Musical Memories, Part 6

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Published: 25-Oct-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious. The author does not condone child rape, or any kind of sexual coercion.

Sarah's visit to the osteopath was another of my great plans that didn't actually come to anything.

When Mr. Harper got his daughter home on Friday afternoon, his wife was utterly horrified at how badly she was limping and how generally traumatised she looked. She was actually talking about taking Sarah to the hospital, which would have been something of a nightmare scenario for all of us ("This girl's vagina looks like a freight train has been through it!"), but Mr. Harper managed to talk her down. He assured Mrs. Harper that he'd already taken Sarah to the doctor's, and that the doctor had diagnosed a simple sprain, with bed rest as the best solution.

Unfortunately, once he'd said that, he couldn't then say she had to see an osteopath. Sarah was to spend the weekend in bed, and possibly some of the last week of school, likewise. She might not even get to have her lesson with me on the Wednesday, which was the last lesson of term and - if Mrs. Harper got her way - the last lesson Sarah would ever have with me.

When Mr. Harper phoned me to explain all this, Violetta was with me, already full of lustful enthusiasm for the lovely afternoon of sex play she thought was coming. The news practically brought tears to her eyes.

"But I need this, Lionel!" she begged. "I've been thinking about it ever since I left here yesterday. I have to see Sarah again. I just have to!"

"I know," I commiserated. "I feel much the same way, Violetta. There'll be other students, but still..."

Those other students would take careful and patient grooming, and Violetta was horny right now. So was I. Sarah had become something like a drug to me, and I wanted a hit. I wanted to embed my gigantic cock in one of her wonderful orifices and get myself off.

I'd already told Violetta that Sarah came with a use-by date. Now we were both confronting the very real possibility that we'd passed that date.

"There must be something we can do," Violetta fretted. "There must be."

"Well, we could have sex," I suggested. "Just you and me..."

She shook her head impatiently. "I do find you attractive, Lionel," she said, "but right now, it's Sarah I want. No offence."

"None taken," I said. I knew what she meant. Ordinary sex, without a child involved, was going to feel pretty vanilla to me from now on.

"Wait a moment!" Violetta said at last. "Where is Mr. Cunt-Whipped right now?"

"Mr. Harper? At home, I suppose."

"Get him here. I've got an idea." Violetta's eyes gleamed. "There's more than one way to skin a cat."

* * *

The following day, Violetta paid a visit on the Harpers, dressed up to the nines in her Italian diva outfit. Mrs. Harper answered the door, and Violetta introduced herself, using the alias I'd already set up for her.

Mrs. Harper was very impressed to find herself talking to a fellow of the Royal College of Music. She invited Violetta in, and the two of them discussed Sarah over tea and cake.

"The truth is, Mrs. Harper," she confided, "Sarah is an exceptionally gifted student, and Lionel Glover isn't very happy about losing her."

Mrs. Harper made a sour face. "But Sarah is always so tense and so unhappy after her lessons with him!" she exclaimed. "I don't know what he's been doing to her, but it seems to have undermined her confidence. She's become so quiet and subdued."

Well, Violetta thought, getting your cunt fucked into pulp by two cocks that are way too big for it will sometimes do that. Aroused by that image, she slipped a hand up her skirt and began to discreetly finger herself under the table.

"There are lots of different approaches to the teaching of highlytalented students," she said smoothly. "Mr. Glover likes to challenge preconceptions and confront the student with surprising scenarios - scenarios that might be outside their emotional comfort zone. Obviously, that doesn't work equally well with all students, and it's possible that it's had a negative effect on Sarah. But actually, I think this accident she had is probably more to blame. Mr. Glover tells me she's been in a certain amount of pain."

Which isn't surprising at all, she reflected happily, calling to mind a delicious memory of Sarah on her knees, taking it at both ends from her daddy and me.

"Well, that's true," Mrs. Harper admitted. "But still, I think it's a good idea for her to see someone else, for a while."

"Well, possibly," Violetta murmured. "But then... there are these."

She took some papers from her handbag and laid them down on the table between herself and Mrs. Harper. Mrs. Harper scanned them, at first in puzzlement and then in mounting surprise and dismay. "But..." she stammered. "I... I don't understand!"

"Your husband signed these contracts," Violetta said, neglecting to add that he'd only signed them the day before. "They guarantee that Sarah will stay under Mr. Glover's supervision until she reaches grade 8. He intends to hold you to them."

"But... but..." Mrs. Harper was appalled. "Tony didn't tell me anything about this! I would never... I've never even seen them before!"

Violetta nodded sympathetically. "I imagine he forgot," she said. "But in law, this is still a perfectly valid contract. When you consider Mr. Harper's lost earnings, and the damage to his reputation if a student is taken away from him... well, it's possible that you could be sued for a great deal of money, if we can't work this out amicably."

Mrs. Harper was almost in tears. "Won't he let us take her somewhere else?" she asked, anxiously. "If it's what she wants, surely..."

Violetta patted the other woman's knee, reassuringly. "I'm sure nobody wants Sarah to be coerced into anything against her will," she said - once again imagining Sarah on my bed, being coerced into various very obscene and illegal sex acts. "I wonder, Mrs. Harper, how you'd feel about me taking over your daughter's tuition. Not permanently, but just until I've satisfied myself."

Mrs. Harper blinked. "Satisfied yourself?"

"Ah... satisfied myself that Sarah's interests are being properly looked after." An idea suddenly struck Violetta as she was talking - an idea that no doubt arose from her treasured memories of that Italian waitress's brutal violation. It was outrageous, but... well, if you don't try, you can't win. "In fact," she went on smoothly, "I run a summer school for the gifted and talented, which starts next week. It's in Siena, in Italy. I'd be very happy to give Sarah a free place. All she'd need would be her passport and a little spending money."

Mrs. Harper gasped. "That's... that's extraordinarily generous!" she exclaimed.

"Not at all," Violetta demurred. "Sarah is an exceptional girl, and I'm very, very eager to spend more time with her. And needless to say, this programme takes place under the auspices of the College, so it's all totally above board."

"Well... then... we'd be delighted..." Mrs. Harper floundered. "Of course, I'll have to discuss it with my husband."

"Of course." Violetta smiled. "In the meantime, I'll start making the arrangements." She hesitated, but she couldn't resist. "Is Sarah upstairs now? It would be wonderful to... um... discuss the programme with her."

"Of course." Mrs. Harper made to stand. "I'll show you to her room."

"No, no!" Violetta stood, too, and pushed the other woman firmly back down into her seat. "I'm sure I can find it myself. And I'd like to talk to her in private, if that's all right. To... to see what sort of experience she's had being tutored by Mr. Glover. If there's anything that's upsetting her, I might be able to persuade her to open up to me, if we're not disturbed."

"Of course," Mrs. Harper said. "I'll make some more tea."

Violetta almost ran up the stairs. The second door she opened was Sarah's, and she stepped quickly inside. Sarah was reading a book, and she gave a yelp of surprise and alarm when Violetta entered. Violetta put a finger to her lips and shushed her, closing the door firmly.

She crossed to the bed, leaned down and kissed Sarah very passionately on the lips, sliding her tongue halfway down the little girl's throat to lap at her tonsils. Her heart was beating like a drum, and her twat was tingling with excitement.

When she broke the kiss, she was breathing very heavily. "I missed you yesterday," she whispered throatily. "Did you miss me too, Sarah?"

Sarah made no answer. Clearly she was more than a little afraid of this very beautiful woman who seemed to be as sexually voracious as a man and who had both raped her and choreographed her rape. She'd probably been overwhelmingly relieved that she hadn't had to go back to my house on Saturday and be sexually abused some more.

Violetta straightened, reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers down. She stepped out of them, and then, after a moment's thought, she opened her handbag and put them inside. They were already saturated with cunt juice, just from her masturbating downstairs - and now they were very much surplus to requirements.

"We don't have much time," she told Sarah. "Your mother could come up at any moment. Listen, Sarah. I'm trying to set something up - something that would mean you could spend the whole summer with me. Some days your daddy and Mr. Glover would come to visit. And perhaps a few other friends. But some days it would just be me and you. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

Sarah looked utterly dismayed at the prospect. Blinking back tears, she blurted out "But... I... I don't want to!"

"Shhhh!" Violetta admonished her, putting a finger across her lips. "Don't let mummy hear you. We're going to have such fun, Sarah! We'll fuck and do dirty things every day." She was fingering her clit furiously as she spoke, her skirt hitched up to reveal her hairy twat. Now she climbed onto the bed and straddled the little girl's face, her legs splayed so that her hairy gash gaped wide right in front of Sarah's mouth. "Eat me out, sweetheart," she murmured. "I want to feel your tongue up my cunt again."

She pressed her drenched, fragrant slit to Sarah's lips, hands on her labia to hold the cunthole itself as wide open as possible. Knowing what was expected of her, Sarah inserted her tongue into the gaping orifice and moved it around.

Violetta gave a long, almost agonised moan. Having her quim eaten out by a beautiful twelve-year-old girl was still a wonderful novelty for her. "Oh, Jesus Christ, yes!" she panted. "Oh, go in deep, sweetheart. Lick all the cunt juice out of there!"

Sarah did her best to comply. She was lapping diligently at Violetta's twat, her tongue alternately ploughing the older woman's vaginal furrow and nuzzling up into the honeyed interior. Violetta pressed her pubic mound hard against the little girl's lips, riding her face with short, urgent thrusts. It was hard for the twelve-year-old to breathe with her face buried in the adult woman's moist and strong-smelling snatch, but she managed to keep from suffocating by gulping in a shallow breath every now and again.

"Put your finger up my arse!" Violetta panted, taking Sarah's hand and guiding it to the place. Sarah tentatively pushed her forefinger into Violetta's shitter, and Violetta groaned even louder. She grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair to pull the little girl's head up, grinding it against her crotch with sobs of joy.

After a while, Violetta took hold of Sarah's hand again and pulled it out of her bum. "Make a fist," she panted. When Sarah complied, the amorous older woman took hold of her forearm and shoved the fist peremptorily up her cunthole. "Thrust!" she growled sexily. "Thrust hard!" Sarah pumped her tiny fist in and out of that sweet cavern, which was well lubricated by the juices of Violetta's arousal. Violetta gripped Sarah's elbow tightly and pulled hard on it, so that more and more of the little girl's arm went up into her greedy orifice.

Finally, with a sob of utter ecstasy, she orgasmed, shuddering and panting as she slumped forward over the little girl.

As soon as she'd recovered from the intense climax, she quickly got off the bed. "Kneel down on the floor!" she told Sarah, in a breathless whisper. "I want to piss on you!"

Scared as she was, Sarah climbed out of bed and knelt. Violetta squatted, thrusting her gorgeous bum into Sarah's face, and released her hold on her bladder, which was very full from the tea she'd drunk downstairs. With a sigh of pleasure, she hosed Sarah's lovely face and cute little tits with a forceful jet of piss, shifting position to completely drench her.

Sarah endured the deluge with eyes closed, whimpering slightly.

Her bladder now empty, Violetta squatted over Sarah once more, knees bent and legs wide apart. "Lick all the piss off my cunt," she told the beautiful child. "I don't want your mother to smell it on me."

Sarah obeyed, cleaning out the older woman's fuckhole with her lips and tongue. When she was done, Violetta patted her approvingly on the head. "Good girl," she said. "That was a lovely fuck."

She smoothed her skirt down, and straightened with a sigh of satisfaction. "If your mummy smells the piss," she told Sarah, "say you couldn't make it to the bathroom. Don't tell her I urinated on you. You understand?"

Sarah nodded, unhappy but as docile as ever.

"Good. One last kiss."

Violetta didn't mean on the lips or cheek. She squatted over the beautiful little girl again and pulled her cunt lips wide again. Sarah dutifully kissed the proffered orifice.

"Now my arse," Violetta said.

Again, Sarah did as she was told. While her face was buried in Violetta's ass crack, Violetta let rip with an enormous fart. It gave her something of a thrill that Sarah was smelling her shit, and licking her bum while the fart slipped out. She'd never shat in a little girl's mouth before, but she thought it might be something she'd enjoy doing to Sarah.

After a last, fond farewell which involved artificially raping Sarah with the handle of her hairbrush, she went out of the room and down the stairs. Mrs Harper was waiting at the bottom. "Is everything all right?" she asked.

"Oh yes," Violetta assured her. "Everything is fine. Sarah was asleep when I left her, so I'd leave her for a little while if I were you. The summer school starts next Wednesday, Mrs. Harper. Please make sure that Sarah is packed and waiting at nine a.m. I'll come and collect her."

"I can't thank you enough, Miss Ribolzi," Mrs. Harper gushed, taking hold of Violetta's hand and shaking it.

Violetta shifted her legs a little, feeling a little vaginal juice trickling down her inner thighs from her still tingling cunt.

"The pleasure was all mine, Mrs. Harper," she said, with absolute sincerity.

* * *

When Violetta told me what she'd done, I was utterly amazed. "You really think the old bitch will fall for it?" I asked her, incredulous.

"The old bitch did fall for it," Violetta chuckled. "I'm going to have Sarah as my live-in guest all through the summer. She'll be at my place in Hampstead, while her stupid whore of a mother thinks she's in Siena. It's going to be wonderful. Just imagine - she can sleep with us every night. And you can give her semen instead of milk on her corn flakes in the morning."

"I'll have better places to spend my semen," I said fervently.

Mr. Harper had mixed feelings when he found out. He called that evening, having spoken to his wife and learned the news. "I... I wonder if this is really in Sarah's best interests," he quavered.

"Of course it is," I told him. "Mr. Harper, Sarah has come on more in the last few weeks than in the two years before that. Now she'll have my attention, and Miss Ribolzi's, all through the summer."

"Yes, yes, I understand that," Mr. Harper mumbled. "But... will you try not to hurt her too much?"

"We'll treat her like she was made of eggshells," I assured him, stroking a massive hard-on and thinking idle thoughts of buggery. Sarah's bum needed to be broken in very soon, and very thoroughly.

"And where will she really be?"

"I think it's best if we don't discuss that," I told Mr. Harper sternly. "The less you know, the less you can say if your wife starts to ask awkward questions."

"I... yes, I see. But... but Sarah is my daughter, Mr. Glover. I have to look out for her welfare."

"I think Sarah's welfare is something you can leave to me and Miss Ribolzi now," I said sternly. "Don't worry, you'll see her at some points over the summer, and you'll be able to verify how well she's being treated."

"And... ah... I'm assuming...?"

"Yes, Mr. Harper, you'll be free to fuck Sarah, and to join in some of the times when we fuck her."

"Some...?" Mr. Harper was appalled. "Some of the times...?"

"Miss Ribolzi will tell you which days you'll be free to visit," I interrupted him. "The rest of the time, you'll stay at home and do nothing to arouse your wife's suspicions. We will continue to introduce Sarah to new and exciting experiences, even on the days when you're not there. I trust that meets with your approval? If not, perhaps we should just say that you'll see Sarah again in September.

"No!" Mr. Harper yelped hastily. "No, I - - that will be completely acceptable, Mr. Glover. I'm sure you'll let me see Sarah whenever you can."

"Of course I will," I lied. Actually, I was thinking that we could probably have more fun with Sarah, and do more outrageous things to her, if Mr. Harper were kept at a discreet distance. Maybe we'd let him get a sniff of her cunt every other week.

But in the event, it was Violetta who took charge of Sarah and made all the decisions about her social calendar. Sarah was living in her house, after all, and possession is nine tenths of... well, not the law, in this case, since nothing that we were planning to do to our lovely twelve-year-old girlfriend was remotely legal.

She picked Sarah up promptly on the Wednesday morning, and I went over to Violetta's place in Hampstead at Wednesday lunchtime to see how she was settling in.

I expected to find Sarah in one of the guest bedrooms, but in fact she was in the rear reception room, which Violetta had refitted as a movie studio. Three HD digital cameras had been set up, as well as a sound boom and a complete lighting rig. All of this was being overseen by a hugely overweight man who Violetta introduced as Pete. Pete shook my hand a little distractedly, which was only to be expected as Sarah was naked on her knees in front of him, her lips wrapped around his prong, which he was slowly sliding in and out of her mouth.

"Pete will be taking care of all the technical stuff," Violetta told me happily.

"What technical stuff?" I asked, mystified.

"For the movies, of course. I want to make some movies of us doing it with Sarah."

I didn't like the sound of this at all. "Isn't that a bit indiscreet?" I asked her. "I thought Sarah was going to be our little secret?"

"Oh, she will be!" Violetta exclaimed, her eyes wide and her face a mask of innocence. "Pete is a friend of mine from Pedo-Forum. And he's totally on board, Lionel. Honestly. You remember that seven-year-old who went missing in Chiswick last year? Didn't get found for three days?"

"I remember," I said. "The one who was..."

"Exactly. That was Pete. Well, Pete and his friend Alan. You should see the video. It's absolutely... mmmm!" She closed her eyes and gave an exaggerated shudder of pleasure. "So we can really, really trust Pete to be discreet."

"Oh Jesus!" Pete panted. "Oh fucking Jesus Christ!" I turned around to find that things had already moved forward a little from the idyllic little scenario that had greeted me when I walked in. Pete now had Sarah's head gripped in both his hands, and he was pumping his cock energetically in and out of her mouth. It was a slightly longer cock than mine, and considerably thicker. Sarah was making desperate choking sounds as it invaded her throat.

"Pete's an angel," Violetta said. "He's lending me all this equipment for free. So I didn't feel I could refuse when he asked if he could have a bit of a kiss and a cuddle with Sarah."

I raised a skeptical eyebrow. Pete was now slamming Sarah's face hard into his bucking crotch, moaning in utter, depraved delight as his huge manhood pistoned in and out of her gullet with loud squelching sounds.

"A kiss and a cuddle?" I said.

Violetta put a hand to her mouth in mock dismay. "Well I told him not to be shy," she giggled. "Maybe that was the wrong thing to say. He's a very big boy, isn't he?"

"Ngurrrrrrhh!" Pete yelled. Sarah's throat worked frantically, and we could hear her gulp and gurgle and swallow as she tried to cope with the flood of ejaculate that was spurting into her oesophagus. Her hands fluttered weakly, but Pete was still holding her head firmly in his two hands and his dick was buried deep in her throat. All she could do was keep swallowing and swallowing so she didn't drown in his seemingly endless cum.

Pete let her go at last, with a grunt of satisfaction, and withdrew his wilting cock from her mouth. Poor Sarah, very close to choking on his massive orgasm, bowed her head with tears welling in her eyes and coughed up thick, gooey streamers of sperm which ran down her chin and then slowly made the descent to her tiny tits. Pete grinned at the sexy sight, and wiped his dick clean on the little girl's hair. "Fucking lovely!" he panted. "You'll be getting some more of that later, you filthy little whore." He strolled away, well pleased with himself and not bothering to put his cock away.

Violetta grinned lasciviously, but then ran across to Sarah with a face full of mock concern. "Poor sweet baby!" she exclaimed. "Let me kiss it better."

She knelt beside Sarah and started to lap up Pete's spunk from around the stunned little girl's mouth. I left her to it, and went over to join Pete.

"So what's it like fucking a seven-year-old?" I asked him, curiously.

He gave me a slightly smug look. "Really nice for us," he said. "Pretty sad for the seven-year-old. Mind you, they can do wonders these days. Probably give her a new cherry, even." The smug look intensified. "Wonder if they can do the same thing for her arse."

Violetta came to join us, leading Sarah by the hand. "When is Alan arriving?" she asked Pete.

Pete looked at his watch. "Should be here already," he said. "Is it all right if" he indicated Sarah with a nod.

"Of course it is, silly," Violetta said, stroking his arm and giving him a warm smile. "You don't even have to ask. You're both honoured guests here. If either you ever wants a little cuddle with Sarah, just take her for as long as you need her."

"Violetta," I said. "Could I talk to you for a moment?"

We went back out into the hallway, where I turned and confronted her. "What the fuck is this?" I demanded. "Okay, you had a brilliant idea, getting Sarah over here to spend the summer with you. But these guys are hardcore rapists, and you're telling them they can fuck her whenever they like."

"Well?" Violetta said truculently. "What's wrong with that, Lionel? They're friends of mine, and I want to make them happy. This was never just about Sarah for me. It was about making friends on the message boards, getting people to trust me, so they'd start letting me in on some of the action they've got going. Believe me, Lionel. Wonderful things are going to start happening now, to both of us. We're in with the right people at last. And it's worth sharing Sarah to get to that place."

"Sharing her is one thing," I grunted. "But when she goes back to her parents, she's got to be alive and in one piece. Otherwise we're in real trouble."

Violetta just laughed. "I'm not stupid, Lionel. I planned for this. Who was it who collected Sarah from her parents' house?"

"You," I said. "Obviously. So what?"

"And what's my name?"

"Viol - - "

I hesitated, and she gave her trademark wicked chuckle. "You see?" she said triumphantly. "Violetta Ribolzi picked Sarah up, and said she worked for the Colleg of Music, and that she was a colleague of yours. But Violetta Ribolzi doesn't work for the College of Music. They don't have any examiner with that name. And this house was rented under a different name again - cash in hand. All you've got to say if anyone asks is that you never even met a Violetta Ribolzi."

"Mr. Harper knows I did," I reminded her.

She smiled a tight, hard smile. "And he's welcome to say so, if he wants to spend twenty years plus in prison for kiddie-rape. It's airtight, Lionel. We can do what we like to Sarah, and then blame it all on the mysterious, disappearing Miss Ribolzi. So don't tell me what to do, or what not to do. I'll decide for myself. Okay?"

She'd gone steel-hard all of a sudden. I shrugged and nodded. Suddenly I knew how Mr. Harper must feel.

"Okay," I said, reluctantly.

"Good," Violetta said. She gave me an affectionate hug. "This is all so wonderful!" she said. "And I'll never forget that it was you who introduced me to Sarah, Lionel. You made all this possible."

At that moment, the doorbell rang and she ran to answer it. She came back a moment later with a blond guy who was built like a brick shithouse. He was about six foot eight tall, and very well muscled.

"This is Alan," Violetta said, and we shook hands.

"I hear you groomed this little slit," Alan said, in a deep, baritone voice. "Nice job."

"Thanks," I said.

He turned immediately to Violetta. "So," he said, unzipping his flies and pulling out a massive, already half-hard cock, "do you want to do a level check?" Violetta stared at that big, swelling tool and licked her lips. "Oh yeah!" she murmured.

They went back through into the "studio", and after a few moments, various sounds emanated from there - presumably elicited for the purposes of a level check. Mostly they were moans of dismay and sobs of panic from Sarah and grunts of pleasure from two grown-up men and a woman. Occasionally, one or other of the adults spoke.

"See how far you can push it up her."

"Fucking hell!"

"It's all right. It's all right, Sarah. Open your... that's right. Shove it in now, Alan. Shove it all the way in."

"Hold her legs apart."

Violetta, in a voice that's half moan: "Oh my god, that is so fucking hot!"

A whimper from Sarah, and then, again from Violetta "Both of you! She can take it!"

I held out as long as I could. Then, unzipping my flies, I went back inside.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


both stories dawn and sarah
please continue
you are one of my best writers i read
greetings from germany


This is very brutal all they care about is their own fun and pleasure. BRAVO!!! Thats the way it should be. Keep me up ;

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