Experimantal Slaveboy, Part 10

[ M/mm, nc, bd, mod, slavery ]

by Dirt


Published: 14-Apr-2012

Word Count:

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Brian started to panic as Mr. Kenny tried to put the mouth piece into his mouth. In spite of it being totally useless Brian tried to move his arms in a bid to extricate himself from his cocoon.

"NO! NO! You can't do this to me."

Kenny never listened to the rest of what Brian was trying to say. It took some "persuasion," but Kenny got Brian eventually in the frame of mind to listen to instructions. The same that were given to Chris months ago. He merely jammed a small electric prod type device against the part of the boy's neck still exposed. The reaction was immediate. Brian screamed. And got the message.

"Going to stop fussing boy? There's quite a lot of charge left." (A slight lie).

A now tearful Brian sort of moaned a yeah.

"Good." And Kenny again tried with the mouth piece. Brian acquiesced. Kenny explained the procedure in obtaining liquid and nourishment. And explained that it would take 2 days to make the entire trip and not to worry, his friend Chris made the same trip months ago.

Ashe was completing the crating process with the help of the truck driver and an assistant, Kenny wondered just what Yi had in store for the young boy. His concern only lasted only until the top of the crate was put in place. The usual sealing foam was next and then the crate was on it's long way.

Halfway around the world, Yi was looking at Brian's photos and was very pleased. Brian was quite a striking youngster although definitely several couple years past puberty. A little old physically for Yi usual preference, however, he was definitely still more a boy than a man in his physique and his musculature. And quite a striking one at that. And Yi was delighted by his being quite black. Yi hoped that the boy's blood test came back all negative. He had never had the pleasure of bedding a back boy. The more he looked at the boy's photo, the more he wanted this boy. But even that didn't matter especially since Yi's major plan for the boy was quite another matter. With Brian in his control, Yi could devise new strategies in obtaining the full capitulation of his 'perfect slave boy.'

While prong one of Yi's two prong plan was started on its way to his island, Yi was concocting the second prong of his attack. It consisted of some rather subtle but quite effective series of chemical inducements to help insure his slave's continuous and elevated libido. Yi had to be careful so as not to stimulate the boy's glandular system too much. He still wanted a boy -- not a sexual automaton. The continuing series of chemical inducers would vary both in content and in amount so that his boy would neither get physically habituated nor incomplete sexual frenzy. But Yi definitely wanted to make it much more difficult for his slave boy to ever stop thinking about his 'sexual equipment' and his oscillating need for frequent orgasm.

A couple days later Yi decided to add some measure of added coercion into the equation. Of course what he had in mind coincided with the arrival of Chris' friend, Brian, and Yi needed to be able to direct his attention solely to him for a few days. Hence this 'punishment coercion' episode was more fabricated than necessary. It would be fun nonetheless.

Yi now prepare his boy for his 'punishment' for his inability to make a total commitment. Strangely it never occurred to Chris to actually LIE to his master concerning this question. Or any other for that matter. Chris had been so conditioned to submission and obeying his master over the last few months that lying did not occur to him in this matter.

"Boy, I decided that you need a small lesson. You know that I control every aspect of your existence. You have only the choice of freely submitting. Your part is easy. You just allow me to do whatever I want. It is so simple. And for your reward I allow you to enjoy our sessions every bit as much as I do. But you insist in rebuffing my generosity. So much for trying to be kind. Let me show you something."

Of course the boy had no choice. He followed his master meekly on his leash. He was in one of his master's favorite loose confinements. Chastity belt, with the triple ring system and elbow restraints keeping his arms at his side. Severe mouth gag -- the one with the 8 metal pegs sticking through his lips. The boy had not been allowed to feed himself all week. Instead all his meals have been force fed through this unique gag. The boy felt especially vulnerable, with not having the slightest control over any of his bodily functions. And with the butt plug in place ALL the time, he constantly felt in need of taking a dump and to pee. A small chain joined his ankle cuffs, forcing him to take small steps as he meekly followed his master. Strangely, he felt more excited than fearful as he followed where his master led. He also thought it strange as he thought about it, that his master never showed any anger at him, even when he disobeyed. Of course he tried to keep that to an absolute minimum. He really did not like pain.

Chris was brought into a room he'd never seen before. It was rather small, about 8 feet square with no windows. In the middle of the room was a small hole about 3 feet by 4 feet. And he could not see any bottom so it must have been fairly deep. He could not fathom its purpose.

"You see that hole there boy?"

"Yes master."

"Well, it's about 10 feet deep. Though the bottom is well padded and insulated, it is totally featureless except for an automatic feeder and a tube to connect with your bladder valve. I will give you one last chance to submit totally and willingly be put into permanent bondage."

The boy was suddenly fearful. Was his master threatening to just leave him in this hole. He started shaking his head. And the rest of him was shaking from a sudden fear. His master then pulled out his gag plug, detached his tongue from the internal pin, removed the curved bars from the pegs extending through the flesh of his lips, and removed his gag. It was the first time in days that it had been out of his mouth. The boy had a difficult time even closing his mouth. But he sure enjoyed this freedom after so long.

"I did that boy because I need you to speak and answer some questions."

Yi realized his boy was mortally afraid and was silently crying.

"Now boy, stop shaking. I have promised never to harm you. You are certainly too precious to me. But you must be punished for your intransigence. How long though do you think I could bury you in that hole -- keeping you alive of course -- before you decided to capitulate? Now here is what I am proposing. I am going to put into that hole for several days. That can not be averted. You deserve the punishment. Of course while in that hole your prostate and penis can be periodically stimulated to orgasm by this device I have here. It operates by a touch of this remote."

Yi showed his slave boy an extremely wide butt plug, and a strange looking sleeve that he saw could fit over his engorge penis and secured around his testicles. He also saw a slim rod that Yi claimed was the remote. Yi continued: "I will also be giving you drugs that will try to keep you in a constant erection. Note that I said try. Because you will have the following choice. You can be fitted with a severe chastity tube on your penis, or maybe even the metal rings that you hate so much, OR you can be allowed full engorgement using the device I have just shown you, thus allowing you to enjoy frequent orgasms while you are trying to pass your time. Which do you choose boy?"

"Master please, this slave will try to do what you want, but I'm afraid."

Yi took the small tawse from his belt and gave his boy a slight swat on the boy's rear.

"That was for not answering my question. Answer me boy."

"Master, please it would drive this slave crazy not being able to come."

"Good boy, a good choice. So here is what I propose. I will allow you the freedom to orgasm under the condition that you freely and willingly try to submit to perpetual bondage. I know it is difficult. But as I've pointed out, it is to YOUR benefit."

Chris was genuinely puzzled. How was he supposed to 'TRY' to submit? Yi must have been reading his mind.

"This is what I want you to do boy. Every time you go over in your mind the reasons why I want your total commitment, and why it is to your advantage to submit, you may touch the remote that I have put in your right hand and it will stimulate you to orgasm. It's that simple."

"But master, how will you know when I have followed your instructions?"

"You will be on the honor system boy. And that notwithstanding, this remote will only permit one orgasm every hour. Choose now."

Chris could not quite believe that Yi would merely allow him on this 'honor' system but he readily agreed. The alternative was not an option. Yi quickly released his chastity device and substituted the 'stimulator.' His other butt plug was removed and this much wider one was forced into him, and in turn locked into place by his belt. It was thicker than any thing he had up to now encountered and could not keep from yelling a bit as Yi forced it into him. Then Yi fitted Chris with a simple mouth gag that engaged his whole mouth but was quite flexible. There was a tube which exited the outer flange that wrapped around his entire mouth and jaw with two straps holding it in place. Its function was simple. It acted like huge nipple. Then Yi connected small flexible tube to his bladder valve. It was left open for continuous drain. Then Yi hooked Chris by a ring in the back of his belt to an over head cable, and lowered his boy by hoist into the darkened hole. When he reached bottom, the cable was released and Chris found himself sitting on a soft featureless floor. Used to his normal passivity, Chris, in spite of his heightened anxiety and fear, did not start to move on his own until he heard his master retreat from his 'hole.' Then there was total darkness as Yi closed the room's door.

Chris started to cry as he realized his situation. His master said three days! How could he survive? With his sanity that was. Then Chris felt the slim remote in his hand and just as he was tempted to squeeze it, he remembered his master's instructions. He went through thaliana of his master's arguments like a mantra. And then Chris started his own thinking. Life WOULD be much easier and simpler IF he could make himself just give in. And he was feeling amazingly horny. He realized that his master had done something to him to increase his libido. He pressed the remote and he could not stop from arching his back as much as possible and thrust upward with his hips as much as his restraints would allow. His orgasm rocked his slight frame. It seemed to go on forever.

Somewhat later, a thirsty Chris sucked on his mouth piece. And soon felt his rectum start to push forth what a rectum pushes. Frantically he searched for something to contain his waste and discovered a small hole at one corner of his black hole. He positioned himself over it just in time as he felt the unusual butt plug evacuate his bowel. The mass only Ella short distance. Chris realized then that this smell would be with him for three days. He started crying again. And finally resolved to at least enjoy his sexual episodes. His master had promised that the remote would allow one every hour.

Yi closed the door leaving his boy in total darkness. The better to force his boy to concentrate most of his conscious awareness internally and have his sexual arousals and releases become his entire existence. Of course the boy would be unable to not think about what ostensibly had put him into that hole. Yi smiled as he knew that his boy would be thinking about his predicament and reviewing his options for the entire three days. Yi smiled.

After a sumptuous lunch, Yi was outside at the quey anxiously awaiting the shipment of his crate, almost identical to the one that delivered his first boy Chris. But this one held Brian. He decided that he need not even allow Brian ever to speak. He was simply going to tell him what his situation was and that he would be operated on the next day so that his body could receive its necessary modifications. He thought that since Brian was almost certainly not a natural submissive, that he would have to make good use of the tawse or perhaps even the electric prod. He would have both on hand.

Dubrandt assured Yi that this kidnapping of Brian, having been a runaway, would occasion no effort to discover what had happened to him. The boy was kidnapped without the slightest notice by anyone. The boy had been then almost instantly sedated and put into the crate all ready to be packed away before allowed to awaken. They needed him conscious in order to tell the boy how to use the feeding tube that would be inserted into his mouth. And that was all.

Yi felt quite an anticipation as he opened the crate which had been brought up to an anteroom of his lab. Though of course no where near the level when he acquired Chris. When Brian was taken out of the crate, Yi had to quiet him with a hypodermic prepared for that eventuality. This was definitely NOT someone passive or submissive. In fact quite combative. And damn could he yell and swear. But that didn't matter for Yi's plans.

After his initial emergence from that confining crate, Brian had been quickly sedated and had never regained full consciousness for his first couple month's stay in Yi's small surgery. Nor did Chris ever know of the other's existence -- yet. Yi needed to make the necessary modifications to Brian's body. Brian was well far past the sexual development needed for Yi's hormonal regimen to allay further sexual development, and secondary sex characteristics. But that was not necessary for Yi's new plan. In fact Yi utilized a somewhat improved drug that he had used on himself for the boy's testicular and penile development. He was determined to make sure that soon, this black boy would find it impossible to stop thinking about sex and especially his own sexual equipment. By the end of 10 weeks, the boy's penis now reached a hard length of 8 inches, and a diameter of over 2 inches. And his testicles were proportional with them hanging low. By the end of 18 weeks Brian had great difficulty even walking. His member was almost continuously rigid and stuck out and because of the immense weight, somewhat downward to a full engorged length of 11 inches. It diameter ranged from almost 3 inches at its thickest to a tapered 2 at the end. His testicles, by the use of both drugs and mechanical means, hung halfway to his knees.

After the boy had finally been allowed full consciousness, Yi thought it comical to see the boy even try to navigate across his cell. Yi never did have this boy in his bed since he found it necessary to cure him of a couple sexually transmitted diseases first. Fortunately there was no sign of HIV. His plan was still going forward.

After three months, the boy was almost prepared. His teeth have been long gone and the mouth's forced feeding apparatus had been installed weeks ago. The boy's mouth, which was now of course maintained in a wide open circle, was almost incapable of recognizable speech. The feeding tube was imbedded into the boy's gums and his lips were now permanently bonded between its outer flanges. The boy's tongue, like that of Chris', was also held in a permanent fixed manner, but this time with three internal tongue piercings. For the past week, there had been a feeding cylinder, 2 inched in diameter, emerging from the boy's mouth that was now also permanent. Because of the boy's combative nature, and refusal to cooperate at all in spite of some severs whippings, Yi chose the easy way -- the boy was heavily drugged much of the time. This boy needed no training for his role anyway. All he needed to do was exist.

Other modifications had also been very necessary. Although it took quite a number of treatments, Brian was now completely hairless. He didn't even have any eyebrows left. There were also the matter of his toe and fingernails. These had to be eliminated. A little surgery to eliminate them and their growth beds took care of that. Finally, and indeed the most problematical and difficult of all problems to overcome was that of skin deterioration and sweating. Yi choose a three prong approach. First, the boy's skin had been gradually altered to withstand severe conditions. Next, the fabric of the boy's immediate covering was made from a special breathable and non-irritating fabric. And lastly, there would be a continuous air flow system installed, built right into the first body encasement bag, that allowed three important things. One, it was designed to allow the boy's sweat to evaporate, two it also had a built in system whereby there was a once daily bath of cleansing agent that bathed the boy's entire body and then was sucked away. The third and very important thing was body temperature regulation. It was built to allow proper air conditioning so Brian would stay relatively comfortable.

One final objective with the 'multiple air bag' encasement suit, which allowed Brian minimal movement so that he could maintain minimal musculature necessary for both comfort, good blood circulation, and lack of cramping.

Of course additional body modifications were adopted to allow for maintaining normal bodily functions. Permanent cannulas were put into his nostrils down to his lungs so that he would always be able to breathe. A rather large butt plug was now installed that entered the boy's rectum and was permanently bonded onto the boy's internal and internal sphincters. It took surgery, about a month of special inflatable butt plugs, and special injections for increased tissue growth to allow the final placement which was fully 3 inches across. The boy would never be without a rather 'full' sensation down there. But this was necessary to maintain a certain method of 'waist disposal' without interference to the surrounding skin tissue. Of course another necessity was to allow Yi the ability to simulate someone butt fucking the boy along with the necessary prostrate stimulation. With the new enhanced prostrate, along with other modifications made to the boy's testicles and penis, this boy would never again be able to withdraw his conscious thoughts from his sexual need. In fact it might be correct to say that Brian would be in permanent heat. By comparison, the placement of a tube, sealed permanently within the urethra was simple. Again Yi chose a diameter tube that the boy would never be able to ignore, since even compared with the boy's now monstrous penis, this tube rivaled it in comparative size. It was fully 3/8 th inch in diameter and extended the full length of the boy's penis. This was connected to a tube continuously draining the boy's bladder. The valve at the junction of the urethra and the bladder had been eliminated.

Yi watched as Brian had regained consciousness this last time. The boy could now be seen trying in vain to masturbate his monstrous penis. His libido was now so heightened that the poor boy had almost no ability to place his attention elsewhere. Yet Yi had been administering drug so that although Brian could bring himself to the brink of orgasm, he could not quite reach fulfillment. Yi smiled at the boy's enraged frustration.

Of course, since the stage was now set, he would allow him an orgasm so that the boy would be able to divert his attention to more mundane things, like survival. And responding to Yi's questions and ultimatums. Yi was instantly hard himself just thinking about Brian's ultimate fate.

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Excellent stuff, quite a diabolical story so far (have now read it up to part 10). I'm normally not so much into very long stories, but this one keeps me on the edge and I'm constantly wondering how things will continue.

I love the way how the reader gets a look into the minds and thoughts of both the master and the slave, which ads a lot of emotional background and makes it much more interesting.

I also like the way how you tell the slow and gradual process of 'tricking' the boy into more and more extreme submission and bondage and eventually even total loss of control. Not just by forcing it up to him, but also by using his own submissive feelings and desires.

The grammar could be better, but I'm guessing that English isn't your mother tongue. Here and there words are glued together as well (no spaces) or words are missing.

But for me nothing that makes it really annoying or unreadable.

Furthermore I wish you would sometimes be a bit more detailed, especially when it's about the 'equipment' that is used. I often have to go back and read again to get a good picture in my mind of what you mean, but sometimes I just don't get a clear picture. For example the description of the gag on page 1 of part 7: A circle of metal and plastic, cage like device which was hinged at the end? You mean some sort of tube?

But I understand it's not so easy to clearly describe an idea that's in your own head, it also happens in a lot of other stories out there. And for the biggest part everything is well described.

All in all a very good story and I can't wait to read the rest of it. And any other stories you might come up with ;-)

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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