'Shhhhhh...' Says Fireman Sam, Part 1

[ F, g, inc, cons, ped, oral, anal ]

by Marsha


Published: 15-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

From Aunt Jean's Point of View

Polly and I have been lovers since she was six years of age. I'm now 68; and Polly's 28. As her aunt, I've known Polly for her entire life.

Polly's mother and I are close. At one point in time, my sister and I were lovers; but that's another story.

This story I'm telling now-and the companion story that Polly has written-have come about because we recently enrolled in a journal writing class at our community college. The instructor encouraged is-because we are relatives-to write about incidents that we both shared and then to compare and contrast our different points of view of the same event. We shared a couple of stories like that with the class-stories about birthdays, family gatherings, etc. And we learned a lot as writers.

But, as incestuous lovers, we have so many "shared experiences" that we cannot share with classmates at our community college. Instead, we want to share them here, on this special forum, with readers who appreciate lesbian Lolita erotica.

Polly and I decided to focus on an incident that occurred 20 years ago-when she was 8 years old, and I was 48-back when we were just becoming lovers:


Polly stood in the doorway to the family's lounge area where various members of her extended family were watching TV. She had finished her bath and put on the sexy nightie I had made for her.

Unfortunately, from both our points of view, she had to take her bath tonight by herself. She likes for me to bath her; and, as her lesbian, horny aunt, I love to bathe her. But it was not convenient tonight. I'll have to make it up to her some other way tonight, if possible.

Polly, her hair still damp, came into to the lounge area to watch TV with the rest of the family until her bedtime. She looked around and saw that she could either sit on the floor or squeeze into the sofa chair with me.

I winked at her. With delight in her eyes, she opted to plop her taunt little eight-year-old body into my lap. As a 48-year old gym teacher and regular marathoner, I'm in pretty good shape. But what a difference 40 years makes. As Polly climbed in into my lap, I thought: Lucky me!

I gave her a big hug as she climbed in. As Polly pushed herself backwards into my lap, she turned her head towards me, reached up and we kissed lightly on my lips. As she pulled back from my lips, I winked at her again and quickly licked my lips. She held my gaze and licked her lips, too.

As she settled down and started to watch TV, she rested her head to one side on my chest and with one of her fingers through my blouse lightly teased-the little devil-- one of my nipples.

I looked down at my mischievous lap mate.

Polly was wearing the nightie I had made for her. Short and sexy, the gift was a surprise-and she loved it. I had sewn the shorty-short nightie using a set of pillow cases that I purchased online from her favorite TV show, "Fireman Sam." I also gave her a matching set of fire-engine-red silk panties-also tailored by me with a tucked-in centred seam in the back that highlighted her little buns. She loved the panties because they didn't look like traditional little girl underwear. Through my faded blue jeans I could feel the silkiness those panties as she slide her ass over my legs and settled into my lap.

Our sofa chair was in the back of the room and slightly back from the other chairs, so anyone wanting to look at us would have to turn round. But nobody was looking at us as Polly settled into "our" chair.

While Polly watched TV, I felt her smooth legs with both my hands. I immediately wanted to touch her more. My left hand rested on Polly's left leg above the knee, feeling the soft skin of her thigh. My right hand rested on her right leg above the knee.

As soon as she had settled down, my right hand went under the hem of her nightie and started to stroke her inner thighs.

I looked at the family. They weren't looking at us. I looked at Polly she looked back; and we winked at each other. We both smiled as I slowly put the forefinger of my left hand on my mouth and made a loud "shhhhhhh" so others in the room heard me telling her to be quiet. She giggled but didn't make any noise. No one looked back at us.

As my hands slide between her legs and toward her panty-covered pussy, Polly was very quiet. Soon my fingers were probing through the panties to the lips of her pussy. I cupped the palm of one of my hands and pushed it down on her soft Mound of Venus. She pushed her hips up and forward, putting even more pressure on her hairless mound. Then she spread her legs a little, to help me gain access. My fingers felt-and in my mind's eye, I saw--the lips of her pussy open up. The silk panty where I was probing was moist and getting wetter. Polly turned and looked at me.

I put a finger to my mouth as if to say "shhhhhhhhh." She smiled knowingly and turned her head back toward the TV.

With first one, two and then three fingers I gently rubbed her pussy though her panties. She pushed herself into my probing fingers. With my hands in her crotch, probing her, I hugged her with my arms and shoulders, and I slightly lifted her up and squeezed her with my legs. She could sense my desire for her swelling up like a sea change. I felt the warmth of her body. Our bodies were blending into one.

Through the fabric of her nightie, I lightly touched one of her nipples with my fingernails. Polly shook in my lap. I pulled her closer to me and caressed my hands across her chest and lightly teased both nipples. She arched her back.

My hands soon returned to trying to gain entry into her panties. But the elastic on the panties was too tight. I was silently cursing this fact when Polly suddenly got up out of the chair. I made a mental note: the kid's growing; she needs new sexy panties. (But the short-short nightie is only looking better and better!

Saying out loud to no one in particular that she had to go to the bathroom, Polly left the room and returned a few minutes later. She climbed back into my lap. I hugged her as she scooted backwards, and I spread my legs so she could settle deeper into my lap.

As she settled down, I moved my hands once again underneath her nightie and up her legs. Then I realised why she had gone to the bathroom: she had removed her panties! My lucky fingers immediately probed her pussy's lips and pushed beyond-and found Polly lubricated and ready for a finger-fuck in the family TV room from her horny Aunt Jean.

While looking in the direction of the TV, Polly smiled knowingly as my fingers explored her pussy. I also began to tease her tiny asshole-finding that it, too, had been nicely lubricated by Polly. The kid definitely knew what she liked and had prepared herself for me. She's such a sweetheart.

I pushed first one then two fingers into her pussy, pushing them deeper and deeper. I probed her little asshole slowly pushing the tip of a finger up her ass. She squirmed around in my lap: she liked the attention. She emitted a murmur: it was almost a purr.

As my fingers explored her sexually, Polly's breathing became shorter, deeper-and audible. She looked up at me and started to say something; but, I pulled up a hand and, with a finger to my pursed lips, quietly went "shhhhhhh."

The fingers of my other hand were still inside her pussy when she reached down with her own hand and pushed my hand harder. My fingers went deeper inside her. She gave a short moan and her face turned back toward me, her eyes closed, as if wanting me to kiss her.

Instead, I shrugged my shoulder so her head moved back facing forward, her back more directly on my chest.

I was concerned she was making too much noise.

I rearranged Polly's nightie to make sure no one could see what we were doing.

We watched TV for a while in silence.

Then I put my right hand under her nightie again and resumed fondling her. Through the fabric of her nightie, Polly's hand pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy. She moaned again, this time louder.

Without looking back at us, her mother said out loud, "Polly, please be quiet or you will have to go to bed."

Polly looked at me, and we both put fingers to our lips and whispered audibly-in a "stage whisper"--so her mother would hear, "shhhhhhh." We giggled. Others in the room stirred in their chairs but did not look our way.

I moved one of Polly's arms so she could reach behind her back and feel my pussy through my jeans. A delightful smile came to her lips.

When she saw her mother start to rise from her chair, Polly took her hand from behind her back and put it in her own lap. Instead of getting up, my sister turned in her chair to look at us and said, "Sister Dear, may I ask you two noisy folks to make us a pot of tea and some cookies?"

"Sure," I said. "Hop up, Polly."

Polly and I got up and went to the kitchen. Polly followed me, smiling, knowing we had unfinished business that could be completed in the privacy of the kitchen. In the kitchen, away from the others, I lifted her up to sit on the edge of the kitchen table. She automatically opened her legs to me and leaned forward for me to kiss her.

As I kissed her on the lips, my tongue went into her mouth and my hand went to her pussy. I penetrated her with my middle finger curling to find her sweet spot above and behind her clitoris. She knew what I was doing-and loved it.

I pulled back from Polly and told her I needed to fix the tea and cookies.

She sat on the table looking at me, her nightie pushed back to the top of her thighs. With a faked look of dejection and then with a mischievous smile, she laid back slowly on her elbows, pulled the hem of her nightie up to her waist and slowly spread her legs. Such a tease!

It was all I could do not to eat her then and there. Right there on the kitchen table: how appropriate!

But I shook my head "no" and faked a full body shutter, as if I had just stepped into a cold shower. I winked at her as I turned to preparing the tea and cookies.

Busy preparing things, I heard Polly say something. I turned to see her still on her back on the kitchen table, her legs pulled up to her chest, her hands pulling apart the cheeks of her ass so her pussy and tiny asshole were fully exposed. Polly smiled, pursed her lips and blew a loud "shhhhhhhhhhh."

I laughed, wagged my finger at her and blew a loud "shhhhhhh" in return.

When I finished the preparations, I told Polly I would take the tray back to the lounge and make excuses for her.

"You go to your bedroom and wait for me there," I said. "I will tell your mom that you wanted to go straight to bed with your cookies and milk and that I will go back to your bedroom to help you get ready for bed."

Polly smiled and hopped down off the kitchen table. She and I both knew we would finish our love making in her bedroom.

After putting the tray of tea and cookies in the TV lounge and making our excuses to the others, I went to Polly's bedroom.

I found Polly in bed, on her back, waiting for me, nude.

I reached out with both hands to hold Polly's upstretched hands. I pulled Polly into a sitting position, then scooped her up with my arms. We stood like that-a child safely in the arms of an adult-for a long, sweet moment.

Then I sat on the edge of the bed and held Polly gently in my lap.

Looking deep into her eyes, I used both hands to cup her face and pull her toward my lips. I gave her a moist open-mouth lover's kiss and felt her little tongue exploring, begging for more.

As I held her in my lap, we kissed deeply and passionately. We loved hugging each other, kissing and feeling the warmth of each other's body. I stroked her legs. She parted them so I could fondle her more intimately.

I lowered her onto the bed and began kissing her neck, chest and nipples. She held my head with both her hands as I sucked her nipples. She moaned when I gently pulled and teased her nipples with my teeth.

I climbed onto the bed, kneeing between the legs of my delicious niece. I sat on my haunches and looked at my beautiful niece. I ran my hands up her legs, bent forward and covered her smooth pussy with my mouth. I drank in her sweetness. I tongue fucked her. I played with her clit. I lapped up her juices. I lost all sense of time.

I probed her pussy with my fingers. I teased her rosebud with my thumb and then pushed my thumb gently into her little asshole.

With my mouth working on her pussy and my thumb up her ass, Polly began thrashing her legs. With one hand I tried to grab her legs so they would not move so much; but all I could do was place my arm over her chest and hold that down so she could have the delicious feeling of being helpless to stop what was happening. (But, of course, Polly was not helpless: I would not do anything she didn't want.) With one arm holding her down, I bore down on her pussy with my mouth and tongue and pushed my thumb deeper into her ass.

I felt her shake all over. She pushed against my arm, but I held her down. She took a sudden, deep, stuttering breath and then let it out with a quiet sigh, almost a whimper.

My little girl's orgasm was precious that night. We both felt it-and loved it. I stretched my body out beside hers. We lay quietly together. I gently stroked her chest and caressed the full length of her body.

After her breathing returned to normal, we looked at each other and grinned. What a delicious moment!

We slowly got out of her bed. I helped her find and put on fresh panties-another pair of the fire-engine-red silky ones that went with her Fireman Sam nightie.

Once we had made the bedroom ready for the evening and turned down the lights, Polly sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt before her and hugged her tightly.

"Aunt Jean, I love you," she said.

"I love you, too, Polly," I said.

I told her how important she was to me and how much I valued our time alone. I told her we needed to keep what we did together private, just between the two of us.

"I know that, Jeanie," Polly said, now sounding very much like a young adult.

She said, "You're the only one in the family I can talk to about sex. Mom won't talk about it. Certainly Dad won't talk to me about sex. You are the only one. I love how we are together. Yes: it's our little secret."

I kissed her lightly on the lips and pushed her gently onto her back and pulled the sheets up to her flat, beautiful chest.

As I walked toward the door, she sat up and asked me to come back. She threw back her covers and sat on the edge of the bed. When I reached her bedside, I knelt down in front of her. She pulled me toward her, her head nuzzling my breasts.

I hugged her to me and then picked her up in my arms and held her in my arms like the precious child she is. Once again, we kissed as lovers, our tongues exploring each other. Then I laid her back down on the bed and adjusted the sheets to cover her as she wished. I kissed her lightly on the lips and on her nose. We looked at each other with love in our eyes.

She looked sleepy and said so. I clicked off the bedside lamp.

I quietly left her bedroom and walked back to the longue to find the family still watching TV. As I walked into the lounge, I put my finger to my lips and went "shhhhhhh, Polly' going to sleep."

Polly's mother looked up at me and said, "Thank you so much, Sister Dear."

I told her it was my pleasure.

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After I ... ahem, recuperate from Aunt Jean's version of the evening I'll be heading back in to read Polly's version. Fun concept. So many arousing moments.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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