Tasheka, Part 1

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Published: 6-Mar-2012

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Black, racial humiliation, no sex (yet), racial slurs and racial language.

This story is a work of fiction and care was taken - no letters were hurt when they were placed on the page.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This story is guaranteed to be morally offensive. It contains racism, bigotry, racial slurs and words, Black humiliation and degradation.

I mean this story contains HEAVY racism and bigotry that is in your face.

If you are offended by such stuff please DO NOT read this story. If you get upset with racism and bigotry, please DO NOT read this story.

If you decide to read this story and are offended by it that is your problem. I have given you fair warning. You have the choice dear reader of continuing on with this story or not continuing on with this story.

Please don't email me asking if I am racist or a hateful person or if I hate Black people in general. Because I am not a racist nor do I hate Black people.

Now, this story is fantasy... ALL fantasy... it is NOT real life. Tasheka and I made this story up. The idea for this story came from Tasheka herself.

Racism and bigotry mixed with a sex story is not topic that I had considered writing about. Tasheka, who is a real African-American female urged me to write a story like this. Tasheka edited this story for language and minor changes.

You have been for warned:

Author's advisory: All these stories that I write about are for adults only. If you're under-aged or of a closed mind and you read my stories, your teeth will rot and all your hair will fall out! This stuff is too mature and sophisticated for you.

Anyone who is an adult or age of majority, of course, is welcome to continue.

Email me with your comments. I reply to readers who take time to email me.

Tasheka Dija sat at her small desk in the broom closet at the university. She was wearing her 'jungle bunny' outfit which consisted of a leopard print bra that barely held her ample breasts and a thong leopard print bottom. Her hair was done up in a bun with a dog chew bone thru it. Her nipples and aureole's were plain to see.

For the past week Tasheka had been secretly wearing her jungle bunny outfit under her regular clothes as she left for work. She wanted to keep the humiliation she was enduring at the university from her kids. Her office at the university had been moved to a janitor's closet.

Her former office was large and spacious with book shelves lining the wall. She missed those books. All her awards and degrees had been taken down and were now in a box behind her. The closet she was in had a small table and and wooden chair with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. She didn't even have a phone or computer on the small table which meant if she needed to talk to somebody she had to walk around the campus trying to find the person. The small closet also held cleaning supplies so the Black janitor would come in disturbing Tasheka's concentration as she gathered her supplies.

Ann Roberts, as she was known before last week, was the token black person at the Cherish Valley Post-Diversity University. She was respected Professor at the University lecturing on race and gender courses for over a decade, been a guest lecturer in high school and middle school classes, been a speaker at various forums during Black History week and other occasions, and organized and conducted Black study circles where White women gather to study and discuss racial and ethnic stereotypes, (mis)perceptions, (mis)communication and inter-relations. She tried to educate the White women about Black women but it was difficult because she could never overcome the questions about why Black women call each other names but White people couldn't use those same degrading names on Blacks.

But a week ago she was known as Professor Ann Roberts, a respected black history professor at the University. She was proud that she taught White kids about proper Black History. She blamed her downfall on the day that she went to the high school to give a lecture to a classroom of ninth graders about Black History week.

After that word got back to the University an inquiry was held by the University Regents. She was called in and made to answer why she had lied about her name. The White Regents didn't take to kindly to a Black woman falsifying an employment application. She was given two choices; one was to resign in disgrace which would make it very difficult to find another job, especially being a black woman and forty years old. The other was to take a pay cut making minimum wage and working as a guest lecturer. As a guest lecturer she would still lecture about Black History but with a twist. She had to wear the 'jungle bunny' outfit, every day at the university.

Ann had many secrets that she kept screwed down tight. She was twice divorced and had kids from two failed marriages to white men. She figured that marrying a white man she would be accepted into the white society of Cherish Valley. Her oldest daughter LaTasha Black was from her first marriage. LaTasha was twenty-three and an attorney and a feminist. Her daughter had completed her Bachelor, Master and Law degrees by the age of twenty-two. She had worked and studied hard which made her a very successful attorney. But she still lived at home which worried Tasheka. She was all work and no play.

The white majority in Cherish Valley didn't pay too much attention to the black citizens of Cherish Valley; they looked down on the black race as a nuisance that had to be tolerated. LaTasha worked hard at overcoming that prejudice. There were two black female judges, several black women on the county board, and a handful of successful black business women and professionals. The success of these black women depended on the Board of Elders. Her daughter wanted to change that, to show the white citizens of Cherish Valley that black women could make something of themselves. Ann silently laughed to herself when ever her daughter brought that up for she knew that it was the Board of Elders that could give or take away from a Black anything they wanted and LaTasha refused to believe it. LaTasha was a Nigger she just didn't fully realize it yet.

One time Ann had reverted to Black talk in an argument with her daughter LaTasha about a Black woman's place in Cherish Valley, "Nigga's in da bes tradition of servin da white folk da best we can in da way dey deserve. An, do Nigga hoes don admit it, mo Nigga hoes dan you might suspec likes it dat way too, deep down, LaTasha. An even lots of doz dat don like servin da white folk, likes bein sexually degraded an degradin demselves for da White Family."

LaTasha had tears in her eyes, "How could you momma?" and stomped up stairs to her room.

The twins just laughed at their sister, "Because Mom's a Nigger, sis, just like you are a monkey."

LaTasha slammed her bedroom door shut.

Ann also had twins from her second marriage to a white man. Jack and Diane were fifteen years old and were very white. It seems that her husband's white genes were very strong and overrode her black genes. With their blonde hair and blue eyes her twins were readily accepted into the white society of Cherish Valley.

At first Ann's white neighbors thought she had adopted the kids but that notion was quickly dispelled because no white mother would willingly give their kids up for adoption to a black woman who was just divorced. There were times when the twins would invite their friends over and their friends thought she was their housemaid, ordering her around to get drinks and food. When Ann pointed out to the kids that she was a professor at the college and the twin's mother, the kids just laughed and said, "Whatever". The fact that the twins did nothing to dispel the notion that she wasn't the housekeeper and never pointed out to their friends that she was their mother didn't help either. A couple of their friends wondered out loud why any White institution would allow a lowly black woman to teach white kids.

Ann was deeply hurt and shamed by these remarks but it also made her adrenaline pump and her clit jump, secretly she like being treated that way. She knew that Black humiliation and degradation were part of her roots, part of every Black woman's roots; part of living in Cherish. Ann knew she was a Nigger; she just had to come to terms with it.


That awful day she was standing in front of the ninth graders. The principle of the high school suggested that she dress "down" for the class. When asked what that meant the principle said that the kids learned better if they had "licorice eye candy" to look at. So Ann wore a flimsy white blouse that showed off her ample cleavage, a push-up white and pink bra, and a short brown tweed skirt that came mid-thigh with four inch high heels that showed off her calves nicely. At forty years old Ann still had the body of a teenager, but the size of her breasts always caught the eyes of people.

"Good afternoon boys and girls, I am Professor Ann Roberts. I work at the college in the history department. In the spirit of Black History week we are going cover the history of black women in Cherish Valley"

The class giggled at hearing this. One boy in the back snickered, "How much did you pay the college to work there, Professor Roberts?"

Ann ignored the comment. This was going to be hard, not even her lectures at the university were this bad.

"How come black people only get a week and white people get all the other weeks?" asked another.

Ann cleared her throat, shuffled her feet, "To be honest, blacks haven't contributed very much too white society in Cherish Valley"

The class giggled and Ann felt ashamed of being black.

"Are you going to teach us racial slurs?" asked a girl in the back of the room.

"Um, well..."

"Words like Nigger?" smiled the youngster.

"Um," Ann replied straightening her short skirt, she was embarrassed by the use of the word.

"Thought so. Say do you love being ass fucked?" the girl laughed. The class giggled also.

"What? No of course not" stammered Ann, "Now back to the class..."

"How come you don't like to get ass fucked?" laughed a boy.

"Never mind that" Ann said as the grabbed the side of the desk. She felt her clit jump at the nasty words the kids were using. These White kids were quickly finding her weakness for being degraded.

"My mom says that Niggers are only good for cleaning up after white people" a girl said with smug look on her face.

Ann was blushing, her chest as seen through her open blouse, was turning blacker in embarrassment, "Ok, that is quite enough. I am not here for that. I am here to teach you about black history..."

The class just laughed.

"Quiet please kids..."

"How come your first name is Ann?" asked a boy.

"What? That is none of your business" shot back Ann, she was off balance and losing control of the class.

"Isn't the name 'Ann' a derogatory name for a black woman?" asked another.

The kids had a point thought Ann, "Well, yes it is..."

"Why would a Nigger woman have a first name of 'Ann' if it is a derogatory name?" asked a boy in the back.

A blonde hair girl sat up straight in her chair, "Yeah, Professor Roberts, why would you have a first name of 'Ann'?"

"What is your real name?" asked another.

"Ok, ok. Stop it..." pleaded Ann, she was out of her element with the kids probing questions.

"Why is 'Ann' a derogatory name?" asked a pretty white girl sitting in front.

"The name 'Ann' is given to a black woman who acts too much like a white one. It is applied to any black woman who puts on airs and tries to act like like a white woman..."

"Are you trying to be a white woman, Professor Roberts?" asked the blonde hair girl.

Ann was confused now. This was not going how she thought it would. When she was given this assignment she was excited about teaching these ninth graders about black history, now she felt like she was purposely being humiliated.

"What is your real name?" asked another. The class started chanting "real name", "real name."

"Quiet please kids," Ann said in exasperation, "ok, my real name is Tasheka..."

The classroom burst out laughing, "Now that is a real Nigger name" somebody said.

"So what is your real maiden name, um, Tasheka?" asked the blonde hair girl.

Tasheka paused, hesitated, this was not going very good, "My maiden name is Dija."

The classroom burst out laughing, "Tasheka Dija, now that is a stupid fucking Nigger name..." some boy laughed out loud.

"We are going to start calling you by your real name, Professor Dija, no wait, that just doesn't sound right, how about just Tasheka?" laughed the blonde haired girl.

Ann burned red or at least if she were white her face would be burning in embarrassment, "Quiet please, quiet kids" ordered Tasheka, she was burning with shame. Her crotch was wet, her panties were soaked. 'I wish these kids would stop it, it is making me too horny!' she thought.

"No, class, my name is Mrs Roberts, call me Professor Roberts" replied Ann with nervousness in her voice. She tried her hardest not to rub her crotch.

"No way, Tasheka, you just said your real name is Tasheka Dija. Can't Niggers make up their minds?" asked a boy in the back.

The class was looking expectantly at her, for a retort or something, but Tasheka didn't say anything. She was confused about how to proceed.

"...We are also going to cover the Negroid features of a Black woman..." she managed to say.

More giggles and twitters, "We will take that as a yes."

"...First...Black women such as myself differ from white people like you. We are distinguished by physical characteristics such as black skin..."

The class was still giggling.

"... tightly curled hair, our flattish nose, narrower ears which stick out more, narrower joints, the front of the front of our forehead projections, we are a little more hairy under our arm pits and crotch area, have longer eyelashes, full lips and a cruciform pattern of second and third molars like a monkey"

The class laughed again.

"Tasheka?" as boy asked, "Do you shave your crotch area and arm pits?"

"That is none of your business"

"Ah, come on Tasheka, you can tell us" laughed the blonde hair girl.

Tasheka gave her gave the girl a dirty look. Her pussy was leaking for some reason.

"Tasheka? Can we call a black woman a monkey?" a giggling girl asked. The class giggled also.


"We've been calling you a Nigger why can't we also call a Nigger woman a monkey, Tasheka?" the girl asked innocently.

Tasheka ignored the question, "Now...In physical terms the word Negroid is one of the two general racial classifications of women, Caucasian for Whites is one racial classification and the other Negroid..."

"Is that why black women have thick lips?" a boy asked.

"My dad says that black women with thick lips are good cock suckers..." a girl said with an air of authority.

"My mom says a cock sucking black women are the same as black women with thick lips."

"Is the term thick lips and cock suckers the same Tasheka?" smiled a girl.

Ann just stood there dumb founded as the conversation got out of hand. Her heart was pounding, sweat breaking on her brow and her pussy soaked.

"How come you use the words 'Black women' instead of 'Nigger women'" asked a girl.

"Um..." Tasheka didn't know how to respond to that.

"I mean if you use 'Nigger women' to describe your subject wouldn't that lend more authority to what your telling us?"

"Ok, I will use the words 'Nigger women' to describe female Negroids..." Tasheka said in exasperation.

"How come Nigger women are so lazy, Tasheka?"

"...The portrayal of Nigger women as lewd and lazy by nature is an enduring stereotype in Cherish Valley. Nigger women are correctly portrayed as innately promiscuous, even predatory in terms of sex. In short Nigger women are portrayed as bad-nigger-girls in Cherish Valley."

"Are you a bad nigger girl, Professor? I mean Tasheka?" asked a boy.

"Quiet and pay attention..." admonished Tasheka.

The classroom laughed and made cat calls, teasing the boy to 'pay attention' to the Nigger woman.

"...Many Nigger women in Cherish Valley willing sold themselves and their young daughters into prostitution in the late twenty-first century. Niggers became the willing concubines of wealthy White families. This system, called placage involved a formal arrangement for the White family to financially support Nigger woman and her female children in exchange for her and her female children's long-term sexual services within the family. The White families often met the Niggers at "Coon Balls," a sex market where Niggers and their daughters were auctioned together. The difference at these 'Coon Balls' was that there was not an auctioneer, the person who set the price. The Nigger woman would auction herself and her children who were known as Pickaninnies..."

"What do you mean the Nigger woman would auction herself?" asked a boy.

"The Nigger and her Pickaninnies would shout out what sexual services they would do for the White family..."

"What is a 'Pickaninny again?" shouted one boy.

"A Pickaninny refers to black female children..." Tasheka replied.

"What kind of sexual services, Tasheka?"

"Oh, things like bondage services, use their bodies as stress relievers, toilet assistants..."

"Cool!" giggled the class.

"...also at these 'Coon Balls' White families would sometimes bring their dogs. Many White families had the belief that their dogs needed companionship and only a Nigger woman or her Pickaninny female children could provide that companionship..."

"What do you mean" asked a girl.

"The Nigger woman who offered pet companionship as part of her sexual services at the 'Coon Ball' would in effect be a Bitch dog for the White family. She would be treated as a dog, on her hands and knees, eating, sleeping and playing with the family pet..."

"Sex also?" asked another.

"Yes, the Nigger woman was expected to have sex with the family pet in front of the family or at family gatherings or when the dog wanted sex..."

The class giggled and whispered amongst themselves, "Even the Pickaninnies?"

"Yes, if that is what their mother auctioned them for..."

"Cool" said the kids.

"...going on the belief that Nigger women are sexually lewd predates the founding of Cherish Valley. Late in the twenty-first century black women went around semi nude which was interpreted as lewdness and add to that Nigger hip hop music and Jigaboo dances, it was proof to the White family of a Nigger females uncontrolled sexual lust."

"What is a Jigaboo, Tasheka?"

"A Jigaboo is a Negroid female with black features such as Thick Lips that I mentioned earlier with a wide nose. The term "jig" refers to mannerisms that resemble Nigger dancing."

"Jigaboo's dancing to Nigger hip hop music, cool" laughed a boy.

"...White families were fascinated by the Nigger woman's sexuality. William Bosman described Nig Jigs, which short for Nigger Jigaboo, as "fiery" and "hot". William Smith described Niggers as "hot hoes" who "were continually contriving ways on how to integrate themselves into the White family." This genesis of Black sexual types emerged from the writings of these and other White men: the Nigger woman, as a Jez'bel hoe..."

"Your not a whore are you Tasheka?" asked a girl.

"Certainly not..." she replied with indignation.

"Certainly looks like to us. With that silly outfit you are wearing Tasheka!" laughed the blonde haired girl.

"Talk Nigger talk to us..." laughed a boy.

"No" came Tasheka's sharp reply.

"Oh, come on Tasheka, it will give your lecture more realism" laughed the class.

'What could it hurt, I have already been humiliated' thought Tasheka.

She cleared her throat "...Continuing on, diz and other stereotypes were used to justify da behaviors of Nigga women and Nigga girls. In part, diz was 'complish by arguing dat Nigga females were sub-humans: intellectually inferior, culturally stunted, morally underdeveloped, wit animal-like sexually. White Families in Cherish Valley used racist and sexist ideologies to argue dat dem alone were civilized and rational, whereas Nigga women deserved to be sexually used..."

Tasheka was now pacing back and forth in front of the classroom, warming to her subject even if she was hot between her legs and feeling degraded in front of the class, at least she was in her element, this is what she knew.

"...Da Jez'bel hoe description was used as a rationalization for sexual relations between White families and Nigga women and their Pickaninnies, especially sexual unions involving the domination of Nigga bitches by White mothers and their daughters. Da Jez'bel hoe was depicted as a Nigga bitch with an insatiable appetite for sex. She was not satisfied wit men and boys. She was only satisfied if she was dat the sexual mercy of the father, mother, son or daughter of da White family..."

"...The portrayal of Nigga women as Jez'bel hoes began early in the twenty-second century and continues today. The depiction of Nigga women as Jez'bel hoes is common in Cherish Valley culture. Everyday items - such as ashtrays, pictures, sheet music, fishing lures, drinking glasses, and so forth - depict naked Nigga bitches, lacking modesty and sexual restraint..."

"Show us your tits!" smiled a boy in the back.

"What? No, quiet please."

"We've never seen a Nigger's tits before, especially up close and person" said a girl. "Please Tasheka, we won't say anything to anybody, just between you and us" smiled the teen girl.

"No, now continuing on..."

"Maybe we should call Nigger titties called jigaboobies," another girl interjected. "You know with Nigger baby mamas having so many babies by all the different baby daddies they have sex with all the time, their boobies have to sagging and jiggling that maybe we should call them jigaboobies," the girl went on, smirking, as others began giggling. "Did you have lots of pikaninnies by different baby daddies, Nigger? Do you have saggy, jiggly jigaboobies? Huh? Come on, Nigger. Show us if you've got jigaboobies."

The class burst into uproarious laughter and started shouting out, "Jigaboobies! Jigaboobies! Jigaboobies!" As jarring and utterly contemptuous as their jeering taunt was, as Tasheka looked out on all their faces, she could see it was joyous too, rather than angry. And rather than sounding ugly, as cleverly and spontaneously as it started, it quickly fell into an infectiously stirring rhythmic lyric and chant, that mesmerized Tasheka, and unconsciously got her to dance.

Tasheka was wet between her legs, too wet and her nipples were rock hard. Her hands were shaking, her adrenaline was pumping and heart was racing. She unbuttoned her blouse letting if fall open and the kids responded, "Whoa", "Cool".

Before she knew it the teens were standing around pinching and grabbing her breasts and nipples thru her bra. Tasheka was in a daze, jiggling and wriggling at the front of the classroom, all those hands and fingers grabbing and groping.

"Mrs Roberts!" came a yell from the classroom door.

The kids quickly returned to their desks and Tasheka looked over at the principle, "Oh, Shit" she thought.


Tasheka came back to the present. Mammy, the Black Janitor came into the closet to retrieve her cleaning supplies.

"Hows goin' Miss Tasheka?" smiled the big Black woman. Everybody called her 'Mammy' a term of endearment given by White people to Black female Janitors.

"Just fine Mammy, just getting ready for my next lecture" Tasheka didn't return Mammy's gaze.

"Why you talkin like da White foke Miss Tasheka?" Mammy said as she checked her cleaning cart.

"Just habit, Mammy. Besides I'm and educated woman and that is how we talk"

"Hmmm, Hmmm, dat how youz used ta talk, Miss Tasheka. Talkin like White foke git youz in trouble now"

"Did you ever go to school, Mammy?" Tasheka asked trying to change the subject.

"I ain't got no book learnin, Miss Tasheka" smiled Mammy, "Iz ain't had no chance fo book learnin."

"Why not?" Tasheka asked looking up at Mammy.

"Oh, Lordie, letteme see, years an years ago when Iz wuz a lil Nigga girl my momma and me solt outselves at auction to a White family," Mammy laughed like she was reliving a fond memory, "Dat wuz some good time, Miss Tasheka, all dat fuckin an suckin every day. Iz jus didn't have time fo book learnin an Massa says me an momma we goot Nigga's, we knew out place in da White family. Hmmm Hmmm, if Massa could a walk 'round all day wit a lil Nigga girl on 'is Johnny, he sure wood a," Mammy chuckled, "Now Massa's wife, she be sum 'un..."

"So what happened? How come you're here?" interrupted Tasheka.

"Massa's kits all grew up and Massa an 'is Missus wanted mor yung Nigga girls in da house so he done kicked us out" Mammy said with sadness.

"What did you and your momma do?"

"Me an momma went to work strippin and fuckin till momma got to old an no respectin White folk wanted to fuck her."

"So where is your momma now?"

"Momma in da old foke home an me got this job here."

Tasheka looked at her watch and got up from her desk and squeezed past Mammy, "I am late for my lecture, Mammy. I'll see you later" she smiled.

"Buck up now Miss Tasheka" encouraged Mammy as she watched the former Black Professor walk down the hallway, "Mmm, mmm, she shor got a purdy black ass" thought Mammy as the thong rode up between Tasheka's ass cheeks.

Several times she was slapped on her ass cheeks by passing students who laughed and giggled as they did it. But she didn't say anything to them, she just kept walking, she had gotten used this type of sexual harassment in the past week. Besides, who would she have complained too? The Dean of Education who instructed her to wear these silly outfits for the last two weeks? Or the University attorney office which was staffed by White women?

The college kids in the lecture hall were smiling at her. The lecture today was about images of Niggers in pornography.

Somebody started to "oooo!" and "aaahhhh" which sounded what like a monkey might make. The lecture hall erupted in laughter. Tasheka burned with shame. One of the conditions for her lecture was that it had be given in "Black talk".

"...Da Jez'bel Hoe is da dominant movie image of Nigga women in Cherish Valley culture," Tasheka started in, "Da Nigga bitch as prostitutes for example, is a staple in mainstream movies, especially those wit urban settings. Da Nigga prostitute and a lil white girl pimp give dees movies cutting edge realism. Da famous scene in da movie 'The Pimp' has da ten year old White girl in da play ground area of da elementary school and her Nigga hoe on her hands and knees. Da White girl collecting money from her fellow students as they lined up in front of her. Da White girl was yelling out, 'One dollar for a suck and two dollars for a fuck'. Da Nigga hoe was sucking on da penis of da little boy standing in front of her face while a fourth grade White girl had her strap-on around her waist thrusting in an out of da Nigga's cunt. Two White female teachers were standing der watching da scene befo dem, one of dem saying, "These damn Nigger Monkey's don't have any self-respect."

"In another scene from da 'The Pimp' a little White girl is walking a Nigga mutha and her two young daughters down da sidewalk on leashes. Da Nigga and her Pickaninnies are on der hands and knees trying to keep pace with da cute White girl when da Nigga mutha stops, sits back on her legs and starts to poop. Her two youngins' sit in da doggie position to watch der mutha poop on da sidewalk. After da Nigga mutha finishes poop'en da White girl patiently takes out a small plastic baggie and scoop from her bag and scoops up da poop. A White woman walks by and admonishes da little White girl for allowing her Nigga to poop on da sidewalk. Da little White girl points out dat she scooped up da poop but da White woman complains dat Nigga poop stains da sidewalk."

The kids in the lecture hall squirm in their seats. They are unused to a Black woman talking Nigger talk.

"Movie scenes like dis reinforce da image of Nigga's and der Pickaninnies as deviants and irresponsible. Large budget pornographic movies 'ere in Cherish Valley reinforce sexual stereotypes of Nigga's. Dees Nigga bitches are willing, sometimes predatory, sexual deviants who fulfill any and all sexual fantasies of White families. Der sexual performances tap into centuries-old images of Niggers as uninhibited hoes."

"... even today School plays at da third grade level portray scantily clad, nubile Nigga girls who thrust der hips and bodies to hip hop lyrics which often depict them as 'hoes, skeezers, and bitches. School plays showing eleven year olt Nigga girls as hoes are always well attended by White families. It is increasingly easy to find Nigga bitches, especially young ones, depicted as Jez'bel hoes ooze only true value to White society is as sexual commodities..."

"I don't understand?" a boy said from the back of the hall.

Tasheka was embarrassed, "Ok," she said as she gathered her thoughts, "Jez go to a school play an watch all dem slutty Nigga fifth grade girls dressin an dancin like hoes an singin dirty rap songs, callin each other and themselves Nigga's, sluts, bitches and hoes. Nigga College girls, Nigga professional women, too, all slutted out in der clubwear, singin and dancin in a frenzy in front White girls at da Young Girl Club, wit what's goin on tween der legs way mo important dan whatever dey got goin tween der ears..."

The lecture hall burst into laughter. The kids liked her talking Nigger talk.

"...The obligatory "Nigga Hoe" is added to urban-themed movies to give "real life" authenticity. Da racial an sexual situations depicted in dees an similar movies find der fuller, clearer expression in school made productions of pornographic movies. The Middle school and High school pornography classes in Cherish Valley remains a bastion of explicit Nigga stereotyping - raw, obscene, and mainstream. There are dozens of pornographic movies dat depict Nigga women as "sexual play things" for White girls and as "sexual animals" for White families."

Da adult store down da street sells movies wit titles like Black Janitors in Heat, Black Doggie Bitches, Nigger Mamas, Black and Slutty, South High School Hookers. In da privacy of der homes White families "validate" da belief dat Nigga bitches are hoes. All da Nigga bitches in mainstream movies play Jez'bel hoes - especially doe wit interracial sex scenes wit little white girls..."

"...A picture in the college library shows a Nigga on her hands and knees, a young white girl approximately eight years old, holding a leash attached to da black woman. Walking around da Nigga bitch are a couple of Great Danes. Da White girl has a stern look on her face and she is pointing her index finger down at the black woman. The caption reads: "Bad Nigger!" The portrayal of this Black woman on her hands and knees with a dog collar and the leash being held by prepubescent white girl suggests that Nigga bitches are even sexually irresponsible wit dogs. Da belief that Black women are sexually promiscuous is propagated by innumerable images of Nigger women cavorting wit white kids and dogs..."

An analysis of Nigga images also reveals that Black females are sexually objectified. They are naked, scantily clad, or hiding seductively behind towels, blankets, trees, or other objects. Da picture hanging in the entrance of the county building shows a naked Black woman hiding her genitals wit a paper fan from a little White girl wit her school backpack on as she is gettin off da bus. Da accompanying caption reads: "Honey, Ize Waitin' Fo' You at Home." Da sexual innuendo is obvious..."

"...It must be emphasized that the items that depict Nigga women as one-dimensional sexual beings are often everyday items found in the homes, garages, automobiles, and offices of "mainstream" White families and businesses. Dees items are functional - in addition to promoting Nigger stereotypes, they also have practical utility. For example, a naked Black woman with a fishing hook attached in her anus and a young white boy holding the fishing pole functions as an object of Black stereotyping and as a fishing lure..."


LaTasha Black was sitting her spacious corner office. She worked for White and White an all female attorney office. Behind her on the wall were her degrees, a Bachelor's degree in psychology, a Masters degree in Finance and her Law degree from Cherish Valley University. Her office was decorated in mahogany with a large oak desk and plush carpet. In the corner was a mini-bar which was used after meeting with clients. Tasha, as she preferred to be known, was a very successful attorney. She was on the verge of becoming a partner.

Amanda White and her sister Abbie White were twenty-six year old attorneys who owned the law firm. Tasha was their best attorney by far. Besides LaTasha there were ten young White female attorneys who worked at White and White. They specialized in female criminal cases.

"Tasha do you have a minute?" asked Amanda White as she walked into Tasha's office.

"Yes, certainly" she replied putting down a brief. Tasha took pride in mentoring the newer female attorney's, helping them with their briefs and finding strengths and weaknesses in their arguments.

Amanda sat down in the comfortable chair in front of Tasha's big oak desk, "What is is it, Amanda?" she asked with concern on her face.

Amanda sat down and looked at her employee.

"We have a very important client in the conference room and I want you to take their case."

"Ok, what is it all about?"

"Two sisters, twins, thirteen years old, were picked up at home yesterday for rape of a woman behind the Young Girl club..."

"The house of prostitution?" smirked Tasha.

"Yes, their father owns the club..."

"I thought the Mayor owned the club" said a startled Tasha.

"That Bitch? No she manages the club after hours..."


"Yes, but more importantly the woman they are accused of raping, Mrs Elaine Johnson, who is the wife of the president of Cherish Valley Bank."

"What was she doing in the area?"

"That is what you have to find out. Now the father of these twins pays us a pretty hefty retainer to handle cases for him where it concerns the Young Girl Club. When Mr Snyder called earlier he pointed that out to me. He wants his daughters exonerated of the charges and the good name of the club cleared. He said it would be bad for business if adult women were afraid to patronize the club because of the possibility of a rape occurring. I told him we were the best law firm to handle the rape case against his daughters."

"I won't let you down Amanda" smiled Tasha. She had a chance to defend two White girls, something she dreamed about. She didn't care for the club though but here was another chance to enhance her credentials.

"I know you won't because you're the best. But I must warn you that these two girls are very difficult to deal with. Everybody knows their trouble makers so do whatever it takes to please the girls and get a 'Not Guilty' verdict. If you need any help at all with the girls or the case, don't hesitate to come to me, it won't reflect on your abilities if you seek out help."

Tasha took that to mean that if she needed help with the case or the girls then her ability to be an partner would be in question. She didn't intend to let that happen.

"Any questions?" asked Amanda.

"I'm good" smiled Tasha warming to the challenge.

Amanda looked at her watch, "Let's go to the conference room and meet the girls."

Amanda and Tasha walked into the conference room. Tasha had a smile on her face and excitement in her step. This was going to be a big case. If she could get the sisters exonerated she thought Amanda and Abbie would offer her a partnership. Two white thirteen year old girls wearing pink and white cheerleader outfits with their blonde hair in a pony tail sat in the conference room. Their school backpacks on the table top.

"Hi girls, I am Amanda White and this is Miss LaTasha Black."

"Hi Miss White, I am Sarah" replied the girl.

"I am Sally" the said looking at Amanda.

Tasha had quickly picked up that both girls had ignored her and that bothered her. She couldn't tell the girls apart, both wore the same clothes.

Amanda turned to Tasha, "Miss Black please get the girls something to drink."

"I'll take a coke" replied one and the other said, "I'll take a Pepsi."

Tasha left the conference room and wondered which girl wanted what drink. When she returned to the conference room Amanda and the girls were laughing. She put the drinks on the conference room table in front of the girls.

Amanda turned to Tasha, "We were just talking about the charges against the girls," then she turned to both girls, "Sarah and Sally, Miss Black here will be your attorney..."

"What? This Powder Burn? No way!" Sally replied angrily as she pushed her chair away from the table.

"I beg your pardon!" Tasha said in surprise.

"You can beg all you want, Munt, but there's no way you're going to represent us. Wait 'till our dad hears about this."

Tasha was speechless, she stood there stunned. The racial slurs coming from these two girls was disgusting to hear.

"This darkie should be cleaning up this place, not some attorney" Sally said smugly.

"Girls, please, Miss Black here is the best attorney we have. And your father did say that he wanted the best attorney we had working your case..."

"No disrespect to you Miss White, but we would rather have a White female attorney handle our case" the sister on the right said.

Tasha turned on her heel and walked quickly out the door. Amanda got up from her chair and followed her out the door.

Amanda grabbed hold of Tasha's arm and pulled her around.

"I can't do it, I can't represent these... these... horrible girls" cried Tasha.

"You can and you will, their father has pays a lot of money to this law firm and I am not about to throw it away because some teenies call you names" Amanda said between clinched teeth. She looked over at the smiling twin girls in the conference room and smiled back but turning her head she gave LaTasha a stern look.

"Can't you get somebody else to represent these little monsters?" pleaded Tasha.

"No, the other attorney's have cases they are working on and you're the best we have."

Tasha wiped tears from her eyes. And looked over Amanda's shoulder. Both girls were whispering and giggling to each other.

"The case goes to trial in a month. Put with these girls for a month and get a 'Not Guilty' verdict that her parents are paying us for then you just might get a partnership."

"I don't know Amanda, I'm not sure a partnership is worth the humiliation from these two monsters."

"Look Tasha we need you, I need you. The law firm can't afford to survive without that retainer money their father pays each year. Put up with the girls for a month, do whatever they want, please them, get the 'Not Guilty' verdict and I will make it worth your while..."

"Well... ok... but I don't like it" she wiped tears from her eyes.

"Excellent, don't let the law firm, my law firm down, now let let's go back in..." smiled Amanda.

Tasha followed Amanda back into the conference room, "Girls, Miss Black here is eager to represent you. She is willing to do what it takes to get a 'Not Guilty' verdict for you... and Miss Black," Amanda said looking at Tasha, "As an attorney you work for the girls, so the case is yours," then turning to the teens, "girls if need anything from me, just let me know, I want to make this as pleasant as possible for you. Miss Black is the best we have and she is here to help" Amanda said as she walked out the door.

Tasha gulped as she looked at the two smiling teens. The girls had evil predatory looks on their faces. She walked over to the credenza to retrieve a legal pad and pen and went to sit down at the table.

"We didn't say you could sit, blackie" One of them said. Tasha couldn't tell Sarah from Sally.

"Look girls, if I am going to represent you, drop it with the name calling, my name is Miss Black" Tasha said staring back at the two teens, her chest pounding, her heart racing.

"Look Miss Black, you work for us now, our parents are paying this cheesy law firm a lot of money for you to represent us. So you do what we tell you to do or we take our business elsewhere, unless, that is you want us to call Amanda back in here."

Tasha slumped her shoulders, "No that will not be necessary."

"Good," said the girl on the right who was either Sally or Sarah, "Now ask us permission to sit"


"You heard my sister, Boogie, ask us for permission to sit."

"Um, ok, can I sit down please?"

The sister on the right looked at her sister on the left, "She didn't properly ask for permission to sit, I thought all darkies knew how to ask permission" she laughed.

"What?" asked Tasha, "You just said..."

"Doesn't matter what she said, Sambo, ask us for permission to sit in the third person."

"What do you mean?" replied an exasperated Tasha.

"She sure is dumb for an attorney" smiled the sister on the right.

"You say to us, 'Can this Nigger please have your permission to sit?'" smiled the sister on the left.

"What? No fucking way, I'm not gonna put up with this shit" Tasha said angrily as she walked towards the door.

"If you walk out that door, we will make sure our father pulls his money from this law firm...and won't that make your boss lady unhappy?"

Tasha stopped at the door.

"Go on, ask us for permission to sit" smiled the sister on the right.

"No, I... can't" Tasha said with tears in her eyes.

Both teenagers got up from the table, "You can't or you won't? Because we are out here and on our way out we will stop by Miss White's office and inform her of your decision..."

"No, don't... Okay, okay," Tasha turned around and faced both young girls.

Both girls stood there staring at the Black attorney.

Tasha cleared her throat, shame written all over her face, staring at the ground, ""Um, can this Nigger please have your permission to sit?"

The teenagers sat down smiling, "That wasn't so bad was it Nigger?" Tasha had tears in her eyes. She shook her head 'no', "... But our answer is no. Next time look at us when you ask permission."

"Now, Nig Nog, ask permission to ask us questions, using your name Nigger" said the sister on the left.

Tasha took a deep breath, stared at the ceiling, collected her thoughts and looked at the sisters, "Can this Nigger please have permission to ask you questions?"

"Yes you may."

Tasha breathed a sigh of relief, "When did this rape allegedly occur?"

The sister on the right got up from her chair and walked around the table to stand next to Tasha, "Last Friday the fourteenth..." she said as she ran her fingers across Tasha's shoulders.

"Um, please stop" stammered Tasha as the girl's fingers gave her a shiver.

The other sister got up from the table and walked around it, "Continue with the questions, Nigger" she said.

Tasha stared at the girl about to say something mean in return instead she asked, "Um, where did you meet this woman?"

"At the Young Girl Club sitting at the bar..." one sister said as she reached her hand around Tasha's front and undid the top button of her blouse.

"Stop it, please" Tasha said weakly, sweat breaking on her brow.

"Keep going Nigger, your doing just fine" the other sister said as she undid the clasp on Tasha's skirt.

"I understand that adult women are solicited for sex at the club?"

"Yes" replied the sister as she did the next button on Tasha's blouse.

"Um, how much did you solicit Mrs Johnson for?"

The sister who undid the clasp on the skirt pulled down the zipper, "We offered her twenty dollars for a fuck."

"Please girls, don't" whined Tasha feeling very uncomfortable.

"Ask the next question, Nigger."

"Did she take your money?"

"Yes, she grabbed it from my hand" the sister replied as she undid the third button on Tasha's blouse.

"How come the alleged rape took place outside the club?" Tasha stammered, she wanted to run away from the room, get away from these nasty girls.

The sister who was undoing Tasha's skirt said, "Mrs Johnson didn't want to be seen in one of the fun rooms, she thought it would be better to have sex outback where nobody could see her..." The teen then yanked down Tasha's skirt which made her step back.

"Please stop, I'm begging you" Tasha cried as she looked over her shoulder looking at the other women standing there watching her with her skirt bunched at her feet. Some of the female lawyers had looks of concern and others had smiles.

"Enough questions, Nigger, now it's our turn to ask you questions" said the sister as she undid the last button on Tasha's blouse.

"Do you like sex?" asked the sister who ran her finger tips along Tasha's ass cheeks.

"What? No, I mean yes" Tasha was confused. Her crotch was wet and her nipples were straining against her bra. 'I wish those other women would just go away, those White bitches are enjoying my humiliation" she thought.

"Well, which is it Nigger?" smiled the sister as she pulled the blouse down around Tasha's waist.

"Yes, I enjoy sex."

"Thought so, I here that all Nigger bitches love sex."

Tasha burned with shame and humiliation. The other female lawyers were now staring at the three of them in the conference room.

"Have you ever had lesbian sex before" asked the sister as she ran her fingers over the front of Tasha's crotch.

"No, lesbian sex isn't right" Tasha tensed up, dropped her legal pad and pen and tried to move the teenagers hand from her crotch.

"My, my, your very wet, Nigger" smiled the sister, "Keep your hands at your sides, bitch."

When Tasha dropped her arms to her sides her blouse fell completely off her. She was standing there in her panties and bra and high heel shoes.

The twin who had removed Tasha's skirt ran her hand along her breasts and the quickly worked her fingers into the attorney's bra, pinching her right nipple. Tasha tried to step away from the girl but her sister was standing behind her, "Does talking about lesbian sex get you all hot and horny, Nigger?"

"Please stop, I'm begging you. I am your attorney not some slut" cried Tasha as the twin squeezed her nipple hard.

"Ow" cried Tasha as she tried to move away from the teen.

"You are what we decide you are" smiled the sister with her fingers in Tasha's bra.

"I think this Nigger gets excited by the thought of lesbian sex or is it the humiliation of being watched by your co-workers" giggled the teen.

The one twin standing behind her leaned into Tasha's ear and whispered, "We're done for today, Nigger, walk us to the front door just as you are."

"No, please, this is so humiliating, do make me do it in front of my co-workers" pleaded Tasha.

"Shut up Nigger" the sister said as they both retrieved their backpacks, "Now when we get to the front door we want you to say in a loud clear voice, 'This Nigger is pleased that she could serve you today', then open the door for us..."

Tasha slumped her shoulders and nodded her head. She was embarrassed and ashamed.

The office was quiet as Tasha followed the two thirteen year old girls thru the office to the front door. She opened the door and said, "This Nigger is pleased that she could serve you today."

"Thank you, Miss Black, we will return on Thursday to continue our case" smiled the teen, "...by the way" she whispered, "...I am Sally"

"I am Sarah, and when we return on Thursday, you are to greet us just like you are now, in your high heels, panties and bra, do you understand Nigger?" Sarah said in loud voice so that the receptionist could hear her.

"Yes, I understand" Tasha replied with tears in her eyes.

Sally turned around and slapped Tasha's face, "Reply properly to us, Nigger."

Tasha hung her head in shame and looked up, "This Nigger understands."

Both girls laughed as they walked out the door.

Tasha quickly returned to the conference to retrieve her clothes, working her way thru small crowd of White women who were snickering. She stomped into Amanda's office, "I can't do it, they just about raped me Amanda" cried Tasha as she rubbed her right breast which hurt from the rough pinching fingers of the teen.

"Now, now, Tasha, just one month of putting up with their antics. Remember the law firm needs you to handle this case" smiled Amanda as she pointed to Tasha's blouse. Tasha looked down and noticed her blouse buttons were one hole off and her skirt was on sideways. She looked like a mess.

"Now, go and prepare their case and for the next meeting" Amanda said returning her attention to the brief she had in hand.

Tasha hung her head and walked slowly out of the office. Her world was now upside down.

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Excellent story. Don't get bumbed if you get 'racist' comments. A white women can caller lover 'nigger', have a 'nigger' baby, be a 'niggers' slave and no one says a word. The other way around, not so much. See 'Neal's' stories. Good story, good style.


I am a black woman, and your story was interesting. Actually for some strange reason I get off on white women sexually degrading and dominating black women. My pussy get so moist just the thought of submitting to a white woman.i never been with a woman, but yet I crave white pussy.

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