Paulie And The Man

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Published: 30-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sue woke again, her body twisted in the sheets. The clock read 11:37 PM but it felt much later. As she tried to untangle herself, she heard the front door close. Her parents, she guessed, as she kicked off the sheets, rolled over and fell back asleep.

The door to Sue's bedroom quietly squeaked open. The clock said 11:41. She grumbled. "I'll never get any sleep tonight," she thought to herself. Sue knew it was probably her parents, but something kept her from saying anything. She pretended to be asleep.

When she heard someone at her dresser, her eyelids popped open. In front of her she saw a burly man rummaging through the drawers. The light was on in the hallway, and Sue could make him out quite well. He wasn't too tall, but he was big and looked strong. He had a dark windbreaker on, jeans, and a red bandana tamed his dark, curly hair. After a moment Sue realized he was wearing a stocking over his face.

A robber! She closed her eyes again tight. "When he finds what he wants, he'll leave," she thought. " As long as I don't disturb him he won't get spooked."

Sue mentally cursed herself for kicking off the covers. She was sixteen but still slept in little-girl pajamas, if you could call them that. The top was an old pink insulated shirt that was two sizes too small. The shirt clung tightly to her breasts and was stretched almost to the limit. It came down only halfway, revealing the lower half of her tits. The bottoms were white and pink cotton pj pants she had cut into shorts last year. They, too, were far too small for her full hips. Not only were they stretched tightly across her round ass, but they came up so high that most of the time the crotch of the shorts was like a thong. Sue knew this, and wanted to hide under the covers before the man saw her. She also didn't want to let him know she was awake, so she stayed completely still.

The man had a flashlight and was apparently looking around her room. Sue supposed he wanted jewelry and money, but she didn't have anything like that, and she hoped again that he would soon leave. He didn't. The robber had gone over to the doorway and opened it to let in more light. He stared at this half-naked teenaged girl and grinned. He knew she wasn't asleep. If Sue had opened her eyes just then, she would have seen her young brother Paulie behind the man.

Paulie was nine, and big for his age. Sue generally ignored him; her world was full of much more important things. Still, if she'd thought he was in danger, she would have helped without a second thought. But because her eyes were closed and she was so scared, she didn't see him, or hear the muffled little yelp Paulie made when the man grabbed him from the doorway.

"Is the robber gone?" she thought. She was terrified. Maybe her parents would get home soon, or he'd just leave. She kept wishing he would leave, over and over again, thinking that if she said it to herself enough, it would happen.

Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder. Before she could scream, a cloth was shoved into her mouth. Something big and heavy was sitting on top of her... no, *someone* heavy. She struggled and kicked in panic, but two large arms held her in place. Suddenly she was picked up, and whisked off the bed. She heard a loud thump in her ears, felt a jolt, and everything went black.


Paulie sat in the corner of the van as it sped down the road. There were two small round windows in the back of the van, but it was dark outside, and they were on an old country highway. He couldn't see anything.

The nine-year-old looked over at his sister. She was laying on the floor of the van, on some old rags and clothes, with strips of t-shirt binding her wrists. Her arms were pulled above her head and tied to a metal handle that was bolted to the inner van wall. Paulie was glad he didn't have to be tied up.

He stared at Sue's body. Did she know how she looked every night when she went to bed, he wondered. Several times a week he would peek through her door. Sometimes, when she was fast asleep, he would sneak into the room and sit at the foot of the bed. Her shorts usually covered little or nothing of her soft hips. Just last week, she was laying almost face-down, spread eagled on the bed. Paulie felt himself getting hard just thinking about it. Not only did he get a full view of her ass when he creeped into her room, but her shirt had slid up around her shoulders, revealing her large tits. Her nipples had been rock hard and it was all Paulie could do to keep from leaning over and sucking on them. He'd come into her room wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else, and he'd quickly taken them off. Paulie was only nine but his prick was already a nice size at five inches. It wasn't too thick but Paulie wasn't concerned about that, at least not then. His hand slowly ran up and down his shaft. Just last summer he'd discovered that when he jerked off, stuff came out. His friends all said he was "shooting his load" and were impressed that he'd started so young.

Paulie was thinking about this as his eyes ran over his sister's body. He noticed that her shorts were twisted, and if he stood in just the right place, he got a great view of his sister's pussy. As he thought about how it would feel to stick his rod into her wet cunt, he felt himself losing control. Paulie closed his eyes, leaned his head back, and clenched his teeth as the hot cum streamed out of his shaft.

Paulie knew right then that he had to fuck his sister. Somehow, he would do it.

As he rode in the back of the van, he thought about doing it now; his prick was standing straight up, poking out of his boxers. Sue wasn't even conscious. Paulie slid over to Sue. Her shirt had rolled up and her breasts were almost completely uncovered. He ran a hand over her left tit, and felt her nipple stiffen. Paulie thought he heard her sigh. His cock was twitching and hard. His hand crept down and pulled off his shorts while he leaned down, and just like he'd wanted to do the other night, he began to suck her titties. This time, she did squirm. Paulie laid on top of her.

"How do I do this?" he thought. All he knew was that he was supposed to suck her tits and stick his cock inside her. His inexperience and rampaging lust were clouding his mind.

The van jerked to a stop. Paulie was thrown off Sue and she began to wake.

When the man opened the back doors of the van, he not only saw a half-naked girl, but her completely naked brother. With quite a hard-on. The man grinned again.

"This is where we stop," he said. Behind him, Paulie could see nothing but trees and grass. It was as though they were in the middle of nowhere.

Sue struggled to see. The moon was full but her vision was still blurry. The man had removed his stocking and bandana, and she could see his face more clearly. He was not very tall, only about five-eight, but had a big build. His hair was just long enough to be curly and touselled. He had obviously not shaven for days. Sue saw him staring off to her right, unblinking. She turned.

Paulie was still laying there naked. Sue gasped when she realized he was erect, and that the man was staring at Paulie's stiff prick.

"I think I know what you want, kid," he said.

The man unsheathed a knife from his belt and went over to Sue. She screamed for a half second before he put his large, calloused hand over her mouth. Searching the old clothes she was laying on, he found a scarf and tied it around her mouth. Then he grabbed the knife and began to cut off her clothes, first her top, then the tight shorts.

Sue squirmed and struggled. Neither Paulie nor the man cared that she was scared. They were both staring at her tits jiggling as she fought the binds.

"Come over here, kid."

Paulie went over to Sue and the man.

"Here she is. Do what you want. And if she fights it, I have this knife here to pursuade her. All I ask is that I watch."

Sue freaked. The man wanted her nine-year-old brother to fuck her!

Paulie said nothing as his hands spread his sister's legs apart. Sue knew she had to do what the man told her to. Her head still ached from the last time he had "pursuaded" her. She clenched her eyes shut and tried to think of something else.

Paulie couldn't think of anything but the sight of his sister's hot twat. It was covered in a soft layer of fur. His hand cupped her mound, then slowly ran over it, up and down. A finger slipped between her cuntlips. Paulie moaned as he slid his finger inside his sister's twat. She was wet and hot. He lowered himself to the floor of the van, placing his mouth between her legs. His tongue snaked out and timidly licked her pussy.

She tasted sweet. His hands spread her pussy apart even more. Her slit was red and her pussylips swollen. He shoved his tongue in deeper, his lips mashing against hers. Sue's hips bucked involuntarily as her brother found her clit with his mouth. They both started to enjoy themselves, and forgot about the man. Paulie shoved his tongue back into her slick twat. His sister's pussy squeezed and trembled under his mouth, and he knew she liked what he was doing.

Sue was trying not to admit what Paulie already knew. But when his lips once again slid over her clit, she couldn't control her moans. Paulie picked up on this, and licked her clit slowly. Sue's head was tossing back and forth, and her arms jerked at the binds. He kept licking, feeling her cuntjuices flow down his mouth and chin. Quickly she ground her cunt into his mouth, and Paulie felt her buck and quiver. Sue's twat was on fire. She tensed and trembled and jerked her hips while Paulie kept licking. Unsure of what to do, Paulie rammed his tongue back into her slick slit.

Even through the gag, Sue's screams were loud. Paulie felt her whole cunt pulse and shake around his tongue as she came. He lapped at her wet pussy; to Sue, it seemed like she couldn't stop cumming.

Paulie lifted himself up on his elbows. Sue's hips were still bucking slightly as he crawled on top of her. She came back to earth just enough to wonder where a nine-year-old learned how to do what Paulie had just done.

"You're a hot little slut," Paulie said. "You like being fucked. I wanna fuck you."

Paulie's prick was stiff and his balls were taut against his crotch. He ached to get inside his sister and now he figured he knew what to do. Her nipples were stiff and dark. Paulie sucked on one as he pinched the other between his fingers. Sue felt his teeth clamp down on her tit and she flinched. Paulie kept sucking and nibbling. Sue felt his dick graze her thighs.

Sue's passion had abated somewhat. She knew what was happening was wrong. Still, Paulie wasn't really any smaller than her last fuck, and almost as good. The thought of fucking her little brother had turned her on, she admitted, and she wanted to do more.

The man came over and untied Sue's hands, and removed her gag. Neither Sue nor Paulie really noticed, they were too busy with each other.

Sue reached down between her legs and grabbed Paulie's rod with her hand. "Fuck me, little brother," she whispered, and guided his cock inside her.

Paulie pushed into her wet box. He never imagined anything feeling this good! He slid in just a couple of inches and then stopped. He was already close to cumming and didn't want to lose it so soon.

His sister was in more of a hurry. Her lust, quenched just a moment ago, was back. Her hips rose and she tried to slide her pussy onto Paulie's shaft. Paulie kept pulling out, just a little, leaving only the tip of his cock inside her. It was driving her crazy.

"Please," she begged. "I want it. Please."

Paulie's prick slid in again, this time deeper. Paulie grunted. His cock was embedded in her soft flesh, her wet pussy surrounding his hardness. Finally Paulie gave in and rammed his rod inside her. She took him completely.

Sue moaned and ground her hips. Her hands were on her brother's ass, guiding him in and out of her slit. Paulie took only a moment before he got the hang of it on his own. Sue felt his balls slap against her ass as he thrust back and forth. He leaned down and sucked her nipples again, sending chills through her.

"Yes. Yes," Sue was whispering. Paulie speared his sister's pussy over and over again. She met his thrusts and gasped.

Paulie felt her tighten around his cock. He couldn't hold out much longer, the sensation was overwhelming. The familiar tingling and tightness in his balls spread and he felt himself ram into Sue harder and faster.

Suddenly he felt something around his stiff shaft quiver. Sue was moaning and clawing at his back. She got so wet and hot that he knew she had to be cumming again.

Paulie felt almost faint as his sister's twat spasmed around him. He plunged his entire cock deep into her twitching pussy and came, quickly and suddenly, shooting his hot cum deep inside her.

He felt that he was cumming for an eternity. Sue felt her cunt fill with his hot spunk as she was coming down from her orgasm. When Paulie finished he tried to pull away almost immediately. Sue wouldn't let him.

"I still want to feel you inside me."

He laid his full weight on her as they rested for a while.


They both must have fallen asleep, because the next thing they knew, the man had them both tied up.

The man looked at Paulie. Paulie's cock was limp. The man took off his windbreaker and grinned.

Standing in the doorway of the back of the van, the man quietly took off his clothes. Unbuttoning his shirt, he revealed a wide chest and a very muscular build. His jeans came off next. Sue noticed that his cock was stiff but not fully erect. Still, he was at least eight inches long, and thick. Sue realized that she was staring. She was still horny and wanted to fuck that gorgeous cock.

The man, however, was still looking at Paulie. Paulie was looking away shyly, but his own cock was getting hard. The man climbed into the van.

Grabbing some rope that had been tossed to the side of the van, the man rigged up a complex series of slip knots. He slipped them over Paulie's feet. When he tightened them, Paulie's legs were tied together, not tightly, but he knew he couldn't break free.

The man leaned over the boy. His huge cock dangled in front of Paulie's face. Paulie winced.

Sue thought the man was going to make Paulie suck him off. Instead, the man knelt down in front of Paulie. Sue watched intensely; the sight of those two hard cocks turned her on. The man's heavy ballsack dangled between his legs, his shaft extended but still not fully hard. He straddled Paulie's legs and leaned down.

Paulie had been looking the other way, trying to avoid looking directly at the man. As he felt the end of the man's tongue sliding over the tip of his hard rod, he couldn't help but look. A small drop of precum was running down his shaft. Slowly, almost lazily, the man ran his tongue down the boy's cock, trailing the drop. In an instant, the man had Paulie's entire prick in his mouth.

The boy bucked and grunted. He had never thought of a guy sucking him off before, and although the soft wet mouth on his hardness felt great, it was still a guy giving him head. Paulie tried to get out of his reach.

The man raised up on his arms and stared at the boy.

"If that's the way you want it, big fella..."

The man grabbed Paulie's ankles and quickly slid him forward. His head bonked on the floor of the van as he fell. The man reached under the boy and grabbed both of his asscheeks with his hands. Spreading them apart, he took his index finger and started tracing the outside of Paulie's virgin asshole.

"Don't!" Paulie yelled. With his free hand, the man grabbed a rag and shoved it forcefully into Paulie's mouth. He brought Paulie's legs up and to the side, giving himself easier access to the young boy's ass. He licked his forefinger and started probing again.

Looking around, the man finally found an old toolchest and started rummaging through it. He found was he was looking for -- some old axle grease. The grease was yellowish and dirty but he didn't care. The man shoved his finger deep into the grease. He drew it out and found Paulie's asshole again. Twirling his finger around slightly, he greased the outside of the hole as his other hand began to jerk along the length of the boy's prick.

His big arms grabbed Paulie and quickly flipped him over, ass in the air, face smashed down on the van floor. Paulie gave a muffled cry as the man reached between his legs and found the young boy-cock again. His jerking was fast and furious, his grip hard and unforgiving. The man's greased finger was playing with Paulie's hole again, sliding in just a tiny bit, and sliding back out. The man's own cock was solid as steel now, a full nine inches or more. He knew he could never fuck Paulie's asshole like he wanted, but he sure as hell was going to pop the boy's ass-cherry.

He shoved his finger in farther, and got nearly an inch in before he felt the familiar barrier. With one more quick thrust he felt something give, and his entire finger was buried to the hilt in the boy's ass. Paulie screamed into his gags as the man finger fucked his asshole, in and out, as fast as he was jerking Paulie off.

With his finger completely inside the young boy, he slid underneath Paulie. His tongue slithered out and tickled the boy's cock. His own prick was brushing heavily against Paulie's leg. The man realized he was dripping. He wanted to get Paulie off, and fast, so he could find some relief for his own aching member.

Paulie had calmed down. His hips jerked towards the man's mouth. Paulie knew he wanted this, he wanted to come again. He even liked feeling that thick finger in his ass. His balls ached from so much action that day, but was crazy with the desire to cum.

The man pushed Paulie's cock towards him as he slid his finger in, and Paulie's cock slid in and out of the man's mouth in time to the finger-fucking. The man's tongue ran around Paulie's shaft, feeling the ridge, tasting the precum on the tip. He loved sucking boy cocks, and Paulie's was the biggest by far. He sped up the sucking, greedy for Paulie's cum.

Paulie didn't even try to hold back. With loud moans and grunts, his cock jerked between the man's lips, shooting his load into his mouth. He felt the man's finger deep inside him and the man's mouth sucking hungrily. Streams of hot spunk flowed out and the man swallowed it all, relishing the musky taste. Paulie slowly stopped thrusting, his balls drained and his cock limp.

The man slid his finger out of Paulie's asshole and sat up. A small stream of cum dangled from the boy's shaft to the floor. The boy collapsed, exhausted.

The man wiped his finger off on some of the old clothes in the van. Digging again in the toolbox, he found a bottle of Crown Royale.

"Here," he said, opening the bottle. "Drink this. You'll need it to get to sleep."

He removed Paulie's gag and offered the kid some of the liquor. Paulie cringed at the taste but took a good swig. He would be out in just a few, thought the man. He looked over at Sue.


The man's cock was so hard it hurt. Clear droplets of precum had been trickling down his shaft. Rolling over to the other side of the van, he laid next to Sue. She'd been pretending to be asleep again, but the man knew she couldn't have slept through her brother's screams, even with the gags.

The man wanted to take things slow. He knew he had a couple more hours before he had to get the two back home, but his prick didn't want to wait. The man's hand slid between Sue's thighs. He moved one leg over to the side and laid down, facing her slit. Paulie's cum and her pussyjuices were still dripping out of her. The man slid two fingers up and down her slit, and then plunged, hard, into her pussy. Sue wasn't pretending to be asleep anymore. Her hips jerked and her round tits jiggled, the dark red nipples standing out on her fair skin. She was so wet and wanted it so bad, the man decided he would do it, and quick.

Kneeling between her legs, he slid his fingers out of her cunt and grasped her waist on each side. He slid her up so her asscheeks rested on the tops of his legs, and his shaft dangled just inches from her twat. He stared for a moment at her soft, swollen teen pussy. He couldnt hold back anymore. He jerked her towards him, hard, impaling her wet cunt on his cock. Only her shoulders and head still rested on the floor, the rest of her body was arched upwards, her legs instinctively wrapping around the man's waist, her arms stretched out above her by the binds.

Sue moaned loudly. Only the tip of his prick was inside her, but it was already stretching her small pussy. The man thrust his hardness inside her while his big hands jerked her towards him again. A full half of his massive cock was inside her. For a minute he didn't think he could get any more in, she was so tight. Every twinge, every quiver of her cuntlips ran up his shaft. If he didn't concentrate, he knew he'd cum before getting himself all the way in.

Sue already felt filled with cock. When the man began slowing sliding in and out of her, she thought he was completely inside her. But then each thrust inched just a little more inside. Paulie's cum and her juices oozed out of her twat and down her thighs. The man's hands were gripping her waist and hips tightly, moving her by themselves. She wanted to grab on to his hips or legs but couldn't, she was completely off-balance and unable to move her arms. Her mind got foggy as the man increased his pace. His huge nine-incher felt like it would split her in half.

The man rammed his cock hard against her young pussy. One hard thrust and he was in, completely enveloped. Sue screamed and he felt her cum around him, her stomach and hips wildly thrashing around, her hands twitching as though she were trying desperately to cling to something. The man held her tightly against him, feeling the ripples of her supple walls, watching her breasts shudder with each wave of orgasm.

He was surprised he made it this far. He jerked his hips forward, slamming down inside her, then sliding almost completely out, and ramming back in again. She was stretched so tightly around him that her wetness gushed out around his shaft with each thrust. With a loud, gutteral moan, the man let loose inside, his cock twitching and throbbing, shooting hot gobs of cum deep inside her. He kept thrusting into the girl's pussy until his balls were completely drained. She still quivered around him, but he was already losing his erection.

He pulled out and was not surprised to see a little blood. He knew she wasn't a virgin but she had really been too small for his huge prick. He grabbed his jeans and shirt and hopped out of the van. He was dressed in a moment and, without a word, slammed the van doors shut on the kids. Sue heard the engine start and felt the van make almost a full circle turn. Soon they were back on the dark road. Sue was too exhausted to care, but in the back of her mind she figured they were going back home.


It was only 4 am when they returned home, showered, and got into bed. A note on the kitchen table from their parents had said that they had joined a dancing class in a nearby town, but because of the late nights, they were planning on staying over in a hotel every Friday night and coming back the next morning. Sue realized what the man had meant when he said he'd be back. Crumpling up the note, Sue realized that she was already looking forward to next week.

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