Notes On A Preteen Porn Star, Part 1

[ MMMgg, fath/dau, pedo, inc, lolita, cons (hints of coercion) ]


Published: 8-Mar-2011

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It goes without saying that this story is totally and entirely fictional. I do not condone any of the acts discussed in this story and would ask that if feel close to acting on any of these issues, please contact a professional immediately. It's not cool to touch them. that being said...

Amber Rayne

Amber Rayne was a child pornstar. Now 17, there were clear reasons why Amber's 'career' took the turn that it did, with her making her first full-length, feature fuck-film when she was still a cute and trusting little eight year old.. Yes, to think about it, there were a lot of them. Reason, I mean.

It could have been for instance that Amber was, well, rather pretty-headed but stupid. Never really given a chance at school, with her missing so many days and never getting her homework done. She was sent to a school where the district placed their 'special needs' kids and spent her classroom hours applying make-up, making out with the boys, or letting them 'feel her up' in the back rows. Amber never received any encouragement to do well at school. It was made clear to her that her commodity and currency in life was going to be through her young, tight, perfect under-aged body, and not to worry about her head. Daddy will do all your thinking for you, honey, ok? I'll take care of you. Now, open your legs for this nice man, Buttercup. He wants to see how pretty you are.

Amber is so stupid that I do believe if you were to ask her if she feels as though she's been abused, Amber would say, no, that she loves pleasing men, and always has.

I mean, it could be because her dad let his pornography lay all around the house, never shielding her from images of women being sexually degraded. From as young as she could remember, she was allowed to browse through the porn magazines that littered her life. She remembered that her dad seemed to have certain patterns to his porn consumption. He liked to go through the anal magazines during breakfast, tended to put on a smutty films in the evenings, and liked to look at the cum facial magazines while taking a shit. She remembers how she would often reach over to her father's stack of porn near the toilet, while she herself was seated over the bowl, taking a piss, letting the pure yellow stream flow out of her little pisshole, in her perfectly bald little kiddie-cunt.

As she'd sit there, Amber would browse through her dad's bukkake magazines and read things like, "I love being a filthy cumslut and letting my man jizz all over my dirty little face." She was only six and a half when she read that but already it was having an effect on her clit. It was like it felt good or something. Amber couldn't possibly understand her own preteen desires at that tender age, and she didn't have the vocabulary to talk to herself about what she was feeling, except to say that it made her want to put something into her body.

And in his bed at night, her father liked to read his incest digest and look at naked families in his naturalist magazines. More than once she remembers being very young, playing with her dollies in the living room while her dad watched some gangbang flick, her mother chastizing, "Bob, you shouldn't let her see that shit." But that's all that Amber remembers. In fact, there's a lot of her life that she can't really remember at all.

It could be because Amber's mom Susan is an alcoholic who allows herself to be physically abused by her husband. Amber remembers many times before she got famous and her family got rich, when she'd hide behind a door, clutching her little teddy and sing to herself, pretending not to hear her dad punching her mom in the next room. Or later some nights when she was already in bed, hearing through the thin walls her mother pleading with her husband to leave her be, then hearing the sounds of her daddy forcing himself on her sad mommy. But she could never avoid hearing her mother begging her father not to leave them, that she forgave him. Many a time her mother would tell her, "You gotta listen to the man, he's the boss. Without a man, a woman is nothing."

It may be because she got a reputation really young of being a fucking whore. I mean, take the time Amber was only four and playing doctor with a neighbour boy, who was about six. His name was Tommy. They were in her back garden, in a small playhouse. Tommy told Amber to be the doctor and said that he would be the patient. Amber wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Tommy told her he had a problem. He had broken his wand and wanted her to make it go from a broken piece of drooping wood to a hard wand again. He pulled his pants down. Amber looked at it. He told her to hold it. She held it in her little elfin hand, staring at it. Tommy had already tried this with about six other girls in his class, and they had all ran away the moment he pulled his trousers down, refusing to even look at it.

Amber was holding his cock, mesmerized, her mouth literally started to water.

"It might help if you kissed it, doctor," Tommy said. Amber got down on her little knees and kissed it, brushing the softness of its head against her little preteen lips. Neither kid knew what to do next, so the game ended there. But you can bet little Tommy came back for more, and brought a friend or two, and those friends had older brothers, sometimes quite a bit older. Amber quickly got a reputation from that age on as being a girl who you could do things with, and Amber got called a slut so many times, that she's come to believe it.

Now, those factors all went into why Amber Rayne ended up a preteen fuck-queen, but I'd say the main reasons she ended up where she did is that her daddy started fucking her when she was only 19 days passed her seventh birthday. Mommy was away, daddy was watching a porn film called, "Don't tell Daddy". Amber was playing with her dolls. Their names were Chester and Dolly. Her daddy simply said, "Come here, I'm gonna teach you about sex." He didn't start slow, that first time she obediently gave her daddy a blowjob, got pussy-fucked, was made to rim her dad's asshole, and swallowed her first load of cum. Amber remembers even then, with the weight of her daddy on top of her, her hymen gone forever, his big grown-up cock forced two-thirds up her hairless tiny snatch, thinking, 'What's his hurry, he's got me for the next ten years or so. I'm his to fuck, that's what I'm good at." Chestor and Dolly just looked on, their eyes blank, unfeeling.

And after that first time, her daddy made sure that she got used, too. Everyday nearly, something. An inappropriate remark, a grope, grabbing her hand quickly and rubbing it over his dick, to show her that it was hard, that he was thinking about her, thinking about molesting her again, while her mother turned her back. Actually her mother soon came to understand why her husband was slipping out of their bed every night. It wasn't hard. He'd come back in the dark after spending twenty or so minutes of bedspring creaking in their daughter's room. He'd come back and snuggle against her, going to sleep contentedly. His dick would be wet, still semi-erect, sperm dripping from it's tip, and smelling up their bed with the smell of pussy juice. To be honest, Amber's mother was happy about the new development and it meant that her husbands' demands for sex from her plummeted to almost never.

One day, about six months after Bob started raping his daughter, and before they were blatently fucking on the sofa in front of Amber's mommy, Bob had taken little Amber to the dump with him. He really had just wanted to fuck her last brains out and needed to get her out of the house to do so. Bob drove to a very sedate, under-used desert park, just outside their home in Tucson, to fuck her. They got out of the truck and walked around in the bushes. Bob needed to piss before he could fuck. He was contemplating pissing in little Amber's pretty lil mouth, something he had never tried before, when he saw her. In that deserted location, there was a little girl, about 10, Chinese. She had very glossy black hair cut in a classic asian cut. She wore hot pink heart shaped sunglasses. Her lips were dripping with lip-gloss, and all she had on were flip-flops, short, short levi trunks, and a tight little black halter-top which said, I heart boys. Fuck, was Bob's first thought, now I won't get to screw Amber!

"What ya doing little girl?"

"Well," the little cock-teaser smiled, swivelling on her hips, "I like to meet people"

"Huh?", Bob grunted, not expecting that response.

"Take this little cutie, for instance," the under-aged stranger smiled up at Bob, taking a few strands of Amber's hair and running them slowly through her fingers while she licked her lips. "I met her, didn't I? She's so pretty!" the child slut purred, turning the little girl around so she could admire all of her. "Does she like girls?" the adorable little nymphet pouted, tilted her head and winked at bob.

Then Bob noticed a man in the bushes behind the stranger. He could just make out that the man was jacking off. He took another step, amazed, not sure what was going on, when he noticed another man, and from that angle, even another. Then, Bob moved around a bush and realized that that last guy he had seen wasn't jacking off. There was a young girl, maybe nine or ten, who was having her face used as a pussy. The man really jack-hammered the girl, forcing his dick down the crying girls throat, humping her mouth like a rabbit.

The realization took a second, but then Bob got it. This was a preteen pedo paradise, where men bring their little obedient cock-sockets to get fucked. Bob smiled down at the two little sluts down at his side, smiled to the little Chinese girl and answered, "Yeah, she likes girls. She'd love to eat out your tiny little fuckhole, you slant-eyed cunt!"

That afternoon was one of the highlights of Bob's life. He got fucked and sucked by three new tiny girls that afternoon, and watched his own little fuck-puppet taste her first pussy and have her first cum-bath, as about eight or nine men came on her up-turned, smiling face, swirling her little tongue around her lips, tasting the slimy manjuice that covered her mouth, scooping more of it off other parts of her face and swallowing it. Bob came last. He looked down with such pride at his spermy little pumpkin. She opened her eyes, oblivious to the pools of cum that collected there, looking through the white globs on her tiny eyes up at her daddy with a look of sheer love. She loved the attention at last in her life. Bob just loved the fact that after he had finished shooting rope after rope of hot, sticky daddy cum onto his daughter's face, he loved the way she strained her face forwards, desperately straining and bobbing for his cock to suck out every last drop of that manseed she was beginning to love.

Bob had a great time that afternoon and made sure that everyone understood he intended to share his hot little fucktoy, Amber. In fact, that's the night her professional career as a piece of meat began. Bob walked away from that night with a promise from six of those men to come around his house next Friday, and a promise that one of them, Tim, was going to bring his own twins, two cute as a button little redheads with freckles. They were twelve, and just starting to sprout two little buds each in their chest. You'll love them, Tim promised. It was inevitable that Bob started to film some of these encounters, even sell his daughter's time occasionally. Bob would always be very aroused before little Amber went out on a date with one of her older boyfriends, or uncles, as she called them. He'd comb her hair carefully, smell her breath, and her pussy to make sure she was fresh. He'd dress her carefully, as only a pedofile could and tell the little seven year old, "Make sure you do what he tells you to do, ok, honey? This one's paying."

As Amber aged, the type of film that she was asked to do changed. As she became fifteen or so, it became more common to cast her as the naughty accomplice of the local pervert. She made films in which she'd approach little girls on the swing and try to lure them into the bushes where a camera man and a male talent were waiting. Some of that was staged, some not. Especially as little Amber became a teenager of about 16 and 17 she began to do more S/M type films with younger girls in which she'd play the dominatrix. She had a reputation of really getting into those roles, as if little Amber really enjoyed hurting innocent girls, with nipple wax, spanking, and the ubiquitous dildo or cock-man there to stuff the tiny cumbucket full of daddy meat.

"Suck, it, you cunt!" Amber spits out in one of these later films, shoving a fourteen year old's mouth onto the porn actor's dick. The camera catches Amber looking up, holding the suffocating little prostitot's head still, and pants up at the actor, her sparkling eyes full of desire. "Yeah, do you like watching little girls chock on your dick? I fucking llooove to see that, her tiny face getting red. Isn't that a pretty sight?"

End of part one. There may be a part two.

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Very exciting, I can't wait for more stories and adventures about Amber when she gets older than eight. When started she with first buds, when was her first dangerous bleeding. I think dad did it also in fertile time without precaution. The risk is so aweful. Would you like this visualation? Bye Jan


I liked the story nice and kinky. Would love to hear more about her use and abuse. Especially when she's older, is she gonna give her daddy another girl? I'd like to know how she'd parent.


very hot nasty story. stupid amber getting stupid for dick. using tiny cunts at the dump, making little ones fuck toys for pedo studs. more! more!

steviecomer nasty...would luv 2 find a park like that....mmmm


nice filthy plot of the story ...want to read more stuff like this .....from Bangladesh

Dildo dude

More sex less violence plz that would be great

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