked her what she meant and she said it had always been her desire to see me be sucked by the baby but she didn't realise it would happen quite so soon. She said she wanted me to feel free to cum on the baby or in her mouth any time I wanted and I didn't have to be afraid of what she would think.

I leaned over and tongued her beautiful mouth and we kissed for a long time. Thank you thank you thank you my unbelievable wife I told her, 'you have made my life's dream come true'.

'And you mine she said'. She told me then that she had always looked forward to the day we would start our incest family and we would have our children taught to suck and fuck and love us and each other right from the beginning. My cock again was rock hard.

'Darling do you mind... if I feed Crystal again.... now...' I tentatively asked. She looked at me with a wry smile and said, 'I was hoping you'd say that'.

I slowly stroked my cock and we waited until Crystal naturally began to waken and fret and cry for her feed. Lexi lifted her and positioned her in front of my rock hard cock which again her little hands began to reach for naturally thinking it was her mother's teats. O god the sight of a newborn babies hands around your cock. The lightheaded feeling began again as I nudged my cockhead towards her baby rosebud tiny mouth. I didn't even have to stroke myself to cum. The baby did all the work for me with her hard suckling mouth and strange little grappling hand movements. As I held my throbbing and slightly sore cock in place with one hand and stroked my balls with the other, she again suckled her vice like baby feeding suck on my spunk hole. I began to feel the build up again.

Just the sight of those tiny hands grasping me sent me over the edge and I started to cum and cum and cum into her mouth. I couldn't put my cock in her mouth, just let her suck the cum out, and boy suck like a on a straw she did that, taking my filthy pervert nasty daddy pedo baby spraying cum seed, I pressed my balls and cock to try get every drop of cum out but after cumming hard twice only a couple of hours earlier, really there wasn't much. Thank god my wife didn't notice the lack of hot thick white cream. As I cried out in delight whilst I came and my cock shrank my baby drank every drip of the dribbles of what cum there was down into her mouth. Holy hell I feel I am the luckiest man alive.

Grace still wanted more after this small effort so Lexi put her to the breast and she suckled hard and greedily for milk. Oh my joyful family what times we are going to have ahead me and this little girl and my wife.

As I rested on my laurels, my wife reached over and pulled my fone from my trouser pocket. 'Take some photos', she said.... as she turned the fone onto camera function. Then... a strange look flashed over her face and she glared at me.

'Baby..... I love you and Crystal so much I will never leave you and you are my life and soul .... but there is something I need to tell you'. TO BE CONTINUED. All comments and feedback very welcome.

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Just don't stop!


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