The Family Takes It

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Published: 3-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sarah Birdheart smiled condescendingly at her neighbour, June Myles as she passed by her front gate. Sarah, a tall woman in her mid thirties, considered her neighbour to be nothing more than a common trollop and had said so on many occasions, but never to June's face. The only thing she ever showed to June was the smile and a brief nod of greeting whenever they met. June stood up to return the brusque greeting, tugging her shorts from between her boyish cheeks as she did so. She rested her hands on her naked waist below the bustiere that concealed her firm breasts, but demonstrated quite adequately her impressive nipples. This morning June went further than normal.

"Hello, Sarah, you're looking very nice this morning."

There was something about the way the smaller woman had said very that made Sarah's cheeks redden slightly. True she was wearing a summer dress that was cut low enough to show the size of her large breasts to good effect, it fitted tightly across her full hips and her high-healed shoes gave her walk the exact effect she wanted. She was going to the bank, where a new young teller had recently started. She had dressed specifically to tease him. She loved to watch his eyes as they became fixed on the depth of her cleavage as she bent over to sign the deposit slip. She could just imagine what her walk did to him as she left. She loved the feeling of power that gave her, why the little boy probably masturbated over her! Just as she had seen her teenage son does through a crack in the door. But surely June wasn't referring to that.

"Thank you," Sarah said and continued on her way down the street, her hips swinging vigorously. June didn't take her eyes off her until she had disappeared around the corner.

"What a bitch!" June muttered under her breath and mimicked Sarah's walk back into her house.

June threw herself down on the leather sofa, one leg over the arm and the other on the floor. She flicked the switch of the tape deck next to the couch and began to speak.

"Sarah Birdheart is a stuck up bitch!" She began, "and it's time I did something about it. Not that I blame her completely, it's that husband of hers, he's such a fucking snob! Thinks I don't know that he was the one who put the petition together to kick me out of the street after my house warming party. People fornicating in the bushes he whined. Big jerk I bet he's never tried anything but missionary.

"And of course it's all in the genes, Adam, the big mans son.

Always watching me through his bedroom window, not that I blame him for that!" June took the opportunity to run her hand sensuously over her near naked body. "But every time I try to speak to him he just turns his nose up at me.

"Then of course there's sweet little Charlene, sixteen years of age with the type of body that makes boys go weak at the knees. She's as big a tease as her mother, and I can't stand a tease!

"I've got just the plan to deal with them and just the people who would love to help me implement it. Susie Lee and David will be the perfect people to cure this family, with a little help from me of course in my own unusual way. I'll give them a call right now."

* * * *

Charlene Birdheart flipped her school bag over her shoulder as she opened the gate to her attractive home. She usually brought friends home with her, but she was grounded, out too late last weekend. She placed the key in the door and turned the handle when she heard a rustling in the bushes close to the house. As she turned round to investigate a hand pushed against her back and she was projected through the door. She stumbled on to the floor and rolled on to her back to see that the hand belonged to a petite Chinese woman wearing a leather miniskirt and leather jacket covered in studs.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!" screamed Charlene as she tried to recover herself and struggle back to her feet.

The Chinese girl stepped towards Charlene, the high leather boots adding inches to what otherwise would have been a diminutive stature. She reached down and slapped the schoolgirl across the face, very hard. The blow sent Charlene sprawling on the floor again. At this point Charlene's attitude took control of her.

"You fucking chink bitch!" Charlene screamed as she swung her fist in a powerful arc.

The Chinese girl blocked the blow easily and twisted Charlene around on the floor pulling the struggling teenagers arm up against her shoulder blades making her cry out in pain. Then the girl placed her knee in the small of Charlene's back and lent her weight on it.

"Oh, you've got a bad attitude girly. David is not going to be happy with you. Maybe I'd better teach you some manners," she purred in Charlene's ear. While she was saying this the Chinese girl had locked both of Charlene's arms behind her back and the click of a heavy pair of handcuffs closing caused the teenager to squeal in shock.

"What do you think you're mmph," Charlene's speech was cut short by the introduction of a leather gag into her mouth. The Chinese girl then forced the schoolgirl to walk in to the plush living room of the Birdheart residence.

"Ugh," grunted Charlene as she was pushed face down into the deep pile carpet. A pointed heel dug into her back.

"My name is Sue Lee," said the Chinese girl, "but you will call me madam!"

The weight lifted from Charlene's back and she squirmed around on the floor, her skirt hitching up to expose her white panties as she did so.

"Very pretty," said Sue as she reentered the room carrying a heavy ruck sack, "David is going to love you!"

Charlene squealed indignantly and tried to cover herself but with little effect.

"Down to business," said Sue to herself. She slipped off her leather jacket to reveal an almost as studded leather bra. Charlene watched in amazement as Sue used a chordless to drill holes in the floor and through beams in the ceiling. In to these holes she screwed solid metal rings. She then emptied her rucksack and various leather and metal implements of types never seen by the restrained schoolgirl, cascaded out. The young girl started to sweat with fear, this was no burglary as she had first thought.

Quickly Sue un-handcuffed the teenagers arms pulled them above her head and reattached the manacles. The schoolgirl's panties started to ride up between the soft cheeks of her pink behind as she tried to kick the dark haired mistress. Sue easily grabbed one of the failing legs and dragged Charlene over to one of the metal rings. The leather clad girl attached a cuff around the white socked ankle and attached it to the ring. With calm surety Sue grabbed Charlene's other ankle and, spreading the schoolgirl's legs so that her short skirt rode even higher she attached that ankle to another ring. Sue threaded a rope through a hook in the ceiling and despite the child's squirming hauled her up from the floor by the manacles attached to her wrists. The metal bit into the young girl's flesh but the gag prevented her from crying out in pain. Sue pulled Charlene into a spread-legged, stretched out standing position. Sue tied her end of the rope to another ring and sat down on the floral sofa to admire her handiwork.

"Much more cooperative now," she said with a grin. "Now I wonder what is under that school uniform?" She sauntered forward and reached up to the helpless teenagers crisp white blouse. Placing her finger tips inside it the Chinese girl then showed off her strength by ripping it open scattering buttons around the room. Charlene shook her head from side to side in desperation. Another tug and the blouse was ripped completely off the young girls body. With her breasts encased only in a snow white bra, the schoolgirl's eyes desperately searched for a way out of this shocking situation. Charlene's throat was fast becoming hoarse from screaming into the tough leather gag, but it muffled all her sounds most effectively, only small amounts of saliva escaped bubbling at the corners of the gag.

Sue ran her hand down the young girls soft skin, "oh, very nice, very nice indeed. We will have some fun!"

Charlene's body suddenly tensed as she felt the leather clad mistress gliding her moist tongue over the soft pink flesh. The feelings were electric causing the teenager to jerk against her bonds. Slowly and softly Sue unfastened the pleated skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor leaving the young girl dressed only in black shoes, white sox, white bra and white panties.

"You taste nice, too," smiled Sue, "but I think we need to add a little sweat." She reached into the pile of leather and metal implements and brought out a very shiny stock whip. The blood drained from Charlene's face, this could not be happening to her. Sue cracked the whip in the air.

"I'm an expert with this, "she said, studying her tool. "Don't move and you won't get hurt."

CRACK, the whip exploded somewhere near Charlene's right ear and she felt the bra loosen, the shoulder strap had been cut clean through. Another crack, this time by her left ear, Charlene was sweating with fear now. She knew how painful it was to be whipped by a wet towel in the change rooms, this was going to be unimaginable. CRACK again, she felt a feather light touch as her tattered bra fell away.

"Told you I was good," grinned Sue," but the panties are going to be more difficult."

Crack, the sting of the whip on her hip caused Charlene to leap against the bonds that restrained her.

"What a pity, "said Sue, "the panties didn't go that time." CRACK, in almost exactly the same spot, Charlene thought she was going to faint as the pain on the soft flesh of her hip sung out. But this time her panties came off and as Sue ripped them from her leg the teenager's head collapsed to her chest. Her large naked breasts heaved as she breathed in sobs.

"I can tell by the way you're sweating that this is going to be hot work." Smiling, Sue undid her leather skirt. Underneath she wore a studded leather G-string, which showed off her smooth hips and thighs to superb effect. Cat like she moved towards Charlene and threw her arms around the taller naked quivering teenager. Sue pushed her leather and steel covered tits against Charlene's larger breasts, delighting as the metal studs dug into the soft mounds. She threw her arms around the teenagers back and drew her into a powerful embrace. The shiny studs dug into Charlene's soft boobs causing combinations of pain and pleasure that the schoolgirl could not understand. Then Sue started to wiggle her hips and the cool steel studs ripped across the girls soft pussy lips causing Charlene to throw back her head in pain.

A knock on the front door caused Sue to pull away and a voice on the other side called "Hey, sis, why've you locked the door?"

Charlene almost fainted in relief. The voice belonged to her twin brother Adam, help was on the other side of the front door! Sue looked into the young girl's hopeful eyes and said, "what a pity and we were having such fun too. But now your brother's arrived to spoil all our fun."

Charlene could hardly contain herself.

"I suppose you know what this means?" Continued Sue a worrying smile forming on her red lips. "I have to change playmates and so do you." She crossed to the sliding doors that separated the lounge room from the dining room and drew them open. "David, "she called, "it's time for you to take over with our youngster here!"

David entered casting a shadow across the room like a solar eclipse. He stood about 6'6" of solid muscle, all of it clearly visible as all he wore Were a leather G-string and a studded collar. The thing that caught Charlene's attention first however was his skin, it was a deep shiny chocolate brown. She'd never seen anybody that colour before. Only white people lived in her suburb, went to her school, shopped in her shopping mall. She stared openly at this brown Adonis.

The first thing David did was to kneel in front of Sue and with some effort bend himself low enough to kiss her leather clad crotch.

The knocking on the door got louder. "Oh, c'mon Charlene, open up!"

"She will, "grinned Sue. "You know what to do, David?"

He nodded in response.

"I'll go and take care of our young Adam," she left the room, shutting the door behind her. She ran to the front door and threw it open. The sight of the leather underwear clad tiny oriental woman was too much for Adam and his bottom jaw fell open. This amused Sue and she grabbed hold of his school tie and quickly pulled him in side saying,

"Shut your mouth, there's a train coming!"

Adam did manage to shut his mouth, only to open it again in an attempt to speak but his teenage voice let him down and he only managed to break into a squeak. Embarrassed he cleared his throat and finally managed to get his words out.

"Who are you? Where's Charlene?"

Sue raised her eyebrows at the young boy, "Charlene's otherwise occupied with a friend of hers." She indicated the closed lounge door with her head. Adam could hear faint groaning noises coming from inside. Sue licked her red lips slowly, smiling at Adam. "What say we go up to your room, I want to keep you occupied in the same way!" She slowly walked up to the nervous teenager and began to remove his blazer. "I like to see what I'm working with before I start, so let's get your clothes off."

With trembling hands Adam helped the small but muscular woman to remove his clothes. Only slightly pausing at his bikini cut briefs. The removal of his clothes under such conditions already had his overly active teenage cock erect. His body was firm and muscular and his dick long and smooth, but despite these physical attributes, Sue knew he was going to be putty in her hands.

"Oh, I like what I see," she purred, "now before we go upstairs I have a little present for you." She picked up a leather contraption that was lying on the hall table.

"This is a cock cage," smiled Sue. "I'm going to put it on for you."

Adam was too bemused and excited to think of anything except that this gorgeous woman was going to touch his cock. He concentrated on not blowing his load. Sue took a firm hold on the erect organ, almost painfully firm Adam though, and slid one of the leather rings of the cage down it's length. The leather was rough on the delicate head. Sue then released the long length of flesh and took an equally firm hold on the youths balls causing him to grimace and squirm a little. She tugged harder.

"Better hold still little boy," whispered Sue. The second ring fastened behind his balls, pushing them out from his body. A strap then separated the cum heavy testis leaving them dangling like two grapes.

"My don't you look handsome now?" Chuckled Sue, as she felt the heavy balls in her hand while attaching a meter long chain to the ring that dangled from the separating strap. Holding the chain Sue ran her hands up the naked youths body. She slowly stretched her self up on tip toe and pushed her lips against the teen's trembling mouth. Adam reached out to hug her close to him, his excitement growing rapidly as was his penis, which throbbed steadily in it's confinement. Sue easily dodged away from his arms and gave the chain a sharp tug causing Adam to stumble forwards whining.

"Ow!" He cried, "be careful!"

Sue ignored him and tugged again, "c'mon stud, you've got some things to do for me!" With that she tugged again and started to walk upstairs pulling the helpless and confused teenager with her.

* * * *

Meanwhile, back in the lounge room, Charlene had found that one evil had been replaced by another.

David stood in front of her, the first thing he had done after Sue had left was to rub oil all over the bound schoolgirl's body. The feel of his large hands over her naked body had terrified the girl, especially when the giant hands had rubbed oil over her large tit mounds. Each of his hands could easily engulf her teenage boobs. However once Charlene had become used to being touched in such an intimate manner, the oil had felt soothing and his touch was pleasant enough. And if she closed her eyes and ignored who was doing such things to her she could quite enjoy it. Then his hands descended rubbing across her flat stomach and smooth back, across her gently sloping hips and down to the lightly haired mound and firm rounded buttocks. She struggled against this new indignity, she had never allowed any one to touch her there before. But the young schoolgirl soon found out that the bonds that held her were much too tight to allow her any respite from those big probing hands. The large hands had easily moved down between her spread legs on one side and squeezed easily between her cheeks on the other. The big dark man continued to rub oil as he maneuvered his hands over the most private parts of the teenie's body. Oil was smoothed over her pouting pussy lips, the moisture made them move apart and suddenly a large black finger had slid between them and come into contact with Charlene's clit. The teenager gasped as the small pleasure point awoke under his touch. She hated this! She hated this! But it felt so good, a warmth started to spread through her hips and thighs as the gentle caress continued. His other had began to pay a lot of attention to the tiny puckered opening between her tight well-oiled buttocks. Even this started to give her thrills, an area of her body she would never have associated with such feelings. She hung suspended partly by her tiring arms, feeling a delicious warm glow emanating from her erect and throbbing clit and her tiny butt hole. As if on cue two fingers entered her, one into her by now dripping pussy, sliding easily into her lush cave gently paring the soaking walls as it pushed further and further inside her. The other pushed it's way into her well oiled but tight arse. David slowly continued to push his fingers into the girl's two love holes, feeling them both gripping his large fingers. Charlene could do nothing to prevent this, sideways movement was impossible and any forward movement only pushed his intruding finger further up inside her pussy. Backwards movement was totally out of the question she couldn't imagine how he was managing to push that finger into her rear, but she already felt painfully stretched and incredibly full! Finally David appeared to be satisfied with the distance he had inserted his fingers and kept them in place for a few minutes. Charlene fumed with indignation at such a humiliating affront at the hands of a black man. Despite this however the warm feeling was still spreading though out her body and had now reached her stomach where she could feel a kind of a glow. Then to further the insult David removed his fingers very quickly, which caused a moan of pain from the gagged teenager, and then actually wiped them clean in front of her as if he'd sullied his fingers. David walked behind the spread girl, much to her discomfort and she fought against the by now painfully restrictive bonds to see him. Shortly he returned to stand before her, but this did nothing to alley her growing fears. In his hands he held two alligator clips each with a chain attached. Slowly and deliberately he moved one of the clips towards her left nipple. Charlene had no method of escape and looked around in desperation.

"This will hurt, girl," murmured David, the first words he had spoken, "but you'll like it and it will help you when you switch.

Charlene barely heard his words as she watched him gently release the tip onto her left tit. She jerked as it started to bite into the tender flesh. The pressure kept increasing as David removed his hand from the clip and it tried to close on her painfully throbbing nipple. If she could have screamed she would of and tears welled in her dark brown eyes. After an unmeasurable amount of time she realized that her tender young nipple flesh was now just throbbing dully. She began to breath more easily until she realised that David was about to place the second clip onto her right nipple. Again the pain washed through and the ropes holding her creaked as she fought against them. Strangely through the pain she felt her left nipple throbbing, as if it was feeling left out of proceedings.

"Smile," said David and took a photograph of her, spread for all the world to see with her teenage breasts painfully held in clips. "I think we need to make those nipples look bigger," he thought out loud.

David brought forth a small weight and attached it to the chain dangling from the schoolgirls left nipple. The tit that had been crying for attention just moments before now shouted with pain as the rosy pink nipple was stretched downwards away from the breast. Again just as the pain began to die to a throbbing ache David added a weight to her right boob. Charlene's poor tits suffered several more such assaults, each time one breast was targeted the other would cry out that it required attention too, until three of the small weights tugged on each of her stretched and throbbing nipples. David took another photograph at this point.

"Now, "said the big man, "you're going to like that pain, aren't you?"

Charlene just stared at him, eyes wide with amazement that anybody could say anything so stupid. David took a step forward and with his open hand slapped her right breast softly. The weights swung causing the clip to bite deeper and tugging her over-stretched nipple from side to side. Again tears welled in the young girl's eyes and again her left nipple cried that it wanted some too.

"Aren't you?" Asked David.

It was all too obvious to Charlene where this was heading. The bound spread teenager nodded her head in assent.

"Good, "smiled David. "Now to continue." The next "toy" that David produced was a large black dildo. It was perfectly molded to resemble a nine-inch penis including rigid veins and the smooth sloping head. Charlene's breath caught in her throat and the schoolgirl tried to pull herself away from this new threat. The attempt was of course futile and it just caused her beautiful boobs to jiggle around which set the painful weights swinging beneath. David smiled as he watched the weights circle, dragging the young girl's nipples with them, he could imagine the exquisite pain she would be feeling. Charlene hardly daring to breath tried to will them to stop.

"Don't worry," said David, totally failing to reassure Charlene, "you'll love it!"

He rubbed the dildo with the same lubricant that already glistened on the young teenager's body, he also lubricated the knob like protrusion at the base of the rubber cock. David knelt in front of the schoolgirl and used one hand to spread the restrained teenager's labia. Like an experienced professional he carefully examined the young lubricated pussy. Charlene helplessly bound above him unable to even move due to the torturing nipple clamps was completely humiliated.

Finally David looked up to her again smiling, "no problems!"

Just for emphasis he lifted the weights that were stretching the young girls nipples and then allowed them to swing. Charlene's body went taught with the pain, but strangely as the weights slowed their swing she was almost disappointed. Just as she was trying to puzzle this out David introduced the dildo. The large head stretched her virginal pussy lips impossibly and the young girl found herself giving a little prayer of thanks that her hymen had already broken. The stretching continued as the dildo continued to enter her body slowly. Only a third of the thick black rod had made it inside the tight teenage cunt but it felt very full to Charlene. She threw her head back gasping for air as David continued to push the relentless false cock inside the tight body of this sexy school girl. Charlene knew she could do nothing about it, the stretching pain was worse even than the pain in her nipples caused by her efforts to escape. In blurred surprise the girl realised that although she knew she had no hope of escape she was still swinging her torso about harder and harder making the cruel implements on her tits bite deeper and stretch further. She could feel her internal organs being pushed out of the way as the rubber dick was pushed ruthlessly inside her, causing her tiny cunt to stretch to mammoth proportions. Looking down in incredulous self recognition she realized that the black tool was now all the way in.

David began to pull the dildo out, and she fought him, obeying only her desires. The teenager gripped the black rod with her cunt muscles and whipped her chest from side to side, allowing the weights to stretch her nipples to incredible lengths. Despite her physical objections David removed the by now glistening black intruder. He left the end of the thick pole lightly brushing the bound and frustrated schoolgirls pussy lips. Charlene's juices dribbled onto the dildo and flowed down onto David's hand as her pussy gapped with hunger. David slammed the full length of the artificial penis back into the young girl's tight cunt. Charlene screamed into the gag, but with pain or pleasure she couldn't tell. As the dildo reached the end of it's stroke it became obvious to the suffering schoolgirl what the protrusion at the base of the black length was for. It smacked into her clitoris, crushing it against her pelvis. Pain from the awakening of her delicate organ rushed up through the teenager's body, followed incredibly by pleasure. She had only felt that kind of pleasure before when playing with herself. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she chewed on the gag.

The dark giant again pulled the lubricated plaything from her grasping snatch and just as it slurped wetly passed the lips he thrust it back in again. This time Charlene felt her body moving towards the battering ram as it collided with her throbbing clit, mashing it against her pelvis and sending shivering pleasure throughout her young body. Again and again the girl's cunt was stretched to the limit and her delicate bud crushed, until the young teenager was wildly swinging her body. The torturous weights attached to her body swung out horizontally as the clamps tore at her pert girl tits. Then she came, not just the shudders of her masturbated orgasms but a great grinding and shaking as her body seemed to explode with pleasure. Her cunt muscles squeezed the dark pole as her whole body strained against her restricting chains. The orgasm centered on her pussy and clit was causing her body to spasm frantically as she sought to keep the dildo deep inside her self.

Finally it was over and David stood up in front of her. Charlene blinked the sweat out of her eyes, her nipples, clit and snatch were still throbbing with the full extent of the raw sex she had just received. Her glance moved down David's powerful body to his groin where a massive erection was bulging out of his G-string.

"Oh, yeah, you want to try the real thing now, don't you?" David said as he followed her gaze. He slowly pulled the G-string away from his throbbing cock. So far he had really enjoyed humiliating this teenage girl with her nose in the air. Now he could tell that she really wanted his meat.

"Well don't worry, girly, you're going to feel it's full length deep, deep inside you."

Disappearing behind the young teenager the black giant reappeared seconds later carrying a leather covered gym horse. He jammed the horse up against the girls thighs, then one at a time he released the teenager's feet quickly re-shackling them to the legs of the horse. David reached up and released her arms causing the girl to collapse onto the thin edge. Not letting her rest for long he took hold of Charlene's wrists and pulled them towards the end of the horse. He took great pleasure in the way her nubile young body stretched until she moaned against her gag in discomfort. In this stretched position he chained her arms to the front legs of the device. Finally he removed the painful clamps from her budding breasts and forced each tit to fall on either side of the horse.

"Remember how good it felt when I hurt your pussy before?" He asked. "Well I don't want to let that feeling go away." He moved behind her and reached his big hand between her legs to touch her soft puffy cunt lips. David smiled when he realised that her young vagina was still gaping and shining moistly from his earlier assault. Without warning he attached clips to each of her pussy lips. Charlene spasmed at the cold painful metal touch. With delighted precision David added a weight to each clip. The delicate lips were now stretched an inch below the schoolgirls quivering body. By this time Charlene was crying against her gag, half with the awful pain and half with the shame she felt because of the pleasure she was also experiencing.

"Oh, we mustn't forget your little bud now must we?" David chuckled from behind the young girl as he stroked the length of his huge tool, enjoying the girl's torment.

No he couldn't possibly! Thought Charlene, frantic with fear, but he did. He attached a tiny silver clip to the teenagers delicate clit. The crushing pain caused the young girl's body to thrash about against her bonds, but, and Charlene did not understand this at all, the pain was soon replaced by a desire to increase the hurt being done to her tender clit. David obliged hanging a weight from the little clip then setting all three weights swinging so that they pulled and tugged at her most delicate places.

David, still equipped with a huge erection attached a clip to each nipple of the girl's budding breasts. A thin chain joined the two clips to which David soon added eight weights. The young girl's nipples stretched to the point where she thought they would break away from her body. The center of pain experienced by the schoolgirl changed from her tender pussy region to her burgeoning breasts.

Moving in front of the tortured and confused young girl, David placed his cock a few inches in front of Charlene's eyes. While she, who had never seen a man's erection until now, when every sexual part of her body throbbed with pain and delight, watched as he used lubricant to oil up his long hard black weapon.

"Do you know where I'm going to put this? I'm going to put it all inside your tiny little arse! And you are going to love it my dear little angel, so much that you'll think your clit and tits are being torn off."

Having said that, David positioned himself behind the girl and pushed the head of his oiled dick up against her tiny puckered opening.

"Oh, it's such a small opening," he said and pushed unsuccessfully against her butt hole. Rearranging his position he pushed seriously and harder against the schoolgirl's tight sphincter, as she strained against her bonds. The muscle was slowly forced apart until the head of David's huge cock wedged it's self firmly inside Charlene's tiny bowel opening.

The pain caused by the stretching of her tight back passageway was far worse than had been caused by the huge implement David had used in her cunny. Charlene squirmed and wiggled trying to get that huge implement out. But all she managed to do was reawaken the pain in her pussy and tits as she set the weights swinging again. David's huge hands had a firm grip on the youngster's naked boyish hips, slowly and with great deliberance he forced his huge hunk of meat into her virgin hole. Charlene cried into her gag as the sphincter muscle snapped closed behind the massive throbbing cock head and gripped the following shaft tightly. All the young teenager could do was to moan with pain and wonder at the strange reawakening of the pleasure that had brought her to orgasm.

"You're enjoying this aren't you girly," it was a statement. "Just wait 'till we stretch it a little more then I can really fuck your arse properly. That'll get those weights swinging and your little clitty won't know what hit it!"

David carried on his forced entry driving deeper and deeper into that dark orifice, feeling the walls grip against his throbbing rubbing against him as the girl squirmed in distress. Charlene knew she couldn't possibly hold any more in her butt, yet David kept pushing more and more in. He felt like a rod of hot steel inside her delicate back passageway, she could feel the blood rushing to further engorge the huge cock through her thin anal walls. The young school girl felt her guts stretching against the throbbing, she could feel it completely, entirely, it's shape, the veins, the engorged head as it explored to impossible depths. It was then that the teenager realised that she had stopped fighting against it, she could feel her rectum expanding and contracting around David's cock as if she were trying to pull more of that impossible length inside her. She gasped against the gag as she felt completely full. David gave a final grunt and push from behind her as more of his incredible length disappeared up the teenie's anal orifice. Charlene felt a tickling against her cunt lips and shocked she realised that the enormous weapon had penetrated her anus up to David's large nuts and they were bumping against her distended and stretched cunt lips. Only then did the youngster realise that the pain in her tender parts had been forgotten due to her exciting fullness, and exciting was what it was. There must be at least a foot of very fat cock inside me, she thought almost giggling against the gag. She had never imagined herself in such a position before, totally naked, helpless, her legs spread and a very large Negro with his entire cock length inside her tiny little bottom.

David ground his hips against her ass cheeks, causing Charlene to bite against the gag with the exciting pain of the stretch as he stirred up her guts with his black pole. By now the schoolgirl's body had gone completely to water as excitement washed over the physical pain. Her bud throbbed and demanded attention. It needed to be stretched down to the floor, her nipples were already heading that way, this was incredible, unbelievable! Charlene actually felt good, really good, this was what she wanted! The incredible high form the pain and the thick black cock buried deep in her ass. Her body wanted the pain, she demanded the humiliation, at the same time their was the nagging feeling that she would like to show somebody else how good all this felt.

Behind her David slowly began to remove his huge pole from her tight asshole. Charlene gave a moan of disappointment at which he smiled. He pulled back until his cock was just inside the sphincter and then he shoved it in again, hard. The flesh ramrod crashing it's way deep into the teenager's insides forced the breath out of her. Charlene's groin was pushed suddenly forward causing the weights to swing giving the young girl another burst of that lovely pain. They crushed and tugged at her clitoris and cunt lips stretching them so that she wanted to scream for the love of it all. Unfortunately the tight gag prevented her screams allowing them to come out as mere moans. The big black cock was once again out of her, then thundering it's way back in deforming her delicate circle of muscle as he pummeled deep into her guts, his huge balls crashing into her distended pussy lips.

Still the young teenager needed more, she managed to lift her torso off the bench, pulling against the chain that held her budding tits as David rammed his big dick into her tight ass again. Fire burned in her boobs as she pulled against the chain causing the clips to bite deeper as they tugged her nipples further away from her body. David was out and then ramming inside her again and as the huge weapon disappeared inside her battered butt hole he reached forward and slapped her right breast. Charlene thrashed about, her body alive with the pain-pleasure that was drawing her closer and closer to a shattering orgasm. David was now fucking her arse faster and increasing speed all the time, ploughing in so deeply the teeny though it would come out of her mouth, if of course the oppressive gag would let it. With each thrust of his giant tool David slapped the girls tits causing them to burst into glorious agony each time. As each thrust got harder so the weights dangling from Charlene's most tender areas increased their pendulum like motion biting further and further into her horny pussy flesh.

The young girl's throat was raw with her attempts to scream, this was the first time she'd ever been fucked by a man, and the bastard hadn't even used her cunt but it had turned into a wonderful experience non-the less. She loved this pain that throbbed all over her body, only it was no longer pain, the throbbing produced only pleasure now. The dark humiliation in her rear passageway continued, David grinding his plundering organ into her inner depths. Each time he smashed his broad hand against her tender tits. His grunting was very audible now as Charlene's tight ass dragged the sperm from his nuts. Then she couldn't think or hear anything anymore as the orgasm built up inside her. With a final thrust of his groin the clip attached to her erect bud bit hard and then tore free pushing the young girl over the edge and into a staggering orgasm. Inside her grasping butt David had reached the same point and with one final thrust he grabbed the girls tortured tits and used them to hold himself as far inside her convulsing asshole as possible, in this position he came. Charlene felt his climax deep inside her as her own orgasm continued, felt the sperm as it exploded into her guts. The fit of arse and cock were much too tight to allow any of it to leak out and the teenager felt it being squirted up inside her rectum. She was being filled with the hot fiery liquid.

Finally it was over and David withdrew his long pole from her open anus. The big man wandered around in front of her and Charlene again stared in wonder at the huge cock, the more she looked the more impossible it seemed. The giant undid the gag and removed it gently from the teenagers mouth. The young girl licked her lips and smiled up at him.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"Wonderful," she smiled. "I feel I want to show others what a mind blowing experience this is."

"That's my little angel," David grinned and lowered his head to hers and they kissed passionately.

* * * *

While his sister was being beautifully humiliated downstairs, Peter was upstairs in his bedroom receiving some of the same. His room had been transformed from the usual teenage mess to something akin to a torture chamber. Peter himself was chained down to a wooden bench, in a position that stuck his backside up in the air. His bum was bright red from the delicate ministrations of his enslaver, Sue, who was smacking away at his bottom with a leather studded paddle. Like his sister, Peter was also gagged, however in his case the gag consisted of a long protrusion that reached far back into the back of his mouth. Each smack that landed on his bottom caused the teenager to tense with pain as his torturer alternated cheeks. Finally Sue moved around in front of the boy and smiled pleasantly at him. She removed her leather bra, exposing a pert set of breasts, slowly she bent down in front of him and began to whip her tits back and forth across his face.

Abruptly she stopped and stepped away from him. "You fucking worthless scum!" She bellowed at him. "Who the fuck do you think you are? Sixteen years old and never been fucked, how stupid is that? I'd get more pleasure from crushing my own nipples than I would from you!" Sue continued, slowly moving behind him and then biting each of his buttocks hard.

Peter squirmed unable to get away, he heard the Asian girl chuckling behind him and his squirming became all the more frantic. Something tugged at his balls and continued to pull down on them. The pull increased, squeezing and stretching the delicate organs at the same time. Peter bit down hard on the gag but nothing could relieve this crippling pain, he could feel himself becoming light headed and through the haze he heard Sue's voice.

"I'm adding weights to your balls, just to stretch them a little bit, hope you're enjoying this as much as I am."

Another weight was added, increasing the drag and Peter thought his balls must be touching the floor, he knew he couldn't stand anymore. Then her hand was on his cock gently teasing and rubbing, circling her palm on the head of the youth's organ. To the young boy's amazement his dick responded, growing hard and reducing the tug on his balls. He was just starting to feel some relief from that dreadful pain when Sue gently added another weight to his stretched sack. Peter almost choked with the pain but some how Sue managed to maintain the boy's erection with her delicate touch.

"Oh, you'll learn to love that pain, boy," said Sue as she moved forward and attached clips from which dangled weights to each of his nipples and with a flick of her wrist set them swinging.

"Now while you're delirious with pain," she sniggered, "I want you to come!"

With that she disappeared under the bench and the boy felt the delicate touch of her lips on his cock head as she kissed it and gently teased the throbbing helmet with her tongue. Peter could feel his penis swelling further despite the throbbing ache in his balls and boy-tits. Then his whole body felt light as he felt the warmth of Sue's mouth enveloping the throbbing head of his shaft. She continued to move her hot mouth further down his rod. Inch by inch Peter could feel his cock sliding deeper into warm wetness. Sue started to move her mouth up and down the cock shaft, enjoying the youth of the cock and the knowledge that she was breaking a virgin. Her mouth pistoned slowly at first along his shaft, then with increasing speed. This all caused incredible sensations inside Peter. The beautifully wet and warm feeling of the first time his cock had been touched by a woman, compared to the pain of the by now swinging weights. The two feelings seemed to merge together and the teenager was having difficulty telling one from the other. His cock continued to throb as it grew steadily tighter and firmer and the beautiful mouth continued to surround and engulf him. The pistoning motion of that lucious wet mouth continued to increase in speed and the young boy knew that he couldn't long hold back an orgasm. The pain had now become total pleasure.

His body tensed and his youthful penis erupted spasmically into that warm sucking hole. Sperm flowing and squirting out as he thrashed about balls swinging from side to side, tugged at by the tightly clamped weights. Realisation hit him, he was not coming into the hot little mouth, rather his frothy cum was splashing into a plastic container. After the first gush of the schoolboy's orgasm had finished, Sue began to milk more cum from him into the container by squeezing quite painfully along the length of his shaft.

Standing up and walking around the prone boy, the sexy oriental examined the captured jism. Sue read the volume off the graduated container.

"Not bad," she said, "but next time I think more weights on the balls might help."

The door opened and closed behind the young teenager his vulnerable buttocks greeting the new arrival.

"June!" exclaimed Sue. "You look good enough to eat!"

"Thanks, honey, you look pretty spunky too." Peter recognised the voice of his families next door neighbour, June Miles. How had she come to be mixed up in all this?

June walked past Peter, slapping him hard on the butt as she did so but otherwise totally ignoring him. She wore a daring lace teddy with just a string emerging from between her taught ass cheeks. Peter could feel his abused genitals throbbing at the splendid view he had of her boyish figure.

June stopped in front of Sue and began to pour sweet scented oil over the petit girl's tits. June used her hands to rub the oil into the firm breasts and continued to apply the same treatment to the dark haired girl's chest and back. Avoiding the leather G-sting that sat so attractively on the oriental girl's hips, she rubbed oil into the delightfully tight bum cheeks and continued down her legs until the smaller girl glowed wetly. Sue then returned the favour by pulling down Junes clingy lace teddy to expose the larger girl's tits. She rubbed the oil into the blond woman's upright breasts at the same time paying particular attention to her long pink nipples which she stretched causing June to gasp. Sue continued over the rest of the beautiful blonde's exposed body, loving the feeling of the firmness of her play mate.

The two, by now, topless young women turned to face Peter. Walking slowly June moved around behind Peter and using his hair as a handle, raised his head until his face pointed ceilingward. Sue stepped in front of him, light dancing off her jiggling glowing breasts, she smiled sweetly and then poured the container of the boy's sperm into the opening of the protrusion that extended down into his mouth. The schoolboy felt the salty substance trickle into his throat, he tried to gag but because his mouth was constricted by the gag he couldn't. He could do nothing but swallow his own jism down into his belly. His cheeks burned with embarrassment and humiliation.

Sue reached around behind the boy's head. "We're going to need your mouth boy! Ever heard of oral sex?"

June had moved around behind him and he felt the slap of the studded paddle as it stung his buttocks.

"But no funny business, kid," hissed June, "or you won't be able to sit down for a week!" She emphasised this by smashing the paddle into his backside again.

Both women moved around in front of him and Peter watched the beautiful swaying of their breasts with breathless anticipation.

"If we're going to use our little boy here in the way he deserves," grinned Sue, "we'd better finish our lube jobs."

Sue turned her back on the bound teenage boy and removed her leather G-string, slowly and slinkily, teasing the boy as best she could. June smiled as she noticed the continuing hardness of the boy's cock. She then applied plenty of the lubricant to Sue's firm bum cheeks, making sure that the crack between them became very slippery, darting one well lubricated finger up her friends asshole causing her to gasp. Sue turned as she worked her ass up and down on that playfully penetrating finger and smiled at Peter. Still smiling the dark haired nymph allowed June to turn her around at which point Peter got the biggest shock of his young life. Instead of seeing what he had seen in girly magazines, two pink lips poking out from a mass of pubes, he saw a cock, with two heavy balls swinging underneath. His mind was having a great deal of difficulty relating the jiggling boobs with the cock and balls.

June began to apply lubricant to Sue's genitals and the weapon at once started to throb and grow. It continued to grow under June's fondling hand until it stood erectly out from her body. The cock that jerked excitedly beneath those beautiful womanly breasts was at least as big as Peter's own.

Sue climbed up on top of the uncomfortably bound boy lying her small figure along his longer frame. Her added weight crushing his chest further against the horse. The delightful oriental slithered her well-oiled body along that of the tied schoolboy beneath, allowing to feel her soft boobs and rock like nipples against his broad back and the long hard cock against his bum. Sue was getting herself more and more turned on as she continued to rub herself against this young boy.

"Oh, I'm hot, hurry up June!" she cried. With that she grabbed Peter's hair and pulled his head back until she could kiss him fully on the mouth. She drove her tongue in to the stunned boy's yielding mouth.

While Sue enjoyed herself frenching the teenager June removed the rest of her flimsy clothing. When Sue finally let the teenagers head fall back into position, he watched in amazement as his next door neighbor lubricated her own cock, which was at least two inches longer than his own handsome weapon. How he had missed it under her flimsy clothing he couldn't understand.

June walked directly towards him, cock pointed straight at his mouth, balls swinging underneath, all shining with lubricant. Before Peter had time to realise what was happening the head of her penis was in his mouth and the beautiful woman had hold of his ears.

"Taste me darling!" she demanded. Peter was too turned on by the blatant sexuality that it never occurred to him to do anything with this mammoth organ other than what he had been told to. He closed his lips around the head and used his tongue to taste the sloping helmet.

"Oh he learns quickly," June sighed in pleasure. Sue slid herself along Peter's body and took June's left nipple between her lips, sucking and licking on the tight little bud. June stayed still for a number of minutes enjoying the double attention, especially as Peter was obviously turned on by her big dick and was getting bolder in the attention he was paying to her cock. The boy was applying a beautiful level of suction, while his tongue teased the underside of her throbbing tool.

Finally she pulled away, her fat cock making a popping sound as it left the young boy's sucking mouth.

"Sue come and try this, he's getting good at it," smiled June.

Sue jumped lithely down from her mount on Peter's back.

"I want to bang the little arse hole's face," she sneered bouncing into position in front of June.

June grabbed hold of the oriental girl's nipples and squeezed them hard.

"Oh yes!" gasped Sue.

"Bang his mouth," grinned June, "I'm sure he'll love it. Especially when you come in there!" The two women laughed causing their boobs and balls to jiggle.

Sue grabbed the boy's head, he looked from one to the other, uncertain with his newly found desires. June crashed the paddle against his well oiled buttocks, and then against the weights suspended from his young balls. Peter opened his mouth to cry out, but his mouth was instantly filled with Sue's hard cock. Although smaller than June's huge weapon their was no gentleness about this penetration. The cock head slid past his lips, over his tongue and collided with the back of his throat. The oriental girl's balls then crashed heavily into his chin. Before the boy had time to choke the fleshy intruder was on it's way out, then rushing back in again, even further this time, propelled by her hip thrusts against his immobile face.

Peter's nose was smothered in her pubic hair as Sue ground herself up against his face trying to push her cock further and further down the young boy's throat. He swallowed frantically taking as much of this invader as he could. Sue pulled out and then thrust in again her pace quickening as each time she tried to stab more of her throbbing organ down the young boy's throat. Hips now pumping cock into the boy's tortured mouth, her head was thrown back and her lips moved soundlessly. In and out the pumping continued, Peter somehow managed to breathe under the onslaught and swirl his tongue around the meaty shaft to lubricate it as it thrust into his throat. Peter's mind was in turmoil, he'd heard of head jobs, but had never expected to give one to a little Chinese honey with a dick like steel. But the whole experience of being forced to submit his body to the tools of these two gorgeous women was a complete turn on. The whole sexual charge made him unable to resist, and if truth be known he was thoroughly enjoying his rather unusual first sexual encounter.

"I'm going to come soon," Sue finally yelled, "make us hurt while I come!"

June obliged, producing two cat o'nine tails, one in each hand. She alternately thrashed Sue's pumping buttocks, which seemed to wait for the touch of the whip before ploughing her rock hard cock back into the boy's mouth, and the teenager's upward pointing cheeks, making sure that the whip also made contact with his asshole and balls. June loved the feeling of the boy being totally hers to abuse.

"Urghnh!" cried Sue as she slammed back one more time, holding Peter's reddened face tightly against her pubic bone. "Whip us!" she demanded again.

As she whipped the two unmercifully, June could see Peter frantically swallowing as Sue's hot cum boiled into the back of his throat. Spurt after spurt of the hot sticky stuff emptied from the cock of the dark haired girl, as she held his head hard against her groin, her erupting cock buried deep in the back of his throat. Peter's eyes were wide as he gulped desperately to prevent himself from drowning in the hot jism. June noticed with interest that throughout this his handsome organ still remained erect and a little glob of pre-come glistened on it's very tip. June smiled as she realised that the teenager was loving every minute of this.

Eventually June pulled her spent cock from Peter's abused mouth, Panting with effort and smiling with pleasure.

"He sure is a hot little cock slut," sighed Sue giving her limp dick a regretful look.

"You won't get that up again for a while," smiled June, "but don't worry, I'm sure that you and little Petey here will get it together again sometime soon. For now though there's lots more fun to come, so jiggle those pert little buttocks of yours down stairs and check that everything is ready."

Sue smiled knowingly, picked up her leather G-string and with limp cock and balls dangling between her smooth thighs she left.

"Oh Petey," June cooed as she bent down to kiss him full on the mouth. "You slut! You pervert!" Her tone changed drastically. She slapped him across the face and smiled inwardly as she noticed the little jerk it caused his dick to make. "Not only," she continued, "do you let little girls jam their big cocks down your throat, but you stare at me from the window of this very bedroom everytime I sunbathe. Never once did you wave to me or knock on my door. As you can see Petey, I have a very big penis, a huge throbbing cock, and it could have been all yours to play with. I was waiting for you Petey! I wanted you! I wanted your taught young body and now I'm going to get it!"

She slapped him across the face again, then moved behind him and hit the weights that dangled from his tightly stretched ball sack. The teenage boy cried out in pain, and as the weights still swung from the boy's testes June positioned the head of her large dick against the teen's tiny butt hole.

"No!" cried Peter, "you can't!"

June smacked him hard across his bare ass. "Don't you dare tell me what I can't do!" she cried. "You little slut!"

With her whole weight behind it June's cock head started to stretch apart the sphincter muscle, which guarded the entrance way to the boy's dark passage.

"Arrgh!" Screamed Peter as his tight virgin hole began to surrender under the unrelenting pressure from June's prick.

"What are you crying about, that's only the tip of my cock head!" Snarled June and pushed on further despite the increasing cries of the trapped boy.

The tiny, tightly gripping sphincter snapped closed behind the head of June's cock, reducing some of the tension of that monstrous head being forced through it. Peter moaned in relief.

"That was lovely," purred June as she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "Let's try it again."

She pulled hard and the head of her dick exploded out of the youth's squeezing butt hole. Peter gave a howl of pain, then moaned again as the tight sphincter was again stretched by the huge cock head into glorious agony. Finally it was again able to snap-shut over the huge organ. June smiling to herself just pulled the head of her engorged prick back out and forced it in again.

"This is delightful," cried June flicking the weights that hung from the boy's nuts. Her action was again greeted by an agonized cry. However June knew that the pain the schoolboy was feeling was less each time and disappeared more quickly.

June entered his arse once more this time continuing with the force provided by her hips. This allowed the rest of her long thick shaft to follow her bulbous blood swelled head. Peters guts turned to water as the giant cock bulldozed it's way into his virgin arse. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. Here he was chained by his wrists and ankles to a wooden bench so that he presented his arse-hole to the transsexual who had now driven over a third of her huge dick deep into his guts, by means of a greatly over-stretched and suffering sphincter.

June herself was feeling pretty good about the situation. The young boy's butt felt wonderfully warm and tight, after watching Sue bang his mouth with her cock, June really needed a good fuck.

June continued to stretch the teenager's insides with her cock pushing it slowly, slowly all the way into his rectum. She could feel his guts butterflying around her invading weapon. Finally she buried the last inch of her cock in the young boy's bottom. She wriggled around, getting as close to him as she could, allowing her own balls to bump deliciously into the boy's weight tortured sack. She listened to his cries of pain as the weights swung once more, and his moans of almost startled pleasure at the feel of the buggering organ in his guts. June's long fingers snacked forward and grabbed the tortured youth's tits, playing with his pulsatingly erect nipples.

"Are you still erect?" She asked but the only answer she received was a moan. Using all the strength of her fingers she crushed the boy's nipples. "Are you still erect?" She repeated.

"Yes, yes miss I am," he replied. "Good," she said, "make sure you maintain that erection or I'll have to add more weights to your balls. Now I'm going to fuck you boy and you're going to love it!"

The sexy transsexual pulled her cock out of him so that only the tip of it remained resting on the sphincter muscle. Then ignoring the teenage boy's cries she thrust her dick into him until their balls slapped together. The tight rectal tube grabbed her cock along it's entire length as she pulled out and ploughed back in again. Thrusting her cock as deep into the young boy's guts as it would go. Then out and in again, faster and faster. Her thrusts set up a momentum that started the weights under the boy's balls swinging to and fro'. Joan held on tightly to his tits as she pumped in and out of him. She bit his back with her teeth as the whole bench rocked with her gut churning thrusts. Peter's guts had been stretched and pumped to submission. His tight sphincter no longer resisted the she-males thrusting cock. The feeling of that warm organ turning him to water was starting to be pleasurable. The warmth of her body as she crushed herself against him was incredibly sexy but most of all the idea of being fucked up the arse by this beautiful woman was burning his brain up with desire. The boy began to moan as the large cock slid into his yielding butt. As it pushed all the way up to fill his rectum with hot flesh. June, by now very excited was starting to fuck the young boy's ass with increasing force and speed. Her balls hitting his was now a constant slap, slap, slap. She drove her teeth into his shoulder.

"Yes!" Cried Peter, totally overcome by this amazingly erotic experience. "Fuck me! Fuck my tight little arse! Fuck me as hard as you can! I'm a slut! I want only your delicious cum to fill my insides."

June fucked, hammering her enormous weapon into the boy's tight but accommodating young butt. Feeling his elastic passageways as they rubbed over her cock. Stretching as the head moved deeper and deeper into his insides. Peter was loving it trying to meet each of her thrusts with one of his own. Calling for her to bugger him. Enjoying being impaled by the cock of such a gorgeous woman.

June thrust deeply into him, causing the boy to grunt, burying herself even deeper into his bowels. Then as she stayed welded to him the young boy felt the first incredibly hot gush of her cum, as it splashed against his sensitive rectal lining. June squirmed against him, gushing into his insides. She moved one hand from a very tenderized nipple and wrapped it around his cock. She began to wank him as her own cum boiled deep in his body.

The contact with his penis was too much for Peter in his incredibly excited state and he came very quickly squirting his load of cum onto the bedroom floor. He then collapsed on to the restraining bench with the woman's cock still buried deep inside his guts, plugging the hole to prevent any leakage of her sticky jism. June too, collapsed on top of Peter rubbing her tits into his back and nuzzling his neck. Here she had found a wonderful lover to train.

* * * *

The flash from Sue's camera captured and broke up the passionate kiss between the bound young white teenager and the huge black man.

"I got the whole thing," enthused Sue, "that must be one of the best ass fucks I've ever shot!"

"Shot?" queried Charlene looking puzzled.

"Yeah," said Sue, "you'll appear in our next edition of "good and hard"."

"It's a monthly magazine," explained David standing up so that his magnificent cock dangled inches from the young girl's face. "Our readers will love someone as beautiful and innocent as you."

"Just imagine," smiled Sue, "you will be responsible for thousands of orgasms across the country. Men will be spraying their cum through the air because of what you do to them. Women will be forcing an extra finger into their overflowing pussies because they would have loved to have been you. Doesn't it make you feel great?"

Charlene considered. "Yeah, I guess it does," she grinned. Her introduction to sex may have been rough and brutal but in hindsight she had enjoyed every moment of it. The thought of men and women maturbating over her was indeed a wonderful one.

* * * *

Sarah Birdheart walked home smiling to herself. Her little trip into town had been quite a success. She had really had an effect on the young bank teller. His hand had been noticeably shaking as he filled out the forms. Sarah had really enjoyed the way he had begun to sweat when she had leant over the counter in her daringly low cut dress. Her soft fleshy mounds all but exposed. Then when she had heard the next customer trying to attract his attention as she walked away, she had grinned from ear to ear. There was nothing she liked better than teasing boys who were just becoming men, they had so much less control than their older counterparts. She even teased Adam's young friends by always ensuring that she was dressed in a tantalizing manner. Short shorts or skirts, low cut tops, no bras, see through blouses, dresses slit almost to her hip. These were the weapons that she used in her teasing game. She loved the longing stares that she received and the fact that the boys were totally unable to concentrate on anything else while she was in the room. Even her son Adam was not immune to her charms. She knew her body was in great condition but the reminders were nice to have. Sarah had also noticed that Charlene was starting to imitate her teasing. Not only amongst Adam's friends, when she would wear the most daring fashionable clothes she could find but also with her Father's friends. It wasn't fashionable clothing then however but school uniforms with hems of much greater altitude than ever could have been allowed in schools. White socks and white blouses that were too small so that her tits strained against them showing her taught girlish nipples. In a year or two, thought Sarah the two of them would make a great teasing team. She shuddered as she imagined the effect the two of them would have on the men in the shopping center. Her daydream was interrupted as she arrived at the front door to her house.

"Kids!" She called. There was no reply except for the sounds of laughter emanating from the lounge room. Sarah opened the lounge door and saw June Myles sitting on the couch with Adam and Charlene, drinking coffee. What on earth had possessed the kids to invite that tart into the house? Even more amazing was there state of dress. Both June and Charlene, who was sitting cross legged on the sofa, were wearing large, white, crispy men's shirts with no trousers or skirts covering their bare tanned legs. Adam wore a pair of bright pink bicycle shorts that illustrated every little bulge of his youthful crotch. A white singlet showed off his athletic body to good effect.

"June rose gracefully from the couch and moved towards Sarah. "Hello, Sarah," she said.

"Hi," scowled Sarah as she looked passed June to Adam and Charlene. "What's going on?" Her tone was confused and puzzled.

"Hi, mum," replied Adam, nonchalantly.

"We've just invited a few friends around," smiled Charlene.

"Friends?" asked Sarah.

"Yes. June, David and Sue," Charlene indicated behind her mother.

Sarah wheeled round and was startled to see a massively muscled Negro dark skinned man sitting comfortably on her armchair. He was dressed in the same manner as Adam and protruding a far greater distance down his leg she could vividly see the shape of his cock. Behind the armchair stood an oriental girl dressed in leather boots, miniskirt and jacket. Sue was running her tongue over her lips suggestively.

"What is going on here?!" Sarah asked again only more stridently. "Chill out, mum!" said Adam, "Like Charlene said, just some friends."

The tables had turned rather rapidly on Sarah and she was starting to feel worried. Something was definitely not right here.

"I'm going to call your father," she said turning towards the door only to find that June now stood between her and that lifeline to safety.

"That wouldn't be a good idea, Sarah," smiled June. "We want this to be a big surprise for dear Gary."

Sarah lifted her arm to push past the brazen woman but June moved quickly and had Sarah's arm pinned painfully behind her back.

"Owww!" screamed Sarah. "Adam, Charlene do something!"

Adam and Charlene just continued to sit, although now with added interest as their mother struggled and squealed with pain under June's firm grip. Without seeming to exert any extra effort June twisted Sarah's other arm behind her back.

"Aieoww!" squealed Sarah in pain. Sue laughed.

"Charlene!" Called June. "Your mother just will not behave!"

Charlene unfolded her long shapely legs from under her white draped body and moved quickly in front of her struggling parent. Smack! Charlene slapped her mother hard across the face. Slap! She repeated the action. Tears sprang to Sarah's eyes as she stared down at Charlene.

"Behave yourself, bitch!" Shouted Charlene causing her mother to shriek in terror. Charlene placed her hand between the mounds of Sarah's breasts. She lowered her hand further and then pulled hard to rip off several buttons. After several more attempts the young girl had the woman's dress open to the floor. Leaving her mother's large tits clad only in a flimsy bra and a wispy pair of panties covered her furry mound.

Finally the stunned Sarah let out another cry.

"I'm tired of this," grumbled June, " Sue!"

Sue brought forth another of her leather devices. This time a large ball attached to a strap. The ball she forcefully thrust into Sarah's mouth and

the strap encircled her head to fasten at the other side. David had meanwhile brought in one of the wooden horses that had been used to imprison Charlene and Adam earlier. With the gag firmly in place Sarah's eyes danced about in panic, from the laughing Sue to David and the chains he was now attaching to the wooden horse; to her daughter standing smiling wickedly at her. The wooden bench was wedged up against her rounded bum cheeks and before she had time to think Sarah's ankles were clamped to the feet of the bench. June released the woman's arms but only into David's powerful hands and they were pulled further backwards forcing Sarah with them until she was lying along the bench. Her arms were then clamped to the legs of the bench. Frantically Sarah looked towards her son but saw only the growing bulge in his trousers. A sudden crack by her left ear made her try to scream but all sound was smothered by the gag wedged firmly in her mouth.

"Don't worry!" said Sue, "I'm an expert. I won't hurt you. Yet."

The whip then cracked between the older woman's mounds of tit flesh causing her bra to spring open.

"Whoo! Mum!" called Adam, "Nice tits!"

The next couple of cracks exploded just above Sarah's large nipples so that she felt the tickle of leather on them but no pain. The whip then moved lower tearing away the slight material of her panties and leaving her lying naked on a rough wooden bench fully exposed to her children and a group of strangers. She felt sick with shame.

"Oh yes said June as she strolled past running her finger along the older woman's naked body. "You have a lovely body, exquisite for a woman your age." June then moved up to Charlene and began to unbutton the teenagers shirt. When it was halfway undone she reached inside and fondled the girls pert breasts, squeezing the youngsters nipples between her fingers and making her moan with desire.

"Okay Charlene, you will have noticed that your mother is in need of a bit of discipline. I'd like you to give it to her," smiled June. "Oh yes I'd love to," moaned the girl. "How about using this?" asked Sue as she held out a cat of nine tails.

Charlene moved in a dream like state as she took hold of the whip. Her slender fingers gripped the large heavily veined phallus that was the handle. Charlene removed her shirt to reveal the tautness of her teenage body. She ran the whip up from her pussy lips and across her breasts, shuddering in pleasure as she did.

Sarah watched in horror as her beautiful naked daughter ran the cat over her tits and down between her legs, allowing the leather thongs to tickle her clearly pink clear lips. They glistened slightly as the touch of leather started to excite Charlene. All of a sudden Charlene's eyes were fixed solely on her mother, bound gagged and exposed before her. The teenager ran the obscene implement over her mother's body, tickling the whip across the older woman's slightly rounded stomach, over her large breasts, and over her firm thighs. Finally brushing against Sarah's full pussy and bushy hairs that surrounded it. Charlene smiled, let out a delighted sigh and then brought the cat down hard across her mother's stomach. Sarah's body convulsed against the pain that caused her skin to burn, but she was bound too tightly. The second blow in the same area had her chewing at her gag. Then her whole body was exploding with pain as her beautiful daughter used the cat to punish every inch of Sarah's exposed flesh. Slap across the great mound of her right tit causing her nipple to stand up in shock and turning the rest of the breast a glowing pink. Smack the cat wrapped itself around her right thigh. Slap, back onto her abused tummy. Crack, her left breast exploded with pain. Smack, crack, her right nipple was flayed twice in quick succession. Whack, slap, the smiling teenager alternated between her mother's left and right breast. Each tit was further sensitized by each blow. Sarah strained her body upwards against her bonds each time.

Sarah barely had time to think between the blows being delivered by her daughter. Pain flooded her entire body, each time the cat came down it hurt more than the last. Yet despite this Sarah found that she only had eyes for the young teenager inflicting the damage upon her. The beautiful youthful body held her attention completely. The young boobs that bounced so delightfully each time she swung the cat. The almost hairless mound between the trim taught thighs. The pouting pink pussy lips that cried out to be parted. In desperate clarity Sarah saw that she was being turned on. Turned on as her own daughter thrashed her. She could feel the delightful throb, throb from her clitoris that always indicated sexual excitement. Despite of or possibly because of the pain, Sarah had become really turned on.

Charlene changed her approach and moved the cat from Sarah's abused tits to flick it between her legs. The leather smacked against Sarah's thighs and then against the thick sensitive lips of her cunt. Sarah almost lifted the bench off the ground. The leather thongs danced painfully against Sarah's labia and against all reason her pussy lips parted, allowing her brutally whipping daughter access to even more sensitive regions. Splat the cat now made squelchy noises as it battered the woman's tender organ. With each stroke of the cat Sarah's clit became more and more erect exposing a greater part of itself.

"Mmph!" screamed Sarah as the thongs made complete contact with her hard little bud.

"Arrgh!" The muffled cry again as her teenage daughter smacked the whip against her clit again.

"Unngh!" Sarah's clit felt as though it was going to be ripped off as the whip bit deeply between her cunt lips slapping against the inside walls of her pussy. Still the desperately tormented woman could not take her eyes off her daughter's taut young body. Again and again Charlene swung the whip into Sarah's tender pussy. Sarah watched through a mist of lust and pain as Charlene reached between her own legs to play with her pussy as she beat her mother's love hole. One more stinging slap against her love bud and Sarah's mind was empty except for the pure pleasure of an orgasm that caused her to buck violently on the thin punishment bench. Although her mind was not full lucid as the whip pummeled into her orgasming hole, she was incredulous that she could orgasm under such circumstances. Finally the orgasm complete she collapsed limply against the bench. She opened her eyes as she felt the gag being removed from her mouth. A large black face smiled down at her, a smile of promise.

"Oh, mum!" cried Charlene joyfully. "Isn't it wonderful!" Before Sarah could protest Charlene placed her mouth firmly over her mother's in a passionate kiss.

Breaking away from the kiss, the young girl held the large penile handle of the whip up against her tight girlish pussy lips and attempted to push it in and upwards. The top tip of the domed head disappeared stretching the lips wide as it did so.

"Uhn!" Charlene grunted as she squirmed against the fearsome phallus, trying to force it inside her.

"Argh!" She cried as she pushed down with her hips and up with her arms and still she could not force the enormous weapon into her hole, despite her desperate wiggling and squirming.

"Oh, Sue! Help me!" She gasped through clenched teeth.

The little oriental ran to Charlene. With one hand she grasped the dildo and with the other she spread the teenager's delicate lips as she pushed. Slowly the gigantic leather penis Made it's way up inside Charlene's tiny love channel.

"Argh!" Screamed Charlene. "Yes, uh! It hurts so good! Oh harder Sue! Uh! I need more of it!"

The girl wiggled her cunt down on the big weapon twisting it into her until finally a full eight inches of the thick phallus were embedded within her vagina. The ends of the whip dangled between her legs like pubes. After a few deep breaths the young girl straightened up and threw her self on top of her bound mother in a passionate embrace. Sending her tongue deep into her mother's mouth as she rubbed her distended cunt against her mother's hairy one. The teenager rubbed her pert breasts on to her mother's big boobs as the kiss continued.

"Urgh!" Charlene threw her head back and came with the dildo in her pussy as she lay on top of her mother. The shuddering continued for a few moments as she rubbed her nipples against her mother's. Sarah was amazed that the nipple to nipple contact with her daughter could excite her so much. She was ready to come again.

* * * *

At a nod from June, David moved and easily lifted the spent Charlene off her mother's bound body. Throwing Charlene over one shoulder he ran his large black hand over Sarah's body causing her to shudder in uncontrolled lust.

"Well it looks like we've let loose something here," commented June.

"David, use Charlene to stimulate yourself for a while, but don't cum, we're going to need you when you're hard as a rock!"

Sue moved to David and pulled down the tight fitting bicycle pants to release his huge member. It was already half erect and quite an impressive sight. Sarah gasped, she had never thought a cock, a real one at least could possibly be that large. Her mind staggered at the thought of what it could do to a woman when fully erect. Swinging Charlene around David lowered her head to the level of his cock while keeping a firm hold on the young girls naked legs. Sue helped, reaching between David's powerful legs from behind she brought the head of the great black phallus into contact with Charlene's half open lips. The greedy teenager's lips sprang open at the contact and took the large head into her mouth. Her mouth had to stretch greatly to accommodate the large tool. Sarah watched as her daughters cheeks moved in and out as she sucked enthusiastically on the rapidly enlarging erection. She could see that the girl would have a great deal of difficulty fitting anymore into her mouth. Once again Sue had reached into her voluminous bag of tricks. This time she had pulled out something that looked like a piece of leather headwear. The small oriental slipped it over the back of Charlene's head. Three leather straps dangled from the harness, these she fastened around David's thighs and buttocks. Sarah realized what had been done. Her daughter's head was being held in an immobile position with regard to the huge cock she was sucking to an erection. No matter how much larger the tool grew it would not be able to expand anywhere other than down the teenager's throat. Surely Charlene must realize this and yet she was sucking just as hard as she had been. Causing the phallus to become further and further engorged with blood. The thought frightened Sarah, it also made her pussy become very wet.

Abruptly Sarah's view of her young daughter was blocked by June, and Sarah's son Adam.

"Your son has developed a taste for some of the... ah... unique pleasures that I can offer him," smiled June. "I feel though that I might have been a little rough on him last time and I thought that you could perhaps help me to get him a little more ready?"

Sarah noticed that her young son's hand had lifted the back of June's shirt and he appeared to be fondling her bottom.

"Of course," continued June, " you don't really have any choice in the matter." She held up a thin flexible cane in front of Sarah's face. "This hurts," she confided to Sarah and in a fast smooth action brought the cane down with a swish onto Sarah's right thigh.

Sarah screamed into her gag as she felt a welt raise in the area. At the same time she felt a heat spreading from her cunt. When her thoughts cleared again she found that she was staring at her son's groin and actually contemplating taking his member into her mouth.

June leaned over to stare into her face. "Remember that pain and do exactly as you are asked to do. Oh and by the way Adam will be getting you ready as well but I'll let you start on him."

The gag was removed from Sarah's mouth but she didn't make a sound. Her thoughts were totally wrapped up in the idea of performing oral sex on her son while he used his tongue on her clit and pussy. Her clit throbbed in anticipation.

Slowly in a teasing manner, June pulled down Adam's shorts to reveal a very healthy erection was already present. June reached around in front of Adam and encircled the teenager's cock in her hand. She pulled the throbbing organ down until it pointed towards Sarah's face. June slowly stroked her encircling fingers up and down the boy's cock. She pushed her self up behind the boy so that he could feel her growing erection pushing against his bum cheeks, she was rewarded by the feel of more rapid throbbing along Adam's cock. Sarah could only stare as her son's penis was stroked while pointed at her face.

SLAP! June brought her hand down hard on Adam's backside causing him to wince in pain and a drop of pre-come to form on the end of his penis.

"Okay enough of this," said June as she squeezed the teen's buttocks. "It's time to get you ready "little boy"."

With that Adam climbed up on to the bench on which his mother was tied. He knelt, knees either side of her chest facing towards her pubic mound. Sarah was beside her self and it was all excitement, she was going to be made to suck her son's cock! The juices flowed freely in her pussy as she thought of taking the teenager's manhood between her lips.

June placed her hands on Adam's waist and guided him backwards until his balls hung above his mother's chin. June then moved her head down next to Sarah's ear and whispered.

"Now what you are going to do is make sure that your little boy's asshole is lovely and wet and slippery."

Sarah gasped.

"You are going to use your tongue to do that," continued June. "You are going to moisten and penetrate your little boy's anus with your tongue. I'm sure you'll love every second of it."

"No!" cried Sarah.

"What!" snarled June. Smack the cane landed across Sarah's left thigh causing her to scream in agony. "You do not say no to me!" hissed June holding the cane high again.

"I'll do it, I'll do it!" cried Sarah as she fought back tears.

"Good." said June. "Okay, Adam."

Holding on to the boy's cheeks, June guided his arse until the opening was just above his mother's mouth. She spread the youngster's cheeks further apart causing his sphincter muscle to open slightly. "Tongue!" she snapped to Sarah. "I want to see it!"

Tentatively Sarah extended her tongue. June allowed the boy to lower his buttocks further until his opening asshole just touched the tip of his mother's tongue. Slowly at first, with June watching in great delight, Sarah circled her tongue on her son's rear opening. Tasting the bitter taste of his anus. As the opening became wetter Sarah's tongue began to penetrate deeper into her son's rectum. The taste, the forced nature, the whole idea of what she was doing began to excite Sarah and almost despite herself she found her tongue lapping at her son's ass with increasing eagerness. Adam moaned in pleasure above her as her tongue slipped in between the circular opening and into his back passage proper. Then he was sitting fully on her face as her tongue shot in and out of his arse, scraping the sides as it went in and out.

Charlene thought she was going to die. David's thick and incredibly long black cock was wedged deep inside her throat causing her to swallow as she sucked to prevent herself from gagging. She had no choice but to continue to suck and lick at the huge weapon.

"Enough!" called David. "Anymore and I'll blow!"

"Well we can't have that," smiled Suzy as she unbuckled the straps and pulled the teenager's still sucking mouth off the monstrous cock. "So you still want to suck do you?" Suzy lifted her shirt and pushed the girl's head under.

Charlene easily found the Oriental's semi-erect dick and rapidly sucked it into her mouth. Suzy collapsed on to the floor, Charlene following her, the girl's mouth firmly attached to the tool.

"I think we're ready," said June as she raised Adam's ass away from his mother's searching tongue. "You've lubed him up well and I'm too hot to wait any longer!" June began to unbutton her shirt revealing her large breasts, flat stomach and finally fully erect and throbbing cock. Sarah stared in amazement, how could such a thing be?

June beckoned to David.

"As you can see, your little girl has done an excellent job preparing David for having some fun with you. Now just to make sure it lasts long enough for you to enjoy it...." June slipped a cock ring over David's manhood and slid it right down to the root. There she pulled it tight enough to cause David to groan at the pressure. "Now extend your tongue, "mum"," commanded June.

Sarah couldn't disobey, this whole thing was just too much of an amazing turn on to think of going against the flow. Although a slight nag of worry filtered through her mind about just how she could accommodate the huge black prick.

June pushed the head of her penis against Sarah's tongue. Sarah automatically tried to suck it into her mouth. June however had other more lustful ideas. She straddled the older woman's head and reached out to pull Adam's ass towards her. The teenager moved willingly over his mother's body until his cock was dangling over his mother's mouth. His butt now also pressed against June's cock.

"Put me in!" demanded June.

Without hesitation Adam reached around behind and took a firm hold on his lover's cock. He guided the head of her weapon to his puckered arse and rubbed the delicate dome against his sensitive opening.

"Put me in!"

The teenager pushed his ass backwards at the same time holding firmly onto Junes shaft about half way down. His tight opening resisted for an instant and then swallowed the large cock head. David groaned with desire as his sphincter muscle stretched and popped over the fat phallus.

"Oh yes!" called June. "Can you see me, mummy?" she asked Sarah. "Can you see my fat cock in your little boy's tight asshole? Aaaahh!" June shunted her hips forward and drove her large dick into a little further into the boy's clinging anus.

Sarah watched in stunned amazement as her son's butt swallowed the transsexual's cock and his own cock twitched in response to the anal penetration. She could hear him moaning deep down in his throat. June began to rotate her hips stretching the tight opening up and down and slowly but steadily increasing the pressure through her hips to push more of her throbbing meat into the youngster's tight orifice.

"Yes!" David lifted his head from his mother's crotch.

"You slut!" snapped June and reached forward to push the teenager's head back in-between his mother's smooth ass cheeks. "Lick your slut mother's asshole! Drive your tongue deep into mummy's rectum, ream her ass good like the good little mummy's boy fuck toy that you are. Keep your tongue deep in her ass! Suck her good! Ooooh fuck! Yes!" June was slipping more and more of her dick deeper into the boy's butt. She moved her hand's from the teen's head and took a firm hold on his hips. With a final shove she rammed the last inches of her cock into the boy's fuck hole. "Now we're cooking!" June churned her cock far inside the youth's rectum, testing the sides for their elasticity. Finally and slowly, relishing the feeling, enjoying the tight squeezing, the gorgeous transsexual withdrew her cock nearly the full length so that only the head held the squeezing sphincter open. She stayed there teasing the boy as he tried to thrust his hips backwards on to her weapon. When she was good and ready she slammed herself forward until her hips slapped into his butt cheeks driving her cock meat into the depths of Adam's guts. Then she began to bugger the boy for real.

Adam tried to keep his body still as June plundered his bottom with her thick hard weapon. With each thrust he could feel his own dick getting firmer and firmer. He loved the feel of the sodomizing weapon inside his rectal passage. Pain mingled with pleasure and his sucking arse-hole became the center of his body. All that it felt spread through his body until he was just one fuck-hole being pummeled and loving it. He would love to just give himself up to the experience and submit to the churnings deep inside. But he had his instructions, June had told him to ream out his mother's delicious ass with his tongue. He grabbed hold of her milky white cheeks and pulled them as far apart as he could. Adam tickled the ring of muscle surrounding his mother's dark passageway with his tongue, lubricating the entrance way before his oral assault. Stiffening his tongue he thrust it against the sphincter muscle. It held firm, but the teenager didn't give in, instead he pushed harder and harder until he broke the resistance and drove his tongue into Sarah's virgin ass. He felt her muscles twitching and clenching against his tongue trying to push it out. He forced his tongue in deeper and deeper with short sharp thrusts overcoming the resistance. Sarah moaned and finally her butt-hole gave in allowing Adam full range to ream her out. He felt as if his tongue was an extension of June's sodomizing cock. With each thrust of the weapon buggering his bottom he thrust his tongue into his mum's ass. So that June was thrusting and Sarah was moaning and Adam was a sexual conduit between the two.

Sarah was out of control. Her son's balls and erect member bounced above her head just out of reach of her gasping tongue. It no longer mattered that at the same time a very large cock was thrusting in and out of the boy's arse or that his tongue, her son's tongue, was doing much the same to her own bottom. She was only aware of the sex, the feel, the sound, the smell of sex. She was an animal and she wanted to be fucked. She felt her legs being lifted up and being pulled wide apart her ass was already spread wide by her son as he tongue fucked her asshole. She was totally open and exposed. She didn't care, she wanted to be fucked, and it didn't matter that it was her own daughter holding one of her spread legs or that the oriental girl, now that she was naked was showing herself to be very different from other girls by her very impressive tool. It also didn't matter that David was now standing between her legs and that he was obviously going to fuck her with his impossibly large cock. She just wanted something, anything, no matter how big, in her cunt.

Adam lifted his head from his mother's butt and found himself facing David's enormous black weapon. David thrust his cock towards the teen's face. Adam opened his mouth without even stopping to think what he was doing, June's cock was deep in his ass causing him so much pleasure that he wanted to be used from the other end too. He was barely able to get the head passed his lips at first but June was thrusting harder now and pushed his face further onto the black dick. Adam used his tongue to swirl around the head quickly finding the sensitive area behind the black helmet and tickling his tongue along the ridge. He sucked and slavered all over the big cock as if he'd done it a million times before his desire overcoming his inexperience. Meanwhile he pushed his finger into his mother's anus causing her to thrash about and moan under him.

David pulled his massive member out of the youth's mouth, it shone and glistened with the boy's saliva. He moved in closer to Sarah's groin and slapped his huge phallus against the woman's pink pussy lips, droplets of her pussy juice splashed into the air as the thick black dick whacked down on to her sensitive lips. Sarah squirmed and tilted her hips trying desperately to draw David's cock into her sopping cunt. David had other plans. He smashed his weapon into the dripping cunt a couple of times before sliding it down into her ass crevice. Stopping his cock at the point where the large head rested against the woman's tiny puckered asshole.

It finally dawned on Sarah what might be happening here and she panicked and tried to sit up but was held firmly in place by the restraints, there was nothing she could do. The black man was going to try to push his huge dick into her tiny ass, she was sure she was going to die.

Charlene couldn't stand it any more, her mother was going to be buggered just as she had and she wanted to watch it up close. It also occurred to her how delicious her mother's cunt looked glistening with her juices. She placed her mother's extended leg into David's large hand admiring how easily he held the struggling woman. He held both her legs high and wide as his cock head rested against the tiny opening that he wanted to penetrate. Unfortunately he had no way to guide it in. Charlene could tell that Adam was not going to be much help he was too busy getting off on June's sodomizing dick. The teenage girl saw what needed to be done and slipped up onto the bench underneath her brother's writhing body. She lay along her mother's body her head on the woman's stomach close to her cunt. She could feel her brother's very erect cock and heavy balls as they at first brushed and then pushed against her soft ass cheeks. She ignored her brother and concentrated on her mother and David. She reached out and took a firm hold on David's slick club like organ just below the head. Charlene guided the man's cock head against her mother's writhing ass sliding it up and down the crevice until she felt it nestle firmly against the puckered ring of muscle.

David's cock was bursting against the cock ring and felt as though it was throbbing larger with each passing second. The teen's small hands on his member sensitized him almost beyond endurance.

Charlene looked up at the big black man and smiled in a lustful manner.

"Okay, big boy, push!" she ordered.

David thrust himself forward, pushing his large head hard against Sarah's resisting ass muscles. In normal events his big prick would have slipped away but The cock was held firmly against Sarah's asshole by Sarah's daughter as she drooled over the scene before her. Charlene held firm and David pushed harder and finally Sarah's arse-hole felt like it was aflame as the massive head squeezed into the tight butt-hole. Sarah screamed as her bottom was stretched beyond belief, the pain was horrible. Sarah screamed again but her scream was cut off as Charlene thrust her slimy cunt against her mother's mouth effectively gagging her. Once his cock head passed through the far stretched ring of muscle there was no stopping David. He had been tormented by Charlene's deep-throating of his tool and was desperate with the need to fuck, Sarah's tightness only drew his slick member in deeper. David continued to slide into Sarah's impaled butt, until his long length was buried completely within the woman's virgin ass, her pussy hairs tickled against his stomach.

Charlene had by now removed her hands from David's cock and watched with great satisfaction as her mother's ass was filled to bursting point by the giant member. Her own butt-hole twitched as she remembered her own recent buggering by the same dick. She watched as David's cock ripped it's way back out of the tight hole, Charlene thrust her pussy down harder on her mother's lips to smother any further screams. David tore back into Sarah's arse-hole thrusting hard until he was fully in. He pulled out again until only the head remained inside then thrust in again getting into a rhythm as he sodomized Sarah. Charlene dove her head into her mother's pussy filled with lust licking and chewing at her erect clit. Her tongue flicked against the hard bud as the black dick slid passed her nose disappearing again into her mother's bottom. Charlene's teeth crushed down on to the hard gristle of Sarah's clit and she pulled upwards and chewed then released the bud and licked furiously across the head of the clit. She could feel her mother writhing underneath her and then she felt the thrilling touch of her mother's tongue as it drove up between her pussy lips.

June slowed her thrusting in Adam's delicious ass as she enjoyed the scene around her. She slapped her hand down hard on the teenager's ass cheeks with a resounding slap. She repeated the act and then grabbed a handful of the youths bum in her hand and squeezed it. Her other hand reached between the youth's legs and encircled his balls pulling and twisting them away from his body causing him to cry out. Suzy soon put a stop to his vocalizing by taking a firm hold of the boy's ears and guiding her cock into his mouth. Adam sucked the transsexual's dick far back into his throat having to swallow around it. He sucked hard on the cock as Suzy withdrew and gobbled it eagerly back into his mouth as she thrust back in. He felt the lovely transsexual's balls slapping against his chin as she rutted into his mouth. June timed the twists she was giving his nuts to correspond to the thrusts of Suzy's cock so that the pain caused him to open his mouth widest as Suzy's cock thrust forward.

The pain in his balls only caused Adam's unattended cock to throb as it demanded attention. He pushed it down against his sister's soft bum cheeks letting June's thrusts into his butt drive him hard into the silky flesh. Charlene twisted under him until his engorged penis was sliding along the smoothness between her cheeks. Sarah could see her son's balls directly over her eyes but her attention was taken elsewhere, her mouth was busy eating her daughter's creamy snatch, her own clit was undergoing a treatment that was driving her nuts and there was a huge insistent hardness thrusting into her rectum almost knocking the breath out of her with each thrust. The pain from her tiny hole was still there but at the same time she was also delightfully aware of every inch of David's cock as it buried itself in her butt. She just felt incredibly full with each thrust and a distinct warm glow was emanating from the region of her guts. Quite against all that she would have called reason, Sarah wrapped her legs around the powerful black torso and urged him on with each thrust he made. She was being well and truly buggered and it felt wonderful.

June dove her hand between Sarah's mouth and Charlene's pussy and rammed it up inside the girl's soaking cunt. She lathered her hand up with Charlene's juices and then rubbed them onto Adam's unattended cock, rubbing him up and down as she thrust her cock in and out of his ass. She then guided the boy's tool once more between his sister's cheeks, along her crack and finally up against her anus. Charlene felt the head of her brother's cock slide against her rectal opening and tilted her hips to line her asshole up. The sight of David's massive erection pumping in and out of her mother's tiny butt had almost driven her mad with envy. She wanted another cock up her bum. Adam felt the soft puckered ring of his sister's ass against his sensitive knob, June thrust into his own bottom and Adam guided by June's firm hand plunged his own cock into the smooth warmth of his sister's rectum. Charlene came as she felt hard cock meat slide between her cheeks and into her bottom. Juices poured out of her snatch covering her mother's face as she squashed her cunt-lips hard against Sarah's teeth. Charlene used her teeth lips and tongue to tear into her mother's cunt as her orgasm exploded throughout her body.

June responded to the smell of pussy juices and began to rut into Adam's asshole thrusting harder and faster, pounding towards her own orgasm. Suzy reached down to David's cock and undid the ring. David's thrusts became faster, ploughing into Sarah's butt-hole, finally slamming into the farthest reaches of her rectum, cum exploding out ward soaking the tunnel walls deep within the woman's body. The feel of warm jism spaying so deeply inside her body coupled with her daughter's ferocious attack on her cunt pushed Sarah way over the edge. Her body convulsed and her teeth dug into Charlene's cunt lips as she came with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Suzy pulled her fleshy pole from Adam's mouth and used her hand to wank herself off, spraying white cum all over the teenager's face and hair. June gave a final powerful thrust into the youngster's arse, squashing him down onto his sister's shuddering body, and came shooting cum like she had no limit. Adam moved his hips a few more times while June ejaculated into his ass before finally driving his cock deep into his sister's convulsing ass canal for the last time and blowing his load far inside Charlene's rectum.

The six remained motionless for a short time cocks still deeply implanted in stretched assholes. June slapped her hand against Adam's bottom.

"Out you get," ordered June.

Adam reluctantly slid his dick out of his sister's slurping bottom. His feet reached the floor and he stood uncertainly feeling a few gobs of June's cum trickle out of his still open arse-hole and run down his thigh.

"Okay, little boy," smiled June, "go and be a good boy and clean up your mother's messy butt and David's prick."

The sound of demanding in June's voice brought an immediate response in Adam's cock and it started to stiffen. June smiled, this boy was going to be a lot of fun. She watched as the teen obediently walked over to David and slowly and gently pulled the darkman's softening cock from his mother's bottom. He applied his tongue to the messy tool cleaning off the black weapon until it was glistening with his saliva and already more than half erect from the boy's mouth. Adam then turned his attention to his mother's ass, scooping up the cum with his tongue as it dribbled out between her cheeks and driving his tongue inside the loosened sphincter to gather the cum inside.

June slapped Charlene's butt and then helped her to rise off her mother. Standing behind the teenager June pulled the girl's body firmly against her own. Her hand's reached up to the girl's breasts feeling their firmness and rolling Charlene's nipples between her fingers. June's prick began to stiffen again as Charlene pushed her smooth, taut bottom back into June's groin. Suzy moved around in front of the girl and pressed her breasts against the taller girl's firm body. Suzy's hands worked downward tickling Charlene's pussy lips and then pushing into the teen's cunt feeling the moistness envelope her fingers.

"I want you to clean your brother's ass with your tongue, I'd hate to see my spunk go to waste," June whispered into Charlene's ear.

Charlene nodded in agreement as her eyes focused on the tight butt of her brother. Suzy positioned herself underneath the teen as she lowered her self to crouch behind her brother.

"Your going to ride my cock, little girl," said Suzy as she smiled up at Charlene.

Charlene lowered her pussy lips until they swallowed the mushroom head of Suzy's throbbing prick. Suzy grabbed the teen's hips and pulled her down hard. Charlene gasped with surprise and pleasure as Suzy's dick shot into her snatch.

"Lick that butt," commanded June as she thrust Charlene forwards so that the young girl was on all fours.

Charlene buried her head in between the cheeks of her brother's ass and began to gobble up the jism as it seeped out. The teen's tongue darted into her brother's fuckhole as she tongue fucked him. She took hold of his now erect prick and began to wank him off as she tongue fucked his ass.

David moved over to look into Sarah's dazed but happy face. He untied her restraints and helped her to sit up. She got off the bench and positioned her self on all fours in front of her son who continued to ream out her ass with his tongue. David stood in front of the woman and placed his firming cock against her lips. Sarah opened her mouth and began to caress the black weapon with her tongue.

Charlene bounced up and down on Suzy's prick causing her tits to beat a counter time. June was impressed by the way the girl kept her tongue buried in Adam's ass at the same time. What a hot family this is she thought as she knelt down behind the teenage girl and thrust her erect cock into Charlene's ass.

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