Big Girls, Part 2

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Published: 2-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Second of my girls was Lucy James, another little blonde girl from down the street. Her father was a bully who beat her up and left her outside the house very often, all night on a few occasions. He didn't seem to want the child there at all.

He had killed her mother in a rage and got off when the police couldn't make it stick, the verdict was that she 'fell' down the stairs, but everyone who knew them knew that he had pushed her. The little girl wandered the streets, eventually ending up at my house most days. She would stand near the gate a look over at me as I pruned my roses. I smiled at her and she giggled, hiding her face behind the small tree near the fence. I tried to go over to talk to her, but she ran away each time.

Then one afternoon I was in the front garden when she arrived.

She stood watching me, giggling when I smiled at her.

"Hello!" I said, "Who are you?"

"Lucy." she said.

"What are you doing here Lucy, Why aren't you at home?"

"Daddy will beat me. I'm scared to go home!" she said again.

"So what are you going to do?" I asked her.

"Sleep in the park again." she told me.

I was shocked.

"You sleep in the park? Alone?" I asked.

"Sometimes I have to let the big man do things to me, then he lets me sleep next to him and stay warm." she explained.

I blinked.

"When do you go home or go to school?" I asked her.

"I go home after he's gone and then wash up for school. Sometimes I can find something to eat first, but he usually hides the food." she said, "I have a friend who shares her food with me."

Already I hated the man and wanted to hurt him. I was also really turned on and wanted to fuck this juicy little plump child who had already let a bum in the park fuck her.

"Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?" I asked her, "I've cooked and you can sleep in my spare room if you want. It's much warmer than the park and you can shower here too."

She brightened and straightened up and smiled.

"Really?" she asked, "I'm starving!"

I signalled for her to come into the garden and led her over to the front door. I had every intention of having my cock in her plump young body very shortly after gorging her with food and giving her a nice long bath to clean her up.

When she got inside she placed her school-bag on the sofa and stood staring at my television set.

"You've got TV!" she squealed.

"You can watch it later, but first you must have a bath and get all cleaned up before having dinner. Come on!" I told her.

She looked nervously at me, but I pulled her along and up the stairs.

"Are you going to punish me?" she asked, fear in her voice. "Whatever for Sweetheart? You haven't done anything wrong!" I smiled and took her into the bathroom.

She didn't resist as I stripped off her school uniform and then her vest and panties. I ran the bath as I worked and poured foamy bubble bath into the steaming hot water, then I stood back to admire her meaty thighs and deliciously plump bottom that was begging for cock.

"My, you are a pretty little thing aren't you?" I told her, delighted by the following giggle.

I turned her around and found that her pussy was also very plump, but her labia was open and well developed. She had practically said that she had been having sex with that man in the park.

"You are so cute! How old are you Sweetie?" I asked her.

"Eight!" she said proudly.

"Eight and very lovely!" I laughed and smiled as she giggled delightfully.

I checked the bath and got her into the water, laughing as she gasped at the heat of the water. She settled down as I soaped her hair with shampoo, cleaning her body and enjoying the feel of her soft young skin as I soaped her. She let me wash her pussy and her arse, slipping my fingers into her and making sure she was very clean without resistance. She giggled and laughed as I washed her and played with her, telling her jokes and even giving her little kisses on her cheeks.

Finally she was nice and clean, I drained the water and dried her off, taking her to my room wrapped in my large towel where I rubbed her in baby oil and used Vaseline in her bottom and her pussy.

"Why have you got baby oil?" she asked.

"It's good for my skin!" I told her, my finger delving into her tight little bottom as she stood in front of me.

"You're not a baby!" she laughed, "You're a Man!"

"So? Can't a man have nice soft skin as well?" I asked her.

"Well... I guess!" she giggled.

I loved that sound, determined to make her do it very often.

I found an old t-shirt and dressed her in it, taking her downstairs to sit and watch TV while I put her school uniform into the washing machine and cleaned up her shoes. After that I got the dinner ready and we sat at the table eating the chicken stew with the rice and vegetables. She ate everything on her plate and I served her some icecream as dessert.

"Mmmmm! That was yummy!" she said.

I took her back into the living room and we watched TV for the remainder of the evening, the girl in my lap and my fingers delving in her juicy little pussy. Listening to her gasps and moans as I fingered her was wonderful and the feel of her plump bottom against my rigid cock was fantastic too.

"OK, bedtime!" I said.

She was silent as I picked her up and switched off the TV, moving around to lock up the house while she clung to me. I walked upstairs and went into my bedroom with the child.

"I think you'll be sleeping with me tonight. OK?"

"OK!" she said in a gentle voice.

I placed her on the bed and pulled the t-shirt off her body, loving the sight of her meaty form. I left her there and removed my own clothes, stripping off and then going over to the bed and sitting down next to her. She stared expectantly up at me then stared down at my cock.

"Wow!" she said, "It's so big!"

"Don't worry Sweetie, I won't hurt you." I told her and pushed her onto her back, spreading her plump thighs apart.

I pressed my mouth down on her wet slit, juicy from my busy fingers earlier, and started to lick and suck at the sopping flesh. She gave a long, low moan and grabbed my head. I kept at her, tonguing her, lapping her flesh until she shuddered under me silently. She had an orgasm, a sneaky one. I raised up and lay over her, nosing my cock against her slippery hole and then I pressed gently against it, feeling her open up around me and my cock-head slip slowly into the tight grip of her baby pussy. "Unngh!" she grunted, "Unnnngghhh!"

I sank into her, my cock driving deep in the first slow push until her muscles gripped me and held me in place half way.

"God that's so tight!" I gasped and began to pull back, driving forward again to fuck her gently in the bed.

"Ughh!" she gasped and clung to my body, "Oooooh!"

I reached under her shoulders and held her head in my hands, bracing my weight on my elbows. Her eyes were closed and I fucked her steadily, working my cock deeper and deeper into her sweet, tight belly. Soon more of my cock was in her belly and she gasped at every stroke, moaning as I dragged completely out of her and rolled her onto her side.

Now I wanted that plump bottom of hers and I was going to get it now.

She whimpered as I rubbed my cock into the deep gully between her buttocks and rubbed up against her little anal dimple.

"Please don't..." she begged.

"Shhhh! I hushed her and slowly eased my cock into her.

She didn't fight me, which was good, she just lay there and let me slowly slip my cock-head gently into her tightly gripping anus. I didn't go quickly at all, just eased and pressed, eased and pressed until the head squeezed into her.

"There!" I sighed into her ear as she lay with her back against me, "It's in and it didn't even hurt, did it?"

"No." she said softly.

I pulled it out again and then squeezed it back in, then I did it again and again. I continued to do this until I could slip my cock in and out of her bottom, before I pushed deeper until my cock lodged into her rectum and she groaned in discomfort.

"Unngh!" she grunted, "Unngh! Unngh!"

I fucked her bum, buggering the little eight year old slowly and gently on my big bed, reaming her tight anus open long into the night until I had forced my entire seven inches deep into her sucking rear. Her gasping continued as I sodomised her until I grunted and came hard deep into her clinging bowels, my cock throbbing and jumping inside her.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oooooh!" I gasped as I finished in her, "That was fantastic!"

I hugged her tight and allowed her to sleep, laying inside her and just enjoying the feel of her gripping me as I listened to her breathing change, then I too fell asleep.

I woke up when I felt her bum sliding off my cock and pulled her back, driving deep into her. She moaned but didn't resist me and I started to bugger her again, sliding in her bottom until I became excited and shot into her, cumming up into her bowels as I had the previous night. I kissed her cheek and dragged my cock from her bum with a juicy "SLUURRRP!".

"Ugh!" she grunted and turned to smile at me.

"Morning Sweetie!" I said.

"Morning Mister!" she smiled, then giggled when her bum made a rude farting sound.

"Up you get, time for school!" I told her.


"Yes Sweetie?" I answered.

"Can I come and sleep her tonight again?" she asked, sounding hopeful.

"Of course you can! You can't go sleeping in the park any more, if you can't go home then you must come here, OK?"

She nodded and reached for me. I hugged her and kissed her pretty mouth, a mouth that I would soon have wrapped around my cock, drinking my cum.

I pressed her shirt and her uniform, then got her dressed and fed, even giving her money for school lunch. She stood looking at the cash with a tear in her eyes and hugged me around my waist. I patted her head affectionately and then pushed her out. She was gone only a few minutes before Nicole arrived. I took her inside and creamed her mouth before she too was sent off with a few pounds for her lunch.

Then I went up to my office and did some work, sending out bills for work that I had done for various people. My network support business had many customers and I made good money remotely supporting their machines. I spent a few hours going through the networks and fixing issues and doing backups of their data. Then I went out and did some shopping, bumping into Hazel Denny in the car park. She was a sweet little woman who was very gentle and extremely weak. She had been in many relationships, all of which ended after she found them in bed with her daughter Colette. She had allowed the last man to continue to use her little girl as she needed him financially, but he was sent to prison when his theft of thousands of pounds was finally noticed at the bank where he worked. Now she was alone again and living by the meagre cash coming in from child credit, unable to get unemployment benefit. She was a desperate woman and I had struck up a friendship with her, giving her money occasionally with a view to bedding the pretty woman at some point.

I handed her an envelope full of cash and told her that I would call her very soon. She smiled at me and left to do some more shopping, while I went off home with mine.

Lucy was back at my front door in the afternoon. I let her in and sent her up to have a bath while I fed Nicole and sent her home. She wanted to know who the other girl was and I told her that she would know very soon, shooing her out of the house and telling her to come back after her bath.

I went up and found Lucy in the water and went straight to bathing her, cleaning her pussy and bottom before taking her out and drying her off. I took her to my room where I greased her bum and oiled her skin, then I took her down to do her homework until Nicole came over to do hers.

"Nicole, this is Lucy. Lucy, this is Nicole. Lucy doesn't have a proper home and I am looking after her. She also is my little fuck-pot just like you, so I want you to be nice to her... Or else!" I said sternly to the girl.

"OK Ricky!" she said defensively.

"Now the same goes for you Lucy!" I told the other girl who nodded and smiled at Nicole.

"She's very pretty!" Lucy said, bringing a blush to the girl's cheeks.

"OK girls! Homework!" I said and got them around the table.

The girls worked very hard, surprising me with their sudden determination. Nicole, who was not very bright, was a good learner though and remembered whatever she was taught. Lucy was smarter, much smarter. She figured out things and learned well, I realised that she knew exactly what was expected of her at all times. She was very streetwise.

I fed them and left Lucy watching TV while I took Nicole home, let her suck my cock and drink my sperm before going downstairs to fuck her drunken mother in her chair and then get back home. Lucy looked up when I arrived and climbed into my lap as soon as I sat down. I reached under her t-shirt and cupped her coose, slipping my fingers into her and laying with her as we watched the shows. I then turned her around to face me and freed my cock, feeding it up into her tight young pussy and then began to fuck her gently as I watched the news.

In bed, I coaxed her into sucking my cock and soon she was gulping down the gooey mess and licking her lips, obviously having tasted sperm before and very accustomed to it. I fucked her again and then pulled her back against me, forcing my cock deep into her bum for a long night of sodomising.

I woke and found her gone, lying there I heard the toilet flush and the the pad of feet just before she came running back into the bedroom. She brightened when she saw me awake and bound over to climb into the bed, turning her back to me and pressing her meaty little bottom up against my stiffening cock. I angled it and pushed up into her bum, sliding deep in one, long, slow push.

"Ahhhhh!" she sighed and settled back, letting me ream her.

"I think you like this, don't you Sweetie?" I gasped into her ear.

"Uh huh!" she said.

After I sent her off to school with some money and a load of sperm in her bowels, I had a visit from Nicole, who I also sodomised on my bed. She was crying that I didn't like her any more and I kissed her tears away as I filled her bottom with cock.

"Silly Nicole!" I said to her as I reamed her, "You are a big girl now, not a baby. A man sometimes has to have more than one big girl to make him happy. You'll always be one of my favourites!"

"Really?" she sniffed.

"Absolutely! Now open your arse to me..." I said and forced deep, cumming in her bowels.

Soon she was off to school and I was making new plans. I was going to get Lucy's things so that she had some clothes and then I would start moving Nicole in with me as well after getting her drunken mother so sing a fake adoption form I had downloaded from the internet. I would tell her it was a legally binding agreement that she had to keep a secret or else she would be put in prison for false declaration, all bullshit and nonsense of course, but she was a very stupid woman and would easily fall for it.

The house was dark as I went to the front door and knocked. The gruff man who appeared at the front door was pot-bellied and had an unshaven face. He smelt of beer and sweat, I had to step back so as not to vomit.

"Mr James? I am from child services and I have come to tell you that I will be looking after your daughter form now on. Where is she?"

he scratched his head and pointed upstairs, moving aside to let me in.

"Does this mean that I don't have to deal with the little cunt any more?" he asked.

"Er, no. I will be taking her off your hands as from today." I said.

"Good! The little shit's just a fucking pest, keeps crying and asking for shit!" he said.

I went upstairs and found Lucy's room, packing away her clothes into bags and then taking them out to my car. Lucy was not there of course, she was waiting at my house while I got her clothes, but he didn't even know that.

When I was done I made him sign a 'waiver' and drove away. Now she belonged to me.

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Cool fantasy, great story


Great story, very hot, but also full of love and tenderness.Feel free to send me an e-mail anytime......and maybe a short story? lol.. Thanks.. Toddluv


Great stories man. Kept me hard as I read it. Keep up the good work.

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