Little Sadie and Me, Part 1

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Published: 1-Aug-2013

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This story is fictitious and contains depictions of sexual encounters between adults and children. The author does not condone this type of man/girl relationship in reality and should not be taken as such. If this type of fantasy bothers you then you should stop reading now. However if you recognize the beauty of such loving and consensual relationships from the imagination, then read on and I hope you enjoy it.

She was 7 years old, almost 8. Her name was Sadie. I met her on vacation with a friend from college, Dan. I was 25, from the South and he was 23 from the Boston Area.

Sadie had beautiful, long wavy golden blonde hair. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I couldn't believe I was actually going to be staying in the same house as her for the next 4 nights. She was Dan's little niece. His sister and his mother and father were both there, and this was his sister's kid.

I had never met Sadie and in fact didn't even know she would be there for Christmas. Delighted to say the least, I introduced myself to everyone and we chatted for a while, having a drink. I was tired from all day on the plane and driving, then taking the fairy across the river, so I told Dan and the family I was going to get comfortable and maybe even take a short nap before dinner.

I headed back to my own 'personal' little bedroom (which didn't have a tv) and got more comfortable and fell asleep for a couple of hours.

I woke up around 7 and went out to see, luckily a couple of other sleepy heads had just gotten up as well, so I didn't feel too guilty about it. Sadie was one of them, she was dressed in a pink, one-piece pajama outfit with white racing stripes running the length on each sides. She looked so cute, she smiled at me. She was still a little shy only meeting me a for a few minutes earlier. But I could tell she thought I was cute too.

After dinner I played the guitar for a little while for everyone and we sang some songs, had a few drinks, and I got to know the family much better. Sadie pretty much stayed in the playroom watching movies, separate from the adults. After a I started getting bored from the political, religious, and war conversations, I said I was going to look in on Sadie. I took my guitar in there where she was watching Finding Nemo.

"How are you sweetie?" I asked her.

"Oh, hi. I'm good, just watchin a movie." She said, with a cute little look on her face, "I'm sorta bored though." Her light blues eyes stared back at me intensely..."You wanna see my birthmark?"

"Sure, I have a birthmark too, but it's in a place I can't show you," I told her. I imagined hers was probably on her tummy, arm, or leg. But either way, I was excited that she would want to show me her body more closely. That was a good sign.

You see, I love little girls. I've been with only a few, but it's so much better. They're so sweet and forgiving, and just feeling their tight little cunt milking my finger or my cock, just the thought, gets me so hard.

She pulled the rear of her little pink pajamas down and showed me her birthmark. It was on the bottom part of her sweet little ass. It was so hot, not the birthmark so much, but getting such a nice view so freely!

The birthmark was nothing more than a slightly darker patch of skin, maybe an inch wide. I wanted to feel her ass though.

"Can I touch it? It looks so cool, I want to see what it feels like!"

"Sure, I don't mind. It doesn't really feel like anything though, except my booty!" She laughed.

Me sitting on the sofa, and her standing, I reached out and touch it with my index finger and my middle finger.

I rub it a little and say, "You're right, it really doesn't feel like much. It's just really smooth. I like it though, how smooth your booty is." She giggles at this, but doesn't tell me to stop or anything.

"Can I see the other side of your little booty too?" I ask her sweetly.

Smiling, she pulls the material down further, forcing her pj pants below her butt, then they drop to the floor. "This is naughty," she said with a smirk and a giggle.

'Oh my god! Here I am in these nice people's house with their granddaughter, daughter, and niece in here with her pants to her ankles.

"That's so sweet," I whispered. And I began rubbing the other side. I place my other hand on her left thigh and I start slowly massaging her little ass. I dipped my knuckles into her crack and she let out a giggly little sigh.

"That feels real good. I haven't gone poopoo today so it's not dirty either if you want to keep doing that," she says and I nearly pass out. This girl is not as shy as I thought. She wants me to rub her actual asshole for her! Jesus!

"Okay sweetie, I'll rub that spot a little more. Actually, you know what would probably feel even better?"

"What else feels good?!" she says, a little too loudly.

"Honey, first thing is we have to be real quiet, so let's talk in more of a whisper. Second thing is, this..."

I lean down, using both hand I spread her cheeks and lay my tongue flat on her puckered little butt hole. I can tell she likes that because she sort of leans over a bit and puts her hands on her thighs. I start tonguing her asshole real good, getting through the muscle a little with the tip of my tongue. I reach my hand down below.

I feel her immature 7-year-old pussy right there. And I can't believe it, it's soaking wet. Slippery wet, not pee wet. She almost dies when I start petting her pussy as my tongue is lapping at her gorgeous little asshole.

I move her over on the couch with her rear end pointed my direction and I get on my knees on the floor. I unbuckle my pants and pull out my penis through the boxers fly. It's about 7 inches long, fairly thick. She is just sitting there, leaned over with her head in the crease of the cushions. She doesn't say a word, she's just looking for more pleasure.

I scoot upwards until my penis is at her virgin pussy and I manually rub my penis all around the outer regions of her cunt, especially her little clit. But this time, I'm running pretty good and my precum is plenty to help make my trail frictionless.

I tentatively dip the sopping head of my cock into the folds of her wet pussy. She moans and says to do that more. So, I place my flared cock head back into her pussy, until it's tightly socketed there. Not inside, but just poking through her juvenile cunt ring enough so it doesn't hurt her. She's moaning more, she likes this.

"Sweetheart, just tell me if it hurts and I'll ease up, ok?" I reassure Sadie that she can trust me.

"Ok Brennan. You are so sweet. I ll...lllove you playing with me like feels so...GOOD!"

She was really incapacitated by all of this. So was I!

I steadily jacked myself into her little 7-year-old pussy, which was now accepting nearly the whole head of my man sized cock. A few seconds later I am pushing through and the inner muscle of her pussy clamps around the back of my cock head. That means I have nearly 2 inches in her because the head of my cock is very big. I stay in that position so as not to bust her cherry and make her scream. I'm completely satisfied with this. Just to have my cock in this precious girl was more than enough to make me happy.

I resumed jacking after the pause for breath on getting in. She had a huge orgasm about 10 strokes in and I pushed the back of her head so the cushions would muffle her scream.

Her little clam started going ballistic on my cock. A couple more jerks and I was feeling the burning itch you get about 10 seconds before you cum. I debated cumming inside her but I knew Sadie was much too young to get pregnant so I thought, why not.

I stroked it smoothly about 10 more times and felt it come up from my balls. "Oh baby, Sadie, I'm going t cum inside you, okay sweetie? I'm going to put my sperm into your little pussy--your little womb. Oh baby, I'm going to cum!! It's going to splash inside of you honey. Sweetie, oh Sadie, you're only 7 years old, oh babyyyy."

I pushed another couple inches into her just as the first huge glob spurted out. I popped her cherry in the process, but we were both so high neither of us noticed. I went completely rigid and held myself tight against her little mound, I went so deep my balls slapped against her clit when I was seated firmly against her ass, and my cock was buried completely inside of her, from behind.

Let's just say it was the best cum of my life, I was as deep as I could go inside Sadie's preteen pussy and she was writhing, I let loose about a gallon of cum against her young cervix. With each spurt, I pushed myself just a little deeper, just millimeters, the head of my cock finding the very depth of her pussy, and with each strong splash inside of her, she made the sound "Br...Br...Br."

Then finally, we both collapsed, me still inside her shrinking, bathing in her...and I realized she was saying my name that whole time ... "Brennan...Brennan" But her speech was short because she was so fucking high on love and sex.

I was so looking forward to the rest of this vacation. We still had 3 more nights after tonight to get to know each other, and I knew I couldn't wait.

I pulled my now soft dick out of her abused little pussy, which spilled a river of my cum and a trace amount of blood, right onto the sofa.

I quickly ran into the attached bathroom and grabbed a towel. I cleaned her up then worked on the sofa for about 5 minutes, figuring that was good enough. They'd probably just think it was a juice spill or milk or something.

I kissed her sweetly goodnight on the cheek and told her I'd see her in the morning.

It was about 30 minutes later when I checked back in with Dan and his family. We chatted for a while and then headed to bed. Him and his father were playing golf tomorrow, and I'm not much on golf so I told him I'd stick around, maybe take Sadie to the beach or go swimming. He was cool with that.

"You sure do seem to like Sadie a lot," He said to me as I was walking out of his room.

I turned back for a second and said, "She likes me too. I just love kids, they're so happy and have such a fun spirit and joy for life. And they're always honest. Your whole family is cool though. I'm really enjoying this vacation."

"Sounds like a match made in heaven. Guess I'm going to read a little and go to bed. Goodnight," Dan said.

I just tried to keep cool and not seem nervous. Actually I wasn't that nervous. The little girl practically mounted my cock, all I did was rub her birthmark when she first pulled her little pants down for me. It was her idea!


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A really hot story, thx!!!!!!!!!!!!


I liked that and yes, please continue.


Love it!


Really really great!More pls!


I really liked the story. I think it would have been more believable and something to look forward to in another episode (nowhere to really go now) if the cherry had popped maybe the second or third day, but it was very hot. Thanks.


I really liked it. What a nice present to get.


great story really hot


A great story, well written by a literate author, none of the too-common errors that so easily distract a reader. Thanks, I look forward to more. I like Sadie's attitude. Carry on!


Well written

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