Rebekah Sleeps Over

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Published: 30-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It's been six months since my last confession.


Father, I hardly know where to start. I've never done anything like this, I swear.

Please, tell me everything.

It's my niece, Father. Her name is Rebekah, and she's 13 years old. Her parents went on vacation to Europe and left her and her little sister to stay with my wife and me for a week. They're good girls, and we've always been close.

But this time I couldn't help but notice that Rebekah is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. You know how hot it's been lately, and my wife and I have a swimming pool in the backyard. And Rebekah and Stephanie, that's her little sister, have been spending a lot of time at the pool. She's my niece and all, but my God, I'm only human. Her first day at my house, she wore this white bikini that was so small and so tight, and it made her just look so delicious. She's really into puberty now, and filling out, growing breasts and getting curves, and her body is just incredible. She has this long blonde hair that she swishes around, and she lays out in the sun and has Stephanie spread suntan oil all over her body, and then she just lies there, getting her tan, her body glistening and gleaming from the oil. I took the week off work to help my wife take care of the girls, and I just couldn't keep my eyes off her, she is so sexy.

So anyway, my wife had to go to Dallas unexpectedly to take care of a sick friend, and that left me alone in the house with Rebekah and Stephanie, cause my son was at summer camp. And I found myself thinking about Rebekah more and more, hoping that maybe she would make a move on me or seduce me. God, I wanted her so bad, that firm, ripe little body just coming into its own! I spent all day fantasizing that she'd ask me to come rub suntan oil into her, and I'd just slip my hand right down those skimpy little bikini bottoms and keep rubbing her and she'd start purring and then we'd kiss, and Oh, God! I was walking around with a constant hard-on, I mean major wood like I haven't had since I was 17 years old, for God's sake!

Please don't take the Lord's name in vain my son. Sorry padre. Anyway, of course, she didn't even know I was a man. I was just Uncle Ernie, good ol' Uncle Ernie. Could you get me a Coke, Uncle Ernie? Could you go get my iPod? for supper, Uncle Ernie? And she'd bat her eyelashes at me, like she was just learning to flirt, only I could tell she didn't think about me that way. She probably liked some dumb-ass 14-year-old boy who wouldn't have enough sense to fuck a watermelon in a field, or she got all tingly over some boy band singer with no hair on his chest.

Oh, man. I was goin' nuts. This nubile little nymphette prancing around my house wearing less clothes than you see in some strip joints. But she was my niece, not to mention jailbait!

One night, Rebekah and Stephanie came in to watch TV with me wearing long T-shirts with nothing underneath but their panties! They were not exactly flashing me, but occasionally I caught a glimpse, and to see their long, smooth, suntanned legs stretched out on the couch across the room from me, I had a boner that could break concrete.

And that was when I just went off the rails. Rebekah usually had a cup of cocoa at bedtime to settle her tummy, and when I brought it to her that night in the guest room, there was a little something extra in it. My wife has problems with insomnia, and her doctor gave her some Ambien, which is a pretty powerful sleeping pill. I broke one open and stirred the powder into her cocoa, told her good night and left her alone.

But half an hour later I was back. I crept into the little girl's bedroom, and my heart was hammering so badly I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I whispered her name: Rebekah? Again, a little louder: Rebekah? Not a sound. I turned on a small desk lamp on the other side of the room, and there she was, sprawled on the bed, unconscious. She had the sheet covering her to her waist, and I summoned up my courage and lifted it and pulled it down to the foot of the bed. There was my little niece Rebekah, with her T shirt not quite covering the cotton crotch of her white panties, and those golden legs.

I said her name again, this time in my regular speaking voice, and she didn't even flinch. She was really deeply asleep. I hardly knew where to begin. For that matter, I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do. OK, to be really honest, Father, since this is my confession, I wanted to have sex with her, but I knew that was never going to happen. That would wake her up, among other things. So all I did at first was gently raise her T shirt up. I pushed it up so all of her panties were showing, then further, exposing the flattest belly and this cute little innie belly button, then even further, wondering if I had the guts, but I was like a zombie, I was hypnotized by her beauty, and I did it, I pushed that T shirt up until her little breasts were exposed.

She was not wearing a bra. Of course not, she was 13 and only starting to develop, her little boobies weren't that big, but there they were, so soft and white in contrast to her tan with nice pink nipples. Still feeling like I was in a trance, I leaned over and stuck out my tongue and just barely touched it to her nipple. I was licking my 13-year-old niece's nipple! But she made a little sound and so I jumped back.

But then she was quiet, so I went back to her. I gently touched her on her tummy with my fingertips, and that didn't move her at all, so I traced my fingers down and over her the front of her panties. Oh, they were so warm, and just the thinnest layer of cotton separating me from her little pussy. I tried to see through them to see her hair, but they weren't see-through. So I kept running my fingers on her body, down her legs, down down, to her feet. I lightly traced the tops of her feet, and then her toes, and when I touched her toes, my cock jumped like it had gotten an electric shock!

And suddenly this mental picture came into my mind. I realized that even though I had been ogling all of my middle-school niece the past two days, it was her sweet little feet I fixated on the most. Those dainty little toes, with their pink polish on the nails. I leaned over and inhaled them, and oh they smelled so sexy, little teenage girl feet, with a slight whiff of soap and sun and chlorine from the pool. That mental picture wouldn't go away, it just got stronger, and I had to do it, I just had to. I had to do it.

There was a little squirt bottle of lotion on the dresser, and I grabbed it and unzipped my pants and let them fall to my ankles. God forgive me for what I was about to do! I moved down between those sweet little feet, and covered my cock with the lotion, rubbing it in to get it nice and warm. I was right on the verge of orgasm, and my heart still felt like it was about to explode. Then I gently moved her feet together, and slid my cock in between the soles.

I was fucking Rebekah's feet! I'm sorry, Father, I know I'm getting carried away telling you this, but I was actually giving myself a foot job using my niece's dainty bare feet! It wasn't really tight like a woman is, uh, you know, Father, or sorry, I guess maybe you don't, but it was the forbidden nature of what I was doing, and how horny I had been for two days. I slid my cock forward, and then pulled it back, back and forth, sawing in and out of the pocket I had made with thesoles of her feet. The lotion gave me ubrication, and I felt my balls start to rise up in my sac, and the head of my dick was swollen, and I pulled all the way back so I could rub the head against the balls of her feet, and I pushed together just a little with my hands to make it tighter, oh yes, that was perfect, and I looked at her exposed little titties and her nipples and her panties and went back and forth, back and forth and yes, yes! I was cumming so hard, my stuff was just spurting out like a volcano, all over her feet and ankles, just coating her with semen.

I stood there for a moment and just couldn't believe what I had done. Then I knew I had to get moving, so I dashed to the bathroom and got a towel and mopped her up, and switched off the light and left the room. She never knew what had happened! She had slept through the whole thing. Father? Father, are you still there?

Yes, my son.

You were just so quiet over there on your side.

Your story is very, uh, disturbing, my son. Is there more, or is that all?

I'm ashamed to say that there's more, Father. It gets worse.

The next morning I felt guilty, like a good Catholic, and vowed that what I had done was a one time only thing. But then Rebekah asked me about noon if she could have some friends over for a pool party.

I said sure, and within an hour my swimming pool was crawling with nubile middle-school girls, just coming into the blossom of womanhood, but still oh so girlish. They were named Mandy and Jessica and Brittany and Christina and all the way girls are these days, and they all wore $100 bikinis that barely covered them. And if that wasn't bad enough, they were all a bunch of spoiled little princesses. I know my brother and his wife spoil their daughters, but listening to them all together, talking about the cars their daddies were going to buy them when they got their learner's permits, and which nail salon did the best pedicure, and whether anyone would be caught dead in Old Navy jeans, it just made me sick. Sick and somehow angry.

My anger carried over to that night, after all the girls had gone home, and when I fixed little Rebekah her hot cocoa, I upped the does of sleeping pill powder. She might be the Crown Princess of her school, but tonight she was gonna be little sex puppet!

Her long blonde hair spilled out over the pillow, her sweet lips were slightly parted, as if ready for a kiss, and her little 13-year-old boobies were so white and so perfect. I decided to take a risk as to what she would and would not remember the next morning, and pulled out some scissors I had brought in and gently, oh so very gently, I edged them under those white cotton panties and carefully cut them off. Then I pulled them away.

And there was Rebekah's bare pussy. She was getting some hair, but not a lot, and I could see her lips just puffing out there, so yummy looking my mouth was watering at the sight. I knew I must be the only guy to see her pussy since she entered puberty, that I was looking at virgin territory, so to speak. I gently rested my hand on those wispy blonde pubes, and just enjoyed the warmth, and the feeling of the blood in her veins. I wanted to bury my mouth on that pussy, tease that little magic button until she orgasmed, but that would have awakened her, and I wanted to do something else instead.

I dropped trou again, this time at the side of the bed up by the head, rather than at the foot. Gently, I moved her head toward me, being careful not to wake her, inch by inch, until her mouth was just a couple of inches away from my raging hard-on. Then I moved my crotch forward, until the very tip of my penis rested on that little girl's lips. I could feel her hot breath in her sleep tickling the head of my cock. It was the most incredible sensation I had ever felt. But I knew I could feel something even more awesome.

I pushed forward just a little, tenderly opening her mouth with the head of my cock. Her breathing stayed the same - boy, she was really sound asleep! Little by little, I pushed my dick into her warm mouth, until I could feel her tongue. And then, oh God, Father, I couldn't believe it! Her tongue started moving! I don't know if she was dreaming or what, I know she wasn't awake and didn't know what she was doing, but her tongue was just moving a little, kind of back and forth, some sort of involuntary response I guess. My little niece was tonguing my cock! I wanted so badly to just jam the whole thing in to her tonsils, I wanted to force it down her throat, choke her, make her cry out, spurt my jism straight down her gullet and down into her stomach, but my self-control prevailed. I grabbed my shaft with one hand and started gently rubbing my cock, and feeling that little hot tongue caress my prick.

Needless to say, that didn't take long. Pretty soon I felt it coming. I thought about spurting it into her mouth, figuring she would probably just swallow as a reflex, but knew that was risky, so I pulled out and aimed my cock at her sweet little titties. And kablam! My God, you'd have thought I was 15 and hadn't come in a month! The white stuff just came spurting out by the bucketful, just covered those little puppies in jism. I stood there, breathing heavily, and just for the heck of it, stuck my dick back into her mouth. Her tongue rasped against the head, and I let her clean off the semen that clung to me. I figured she had never tasted semen before, and if she woke up with a funny taste in her mouth, she would never guess that's what it was. Then I got another towel and carefully wiped off her body and went to bed.

Oh, my son, my son, my son.

I know, Father, I know. That's why I had to come to confession. I cannot believe what I have done, what a horrible thing.

My son, let me ask you something important. Is your wife still out of town?

Yes, Father.

And when does she return?

In two days, Father. Very good. I think I might like to come to dinner at your house this evening, if that would be alright. I need to examine this niece of yours to see whether your sin has left a mark on her.

She has no idea, Father. I'm quite certain. She smiled at me this morning and asked for blueberries in her pancakes. She hasn't a clue.

Nevertheless, an examination is in order. A close examination. Perhaps I will bring along an overnight bag when I come to dinner tonight, and spend the night. Do you still have any more of those sleeping pills?

A huge supply, Father.

Excellent. Well, then, it's a date. I look forward to tonight. A great deal, in fact. Normally at this point I would give you penance and say Go and sin no more. But under the circumstances...

I understand completely, Father. I'm looking forward to you coming tonight.

I am too, my son. I'm looking forward to it a great deal!


"Are you crazy?
Are you high?
Or just an ordinary guy?

"Doctor Wu," by Steely Dan

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Punctuation is your friend


great hope to see more of this story tks


GREAT story!! I loved it! It made me cum so hard, I can not wait until the next chapter.......


Dude why cant your protagonist just put in more pills so she passes out totally and then grease up that rectum before he stuffs his cock up her bum? Isn't it realistic?


Okay, we've waited patiently (sort of) for part two of this. But now you are over the spacing you established for next chapter postings. So where is the much needed part two?????

Please post it soon!



Sorry, there is no part 2. I apologize.

old perv

wow! i loved it. just the way you discribed fucking her little feet got me off.

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