Girl Scout Camp Nookies

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Published: 4-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was set up!

Honestly, you'd *think* you could trust your own wife and daughter to be on *your* side, especially when it comes to things like this.

I woke up about the fourth (or was it fifth now?) morning of Girl Scout Camp to birds tweeting, the soft shirrush of pine trees in a light breeze, and green canvas over my head. I also woke up to feeling a bit crowded and strained. It took me a bit to remember exactly where I was... At Girl Scout Camp, in a tent, and the soft pressure on each side reminded me that I was also in a double-sleeping-bag (two sleeping bags zipped together to make one) lying between the soft warm bodies of two pubescent, extremely sexy, and *very* naked teenaged girls.

Oh God.

I carefully unzipped the side of the bag; trying my best to not wake up the two sexy nymphets who had been sharing the bag with me the previous night. Their bags zipped together, their tent, and one supposedly oversexed pervert sleeping between two sexy, horny, and beautiful young women in the prime of their fertility and sexuality; both girls carrying what was likely several tablespoons of my sperm-laden seed in their sexy young tummies and developing fertilities from the almost-orgy of the night before. Thank goodness for modern medicine! Because of the lack of availability of condoms or other such barriers at a Girl Scout Camp, I was painfully aware that if not for the protection of modern birth-control pills that almost all mothers gave their little girls these days, likely both sexy teenagers would be giving birth to my kids in a hair over nine months from the previous night. An incredibly erotic thought; but quite scary too.

Oh God. I should have known better than to volunteer.

As I carefully peeled back the top layer of sleeping bag, my horny gaze rested on the perfect pink rosiness of a delicious teenaged ass. Carla was sleeping on her tummy; a tiny wisp of white showing where a tissue kept my seed in her vagina from leaking out and making a sticky mess of the sleeping bag. The sight was enough to make my prick hard as a brick and *tempt* me into porking the girl one more time before hurrying off to the latrine to relieve the now incredible strain my bladder had from a full night. While that gave me a piss-hard, the real thing was soon threatening to keep me from going, even once I made it down the trail to where the wooden shelter was.

My first mistake of the morning was looking vainly around for my clothes. Nothing. Not even the short skirts, blouses, and sexy panties that these girls called a "uniform". Only two shoes, a pair of socks, and two sets of "flip-flops", one pink and one blue, that I vaguely remembered as belonging to the two girls still snoozing lightly on either side of me. No clothes.

Oh God ... Again! Once more I remembered how thoroughly my wife and kid had set me up. It's bad enough when all the nubile young girls in the neighborhood know you're a pervert, and expect you to perform. Having two or three sexy, nubile, fertile, and pubescent Girl Scouts drop over to your house every day; each leaving satisfied from a few minutes to a few hours later with thick heavy gobs of your cum inside each of their sexy bodies, tight little slits, and developing young wombs, kinda' makes a name for you among the neighbors. That's bad enough; as it tempts other girls in the same age ranges or at least similar ones, from 10-year-old Brownies to 18-year-old Seniors in High-School, all wanting to see if you are as good in bed as they hear from their Girl Scout classmates ... and even your own daughter, now carrying her own baby brother, now four months along, in her cute and sexy young tummy.

Well ... How is a pervert to refuse? Especially when something *truly* erotic happens, like the Den Mother of the Brownie Scouts drops off THAT whole troop on you one day, and tells all fifteen little girls, ranging in age from seven years old to eleven ... Just under Girl Scout Age, to "Do whatever Mr. Jenkins tells you to," and the FIRST thing the kids want to do is go swimming in your pool ... But not one brought along swimsuits, so they all go skinny-dipping; getting completely undressed in front of the neighborhood pervert (me) before I could even object. This led to me feeling up all 15 kids, finger fucking most of them, near-fucking five of them, and actually getting my prick inside the two oldest (twins); where I was actually ejaculating my sperm in one of them when her mother came over to pick the kid up. This led to the mother wanting a little of what her daughter got ... and me knobbing a mother daughter TRIO; as the two little preteens were supposedly "way too young" to even need birth-control; and their mother was living alone with them, so she also (again) supposedly "didn't need it." Yeah, right. I figured afterwards that once again I had been set-up by my lovely yet perverted wife; and the whole thing was planned from beginning to end.

I *was* going to write that story up as "Brownie Bake Sale" or "How I ate six Brownies in one sitting"; but I guess it's not necessary, as you get the idea of what happened right here. Well: Almost all. From then on, once I did such a good job of "taking care of" the group, I found myself saddled every Wednesday night with a giggling group of naked little preteens; all wondering what kind of sexy games the neighborhood pervert would want to play with their smooth young bodies and tight little cunny-holes. A few of the older girls even got to feel my prick stretching their tight little slits, while the younger kids stared enviously as I jerked and pumped thick white gobs of baby-goo into their older playmates' sexy young tummies.

Like I said, it's bad enough being a pervert that everybody knows likes to fuck little girls ... especially sexy, pubescent, nubile, and *fertile* little girls. My proclivities were well too known, it seems; and even those cute and sexy little Girl Scouts with pill-protected tummies knew they could get me to ejaculate amazing amounts of thick white baby-goo in their tight little slits, just by whispering sexily in my ear, "Ooh, Daddy. Knock me up. I want to feel your baby in my belly," while squirming their tight little baby-tubes sexily around my swollen and cum-spitting prick. It's *unfair* to take such advantage of me. I have a reputation to protect.

And THAT is the other problem. Like I said, it's bad enough having the reputation of a pervert. People don't have enormous expectations of virility from perverts. Perverts just like to fuck little girls; not keep up with the horny demands of adult women; so not all that much stamina is expected of them.

Super-studs who fuck five, six, and even seven or more times a day; ejaculating sperm filled seed in fertile belly after sexy young belly of wife, horny teenaged daughter, between two to four horny and eager Girl Scouts, and other neighbor girls who started dropping over when my proclivities for young stuff got to be obvious ... and then add in a few *adult* women, once they learned from Scout Leaders and Den Mothers, that it wasn't just *little* girls that attracted me sexually, but any female that was possibly fertile: be that girl only seven or woman over thirty.

Then my wife and own little girl who I was also screwing and knocking up, got together and told the Girl Scout Council ... Who already knew all about the "Girl Scout Nookies" I'd bought during the sale a few months previously... And so I ended up in *this* mess.

It was two weeks earlier that I first learned that my "services" had been "volunteered" to "help out at Girl Scout Camp".

Now normally I wouldn't mind helping out at a Girl Scout Jamboree or something like that. I'd known for over a year that Karen's troop had been planning an outing at "Camp Lotta Sticky Nookie" as the girls called it, since about seventy-five girls camped out for two weeks with only a few of their mothers and other female Camp Counselors along with two women cooks, meant no horny boyfriends, brothers, fathers, or any *other* male members of the human race were there to relieve the pressures that teenaged girls get ... especially nubile and pubescent Girl Scouts, in the prime of their fertility, sexuality, and health who played games in the healthful and pristine surroundings of a Girl Scout Camp that was miles from the nearest town and horny males.

Oh, there *used* to be a Boy Scout Camp about three miles away; but when all too many of the girls managed to get lost at night on their way over to "visit" the boys, and similar lost kids in the Boy's camp happened each year, as horny boys headed for the nearest available font of almost unending pussy ....

Well, that, and the final capper of six girls having to get married after supposedly being "alone" with no male company for two weeks, in the last memorable year ... and the Boy Scout Camp was moved to a different lake over twenty miles away. The previously well-satisfied male cooks and counselors of the Boy Scout Camp were considerably unhappy with this change; many quitting when a considerable part of what they considered the unlisted "perks" of working out in the middle of nowhere were suddenly removed. But that, of course, is yet another story.

Now I have a reputation of being able to fix almost anything from a broken chair to a burned-out lightbulb, to the bleeding a girl gets every month between her legs. -Big Grin!- So when I found out my wife and daughter had "volunteered me" to be the "fixit man" for a Scout Troop of essentially not-mechanically-inclined young girls and similar women, at first I was pretty happy with the thought.

I was especially happy at not having to do without all the teenaged pubescent pussy I had been getting since buying out the local supply of Girl Scout Nookies at their sale a couple of months previously. The whole troop and two others away at Girl Scout Camp for two weeks would have been bad enough; depriving me of not only their nookies, but my wife and sexy young daughter's as well!

Now that was bad enough. But the local groups, including my daughter's troop, had all made such a nice profit selling both cookies AND nookies (one group somehow managing to sell an entire semi-load of cookies; and another one not far behind) that this time the whole local group of three troops were going to get together for a whole *month* of "fun in the sun". To say I was wondering how I could possibly survive without even my sexy wife or horny young daughter to fuck, would be an enormous understatement! Then, to get a reprieve, where I would be staying at the same Camp, the only male in miles, my wife and horny nymphet of a daughter there with us, and over 500 "Girl Scout Nookie" chits remaining in my stash ... Well, I was not only relieved, but eager!

I was actually looking forward to the campout myself. I knew that a Girl Scout outing, even with girls dressed up in "official" Scout clothing, was exciting for a pervert like me. Just being surrounded by sexy young pubescent females in the prime of their fertility would likely keep me hard all day long. Knowing how all three troops had cut their clothes into sexy outfits that most cheerleaders would envy, gave me visions of seeing enormous quantities of soft pink female flesh that most men only saw in their most erotic wet-dreams.

But that wasn't the limit. Girl Scouts, like all kids their ages, like to go *swimming* and *boating* and *other water sports*. The "uniform" for such activities is *not* the (comparatively) staid and demure Girl Scout Uniform ... even as cut down into erotic displays like the girls of Karen's troop had, but: *swimsuits*!!!

Now if you think of "swimsuits" worn even by Girl Scouts as one-piece outfits like girls wore when you were a kid ... Well, you have no idea of how much styles and fashions have changed over the years. I had already seen about a dozen of Karen's classmates and fellow Girl Scouts parading around the pool out back, in outfits that would have given my own parents heart-attacks. Well, OK: DAD would have had a hard-attack; and I wouldn't blame him! Modern two-piece tiny pieces of cloth that really didn't cover anything important, held together not by wrap-around clothing like even the "bikinis" of my day; but tiny strings that looked about to come untied (and sometimes did) left teenaged bodies completely uncovered to perverted male eyes like mine; showing soft rounded bare butts, smooth bronzed bodies, and even soft mounds of titties barely covered by tiny triangles of cloth, that sometimes didn't even hide the entire mound underneath the straining "garment" but only the child's nipple and aureole, if that! Down below, equally tiny triangles *didn't* hide much of the girls' developing puberty at all. Some even had the bottom tips of those triangles vanishing *into* the girls' pubic mounds, instead of covering them in a "camel toe" like you would expect. Many of the girls would look less sexy completely stark-staring-naked than they did completely "dressed" to go swimming, like I expected to see several dozen girls so-attired each day.

A pervert's dream of heaven, wouldn't you say?

I was set up!

How could I possibly have resisted such an attractive scenario, even if I *had* known? I know ... I know ... I *should* have suspected something strange was going on, when the wife and daughter *both* managed to pack with only one tiny suitcase apiece. Usually the wife, and especially Karen seems to pack enough clothing and junk for just a two-day excursion to fill up the entire rear of the station-wagon. This time, I lifted both of their suitcases in each hand and tossed them into the back, before adding my own case, heavy with enough clothing for two weeks, and the rest of the case packed with horny stories of little girls getting porked, along with porn and even some of what would be considered "child porn" if I hadn't bought it over-the-counter years earlier when such things were completely legal. Pretty sexy young girls taking thick spurting male pricks up in their tight little cunnies ... Just like I had been doing every day since the Girl Scout Nookie Sale that had made life so much more enjoyable for a dirty old pervert like me.

Now WHY did I pack away *jack-off material* when going to a Girl Scout Camp? OK ... If that was any *normal* such camp, such extra material would have been a *necessity* for any normally horny man. Otherwise, the presence of so much prime pussy in the peak of fertility would have either broken the man, or turned him into a child-rapist, if denied the relief-of-pressure of jacking-off. Besides, this troop to the contrary, *most* Girl Scouts just aren't interested in having sex with Dirty Old Men like me. Teasing old men with their firm young bodies, and showing off their budding sexuality, yes: all the time. But actually helping one of those poor men relieve the pressure in his balls that *they* created? Sadly, no. Not a chance.

THIS camp, of course was different. But then, so am I. I understand that *most* men "need sex" about once or twice a week. That being about how often they jack-off, if no woman is available to "service their needs". Oh, *most* of those same men could "get it up" sometimes as often as two or three times a day, if pressed, and if some unusually sexy woman or women preferably aroused him to such heights. Like I said, I was different. Even when having sex from my lovely wife two or three times a day, I often still jack-off five or six times a day. Yes, that often. In one memorable day, I once fucked my wife three times, and jacked off the same day seven more. The technical term for men like me is a "satyr"; named after horny goatlike men who supposedly are permanently obsessed with sex.

Even after buying out the local Girl Scout Troop's entire stock of "Girl Scout Nookies" (See the story of the same name.) and finding out that my own sexy little girl liked sex: full cum-squirting and baby-making vaginal intercourse from her own pervert of a dad pumping thick white gobs of baby-goo in her flat little tummy even more often than my horny wife did, I *still* needed to jack-off on occasion, but just not nearly as often; sometimes only needing to "beat my meat" one or two times after filling my little girl's tummy with sticky Daddy-cum two or three times, my wife's sexy tummy once or twice, and the pill-protected bellies of two or three Girl Scouts in the afternoon, or the open and fertile tummy of one or the other of the two non-protected girls in the Troop, if I was lucky and it was close to time for the girl to be ovulating and ready for a sperm to knock the kid up.

So, to keep from being the Camp Rapist, I *needed* such material, just as a more "normal" man might in a more "normal" Girl Scout Camp.

I hadn't realized yet that I had been set up. My reputation had preceded me. Both wife and daughter gave completely unrealistic stories about me. They thought they were doing me a favor, I guess. -Sigh.-

Yes, I was halfway up the trail to from the Parking Lot where all vehicles were kept, to the slightly over a mile of where the Camp actually resided and everything was packed-in, when I realized something was up ... and most likely it would be my prick!

Actually, at first I didn't even realize what I was seeing, as a beautiful young girl passed by in the opposite direction and I admired her body. In fact, it wasn't until Karen reprimanded me by saying dryly, "Dad! Get your tongue back in your body. She wasn't *that* good looking!" that I realized that: A. I had been unabashedly staring; and B. The sexy Girl Scout walking the other direction was only wearing heavy shoes and an official Girl Scout Cap as her "uniform". Nothing else; not regular uniform, panties, bra, or even string-bikini marred the perfection of the girl's naked body, from sexy long black hair to smooth young thighs, to the soft bushy triangle of fur barely covering the girl's pouting cunny-lips between those thighs.

"What's the matter, Hon?" asked my wife; seeming to be surprised at my surprise. "Didn't we tell you? The whole camp is likely that way. Since there are only girls there (except you, of course) the Troop Leaders thought that washing and taking care of clothes would be just unneeded effort; especially since the girls will likely be in and out of the lake all day long. So, they decided it will be "clothing optional" for most of the people there; but most of the girls will likely be naked from sunrise to sunset, except (of course) at the fire each night."

"Most of the people?" I asked; suddenly suspicious ... and rightfully so, it turned out.

"Well, Daddy," Karen spoke up brightly, "The Troop Leaders decided it wouldn't be fair to us girls if the 'Staff' was always dressed. So, to make a good example, all the people who are *not* Girl Scouts themselves, will spend the entire time naked too ... Well, except for aprons by the cooks and such. They don't want anybody getting burned."

"ALL the staff?" I growled.

"Uhuh," she answered cheerfully, "That's including YOU too, Daddy. After all, it's Summer; and you won't NEED any clothing, unlike the cooks." My daughter looked at me expectantly; never seeming to doubt in the least that her admitted pervert of a father would love running around naked, the only male in miles, with close to eighty other nubile, pubescent, fertile, and equally naked young females in the same camp.

I *almost* turned around and went home. The girls should have, at the very *least* asked me first. I might be a pervert; but walking around naked all day long with a hard-on pointing at each girl, like I was expecting her to have sex with me ... or at least *wishing* she was, was enough to scare even a pervert of my caliber. And, with at least 75 sexy, nubile, pubescent, and lovely Girl Scouts, ranging in age from barely-eligible to be in the Scouts at 12 years old to late teenagers of 16 or even 18, ready to go off to college, along with five to ten beautiful women also going around stark-naked, I *would* be seeming to proposition each girl and woman into having sex with me right there, as my prick showed off my arousal and obvious sexual interest in each child, girl, teenager, or woman as appropriate. I told my precocious slut of a daughter this. My almost four-months *pregnant* precocious slut of a daughter.

It was THEN, that I learned how I had been set up.

"Oh, Daddy!" Karen giggled; shaking all over with amusement. Somehow during our walk towards the Campground, my sexy little daughter had been shedding article after article of clothing, until the girl was almost as stripped as the wet-dream we had passed on the way up. "Of *course* everybody in Camp is going to know you want to have sex with them. All the girls in Camp are *expecting* you to!"

"Uhuh," she confirmed. "Counting the staff, there's close to ninety women in camp ... Eighty-four, if I remember rightly; or three women a day for the next four weeks. Actually, you'll be expected to sleep with two different girls every night, and have sex with at least one other girl every day, just to keep things fair (not counting me and Mom, of course ... They don't expect you to give US up, so we can fuck you whenever we want to.) so each one of us at Camp will get to have sex with you at least twice; and most of the girls will get to have you share a tent with them at least once."

I *should* have run down the road screaming, and took off; leaving the wife and kid to explain things to the rest of the Girl Scouts without me.

I should have.

Of course, I didn't.

There's one thing about having a reputation. Deserved or not, and good or bad, a person usually tries to live up to it. Thus Billy The Kid shot far more people than he had to; just to keep up the image of being a bad-guy. Many politicians or Movie Stars also get sucked into the trap of having reputations to live up to.

Now I didn't *mind* so much having the reputation of being a pervert. It got me more little-girl-pussy and fertile young woman tail than any Dirty Old Man like me has any right to ever even dream about. Already, with all the Girl Scout Nookies I'd bought a month or two earlier, I was getting more pubescent tail than likely any previous pervert in history.

Thinking about Girl Scout Nookies, and the chits I had carefully packed away in the suitcase along with the now-useless clothes that were getting heavier and heavier as we finally approached the outskirts of Camp ... "What about the chits I have?" I asked. "I know the girls will honor them, even under these conditions, but ... uh ... do I have to 'spend' them on each girl I have sex with? I'll be half out by the time camp is over," I complained.

"Oh Daddy, we KNOW that! There's no charge for any nookies you get at Girl Scout Camp, even from those you bought boxes from. It's like the food here. The Girl Scout Camp Cookies are free ... and so are the Girl Scout Camp Nookies!"

"Oh." What else could I say? How could I possibly turn down an entire month of *FREE* Girl Scout Camp Nookies? Could you?

"You new arrivals can drop your clothing and luggage in the building over there," informed a buxom woman wearing little more than a smile, a Girl Scout Cap like the young woman on the trail, and two flip-flops like I soon learned were ubiquitous and the preferred footwear around Camp; needing minimal care, no socks to wash, and not being bothered by entry into or out of the water the girls were in and out of all day long.

"There are lockers for everybody. Take the key from the locker with you. It has a band you can wear around your wrist, or with the snap, put in your hair." She raised her cap to show her own "key"; looking more like a fancy butterfly clasp fastened securely in her bob of a hairdo as some kind of decoration than something to open a locker with. Obviously somebody somewhere had paid attention to the needs of naked women. "I'll get you two adults your hats," she added, "when you come back out." It seems the GS caps were uniforms worn to identify Staff; as otherwise every naked body looked like another naked body. The girls needed to know who to ask for help or direction; and who was authorized to give them.

Well ... That started the nightmare.

Oh yeah ... I suppose to YOU, the thought of having almost constant sex, hour after hour, day after day, and week after week for a whole month with over 80 horny and nubile young girls, sexy and pubescent young women, needing and experienced adult women, and likely any other fertile female who happened to be even visiting the camp using your prick as a tool to get off on (or so it seemed to me while it was going on) would seem like a wet-dream of what Heaven could only hope to be. Only *most* men would collapse in sexual exhaustion after the third fuck. Because my body was used to such sexual exercise every day, thankfully augmented recently by the Girl Scout Troop Nookie Sale, I barely managed to survive. Barely.

I was just sliding my suitcase, clothes I was wearing, and stray accouterments like wallet, knife, and pens into the locker and collecting my fancy jewel of a "key" when I noticed a lovely young lady beside me; staring hopefully at likely the first man she'd seen in several days; as many of the girls had started arriving up to almost a week before "official" opening of the camp. She was delicious.

Soft brown hair half-covered firm young breasts that announced the nubility of the girl. Smooth, completely golden skin, without even the faintest hint of a "tan line" showed this was either the girl's natural color, or that the youngster usually went sunning herself "au natural" as was the rule at Scout Camp. Likely the third loveliest fur bush (after my wife and daughter's) I'd ever seen softly covered the tight little hole and pouting mound of the teenager ... likely 14 or 15 at the oldest.

"Mmmm .... Is THAT for me?" she purred; looking hopefully at the swollen erection pointing obscenely at her perfect tummy and soft pink navel that would set porno directors raving.

"Uh ...." I looked to the left and right at my wife and daughter ... and got no sympathy from either one. My wife smiled, and Karen shrugged, as if to say, "Why not?"

So ... I did it. Right there, in the locker-room, on top of a pile of my now-discarded clothing, I took the girl; hugged her close, kissed her on the lips, sucked on the two delicious nipples, poked my tongue in her soft little navel, worked my way down the girl's body until I was lapping from the Fountain of Youth; and brought the young woman to a screeching orgasm, before fitting my swollen and now cum-dribbling prick into the soft wet pinkness of her waiting vagina.

Unexpectedly, there was a snapping sensation as I slid inside the girl. It seems I had just taken the maidenhead of my first virgin! Hard to believe I know, these days with boyfriends, sausages, dildos, and mostly tampons that most pubertal girls use; but they do exist. Over the next few days and weeks I was to be astounded at how many of then actually did exist. Did, because none remained at the end of Girl Scout Camp.

I *tried* to pull out; but the girl was having none of it. Squealing she pulled my body into hers; so I had no choice but to sheathe my penis inside the heat and tightness of her amazingly powerful little box. The girl (Linda, I learned afterward) had a tighter box than all the boxes of the Girl Scout Nookies that I'd already redeemed from each member of my daughter's troop.

"Oh God, I'm gonna ...," I warned the girl, before lurching as the first thin squirt of sperm-filled seed spat out of my prick and into her welcoming fertility. "I'd better ...," I started to say, "... pull out," but she pulled me forcefully into her body with a pleading, "Do it. Do it, Please? Do it?" that had me jerking thick sticky wads of baby-goo into the soft pink depths of the girl's tummy for likely the first time in her life. It isn't often a horny old goat like me is allowed to pop the cherry of a Sweet Young Thing this delicious. Ever afterwards, remembering Russ' tale, her name would be "Cherry" to me, Linda being long forgotten as the girl's name. Her golden complexion was like a gold cherry. Her soft lips were cherry red. And ... I got her cherry; the first one ever. Within a week, everybody else in camp was calling her "Cherry" too; as she adopted the name for her own.

As I pulled out, thick white curds of gooey cum slowly oozed from the crack of a peach of her now ruined virginity; only a slight pinkish tinge letting the world know the girl was now a woman.

"I'm sorry," I apologized; now slightly worried that I hadn't been able to pull out, along with doubting that a virgin would have found a need for prophylaxis prior to this. Oh, some parents put their little girls "on the pill" for such reasons, and "just in case". That didn't mean *this* girl was so-protected. "I couldn't help it," I added; looking fascinated at where my seed was oozing out of the tight little slit of the first complete virgin I'd ever had.

"Don't worry about it," shrugged the girl. "I knew what was happening, and I didn't want to stop ... Did you?"

I had to agree that I hadn't.

"So there," she decided, "What's done is done; and I'm not going to worry about it now. If something happens later...." She shrugged again. "... Well, I guess it does. In any case, I'm not blaming you for not pulling out when I wouldn't have let you go anyway."

Oh God.

The girl picked up her belongings off the floor, stuffed them hurriedly into her locker and removed the plastic key, stuck her "key" into her hair, and sauntered back out the door. A second later the girl poked her head back inside and said, "Oh ... By the way ... Thanks!" before vanishing.

Over the next few weeks I saw the girl several times, standing in line, on a boat, swimming in the lake, or walking from place to place with obviously a specific destination in mind. Never once though did I get close enough to talk to her about what we did that morning.

Only on the final day did I "meat her"; having sex with "Cherry" first as she was last; and bringing her to three screaming orgasms before dumping my seed in her belly. Only when finished that last time did I remember the girl was likely completely unprotected as there weren't any drugstores or supplies other than First-Aid in Camp; not even a condom to be had. When I started to inquire about her possible fertility, Cherry put a finger on my lips as she gathered herself up to leave. "Don't ask, and I won't tell," she quietly chided me before vanishing out of my life. Unlike many of the girls from Camp over those four weeks, most in fact, I never heard from or about "Cherry" again, except for a few seconds when the camp closed in the "reception line". When I remembered to ask about the girl a few months later, almost nobody else even seemed to know who I was talking about, even once I finally remembered that her "real" name was supposedly Linda ... -Sigh.- Or, perhaps not. My memory for names isn't all that good.

But, like I said, that was merely the FIRST seduction. Whether I was seducing every girl in camp, or every girl in camp was seducing me, it wasn't all that clear.

However, ONE thing did seem to be organized about the sexual escapades during the next month. I never screwed *any* girl in camp more than twice in the first two weeks; and never more than three or four max during the whole time I was there, except for notable exceptions like my wife, my sexy slut of a daughter, and the winners of the Volleyball contest. Each girl or woman keeping track somehow of how many times she had sex with me, and how many other girls *needed* sex yet; the most eager ones hitting twice on me early-on then waiting until I'd made the rounds with all the other girls at least twice before it became "open season" and hitting me up again for sex.

Also, if I had sex with one girl, I somehow *never* got assigned to sleep with either that girl *or* her tent-mate for at least a week afterwards.

Yes, I had sex with every girl and every woman in camp over the 28 days we stayed there. By the time I finished, I figured I had laid each and every female at least three times, and likely four ... Sleeping with all of the younger girls *not* in Karen's troop two at a time, at least once; and each of the six Girl Scout Nookie Sale girls as well.

Which brings me back to the beginning: Not quite a week into Camp, trying to sneak out of the tent where I'd spent the night having sex multiple times with two nubile and horny young teenagers, before the girls realized I was up, had a hard-on, and the kids wanted me to repeat the process of filling each of their sexy young tummies with sperm one last time, before I left the tent and "their night" with me was over. Several other girls had succeeded in such amorous temptations in the previous days; and from that experience I knew I didn't dare succumb to such delights in the morning; much as the idea seemed tempting with the perfect young bodies so sexily displayed in the dappled light of the early morning Summer sun streaming through the trees overhead, moving softly in the breeze.

Only, of course, I wasn't to get away *quite* that easy. "Please?" whimpered Denise; turning over to look sadly at me, a tear leaking from one eye as I got ready to leave and her night of carnality would cease. "Please?"

A stirring, and Carla moved on the other side; adding her pleading looks to her tentmate's. Not begging like Denise; but obviously hoping for one last round before I left to "service" other Girl Scouts in the troop.

Yeah ... I know. Sounds *wonderful*, doesn't it? Two nubile, erotic, sexy, pubescent, horny, and completely naked young teenaged girls just *begging* for you to stick your swollen prick up inside their tight little baby-holes and pump each of their cute, sexy, and fertile young tummies chock full of your thick, white, gooey, and sperm-laden cum, just like you had three times each the night before: giving each of the horny little sluts several orgasms apiece to each one of yours, before all three of you were too exhausted sexually to continue, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Well ... I might not be Superman; but I'm not heartless either. While my overworked prick and most of the sperm in my prostate would be needed for "duty" elsewhere that day in the sexy young tummies of some of the other girls, I still had tongue, fingers, toes, and other appendages.

Even with my cum still slowly oozing out of their tight little slits after the enormous quantities of sperm I'd dumped in each of the girls' tight little bellies the night before, both of the sexy young women tasted sweet and delicious: different flavors for every girl and woman I tasted during that whole month-long wet-dream. I managed to get Denise off once, and Carla twice before the pressure in my bladder forced me to leave. Well ... You couldn't say I hadn't "serviced" the two girls decently that night.

The latrine at camp was more of an open shelter than the upright wooden box you associate mostly with the term, "outhouse". Up to six girls at once could take a shit or dump, as needed. There wasn't any urinal or even equivalent hole; as the camp was built for women, not men. So I usually had to sit to pee, just like any of the girls.

Of course, I got ambushed at the latrine. After five days, this had gotten to be a habit of horny young girls wanting to get "their turn" to have intimate sex with me, full adult-male-cock-in-pubescent-young-girl-cunny, with sperm-squirting adult prick filling soft young female Girl Scout tummy with sticky gooey seed, until my prick finally wilted and gave out, even under the horny attack of two or three sexy, nubile, and pubescent teenagers working with tongues, lips, and soft young hands to get me erect again.

After I fucked two girls at the Latrine, one "doggy style" on the soft pine-needles outside the shelter, and the other inside, with me sitting down and the horny youngster bouncing up and down on my aching prick like it was the horn of a saddle and she was a cowgirl, I managed to beg-off from the other five (Two more girls had arrived and were watching interestedly while I fucked the first two.) so I could get some breakfast and recover.

Breakfast that morning was (I *think* I remember which morning that was.) bacon, toast, and eggs. The bacon was nice and crisp, but prepared more by "boiling in oil" in a big "Dutch oven" filled to the rim with raw bacon and set to "simmer" overnight on the campfire, instead of frying like most bacon is. Similarly the eggs had been buried deep into soft sand around hot coals the night before; getting cooked by the heat like "hard boiled" eggs are, but much tastier... IF you have a taste for the outdoors that is. Each Girl Scout (and the staff too) prepared their own toast-on-a-stick by carefully browning it over the fire. The butter was really "soft" margarine, and the jam was raspberry preserves. Yummy!

I managed to escape "fixing" anything for almost an hour after breakfast, before a sexy young brownette walked down the trail, found me admiring the scenery (She was a considerable part of said scenery.) and climbed on my prick without so much as a, "By your leave." Five minutes after she arrived I was filling the belly of my third pubescent scout of the day with thick gooey sperm.

After that, I had a rest for an hour or so, a fourth seemingly random encounter where I porked a sexy little Asian girl, and then off to lunch.

Most mealtimes it seems I was off-limits, but not all. Especially as some of the horny young sluts would crawl under the table while I was eating; and I'd find my soft prick surrounded by soft loving female mouth ... not s much trying to get me off; but merely keeping my little-head comfortably warm while I ate. Usually the girls were good enough to keep me right on the edge of cumming, without "wasting it" down their eager mouths or hardworking young throats. Yes, throats. A *few* of the girls managed to take me completely to the root in their mouths; so the head of my prick was actually halfway down their throats. How do you practice such a thing anyway? That I didn't blow great gobs of sticky baby-goo down those same hardworking throats is a compliment to the girls' skills.

In the afternoon, I took a siesta; just picking an empty green tent at random to slide inside, as I didn't have one of my own. I figured the girl or girls who made that "home" during camp wouldn't mind. She didn't.

I woke up to a soft young female body cuddled up to mine "spoon fashion", while my horny hand softly cupped the pointy cone of a sleeping but obviously pubescent young girl. My prick was already hard and leaking precum between the girl's legs, so I shifted position slightly and slid into the child; fucking the bronzed youngster in her sleep.

Does anybody reading this story remember the tale of "Sleeping Beauty"? I always thought that somebody had bowdlerized that story. What girl, sleeping for a hundred years would wake up at a mere kiss from a stranger? However, an adult man climbing on TOP of you, sticking his swollen prick INSIDE you, and likely taking your virginity at the same time, just before jerking inside you and filling your belly with baby-making cum ... and likely his baby as well ....

Well, what girl *wouldn't* wake up after an alarm like that one? And, with the horny stud's baby in her belly, why not call the jerk a prince, since he's obviously the father of the princess' baby?

That's what I suspect *really* happen; but you know how people tame down the stories all the time ... especially if the "family" is royalty.

This girl proved my point; waking almost immediately after I got my prick completely inside her. "Mmmmm," she hummed. "What a *wonderful* way to make up. I was dreaming until you slid inside me."

"Nice dreams, I hope?" I asked; sliding out about an inch before bottoming out in the girl again, with her hard little knob of a cervix poking my prick in the tip.

"Wonderful dreams," she purred; working back against me. "But not *nearly* as nice as reality."

"Glad you like it," I agreed. "It's nice for me too."

After that, we stopped talking and got down to serious fucking. After two minutes I got on top, "in the saddle" and the girl was singing erotic praises to my talents in a voice that rose octave after octave until she was screaming like an air-raid siren; attracting interested observers from half the camp.

She was cramping around me for the third time, when I finally let loose in the girl's tummy and thought I was done.

... Only to be met with at least five interested gazes from Girl Scouts hoping I could raise the same siren from them. Oh God. I really was set-up.

I managed to beg off of "servicing" all five; telling the girls I just wasn't Superman like they seemed to think... Which brought knowing grins from all around. Damn the big mouths of my horny wife and oversexed slut of a daughter! Why me, I ask. Why me?

After giving only two of the watching girls a "good time" that afternoon, I finally *did* manage to escape with an intact prick ... but not without leaving at least a teaspoon full of sticky white goo just teeming with sperm in each of the girls' tight little baby-holes.

And so the day went, until that night at the firepit found me being escorted by yet two more sexy and horny Scouts into the soft green darkness of their tent where I was to spend the night, supposedly "sleeping" ... only AFTER I had satisfied the lusts of two more young nymphomaniacs who hadn't been laid in hours, days, or weeks, as time at the Camp passed by.

For some reason, *oral* sex didn't seem to "count" with these girls as "the real thing" and against "their turn" to fuck me ... unless I actually ejaculated in the girl's mouth and down her throat; the horny Girl Scout swallowing every drop, like a few girls seemed to enjoy doing. Even those girls managed to get my cum-squirting prick up their tight little twats at least once during the time we were there; and usually twice or more.

If you add in four or five times of being waylaid by horny Girl Scouts eager to get their nookies filled with baby-goo to the two or three times Karen expected me to fill HER tight little tummy, and once every day or two by my sexy and still horny wife (being the only man available) to the nighttimes I would crawl into a new tent each time and be joined by two more completely naked, horny, and eager little Girl Scouts, usually ranging in age from barely twelve to over 16, when it seems girls and women reach the height of their sexuality ....

Well, YOU add it up.

Is it any wonder I felt put-upon, set-up, and sandbagged by my wife and daughter?

Somehow I had gotten the reputation of being perennially horny, *never* being unwilling or even uneager for sex, especially with sexy young teens and preteen girls like these. So my wife had set me up to pork six to eight girls and women a day ... but forgetting the needs she and my horny daughter (who seems to have inherited a considerable portion of my libido) needed. Add that to the fact that instead of just *sleeping* with each pair of girls each night, and possibly fucking each of them if they were lucky, I was expected to perform like the satyr my wife and kid had bragged I was, and "serviced" each of the two girls at least two or three times apiece!

I tell you, I was set up!

Well ... OK, to be strictly *fair*, I learned later that *originally*, back when things were being arranged behind-my-back, the ideas WAS for me to only "service" each girl in the pair I slept with each night, only once apiece. But the horny sluts in the first tent I slept in had their own ideas of what was "fair" when "sleeping with a man" and got a bit carried away. A bit? Six times at night, and twice more in the morning, was a BIT carried away? Well, you figure it out. In any case, once the word got around about how well I had "performed" with the orgy those two nymphomaniacs had foisted on me, all the other girls wanted similar "demonstrations" of how sexy I thought they were, during "their turn" at night with me. Fair's fair, you know; and how could I refuse after almost burning myself out the first time? Still, I did manage to reduce following "sleeps" to at most four times with each girl, and usually only twice or three times. In the mornings I *tried* to sneak out without being ambushed; but only rarely succeeded completely.

But, like most people, I *tried* to live up to my reputation, even if it killed me ... as seemed likely during the first week of almost continuous sexual teenaged Girl Scout Orgy.

The first day and first week were patterns for what followed. That night, instead of bedding down with my wife, two sexy and naked girls walked up to me where I was watching the evening fire die down, one took each hand, and they led me over to the third tent down, fourth row over, where all the tents were set up in neat rows; each big enough to hold two girls comfortably in individual sleeping bags, or three people cozily in the same two bags zipped together as one big bag. How those two girls got selected to "entertain" me that night, I never figured out. It wasn't alphabetically, and it certainly wasn't by column or tent-row. Each night two different girls came up to the fire and solemnly escorted me to the tent they shared. Never the same two girls or the same tent. There was some kind of system involved; but I never caught on to what it was. My wife and daughter had already found their own sleeping arrangements; but like the system of who got me each night, I never found out where either one was sleeping. Likely my wife spent her nights with the Staff, but I had no clues as to where Karen spent her nights, except it was never one of the tents I spent my nights in.

I wasn't *quite* sure what to do, or what was expected of me, as I followed the two girls into the dark tent from the slight illumination provided by the almost-full moon overhead at that time. As the month progressed, it got darker each night, until I was almost breaking my toes by tripping over tent-poles, pegs, and guy-wires when following each duo off to my new sleeping quarters for that night alone.

However, I needn't have worried. Once inside the small tent, it became obvious what was expected of me, once my eyes became adjusted to the dim interior. A barely teenaged nubile young girl was lying naked on the doubled sleeper, legs up and spread, bare pussy completely exposed, and arms reaching for me, while her tentmate sat fakir-fashion with legs crossed down near the entrance and out of the way; but where she could see the coming action as clearly as possible in the dimming light. "Please?" whimpered the girl, holding her arms out and pleading.

What could I do? How could I possibly refuse such an invitation and request? Moving down between the child's legs, I licked her and teased her soft young cunny until the girl was running rivers of arousal. Then I slid up the young Girl Scout's body; pausing only momentarily to lick the sexy youngster's soft indentation of a navel ... and then slid my prick deep inside the teenager's body like the little girl oh-so-obviously wanted.

A quiet, "Ow," before the girl's legs wrapped around me, gave me notice I had just taken my second virgin of the day ... and of my entire life. Not to be the last though; especially as the other girl in the tent that night proved to be equally untouched. Three virgins in one day ... Two within the space of a single hour. Is that some kind of record?

Hardly three minutes of sliding in and out of the girl, and I was jerking and spurting thick sticky white gobs of baby-goo deep inside the child's belly. Well, OK, not a child any more; but a full woman now with a man's potent and sticky seed warming the inside of her soft, sexy, and fertile young tummy for the first time ... but luckily for me, not the last.

As we rolled apart, the other girl silently handed me a tissue from the box that seemed to be part of the "equipment" each tent came with. All the girls' tents and sleeping-bags were identical Girl Scout Camp labeled equipment. No tents or material from home; not even shoes or socks. The significance of this wasn't made apparent to me until after we left and my daughter pointed it out. It didn't seem important at the time, merely a curiosity of the way the Camp operated.

It took me almost fifteen minutes to recover from giving the first girl her needed injection of male sperm in her sexy young tummy before I could properly make love to the second equally sexy and eager young Girl Scout. I took longer with the second girl; this time being careful to check for the (found) flap of tissue announcing her virginity as well. When I hesitated at deflowering TWO "innocent" little girls, her whimpered plea of "Please? It isn't FAIR if Tanya gets it, and I don't," would be enough to convince the hardest of perverts that the horny little girl needed what I had to give: a man's swollen and cum-squirting prick buried deep in her tight little belly.

And ... give it to the girl I eventually did, as I said before. I took twice as long, now knowing the youngster was a virgin; wanting to make the child's first time of having sex with a man something the girl would always fondly remember. Sammy was gasping in her third orgasm when my prick finally slid inside her, and was reaching for her fourth when I finally lost it and spent my sperm inside her belly in thick heavy spurts of gooey man-cum, just like I had her filled her sexy bunkmate's tight little cunny-hole and soft pink tummy full of thick gooey white squirts of virile male seed about a little less than hour before.

Now you'd *think* that after having lost their virginities and having sex for the first time, the two girls would be wanting to settle down, go to sleep, and try again in the morning. But that was not the way things went.

Unbeknownst to me, the Scouts had worked it out that each girl got to share me with her bunkmate for only ONE night during the month of Camp. Only during that one night could each have sex with me more than one time. Once their night was over, the girl "got in line" for available sex of at most once a week ... No "seconds" allowed.

So, I had no sooner pulled out of Sammy, now gasping with effort of getting the girl to her forth orgasm, when I became aware of Tanya whimpering and pleading for the same kind of treatment, as SHE had only gotten off once.

Boys, keep in mind that GIRLS can have multiple orgasms! If you keep that firmly in your head and ensure that each girl you get your prick inside gets at least *two* or preferably *three* climaxes to each one of your own, you'll likely never lack for eager partners and lots of little-girl-pussy ... once the news gets around, that is. It's getting that FIRST lay, that's so hard. I'm not sure HOW many orgasms the two girls got that night; but I had spent my seed in each of their no-longer-virginal tummies at least six times, believe it or not, by the time I collapsed in exhaustion, and the two horny nymphets let me sleep. I'm not sure of the time; though the moon was close to the horizon by then, since all during Camp, my watch, like all other watches brought from home, was locked into that same locker-room, where I found out later it took *TWO* keys to open ... One master-key, held only by the Head Counselor, and the private plastic "key" each of us had to our own stuff. I never did ask for access to my stuff while at Camp. I didn't need any clothes; and I certainly didn't need to look at my jack-off material! If anything I needed REST from sex, not more stimulation!

In the morning the girls pleaded for "just one more time" before I got up and left to take my morning pee. I, stupidly, gave the two girls what they so obviously wanted: Two sexy and fertile young Girl Scout tummies absolutely chock-a-block full of my thick gooey baby-juice.

I almost had to crawl to make it to the latrine.

That episode kind of set the pattern for the rest of the month. Only once I realized how sexually busy my days were going to be; having sex with girl after horny young girl, and full intercourse with Scout after eager and sexy pubescent Girl Scout, I had to pace myself; never after that first time; seldom making love to each girl I slept with more than three times in the night, and rarely indeed allowing the girls to trip me into more sex in the morning, where I'd dump another thick load of baby-goo into their tight little tummies, like the first two horny young nymphomaniacs had.

After that first time, the virgins were few and far between; and got less even faster. I think I might have deflowered ten girls in the first week, counting the first two ... uh no ... three girls that first day, most of them at night when it was their turn to "sleep with me", and three the second week, and only one the fourth week, and no others that I noticed anyway. Still, if you think about it, finding slightly over 1/6 of all these incredibly sexy, horny, and pubescent young girls still having their virginities intact in this day and age was rather mind-blowing.

Now while the days blew by in one sexual blur of almost continuous sex, each girl was distinct and separate. Every girl not only looked different, but FELT different. Some girls were bony, some nicely padded, some had mountains of tits, and a few were flat as a boy. Some felt fully adult; and some were obviously just kids. Still, each WAS ready and eager to experience real sex: Full vaginal intercourse, with a man's thick gooey seed squirting deep into tight juvenile vagina or full womanly cunt.

Each girl smelled different, tasted different, acted different, and even *felt* different inside to my probing penis. Vaginas are not alike either. Some of the girls were tight and short inside. Some were deep. Some were sloppy. Some girls squeezed and rippled on my prick. Others simply lay there and let me inseminate them. One girl, even while gasping out an enormous orgasm with me inside her, didn't have the slightest twitch of internal muscles around my probing organ. Another girl told me she could milk me off with her vagina (She had been practicing.) and did so. Amanda let me slid inside her, and then just lay there quietly without moving, while I did the same. After about fifteen seconds I felt the girl's vagina rippling up and down my prick like an expensive milking machine, some experienced whore's talented mouth, or possibly a woman with a greased rubber glove jacking me off. Only this was *inside* the girl, not some external activity. I looked and saw intense concentration on the Scout's face as her vagina milked me off until I had no choice but to fill the girl's soft young tummy with squirt after thick aching squirt of sticky white baby-goo, in an orgasm that was so intense it took me by surprise. After that, I spent the next hour returning the favor, so that it was all ME doing the work, while Amanda just lay there and let me get her off time after time. It was well worth it.

Those are just samples of the sexual marathon I went through. Most of the girls were full women who had long since lost their virginities; and were fully enjoying being adults when it came to sex; getting their sexy young tummies filled with glob after gooey glob and squirt after thick sticky white squirt of potent male baby-goo. All were pubescent in some manner; every girl having had her first period at least several months earlier ... even the two flat-chested little 12-year-olds with the completely bare cunnies and bony hips. So, it wasn't as if I was robbing the cradle or anything, like that Brownie Scout meeting where I ejaculated my sperm deep inside the flat little tummies of at least two girls who hadn't even reached puberty yet.

No, I wasn't all that proud of that episode; but what would YOU do if a horny prepubescent little 7-year-old girl sat on your lap, fit your stiff dick into her tight little hole, and then slid down until almost half your swollen member was embedded in her belly? So I came in the girl; sperming the child's womb with thick white squirts of my seed, while the little girl's mother looked on and clucked at her precocious daughter getting something most horny little girls like her don't get to enjoy until often long after they reach puberty: a pre-teenaged belly chock full of a man's thick gooey white baby-making cum. I didn't and don't apologize for that.

I don't apologize either for fucking the little girl with the short vagina and sloppy cervix, who, when I couldn't get my prick all the way inside her like the older Girl Scouts all did, pressed down hard until the tip of my prick was inside her womb and the girl's cervix and uterus was milking on the shaft of my penis like an incredible vagina-within-a-vagina. Her also I couldn't help spewing my seed into; flooding the child's womb with jet after sticky white jet and squirt after messy squirt, as I practically painted the inside of the girl's womb with gooey white gobs of baby-making cum. The girl left me aching as my prostate tried to pump more sperm-filled semen it didn't have into the child's belly. I think THAT was on my third or forth night. I only got into her tight little womb twice more during the rest of the campout. Each time my prostate tried to empty itself completely in the girl; filling her womb with sticky cum; but leaving little or nothing for me to ejaculate in the sexy young bellies and eager young wombs of the horny scouts who followed.

Beside the nightly orgies with my sleeping partners, any girl or woman who found me with a hardon could claim my "services" for the moment, it seemed. Well ... The girls WERE jealous about any one girl "hogging me"; and so none were allowed to "use" me twice in the same week.

Still, I had lots of sex ... incredible amounts of sex.

I had sex on the soft sleeping bags inside tents during the heat of the afternoon, when both my horny sex-partner of the moment and I were grateful for our nudity, in the sweaty wet slipperiness of an adult man and barely pubescent young girl making passionate love, full glorious, sweating, cum-squirting, and baby-making exercise, in the warm Summer afternoon. I had sex on benches, under benches, on the trail where pine-needles made both a soft cushion and prickly pokes. I had slippery young kid-sex with three giggling and horny barely-pubescent little girls in the warm waters of the swimming area; pumping the girls' tight little slits and fertile young tummies chock full of thick white gobs of baby-goo teeming with millions upon millions of squirming and virile sperm. I fucked sexually experienced and heavily-furred older girls on the beach and on rocks and filled their sexy bellies just as full of my sperm-laden cum as the little girls were. I had fully adult-sex with mature women each old enough to be my wife or mistress in the Camp Kitchen. I had sex sitting down, standing up, lying down with the girl pounding away on top, and with me pounding into the girl beneath me. I had sex "missionary style", "doggy style", "spoon fashion", "cowgirl style" and just about every possible way a man's stiff prick will fit into soft female body. The Kama Sutra itself likely doesn't have even half the positions that I and the various horny Girl Scouts in Camp tried that month, in singles, doubles, and more multiples that most people probably wouldn't believe if I described them in detail. I had sex in public, in private, and all gradations in between. I had sex at all times of day, from just after waking up to just before bedtime.

There was no "lights out" for these girls. When the sun went down, the lights WERE out, except for the Communal Campfire which wasn't even close to the tent area for fear of fire spreading among the tents. No matches, no flashlights, nothing. If you needed to go to the Latrine on a dark night, you needed a good memory and to take off your flip-flops so you could feel the trail with your bare feet. A tiny two-watt "pea" bulb barely lit the interior so you could find the tissue; running off a Solar Cell on the roof and a tiny battery, but that was all. You couldn't even see it from outside.

Mostly the sex I had was "proper" sex: full penile/vaginal penetrating sexual intercourse between an adult man and a nubile young girl, with thick gooey sperm-filled male seed being forcefully ejaculated deep inside the warm wet and fertile tightness of pubescent and eager teen and preteen female vagina and soft lush young belly where nature intended sperm to be. But not all. A few times I would be sitting at the table, eating and joking with the cute scouts all around me, and a soft young mouth would take my prick inside and suck me off right there at the table. One time only, one of the girls I was sleeping with asked me to "do her in the ass" as she wanted to know what it felt like. Afterwards, when I asked how she liked it, the girl's only response was, "It was an ... interesting experience."

I fucked little girls in private, in tents, back in the bushes, and once in a hollow log. I fucked other girls in public, on the beach, on the trail, and once in glorious exhibition I fucked TWO girls on top of the tables in front of the entire camp; pumping thick white gobs of baby-goo into the fertile depths of each of the two horny sexpots' squeezing young bellies while the rest of the camp clapped and cheered. I had sex with little girls ... No, I FUCKED little girls with hardly more breasts than I had, and completely bare and naked little cunnies. I fucked grown women with furry twats and full bosoms that more than one child had happily suckled on. Mostly I fucked delightfully horny girls in the peak of their fertility; happily celebrating life by taking a thick horny male cum-squirting prick (mine) deep inside their pubescent and fertile young bodies; drinking my baby-making cream with their tight little cunnies and softly milking vaginas.

On the second week after arriving, the older women in camp started appearing in the "lineup"; and grown women seem to need *more* sex than even pubescent girls do! Oh God. It seems I was expected to "service" each one, giving each woman at least three good orgasms before filling her belly with prolific sperm, since I was the only man in miles that was available. Oh God. It was only the fact that only the Girl Scouts themselves were allowed to take me to bed each night that saved my prostate from turning inside out.

Now I don't want you to get the idea that Girl Scout Camp was one big orgy. Or, at least it wasn't for the girls, even if you figure I laid each one of the little darlings four or five or possibly even six times during the month we were there. That's likely only once every four or five days at best for the horny youngsters. I would have been crawling the walls if that was all the sex I got; and I *know* that at least one girl in five there was nearly as horny as I was ... if not even more-so. Girls just need more sex than men. They can have multiple orgasms, like sex oftener than most men, and even the most frigid of females can fuck any five men under the table. Yes, even counting horny satyrs like me. A man can just get it up so many times. Yes, I'm human too.

So there were hours of every day when my prick was limp, wilted, and not needing the services of horny young Scouts. Hours when I hiked, swam, and looked at the scenery. Of course, even when limp, the "scenery" I liked best was the seeming hundreds (OK, only 75) sexy young bodies in the prime of their fertility and blooming pubescence, all walking around stark naked to the delight of a perennially horny old goat like me.

It was in just such a state of admiration that the Head Camp Counselor caught me in a wistful mood of being half-hard, and convinced me to help out with the Volleyball tournament the girls were having. Everybody in camp, including Staff, was helping out ... and it would be *really* appreciated by all the girls if I would volunteer as well.

There were eight teams of nine girls each, all competing for the title of Camp Lotta Sticky Nookie Ball Snatching Champions, as the giggling girls had named the winning team several years earlier in a fit of silliness. With 72 girls competing, this left three to be line-judges, ball returners, and other such, while the staff acted as Primary Judges and Coaches. So, of course, I volunteered. Being a coach and watching sexy young girls do naked gyrations on the beach from the front lines sounded like a bit of fun. Of course, I should have known better. They tell you in the Marines, "NEVER volunteer for anything!" They should give the same advice for horny old goats who have Girl Scouts as daughters. My predicament I was already in should have warned me. Here I thought that as *coach*, something I thought I was good at, nobody could possibly hit me up for sex while the games were going on. Besides, everybody would be too busy to have sex with a pervert like me while watching and playing Volleyball. Well, I was right, in a way, and yet ....

If you're the kind of pervert (like me) who thinks it's sexy watching healthy young women in bikinis playing Volleyball on Bondo Beach through the distant glass-eye of television, then just try to imagine how beautiful it is to watch barely pubescent young Girl Scouts prancing around a similar court stark naked, playing the same game with only colored GS caps on their heads to distinguish team from team. All this while sitting right next to the action from a coach's bench right on the sidelines, instead of from a distance through the "magic of television" as they say.

Then imagine yourself surrounded by a sea of similarly naked and nubile young girls all around you, giggling, squirming, and cheering on one team or the other to greater efforts; filling the air with their beauty, health, cheerfulness, and pheromones enough to knock a pervert off his chair. Just imagine the sound, feel, taste, and *smell* of sexy young scouts filling your nostrils with the scents of healthy young girls in the prime of their fertility that would likely give a brass statue an erection.

Still, if you think THAT is erotic and sexy, then imagine being naked yourself among all those healthy, nubile, and pubescent young girls, watching the same game with quite some interest yourself, as you have an intimate stake in which girl makes each goal, you being the *prize* each girl gets for scoring a goal, instead of "merely" a coach.

The girls were playing a single-elimination championship with nine girls per-team, only six on-court at a time; as each girl moved into the game in strict rotation, not by judgment of the coaches. Each girl left the court, NOT in strict rotation though, but purely decided by which girl made the last goal. Each girl winning a goal coming off-court to sit, not on the bench, but on me. Yes, exactly like it sounds.

Yeah, think about it: If you think the previous description was sexy, think about how incredibly erotic it would be to be watching the same game, in the same manner of being surrounded by sexy young girls ... and having your *prick* surrounded by the tight little baby-hole of one of those same girls, just fresh off the court, sweaty, breathless, and incredibly eager to claim her "reward" for scoring by taking your stiff dick too the root inside her sexy teen or preteen young body. Then imagine watching still more of the game, the youngster's tight little tube squeezing your prick as the girl tries to get the most of her time with you before the next goal is scored and she has to get off. All the while you watch the game, smell, taste, and FEEL of sexy young girl surrounding you, until the time a minute or so later when yet another incredibly sexy, sweating and panting Girl Scout shooes the previous "winner" off your lap and sits down on your swollen pike herself.

This erotic scene goes on, often for two or three hours each day over a week, as two teams pair-off each day in single-elimination tournament. Four games of primary elimination from Wednesday of the second week to Saturday. Then two games of semi-finals on Sunday and Monday, followed by the finals on Tuesday, a week after the beginning.

Each time I tried *hard* to not ejaculate in the sexy young bellies of the goal-winners; though nobody blamed me the two times I failed and blasted gooey cum into tight little tubes halfway through the match. The following girl just sat on my limply oozing prick, wriggled around, and fit the slowly reviving but now cum-streaked member inside her where it was warmly kept comfortable until the next girl scored a goal.

Whenever the last girl got the winning goal, I'd always "finish off" inside her; pumping and shoving as the crowd around us cheered the winning girl on and I finally "lost it" by pumping thick white gobs of baby-goo deep in the deserving youngster's belly where it belonged.

Surprisingly, winning in Volleyball did NOT spoil a girl's chances in the regular "lineup" however that was figured out. The winning a goal was extra and a prize; not something that had to be paid-for later. I know this because several times a girl who had scored more than one goal during a game "took a turn" later that afternoon; one gal who won the winning goal for the day, actually turning out to be one of my bedmates for the night.

I mentioned that I was the "prize". I was: far more than that, even. While the girls *did* have a trophy, a huge loving-cup inscribed, "C.L.S.N.B.S." and "Champions" underneath that, along with a list of three years' previous winning team girls, and probably room for a dozen more, I, it seemed, was the *real* prize, though I didn't know how-much-so until the tournament was over. Never ever volunteer.

The first indication I had, was on the Wednesday following the end of the tournament, I was sneaking out of the tent I'd spent half the night pleasuring two insatiable young nymphets in, when I found a girl waiting for me: The same girl who won the previous day by making the final goal winning the tournament for her team. The sexy blonde-haired golden-skinned girl pulled me right down there on the grass outside the tent, and pretty much *used* my piss-hard joy-stick to pleasure herself with until on her third orgasm I spilled sticky goo in her tight little belly, just like I had after the game the previous afternoon.

When the girl kept right on going, even after I came in her, I *tried* to beg-off, claiming "necessity" to pee, now that she'd removed the piss-hard that was helping me hold back. "I'm going to pee in you," I warned; but the horny slut just kept on working against me.

"Do it," she grunted.

So ... I did it. Yeah, I peed in her belly; giving the girl a piss-douche right there on the mowed lawn that all the tents were staked out on. By now five or six other girls were gathered around to watch and make ribald comments. None though offered to take the bronze girl's place.

"More," she pleaded.

I looked around to shrugs and a general "give it to her attitude from the watching crowd; nobody seeming to mind for once my porking the same girl twice in a row. So ... I gave the girl more.

After a second ejaculation in the winner, she allowed me to get off, sniffed in distaste at where my pee was soaking in the grass, and then took me by the hand to the Latrine where she pissed and wiped up herself, while I took a needed dump.

From then on Charlene was by my side the whole day long; absorbing every drop of seed I manufactured with her tight little cunny, and warding off every other girl that looked at my willie with even the slightest bit of interest. It seems that, as final winner scoring the winning goal for the winning team, Charlene had my complete "fixit services" to herself for the entire day. I must have dumped at least ten loads of sperm-laden cum in the girl's sexy young belly during that long sticky day. It only ended that night at the fireplace, when (as usual) two different girls who hadn't yet spent the night with me stood up, each girl gave me a soft young hand, and the two led me off into the darkness of yet another tent I hadn't been in before.

For the next three days, each of the other eight girls in the team took at least one "turn" apiece, while one girl went twice with nobody objecting. I guess she had a "natural" turn coming, as well as an "extra" turn for being part of the winning Volleyball team.

So the days and weeks went, with not *quite* continuous sex, but sex several times a day as my prick recovered. The rest of the time I mainly wandered around camp, lay on my back watching the clouds go by, went hiking, swam at the marked-off area in the lake, took out several of the various small boats, and generally goofed-off while the cooks at camp made wonderful food, and the girls at camp "made" me.

Thankfully, my stamina began to catch up to my "duties" with the girls by the third week; and by the fourth I was actually able to "service" seven or eight girls each day, my horny daughter two or three times, and the two particular horny and sexy little girls I would "sleep with" each night, not only two or three times each before climbing into the sleeping bag, but at least once or twice apiece in the morning; leaving each child, woman or girl's flat, rounded, or smooth young tummy full of thick white sperm-filled baby-goo like nature intended a man and a woman to procreate. I even managed to gather enough energy *outside* of the almost continuous sex to go swimming myself and take one of the small sailboats for a test-drive.

During the whole campout, I ate like a horse; the continuous drain on my body *needing* fuel to replace what the horny and eager young sluts were draining out of me through the conduit of my squirting prick. At first, anything would have tasted good ... Which in its own way is a crying shame; because the women "cooks" at camp could do wonders with simple food during the time they weren't making the Scouts prepare their own dishes ... often simple things like S'mores, hot-dogs on a stick over the fire, toasted marshmallows, and similar fireplace fare.

Still, what those women could do with a simple iron kettle set to simmer in a fire for hours ... It's a crying shame I only started appreciating their skill during the last part of the time I was there. It's also a shame I never even thought to ask for recipes until Camp was long since over.

I would have loved the almost continuous sex, if it wasn't wearing me out, and I wasn't aware of the fact that I had been set up by my own wife and horny little slut of a daughter ... my four and then later, five-months pregnant slut of a daughter ... The little horny slut of a daughter I was usually porking two and three times a day, as well as fucking scores of her sexy young girlfriends over the several weeks we were there.

Sometime Karen and I would fuck in private, in some absent Girl Scout's available tent, sometimes with a couple of her equally horny little girlfriends watching father and daughter mating; often each watching girl waiting for "her turn" to feel me sliding up inside her tight little baby-hole and pumping my sperm-laden cum as deep as possible into their developing fertilities. Other times there would be many people, mostly young, nubile, and fertile little girls themselves, gathered around to observe the rare sight of a full grown man having full vaginal intercourse with his own baby girl; sliding his cum-dripping prick to the hilt in the child's slightly bulging young tummy, and pumping wad after thick gooey wad and glob after white sticky glob of his sperm-laden and incestuous baby-goo deep in his own fertile young daughter's cute, squirming, and sexy young belly, in a demonstration of true love and making-love between a father and daughter that had to be seen personally to be believed.

Three times Karen and I fucked in front of the whole camp to claps, cheers, whistles, and other such encouragement. The last time, the girls and staff petitioned our family to put on a "show" for them, so that everybody in Girl Scout Camp could see what true family-love really is. So, about three nights before Camp finished up, the last Thursday before going home, Karen, my wife, and I made love, had sex, full father/daughter vaginal intercourse, in front of the evening campfire where the three of us were the "entertainment" for the night. The whole camp watched me fucking Karen; the spectacle of a father breeding his own little girl while her mother watched and waited for her turn afterwards not bringing either jeers or cheers like you might expect, but sighs and murmurs of quiet appreciation; the crowd of girls only making noise to clap when it became obvious by my deep-held thrusts into the little girl I was breeding that I was ejaculating my seed deep inside Karen's tight little baby-tube; swamping the entrance to my daughter's womb with sticky white incestuous seed and ejaculating my virile sperm in thick heavy squirts deep inside our horny little girl's soft pink and slightly bulging tummy to join the growing child I'd put inside my sexy young daughter's cute little belly months earlier.

To finish up, Karen directed my still oozing prick into her mother, where I grunted and strained to give the woman one last thick white squirt of virile baby-goo into the welcoming depths of my wife's fertility as well.

Afterwards, and a small heartfelt round of applause, it seemed the whole camp joined around our family, most around Karen, asking questions like how it felt to fuck your own father, what's it like to feel his prick sliding up inside you with your mother around, whether it's scary to know your own father might be knobbing with your own little baby brother or sister, how's it feel to have your father's kid growing inside your belly like she did, was it fun to be pregnant? But the girls mostly were asking Karen, "How did you manage to seduce your own father like that?"

A few of the girls asked *me* what it was like to fuck your own kid, did I enjoy porking my own little girl, did her vagina feel good around my prick, what's it really feel like when cumming inside my own daughter, does my daughter's vagina feel better or worse inside than other girls, Does Karen squeeze me when I'm cumming inside her, what I thought of planting my baby in my own baby girl; and mostly wondering if they were my little girls, what it would take to get me to fuck them like I had Karen?

Well, I *tried* to answer each question as honestly as I could; telling each of the cute and sexy young girls that if any one of them were *my* kid, all she'd have to do is ask; or just climb in bed with me, fit my prick into her tight little cunny, and slide on down. Of course, I pointed out to the girls that it might be a good idea to get their mothers' permission first, like Karen had, before seducing or even allowing themselves to be seduced by their own father ... otherwise things might get a little sticky when their tummies began to swell ... and they would, eventually, unless they were willing to deny themselves the *best* part of father/daughter sex, with the man's virile seed squirting wetly into his own little girl's fertile and completely unprotected tummy while she was between periods, and likely to conceive. And ... if they were going to do THAT, then why bother having sex with their father at all? It wouldn't be very satisfying for either one of them. More teasing and frustration of what "might have been" than relief of sexual needs between a man and his little girl. Thankfully, most of the youngsters seemed to get the point; as though each girl had already thought over the consequences of having full vaginal intercourse and completely unprotected sex, as a man ejaculated thick gobs of baby-making sperm deep in their cute little bellies and got them pregnant with his baby or babies. It's nice to find kids think ahead these days ... especially about the important things like having sex and babies; especially when the girls are already experimenting with having sex with an adult man like me, even if they were on the pill and "safe". Safe is relative. "Safe" isn't always *safe*, as I knew all too well.

One particularly cute and sexy youngster said *she* wouldn't have that problem; as *her* mother had left about six years ago, and hadn't been back since ... So it was only her and her sexually-neglected father at home. I got the impression the man wouldn't be sexually deprived for longer than the few short minutes after the cute kid got home and removed her Girl Scout Uniform. Not being a virgin after my "treatment" two weeks earlier, the girl had been quite enthusiastic the second and third time I managed to force my prick deep inside the kid's incredibly tight little baby-tube and fill the cute little girl's sexy young tummy with thick gooey gobs and sticky white globs of sperm-laden cum. I was sure the girl would do at least as good a job on her own father; taking his needing prick in her tight little hole and sucking the man's prolific baby-making sperm deep into the soft warm sanctuary of her unprotected young belly where it belonged ... Just like my own sexy young daughter Karen had just given the whole Girl Scout Camp such a wonderful example of how to really and truly love your own father.

On Saturday of the Final Camp Week, it was time to pack up and leave. We sang the last sad goodbye songs at fireside the night before; cleaned up the camp; I took the last three of my very favorite girls out on a canoe-trip to an island for a private little orgy of our own, where I filled each of the naked and horny little girls' tight little baby-holes and sexy young tummies with sticky white squirts and thick gooey gobs of my potent sperm-laden man-cum at least twice each; leaking tears even while making love; as we all knew this might possibly be our last time together, ever; and it was finally time to say goodbye.

The whole staff lined up to shake hands with each leaving Scout, beside the entrance to the trail-head leading back to the Parking Lot. Somehow, by some arrangement I didn't know about nor was I in on the planning of, I ended up last-in-line before the trail.

Each sexy and nubile Girl Scout, a few of them now half-dressed; but most still proudly showing off their completely naked glory that wouldn't be covered until reaching cars or Public, came down the "reception line" carrying small bags or boxes of belongings, clothing, things brought from home, and things made during Camp: each girl speaking a word of thanks to each Staff member, be it Cook, Counselor, or fixit-person (me), shaking hands, and then leaving "until next year" or sometimes permanently as this would be their last Scout Trip for many of the older girls.

Only, when the third (still naked) girl reached me, instead of the soft "Thanks for Everything," and an obscene rub of the tummy in reference to the baby-goo I'd put inside the girl earlier that day, week, or month, that one of the first two had teased me with, Cherry was there.

I'd just given the girl my last good-bye fuck just before noon (leaving time) and had regretfully given the girl my sperm in her tummy, last as she was first ... Or, so I thought.

Instead of giving me a shake of the hand, a soft and sexy goodbye, a final "Thanks," and an empty feeling inside my tummy like the previous two girls had, Cherry stepped up to me, grabbed me around the waist, turned her head to one side and gave me an open-mouthed kiss that left me breathless. Then, while I was still panting, my swollen prick stiff and aching from the sexual stimulation of incredibly sexy young girl greeting me so enthusiastically, Cherry reached down between our legs, grabbed my swollen and now cum-dripping prick, and slid it to the hilt inside her. A sudden grasping squeeze of her tight little baby-hole, a breathily-whispered, "THIS will give you something to remember me by," and the woman-child was off me and gone; leaving my tender prick wagging in the breeze; aching, and longing to be inside the girl's body again.

After watching that performance, each following girl pretty much repeated the process, if not exactly; fitting my swollen prick inside each of their tight little slits, cracks, cunnies, and vaginas, while each girl gave a goodbye kiss that licked tonsils and some of the girls' sexy tongues felt like they went halfway down my throat. Soft husky "Thank you"s from each girl, and one incredibly erotic, "Thanks for the baby in my tummy," from one girl I didn't manage to recognize before the next girl in line was thanking me by taking my prick up HER tight little slit and murmuring how much she was going to miss both me and my cum-squirting prick in her belly. Some of the shorter girls had to pull me over to a nearby short little stump and step up on that to fit me inside; but somehow we all managed it.

After the first ten or twenty girls it became one long wet-dream blur of sexy goodbyes; long loving hugs from firm young bodies; tight little cunnies cramping and squeezing around my prick, or just sliding quickly on and off; firm young cones of tit-flesh, full womanly bosoms, or flat little chests with only tiny spikes of hard nipples to rub against my own chest; soft, firm, or eager lips mashing against mine while slippery tongues dueled, licked teeth, and kept me completely aroused.

As I mentioned earlier, every girl was different. Each not only looked different, each acted different, smelled different, *tasted* different, and felt different inside. Some girls just slid smoothly on and off my prick. Others squeezed or milked me with internal muscles. Some were soft and sweet. Others were tight and muscular. Girl after sexy young girl however took my prick inside her cunny or vagina, all the way, until the fur on my groin was fully mashed into the fur, sparse hair, or bare cunny lips of each Scout; the tip of my penis on more than half of the girls poking into the soft or hard knob of the youngster's cervix and entrance to her developing uterus. There were no virgins left in this crowd. Over the past four weeks my prick had ensured that. One particularly short girl actually managed to snuggle the soft sucking mouth of her cervix and uterus *around* the tip of my penis; so I almost ejaculated my semen directly into her womb, the way I actually had when making love to the girl the first time I got inside her.

Somewhere in that erotic scene, I *know* I ejaculated at least twice, and I think about four or five times; leaking sperm and thick male cum into waiting and eager young female bellies; even though each Girl Scout was careful to only slide onto my prick one time apiece, to give the following girls in line a chance to similarly express their appreciation for my sexual "services" during the previous four weeks. Once at least was when one of the girls went into sudden squeezing cramps around my prick. Another took me by surprise when I slid smoothly into the soft belly of the little girl and found myself squirting deep inside the youngster's belly before I could help it. Each tiny squirt or minor ejaculation went right inside the fertile depths of a pubescent girl's body where it belonged; only minor drips outside being "wasted" as each following Scout in line slid onto me before much more than a tiny drip could escape. Each such slight spurt or tiny cum though, didn't drain me like a full fledged ejaculation inside a girl would. Instead, each tiny jet or squirt inside one girl seemed to make me harder, randier, and readier for the next Scout in line, if that is possible. I *think* I might even have squirted a tiny bit of sperm into the soft belly and hungry womb of the cute little girl with the short vagina and sloppy cervix; but cannot be sure. Whatever. The kid certainly deserved it.

Each girl seemed to appreciate feeling me hard and dripping inside her cunny for one last time before going home. Whether my prick was oozing cum from squirting in the previous girl, or almost dry from the determined milking of the next one, each Girl Scout seemed pleased, proud, or sometimes just happy to take me deep inside her body, whether almost dry or dripping sperm-laden cum, precum, semen, or just sloppy drool from the vaginal lubrication and excitement of the Scout preceding her. At least one of the girls whimpered or gasped as I slid deep inside her cramping baby-tube; seeming particularly reluctant to let me go. Only a tap on the shoulder from the next-in-line reminded the Scout that her time was up.

"Next year," she whispered hotly in my ear; slowly pulling off my engorged penis; her incredibly tight and clinging vagina almost turning itself inside out, as the sexy Girl Scout's cramping young tunnel didn't want to let go of its erotic clasp around my by-now cum-dripping prick.

"At least, if Dad and Mom will let me, after this one," she promised. At the time, I didn't get the reference. Why *wouldn't* the girl be allowed to come back again? My mind was distracted from this conundrum as the next waiting girl took "her turn"; fitted her tight little baby-hole over my now cum-leaking prick, slid down to the root; then practically licked my tonsils in a kiss that almost overwhelmed me into pumping thick sticky gobs of baby-goo deep into the sexy nymphet's soft young belly. Thankfully the girl didn't; pulling off in time; so I was able to greet the next Scout in line properly, with my still-stiff prick only dripping cum instead of being limp and useless like it would have been if I'd spent myself in the belly of the previous girl.

Pacing, that's the key!

As the next-to-last Girl Scout in line slid onto me, I lost control completely; grabbing the half-naked Scout by the hips and burying my prick to the hilt inside her body while I jerked, spouted, squirted, blew, pumped, and ejaculated what felt like quarts of thick gooey sperm-filled semen into the soft young belly of the sexy little Girl Scout in one long throbbing, squirting, and aching ejaculation of sticky white baby-goo into the soft pink depths of the girl's squeezing young vagina that never seemed to end.

Once the girl realized what I was doing, she just held still and let me inseminate her, until I finally pulled the now half-hard and dripping thing from inside her belly. Then (damned if I can remember her name) the girl gave me a peck on the cheek instead of the full slobbering kiss the other girls had given, murmured, "Thanks for everything," in my ear, and was gone along with the others; sticky cum now running in an obscene yet erotic drool down the youngster's bare leg.

Only one girl remained; and my prick was wilting fast. Still, we managed somehow to fit in inside until it was properly ensconced in the girl's vagina and leaking thick gooey remnants of my cum into her body.

"Mmmm ... Thanks, Daddy," murmured Karen; working her tight little cunny muscles around me to milk the last precious drops of incestuous seed inside her body where it belonged. My daughter gave me a tongue-sucking kiss, similar to what most of the other girls had given; and it was time to go.

I looked down the "reception line" at all the women I'd laid, at least twice each, in the past few weeks, and waved weakly goodbye, while my prick oozed out of Karen and flopped wetly against my thigh. No way would I be able to repeat what I had just finished doing with the girls with the older women. Thankfully, none seemed to expect me to. I wondered what the adult women thought of the way the girls had said goodbye to their "fixit man"; but knew better than to ask. I vaguely wondered if I had "fixed" any of the girls' "bleeding problem" like I had "fixed" several of the kids' virginity problems ... and if-so, what those Staff Members would say if they thought I had. Still, not one woman seemed to be in the slightest bit offended, not even by that last horny sexual display by the girls ... Though I probably would have known long since if any one of the Girl Scout Camp Staff had even the tiniest problem with a man like me having almost continuous vaginal sexual intercourse with each and every one of the "innocent" little girls at Girl Scout Camp; fucking, mating with, and breeding each of the 75 sexy pubescent and eminently fertile young Girl Scouts several times apiece during hour after erotic hour, day after horny day, and even week after sexy week of making love with the horny little sluts over the last month. A wave from each woman, a couple of expressions of, "See you next year!" and it was finally time for the family to leave. The rest of the Staff turned back to finish packing or cleaning up, as her duties demanded before leaving.

As we headed down the trail towards the car, the same girl/woman we had met on the way up four weeks earlier, passed us headed up; still wearing only a smile, a Girl Scout Cap, and thick heavy boots. I had never seen her in camp, never had her as a bed or fuck-mate, and never found out who or what she was, except a beautiful young woman.

It wasn't until I got home that I found out the worst of it. Well ... OK, actually it was on the way home, thankfully still close to the middle of nowhere, that Karen dropped the bombshell on me. "Uh, Daddy?" she asked tentatively.

"Yeah, Hon?" I generally call Karen "Hon" now, while my wife is "Honey." My mind though, was mainly on my driving, and wondering how long I could stretch out the Girl Scout Nookie chits I still had left in the suitcase ... Only about 500 or so left? What a disappointment. It would be a bit of a cum-down to only fuck two or three pubescent little girls a day after this "vacation". It might even take me a week or so to recover. I was only half paying attention to my daughter's words.

"You know how at camp, the girls weren't allowed to bring clothing or other stuff from home, except what they had on, and then we all had to leave even THAT in lockers?"

"Yeah." My daughter's continued nakedness in the back seat where I could see her in the rear-view-mirror was a silent reminder. Well ... I still had Karen to fuck several times a day, if things got tight,' I reminded myself; taking comfort in the thought that my little girl was likely as horny as three of her Girl Scout Nookie mates. Karen had been shamefully neglected sexually in the past few weeks for a horny young nymphomaniac like my oversexed young daughter; and as the pervert of a father who is supposedly taking good care of his horny little girl's intimate sexual needs; I knew I would have to make it up to her. I brightened at the thought of all the sexual and horny fun that "making things up to Karen" could turn out to be for both of us. Maybe I wouldn't miss the Scout Camp so much after all. Karen WAS a horny little slut ... Just like her daddy.

"What about it?" I asked. Here I thought things were "clothing optional" for the girls, not "nakedness mandatory" like it was for Staff. I should have noticed before that *none* of the girls wore a stitch the whole time we were there. The things you find out too late.

Karen gulped and continued. "Well ... Uh ... Us girls weren't allowed to bring *anything* from home. It all got locked up in lockers when we arrived, whatever we came with, clothing and all. The camp supplied tents, towels, sleeping-bags, and toothbrushes, but nothing else. That's been the rules for several years now. Nothing from home. Supposedly, being good little Girl Scouts, all alone in the Wilderness, we don't need anything else."

"So?" I wondered. "So what?"

"Daaaddy! Don't you get it?"

"Get what?" OK, I'm dense. I'm stupid, as well as a pervert.

"We weren't allowed to bring *anything* from home. That includes flashlights, books, matches, razors, hair color, or anything. Not even medicine unless needed to stay alive. One girl last year had Asthma; and had to get stuff from the Camp Director each day; but otherwise no medicine allowed; not even prescriptions or First-Aid kits. The Camp supplied that. The ban included condoms, sponges, or prophylactics of any kind, including birth-control pills; and it was always deliberate. Being only GIRLS and WOMEN at Camp and miles away from any men, supposedly we didn't *need* any. We never had a man, or even a boy at camp before, they weren't allowed to even visit; so why should we? We're supposedly all proper little Girl Scouts who never heard of sex. -Snort!- Nobody ever expected the whole Camp to be giving out free Girl Scout Camp Nookies to a pervert like you, for the entire month; and once you were there, it was way too late to change the rules. Nobody wanted to explain to everybody why they needed to. Heck, there's even a few of the girls at Camp, even after all of your personal demonstrations, that STILL don't have any real idea of how babies get made or why they might need to use any protection, or even what protection IS and for what. To those particular girls, sex, man/woman intercourse like we have and like you were having with each of them several times apiece, just feels good, and is something really fun to do with a guy ... especially a real man like your own father; and you taught that to all the girls down there quite well, you know. It didn't seem to the rest of the girls to be our business to tell them, either. So far, they're all quite happy not knowing; those of us who *do* know are all happy too; so why make those girls worry about something they might not need to?"

I almost drove off the road and into a tree; only the wide ditch between the shoulder and windbreak giving me enough distance to miss.

Now you'd *think* that learning such a thing would be hard to cap; but Karen managed it. When we got home (the girl having learned her lesson NOT to surprise me while driving) Karen told me the rest: That every one of the sexy pairs of nubile and pubescent young girls who had slept with me each night over the last month were selected to be as close as possible to the middle of their periods on those nights; while the few girls remaining in her troop who didn't get to spend the night with me had extra "priority" for sex during the days when *they* were between periods. No wonder I couldn't figure the system out! Also, no wonder I never once got a bloody prick except from the few virgins. That also had been nagging me; as with that number of pubescent girls hot for my bod and swollen prick, you'd expect a few of the kids to be, "on the rag"; but none ever was.

If you'll pardon the expression: No bloody wonder!

Still later, my sadistic young daughter let the other shoe drop: "Oh, by the way, Daddy ... Mom's pregnant too." I'd forgotten that my wife, along with me and all the rest of the female Staff at Girl Scout Camp, was also going by the same rules of "nothing brought from home", including condoms or birth-control, that all the Girl Scouts at Camp had gone by.

I was set-up, I tell you!

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s

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