Cheer Dance Suck and Fuck

[ M/fggg, cons, pett, oral, anal ]


Published: 14-Apr-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Cast (Name and age):

  • Will Moro - 33
  • Wendy Collin - 13
  • Lisa Matthews - 12
  • Arlene Wilkins - 12
  • Jackie Wessling - 12
  • Hannah Hawkes - 11
  • Jaime Ostermeyer - 11
  • Tessa Brooke - 10
  • Georgiana Reines - 10
  • Misti West - 10
  • Mariah Coffee - 9
  • Roxi Young - 9
  • Mai Lyn Cook - 8

The sky filled with low, black clouds and the morning's drizzle had turned into a steady rain as the girls and I hurried to stash the bags and gear in the bright 16-passenger bus. Twelve girls, ages eight to thirteen, comprising the Youth and Junior Cheer Dance Teams of Alexander Charter School, chirped and giggled with excitement, excited at the prospect of the following day's semi-final competition in Baxter City, 200 miles away.

With the last bag and suitcase stowed, off we went in the bright yellow school bus, yours truly at the wheel. The coach, Mrs. Lalo, had left the day before to rendezvous with her husband who had just spent seventeen days at sea doing a seismic survey for an oil company and would be waiting for us in Baxter City.

In the last 24 hours Tropical Storm Mona had stalled over the state and had begun dumping near-record quantities of rain. There was talk of cancelling or postponing the competition, but as of yet the highways were all open and the rivers and creeks, most of them anyway, were still in their banks, so the organizers said "the show must go on."

Normally I teach Geography and Social Studies at the school and occasionally I fill in as Assistant Coach. For this trip I was serving as bus driver, sound man and spotter for the girls' stunts.

The first couple of hours were pretty uneventful, the thunder and lightening providing a nice counterpoint to the rhythmic swishing of the wipers. The girls would occasionally get a little loud and once I had to scold Lisa Matthews for an off-color joke, something about "Scooby dooby dooby, I want bigger boobies."

As the highway dipped into Marne Valley, the ditches were flooded, and in places several inches of surface water covered the road. We stopped to take a stretch in Pleasant and were told that Marne Creek was out of its banks three miles north of town and the State Police were considering closing the highway. Sure enough, just outside of town at the first wide spot we were greeted by flashing lights and a state police roadblock and were told to turn around.

Back in Pleasant I enquired about the other highway coming out of town, State Route 17, which ran east across the valley for fifteen miles before climbing a ridge and eventually tying in with the interstate, a long way around but it could still get us there by nightfall. Unfortunately Highway 17 was closed too, the result of flooding and rockslides.

There was no choice but turn around and head for home. Just then a pickup coming from the south pulled in and announced that the highway was flooded five miles south of town and traffic was not getting through. One way or the other we had to wait for the water to recede, which wasn't going to be anytime soon as the rain continued to pour down.

By now, we were all tired of being in the damp crowded bus. Spying a pizza restaurant, I took the girls in and ordered pizzas to go around. I then talked to the manager of where it might be possible to stay. There were two motels in town, one of them best to be avoided. The other was acceptable, but she advised me that it would fill quickly now that the roads were closed. Telling the girls to save me a piece I hurried over to the Shade Tree Motor Lodge and was disappointed to find that there was only one room left, a double, which I quickly snatched up, knowing that it would at least give the girls a place to sleep. I would have to make do in the bus.

I went back to the restaurant and we finished the pizzas. The girls were gloomy as a few phone calls revealed the competition had not yet been cancelled. The girls called their folks and I called the Coach and let them know we were safe, but wet and disappointed. I made it clear that I would be close by on the bus should the girls get carried away and get too rambunctious in their rented accommodations.

The girls insisted that I come in and change out of my wet clothes. It was a joy to take a hot shower and put on dry clothes. Most of the girls had already done the same, putting on dry t-shirts and shorts, though it was late enough that some of the girls had already changed into pajamas and nightgowns. Spirits had lifted somewhat and the girls had returned to their giggly selves as they settled in for an evening of television and microwave popcorn.

As I said, I intended to sleep on the bus. I really didn't have any of those feelings for my students. Sure they were cuties; cute in the sense that puppies or kittens are cute as they tumble about the carpet. Certainly I had noticed the swelling breasts and willowy limbs of the older girls, but they really held no attraction for me.

It must have been 76 degrees in the room and the shower must have run non-stop for almost two hours. The girls were watching a program about vampires that really didn't interest me and I felt my eyelids getting heavy. I tried to roust myself off the couch where I had sprawled, but to be honest, going outside in the pouring rain to spend an uncomfortable night in a cold, dark bus had little appeal. In no time at all I was fast asleep.

Some time later I awoke in the dark. My first thought was I had piss erection as I knew I was hard as a rock and thought my prick had fallen out of my shorts as I could feel it was exposed to the night air. Suddenly I was aware of slender fingers gripping the base of the shaft and before I could make sense of that sensation, I felt one- no, two-warm tongues, slithering and flicking up and down the length of the shaft.

I gasped and instinctively one hand flew to the back of each respective head. One of the bodies at my hips jumped and withdrew a little when I started. I then became aware of a third clasping mouth, this one attacking from the direction of my feet. The fellatrix on my right resumed her ministrations once she realized I was not going to scream or yell.

By now I had remembered where I was and I could tell by the texture of the frizzy brillo in my hand that the girl on the left licking up a storm was twelve-year-old Arlene Wilkins. I wasn't sure who the waif on my right was: fine, medium length straight hair with a very petite frame: possibly twelve (or was it eleven) year-old Hannah Hawkes or, god forbid, ten-year-old Tessa Brooke.

I had no idea who the girl straddling my legs was other than she had now engulfed the last three inches of my cock with her mouth and was sucking furiously. The normally-shy Arlene had wrapped her thumb and first two fingers into an "o" and was beating my meat frantically. Just then Lisa Mathews slid her nude body against me, and feeling her moist breath on my ear, she whispered, "We wanted to make you feel really good."

A nip on the earlobe was all it took. I ejaculated hard and fast without any warning. I heard the cocksucking girl choking and spitting. Arlene and the mystery girl went crazy with their stroking and jerking and I think both girls brought their lips close to get a sample the hot, still-spraying jizzum. Lisa left my ear to join the other two girls as they played in the spermy fountain.

The ecstasy my physical body was experiencing soon turned to shame. The girl whose tonsils I had just frosted had run into the bathroom, throwing the light on, coughing and sputtering over the sink, groping for a towel with her eyes stinging, half blinded by a errant jet of salty ballsauce. I could see now it was pretty, freckly eleven-year-old Jaime Ostermeyer, a shy girl who would be about the last girl on earth that I would ever expect to wake up to swallowing my semen. The water in the sink was turned on full blast.

Light streamed from the bathroom doorway illuminating the half-naked bodies on the floor including my spent tumescent cock and the congealing blobs of semen decorating it and the hands and faces of the three girls remaining on the floor. The girl on the right turned out to be-oh, god-10-year-old Georgiana Reines. She sat there as in shock, a thick unbroken line of white cum clinging from the right side of her forehead all the way to her chin

I could hear bedsprings creaking, blankets rustling and soft voices as I realized by now everyone in the room was awake. Nine-year-old Roxi Young chose that moment to turn on a bedside lamp.

Every un-cum-glued eye in the room was glued on me and their sperm-decorated classmates. Oh, god, I was going to go to jail for sure for this! Some sense of self-preservation kicked in and I began to scold the girls who had brought me to this delightful orgasm at the same time pleading my case that I was an unwilling participant in the whole affair.

I was probably making no sense at all and I expected the younger girls to be really confused. The girls were now gathered at the sink washing off my frosty spunk deposits when twelve-year-old team leader Jackie Wessling spoke with a voice husky with lust and desire, "Yes, we all know that. We planned this when you were in the shower." The girls all giggled or laughed outright.

"We were going to steal all of your clothes while you were in the shower," Lisa cracked and the girls exploded with laughter.

"This is serious. I could go to jail for a long time if anyone ever found out about this."

"We all agree. What happens in Pleasant stays in Pleasant."

Still doubtful, I sighed, finished dressing, but by the time I turned to leave to my cold, but otherwise legal, bed in the bus, I found my way blocked by three lithe nude bodies.

"Please, don't go. The rest of us want to try-to have you teach us about sex," came the words out of pretty Tessa Brooke.

I was resolute in my desire to get out of there, when-damn kids- someone figured out that in light of recent events, I could be easily blackmailed into doing whatever they wanted. And to be honest, though I was putting on a good show for some future court appearance, most of my psyche, my heart and everything below the waste wanted to stay. By now the girls were rubbing against me and begging.

I sat down on the couch with a girl at each side. Lisa broke out a deck of cards, shuffled, and circulated about the room letting each girl choose one unseen from the deck. Some of the girls began to strip.

"Does anyone have an ace?"

"Uh-huh," came the soft reply from 10-year-old Misti West. Lisa gestured for her to come and sit beside me. She was wearing a pretty, pale blue nightgown.

Lisa looked, thought, and then said, "Pretend you two are on a date and you have come back to Mr. Moro's apartment and you are going to fuck." The way she emphasized the f-word made it sound dirtier than I had ever heard it before. "We want to see you make out and see what happens." There was a murmur of unanimous agreement from the assembled group at the prospect of being witness to the perverted scenario.

I doubt that Misti weighed much over 90 pounds. I slid her onto my left leg to bring her mouth up toward mine and we began to kiss. It took less than ten seconds for any awkwardness or embarrassment to pass and animal lust take over, my hands stroking first over, then under the sheer night garment while our tongues entwined around each other. Without thinking, I removed her panties about the same time I realized she had freed my cock from my trousers. I took a moment to look at our audience; they stared transfixed.

We broke briefly and without speaking tore the last vestiges of cloth from our bodies. I knew getting her pussy eaten would be a real treat for the not-so-innocent child, so I went down on her which elicited an "ooohhh!" from the onlookers. A short time later Misti returned the favor as we wriggled into a sixty-nine position, but I knew I could not take much more sucking before filling the pretty preteens's mouth with my salty sperm.

Breaking that position, I rolled over onto my back. I directed Misty to straddle my cock, and holding onto her hips began to grind her tender slit against my engorged cock like she was my personal fuck toy. I soon lay back and let the ten-year-old athlete do the work and after the addition of some slippery lotion from one of the girls, she settled into a regular rocking rhythmically rubbing her kiddy clit against my hard-as-iron cock.

"Ohhh. Wow. Wow. Wow," she moaned, her hips jerking as my cock began to spray, grinding into me while I assisted with one hand on her butt, the other stroking her chest, trying to capture both nipples on every stroke. Our audience moaned and sighed at our enjoyment. Misti leaned over and gave me a very sweet peck that melted my heart before leaping away to get cleaned up.

Lisa invited the other girls to come over and explore the qualities of my spent load now decorating my chest and stomach. All the girls who hadn't experienced my first orgasm dipped their fingers in the cooling brew exploring its slippery texture and smell. Some tasted. Some of the girls started coming back for seconds which soon turned into a sperm eating contest which soon left me squeaky clean from chest to genitals.

My lack of erection after such talented tongue-work was not a disappointment to the girls. It was now 4:00AM and we all needed a few hours rest.

The next morning you can't say the sun came up; it just became less dark as the heavy overcast continued with alternating light and heavy showers. I woke up with a morning piss erection, though not totally so as I had two members of the Youth Team methodically fisting my cock as I opened my eyes.

I explained to them though that, yes, they were attractive and beautiful and that, yes, I was aroused; a major reason for my hardened condition was a full bladder. I got them to let go of me long enough to head for the bathroom, though I let them follow and join me inside. I explained the mechanics of the phenomena, the explanation of which seemed to fascinate them both. The doorway soon filled with curious preteens as I wiggled the base of the shaft of my cock, loosening up the valve enough to get a stream going.

I took nude and smiling eight-year-old Mariah Coffee's warm hand and wrapped it around my prick. At one point she lost her aim and sent a spray of piss onto the wall and floor, but with a little help soon had her new friend pointed back on target.

The weather report was not good, or maybe it was if your intent was to remain stranded in a motel room with two double beds and twelve horny little grade schoolers. Tropical Storm Mona was still largely stationary, somewhat diminished in strength, but still pumping up moist tropical air to collide with the stationary cold front.

After the night's intensity, everybody was hungry and so, after paying for another day's stay, I treated my harem of cuties to breakfast. They ate as only hungry adolescents can; I hoped, as cut off from the outside as it was, the town would not run out of food.

When we got back to the room, we found the maid hard at work. Oh god, I thought, we had left the room a mess: clothes strewn where they had been stripped off and cum-encrusted towels lying everywhere. Feeling guilty, I spent about a hour in the bus trying to maintain a façade of decorum, reading and listening to the radio, until the allure of soft, pretty, warm, waiting and willing flesh led me back inside.

No one said any thing as I walked and took my place on the center of the couch. The drapes were closed and the television switched off. The room smelled of excited females.

"Who had the kings?" Lisa asked which created a squabble as three girls claim to have been dealt a king and all wanted a chance at my first meat explosion of the day. The decision was made to start over with Misti, Jaime, Arlene and Georgiana being moved to the end of line as they had already proved their prowess at inciting a male to orgasm.

This time an ace of hearts fell to nine-year-old Roxi Young, one of the two girls who had been giving me my morning stroke job. Lisa did not provide a scenario so I thought I would provide the girls with a structured lesson in mutual masturbation. We undressed and I gave Roxi a lesson in cock and ball handling, explaining which parts were the most sensitive and allowing her to demonstrate different techniques that I told her would keep her boyfriends happy in a few years. I suggested Mai-Lyn Cook to join us, at eight, the youngest girl on the squad. I thought Roxi might be loath to share the limelight but soon both girls were squealing and giggling at the naughty game.

I went down on both girls, bringing each to orgasm in succession, demonstrating both my manual and oral technique. The girls came so quickly and easily that I gave them seconds and thirds, the other girls laughing as my hard cock bobbed and jerked in the air as I knelt between the legs of the tiny pair.

I definitely wanted some head, but both girls had earlier tasted some cum and neither was crazy about it and I wasn't going to force it. So I let them each suck me, showing them how to do it "no hands," then when I was getting close, suggested they give me a joint stroking and collect my load in one of the hotel's water glasses. Little kids can be as kinky as any pornstar, taking turns spitting on my cock, and soon stroked me off to heaven, giggling as at least two tablespoons of hot, white cum winked out of my piss slit and into the glass.

Roxi wasn't quite satiated yet, so I spent a few more minutes thanking her little clit for the exquisite hand job, her fourth-grade hips bouncing on the mattress.

Next highest card was a queen of hearts held by ten-year old Tessa Brooke. She squealed and leapt up like she had won some contest. I explained that I had just cum, but that she was really sexy, but it might take a blow job to get me hard. I explained that a blow job was not that different from a hand job other than she had to be careful not to bite or nick the tender skin with her teeth. This was further complicated by the fact that Tessa wore braces.

I got her started. Man, this has to be some of the best on the job training there is, I thought as my prick began to swell between her pretty ovalled lips. I then stopped and returned the favor, allowing her to sit on my face while my tongue ran rampant in her pretty preteen pussy. I than spun her on her back and stroked the length of my cock up and down her hairless cleft eliciting yet another squirming orgasm.

I realized I particularly had the hots for Tessa: maybe it was the freckles, the braces, those pretty brown eyes, maybe all three. I knew I definitely wanted to baste the little minx in my own cocksauce, so I moved up to straddle her chest and began slowly rubbing my meat all over her chest, stroking against her nickel-sized nipples and, arching my back, against her incredibly soft and warm cheek.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned. "I'm gonna cum all over you." The other girls gathered around waiting for the explosion. I felt Tessa's arm moving beneath my weight and realized she was masturbating furiously. My balls began to tighten and decided it was time: two dry spasms followed by a flood of white wigglies that must have thought they were pigeons the way they tried to fly from my cock. The first shot soaked Tessa's neck and chin and spattered her cheek, her glasses and hair. I trained the remaining spurts as much as I could on her boyish chest, which produced a lake of whitish liquid dripping from her collarbone staining the sheets of the bed.

The girls whooped and applauded. Anyone walking by outside would have surely heard. Someone grabbed the cum-glass off the counter and ran over and began using it to scoop the remaining pools of semen from Tessa's naked body.

A powerful cum, one that left me wondering if I would be able to come again. Ever.

I sent Jackie and Arlene over to the sub shop to buy sandwiches and Cokes for everyone while I went out and played the responsible adult, fiddling around under the hood of the bus, starting the engine and checking the oil.

When the girls returned with the sandwiches, we went back into the motel room. Coming in from outside the funky fuck-smell was obvious so we cracked a window and turned on the fan. The girls had gotten good news: the competition had been rescheduled in one week because so few teams had shown.

The other good news was that the tropical storm was breaking up and moving on, becoming now a series of weak intermittent showers. They were predicting that many of the streams in the area would crest sometime tonight and depending upon further rainfall, possibly return to their banks tomorrow morning.

I had pretty much forgotten about saving my reputation, my career or my everlasting soul and was more concerned about fairly doling out my remaining ball loads in the service of this harem of young beauties.

Hannah Hawkes had the ten of clubs which was the next highest card selected from the deck. The eager eleven-year-old knew what she wanted and soon had me on my back, sucking me to full erection. And she knew what to do with a hard cock. Much to my surprise, she climbed on top of me and attempted to mount me cowgirl style. The slender girl was extremely tight and had a series of shivering orgasms as she attempted to work my man-salami into that tight, tender hole. For the third time that day, I felt the sperm rising in my balls. I was trying to pull out as Hannah was trying to push down as the first spasm splashed the entrance of her tender womb. Once Hannah realized I was about to cum in her unprotected womb, she leapt off and, like a pornstar in training, managed to catch the final spurts on her silky tongue and pretty face.

"Woo-hoo, Hannah. Way to go!" This was becoming quite a competition.

"Nine? Eight? Seven? Six?" Wendy Collin oldest girl on the squad at age thirteen held the six of clubs. She had kept her clothes on up till now, most of them anyway, but now she stripped them off at the prospect of carnal pleasure. She was a little shy and very self conscious about her large grapefruit-sized boobs. I had spent so much time screwing flat-chested little youngsters the past day that I had almost forgotten what boobs were. I felt my cock stirring once again.

I soon gave Wendy's boobs the attention and pleasure they deserved, first manually and then orally. I thought after a while she was going to cum, but then the sensation must have fled causing me to expend more energy back and forth from tits and pussy and back again. I was about to rethink my strategy when Wendy spread her leg's wide and invited me inside.

Much wider in the hips than Hannah, Wendy was a delightful fuck. She began to cum almost immediately, her rippling cunt-spasms gripping my pistoning cock in her young athletic cunt. We went on like that for some time. I happened to glance over my shoulder and saw our audience of preteen voyeurs, some on their backs, some on all fours, fingers in their pussies, trying to match us stroke-for-stroke. Wendy came for the last time and I knew her tender pussy had had enough.

I pulled out and straddled Wendy's chest. Slipping my cock between those fleshy mounds, I pressed them together and began to pump back and forth. Wendy seemed out of it. I was not sure if she was enjoying this or not, but I was too close to my own orgasm to care about the fuck drunk teenie.

"Lotion!" I howled, and Jackie stopped masturbating long enough to sprint into the bathroom and grab the tiny bottle. "There!" I gasped, "between her tits!" Jackie drizzled a quarter-sized dollop into the sexy cleft. The extra lubrication was all I needed. As my cock poked its head from Wendy's cleavage, it spat a long, slimy strand of man-juice which immediately glued itself to Wendy's cheek, upper lip and the bridge of her nose. My cock retreated, emerging a half second later splattering Wendy with a full kiss on the lips of hot ballsauce. The third downstroke was a winner, pasting Wendy's forehead and bangs, with the remainder dripping down into her left eye and cheek. The remaining contractions harmlessly soaked her already wet neck and semen-slicked boobs.

"Yea, Wendy! Wooo-hooo!" the girls cheered. Wendy didn't say much as she headed into the bathroom to towel off. I think she had enjoyed herself, but was feeling overwhelmed from her multiple cums.

Grinning, Lisa held up the five of spades. "Ever fuck a cheerleader?" she said in a naughty, naughty voice.

I needed a break before my balls collapsed, so I went in and took a sponge bath and got as much of the funk off as I could. Some of the girls followed suit as well. I got a cold soda and set back and actually dozed off a little.

Not surprising I awoke with a pair of lips around my cock. Lisa was not about to lose her turn at bat.

While I was out Lisa, Arlene, Jamie, Hannah and Tessa had gotten dressed. Or really half dressed as from the waist up they were wearing their cheerleader uniforms. From the waist down they were as naked as the day god made them. Arlene and Hannah had trim little patches of fuzz. Lisa and Jamie were clean shaven. Tessa, the youngest, if you looked closely, had only the first few downy curlies heralding her ascent into womanhood.

Someone had gotten the boombox out of the bus and when Arlene pressed "play" the girls began to sensuously gyrate in a lewd parody of one of their competition routines. I knew the girls were ruining me; I would never be able to see this routine again without the image of these naked, twitching teenie cunts filling my mind. Tessa who was not on this team had half of her spangly dance costume on and was sitting legs splayed on the floor masturbating with a baton.

I was transfixed, unaware that I was already gripping my cock and stroking appreciatively, dangerously close to jizzing on myself before ever getting a chance to sample one or more of Lisa's talented twelve-year-old holes.

The song ended with the girls leaping and cheering and rubbing their half-naked bodies against me. I shushed the girls; the last thing we needed was hotel staff-or the police-showing up at the door with a noise complaint.

I gently touched Lisa's shoulders and led her over to the bed. We set side by side and kissed a while; then she pushed me flat onto my back. She got up to mount me. A year older than Hannah, she seemed equally tight, but with a bit of pushing and some girlish juices, I eventually slid in not quite to the hilt. She proceeded to ride me cowgirl style, no hands, still half dressed in her cheerleader uniform with her pompoms waving in the air above her head.

The other girls gathered around fascinated as they watched my cock slide in and out of Lisa's cunt. Jaime grabbed her cell phone and went to take a picture. "No pictures! Do you girls want to kill me?" I must have used the voice of command because Jaime reluctantly put her phone away.

Lisa alternated her up and down strokes with deep side-to-side rotations of her hips that would be destined to churn a bull-sized load from any man. My universe shrank: there was only me, the jerking bundle of sensation that was my prick and a slippery tight pussy from heaven, endlessly sliding up and down, up and down, taking me to heaven six and a half inches at a time.

Detached, I became a child's fuck toy, lost in the waves of pleasure and only became aware that I had cum when I saw the white juices sliding down the shaft of my cock as it continued its journey up and down, in and out of Lisa's sweet twelve-year-old cunt.

Spent, Lisa raised herself off my now limp but tumescent prick, and collapsed beside me. All of us recognized the error we had made by allowing me to cum in an unprotected vagina but the deed was done. And we were still too fuck-silly to do much about it.

Late afternoon and it was time for more showers. The clean towels were long gone and we were too embarrassed to ask for more. The girls all put on their cleanest clothes and we all went out for burgers. My beautiful girls, how they glowed. Not much was said, we were all pretty tired and exhausted: fucked out, though I still had two girls to go. I had to remind the girls when we were out in public they were not supposed to touch me or rub against me as we walked down the street, no fondling or groping under the table in the restaurant. And I had to remind myself as well.

Back at the motel, I gave up any pretense of pretending or wanting to sleep in the bus, despite the night being not that cold. Settling in, the girls entertained themselves by flashing naked body parts in my direction trying to get a rise (literally) out of me.

Remembering the cards, I asked who was after Lisa?

Jackie had the three of diamonds. We both undressed and Jackie began by getting on top of me grinding her athletic body against me. By this time the other girls has seen so much funk and spunk and cumming that I think they were beginning to lose interest. Grind we did for what seemed like an hour. She eventually straddled my face and I snacked on her until she rode my face into a wet happy sunset. Hard again, it was now my turn to do some grinding. She surprised me by arching her back and pointing her cute little buns in my direction begging, "Put it in my ass."

Borrowing some lotion, the girls gathered around while I lubed up. Fascinated, they watched as I pushed my cockhead against her brown door, as it eventually slid in. Though I never really thought anal was my thing, the sensation was delightful and we must have screwed for twenty minutes until I unloaded and she came, a guilt-free ejaculation in the tight preteen hole.

I got cleaned up for the umpteenth time and the most of the girls were turning in, when a sad sight caught my eye. Nine-year-old Mariah was sitting in the corner, sniffling, her eyes welling with tears.

I motioned for her to come over. I realized she was the one girl I had not gone the full eight rounds with-yet. I asked her what card she had. Sniffling she said she had had the two of clubs and that I probably didn't want to do it with her anyway.

I told her she was wrong and that she was very sexy; it's just that I was very tired and that sex right now would not be very much fun. I reminded her that she had been my "Morning Girl" this morning and that she could be my "Morning Girl" tomorrow and that we can do whatever she wants then.

Until then, I suggested that she could sleep on the couch with me; the only condition was she had to take off the nightgown. Grinning, the nine-year-old quickly stripped and we spent the rest of the night snuggled together under a blanket, naked skin to naked skin.

The next morning I awoke with the inevitable hard on. I went in and pissed and Mariah did the same. A little washing and we rejoined on the couch to continue our night of spooning. My hard on was back, not from my bladder, but from the little minx straddling my cock with her tongue in my mouth.

I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I guess she did. "I want to make you cum really hard," she said a sweet child's voice made husky by lust. After little additional foreplay, we found ourselves on the couch in the sixty-nine position, mouths locked on quivering genitals. She had cum at least twice. I was racing to make it three before my own prick exploded in the youngster's clasping mouth. Pulling apart, I pushed her backward on the couch and dove in face first, licking the pretty youngster to satiation. She seemed dazed for a moment, and then her eyes focused on my freestanding purple prick as it jerked and bobbed above her.

She literally dove between my legs and then began to what I can only describe as make love to my prick. With two soft hands and a softer mouth she began to caress my hardened flesh and tender balls. Making a tube out of her left fist she began feeding the cock to herself by rocking back and forth.

My balls began to tighten. Should I warn her? She seemed to know what she was doing. "Oh god, M'iah, I'm going to cum." She must have really wanted that cum because she sped up her rhythm and began sucking even harder.

I erupted. I really thought she was going to take it all, but with the third blast, semen sprayed from the corners of her mouth and the purple head popped out spraying all over her face. Though she was coughing and gasping she was not a quitter and continued rubbing the ejaculating monster all over her smooth face with authoritative fist strokes slaking every bit of lust from my balls. Looking down at her sweet cum-covered face I tried to find a cum-free place I could kiss and eventually gave up and kissed her on the forehead tasting some of my own sperm.

We got cleaned up. Arlene and Hannah had gotten up the courage and went to the office and came back with a clean towel for everybody. (Arlene thought the manager had given them a dirty look when they asked though.) We tried to clean up the room as best as we could, but I bet the place still smelled like a whorehouse. Triple checking that we didn't leave anything behind, we piled our belongings into the bus and after grabbing breakfast sandwiches from the deli, we joined the caravan of traffic heading south out of town where we found a single lane of controlled traffic through eight inches of standing water.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. The girls impressed me with their seriousness and maturity and their sweetness. We all agreed that the less said about the event the better. As far as anyone should know, I slept in the bus coming in only to sometimes, eat, shower and watch TV, mainly to check the weather. We all admitted we had fun for those two days, but I tried to impress upon them that with sex comes responsibility and young people had to be careful about situations they might find themselves in.

Someone remembered the glass with the two loads of cum setting on top of the television. Ooops! Oh well, too late to do anything about that.

As we neared home, Lisa suggested we take a detour onto a side road for one last fuck and some of the other girls chimed in their assent. The thought of screwing one or more of the pretty youngsters in the school bus made my now kid crazy cock throb with appreciation, but I knew better, especially in broad daylight.

"No, if we got caught, it would be all over."

"All over Jaime's face, you mean," Lisa quipped causing the whole group to bust up.

Oh well, next week is another road trip and another chance at the semifinals.

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ya i like this one


Oh yes! Now THAT's a fantasy.... :-)

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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