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Published: 5-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I used to be a workaholic. Sixty hour weeks, unplanned business trips, stress and general drifting apart led to the ruin of my health and my marriage. Now I am forty seven and taking things a bit slower on the advice of my doctors and the few remaining friends that I have. The big change happened a couple of years ago on my first trip to Goa. I wasn't normally the resort town kind of man but had been dispatched there to negotiate the purchase of a new resort to add to the parent companies already bulging portfolio.

Luckily for me the man I was there to negotiate with had gotten himself food poisoning so I was forced to relax for a few days. I found myself resting on the sunny white beaches sipping beers and enjoying myself for the first time in years. They had comped me a luxury suite with a view of the sea and all the room service and hotel food I would ever need.

One delightful thing about Goa is all the young people there. I seemed to be surrounded by hard young men and beautiful young women, both well off local Indian tourists and paler westerners. For a man of my age and uninspiring appearance I resigned myself to just looking. Maybe if things got really desperate I would see if the helpful man at the desk could show a little discretion and arrange a bit of rented female company for me later on.

But luckily for me the fates had something different in mind for me. There were a number of younger children floating around the beach, getting drinks for tourists, offering special deals on tours and generally trying to earn a few more rupees. Pretty quickly one of the little brown boys wearing only a pair of shorts latched onto me. He quickly made himself useful by fetching my drinks, adjusting my shade umbrella and then offering to show me around the local shops. He called himself Kama and said he was eleven although I was no judge of childrens ages at that time. He hung around all afternoon making assisting me with my holiday and I gave him a handful of rupees for his trouble and brought him dinner in a restaurant he showed me to. Now it was beginning to get darker I decided to return to my hotel and have a rest to get over the last of my jet-lag.

"Sir, you want I come with you? I give you good rate and make you comfortable all night. You have no complaints about Kama sir."

"Huh? What do you mean? I know where the resort is." My confused reply showed how little I was really clued in on what was happening.

"No sir, not what I mean. Kama go back to room with you and make you happy. Kama keep you happy all night, Kama know how to make big American man happy, know what you need."

I blinked. Was the little brown kid really offering me what I thought he was. I was a little tipsy from a days drinking beers and too much sun but nowhere drunk enough to turn gay. And certainly not with a little kid.

"The hell you will. I've appreciated your help young man but I certainly don't want anything of the kind from you."

"But sir, Kama will get in trouble from the boss if I come home tonight. Boss will want me to stay with you and earn money. Please don't let Kama get beat." I could see tears starting to well up in his eyes. Later on he would explain that this was a fairly common and effective ruse, it seems us western tourists were suckers for a sob story.

I was starting to feel bad and didn't want the poor kid to get beaten on my account. "Ok don't make a scene. You can come up and I will give you some money in the morning but you are sleeping on the sofa and no funny business."

Nodding eagerly he accompanied me back to the resort and after I gave him my room number he agreed to meet me up there in a few minutes. I took the time to lock all the valuables except for a few rupees in the room safe. I might be soft hearted at the moment but I wasn't soft in the head.

We spent the evening watching TV and having a few more beers and snacks. When I was tired out I went and had a quick shower then got ready for bed. As I was toweling myself dry I saw Kama walk past the bedroom door naked and head into the bathroom. Soon the water was running and I slipped into bed. It was so warm even with the aircon that I did not bother with wearing anything and just pulled a sheet over me and flicked off the sidelight. Briefly I contemplated the revealing sight of his naked little body as he walked by the door. Slim, brown all over and with a decent sized semi for a little boy. For a moment I wondered what it would be like to take him up on his offer and enjoy that young forbidden body but shook myself and rolled over to drift off to sleep. Distantly I heard the shower stop before I slipped under.

It was dark when I awoke. Dark and hot. I could feel the air on my sweaty chest as I lay on my back but that was not what had woken me. That was quite clearly the feeling of some ones skilled mouth working its way up and down my painfully erect penis. Levering myself up on my elbows I looked over my belly (thinking to myself that I really had let myself go) to see the bobbing top of Kama's dark head as he lay between my sprawled legs and orally serviced me. It took a few moments for my head to clear and the whole time Kama was working his lips up and down my shaft while his soft little brown hands fondled my hairy nutsack.

I blinked a few times and pulled him up and off me with a lewd sounding wet slurp.

"What the fuck kid? I'm not gay, I told you not to try anything. I was already going to give you some money."

He looked up at me with big brown eyes and saliva dripping down his chin. "Please sir, Kama knows that but I like you. You nice Mr not like most. Just wanted to make you have happy memory of Goa sir." He glanced down at my still hard cock bobbing in the night breeze. Without his mouth around it I could feel the spit cooling on my length already. "Please sir, close eyes and pretend Kama is girl if that makes it better. Kama just wants to help."

Looking from his glistening lips to my throbbing shaft I had to admit it had felt very nice and it was a long time since I had received a blowjob. The exwife had hated giving them so it was normally just hookers when I really needed to blow off some steam. And this little kid seemed to actually want to do it. I sighed and dropped my head back onto my pillow and closed my eyes.

"Pretend it's a girl." I mumbled to myself. It was all the permission he needed and his mouth dropped back to engulf my cockhead again while made a little moan escape from my lips. His tongue twirled around the sensitive tip as he jacked my shaft into his mouth.

I lay there eyes screwed shut as the eleven year old Indian boy sucked and slurped away at my adult cock. I tried to picture the hot woman who had served our dinner, some of the teenage girls from the beach, even the exwife but all I could see was Kama's cheerful eager to please round brown face staring back at me.

He seemed totally engrossed in his task and slowly sped up his bobbing motion and hand movements to match my breathing as it quickened. All too soon I felt my stomach muscles clench and my legs stiffened as I pushed up off the bed and tried to get more inside the hot sucking cavern of his mouth. He didn't let me go and in no time I groaned with release as spurt after spurt of my hot seed gushed up the length of my cock and into his willing and hungry mouth. Gently he kept suckling until my cock stilled and then he released it and sat up, staring down at me with a knowing smile on his lips.

My eyes opened and I met his gaze. "Fuck that was good. I'm guessing you have had lots of practice at that huh kid."

"Kama never gets complaints. Everyone like Kama's mouth, man or lady. Thankyou sir for letting Kama make you happy."

I nodded and scratched myself. I looked at him properly now and noticed he was still wearing his shorts from earlier but there was a lump in the front. Knowing he got off on this made it feel a little better for me. I patted the bed next to me and he lay there and we talked about what had just happened. I discovered he had been working like this for a few years and most nights he would find a man or woman to please for a handful of rupees. To my own suprise I wasn't as worried that I had just let an eleven year old boy suck me off as I thought I would. As far as first gay and pedophile experiences went it was pretty painless. I felt more relaxed now and the happy feeling in my balls meant that I had really needed some release and he was willing and available. I didn't feel particularly gay and knew that I still would spend most of my time lusting after female flesh.

During the conversation he told me he lived with a mixed group of boys and girls and a couple of adult "bosses" who looked after them for a large cut of the profits. I lay there and pondered the possibilities as he told me the children ranged from about eight to fifteen. It was only when he giggled and pointed down that I realized that I was hard again. It had been years since I had been capable of an erection so soon after orgasm. Who knew all I needed was the right motivation.

"Want another one sir? Kama can use his mouth on you all night sir. Make you real happy."

The boy started to slide back down between my legs before I stopped him. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought to myself. "Take your pants off kid, I want something other than your mouth."

His eyes widened and he shook his head. "Kama only uses his mouth, please sir not that." I sat up quickly and reached for him and quickly pinned him under my greater weight. His shorts were easy to tug down and his little brown cock was revealed in the moonlight.

"Tonight Kama I am going to use your bum. You're a little brown bum boy so that is what I will use you as. How can you pick up guys on the beach and suck them off and not expect them to want to fuck your hole?"

"Please sir it will hurt. Please."

I relented a little and got up and grabbed a bottle of sunscreen from the bathroom. He was still faceup on the bed and hadn't tried to get away so I told myself he wasn't really against it.

"Tell you what kid, I will give you a big handful of rupee in the morning to make you feel better. That's all you want anyway isn't it. Now spread your legs."

I roughly parted his legs and pulled them up in the air. His firm little bottom peered up at me with his smooth hairless nutsack and semi erect boycock plainly on display. Grabbing his legs in one hand around the ankles I squirted sunscreen liberally across his cock, my cock and his arsehole. Dropping the bottle I began to rub it into his opening finding it surprisingly easy to work a probing finger into the unresisting boy.

Kama's eyes were closed tight and he grunted a little as I pushed my index finger all the way up inside his hole.

"So I guess you do use this hole don't you little Kama."

Face flushed with shame he nodded. "The bosses do me up there sometimes when none of the girls are around."

I smiled down at him and nodded as I removed my finger from his arsehole and jerked a few times to coat my hard again cock with the sunscreen. Shuffling forward I placed the tip of my adult sized cock against his opening and commented "this is the first time ever for me to fuck an arsehole. Not just a little boys but anyones. Going to remember this one for ever boy."

With that I pushed down and guided my length slowly into him. Although I was going to fuck him regardless of if he wanted it or not I did not really want to hurt him. He had been good company today and had just opened my eyes to a whole new world of pleasure. Slowly I worked my way into his sunscreen sticky opening with little firm pushes until finally I was buried balls deep in my first boy. I paused and released his legs which he grabbed himself by the ankles and held apart so I could look clearly down at him. If I peered over my belly I could see my cock disappearing into his bottom and his stiff little brown cock jutting up. I licked my lips and grabbed hold of the stubby little three or four inches that made up his boyhood. I began to jerk smoothly at it as I slowly withdrew and pushed back into him.

"So do all you kids fuck each other? Or do you just let people fuck you boy?"

"Some sir." He gasped a bit as I thrust a little firmer and worked at his baby cock.

"I do any of the younger kids I can. We all do it. Anyone smaller than you is ok. It's how the world works."

My mind filled with a mental picture of my little brown Kama bum boy fucking a tiny little preteen girl and I started to hump into his unresisting arse faster. I kept up the friction on his cock and soon he was moaning underneath me as I buggered his tight little bottom deeper and deeper. Without warning he stiffened and his cocklet spasmed and milky white jets of his boycum spurted out and across his stomach and my hand.

Releasing his cock I grabbed him by the hips and started to fuck him in earnest. Each push sank my cock into the tight welcoming embrace of his back entrance and he grunted lewdly in time to my own thrusts and harsh breathing. I quickened my pace and was soon pounding him with all the vigor I would an adult woman. A couple of dozen more thrusts and I went stiff atop him and filled his bowels with spurt after spurt of adult cum. Sighing happily I pulled it out and collapsed next to him. Both satisfied we both drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the sun was up and I was slightly suprised to find him in bed with me. Memories of the last night rushed back and I felt some shame but mostly satisfaction at what I had done. As I stirred he awoke and looked up at me. I patted him on the bottom and told him to go get cleaned up before breakfast. Going to the safe I counted out twice the amount of rupees I had originally intended to give him and set them aside for him.

The rest of the trip was a blur but a happy one. I spent most days with Kama and used his mouth and bottom several more times each. The meeting about the hotel was finally held and a mutually profitable deal struck. I knew that I would return to Goa again, next time purely for pleasure.

And I did. I go there twice a year now and spend a few weeks in the sun enjoying the beautiful scenery and the delightful charms of a boy like Kama or a similar girl. I've found that for the right money any desire can be met and that now my desires have branched out. Goa, come for the beaches, stay for the preteen beach boys and girls.


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boy lover

Very hot


Very believable tale. They shot part of the Bourne trilogy on Goa. It makes me wonder if some of the crew had a boy or three, in between filming. Personally, l think boy or girl, it matters not; both sexy in their way.

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