Fulfilling Fantasies

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Published: 17-Feb-2011

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This story is fiction, not real, and just a fantasy. If you are offended by lesbian sex, sex with young girls, pissing, black girls having sex with non black guys, or sex in general read no further.

Chapter One: The Davis Sisters

Dee Dee Davis was in the bathroom of her big mansion. She had caramel colored skin. She was best known for her role as the adorable little girl Brianna from The Bernie Mac Show. She was also known as "baby girl" a nickname given to her by Bernie Mac. Although when the first two seasons came out on TV she was so cute and adorable, the last season that aired on The Bernie Mac show, she lost her cute little voice and was now quite sexy, regardless of her lack of breasts. She still had no tits at all. Dee Dee pulled down her pants and pink butterfly panties, and immediately heard a knock on the bathroom door as soon as she dropped her cute pink butterfly panties.

"What?" Dee Dee called out.

"Mom told me to tell you that the toilet isn't working and that the plumber is coming to fix it later today. So don't flush the toilet yet, it will make the problem worse." she heard her big sister Aree Davis tell her. Aree Davis was a gorgeous, hot and sexy teen girl. She had a part as one of the main characters in the hit Disney movie The Haunted Mansion.

"But I really have to pee!" Dee Dee said almost sounding like she was whining.

"OK then I'll get a cup for you to pee in. Then when the toilet is fixed you can pour it down the toilet and flush it."

Aree then came back with the paper cup as she said she'd bring, and opened the door to the bathroom. Aree and her sister were very comfortable being nude in front of each other. Just like most girls, they wouldn't mind another girl seeing them naked. Aree told Dee Dee she had to wash her hands and she did. While Aree was washing her hands in the sink, Dee Dee couldn't hold her bladder anymore so she took the cup and went in the tub and let out a stream of hot yellow piss in the paper cup that her big sister gave her. She closed her eyes and exhaled while she felt the piss from her nine year old pussy go into the cup. Aree watched her pee while she washed her hands.

"Looks like you're enjoying that cup a lot, sis!" Aree joked as she giggled and wiped her hands with a towel. "Why don't you drink your 'lemonade' that you just made?" Aree suggested to her jokingly. Dee Dee laughed with her at first and then thought about it seriously. The thought of her drinking her own piss got her nipples hard and her pre teen love hole wet. Dee Dee ignored her own piss that was on her light skinned black caramel legs and picked the cup up. Aree then gave her little sister a weird look when she saw she brought the cup to her face. "Dee Dee? What are you doing?" she asked her baby sister.

"Doing what you recommended to me." Dee Dee said. She was pretty articulate for her age, and the acting and scripts helped with that. "The thought of drinking my piss got me horny. So instead of just waiting around letting my nipples get hard, I'm gonna do something about it." She said as she took the piss filled cup to her mouth, put it to her lips and took a sip. It was an amazing feeling that she had felt when she let it go to her tongue, her mouth and swallowed it down her throat. The flavor of her pee was tangy and satisfying. "My piss is good! No wonder I got so horny at the thought of me drinking my piss!" Her sister Aree gave her an odd look for a second and quickly smiled.

"Can I try some?" Aree asked politely.

"Yeah, go ahead." Dee Dee said handing her big sister the cup of her piss. Aree held the cup in her hands, slightly nervous at the thought of drinking pee for the first time in her entire life. Then she took a sip of her little sister's nine year old piss and swallowed. She smiled.

"You're right, Dee Dee! Your piss IS tangy and satisfying! I wonder how my piss tastes."

"I'll be your first volunteer for a taste tester!" Dee Dee told her as she took off all of her clothes revealing her pre teen nude body and laid down in the tub. Aree took off her shirt and revealed a sexy pink bra covering her sexy B cup breasts. She then removed her buckle that said "Aree" and then pulled her pants and panties down. She sat on her baby sister's neck facing her front.

"OK, Dee Dee! Are you ready?"

"Ready anytime, big sis!"

"Come on pussy! Pee!" Aree said coaxing out the piss from her body to flow down her piss flapper. "Ok here it comes!" Aree said as she closed her eyes and exhaled in relief as she felt her teenaged piss coming down her vagina and onto her little sister's mouth. Dee Dee opened wide allowing all of her big sister's juices to flow in her mouth. Aree's piss spilled all over Dee Dee's cheeks, neck and some of it even spread to her chest. Aree let her pee do its finishing touch as it let out small numerous shoots at the end. Aree then got up off of her little sister and stood up. "Wow, I didn't even ever imagine anything like that! That was really fun! How did my piss taste?" Dee Dee swirled her big sister's piss in her mouth and gargled it. When she finally swallowed Aree Davis's piss she began to speak.

"That was better than any juice, soda or ANYTHING I ever tasted!" Aree smiled at her little sister's compliment and looked at her piss covered body.

"Let me clean you up." Aree said as she began to lick Dee Dee's nine year old chest and wiped her own piss from her chest with her tongue. Then she used her tongue to lick off the pee off of her sister's cheeks.

Chapter Two: The Babysitter

"I can't believe I got stuck babysitting you two!" Marla Sokoloff scolded the two youngsters, Aleisha Allen and Jamie Lynn Spears. Aleisha and Jamie looked at each other and then shrugged their shoulders. "Shouldn't that slut Britney be babysitting you, Jamie Lynn?" she asked. Marla Sokoloff was the hottest white girl in the world that was of legal age and she knew it. She had a good amount of roles where she got to show off her impressive cleavage and in Desperate Housewives she got to run around topless while she held onto her soft humungous white fun bags in a scene. They were soft and ANYONE would just love to play with them as soon as they felt them in their hands. At the moment she was wearing a white tank top that was pressed slightly tightly on her huge knockers.

"She's out doing guest star shows and doing some promo tours! And she is NOT a SLUT! It's CALLED ACTING!" Jamie Lynn yelled offensively.

"Whatever." Marla said as she went to the kitchen of the house she was babysitting them in. Jamie Lynn tossed an expensive looking mini statue to Aleisha as Aleisha caught it in her hands and then they kept tossing it back and fourth giggling the whole time. Marla turned around and gasped.

"Hey! Don't touch that! If that expensive thing breaks, then I'M gonna be the one in trouble!" Marla explained before she took the statue away and put it where the girls couldn't reach. "I'd spank you young girls but you might LIKE it!" Jamie Lynn Spears was a 14 year old actress that looked EXACTLY like a young version of her big sister Britney Spears, the only difference was Jamie Lynn had bigger tits at 14. Aleisha Allen was a cute young black girl with small brown eyes and adorable braces. She had a role where she got to showcase her singing talent in "Are We There Yet" the movie.

About an hour later Jamie Lynn and her friend Aleisha were in the room they stayed in for the night. They were all in a one story house that Britney rented for them. Lynn Spears, Jamie's mother hired Marla Sokoloff to baby sit her daughter and her daughters friend Aleisha. She hired a girl because she trusted another female to do a good job babysitting and was worried if she hired a male babysitter that he would have sex with her young fresh daughter.

"Have you ever kissed a boy before?" Jamie Lynn asked her friend Aleisha while they were sitting on the ground with their knees touching the floor. Jamie Lynn was exposing a really cheesy smile right now.

"No, have you?"

"Yeah! Lots! You're like thirteen years old and you STILL haven't kissed a boy yet, Aleisha?"

"I kissed a boy on the lips before."

"That doesn't count! That's not even a kiss! Kissing is like: two people putting their tongues in each others mouths." Jamie Lynn explained to her friend.

"I know, that's why I said I haven't." Aleisha said. "I wish there was a way I could practice without actually kissing a guy." Aleisha admitted sadly.

"There is!" Jamie Lynn said loudly and cheerfully. "Haven't you ever practiced on another girl?"

"No, gross! Have YOU?"

"It's not gross, how do you think girls learn?" Jamie Lynn said. It reminded her of the first time that Jamie had HER first kiss. Her first ever kiss was a practice kiss on her big sister Britney. "Yes I have. Like most girls, I kissed a girl before I kissed a guy and I was ten years old. All my other female friends kissed a girl at ten years old too." Aleisha accepted Jamie Lynn's excuse and automatically thought it wasn't gross due to the sole fact that a female said it wasn't gross.

"Kiss me then!" Aleisha said almost sounding demanding. Jamie Lynn ran her fingers through her friend's hair and gently pulled her head closer to hers, as she stuck her tongue in the teen black girls mouth. They quickly began to kiss and make out passionately. Aleisha, for the first time in her life, felt another person's tongue caressing her own and she held Jamie Lynn in her arms and continued to accept the kiss. They were now both exploring each other's mouths with their tongues and soon enough, they scooted so close into each other that they felt each other's teenaged breasts press against each other. While Jamie-Lynn pressed her tongue harder on her friend's young mouth, she rubbed her white boobs on the cute black girl's tits. Within seconds, they felt their nipples harden and their vagina's begin to water. Aleisha was getting the hang of it pretty quick for her first kiss, and Jamie-Lynn loved it that way. Jamie-Lynn didn't have to teach her friend much about kissing, and all she had to do was give her one kiss. They finally stopped after about a minute and a half.

"That was so cool!" Aleisha said to her friend as she felt fascinated by her first lesbian kiss and her first kiss in general. "Now let me practice sucking your tits!" Aleisha said abruptly. "I'm not a lesbian or nothing, just practicing."

"Sure!" Jamie-Lynn said more than happy to fulfill Aleisha's request. Jamie-Lynn pulled her shirt over her head revealing sexy 14 year old B cup breasts covered by a white bra. Just then the door to the room opened and they saw Marla Sokoloff, their babysitter standing in the door way.

"What's going on here!?" She said sounding upset.

"I'm just letting Aleisha practice sex with me. When she gets a boyfriend, this practice is going to help." Jamie-Lynn explained.

"What the fuck, Jamie-Lynn? You don't see no GUYS practicing..." Marla began and then an idea hit her head like a light bulb! She was going to say that no one ain't ever seen no GUYS practicing on each other for GIRLS, but she thought of a better idea. The better idea that she had was that she could use these girl's stupidity to her advantage. "You're absolutely right, Jamie-Lynn!" Marla said with a smile. "Practice is good! I can help you two if you want." After she said that, she pulled her tank top over her head and took off her white bra, letting her humungous white knockers free of restriction. "Those things deserve to be free once in a while!" Marla said with a smile, referring about her big breasts.

"Wow, those are humungous!" Aleisha exclaimed complimenting their babysitter.

"Yeah! They are AMAZING! Are they implants? How much did you pay for them?!" Jamie-Lynn said with her eyes widened in amazement. Marla giggled.

"You're silly, Jamie-Lynn. These things are 100% natural and are ALL MINE! I didn't pay anything for them and they are completely real. If you don't believe me, you can go ahead and feel them up." Jamie-Lynn was the first to grab her babysitter's big white tit, and Aleisha followed and grabbed her other humungous knocker. The two young teens felt how incredibly soft their babysitter's big breasts were. Jamie-Lynn pressed her hand in Marla's knocker and moved her breast around with her hand. Of course with Jamie-Lynn and Aleisha's small hands, they could only feel a bit at a time.

"Look, Aleisha, they even move around! These things are definitely real!" Jamie-Lynn said continuing moving her breasts around with her one young hand.

"That's fa shizzle!" Aleisha said in slang agreement.

The next thing that Marla knew was that her big breasts were being suckled by the two teenyboppers that she was babysitting. She had to admit to herself, it was feeling damn good having two young ones sucking on her humungous white tits! She made no attempt to hold back the erotic moaning she was letting out from her mouth. Marla Sokoloff was enjoying the sensation of a black teenybopper and a young Britney Spears look-a-like suck harder and harder on her huge soft titis.

"Oh yes! It feels so good! Keep sucking you little brats!" Marla moaned out loudly. She couldn't resist moaning and saying sexy stuff to them like that even if she wanted to. The feeling was just too intense: all in a good way. For some reason, Marla calling the two young girls "brats" made them suck on the grown up's breasts even harder. Soon enough the two teenagers started to hum and moan through their babysitter's humungous knockers. Hearing the sound of them doing that, and feeling her nipples being sucked on by the two teenyboppers, caused Marla to pant, moan and tell them more sexy words. "Oh, Jamie-Lynn it feels so good! You are the best fourteen year old tit sucker I know! Aleisha don't stop! I love your big lips pressing on my tits!"

"My jaw aches!" whined Aleisha as she stopped sucking as soon as she felt her jaw aching from the long time that she was sucking on Marla's white boobs.

"Mine too!" Jamie-Lynn whined as well right after and removed her mouth and tongue from the big breasted white babysitter as well.

"That was incredible!" Marla whispered loudly allowing the two young girls who just sucked her boobs hear her. Aleisha Allen and Jamie-Lynn Spears then gave each other a hi five and giggled.

Chapter Three: Jamie-Lynn's Oscar Winning Acting Performance

"Jamie-Lynn, you said that your sister Britney wasn't a slut right? And that's she was just acting?" Marla asked the young fourteen year old.

"Yeah, why?"

"Because.... I have a role for you. The role is a total slut, just like the role your big sis plays."

"OK." said Jamie-Lynn as she unclipped her bra from the front and let it fall and soon enough, all three girls in the room were wearing nothing.

"Do you know how to act like a slut?" Marla said doubting that she knew and that she might have fun teaching her.

"Yeah, I've seen big sis do it." Jamie-Lynn instinctively got on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air. Marla rushed to her purse and got her strap on dildo. She thought that she was going to be spending with that thing alone tonight but she ended up pleasantly surprised. She attached it to herself and smiled at Aleisha Allen who was right behind her. Marla kneeled down and licked her long adult tongue across the outer lips of Jamie-Lynn's vagina. She stroked it with her tongue a few times before she stuck her index finger inside the teenybopper's twat and began to slowly insert it in and out of her pussy. This caused Jamie-Lynn's cunt to stretch and made her moan with excitement.

"Oh yeah! Oh yes, Marla! Oh babe! You are the best babysitter ever!" Jamie-Lynn told her giving her a compliment.

"Before I put this dildo to work, I want you to turn around and suck this dick, bitch!" Marla told her new found slave. Jamie-Lynn took the dildo, put it in her mouth and began to stroke it with her mouth. She bopped her teen head up and down and back and fourth. This bitch is suckin' this dildo like she's done it a million times! Marla thought to herself. "That's it you fucking whore! Why don't you suck faster you little brat!" Jamie did what she was commanded to do and began to suck the strap on rapidly. "Spit on this dildo, Aleisha!" Marla told Jamie-Lynn's friend while she was still fucking her mouth. Aleisha leaned her head forward and spit at the moving dildo.

"Oops, sorry, I missed!" Aleisha Allen apologized. Aleisha tried to spit on the dildo but missed and her spit landed on Jamie's cheek instead.

"Your friend Aleisha just spit in your face, Jamie-Lynn. What do you say to her?" Marla asked her still stroking her mouth with the dildo.

"Thank you!" Jamie said as she took her mouth off the dildo to say those kind words and then immediately went right back to sucking.

"OK this strap on is nice and wet, and your tight little pussy is nice and ready! Get back and all fours!" Jamie-Lynn got back on her hands and knees and waved her ass in the air. "What are you, Jamie-Lynn?"

"A slut!"

"And what else?"

"A whore! A tramp! A fourteen year old cunt! I'm a fucking slutty bitch pussy just like my big sister!" Jamie-Lynn yelled out. Just then, Marla felt her nipples harden dramatically and felt her pussy literally dripping wet. Wow, this girl wasn't lying when she said she knew how to act the part of a slut. Marla took the strap on and put it inside Jamie-Lynn's young fresh twat. She began humping her, feeling the strap on go in and out of her vagina, as she also felt her huge fun bags on her chest bounce up and down. She could hear Jamie-Lynn moaning with excitement letting the dildo fuck her slutty vagina. Jamie-Lynn was moaning her ass off while she made no attempt at all to lessen the volume of her voice while she moaned in pleasure. She was moaning so loud that she could wake up every neighbor on the block. The teenybopper could even feel her young breasts swaying back and fourth.

"Hey, Aleisha hold on to my tits!" Aleisha did as she was told and squeezed and held onto Marla's magnificent breasts. She even pressed her small A cup black breasts against her back while she squeezed and caressed her big boobies with her small hands. "Come on, bitch! You like this you fuckin' whore?! If you like it so much why don't you tell me?!" Marla commanded her slave girl.

"Oh I love it! It feels sooooo good! Please, fuck me some more. Please fuck me like the whore I am!" Jamie-Lynn begged. Marla Sokoloff then began thrusting harder and deeper into the young slut.

"Oh yeah, that's it bitch! You dirty little tramp! Who else in your family is a slut?" Marla said with a mean bitch voice. Marla could feel Aleisha's small black hands pressing into her soft large breasts while Jamie-Lynn could feel Marla fucking her deeper with the strap on.

"My sister! My sister Britney, she's a TOTAL slut! She's a fuckin' tramp!" Jamie-Lynn yelled out. "And..." Jamie-Lynn started to say but took a few seconds to catch her breath. Jamie-Lynn could feel the sweat from her forehead coming down and dripping to the floor. Marla could also feel the sweat from her head come down and spread to her face and fell onto her big white breasts and even onto Aleisha's hands. "And my mom!" Marla's eyes widened in astonishment, but didn't slow her pace of fucking her slave's love hole one bit. This girl DEFINITELY know how to be a slut, Marla thought to herself. "My mom is such a fucking whore! She's a tramp! My mom is one of the biggest sluts in the world! My mom's a TOTAL slut! She's an even bigger slut than ME!" Jamie-Lynn had to catch her breath in-between moans again and continued. "That's how we learned! Our mama was a huge slut, and she taught me and my sis to become whores and sluts just like her!" Jamie-Lynn said right before she let out a HUGE and LONG moan as she felt herself orgasm onto Marla's strap on dildo. Somehow Marla felt herself cum as well. They both exhaled in relief and ecstasy as they allowed their vagina's to shoot cum. Marla took the strap on and shoved it in Jamie-Lynn's cute mouth. She happily took it in her mouth and sucked all of her own juices off of it.

"How does your own juices taste, you pussy?" Marla asked.

"Good." Jamie-Lynn replied shortly.

"You're a slut aren't you?" she asked her slave.


"And a piece of shit."

"Yes I am a piece of shit. A white trailer trash piece of shit. And a total trailer park whore." Jamie-Lynn said as she perfected the role of a slut. She then felt the spit from Marla's mouth. "Thank you."

"Thank you WHO?" Marla asked her.

"Thank you, Marla." Then her own friend Aleisha went up to her and spit in her face.

"Thank you, Aleisha." Marla gathered up as much saliva as she could from her throat and then spit a BIG amount of spit onto Jamie-Lynn's face. Aleisha gathered a bunch of spit and did the same.

"Thank you so much, Marla. Thank you so much, Aleisha." She then wiped the spit off of her face.

"You did a great job, Jamie-Lynn!" Marla said smiling at her. Jamie-Lynn smiled back.

"See, I'm a good actress!"

"Yes you are." Marla said to her. "Aleisha lay on your back." Aleisha did as she was told while her back and head rested on the carpeted floor. Marla sat on Aleisha's face and rubbed her cum filled pussy on the young black girls luscious lips. After about a second or two of Marla's cum rubbed against her lips, Aleisha opened her mouth and began to eat Marla's pussy. She pressed her tongue over it and tasted all the juices and flavor of her vagina, while she licked all the cum off and swallowed it in the process. While Aleisha was still eating out her babysitter, Jamie-Lynn crawled to her friend and took her whole A cup black breast and put it in her mouth and sucked. She moaned through her small black breasts as she continued to suck harder and harder on her black boobs. Marla slowly humped Aleisha's face while she grabbed her own big white tits and squeezed them hard moaning out in pleasure while the teenybopper worked her pussy with her tongue. Jamie-Lynn loved the taste of her friend's brown nipple and swallowed every time she felt that she had gathered up too much of her friend's tit flavoring. Marla felt herself orgasm again into Aleisha's mouth. She got off of her and Aleisha swallowed her cum, then she licked her lips, getting off any cum that was remaining on her delectable lips.

Chapter Four: Tangy Davis Juice

Aree and Dee Dee Davis were behind a stand next to their house. In front of them was a lemonade stand and they were selling their new drink. Instead of lemonade, they sold some other kind of delicious juice they thought up.

"Hey Aree! Hi there, Dee Dee!" Lowell greeted them in front of the stand. Aree gave him a big smile. It was one of her best friends.

"Hi Lowell! Want to try our new drink! We call it Tangy Davis juice! Named after our last name. Five bucks a cup." Aree told him cheerfully.


"Ok I know it SOUNDS like a lot, but before you say no, unlike lemonade THIS juice is made HOT. And we'll even let you try a sample before you buy the five dollar cup." Aree said as she handed him a very small cup of the Tangy Davis Juice. As soon as he held the cup in his hand, he could already feel the warmness of the drink. He took a sip of the drink and swallowed its warmness.

"Whoa! This is really good! What's in this?" Lowell said as he felt it's warm liquid soothe his throat. The Davis sisters glanced at each other and gave each other a quick smile.

"Let's just say....it's our secret ingredient." said Dee Dee Davis with her somewhat cute voice.

"Amazing, and I don't even see a heater or anything for you guys to keep the juice warm." Lowell complimented them again. "Hey, Chessika, try some of this!" He suggested to his big chested friend that was behind him. "Here's five bucks for a cup."

Aree gave him a cup of the Tangy Davis Juice and then he handed it to Chessika. Chessika was wearing a long sports shirt, but still couldn't hide the fact that she had humongous knockers. She took a sip of the hot Tangy Davis Juice and then took another sip right away. "You're right! This IS good juice!" Pretty soon all the neighbors and even some people from a few blocks away lined up to buy the new juice that the Davis sisters invented.

Later that night, Chessika and Lowell were at a nearby hotel and they were both sitting on opposite sides of the queen sized bed.

"Lowell's what's wrong?" Chessika asked him.

"What makes you think there's something wrong with me?"

"You seem to be a bit distracted."

"I'm just a little bored."

"You find me boring?"

"I didn't say that. There's no need for you to feel bad, 'cuz there's nothing wrong with you." Lowell told her. Chessika then pulled her shirt over her head revealing MEGA cleavage and a black bra covering her humungous F cup breasts. She then reached her hands behind her back and unsnapped the buckle from her bra and gave her friend a sexy smile. She let her black bra float to the ground, revealing the big nipples on her gigantic knockers. "Suddenly I'm not so bored anymore." Lowell told her as he couldn't hide his blushing smile at all. He got the hint that Chessika was giving him and he went up to her and kissed her, sticking his tongue in her mouth and exploring it with his tongue. The whole time he was making out with her, he could feel her gigantic fun bags press against his body. He then took her big nipple in his mouth and started to suck. Chessika felt like an angel in heaven as she arched her head back, enjoying the sensation of her friend sucking on her huge black tits. She felt him sucking harder and harder while he used his other hand to caress and feel all over her huge breast. Then he literally buried his face in her chest and began to lick up and down her chest. If someone came in the room, they wouldn't see Lowell's head, instead they would see Lowell's neck and down, and the back of his head would be completely covered by the giant boobs of Chessika. Chessika began to moan with excitement while she let him taste her sexy body. Then Lowell sucked on her other big black tit. Her giant breasts tasted so good to him, he sucked harder and harder, swallowing continuously. After he got done tasting her boobs, Chessika took his manhood into her mouth and sucked. She sucked harder and harder on his prick, and stroked his long shaft with her big lips and her mouth. She took her mouth off of it, spit on his dick, and then went back to sucking on it. She felt Lowell's hand feel and caress her humungous knockers while she kept giving him a blow job. She loved the feeling of his big warm hands touching and feeling all over her boobs. Chessika then swallowed the juices from her friend's dick and laid on the bed on her back. Lowell took his dick and inserted it inside of her pussy. Instead of putting his hands next to the girls body, one hand on each side, like what he usually did with other girls, he grabbed her enormous knockers, and held onto them as he penetrated his dick in and out of her twat. He could feel his dick being surrounded by the incredible sensation of the insides of Chessika's vagina, as it went in and out of her, causing her to moan with excitement. He felt her nipples and boobs in the palm of his hands while he continued to fuck her and felt his balls slap against her pussy as well.

"Holy shit! It feels sooooo good!" Chessika screamed out as she felt herself cum a little bit. Lowell then pulled out and rushed to her face, and started to jerk himself off. Chessika opened wide as she let him squirt his cum into her mouth. Then he came into her eye as well, and then back in her mouth. She gulped it down and swallowed every last drop of his cum.

"Ah, that stings!" Chessika said wiping the cum from her eye. They then went under the covers of the hotel bed and slept.

"Aree, could you believe we made over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS selling our juice in just ONE day?" Dee Dee asked her older sister.

"Yeah, I almost can't believe we made so much money doing a regular kid's job, you know doing a job that had nothing to do with acting."

"Who knew that we could make so much money off of selling our own pee?" Dee Dee said. They both laughed at their success of selling their piss. "Let's make some more!"

"Ok, Dee Dee!" Aree agreed and they both started to pee in another gallon container at the same time. "I love the secret ingredients, Dee Dee! My piss mixed in with yours!" Then they both gave out a sigh of relief as they let the last drops of their "Tangy Davis Juice" fall into the container.

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