Cindy - The Kiddy Whore

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Published: 12-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Cindy lay down, pinned to the bed by her Granddad. She was more than use to it, having been abused since being six. She'd lost count of the number of times big loads of sticky cum had been poured into here willing holes or all over here pretty face. Her whole family, Dad, Mom, Granddad, Grandma, brothers, sisters as well as many other family friends, had regularly fucked, sucked, cum or pissed on her for a long time now and the more they did it, the more she got to like it, so much so, that now at the age of 10 years old she was a complete fucking dirty kiddy slut, who craved cocks, cunt and cum all the time.

Nothing was considered to perverted for the her. From being fucked by dogs and drinking their cum, or wanking off horses until she was one big sticky cum bath, to being gang banged by dozens of men in every hole possible, she'd do it because more than anything she wanted to.

By the age of ten, Cindy had taken more loads of cum than a prostitute would probably take in her whole career. She'd become hooked on the stuff and at the soonest opportunity, she would suck her Dad or Granddad off, jacking their cocks skilfully into here open mouth and all over her face. Both men realised they could not keep her happy on their own, so numerous pedophile friends were invited over on regular occasions to keep the flow of goo coming.

On one occasion, when she was nine, Dave invited over twelve friends to help out with Cindy's craving. Jack also played his part in bringing along an old woman friend of his who just adored seeing little girls being sprayed in hot cum and then helping clean her up by licking it all off. All the men were made to line up and Cindy was told to get them all hard by sucking their cocks, even though some didn't need any help at all. Once hard they all encircled her and began fisting their hot cock meat into here waiting open mouth. Squelching sounds could be heard all around as precum flowed copiously over many of the men's large cocks. Jack's lady friend could not contain herself and was now lay back on the couch, legs splayed wide apart, with her big wet hairy pussy on display, openly finger fucking four fingers into her hot sticky cunt.

"Come on boys, cover the little whore in fuck juice. Make her beg for it. She can't wait to suck your cum straight out of those big balls. Look at her, she's got her tongue out waiting to be coated in hot thick cum and that pretty face is just asking to be covered."

"Is that right" Jack asked Cindy.

"Do you want all these men to wank off into your mouth and cover you in their hot cum?"

The men's pace quickened as the nasty talk encouraged them to jack their cocks off even faster. Some began rubbing their dicks all over Cindy's face, leaving strands of precum all over her lips and cheeks.

"Come on Cindy, ask the kind men for their hot cum" Dave interjected.

"Please give me your cum. Please give me your cum. Please give me your cum" the child repeated while kneeling in front of all those big cocks.

"That's it lads, wank your hot meat into my dirty whore cunt, cover her in fresh cum. I'm going to make your little slut daughter suck it all out after and then maybe piss on her for good measure. Would you like that?"

Both Jack and Dave knodded in agreement, as Vera dug two fingers from either hand into her sloppy cunt and stretched it obscenely open.

Meanwhile, Dave's friends were all getting ready to blow their nuts on nine year old Cindy. The circle had now gotten much smaller and all twelve cocks were pointing directly in Cindy's direction. Fists could be seen jacking faster and faster up and down their hot fuck meat, precum coating many of them from the excitement the scene was obviously creating. Shiny red pulsing helmets, ready to spew forth their loads of hot thick bubbling cum onto this young slutty kid, stood to attention, most already coated in a generous helping of sticky fluid. Squelch, squelch, squelch, was all that could be heard along with rasps of heavy breathing as the men's orgasms approached. The air was filled with the smell of sex, hot cock meat and one very dilated wet cunt and asshole.

Vera raised the atmosphere by shouting even more lewd nasty comments.

"Come on lads, she's one little fucking slut craving hot cum from those nice big cocks in front of her. I bet she'd suck dog cock if we her asked to. Wouldn't that look nice, a pretty little nine year old beneath the belly of a big dog, with its hot slimy cock jammed down her throat, trying to milk his balls into here mouth. Hot salty dog cum pouring all over her lips and dropping down onto her tiny anus. Oh what the fuck, why don't we just get her to wank off a horse cock right into her mouth. Or even better still, lets get her mom to do it. One big hot horse cock, being jacked off by her perverted mom, while little Cindy kneels patiently waiting for his sticky cum. Fuck, she'd look so fucking sexy with all that cum on her."

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna fucking cum all over that pretty face" shouted one of the men, Vera's nasty talk seeming to have done the trick.

The man grabbed the back of Cindy's head and thrust his cock into her mouth and down her throat in one motion, causing his sperm bloated balls to slap against her chin. Then he pulled his hot sticky cock out onto her bottom lip, wanking furiously into here open mouth.

"Come on you dirty slut, run your tongue around my cock head, get it real wet."

Cindy complied with here instructions and no sooner had she started the man let forth a huge spurt of gooey cum which landed directly onto her waiting tongue. The cock in front of her pulsed again and another spurt shot through the air and landed on her nose, dripping down into her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot thick cum from the man's excited cock landed all over Cindy's face and tongue, covering her pretty features.

Another man quickly took his place and let rip a huge load of creamy cum, which shot straight in the preteen's mouth, coating here teeth and tongue. Quickly, a big pool of bubbling cum had formed in Cindy's mouth and she had to breath through her nose. The man shot more cum directly into her open mouth adding to the pool of semen. Soon, cum was overflowing her mouth and spilled down her chin and onto her flat chest and hairless little cunt.

More cocks came closer and her hands were taken from her lap and placed onto two wet fuck sticks, while three more dicks were being jacked off into her tiny face. Cindy became a little scared because of the number of cocks, but began to fist her little hands up and down the hot fuck meat offered to her, hot gooey precum coating her fingers in the process.

One jerking man yelled, "her mouth is full, get her a glass to spit the cum into, we don't want her to waste any."

A different man took the initiative and brought little Cindy a glass in which she spit the mouthful of hot cum into. Another man took the glass and set it aside, while the guy directly front of her grabbed the back of the child's head and rammed his cock deep down the little girl's throat, but instead of pulling out he held the girl's head onto his crotch, her nose resting in his pubic hair. Then the man, happy with the tightness of her gullet began fucking in and out of the fourth grader's throat. Wet slapping sounds emanated from the man's full balls as they banged against the kid's sticky chin, covering the man's sack with the hot cum on her chin. After a minute of slamming his cock down Cindy's throat, the man pulled his cock all the way out and squirt a large load of cum right into the nine year old's mouth, covering her tongue. Cindy kept her little mouth open and the man soon flooded her face with cum, then satisfied he moved away. One of the remaining men scooped up a big dollop of cum dangling from her chin and lubed it over his cock head. He pulled his foreskin right back with one hand and began to jack his red pulsing helmet with his other into Cindy's face. The cum on his bell end made his helmet all shiny and slick. Thick white bubbles began to appear each time he fisted his hand over the end of his cock.

"I'm gonna fucking drown your slutty face in my fuck juice, get ready, its coming any second now".

Cindy had her head tilted back, and a man forced her mouth open as wide as it could go. Some of the cum already deposited slipped down her throat into her belly, warming her insides and making her young pussy moisten. She quickened her pace of fisting the wet fuck meat in both hands, signaling to the other men in front of her to do the same. The other cock being jacked off into her mouth was now placed along side the cum covered helmet. Both lay at the bottom of her lip, strands of cum hung from the cocks as they were fisted faster and faster into her sticky kiddy whore mouth.

Vera, Jack and Dave looked on in perverted passion, waiting for the cocks to explode into and over Cindy. The men couldn't last any longer and in unison, the four wet cocks spewed forth what seemed gallons of hot cum onto the preteen. With her head held in place and her mouth forced open, the two cocks in her hands spurted hot semen that covered both cheeks and the side of her neck, as well as coating her fingers in fuck juice. They continued shooting onto her forehead for a few more seconds, by now her face was completely covered with warm semen. While those two cocks blew, the cocks that had been placed at the bottom of the little girl's lip spewed load after load of cum into her open mouth, covering her tongue and filling her mouth, the semen repeatedly spurted from the cocks and covered the fourth grader's nose and chin and even landed in her hair. One man's cock shot a load up the young girl's nose, as she tried to turn away the man's grip on her head tightened and she was held in place, the sperm dripping from her nostril to her open mouth. Wet squelching noises continued as each man fisted their cocks continuing to squirt white semen into the nine year old's open mouth. The men dripped their last clumps of cummy loads onto Cindy then began rubbing their sticky remains all over her face and forehead.

Cindy kneeled there, covered in hot thick cum. There wasn't any part of her face that had escaped the torrent of fuck juice. Large clumpy strands dripped from her gaping lips and chin, cum clung from her eyebrows and nose. She opened her mouth to show the massive pool of cum that covered her tongue, teeth and gums. This was one slutty kid who knew no bounds to her perversion and to top it all she was only nine years old.

The seven men who had blown their loads took a well deserved rest while the five left stood slowly still jacking their big hot cocks.

"Fucking A1" shouted Dave, rubbing his thick helmet up and down Vera's dripping fuck hole while Jack happily fucked three of his fingers in and out of her hot wet asshole.

"You've got one whore of a kid Dave, I'm so fucking hot from watching that I want to do something even more perverted" said Vera.

"You name it, she'll do it" Dave said.

"Well lets see, seven more loads to go, I think we're gonna need more cum for this hot kiddy slut. I want to see every hole covered in hot thick cum. Cum dripping out of her asshole and her preteen cunt. Think you can manage it lads?".

Vera certainly knew how to get the men fucking horny, the seven who had already blown their loads now sported throbbing hard ons again just from hearing the old nasty bitches perverted talk.

"Sounds great by me. I'll have to call over some more friends if you want to see her totally gooed over, how does twenty more sound?."

"Get them over here fucking now, my cunts flowing so much from all this talk I'm gonna soak your couch."

"I think I'll call Larry" said Jack.

"If you want loads of cum, Larry runs a farm and can bring along some of his animal friends if you want".

Both Dave and Jack broke off from wanking into Vera's hot cunt and started phoning round their other pedophile friends.

In fifteen minutes, twenty one more men had turned up, including Larry and his animal friends, which consisted of two big Irish Wolf hounds and a large pony. There were now thirty-five men standing around naked all fisting big hot hard ons, ready to invade every one of Cindy's holes with their thick hot cum, not to mention three animals who could spew large loads of cum into the willing nine year old as well.

Just at that moment 12 and 13 year old, Jane and Emily entered the room.

"Wow, what the fucks going on here" exclaimed Jane.

"Great, you're just in time to see this little slutty kid get the biggest coating of cum ever" said Dave.

Emily was licking her lips, busily looking round the room at all the hard cocks that were being slowly jacked off, obviously their attention being little cum covered Cindy who's cheeks still bulged with a mouthful of hot cum. Emily's cunt immediately gushed hot juice, soaking the front of her knickers.

"Fucking count me in" quipped Emily.

Both girls stripped and joined the other men, who were now gathered around Cindy. Jane and Emily quickly made themselves useful by moving around the horny men and sucking their sticky fuck meat to greater heights of pleasure.

The situation needed somebody to take control, so Dave took the lead.

"Right then, I think we'll first take care of that fresh goo Cindy still has in her mouth. Honey, open your mouth and show everyone how much cum you still have in your mouth."

With that, little nine year old Cindy opened her mouth and circled the room so that everyone could see that her mouth was completely filled with their thick, sour semen.

"Okay sweetie, now swallow it."

After hearing the words Cindy closed her mouth and with as big a gulp as she could manage swallowed the sour cum. But there was so much cum in her mouth that she couldn't swallow all the hot cum with the first gulp, and had to take another gulp to swallow the last of the semen down her throat.

Then a man grabbed the glass full of cum, held it to Cindy's face and scooped the cum remaining on her face into glass, filling it almost completely.

"Okay slut, now swallow this down too." He held the glass full of cum to the little girl who grabbed it but hesitated;

"I don't know, this is too much," she said worriedly holding the glass.

"Listen you little kiddy slut, you'll drink down all this cum, or else."

"But it gets stuck in my throat."

The man replied, "drink it now."

Feeling a little scared Cindy put her lips to the rim of the glass. Then the nine year old took a deep breath and began drinking down the sticky cum from the glass. It took nearly a minute as the little slut swallowed and paused, swallowed and paused, the thick cum momentarily getting stuck in her throat. And finally after a dozen gulps, the preteen had swallowed down the full glass of semen. When she was through, the kid had a sour taste in her mouth, but was proud of her accomplishment; she had several cups of spunk in her belly and smiled to show her appreciation.

Next they decided to subject the little girl to some animal fun, and moved the pony over next to Cindy.

"Lets see her wank off some animal cock."

Larry positioned the pony by the side of Cindy, who immediately got down on her knees to gain access to the large pony cock. In no time at all, Cindy's rubbing had produced a cock of over one foot long from beneath the pony.

"Okay slut, jack it off, nice and slow."

Cindy did what she was told. She took hold of the animal cock and using both little hands she began to jack the big cock off, taking time to run her tongue around the piss hole which had already started to leak lots of pre-cum. She opened her mouth wide and tried to shove the pony's cock in her mouth, but it was too big, and her mouth too small. One man saw what the little slut was trying to and went over to help her. He kneeled and then reached up with both hands to cup the back of her head and shove her face onto the horse's cock. After opening her mouth more, the man pushed on her head and forcefully shoved the little girl's mouth over the huge horse cock. The head of the cock filled the little slut's mouth and she tried to stop moving forward, but the man kept pressure on her head, forcing the cock head to the very back of the nine year olds mouth. The man gave two more shoves, trying to ram the cock head down the preteen's throat, but the cock wouldn't go any further, so he released his grip on Cindy's head, who quickly pulled the cock from her sore mouth, coughing after it was out.

Everybody in the room was spellbound by the little slut's action. Thirty five cocks pulsated even more, hot fuck juice bubbling in their sacks and three wet fuck holes, gushed even more sticky cunt goo.

"Jane and Emily, start sucking the dogs off. Just suck them enough until their ready to blow but no more."

Jane and Emily quickly took their positions, and greedily filled their mouths with hot slimy dog cock. The men continued to fist their cocks, quickening their pace as they watched tiny Cindy jack off the pony.

"I want to see that pony cock spew all over her little opened asshole" piped up Vera, her fingers a blur as she wanked off her big wet clit.

Vera grabbed a large dildo, laid it on the floor beside her and took up position on her knees, behind Cindy and made her bend over. Pulling her ass cheeks apart and exposing her tiny asshole, Vera spat into the nine year old's puckered anus and began to work two fingers in and out, while Cindy continued to jack off the pony, who started to grind its back legs into the carpet. Then Vera removed her fingers from the kiddy slut and grabbed the eight inch rubber dildo she had beside her and pressed it into the preteen's closing anus, pushing the head into the retracting hole. Cindy gasped at the feel of the dildo as Vera slowly pushed the full length of the dildo up the fourth grader's asshole. She let the dildo rest in the child's anus, allowing the muscles to relax.

"OK you kiddy whore, your going to get a nice hot come bath all over your pretty anus. Spread those ass cheeks and keep that dildo in you until I tell you to take it out."

Vera moved to the animal and quickened her jacking of the pony cock with both hands.

"Shit, I need more lube on this monster cock, you, come here help us out. Spurt your cum into Cindy's mouth, so she can spit it onto the horsey's cock."

The man Vera had directed instructions to, knelt by the side of Cindy's head, began to fist his cock faster and faster pointing it directly at the little slut's mouth.

"Yeah, that's it. Shoot your load into her mouth. I wanna lube up the horse so he can spew his hot sticky goo all over this little girl's ass hole".

Tiny Cindy was still bent over, with the dildo still buried in her tight butt hole, her face inches from the jerking man. Panting heavily, the man let loose a huge arc of thick creamy white goo which landed on the girl's forehead. Not wanting to waste more, he placed his cock head right into her mouth and unloaded the rest of his sticky cum inside her.

Cindy milked the cum from the man's cock, then leaned over to the horse's cock where she spat the load out onto the oversized cock. Then little Cindy resumed her knelt position with her butt facing the cock. Happy with the new lube, Vera pumped the horse's cock till it started twitching;

"Pull that dildo out of your asshole and hold your ass cheeks open you little slut. Stretch it real wide".

Cindy bent over further and reached between her thin little legs to grasp the end of the eight inch dildo buried in her preteen anus. With one motion she quickly pulled the dildo out of her asshole and let it fall to the floor, leaving her anus gaping wide open.

The enormous animal cock twitched harder and Vera yelled at the kiddy slut, "Pull those ass cheeks open wider you kiddy whore, get ready for hot sticky horsey cum to shoot up your asshole."

The nine-year old heard Vera's warning and pulled her ass cheeks even wider apart, just in time as the pony shot a massive continuous spew of hot thick animal cum into the child's gaping anus. Vera kept jacking the pony cock, not letting up her pace. Jet after jet of hot cum spurt into Cindy's opened ass hole. Animal cum shot everywhere covering the child's anus and butt. Then Cindy's grip on her butt cheeks slipped and her shrinking anus was covered in the cleft of her ass cheeks. Vera countered this by moving the horse cock right up to the kid's butt and shoved it between her cheeks till the spurting head of the cock was pressed right up against the child's anus. The horsey cock then unloaded a huge load of semen which shot right up the preteen's asshole, making her gasp at the warm gooey feeling deep in her bowels.

Vera kept the horsey cock pressed between Cindy's butt cheeks and firmly against the kiddy sluts asshole, allowing more thick cum to coat the child's anal tube. After a few more squirts Vera loosened her grip on the cock and let it rest on Cindy's right butt cheek where it continued to leak cum onto the child. The hot cum dripped from the kid's butt hole down to her young preteen pussy, completely coating her fuck holes. Thick strands of goo began to hang from her cunt, which Vera was quick to scoop up with her hand and rub all over Cindy's butt.

As the pony's orgasm came to an end, both Jane and Emily had moved over to where Cindy was crouched, wanking off a big dog cock each.

"Come on Cindy, come and get some hot doggy cum."

Larry led the pony out of the way of the perverted three girls who had now lay Cindy on her back and were busily fisting the slimy dog cocks into the little girl's face. Cum oozed from the kiddy slut's asshole as it tensed and closed.

"Nasty fucking slut, you want more hot thick cum don't you." Jane said as she moved her beasty friend closer to the kiddy slut's face. The dog began to pant heavily signaling his pending orgasm. Jane fisted the hot dog meat faster and faster, pre-cum helping to lube the animal's shaft.

"Come on baby, open up for Fido, he wants you to taste his nasty fuck juice".

Cindy was tired but hunched her head closer to the wet meat the girl was wanking in her direction and managed to run her tongue over the dogs sticky piss hole. The men jacked off their hard cocks faster and faster, all massively turned on by little Cindy's act.

Then it happened. The slimy dog cock spewed its sticky white load straight into the kiddy whores mouth. Jet after jet of hot animal semen splattered the tiny sluts mouth and face as Jane pervertedly rubbed the wet fuck stick all over the girl's pretty face.

"Come on you slut, suck up all of Fido's cum, drain his big hot balls into that whore mouth of yours."

By now, little Cindy was completely drenched in pony and dog cum. Her whole face was one big thick creamy cum coated mess. Clumps of salty dog juice dripped down onto her tiny chest and belly, adding to the pony fuck which covered her hairless little slit. Her tongue shone with the wetness of the cum deposited by the dog, and there was still more to come. Thirty five loads of human cum and one more dog spew.

"Bend her over doggy style, I want my doggy to fuck her up the ass" said Emily.

Both Vera and Jane got Cindy onto all fours and using the pony semen already filling and coating her ass, fucked a finger each in and out of her asshole. Then quickly shoved the eight inch dildo all the way into the child's anus, causing some of the horse cum to squirt out.

Cindy whined, "Owie, that hurts."

One man replied, "You better get used to it kiddy slut."

"Just like cutting through butter" laughed Emily, feeding some cum to Jane who greedily sucked down the offerings held in front of her.

When Cindy's asshole was sufficiently stretched to accommodate the dog meat, they pulled out the dildo and Emily got the dog to mount her from behind and put the large cock up against the fourth grader's gaping butt hole. The dog lunged forward and slammed his canine cock into the kiddy slut's sloppy ass hole. Immediately, the dog began humping furiously into Cindy's now loose asshole, burying it completely, his balls slapping against the child's wet pussy lips. Slamming in and out of her anus, the dog's cock made lewd sucking sounds as his shaft smashed in and out, sticky horse cum aiding the process. It was obvious from his urgency, that Emily has gotten him very close to blowing his load already, so it was only a matter of time until he was going to fill the young sluts bowels with even more hot animal semen.

Vera had scooted round to the front of Cindy, her obscenely open wet cunt only inches from the little slut's face.

"Right you two, wank those two big cocks right into my dirty pussy and fill it with hot cum for our little slut to drink up."

The men began to fist their meat over Vera's fuck hole, occasionally dipping their heads into the drippy snatch and then pushing their cocks into Cindy's mouth, making her suck the messy contents clean off. Meanwhile, Jane had maneuvered herself under Cindy's tiny cunt and was happily licking up the cum that was dripping off. It was a sight to be seen, five adults and one dog openly abusing this kiddy whore, who was enjoying every moment.

The two men either side of Vera quickened their pace aimed their sticky cocks at her open cunt. Their hands were a blur, as they fisted their cocks faster and faster into the inviting snatch that lay before them.

"Come you fuckers, drown my cunt in cum. Shoot your hot fuck all over it."

Vera was now pulling her cunt wide open and had got Cindy tonguing her sticky bung hole. Her whole tongue was shoved right into the old bitches asshole, sucking out the hot animal cum that lay there.

"Fuckhere it comes, gonna shoot it all over your dirty cunt you bitch" grunted the man to Vera's left.

Cum shot from his tip and landed in big thick clumps all over her piss flaps and large wet clit. More goo spewed forth and disappeared into Vera's stretched open cunt. This set the other man off and he too added his load to his friends efforts, covering Vera's snatch in thick hot fuck.

As their orgasms ended and the last few drops of cum were wiped onto the old bitches cunt, Vera ordered Cindy to suck all the scum off her freshly cum covered pussy.

"Oh fuck, yeah, dig your tongue real deep and suck it all out. Don't leave a drop behind you dirty fucking cum sucking kiddy slut."

Cindy did as she was told and cleaned Vera's pussy with vigour, making sure not to leave a trace of any sticky fuck juice. As she ended her task, she felt the dog hump real hard into asshole, pushing tiny Cindy's torso into the floor. Loud slaps sounded as the dog pounded into the kid's asshole. The dog had no restraint and for several minutes continued slamming the full length of his cock into the kiddy slut.

Nine year old Cindy yelped with every thrust, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow... "

And then with the dog still humping away, the preteen felt the dog's warm cum seep into her young bowels, spurt after spurt filling her up. The dog continued pounding his cock into the little girl while spurting his semen; then Cindy's anus filled with doggy cum and it overflowed down her fuck hole into young Jane's waiting mouth that still lay under her tiny snatch.

The men by now were all near bursting point, their cocks pulsing madly, large blue veins clearly visible as they jacked their precum coated cocks. The dog deposited the last of his cum up the child's asshole, then jumped off of her, pulling his cock out allowing a stream of cum to squirt out and into Jane's waiting mouth. 12 year old Jane swallowed the cum and moved away so Cindy could be put on her knees. Then one by one the men positioned themselves all around the crouched kiddy whore and wanked their hot meat lewdly in her direction. The air filled with the musky smell of semen and loud squelching sounds could be heard as sticky wet helmets were fisted faster and faster, all nearing the inevitable cum bath that awaited little Cindy.

Jane, Emily and Vera helped out by jacking off the cocks that surrounded Cindy's head, spitting on the already slick covered shafts, adding to the present lube of precum. Heavy panting emanated from the men as their orgasms approached. Cindy was lost in a haze of hot cock meat, her own pussy and asshole dripping from her perverted desires. The little girl knew it would only take one of the cocks to explode to start off all of the others, so she leant forward and sucked the tip of the cock being jacked off into her face by her mom, straight into her slutty mouth, swirling it around and heavily coating it in cum. Once done, she moved her mouth off the hot meat and spat a big creamy dollop of cum right onto the helmet, which left a long pearly arc connecting her tongue and the cock.

"Good girl, good girl, lube that nasty cock up with some cum so I can jack him off right into your slutty mouth. That's what you want isn't it, hot creamy cum spewed into your face, all over your body, in your asshole and tiny cunt. Am I right, does Cindy want a hot sticky cum bath?"

Cindy nodded her head in agreement, to horny to even answer her perverted mom. That's what she wanted all right, all of the time, morning, noon and night. Hot cum being poured into every reciprocal she had to offer and all over her baby features. Bubbling, thick fuck juice sprayed obscenely from hard hot cocks, the bigger and nastier the better. Wet shiny pulsing helmets covered in precum or better still thick clumpy cum, being jacked off into her hungry, kiddy whore mouth. She loved to hear the wet squelching sounds made as a man fisted his hot wet meat into her face, the musky armour of sex that filled her tiny nostrils. She wanted it all, all of the time, she was a dirty fucking kiddy slut.

"Arhhh..fuck..yes..faster.faster..fucking fill her mouth with cum" grunted the man who Jane was frantically jacking off into tiny Cindy's mouth.

Jane pushed the pulsing tip onto Cindy's wet tongue just as the man shot an enormous amount of cum straight into the back of her throat, covering the inside of her oral cavity in the process.

"Fucking yes" hissed Jane, rubbing the hot meat up and down Cindy's sticky tongue, as the man spewed another jet of thick creamy cum into her mouth, this time coating the roof of the child's mouth.

"Gonna fucking drown this slut in cum, hot thick cum. Your gonna be pissing hot cum when we've finished with you, you nasty kiddy whore" babbled the man, as jet after jet of salty hot cum splattered Cindy's tongue. Big thick clumpy strands of hot cum hung from the spent pulsing helmet as Jane sexily ran it around the young sluts wet sticky tongue, trying to collect as much semen as possible. She continued to slowly jack the still stiff meat, bubbles of cum forming all over the red helmet and down the veiny shaft, as more cum left the youngsters tongue and attached itself to the musky wet fuck stick.

The two cocks Vera and Emily were wanking off, were now placed right at the opening of Cindy's mouth.

"Let the little slut have it guys, feed her some protein, hot creamy white protein" said Emily, quickly fisting the hairy cock in her now slime covered hand.

Heavy grunts came from both men's mouths as they too wanked their sticky cum into and over the young slut. This triggered a multiple cum splash, as all of the men knelt around Cindy let forth their creamy loads. Cum rained down on her from all directions, all over her back, her open wet butt hole, her tiny wet slit. Arcs of wet jizz sprayed her young face as Emily and Vera directed the cocks all over her wet dripping cum covered body.

When all the cum spewing had finished, everyone stood back to view the sticky coated slut that knelt on all fours before them. Large puddles of semen had formed in the small of Cindy's back and a steady slow drip of cum made its way down into her stretched butt hole overflowing onto her sweet tiny cunt. Her face had large strands of clumpy fuck hanging obscenely from her lips, chin and nose.

"So fucking sexy so hot" hissed Vera, drawing circles in the puddles of cum that lay on Cindy's back.

"Looks like this little whore needs cleaning up before she dries into a cum coated mummy" Dave piped up.

"Yeah. Lets clean it all up, wash all that scum off her. I feel like a piss, what about everybody else" enquired Emily.

Wide grins appeared on all the other pedophiles as they knodded in agreement.

"Come on slut, open that fucking mouth, you need some hot piss to wash that goo down."

Dave tilted Cindy's head upwards and instructed her to open wide. He placed the tip of his cock onto her tongue and a slow trickle of piss began to flow out of the flaccid meat, into the kiddy whore's mouth, dislodging the sticky cum that clung to her tongue.

"God yeah, drink my hot piss baby. Drink up daddy's smelly piss."

Vera led both Emily and Jane towards Cindy's ass, her perverted nasty mind working overtime.

"Come on girls, I feel like filling this sluts asshole with piss. Want to join me" said Vera.

"To right. Somebody stretch that cute bung hole wide open, we're gonna fill it full of nasty bitch piss" replied Jane.

One of the men knelt and used both hands to pull Cindy's asshole wide open, allowing full access for the girls to begin their nasty act.

"Here it comes baby, hot bubbling bitch piss right in your nasty scummy bung hole."

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I love the detail in this story.


Good story about trying to drown a nine year old cunt in cum. Would be better if the little slut choked and puked when they were pissing in her babyslut mouth.


What a charming, attractive, self-confident, helpful girl, any parents could be proud of! Then I could imagine an international campaign 'Contribute one load daily to a preteen' to incite men of all ages to give their best for the the young girls' pleasure and familiarization to their natural destiny.

However, IMHO you could improve your style writing such a thrilling story by keeping in mind the arc of suspense and by avoiding the stereotypical usage of some phrases.


Fucking amazing!!!!


Wow, you really should have read your story before posting it! I'm not finished reading it but my mind is reeling from the number of times you wrote 'here' when you meant to write 'her'. Be kind to your readers and check your stories first!

Now I'm going to try to finish this thing.


really great horny story lets see more.


What a fantastic story preteen erotica at it best
If you do a follow on perhaps you could go a bit younger say 5 or 6 years old

cummy cunny

Desperately sick and depraved. I loved it!

Peter Long

Great story.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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