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by Jasmin


Published: 3-Aug-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Bill had chosen the complex to live in because of the number of young children that lived there. Yes he was attracted to young girls but he had never touched one improperly. He was content to watch them at play and fantasize. He especially liked the little girls with tight shorts that he could see the shape of their little pussies that were hidden within. Even better were the ones with short skirts that would occasionally give him a glimpse of their panties. Twice he had been rewarded with a look up a girl's skirt when she wasn't wearing any panties. Once even he had seen a girl squatting down having a pee when she thought she was hidden behind a bush. These few times had given him some great cums when he relived them in his mind as he stroked his cock.

All the kids liked him so he had no problem sitting in the shade watching them and occasionally one would sit with him when they were tired of playing. One girl, Tamara, would usually sit with her knees up and her feet on the bench facing him. The view of her thin panties covering the mound of her pussy always gave him a hard cock that he would go home and stroke to a good cum.

One hot afternoon he was sitting by his door in the shade watching the kids play with a lawn sprinkler. He was especially watching Tamara in her thin blue one piece bathing suit. It was so thin and tight that he could count her ribs though it and her little nipples where plain to see. Best of all it moulded to her little pussy so well he could almost see every detail. When she ran over to him he couldn't help but look down and admire the way it stretched over her pussy and even into he little slit.

"Please Mr. Bill can I use your bathroom? I got to go real bad."

He thought why not it would give him a little longer to watch her close up. "Sure sweetie you can."

He took her into his apartment and pointed to the bathroom. He admired her tight little bum as she walked away from him. He was surprised when she didn't close the door. She peeled her suit off facing him giving him a good look at her naked body before she sat down on the toilet and peed. He stood there with his mouth hanging open and she looked up at him and smiled. He watched her wipe herself and stand up before she pulled her suit back up.

He noticed her glance at the bulge in his pant as she said, "Thanks Mr. Bill."

"Any time sweetie."

He watched her run back to the other kids before closing the door and pulling his cock out. It couldn't have taken more than a few minutes stroking before he shot his load with the vision of her naked body still fresh in his mind.

A half hour later he was back out on the bench with a glass of lemonade watching again. It was nearly diner time so the kids were starting to wander off home for their diner. Soon the only one left was Tamara. She came over to his bench and sat down in her usual way and he couldn't help but look between her legs at her little treasure.

"Don't you need to go home for diner too?"

"Na, mommy is at her boy friend's and won't be home until late."

"What do you do for diner?"

"I'll make a sandwich. Mr. Bill?"

"Yes what is it sweetie?"

"Do you like looking at my pee place?"

He was surprised by her question and looked into her eyes and decided to answer honestly. "Um, yes I do. Does it bother you?"

"Nope. Your always nice and don't try to hurt me."

He wondered who was hurting her but didn't push.

She looked around in every direction then put her hand between her thighs and pulled her bathing suit away and to one side of her pussy. To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He couldn't take his eyes off of her sweet hairless pussy as his cock grew to full erection in his pants. The urge to reach out and touch was almost overwhelming but kept his hands away.

Finely he croaked out, "You shouldn't do that someone might see you."

"Only you Mr. Bill. No one else can. Some of the girls know you like to look at them but you don't try to make them do things they don't want to so it's ok."

He didn't know what to say. When she re-covered her pussy he finely said simply, "Thank you."

She grinned at him. "Your welcome. Got to go see you later." And she ran off.

He slowly entered his apartment almost dazed. Today was more than he ever expected. To see girl pussy twice would keep him happy for some time to come. It had been years since he had even had two hard-ons in the same day. He stroked his cock just to enjoy the feeling not to try to cum. Then he wondered how a nine-year old girl knew so much about sex.

Tamara was disappointed when she left Bill. She had expected him to touch her down there like he mom's old boyfriend Jim did until her mom had caught him with his finger up inside her pee place. Well his thing did get big and he didn't stop her and say she was bad and he did seem to like looking and he even said thank you. Maybe he would touch her next time and maybe let her touch his thing and maybe they could do some of those other things Jim had said they would do too.

Her mom wasn't home as she expected and was probably out with her new boyfriend getting drunk again and probably wouldn't be home to very late if at all. She changed into a skirt and blouse and made herself a sandwich for her diner.

About an hour later feeling bored and wanting to be touched down there she decided to go back to Mr. Bill's and see if he would touch her and make it feel good. Just as she was going to leave she stopped and thought for a moment then lifted her skirt and took her panties off.

Bill was still thinking about little Tamara when there was a knock at the door. Wondering who it was he opened the door to find Tamara smiling up at him.

"Hi Mr. Bill can I stay with you for a little while I don't want to be home alone."

"Sure I guess so come in."

Bill was getting nervous. If she started displaying her pussy again he didn't think he would be able to keep his hands off of her.

"Would you like some juice and cookies Tamara?"

"Sure Mr. Bill that would be nice."

She went and sat on the couch while he fetched them and when he was putting them on the coffee table he seen she was sitting with her knees up and not wearing panties. As he stared at her pussy he asked, "Tamara, what are you trying to do?"

She looked up at him looking so innocent and said, "I want you to touch me down there and make me feel good."

"Do you know it is illegal for me to touch you like that?"


"Because you're too young for such things."

"No I'm not! I liked it a lot when Jim touched me and the other things we did."

"Other things? Like what?"

"Oh he would lick me there and I would suck and lick his thing and twice he put his thing inside me down there."

Bill knew he was losing the battle and plunked down beside her and stared at her not knowing what to say. She pointed at his cock bulging out his pants and said, "See you want to."

Until today he hadn't even seen a little girl's pussy so close up and that had been good enough but now he wanted to touch more than anything. The battle was lost when she pulled his hand to her pussy and pressed his fingers against it. He began to gently stroke her smooth warm pussy as she leaned back and hummed. Eventually he dared to dip his finger into her little slit and found it hot and moist. She sighed and spread her legs wider as she raised her hips. When his finger found her small clit she twitched and when his finger pushed into her tight little hole she slid down to get more of his finger within. He knew he would do anything sweet Tamara asked of him even if because of it he spent the rest of his life in jail.

"Can I see your thingy Mr. Bill?"

He reluctantly took his hand from her pussy to remove his pants and boxers for her. His ridged cock stood proud as she inspected it. He gasped when she took it in her small hand and stroked it lightly a couple of times.

"It's beautiful Mr. Bill. Would you like me to suck it?"

He had never thought of his cock as beautiful but the thought of little Tamara actually sucking his cock was almost too much to contemplate. All he could do was nod his head. She smiled up at him and opened her mouth and took his cock within. He gasped again as her mouth engulfed a little more than the head of his cock and her tongue did wonderful things. He watched in awe as she sucked and bobbed her head on his cock for a good ten minutes.

She pulled her mouth from his cock with a pop and said, "Fuck me Mr. Bill. Put your thingy inside me down there."

She laid back spreading her legs and opening her pussy with her fingers. He stared at her pussy fascinated by her wide open slit as he moved over her and planted his cock at her opening. She was tight but his cock slid in easily. He paused an inch in pulled back a little and pushed deeper until he buried his cock and could go no deeper. Her hot wet sheath squeezed his cock firmly as he drove his cock into her again and again.

An hour ago he would have said that he would never touch an under aged girl and here he was balls deep in a nine-year-old's cunt and enjoying every thrust into her. She was now trying to thrust her hips up to meet his every thrust and moaning louder every time they rammed together. She started to tremble and with a long drawn out squeal she cum. Her already tight little cunt squeezed around his cock even harder and with a groan he pumped shot after shot of his seed into her womb.

They both collapsed panting from their cums. Eventually his limp cock slipped from her cunt and he held her to his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Oh thank you Mr. Bill that was wonderful. I loved it."

"Yes my sweet Tamara it was wonderful. I still can't believe how wonderful it was."

"Does that mean we can do it again?"

"I should say no but I can't. So yes we can do it again as often as we can but we will have to be very careful. If someone found out I would be in a lot of trouble. Try not to be seen coming here. Ok?"

"Ok Mr. Bill I'll be careful. I don't want you to get into trouble."

"Thank you sweetie but as much as I would like you to stay you had better get home before your mother does."

"Ya I guess so." She started to get up.

"Just a minute I'll be right back." He went from the room and shortly returned with a warm wet cloth. "Lay back sweetie and open your legs." He lovingly cleaned up her pussy and when he finished he kissed her there briefly.

"Oh that felt nice Mr. Bill, thank you."

"Better run now so we can have more fun together another time."


She kissed him and left for home. He watched her though the window until she was out of sight before collapsing on the couch.

The next day as usual he was sitting on the bench outside his door watching the kids playing with the lawn sprinkler and as she often did Tamara came and sat with him with her feet up on the bench facing him. She looked around and pulled the crotch of her bathing suit aside with a smile. His cock started to respond as he gazed at her lovely little pussy.

She whispered, "If mom goes out after diner I want you in here again."

He whispered back, "I hope she goes out. You better go play now sweetie."

Just as it was getting dark there was a soft knock on his door. When he opened it Tamara walked in with a big smile on her face and started to unbutton her blouse. As soon as the door was closed he kneeled down and kissed her as his hand found her immature nipples. When the kiss broke she smiled and took his hand and started pulling him towards his bedroom. By the time they were there her blouse was off and she was starting to loosen her skirt and his cock was pressing hard against his pants.

She let the skirt fall around her ankles and climbed up on the bed naked. He quickly shed his clothing and joined her. They kissed again as his hand stroked her young hairless pussy and when his finger entered her slit he felt her dampness.

"I want to taste your sweet little pussy sweetie."

She grinned and spread her legs wide for him. As he lowered his face between her thighs he breathed in her essence savouring the delicate aroma. He kissed her pussy lips before running his tongue down and up her slit. He thought that there was nothing better than her delicate taste as he tongued her from bum hole to clit. He inserted his tongue into her tight fuck hole and tongue fucked her until she was moaning and squirming. He replaced his tongue with a finger and sucked her small clit between his lips and tongued it. Soon she rammed her pussy hard against his mouth and squealed her pleasure. He lapped up her juices with relish.

"Oh Bill. Fuck me please. Please put your thing into me."

He moved up over her and replaced his finger with his throbbing cock. She raised her hips and sighed as his cock pushed into her tight sopping wet cunt. He fucked her slowly enjoying the incredible heat and tightness of her young cunt. Slowly he increased the pace until his cock was ramming hard and fast into her tight cunt and bumping into her cervix with every thrust. She went rigid and squealed and her juices flowed as he continued fucking her now even tighter cunt with abandon. When her cum subsided he slowed again fucking her gentle and slowly brought her to another peak. This time as she cum again the incredible tightness brought a groan from him as his seed shot up from his balls and flooded into her womb. Surge after surge splashed against her cervix as he cum like never before.

He collapsed beside her and they both panted as they recovered from their cums. He must have dozed of briefly and he woke to Tamara sucking his cum soaked cock. When she was finished cleaning his cock she squirmed up on his chest and kissed him sweetly. He tasted their combined cum on her lips as their tongues played.

They spent the next month together as much as possible. At every opportunity Tamara would come to him and be naked soon after the door closed. Sometimes they just cuddled but more often they fucked to exhaustion.

Then one afternoon Tamara came to him looking sad. She wrapped her arms around him and started to cry.

"What's the matter sweetie?"

"We are going to move in with mom's new boyfriend and I won't be able to be with you anymore."

He was stunned. He was going to lose his love. All he managed to say was, "When?"

"Tomorrow. Oh Bill please fuck me right now."

They put all their love into the fuck. Desperately clinging to each other knowing it was the last time for them. Long after they stopped they clung to each other until Tamara just had to leave. She dressed with tears in her eyes.

Before she left she clung to him and sobbed. "I'll come visit you somehow Bill." And she left with tears in her eyes.

Bill collapsed on the couch and cried. He knew there would never be another Tamara.


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