Karla and Trisha: Slumber Party

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Published: 30-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The opening credits of the scene start out innocently enough; it is an animated sequence with the title in large block letters in pink and baby blue against a white background with animated stuffed animals and pictures of girls' pyjamas. The title fades in:

"Slumber Party"

But then the viewer realizes that it's only a partial title as additional words fade in from the front; one letter at a time, but this time written in a light-brown font.

S Slumber Party
Sh Slumber Party
Shi Slumber Party
Shit Slumber Party
Shit-Eating Slumber Party

The full title then fades out and are replaced by the caption:

"... Starring Karla Bianchi (9)"

This caption disappears and is replaced by a fully-clothed Karla smiling and waving to the camera for a few seconds, before fading out and replaced by the next caption:

"... and introducing Trisha (8)!"

Trisha's blonde face and signature long ponytail soon appear, also fully-clothed and waving to the camera.

Next is a 10 second slow-motion shot of both girls dressed in pyjamas and jumping up and down on Karla's bed while pillow-fighting each other. They are laughing and look to be having a great time. That imagery fades out and is replaced with the next:

This time both girls are nude except for a pair of toy pearl necklaces that each is wearing. Each are standing side-by-side with their arms around the other girl. More noticeable than their nudity though is what appears to be a brown-colored lipstick that both girls are wearing. The girls smile to show their pearly-white teeth and they too are streaked in this brown substance. Only the dumbest of child porn viewers would have failed to figure out by now what that substance was.

The opening credits then close out with the caption - "Directed by: Jim Phillips"

* * *

The movie opens showing the living room of an American household. It is set in the evening. Karla is on the couch text messaging someone from her phone, while the two actors playing her parents are either watching TV (mom character) or reading the sports section of the newspaper by the fireplace (dad character). Karla looks fidgety.

"Mom, I don't know what's taking her so long, she's not texting back. We did say 8 o'clock, right? Ugh, she better get here soon or my brownies are gonna get ruined!" - Karla worried.

"Honey, your brownies won't get ruined. They'll be nice and warm and freshly baked when Trisha gets here. Just hold it in a little longer, okay?" - replied her mother.

"Okay, I'm trying ..." Karla said, clutching her tummy and shaking her feet nervously. Suddenly a knock can be heard at the front door. Karla's dad opens the door.

"Hiiiiiiii, sorry it took us so long, that late traffic was a nightmare!" - said the woman playing Trisha's mom. "Hi Kevin! Hi Mallory! You both look well!"

"Hi yourself, Bridget. Want to come in quick for a cup of coffee or anything?" - asked Karla's dad.

"Oh, no thanks. I got a few last errands to run. But I told Trisha here to have lots of fun and to call me if she needs anything, and .. here are her clothes for tomorrow, and .. I think that's it, right?" - said Bridget.

"Mooom, I'm not a baby girl. I'll be perfectly fine sleeping over with Karla." - said little Trisha.

"Yeah, Mrs. Bridget. We're just gonna play dress up and make-up and daddy just bought me a new tea set so we can pretend to have high afternoon tea and also I'm gonna show Trish my new recipe for fudge brownies!" - said Karla excitedly.

"MMMMM, brownies, sounds yummy! Hope you save some for me. Well, if Trish needs anything else just call me, okay? Bye Kevin, bye Mallory and Karla. And you, young lady. You may not be a baby anymore but you're never too old to give your mommy a goodbye kiss, so come here" - demanded Bridget.

With that, Trisha plants a wet kiss directly on her mother's lips before waving goodbye as Bridget gets in her car and drives off.

"Hope you didn't have dessert yet Trish, Karla supposedly has a yummy treat planned for you." - said Mallory, Karla's mother.

"I only had some salad Mrs. Mallory. I can't wait to taste Karla's brownies!" - answered Trisha.

"Mom, would it be alright if we went up to our room and played?" - asked Karla.

"Sure girls. Karla's dad will bring your things upstairs later Trisha, you just go ahead and play for now. Have fun ladies" - Mallory winked.

Having received her mother's permission, Karla and her friend Trisha both race upstairs to begin their all-girls slumber party!

(scene fades out)

* * *

The next scene starts in Karla's bedroom (part of the movie set; not her actual bedroom in Las Vegas). It is decorated in the stereotypical way of a 9 year old girl - the color pink dominates the wallpaper, there are dozens of stuffed animal dolls on the shelves, and posters of teen heartthrobs like Justin Bieber next to her bed. At the center of the room is a small, children-sized low table with four chairs and a toy "tea set" fully arranged. There are also empty plates and plastic knives and forks.

"C'mon, lemme show you my new outfits!" - Karla bragged, as she quickly stripped down out of her purple hoodie sweatshirt, white crop top, black child-sized spandex yoga pants, and a Disney's Beauty-and-the-Beast children's panties. As previously instructed, the experienced kiddie porn actress removed her clothes one-by-one methodically to allow the camera to linger on different parts of her body as she became successively more naked.

Trisha next did the same, stripping out of her silver jacket, then taking off her iCarly t-shirt and skinny jeans, and finally slipping out of her plain white cotton girls' panties. Both girls were now fully nude and staring at their reflections on Karla's full length wall mirror.

"Check these out!" - said Karla as she placed a pair of giant-rimmed sunglasses over Trisha's eyes.

"OOOOhh, very Hollywood!" - noted Trisha, as she flicked her ponytail back and tilted her head sideways, doing her impression of a professional model.

The camera captures the next several minutes of the girls slipping into, posing, then slipping out of a variety of themed clothing in Karla's closet. Jim Phillips takes care to capture both close-ups of exposed bald pussies while the girls are undressing, as well as a wider shot that captures both their entire bodies within the frame.

The girls take turns trying out several types of bikinis, then stripping them off to trade with the other (both girls were nearly of equal dress size), before trying out a variety of elaborate party dresses, little-league baseball uniforms (whose tight pants accentuated their cute round bottoms), and even a ballerina dress complete with white stockings.

In the middle of their dress up game as each was stark naked, Karla's mother enters the room with a plate of graham crackers, a jar of cold milk, and two glasses. Neither girl acted like they minded being seen naked around this grown up since all 3 were female (this was just their "characters" not minding; the real Karla and Trisha also didn't mind Jim Phillips standing behind the camera leering at their naked forms).

"Just thought you girls might get hungry before Karla's brownies are ready so I brought you some crackers and milk" - said Mallory. "I'll just put them on the table here. Bye girls, I'm gonna be downstairs watching TV."

"Thanks Mrs. Mallory!" - said Trisha. "Yeah, thanks mom." - added Karla. "And I think my brownies are almost ready, but can I take a little of that 'helper' again?"

"Sure honey, I have some right here." - Mallory produces a cup containing an unknown liquid which Karla drinks down. Although its contents are never revealed to the camera it is actually a dose of a powerful laxative that will cause Karla to experience a bowel movement sometime soon.

The girls go back to playing dress up and Trisha eventually settles in wearing a white, lacey first communion dress while Karla chooses to dress up as a 1920s-era flapper girl. Both children are donning fake pearl necklaces around their necks.

"Okay, I'm liking this outfit Karla. I think it'll go great with our afternoon tea." - observes Trisha.

"Me too. Let's sit down and enjoy high tea like the English ladies do it!" The girls take their seats at opposite ends of the table while two teddy bear dolls are seated on the two empty chairs. The girl children role-play make believe tea, offering cups of the invisible tea to their dolls and each other and having imaginary conversations with the teddy bears. During this part the girls were asked to improvise their lines and to a grown ups ears it is quite hilarious what children sometimes think grown ups talk about with each other.

"So I say, dear Trisha. My cousin Margery was scandalously involved with that bandit Leonardo, but her true love Anthony will say he'll duel to the death for his beloved! Wouldn't you agree, Mr. Bear?" - Karla asked one of the stuffed animals in a mock high society lady tone. She nodded at whatever the inanimate bear was saying back to her in her mind.

"I concur ever so much, dear Karla. Margery must marry her true love, but Anthony's father will not let her marry him if her father doesn't pay 1 bazillion pieces of gold for her diary (dowry)." - replied Trisha, with her nose stuck high in the air.

After continuing this faux-Victorian-era high society speak for awhile both girls finally break out of character to laugh at their own silly, incoherent dialogue.

"Aww man, all this playing tea is making me hungry for some real food. Ready for those fudge brownies now, Trish?" - asked Karla.

Trisha, who appeared to be having a great time playing and getting filmed up to this point, spots her first visible signs of anxiety. However, she gathers her nerves to remain in character and deliver her next scripted line.

"MMMmmm, brownies sound so good right now. It'll go great with this milk!" - she says. "But Karla, I didn't see your oven turned on when I got to your house? Are we getting some fudge brownies from the store?"

"Nope, this is an extra special brownie recipe that I want you to try. I think you'll like it!" - exclaimed Karla, who then stood up to begin removing her clothes in front of Trisha. Trisha knew exactly what was coming next in the script, but her "character" was supposed to look surprised at why her friend was stripping down again.

"Are we playing dress up again Karla?" - she asked.

"Nope! I just called for special delivery, and those brownies are gonna be here REAL SOON!"

Once fully naked again, except for the pearl necklace remaining around her neck, Karla hops on top of the low table and squats on her haunches with her back turned toward Trisha. Underneath her is an empty plate.

The camera films this sequence zooming in between Karla's legs from her front side, so that her bare pussy is visible as well as the bottom of her anus. Appearing between Karla's squatting legs but distanced a few feet behind her is Trisha's face; showing wide-eyed wonderous amazement at the brown-colored solid object exiting out of her friend's bottom.

Karla closed her eyes briefly to concentrate, and with the full effects of the earlier dose of laxatives kicking in, she proceeded to smoothly pass a healthy-looking, light-brown colored piece of stool with one continuous anal push so that the entire 4 inches of its length fell to the plate below in a single, unbroken, slightly-curved piece. A miniscule trickle of urine accompanied her bowel movement to slightly wet the tablecloth.

Once finished, she hopped off the table and turned around to face her friend. "Bon appetite! This is my special recipe, I hope you like it!"

"All for me?! Why thank you Karla!" - replied Trisha, using every ounce of her acting ability to sound convincing showing interest in this plate of human waste.

"No! Not ALL for you, you greedy little girl! Half of it is mine, and the other half is yours."

"Ohh, that's fair. But thank you again, cheers!" The two girls poured milk into their respective glasses and toasted each other before taking a sip of the milk.

Karla, the ever gracious host, picks up her plastic knife and fork to cut 2 inches of the turd which she serves onto Trisha's plate. Then she picks up the remainder and serves it on her own plate.

"Enjoy! Let's dig in!" And with that the camera pans first over Karla's nude, seated body as she cuts a bite sized piece of her shit and forks it directly into her mouth. She shows absolutely no signs of disgust or reluctance, and the casual manner by which she placed the excrement in her mouth might make the skeptical viewer wonder if special effects were being used and the young girl was actually eating meatloaf cut in the shape of a human turd. Jim Phillips would never, ever cheat his viewers like that however, and so from the moment that Karla shit the poop out to the moment it ends up in her mouth, the camera never once pans away from the feces so that no clever editing tricks can be played.

Karla chews her turd with her mouth open (as instructed); considered rude table manners but necessary for a fetish film such as this, so viewers can be treated to closeups of the inside of her mouth as her white teeth and red tongue increasingly became coated and smeared in brown. She chews the substance for an excessively long time before finally swallowing and opening her mouth to the camera to show that it's all gone.

Next up to taste Karla's shit is Trisha, and unlike the imagery of the kiddie porn star consuming her own shit while stark naked, Jim Phillips next wanted to contrast the extreme socially taboo nature of the act with the clean, white, virginal first communion dress that Trisha was wearing. So he instructed her to eat the shit deliberately slow and savor its taste, while also teaching her how to use a knife and fork just like rich people did.

Even though Trisha, in her fledgling child porn career, has shown nothing but enthusiasm up to this point whether being asked to take an extremely large cock up her ass or suck off a donkey, the scat genre would be her biggest challenge yet. So apart from pairing her with an actress who was already very comfortable doing scat scenes (Karla) so that she could mentor Trisha, there was a 2-week training period to get her ready for this scene.

Because Trisha's parents were still on their extended cruise to the Mediterranean, Trisha had been living with her uncle Dave (one of Jim Phillips' friends and assistants). Phillips instructed Dave, beginning 2 weeks before the date of the film shoot, to make Trisha only go potty into a portable bedpan placed in her bedroom. That way, he hoped to better reacquaint her with the smell of human feces that would permeate the room as she slept. Ironically, when children are first born and before they are toilet trained, they do not find the odor of feces offensive at all; its only after they are toilet trained that they are conditioned to show aversion to its smell.

Next, beginning 1 week before the shoot, Trisha must take a half-bite sized portion of her own shit daily to get better used to its taste and texture. Her first couple of tries she will be allowed to eat something sweet, like a chocolate candy bar, along with the shit to help mask its taste. During the final couple of days however, she must eat her shit raw without even a chaser (such as water) to help her wash down the taste. Always the brave little girl, Trisha passed her training with flying colors.

This present task however was far more challenging to the 8 year old blonde because mentally; she was staring down at a 2 inch length of shit rather than half-a-bite. Also, the scene called for her to overchew the feces so the viewers can linger on her face and reactions. This meant that she would be exposed to the taste and texture of the turd for an extended period of time. And while Trisha was doing her best to put on an award-worthy acting performance, it was obvious that the little girl's upper body was mildly convulsing while fighting her own gag reflex with every bite, and Jim Phillips started to worry if at any point her throat might regurgitate the swallowed shit back onto her plate. That may even be an unintentional turn-on for some viewers, but the character she was playing is supposed to enjoy shit so he couldn't risk her wretching it up.

Thankfully he always had a backup plan 'B' just in case a scene might experience situations such as this. After a quick hand signal he made to one of his assistants, a knock could be heard at the door to the bedroom before Karla's mother again reappeared. She was a part of plan 'B.'

"Oh wow girls, that looks so DELICIOUS! Did my Karla bake that all by herself?" - Mallory asked.

"Yes mom, and even though it's not the biggest brownie I ever baked, I think Trisha likes it."

"Do you like it Trish?" - asked Karla's mom.

"Mmm hmm, I ike it bury muk (I like it very much)" - mumbled Trisha, with her mouth full of turd.

"Well I think you might like it more with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to go along with it! Here you go darling, fudge brownie a-la mode!" - and she dumped a big scoop of ice cream directly on to her remaining portion of shit.

"Thank you Mrs. Mallory!" - said the always polite Trisha.

"Would you like some too, Karla?"

"No thank you, mom. I'm trying to watch my figure so I'm just gonna eat my brownie plain. Well, maybe with a cracker."

After saying this, Karla took a graham cracker from the table and using her plastic knife, spread some remaining shit on her cracker, like it was nutella, and bit into the shit-covered cracker.

"Alright. Well keep having fun you girls, you have an hour more before it's bedtime." - she instructed, before leaving the room again.

Just in case Trisha experienced too much difficulty during her shit-swallowing scene, Jim Phillips had planned for ice cream to be served alongside her turd so that the cold can numb her taste buds and make the shit go down easier. It was working, as the gag reflexes have stopped and Trisha was now eating the vanilla ice cream/shit just like any child might enjoy silk chocolate pie a-la mode.

Eventually both portions of turd were consumed and settled in the bellies of the 9 and 8 year old girls. They washed it all down with the remainder of their milk so that their shit-covered teeth were mostly rinsed and reappeared white when they smiled again.

"Ahhhh, that so SOOOO good Karla! What do you wanna play next?" - asked Trisha, being ever so relieved that she was able to make it through that segment.

"How about we play makeup?!" - asked Karla.

"Sure, but isn't all the makeup in your mom's room?"

"Well, not all makeup ...." - said Karla. "Are you feeling anything in your tummy right now?"

Actually, although Trisha felt perfectly fine 5 minutes ago, she realized after being asked this question that she herself had a sudden urge to now shit as well. This was because unbeknownst to her, the milk that they'd been drinking was spiked with the same powerful laxative given to Karla earlier.

"I think I have to poop too. I'll be right back." - she said, exiting toward the hallway bathroom.

"No! This is perfect. Stay here, Trish. I have an idea. First, get out of that first communion dress and sit on the edge of my bed here." - Karla instructed.

Trisha removed her dress, as she has removed so many outfits off her body during the night, and revealed her naked form once more to the camera. Karla held her friend by her hand and directed her to sit at the edge of Karla's bed. Then Trisha was made to lie down and scoot her body down a little more so that her buttcheeks were off the edge of the bed while the rest of her kept her in place. Then she had to lift her legs wide apart in the air, thus exposing her bare pussy and winking shithole beneath.

Karla took her position seated directly underneath Trisha's ass and tilted her head up until her mouth was aligned with Trisha's butthole. Both Trisha's pussy and Karla's upturned chin were directly facing the camera.

"Okay Trisha, I want you to poop just like this, and don't worry where it falls, I'll catch it!" - Karla reassured.

The effects of the adult-strength laxative on the 8 year old's digestive system was too much, and within seconds the tip of Trisha's own brown turd poked out from her anal opening and remained half-out, half-lodged after 1 1/2 inches of it had slipped out.

"You have to push harder Trish, c'mon you can do it. Push!" - advised her older 9 year old friend.

"Uuunnnnnggg" - Trisha grunted, causing her bladder to empty and spray an arched jet of piss to fly out of her pee hole and splash on Karla's feet. Karla did not get distracted by this because she had the more important task of catching Trisha's shit into her mouth after it fully exited her friend's butt.

Trisha's straining and pushing eventually caused a majority of her turd outside her body, and from there gravity allowed 2 1/2 inches of poop to pinch off at the anal opening and fall directly into Karla's mouth. The smaller portion of her shit remained lodged in the little blonde's rectum.

But having caught enough poop that was necessary for this segment, Karla took the piece of feces out of her mouth, and after helping her friend get back up to a seated position at the edge of the bed, used Trisha's poop as 'lipstick rouge' to coat her friend's lips in a shade of brown. She rubbed some more on her fingertips and smeared that into Trisha's two eyebrows, giving them the equal shade as her lips. Trisha giggled as this was far easier to do than eating shit, and returned the favor by taking the leftover shit from Karla's hand and using it to do her 'makeup job' on the black-haired beauty's lips and eyebrows.

Once the girls were done applying this organic facial makeup on each other, they went in front of the mirror to admire their faces. "We look just like a models!" - proclaimed Trisha. Being satisfied with their work, the children gave each other a big hug before turning to the camera to show off their shit-smeared lips and putting their arms around each other (the same imagery from the opening credits). They smile a wide grin which shows off their teeth which also got shit-smeared during the make-up application process.

Karla speaks into the camera: "Hi everyone! I hope you were able to enjoy watching our slumber party as much as we enjoyed making this movie for you! Trish and I are gonna have a little more fun now by ourselves, but I hope you can tune in next time to watch again! We love you and thank you for your continued support! I especially hope you were proud of my new friend Trisha who did her FIRST scat scene just now!"

Trisha added "Yeah, it was my first time and I really LIKED IT (ever the convincing actress)! Hope you will watch me in my other movies too! Bye bye!!!"

The girls blow kisses and wave to the viewers as the camera slowly fades out.

* * *

A few seconds later, just as the viewer was getting ready to turn off the bluray, the black screen suddenly comes alive again and we are treated to Karla and Trisha again, only this time they are standing in the bathtub. Karla is fully naked, but Trisha has re-put on her white first communion dress. It seems the footage was recorded some time after the ending to the previous scene, as the girls' shit-smeared lips and eyebrows were clean again.

Karla speaks into the camera: "Hey! I thought you guys were done? STILL HORNY?! Well, that figures. Thanks for sticking around, because Trish and I have one final treat for you. See, I thought it wasn't fair that she got to piss on my feet earlier but I didn't get to do the same to her. Since I have to go wee-wee again Trish promised to let me pee on her, so why don't you grab your cocks and watch?!"

Trisha assumes a lying down position (with her dress still on) as the nude Karla stands over her. The older child pries her pussy lips apart, and after a few seconds, droplets of yellow urine could be seen coming out of her, landing like raindrops on the younger blonde girl's lace white dress. The droplets quickly turn to a torrent however as a massive gush of Karla's piss squirts out and drenches Trisha on her face, hair, neck, and chest. Karla shakes her hips up and down, which changes the direction of her flow and lands on Trisha's chest and tummy, as far down as her knees. Karla pisses for a good 15 seconds (she must have really had to go!) before her stream stops and Trisha's white dress is drenched and soaked completely in the black-haired girl's piss. Finally, Karla helps lift Trisha's head up to her pussy so Trisha can suck and swallow the tiny remainder of urine left on Karla's pussy.

After Karla's pussy is thoroughly cleaned, Trisha turns her head to the camera:

"And if THAT wasn't enough to turn you on, I don't know WHAT ELSE us little kids have to do to get you off! I hope you enjoyed our extra scene. We made it especially thinking of you! Bye bye!!!"

Both little girls wave again to the camera, for the final time this time. Screen fades to black just as little girl turns to little girl again and both giggle.


Sitting in his editing room deciding on the final cut of "Shit-eating Slumber Party", Jim Phillips was confident he had yet another best seller on his hands. The online demand for more scenes featuring Trisha skyrocketed after he released "Adventures in the Grand Canyon" 4 months ago. Karla Bianchi's fame was at an all-time high as well, due to the 9 year old's participation in the Ms. Kiddie Fuck Princess Pageant. Speaking of the pageant, the Bluray boxset of this year's sex games just became his all-time best seller, eclipsing even the sales volume for the previous record-holder; the Kessler sisters' "Violation of the Lost Safari sisters"! With each new release it seemed a Jim Phillips-produced child porn flick was breaking new grounds, and with each hit he was amassing fortunes nearly equivalent to the entire annual GDP of some small, island nations!

He privately wondered if someday he might actually have enough money to buy his own island and construct a pedophile's paradise resort - employing children who will cater to any and all (actually, most: no snuff) of their deepest desires and fantasies.

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Made it about halfway before I had to stop. The grammar and spelling were good though.


Love the movie description stories... haven't seen one of these since Small Wonder's great collection. Please do more like THIS!

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