Playtoy Baby, Part 2

[ F/g, inc, exhib, mast, anal, bond, dom, reluc ]

by Eriko


Published: 6-Jul-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Time passing so slowly, more slowly than even the snail that I am watching as it laboriously makes its way through the garden. Sitting back on my heels, brushing the small tendrils of yellow hair that have escaped away from my face, I try hard to forget about the disturbing events that occurred last night. I enjoy looking at flowers in the garden of our home when I'm alone. They offer a small reprieve from my unfortunate childhood. I can see them grow, so peaceful and undisturbed, and sometimes I wish I was a flower like them. It fills me with a sense of peace I've never known in my short life. A sense of freedom and security flows over me as I see my flowers flourishing and sadness slowly ebbs away from my soul.

The sun, falling upon my head and shoulders is growing warmer. Slowly, quietly I reach down for my water jug and take a cooling sip. Afraid to take my eyes off the bright and colorful garden bed in front of me, afraid perhaps that while I'm not looking they will wither and die? I laugh at myself and the little snail still making its way across the ground and busy little bees flying from flower to flower in warm sunshine. The warmth of the sun on my bare neck and shoulders, the soft sound of the wind chimes on the deck behind me and the gentle breeze through my long hair all lull me into a quiet place of peace, a dream state where everything is possible and nothing is real.

The heavy tread of boots upon the deck behind me seems to stop my heart, halt my breath, heighten my sense of hearing and I am listening, waiting for her next step, breath or word. I can feel her gaze upon my body as clearly as if it were her hands touching me. "Come here Baby Girl," her voice is husky as always. Clearing my throat, feeling my body shiver, I tremble in response to just this simple command and answer "Yes Mommy". Pushing up to a kneeling position and then up to my feet, I straighten and turn to face her. She stands on the deck, feet encased in black leather boots. Her stance alone shouts out her strength, and her eyes sparkling in the mid-day sun are filled with Honor and Integrity.

Slowly walking towards her, I dust my hands off on my cut-off shorts and try to tuck my wild, wind blown hair into submission. As I reach the deck she holds out her hand to help me up, as always her chivalry is a wonder to me. Our hands touching, clasped together, she pulls me up and quickly against her body. My breath leaves me, leaving in its place stillness; a hush, the only sound my heart beating wildly within my chest as I realise how small I am compared to her. One hand cupping my bottom, the other coming up to cup the back of my head, Mommy asks: "Will I be pleased?" and, knowing what she is asking, I answer "Yes Mommy."

"Show me, little one. Unbutton those shorts for me," Mommy demands. Suddenly I am conscious of the sound of cars passing by on the street in front of our house, the neighbor mowing their lawn somewhere off to our left and the fact that we are standing in plain view of a dozen windows. Somewhere up there is Mrs Bella's window too, she who gives me chocolate sometimes and asks me how is school. What would she think of me now if she saw what my Mommy makes me do? Would she shut her door when she saw me, with the look of disgust drawn upon her face? Would she scoff at me and call me Baby-Whore like my Mommy does? Lost in these thoughts I feel the sudden coolness of a wall against my back, Mommy's hands planted on either side of my face. "Was I UNCLEAR?" She demands in a low voice. "No, I..." my answer trails off as I see the look in her eyes. Self-conscious, my hands drop to my waist and slowly unbutton my shorts, draw down the zipper and quickly fall to my sides.

Slowly, softly one of her hands trails down my neck, down over my chest, over my stomach until it reaches the bare patch of skin peeking out from my shorts. Fiercely, Mommy pushes down my shorts and reaches between my thighs, her fingers gliding along my pussy feeling how wet I am for her. A soft growl of appreciation deep in her throat makes my body tremble against the wall. "Mommy is most pleased", she says huskily. A devilish smile touches the corners of her mouth as she presses her body against mine. "Worried what the neighbors might think, little one?" She whispers into my ear. I try to respond, but the words seem caught in my throat and the only sound that emerges is a soft whimper.

Taking my hand in hers, Mommy leads me to the plastic baby pool in the middle of our lawn, filled with few inches of water. "Take off your clothes, lay back in the pool and Don't Move until Daddy and I return," Mommy orders. As the words leave her mouth, a sweet sense of floating sweeps over me. I push down my shorts, step out of them and strip off my T-shirt. Standing now, feeling the cool breeze that seems to caress my body here in the shade, I no longer feel exposed. Lying back in the baby pool as Mommy had instructed me, I feel the water come over my ears and just under my mouth and chin. There is a sense of luxuriousness in this sweet moment; the heat of August day, the warm water of the pool, the soft ocean scented breeze, the clouds I see as I look up into the sky through the branches of the Redwoods. I am lost in this moment, waiting for Mommy to return. The water has calmed down and stopped its gentle splashing against my skin and I let my eyes fall shut as I wait in this sweet moment of surrender. I can feel my nipples tightening as the breeze flows over and around my wet body, my heart beating, my tummy rising with each breath, and at the sound of Mommy and Daddy's footsteps approaching, the wetness that is running down between my thighs. "Such a good girl. Now, open your legs for Daddy so he can take your picture," she says huskily. And, although I know that at any moment we could be interrupted, that Mrs Bella could be appalled by the sight before her if she saw us, or that right now any of our neighbors could be watching me being photographed naked, I do just as I'm told. My eyes still closed, I can feel Mommy's eyes touching my body, roaming over what she describes as a delicious morsel and knows is HERS to be used as she pleases while Daddy's camera is recording my abuse. The sound of Mommy's belt being undone makes my body tremble and I feel a sweet rush of wetness between my wide-open thighs. With my eyes closed, I cannot tell where she or Daddy are. I know only that I am safe, that my submission is held with strong, care-filled hands. Suddenly I feel a blindfold covering my eyes, and each of my wrists, in turn, bound down to the sides of the pool. My breath grows ragged and seems harshly loud to my ears. Fear and excitement fight for supremacy within me.

"Your such a good little model" Mommy whispers in my ear as I feel her belt softly dragged across my stomach and set down there. Suddenly Mommy plunges her fingers deep inside of me and my hips rise up to meet her thrust. A low throaty groan of pleasure issues from deep within her throat and I can feel my pussy contracting around her fingers, followed by rapid fire of Daddy's camera. "So wet, so wet for me. Who do you belong to?" Mommy demands harshly. "You, Mommy, I belong to you, only to you," I whimper in return. Slowly withdrawing her fingers, Mommy drags the belt across and off my tummy, the sound of the buckle sending new shivers of anticipation through my ten-year-old body.

Softly, at first, Mommy begins to give me strokes with her belt as Daddy moves closer and positiones himself for the best shot. A gentle slap to each of my little breast bumps followed by the sound of the camera shutter. It brings gasps from my mouth that I cannot control. Not knowing where the next stoke will land I wait feeling exposed before the camera, a breathless child-model, until I feel a stroke across my left inner thigh. The cool water against my skin has left me hyper-sensitive, the waiting, the yearning for Mommy have all left me weak and wet with desire and ashamed for being filmed by Daddy. A stroke, this time on my right inner thigh, and now a stroke right on my exposed pussy, Mommy in control, Daddy capturing every moment of my shame, timing each stroke and each click of the camera so that I have time to breath and time to wait and wonder where and when the next stroke will be. Each stroke of the belt a little bit harder, each click of the camera a little bit closer, each sting a little bit sweeter until I don't think, I can't think but I am swept away on a current of pleasure, a flight of freedom.

Mommy's hands now glide over my body, touching here, caressing there, pinching my nipples, her mouth on my neck and her teeth nipping, biting. "Open up your anus for Mommy," She demands. "Yes Mommy," I whisper and as the words leave my mouth I feel Mommy's finger plunge into my unprotected anus. "Yes, Baby Girl, open.. your.. little.. hole.. for.. ME!" with each word Mommy thrusts her finger, her hand deeper and harder inside my burning bottom hole. I can feel myself approaching the edge, feel the orgasm about to take me when Mommy suddenly stops all movement and demands "No, you cannot cum until I tell you to, is that clear baby-whore?" "Yes, yes Mommy," I manage to whisper.

Softly, slowly she begins to move her finger in and out of my anus again while giving Daddy ample space to record this abuse with his camera. She adds the second finger, then the third. Daddy is extactic as he calls for the fourth. She tries to push in the fourth finger inside my bottom hole but it won't yield to her assault no matter how much Daddy urges her or how hard she tries. I can sense their frustration as I try to assist in their molestation by stretching my hole despite the burning pain it causes me. Daddy goes frantic with his camera, recording every detail of assault from a sickening close up. With each thrust of Mommy's hand, I can feel my body opening, stretching wider and wider wanting to take all of her fingers deep inside me. I want her whole hand inside my small body. I want Daddy to film me from the inside while I feel Mommy deep inside me, moving, pushing, shoving, hurting. I am swept up, only hearing Mommy's breath and the sounds of her hand thrusting inside of me, only feeling her fingers and hand as they push deeper and deeper still inside the very core of me. She is stretching my anus wide open now, unconcerned for my suffering; her fingers know no boundaries. And somewhere at the edge of my consciousness I hear the buzz of Daddy's camera recording the horror of shameful things done to me by my own Mommy.

Moans of pure pleasure and pain escape my throat, my head tossing side to side as the water splashes around me and I beg for mercy and forgiveness. Water in the baby pool is deep enough to enter my mouth and gag me. It enters my nose and makes me fight for air. Suddenly, thrusting all four of her fingers deep inside my bottom, Mommy stops all movement. I feel as open as I can get, exposed and sacrificed for Mommy and Daddy's pleasure, as surrendered as a child in her mother's arms and I feel the last bit of resistance, of fear and shame fall away. Mommy's hand, her fingers are deep inside of me. I can feel the whole of her deep within my body, my anus clamped tight around intrusive fingers and just the slightest movement of her inside me sends waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. My Mommy is abusing her little girl and I never want her to stop.

I can feel Daddy's camera moving close between my stretched open legs, like a giant gun ready to fire its deadly blast at my open wide genitals. "YES, Yes Baby Girl, my good girl, give it to me NOW, Mommy wants all of it," Mommy demands and I let go of my tiny thread of control. Mommy's four long fingers within me, moving faster and faster, her words, her demand of all of me sends me over the edge into orgasm and as I feel myself awash in wave after wave of pleasure, shame, bliss and tears, a squirt of girl-cum escapes my abused little pussy and hits the lens of Daddy's camera.

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