Changing The Guard

[ inc, fath/dau, pedo ]


Published: 14-Aug-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was engrossed in my usual favorite pastime, surfing the porno websites and watching a particularly dirty child porn picture, when I heard a soft giggle behind me. I jumped and quickly shut down the screen and turned to see my daughter standing behind me. It was obvious that from her position she could see everything I had been watching.

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, hoping that she hadn't seen too much.

"I came in when you opened those neat pictures," she informed me. "What were they doing with their pee pee's?" she asked.

How do you explain grown sex to a twelve-year-old virgin daughter? I still had a hard-on from the pictures I had been watching even though she had surprised me.

It had been a long time since I actually had sex with a woman since her mother had gone to be with her Dad. He had some sickness that was terminal and she wanted to take care of him for the short time he had left. The old man had managed to hang on for three months now and it looked like it was going to be a while longer until he kicked the bucket. Meanwhile I was stuck with taking care of our daughter.

I took a good look at her trying to figure out what was on her mind after catching me watching those pictures. I had started out just looking at the regular adult sites, but a friend had sent me a bunch of kiddy porn pics and they had turned me on something fierce. Especially the ones that showed that Fathers and daughters were having real sex. I wondered if she had understood what she had seen.

"Why don't you tell me what you think you saw?" I tentatively asked her.

"Well, Daddy," she hesitated, "I saw a man put his pee-pee into a little girl's mouth and then another where he squirted some white stuff all over her face. Then there was the one where he put his pee-pee into her pee-pee. Why did he do that?"

"He did that because it felt good," I said trying to think of a way out of this without telling her too much.

I was thinking of what her mother would say if she ever found out. I had never thought of my own daughter as a sex object before, but now, as I looked at her tiny perfectly formed body, I was having bad thoughts about her. I became aware of her budding breasts. They were sticking out at least four inches from her chest. My gaze went down her body to her narrow waist. Then flared out to her rounded hips. Her mother had lost her waist years ago. My baby had on a sundress that had a hemline just below the crotch. I marveled at the slim shape of her legs and wondered at the junction of her limbs. I could see that she had nice tits and wondered if she was advanced enough through puberty to have cunt hair. I shook my head to clear myself of these thoughts. After all, this was my daughter I was with. It wouldn't be right to have sex with her at her tender age.

"Can you make me feel good too, Daddy?" she asked, innocently. "Just like they were doing?"

Her question nearly made me fall out of my chair. My mind screamed, "NO," but my cock whispered, "Yes, yes, yes."

"Honey," I stammered, embarrassed, "what you saw was fantasy, it isn't meant to be really done, especially between Father and Daughter."

"But Daddy," how did they take those pictures if it wasn't really done.

"Besides, Momma said the sex should be only done between people in love, and I know you love me and I love you. I'm old enough to know that sex never is discussed with anyone other than the one you love."

"That's true," I said, "but sex between a Dad and his Daughter is called incest and it is illegal. I could go to jail if anyone found out. Especially your mother," I continued to explain.

"So, we won't tell her," the countered my argument. "I have done a lot of things that I never tell anyone about."

"Like what? I asked, now very inquisitive. I wondered if my little baby had experimented with sex before.

"Like smoking," she confided, "I sneaked a cigarette once and smoked it. I got sick though and never tried it again."

"Have you ever tried anything like in those pictures?" I asked.

"No, never anything like that," she told me. "I did kiss a boy once though. It wasn't very good though; he drooled spit all the way down my chin. It was gross. He tried to feel my boobs and I kneed him in the crotch like Momma taught me to do if anyone tried to touch me there."

"You wouldn't do that to me, would you?" I asked.

"No Daddy," she said with a giggle. "I want to do all the things I saw in those pictures and make you feel good."

I started the computer back up and opened my kiddy porn site. The first picture we looked at showed a Father taking off his little girl's clothes. I reached up and pulled off my baby's sundress. She was only wearing a skimpy pair of yellow panties. She had no need for a bra. Her titties stuck straight out with her tiny hard nipples pointing toward the ceiling. Not like a grown adult, pointing toward the floor.

I then reached over and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her panties and gently drew them down over her hips exposing the most beautiful bare cunt I had ever seen. It looked just like when I had changed her diapers as a baby, just bigger. I continued down her legs until she stepped out of her panties.

"Your turn now, Daddy," she chimed excitedly as she pulled me out of my chair.

As I stood up, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. Next she pulled my undershirt up over my head like I had done to her dress. I felt her tiny fingers undoing my belt and zipper as she undid my pants. I felt them fall to the floor and I kicked them into the corner out of the way. My little baby then kneeled on the floor in front of me and slowly pulled my shorts down to reveal my stiff dick and full balls. I saw her eyes widen with surprise as she saw a penis for the first time.

"Wow, Dad," she exclaimed. "It sure is a lot bigger than I thought. Momma says that it goes into my pee-pee to make babies. I don't think that will ever go into me."

This made me wonder just what kind of sex talk my wife had had with her. I made a mental note to ask sometime. I reached over and used the mouse to click on a little girl giving a man a blowjob.

As the picture came onto the screen, my Daughter opened her mouth and leaned forward until my cock was in her tiny mouth.

"Rub it with your tongue," I instructed.

I felt her tongue start to rapidly pulsate back and forth across the underside of my stiff cock. I was so engrossed in the sensations and watching my baby suck my cock that I almost came in her mouth.

"Whoops," I shouted as I felt the first string of cum spurt from my dick. I quickly pulled out of her mouth. She still had hold of me and continued to jack it back and forth as I spurted my hot cum all over her face and chest. She still had her mouth open and some of my sperm went into her mouth where she swallowed it. She didn't seem to mind the taste. Before I had stopped shooting, she engulfed my cock with her lips again and continued to suck all my man juice from my dick. She kept it up until I pulled my softening cock from her greedily sucking lips. Then I watched as she used her fingers to scoop up all my cooling cum off her face ands chest and suck it all into her mouth.

"That's what I saw in the pictures," she told me. "I thought it would be disgusting, but it tastes pretty good. Will I taste like that?" she asked, hopefully.

I had a couch in my computer room and I picked her tiny form up and deposited her on it. I went back to the computer and clicked on a man eating a girl's cunt. I returned to the couch and, spreading her shapely legs, lowered my face to her crotch. I heard her moan loudly as my tongue traced her crack from ass hole to the top and sucked in her hardening clit. I applied suction to the top of her cunt as my tongue flicked rapidly back and forth across her hard tiny nubbin. I placed one hand on her tit and caressed her nipple gently. The other hand went to her ass crack as I explored her puckered anus. There was cunt slim leaking from her underage pussy and I used it to lubricate my finger poised at the entrance to her tiny rosebud. As I lathered her pussy with my tongue, I slowly entered her tight anal sphincter. I felt her muscles grip my finger and heard her groan even louder.

"Does that hurt?" I queried.

"Oh no Daddy," she cooed back, "it feels so good. Do it some more, please," she begged.

I reentered her ass hole with my slick finger as I started to tongue fuck her sweet tasting cunt. I felt her body start to bounce up and down meeting my tongue thrusts. In and out I went. Soon her body was trembling in her very first orgasm. I quickly pulled my finger out of her ass and, while she was still in the throes of her first orgasm, I punched my finger into her slippery cunt up to the final knuckle. I felt her stiffen as I penetrated her and smashed through her hymen. I then pulled out and rapidly rubbed her hard clit. She was so engrossed in the spasms that enveloped her body and the pleasure she was experiencing for the first time, that she never felt the slight pain of losing her virginity.

After a few minutes to cool down, we got up and went back to the computer. "Pick out something you want to try," I told her. I figured that she would pick out another sucking scene. Instead she clicked on one where an adult man was fucking a small girl. "I know your pee-pee is big, but if she can do that, then so can I."

"I think you are old enough to call my cock and your cunt what everyone else does," I told her. "Pee-pee is all right for little kids but adults call what I got a cock or a dick and what you have is a cunt or pussy. What you did to me is called cocksucking and what I did was called cuntlapping. The picture we are looking at is called, fucking. You want me to fuck your cunt? It could hurt the first time as I stretch your pussy to fit my dick."

"I don't care," she assured me. It may hurt the first time but that girl seems to like it a lot. The next time it probably won't hurt so much?" she asked.

"No, the more you do it, the easier it becomes 'cause you get bigger," I assured her.

"Ok then, Daddy," she crooned, "want you to put your big dick into my little cunt and fuck me."

She got up off my lap where my dick had risen to huge proportions and returned to the couch where she lay down and spread her legs like in the picture. I followed and lay down between her outstretched legs. I placed my precum leaking cock against her slippery cuntal lips and slowly pushed. I watched as my cock slowly slipped in between her pouty vulva. I watched as the head entered her. I damn near came from the pleasure of her velvet cunt lips against my hard dick. I continued to push into her as I looked at the mask of discomfort that was appearing on her beautiful face.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, trying to give her an out.

"NO," she cried out. "I want you to fuck me like in that picture."

I didn't need any more convincing. I continued to slowly push my cock into her virgin cunt with little in out strokes. I shifted my gaze down to watch my cock being enveloped by her stretched out cunt. I saw where my dick was making a small bulge in her stomach. When I had completely entered her and my pubic hair was against her bare pussy mound, I rested a few minutes to let her get accustomed to my manhood. "Is this all there is to fucking?" she asked, sounding disappointed. "I thought it would feel better."

"I just stopped to let you rest a little before we actually fucked," I assured her. "Now we can get started fucking."

So saying, I began to slowly pump in and out of her pussy. I would pull out until I could just barely see the head of my cock and then press myself back into her tight channel. At first, she just lay there taking my dick in and out.

Soon, however, I felt her legs wrap themselves around my hips and her pelvis start to rise up to meet my thrusts.

"Oh, yes," I heard her cry out with each in thrust. "Oh Daddy, fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Is that what I'm supposed to say?"

"Yes, yes, Oh God yes, that makes me so fucking hot," I whispered in her ear as I continued to fuck my little twelve-year-old baby.

"Daddy, Daddy, I feel so funny," she cried out. "Almost like when you sucked my cunt. It feels almost like I'm gonna cum again."

I pounded her tiny tight cunt like I had never pounded a cunt before. This was the best fuck a man could ever have. No matter that she was my daughter and this was incest. All I could think of was filling her tiny cunt up with my seed. Soon that was just what was happening. I felt her cunt muscles contracting as she experienced her first fucking cum and that triggered me to fill her velvet channel up with my slimy cum.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she cried out over and over again as I filled her pussy. All I could do was grunt and continue to spasm with each of hers. When we finally came down from our orgasmic ride into incest sex, I lay on top of her with my softening dick in her well-fucked tiny cunt. She was so tight that, as my dick softened, she pushed me out along with most of my sperm. I lifted off her and noticed our mixture of cock and pussy juices oozing out of her cunt and flowing down the crack of her ass. I lifted and spread her legs as I lapped up all the sweet tasting mixture. When I had it all in my mouth, my baby pulled me down to her lips and French kissed me. I hadn't swallowed yet so she got a mouthful of our love mix. I heard her moan as I felt the suction as she swallowed. This little girl may only be a twelve-year-old but she sure acted like a twenty-year-old slut. I had never been so much in love. I couldn't remember ever feeling this way about her mother. As far as she was concerned, I didn't care if she ever came back.

"Daddy," my baby said, "can we do this again? It was wonderful and you were wrong. It did hurt at first a little but then it felt wonderful. Is this what you and Mommy do?"

"Your Mommy and I do fuck but it is never as good as this," I told her. "You are the best fuck I have ever had."

I was surprised at the smile and look of pure satisfaction I saw on her face when I told her that. I knew that I had a steady supply of pussy for as long as I wanted it.

We got dressed and I turned off the computer closing the Internet connection. As soon as I did that, I heard the phone ring.

I picked up the receiver and said, "Hello."

"Well, it's about time. I have been trying to get you for over an hour," I heard my wife's voice admonishing me on the phone. "I'm going to be here for a while longer and want you to bring me some more clothes. Just throw anything in a suitcase and drop it off here. Daddy isn't feeling any better and I have to stay with him."

I went into our bedroom and threw as much as I could into the three suitcases I found. I took them out and put them into the car and we drove over to her Dad's house. I knocked on the door but there wasn't any answer. I figured that she was probably in his bedroom at the back of the house and couldn't hear me knock. I opened the door and we went in with the suitcases. We went through the house to her Dad's bedroom. My daughter grabbed my arm and asked, "What is that noise?"

I listened at the door and heard loud groaning and the sound of a bed bouncing.

I figured that maybe her Dad was having a fit and she would need help holding him down. I opened the door and we burst into the room. We both stooped short in shock as we saw my wife and the mother of my daughter naked and sitting on her father's cock. They were so engrossed in their own pleasure that they didn't hear or see us. We watched as my wife was fucking up and down on her own Dads stiff dick. She started screaming, "Fuck me, Oh fuck me Daddy. Give me your thick hard cock. Cum in my hot pussy. I need your hot cum. Fill me, fuck meeeee."

My daughter broke into her mother's calls with a yell. "Mom, what are you doing?"

My wife turned her head around and saw us watching her fucking her father. He opened his eyes and pushed her off his dick. She fell to the side and, for a few moments, her mouth opened and closed without any sound coming out. My daughter and I just walked out of the room. In a few minutes, my wife came out dressed in her father's bathrobe and said, 'I can explain." After a few minutes, she said, "No, I can't. I have been having an incest relationship with my father for years. There is nothing wrong with him. We just used that story so I could be here and we could have sex. Then I was going to tell you how he recovered. I guess you will want a divorce now after this."

"I need to think this out and discuss it with our daughter," I told her.

"This isn't something that we should make a decision on in the spur of the moment."

"I agree," she said. "Should I come home with you both or stay here until you decide what you want to do?"

"You better stay away from the house for a while until I can talk to Sherry about this. God knows what kind of trauma she will undergo after seeing you and your father fucking like that."

We left the house and went home. In the car, neither of us spoke. After we got home, I asked her what she thought about the situation.

"Well, Daddy, It's not any different than what we did, is it?" she asked.

"Not at all," I answered. "So what do we do about it?"

"Do you love Mom?" she asked.

"Not as much as I love you," I answered her back. "I could live without her as long as I have you."

"Well then, could I take her place as your wife?" she asked. "I can make you happy and we wouldn't have to worry about getting caught."

I was amazed at the grown up attitude of my twelve-year-old daughter. She had come up with the same idea I had. "I think that is a wonderful idea and I agree. You and I can live as man and wife after we tell your mother that we can't live with the idea of her fucking her Dad."

That's exactly what we did. After we informed her that we couldn't accept incest in our family, she gave me a divorce without any trouble. She stayed with her father and Sherry moved into my bed as my wife. I have enjoyed the best sex that a man could ever have.

A year later, Sherry dropped out of school and we moved to another town. People remark at how young my wife looks and how beautiful our new daughter is. Sherry wants me to break her in right, so from the start, when we have sex, our daughter is in the bed with us. Sherry likes to sit on my cock fucking me as she holds our baby's cunt over my face and I suck her tiny baby pussy. My coming is so hard then that I practically throw her off the bed.

As far as my ex-wife is concerned, I heard that she had a son by her father and he died shortly after. I bet she gets her rocks off sucking his small dick and can't wait for him to fuck her.

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