Man Number Eight for 10yo Hannah

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Published: 22-Dec-2012

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The author does not condone the sexual molestation of a child such as enacted by the characters in this story, but does support the right to do it in harmless thought and the written word.

It had been a fairly easy weak for Hannah, since her Monday night spit-roasting by two of the main men in her life. Now it was Thursday evening, and Sean had done nothing more than a simple mouth-fuck on her on Tuesday and Wednesday, both times preferring her to swallow. Well, her face was so pretty and her mousy hair a delight to groom whilst doing this. These days her skills were good, and the pleasure of blasting off in her 10-year-old mouth exquisite. Sean tended to do it when feeling at his most caring for her - Monday had been a hard time for the young thing - and, for some reason, fucking mouth felt like the most intimate thing to do to a child. Also, for the sake of pedo etiquette, Hannah had to be kept 'clean' tonight. Tomorrow night was her scheduled 'date' with Robert, which the 41-year-old had won at last week's party, and it was only fair for him to have an 'unsoiled' Hannah to enjoy.

"So that just leaves mouth tonight, I'm afraid, guys," said Sean.

Simon nodded his understanding, a little regretfully. Kevin, the scrawny 26-year-old friend he was introducing to the circle this evening, grunted agreement. This guy was a little impatient, although not in the menacing way that Simon was capable of. They both accepted the reasoning, though. Mouth can quite easily be washed of all traces of cum, no matter how much there'd been, but with the best will in the world traces of it would remain from a vaginal or anal fucking. Besides, she'd be tender in both holes, thus limiting the potential for good penetration for Robert tomorrow. Despite the promise of a fairly easy evening tonight, Hannah was not terribly happy. She returned with the drinks, with a sombre expression wondering which of tonight's 3 adults she would have to please first.

"Sweet, really nice legs," purred Kevin. One of society's dysfunctionals in relationships, he had the aura and appearance of a greasy teenager. He would have preferred a good fuck with a young woman or an adolescent girl, but 10-year-old Hannah was a satisfactory substitute to him.

"That's not all that's nice," said Simon.

Hannah was in tight blue towelling shorts - always Sean's choice whenever he wanted to show off her little but shapely butt to a newcomer - and barefoot. On top, she had merely a T-shirt.

"Can I have a feel?" asked Kevin, to Sean, as Hannah nervously entered his orbit.

"Of course, go ahead. She's all yours," said Sean. "Stay there, Hannah."

She stood there as the new pervert in her life, leaning forward in his seat, wrapped two hands around her thigh and avariciously ran them up and down. He did the same with her other leg. His eyes poured over her torso as he slithered his fingers in all directions on her ultra-smooth leg flesh. He licked his lips. Sean predicted that this guy was going to get needy and addicted to Hannah if they let him in to the inner circle. It was quite amusing, though, and always a pleasure to see Hannah appreciated by others. Sean wondered how many 'actual' teenage boys would gladly have their way with a 10-year-old. Quite a lot, probably. An idea for future recruits perhaps.

"Fucking nice, sweetie," said Kevin. "So, let's see what you've got up here." He gave the front of her T-shirt a little tug.

Hannah clearly did not like his unceremonious manner, and would have to get used to him. "No rush," said Simon.

"No point dawdling, either," said Sean, keen to see what the new guy made of her nude upper half. "Take your top off, Hannah."

With a somewhat terse expression, which enhanced her prettiness in a curious way, she did as told. "Wow," said Kevin. "I like."

He pawed intently at the slight 'suggestion' of raises Hannah had where in a year or two would be little breasts proper. Then he got up, knelt down in front of her and began a slow grope of her sides. Without warning, he yanked her shorts and knickers right down simultaneously, and feasted his eyes upon the bald puffy slit that Sean and Simon knew only too well. Kevin then began kissing her stomach, whilst groping firmly on her hips and bum. Soon, the inevitable fascination with the latter took hold, and the other two men watching knowingly as Kevin's hands traced the miniature-female shape of her buttocks and edged his fingers into her crack. Hannah gave little forward twitches of her waist at these molestations, and frowned now and then but without protest.

"Okay, Hannah," said Simon. "Go up and show my buddy here a good time, now."

"Cool. Come on, princess," said Kevin.

"OK, remember - no pussy or ass-fucking," said Sean, "but you can lick and finger down there. No other rules. If you do her mouth, let Hannah show you the way. She'll let you know if it's too much. On the other hand, don't take any shit from her."

"I'm not gonna give him any shit," she protested.

"Oi, don't swear!" said Sean. "Off you go, then."

Kevin went upstairs with the naked 10-year-old child, looking like a cat that had got the cream.


They had told him to take about half an hour, but that 'nobody was timing it'. In the event, he took 45 minutes, much to the curiosity of Sean and Simon who chatted and waited downstairs. Mostly it was very quiet up there, with murmurs of Kevin's voice and possibly the odd moan from Hannah. There was the odd short-lived burst of coughing from Hannah, and grunts from Kevin. When they came down, Hannah was back in her T-shirt and shorts, and Kevin had that male look of satisfaction. She always looked kind of insecure or even ashamed at these moments, despite all her months of accustomization to a very adult lifestyle. She paused there in the doorway, her somewhat blank but pretty-as-hell face glancing at Sean and Simon. They indicated for her to sit between them on the sofa.

"She went off to the bathroom and washed her mouth out," said Kevin. "She said this was what you would want, is that okay?"

"Yes, fine, fine," said Sean. "She's a good girl, she knows the rules."

"I told you," said Hannah to Kevin, a little sourly.

"Hey, watch your tone," said Simon, giving the side of her hair a little tweak.

"Hey, she's okay, aren't you, girl?" said Kevin, standing behind her and giving her head a stroke. "God, she's fucking amazing."

Hannah's mouth smiled at the compliment, but her sexy ocean-blue eyes somehow did not. For a while, they all just talked, keeping things non-sexual aside from the occasional little caresses of Hannah's hair or shoulders, or gropes of her thighs. Soon, Kevin could not resist speaking of the fun he'd had up there with his mouth on her cunt and arse, and praising the cuteness of the latter. From there, conversation got on to the possibility and extent that a girl Hannah's age could have orgasms. Kevin was full of ignorance on this, so Sean decided to attempt a demo. He slipped his hand inside her shorts, and for 10 minutes kept casually finger-working her child-cunt while chatting. Hannah sat with her smooth young thighs nicely open as instructed until finally she was panting, her face a little pink and grimacing in a kind of hybrid of pleasure and corruption.

"Wow, yeah," said Kevin.

"Enjoying that, aren't you, sweetie?" said Simon. He gave her a few lingering kisses on her forehead.

"Yeah," she gasped, offering a coy smile.

"She can moan a lot better than this," said Sean. "Just a bit embarrassed in new company."

"Aww, no need to be," said Kevin.

"Come on, Hannah," said Simon. "Give us something louder, even if you have to act it."

Recognizing his no-nonsense tone when she heard it, Hannah obliged, and sounded rather like an amateur in a 3rd-rate porn movie. Nevertheless, it was erotic as hell to all 3 guys. "Do your thrusting down there," said Sean to Hannah. "Come on."

After a few more minutes of this, Sean announced another demonstration - "speaking of her arse" - for Kevin's further education in pedo sex. He got naked with Hannah and performed the bum-grind - always a favourite for Sean, whenever actual asshole penetration was being abstained from. After 5 minutes of buffeting the 10-year-old's delectable soft, small butt-cheeks on all fours, Sean climaxed with carnal adult energy all the more striking set against the smallness of the female body receiving it. Grasping her shoulders, he lunged repeatedly as he splattered her back. As usual, Hannah frowned at the indignity and the bumping.

Soon afterwards, Simon claimed her. "Okay, my little lover," he said, and began man-to-child kissing.

Sean and Kevin either watched TV or chatted to each other, sometimes stopping to spectate closely. It was always fascinating how Simon managed to kiss Hannah in the conventional, sensual way, yet it did not look 'loving'. The way he clutched her head in two hands, or curled his fingers in her hair as he worked her little mouth, helped give the aura of a beast feasting. He was expert enough to know what Hannah could deal with, though, only occasionally breaking off to instruct her to open wider or try to use her tongue 'better'. Finally, whilst keeping his own top half clothed, he mouth-fucked the naked girl.

"Oh, come on, princess," he said, when she gave a cough down there between his thighs. "I'm being nice to you tonight, letting you lead."

By that he meant not doing it in the standing and more forcible way he often preferred. He slouched on the sofa, arms recreationally outspread like some kind of orgiastic Roman dignitary, as Hannah's preteen but practised mouth worked the rugged 37-year-old's erection up to ejaculation. When it came, his stroking of her sleek brown hair changed into a firm double-handed clasp of her skull as he shuddered out his orgasm. This was accompanied by red-faced grimaces from Hannah and the noises of her swallowing.

"Eaghhh! Yess," Simon hissed, with a final lurch into her young face.

Hannah coughed drily when she was finally allowed to break off. The men congratulated her nicely, and the only other thing she had to do that evening was take receipt of a Kevin attempt at copying Sean's earlier bum-grind. They promised him he could have a go at 'proper' anal sex on her - or indeed a cunt-fuck - some other time. They asked Hannah, who nodded and uttered it would be ok.

The End


Any thoughts and reflections on this story or the series as a whole are welcome in email.

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I am new to your series. With so many stories to this series, it would be nice if you included a list of story titles and their order in one of your posts so I could try to read them in order.


I was thinking of doing something like that, anon. I'll post up an index tomorrow.


You are certainly into realism and Hannah is presented with it. I like your careless and careful approach to her in equal measure. It's tense and corrupt in there and you can sense the fear and disquiet of the girl. I wonder if she will ever enjoy sex, or if that's even necessary. Would the paedophile lose his control and the story its edge, if she suddenly turned into a knowing porn star type?

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