Brendan And The Babysitter

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Published: 27-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Tonight was a Saturday night, and one which I would spend babysitting. I thought about the boy, smiling as I thought about what I had planned for him. His name is Brendan, and he is a short blonde of eleven years old, constantly looking for attention and with no shame in showing off his undeveloped boyhood just for kicks. Grabbing a few lengths of rope from the passenger seat, I stuffed them into my backpack and proceeded inside. Just as I had anticipated, it was going to be a late night, and his parents might not be back until two or three in the morning. I checked my watch, it was 6pm. Plenty of time to do with this boy as I pleased.

I walked into the living room where Brendan was sitting on the couch in short bedshorts and an undershirt with his German Shepard, Cody, watching TV. I sat down next to him. "Wanna play a game?" I asked him, knowing his usual response. "Only if I get to pick it," he replied without looking up. Hoping that his mind went to the gutter where it usually does, I agreed.

"Truth or Dare," he exclaimed, looking at me sternly to make sure I knew to keep my end of the bargain.

"Dare," I responded, hoping he would be his usual self and ask something inappropriate as far as an eleven year old goes. That would give me an open door for initiating our night of fun.

"I dare you to take off your pants until I go to bed," he told me with a grin. Laughing, and looking like I didn't want to, I took off my pants and laid them on the table in close reach just in case, then sat back down on the couch in my boxers. "Your turn," he pointed out.

"Fine, truth or dare."


"Alright you. Ya wanna make me be in my underwear? It'll get worse for you then. I dare you to sit here naked until you go to bed."

He squealed with laughter, and eagerly proceeded to stand up and pull down his pants, then his light blue boxer briefs and lay them on the table next to my pants, making an effort to draw attention to his eleven year old pecker. He reached over his head and pulled off his shirt before sitting back down next to me on the couch. A glance over at him was enough to see that his public exposure was arousing him, and his cock had become erect, though small at only 3 or 4 inches. Seeing his bare skin just a few inches from me was arousing me like crazy, and I fought getting hard as best I could, for my cockhead would surely stick out of either the leg or waistband of my boxers if I made any attempt to keep it from pitching a tent, but another quick glance at his cock and I couldn't fight it anymore, so I adjusted myself to grow upwards towards my waistband, and moved my shirt so it wouldn't be visible poking out the top.

"Truth or dare," he said, constantly looking down at himself and giggling.



As he thought, a adjusted myself into a more comfortable position on the couch, and in doing so, revealed my cockhead sticking about an inch out the waistband. I watched as the boy's eyes widened, while his mouth formed a surprised smile.

"I dare you to let me look at it, and... and... feel it too," he stuttered.

I made an attempt to seem disappointed and embarrassed, but I was aroused as ever, and couldn't refuse the offer. He moved closer to me and tugged at my waistband, peering over the edge to get a better view of my 7" cock.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed, pulling down the front of my boxers and hooking them under my balls, exposing my cock Reaching his hand around it, he moved up and down a little to help him get a better sense of its size, and in doing so, I saw precum form at the top of my cock. Unable to wait much longer, the next dare was the motherload.

After a few more seconds of examination, he unhooked my boxers and put them back on. "Wow, you're really big. It's your turn," he told me, smiling, cock erect as ever.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare," he giggled.

"I dare you to be my slave for the night.

"You mean like, do whatever you say no matter what?" he asked.

"Yeah, like if I say get me a soda, you'll go get it, and that kinda stuff," I explained, picking a lesser risk example.

"Am you still gonna stay in your underwear?" he asked, suspiciously.

"That was the dare wasn't it?" I reassured him.

"And I'm still gonna be naked?"

"That was the dare too"

"Um, alright. What to you want me to do?"

"First, go get me my backpack, a bandana, and your dog's leash, then meet me upstairs in your room."

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Antonio Green

Great start to your story. I can't wait to see what's in store for Brendan!


I hope you keep it going.


brilliant, please let me know when the next chapter is done

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