Humiliation Presentation, Part 1

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Published: 16-Mar-2012

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All these stories are a work of fiction and care was taken - no letters were hurt when they were placed on the page.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Every story I write contains CONSENUAL sexual situations between adults and kids and any other combination that I can think of and that these stories should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough to do so or who would be offended if they did. Most if not all of the stories I write contain explicit pornographic material; it is not for minors under the age of 18 or close-minded people.

Any characters, places, businesses and/or circumstances etc. described herein are entirely fictional and are a product of my imagination. None of the following is based on real organisms or organizations, and any semblance to anyone or anything real, living, deceased or imaginary, is purely coincidental. There is no place called Cherish Valley in the United States that I am aware of.

Author's advisory: All these stories that I write about are for adults only. If you're under-aged or of a closed mind and you read my stories, your teeth will rot and all your hair will fall out! This stuff is too mature and sophisticated for you.

Anyone who is an adult or age of majority, of course, is welcome to continue.

Email me with your comments. I try to reply to readers who take time to email me.


"Good afternoon ladies, I am Dr Megan Stone, PhD. Thank you for coming to this presentation on humiliation. A little about myself, I am married, been married for twenty years. I have a thirteen year old daughter who is Junior Girl Scout. I work for the Cherish Valley Female Deportment department. I have a doctorate degree in human psychology. This presentation is given for mothers whose daughters have recently joined the Girl Scouting program, mother's who are interested in exploring a sexual relationship with their daughters and their friends, women who have been recruited by the Senior Girl Scouts as adult escorts.

"Humiliation" Said Mrs Stone, "When we look at accepted definition, humiliation is explained as injuring the dignity or pride of an adult woman or mother. Many women I have asked about their opinion on humiliation have told me the same thing and they don't see it as something bad, or something that hurts the humiliated woman. And I have heard that not only from "vanilla" women, those women who are not into humiliation, but also from women who are actively participating with their daughters in Girl Scouts. Of course that made me think, and it made me try to come up with a way to explain what humiliation means to an adult woman or mother. Most women are into being hurt emotionally by pre-teen girls, having their dignity being injured by their daughters, or being treated like dirt by a Girl Scout."

A hand went up, "Mrs Stone, what exactly is humiliation?"

When I say humiliation I am talking about Consensual Humiliation Play in the context of young girls. To me it is the essence of an adult woman acting like a child. Looking at the things we do everyday makes me think that every woman is into humiliation to some extent, some very little, some a lot. Boundaries of humiliation play are the ones that are stretched the most by tween girls, with many girls and women not even realizing that what they are doing is a humiliation scene. Looking at my relationship with my daughter from a vanilla point of view, I am humiliating myself by letting her touch me and play with me. But I don't care about that. I get satisfaction from my submission to her by giving up my parental control.

Humiliation comes in many forms. Most women and mothers like spankings. To us it is obviously not humiliating, but if someone vanilla were to watch it they would most likely think "wow, how humiliating". So, to a very small extent, it is a humiliation scene.

Being called names, like slut, whore, little girl or baby girl by our daughters is humiliation.

Being led as a puppy in front of a Girl Scout troop is humiliation. Being tied on top of a table with your butt up in the air as eight and nine year old girls play with your privates is humiliation. Being watched as I go to the bathroom by girls that are six or seven years old is humiliation. Golden showers, bondage as played by girls in the sixteen to eighteen year age group, being fisted by a ten year old, caged at a Middle School basketball game and then shown off at half time, fingered in public by a fourteen year old till you climax, being told by your daughter to open your blouse another button while you feel all eyes are on you, holding open your pussy lips while you masturbate in front of little girls and boys at the playground, being bound with your wrists behind your back at a church play party and left, all these things to me fall under the heading of humiliation. A humiliation scene can be something really simple, or something really extreme depending on the girl.

One of the most delicate practices of humiliation is the art form of directed, controlled, willful and consensual humiliation between young girls and adult women. Shame is a painful adult female emotion caused by consciousness of guilt or impropriety of having a sexual affair with teen girls.

Propriety is the fear of offending against conventional rules of behavior especially concerning the role of a parent, the mother and her daughter, the child. The standard of social acceptability within the community or even the neighborhood.

All of us in this auditorium are each the product of our gender, upbringing, culture and apparent material status. Our positioning within this community or neighborhood social structure is often apparent through our parenting roles and expectations of 'proper' adult female conduct in public. This is especially true for mothers with young daughters. Mothers are held to a different level of accountability from the husband or father in Cherish Valley.

Issues relating to adult female sexuality, exposure, and promiscuity are tied up in cultural roles of parenting a girl whether she is teenager or a pre-teen. To be considered a 'decent' woman, the mother must not give up her parental role keep her legs crossed, her eyes down, her 'indecent' opinions to herself.

This is of course functional societal controls at work. Violating these boundaries can and does alter a woman's 'status' within her family, friends and community. Stepping 'outside' the norm means she is 'asking for' or 'deserving of' physical, mental and emotional humiliation by young girls. She becomes a lesser person in the eyes of young girls.

When it comes to humiliation play with young girls these fundamental dynamics need to be considered and understood. The mother or adult woman does not wish to lose her status as a parent especially with those persons whom she respects and loves such as family, friends and coworkers. That status is generally hard-won and of significant value in how a woman views herself in her world. However, many women desire, want and need to be taken across these taboo boundaries into the person who lurks inside her who enjoys all those naughty pleasures of the flesh that the proper and 'decent' woman on the outside is forbidden to admit to.

Girls between the ages of six and sixteen, who are into humiliation play, walk a fine line of reinforcing the strong positive mental health and imagery that the adult female or mother needs to be happy and healthy while overtly violating or forcing this same adult female or mother to experience taboo language, dress, behavior and responses.

Young girls learning the nuances of an adult woman or her mother is crucial here. Humiliation, properly done, is part of a freeing process for both the girl and the woman. Humiliation play is a way for a woman to reduce her status to the level of a child. It allows her to escape the bonds of societal behavior, temporarily give up her parental role and express herself in a completely reprehensible way with a young girl.

The best way for a young girl to discover what an adult woman or her mother wants is to ask her. When your daughter asks you what you want from humiliation play you should be specific with her ladies. For starters, give her a list of words which clearly state which words you want to hear used on you. This may take some time but it is essential to do prior to just jumping into humiliation play, let your daughter know that during humiliation play that it is ok if you give up your role as her parent as she verbally abuses you.

Many apparent aspects of humiliation are shameful or in opposition to what most women have been taught is behavior appropriate for a parent. For many adult women or mothers the simple action of kneeling at the feet of a ten year old girl with a strap-on jutting from her slim waist for the first time is filled with excesses of emotion. You ladies sitting here today probably do not want anyone to see you doing this for the very first time, especially in front of your other children, friends and neighbors, even the Girl Scout troop. A lot of women and mothers feel that the first several times of humiliation play with a young girl should be done in private, let the trust build up between her and girl. Those women couldn't be more wrong.

Daughters speaking crudely to their mother as well as handling their mother firmly can make the mother enormously aroused. Most adult women or mothers wish to experience public humiliation but lack the mental discipline to do so, such as being led down a public street wearing a leash and dog collar where people may recognize them.

But it is that ten year old girl's responsibility to ensure that the status of her mother or adult woman is reduce during humiliation play. That ten year old, thru proper training, realizes that the adult woman kneeling at her feet craves in her child like mind the humiliation of being watched by other kids, friends and neighbors. That ten year old realizes that the sooner she gets that adult woman or mother over her initial fear of being watched the sooner she can deliver that adult female into the joys of orgies and other sexual deviations.

Most mothers adapt fairly quickly to kneeling front of their daughters or their young friends, addressing them using honorific titles such as 'Miss' and conceptualizing the 'in-the-presence' behavior protocols established between the young girl and the woman, such a kneeling in the presence of young girls as they walk into the room.

With a new adult woman or mother participating with her daughter in Girl Scouts for the first time, every step is a ledge, a challenge, a mystery and a terror. She must believe that eight year old girl who paid for her at a troop meeting will not allow injury to befall her at exactly the same moment that she voluntarily agrees to obey instructions of the eight year old which are in direct opposition to her adult parenting role. This is an enormous undertaking for a mother new to Girl Scouting. It takes courage, belief and trust in the young girl. But also young girls must retain an awareness of the mental challenges at work in the mind of the mother with what may appear to the girl to be simple instructions.

The most common form of humiliation that adult women or mothers want or ask for from young girls is language that is socially unacceptable, words like Slut, Whore, Cunt, Bitch. Many women have a fantasy of 'being' this word, this slut or whore, it creates a naughtiness that as a parent she would never accept.

Mothers want to wear clothing that is too tight, too revealing, too sexy or childish and they want the young girls to find them alluring, sluttish, sexually promiscuous and child-like. Everything they have never been allowed to be in their role as a parent but at the very same time they want and need the young girls to revere them.

Many women like and want to be challenged by a young girl into completing a task which places them at risk or in a position of embarrassment. This can be an assignment by the daughter to her mother go into a pet store to try on various dog leashes and collars in the presence and within view of the shop keeper and other customers.

Or having the mother wear a dog collar, dressed skimpily and have her go to the elementary school and stand around in the girl's bathroom making a count of how many girls go pee and how many take a poop.

These adventures when successfully completely should be rewarded. It takes courage to face-down the judging eyes of other people. It also makes the adult woman or mother stronger as she learns that she can do these assigned tasks that were assigned by her daughter, that her daughter's praise is what she should strive for.

"Mrs Stone? Is there such a thing as humiliating a woman in a healthy positive way?"

Yes, but young girls trying to humiliate a woman in a healthy and positive way is difficult for the girl, it is up to the adult female to make her humiliation play with a girl a healthy positive outlet for the girl. It is essential to remember ladies that each of us is somewhat different every day. There are days when I'm feeling strong and days when I am feeling weak. Crossing into negative diminishment is very easy for me to do especially at the early stages of a sexual relationship with a young girl. My objective and yours also is to constantly create excitement, enjoyment and pleasure for your daughter or young girl.

Pre-teen girls who do humiliation well will reduce the adult woman or mother to the point of sensual erotic child and that is healthy and positive outcome for the girl.

"Mrs Stone?" a woman raised her hand.

"Yes?" Mrs Stone said pointing at the woman.

"Um, Embarrassment and Humiliation, what's the difference?" asked the lady.

This is another question where I hear different opinions all the time. I have been thinking about what creates that difference, and I think it has to do with the aspect of deniability. If my daughter's friend calls me a whore I get wet, now even if I really was a whore I might get embarrassed that she mentions something like that in public because I don't want people to know. If she were to call me a fat cow in public I would be embarrassed, I am a little overweight so I don't have that deniability anymore - "maybe she really does think I am a fat cow, maybe I am a fat cow ... oh my god, she thinks I am fat" - embarrassment and hurt would be the result. There is no deniability, I know I am a little overweight, I am sensitive about that issue, but it does make me wet between my legs when a tween girl laughingly points that out.

"How can it be humiliation? I like it" laughed a woman in the back of the room.

That question always comes up in humiliation discussions with women. "How can it be humiliation if I like it?"

The room full of women all laughed.

A scene where a tween girl orders her mother to drop naked to the floor, crawl across the room to her side, and bark like a dog would appear extremely humiliating to an observer, while the mother would just feel turned on. She might not feel humiliated at all, after all, this is her daughter and there is no need to feel embarrassed in front of her.

This form of play is called play acting, but the adult woman that enjoys it usually doesn't have the feeling of being humiliated, she is just turned on. This is the same thing as a spanking scene, where an observer might say "Ouch, that's got to hurt", while the mother who enjoys a spanking does not feel like she is being hurt by the girl, she just feels extreme sensation and a great turn-on.

I think it is only humiliation as I am discussing it here, humiliation play and play acting, if the woman likes it. She might not like it right then and there in front of her daughter's friends, but if, in the long run, she likes what happened then it is a humiliation scene. Just like standing in the corner with your nose touching the wall is a "good thing" if the girl likes seeing that at least in the overall scheme of things.

A lot of things my daughter and her friends do to me I do not like while they are happening for example I hate for her for spanking me in front of her friends, and I hate crawling around on the floor picking up magnets with nipple clamps on my nipples as the girls slap my ass cheeks urging me on but in the overall picture I love those things.

I love that fact that she can make me do nasty things for her, I love the fact that I am able to stand there in the corner facing the wall while she spanks me. I love the pleasure and the pride on her face if I have done something that was hard for me to do like soliciting sex from the sales girl in the lingerie department. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did that just for her and because I am her mother, not because it was so much fun to do at the time.

We all have physical and emotional limits, and the young girls in our lives have to respect that. Sooner or later our emotional and physical limits can be pushed, but it has to be done at a speed that works for the mother or adult woman. It has to be done when the time is right, when the trust is established with the girl to go that extra step.

Doing things for my daughter that I would not do even for my husband is an awesome feeling. It puts me where I want to be, at her feet, being humble, being submissive, handing her my pride and dignity so she can do anything she wants with me at least for a short period of time before we go back to the traditional mother daughter roll. It is that "I would do anything for her" feeling, that "she truly owns me" feeling that I need.

The other thing is when I am on my hands and knees with a twelve year old girl kneeling behind me slowly pumping her strap-on in and out of my anus, she leans down on my back, reaches under me to fondle my breasts and softly whispers in my ear "Only a real nasty little girl would get wet from a tween girl butt fucking her" I'm just gone, it's over, I'm hers. I become lost in her power and control over me, I am nothing but her little girl to do with as she pleases. That is the same feeling I get when I am on my hands and knees with the toilet seat down around neck and my daughter is fucking me from behind, my head banging into the toilet tank, the toilet bowl filled with her piss and poop that fills my nostrils, she leans over and asks who fucks me better, dad or her, I come right there, squealing like a little girl as she laughs and slaps my ass cheeks.

I find for me, the space I go into during humiliation play with young girls is my personal mental space. The deep feelings of total submission I get when she looks down at me, when she talks to me like I was child, when she touches me in my most private places, when she makes me hers, that to me is my personal mental space. And nothing can get me there like humiliation play, a scene where she puts me in a lower place, a place where I feel I belong mentally and physically during that play time.

The endorphin high of a spanking is very different, it is a place where I go during a heavy physical play during an orgy with eleven and twelve year old girls, but I can only go there if I am in that mental space first, if I feel submissive to the girls, if I want to take their pain because I am theirs to do with as they please. Maybe I feel this way because I don't see myself as a masochist. With my daughter I accept her pain and pleasure because it pleases her to give it to me, and accepting it from her makes makes me feel all warm and tingly.

The room full of women giggled.

There are some things that you need to remember ladies when getting into humiliation play on a deeper mental and physical level with a girl.

First is to know your daughter or the girl that you will be playing with. I believe that heavy humiliation play with young girls cannot be done with a girl just off the street. There is too much at stake. The girl needs the training in humiliation play that say the Girl Scouts provide or your church youth group. When playing with humiliation our daughters are playing with our emotions and our bodies. Before getting into an orgy that involves humiliation you have to know as much as possible about your daughter or Girl Scout or young girl, and the girl has to know you. Which means practice, practice, practice with the girl or your daughter. The mental level we women go to in humiliation play changes all the time. The level of humiliation play gets heavier the longer we have been practicing.

Second thing is that in a humiliation orgy the woman's emotional health is at stake. The girls should be aware of that. But at the same time there should not be any room for "I can't do this" from the woman because a properly trained eight year old should be able to tease out our emotions.

Third, the woman should have the utmost trust in the six year old or the fifteen year old as they play with our emotions having us do things in public that we would not ordinarily do or having us do things with a group of seven year olds that that physically reduces us to playthings. Usually a woman's incoherent crying is a pretty good sign that the young girl is doing something right with our emotions.


The last thing is the return to Mother Daughter relations what I call the Aftercare.

It is very important after a humiliation play or orgy that hugging, cuddling, talking with your daughter or young girl about what transpired during play time doesn't affect your role as a parent, making sure the girl knows that she should respect your parental role after the orgy or humiliation play.

With my thirteen year old daughter I gently remind her of who she is after our humiliation play, that she is my daughter first and foremost, and that I freely gave her my emotional and physical needs by my submission to her authority. Reminding her every now and then that she still has to do her homework, clean her room, help me in preparing dinner, setting the table. I let her know that I am still the parent, that I should not be any less important in her eyes just because I mentally lower myself for her sexual pleasure and amusement and for allowing her to put me into humiliating situations.

Finally ladies, humiliation is a wonderful sexual tool I use in my lifestyle just as other adult women use it in their lifestyle. A good rule of thumb is this: If it feels right with the young girl as she pinches your nipples and slaps your clit then chances are that it is right. Trust your gut feeling with your daughter or her friends when you submit to them. Remember, allow the girls to push you a little further down the humiliation road, thank you"


"Any questions?"

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Very nice ideas in this story. I'd like you to develop it in something more like some life setting. I mean..put it on work. Thanks


Great stories by this author.

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