Helen's Fall Into Depravity

[ M/gg, F/g, rape, pedo, drug, zoo/dog, inc ]

by Paula


Published: 28-Aug-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The glob of pinkish sperm hung from the raw puffy lips of the little girl's pussy. Just before it dropped, Helen's tongue scooped it up, together with more still oozing out of her freshly raped body. The trembling preteen girl straddled Helen's face, just as she'd been ordered, while the tied and drugged 27 year old executive sucked and licked the cum of two men out of her.

In the haze, Helen tasted the slightly bitter fluid that was mixed with the blood of the once-virgin girl above her. She also felt the throbbing pleasure of the vibrating dildo that was buried deep in her own cunt. She knew she was building to yet another orgasm. She felt the throb grow stronger as she wriggled and squirmed her hips against this evil device that had invaded her body for the last hour or so, bringing her such disgusting pleasures.

She had already had an orgasm while watching the terror in the eyes of the little girl as they'd ripped off her clothes before forcing a precum-coated cock deep into her throat. When they'd spread her wide and forced another cock into her tiny hairless virgin pussy, Helen's nipples had been rock hard. The fragile, blonde, 9 year old had screamed in pain when he'd thrust into her, ripping through her hymen. She'd sobbed as he took great pleasure in thrusting into her again and again before flooding her preteen womb with his hot cum. While this went on, Helen's cunt got wetter and her clit harder as she orgasmed again and again.

It wasn't that Helen was an evil or perverted person, in fact she was as much of a victim as the little girl whose pussy she was cleaning, or the other two children who still lay bound and gagged in the corner.

It had all started so simply. After the awful week she'd had, she wanted some time on her own, so she'd decided to spend a few days at her cottage in the country. The fact that it had been locked up for the winter and the area would be deserted hadn't bothered her. That's just what she needed, after walking out on those bastards who'd milked her dry over the last two years. All she wanted was some peace and quiet.

She hadn't bothered going home to change before driving off. There were clothes and stuff in the cottage. When she arrived, after the three-hour drive, she hadn't noticed that the cottage wasn't empty. She hadn't heard the man who stood in the darkness as she unlocked the door or sensed any danger before he smothered her mouth with the strange smelling damp cloth. The first she'd been aware of her predicament was when she came around and found herself bound, blindfolded, and gagged.

She'd heard muffled voices - two, maybe three males. Panic started to overwhelm her. She tried to struggle loose, but it was no use. She had been tied sitting in a chair. Her hands and legs were clamped together and taped to its legs. Her wrists were behind her back and bound by something very tight, which was also attached to the chair. She was powerless and terrified.

The bitter taste had gone, the pussy had stopped leaking sperm, and all that Helen could taste was little girl juice. Powerful hands lifted the little trembling child away from Helen. She tried to focus her eyes and, after a second or two, saw that the little angel, whose violated pussy she'd just cleaned. The girl had been positioned on all fours with a pot-bellied, hairy, naked man taking up position behind her. At the other end, a much thinner, but just as naked, man had her by the hair and was pushing his cock into her mouth. Helen watched with growing elation as the fat man's cock entered her tiny pussy and the pair started humping her fragile body.

Why was this so exciting? Part of Helen's brain screamed at her to stop enjoying it, but it was ignored. Helen just couldn't help herself; she'd never been so aroused in all her life. Witnessing the rape and violation of this innocent little child was the most electrifying thing she'd ever seen, and the vibrator clamped in her cunt just kept her cumming and cumming.

When the blindfold had been removed, Helen had seen her captives for the first time. Three men, their faces blurred, but she could see that one was black and the other two white. One of the white men was short with a pot-belly, the other taller and thinner. The black man looked big and toned. He was also the first to speak.

"Well, miss Roberts, we weren't expecting anyone to be around until at least next spring. You being here causes us a bit of a problem. You see, me and my friends, let's call them Bill and Ted, have planned to use your lovely cottage for a bit of a party, and unfortunately you weren't invited."

Helen tried to answer, but the gag hadn't been removed and all that came out was a muffle. "Well, now that you're here," he continued ignoring Helen's muffles, "we'll just have to see if you want to party with us."

Helen froze! She'd been praying that they were just burglars she'd interrupted, but now she feared the worse. All hope died as the realization hit her that she was going to be raped!

"Fuck the little whore harder, ram those cocks deeper." Helen heard someone screaming. Then she realized it was her!! She was urging the rapists on and more! She was cumming again!! The vibrating dildo in her had sent her over the edge yet again......"oh yesssssss soooooooo good!!!!!!"

"You see, you've gate-crashed a very 'special' party here," said the black man as he moved closer to Helen. Stooping down and looking directly in her eyes he continued, "We've brought along some 'special' playmates, so you see we can't have you spoiling everything." He reached out and stroked her stocking-covered thigh, slipping his fingers under the hem of her skirt. Instinctively Helen clamped her thighs tightly together, but he simply smiled, adding, "I'm Leo by the way, we're going have 'a lot' of fun tonight."

Just then, Helen felt a sharp pain in her forearm. Bill, the fat man, had moved behind her while Leo had been speaking and had jabbed a small needle into her forearm.

"That'll help you relax and enjoy yourself," Leo continued. "It's a special mixture of GHB and some 'special' herbs." He leaned forward and whispered in her ear "If we got the dose right, you'll be hornier that you've ever been in your life and if not, it'll not matter, you'll be dead."

Bill was the first to empty his balls. He grunted as he slammed his six-inch cock into the child's cunt and emptied his balls for the second time that night. As he slumped back, his cock sloshed out of her followed by globs of goo. His friend Ted was getting close. He had little Trudy's hair gripped tightly as he slammed his cock down her throat. She was gasping for air but he didn't care, he just fucked her face deeper. He let out a squeal of delight as he released his sperm down her throat and held her there as his pleasure subsided. When he finally released her head, she collapsed onto the floor, passed out by the lack of air.

After they'd injected her, all three men turned their attention elsewhere. She was terrified, those whispered words still ringing in her ears. She hadn't heard any of their conversation and it was probably another five or six minutes before Helen realized that there were now more people in the room.

From somewhere, they'd brought in three bundles and laid them down in the far corner. Helen could just make out three terrified child faces. "Oh my God no, please no" she screamed into her gag. The front door slammed closed and she heard the locks thump shut.

"Party time" laughed Bill as he moved towards the corner rubbing his hands, "who wants to play first?"

"My turn to pick," replied Ted as he hovered over the three terrified siblings. "Let's start with Trudy." He said with glee as he moved to lift the little blonde girl.

"Wait!" ordered Leo. "Let's get our guest ready first."

The two men looked irritated. "But I don't do women" protested Bill.

"I'll fuck anything," added Ted, "but I want them first."

"Don't worry, you'll get your fresh pussy soon enough. "Bring me my bag," Leo added, as he moved towards Helen.

"Turn her onto her back," Leo ordered from behind the video camera. "I wanna get the cum in her pussy as well as her mouth."

Bill turned the still-unconscious Trudy over and laid her on her back, with her legs parted, so Leo's camera could focus on his cum glistening out of her cunt. After he moved out of sight, Leo zoomed in for a close up. "There's nothing that us pedos love more than a cum-filled, preteen cunt," he smirked to himself. "My turn now," he thought to himself. "Which one, I wonder?"

Helen's head was getting fuzzy. Sounds were becoming distorted and she knew she was losing control. She hardly felt her legs and hands being freed. It was like watching someone else's skirt and panties being cut off. Someone else was being laid down on a couch with their thighs being parted and legs being retied, spread apart.

She didn't understand the orders being given to Ted to "shave the cunt" and watched in astonishment as someone's pubic hair vanished.

Her head cleared a little and things started to get a little lucid. She felt Ted's fingers as he wiped away the last of the shaving foam and was surprised, when he slipped a finger into her pussy, at just how wet she was. She gasped when she saw a huge dildo attached to a belt being pressed against her pussy lips, and watched with bewilderment as it entered her well-lubricated cunt. By the time the straps were locked together and the vibrating action turned on, fear had been replaced by astonishment, which itself became excitement. Leo smiled to himself as he watched his mixture begin to transform Helen. He knew she was well on her way to her first orgasm of the night.

Leo had made his choice. Jenny, but unlike Trudy, she was a raven-haired 13 year old. As Leo approached her, she cowered away. Her tear-stained face, smeared with teen makeup, was contorted in terror. She'd seen what they'd done to her younger sister and was rightfully petrified. Leo knelt down, and reaching out he stroked her soft, shoulder-length hair. He breathed in her aroma, enjoying the mixture of cheap teen perfume, sweat and unadulterated fear. He was in haven.

She was so blinded with terror, she didn't see the small needle until it had jabbed her thigh. She was momentarily startled. Leo lent forward, brushing his lips over her cheek. "I prefer my pussy willing" he whispered in her ear. "Soon you'll be begging for cock, just like the little slut you are." Leo stood up and turned his attention to the now conscious Trudy. "Do her as well," he ordered, "but leave the last one for now."

Ted produced another syringe and injected Trudy with the drug. Sniggering he said "I love it when they're like this, all slutty and cum-mad."

What makes GHB a popular date rape drug is that if the dose is right it'll make the victim very horny and cooperative. Most drugs just make them pass out and forget what went on. However, GHB can make them join in and enjoy the party. Leo's mixture given to Helen and the girls was even better because it turned them on so much they would do anything to cum. Leo was a genius, it was perfect.

By the time Bill and Ted had finished preparing Helen and returned their attentions to Trudy, Helen had lost any remaining self-control she had. Instead of being horrified at them stripping the petrified girl naked, rubbing their grotesque hard cocks all over her fragile body, and making her suck Ted's cock, Helen got wetter. And when the grotesquely hairy and fat Bill ripped through her virginity and she'd screamed in agony, Helen's transformation was complete, she orgasmed harder than ever. When Ted's cock replaced Bill's and added his seed to her preteen womb, Helen was pleading into her gag for cock. And when they'd removed her gag and ordered her to clean Trudy's ravaged cunt, she'd eagerly obeyed.

Helen's head was spinning, she felt faint. She hadn't eaten or drunk since she'd stormed out of the office that afternoon after quitting her job. She remembered just how angry she'd been not to get the promotion, losing it to that useless wanker Simon. She was being shaken. Leo's face was there, "drink this, you need fluids." She swallowed the cool-tasting water, and felt her head steady. She was sitting up now, the vibrator had been removed but her hands were still bound and her cunt was still on fire. Leo turned his attention to Jenny.

Helen was amazed to see that Jenny was a totally different person now. She was free of all bounds, her short teen skirt and panties were gone exposing an almost hairless, but slightly puffy pussy. She was still wearing her yellow belly-top emblazoned with a sparkly motive of a 'Brat Girl', but her starter bra was gone, and her little nipples were poking against the material. By the time Leo had reached her, he was totally naked and Helen caught sight of his cock for the first time. Rock hard and hairless, every bit of its nine inches looked magnificent standing straight up. Helen so wanted it. She needed to feel it slamming hard into her. But for now, Jenny had it all.

Leo surveyed his prize. The drugs were working well. He could see that she was very aroused. Her eyes held no fear, only lustful expectance. He breathed in her scent, "mmmmmmmmm." His fingers brushed over her face, her lips opened and her little tongue lapped over his fingertips. He stroked her exposed belly, winning a little shudder from his victim as he touched her bare skin. She oozed lust from every pore of her virgin body. "Soon" he thought to himself "VERY SOON."

"Trudy, come here," Leo ordered, "I want you to lick your sister, just like the lady licked you. Do you understand?"

A totally changed Trudy answered, "Okay!" as she bounced over to her sister. Leo had laid Jenny down on the same couch that Helen had been on a while back and positioned Trudy between her thighs. As Trudy started to lap at her sister greedily, Jenny emitted a loud purr of pleasure.

The camera was running, focusing on the pussy licking. Panning up her young body, pausing on the area of her little buds, admiring the rock hard nipples poking under the material before moving to the lust-crazed face of little Jenny.

Her breathing began to pant. She held her sister's head tightly into her. "Oooooooooh," she moaned, "OHHHHHHHHHH...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.." Her hips bucked against Trudy's face, clamping her tightly to her. "AHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as her first ever orgasm rocked her young body.

Helen was in torture, her cunt was sopping wet and on fire, but she couldn't reach it. Since the dildo had been removed, she had nothing to relieve the need to cum. She needed cock!! "Oh God someone fuck me, PLEASE someone help me" she pleaded, but to no avail. All attention was focused on Jenny and Leo. Leo was now on his back with Jenny being guided to a position above him. "Okay Jenny, lower your sweet pussy onto my cock and let it slip into you."

As she obeyed and lowered herself, Leo's cock touched her virgin lips for the first time. Jenny hesitated. "Will it hurt?" she asked. "Just a bit," replied Leo. "But soon it'll be even better that when Trudy licked you." he added. She closed her eyes and lowered herself more.

The scene was electrifying. This 13 year old lust-filled virgin, impaling herself on Leo's dark cock was amazing. The contrast of size and color were mesmerizing. As she pressed down further, her pussy engulfed the huge member. Jenny paused as Leo reached the barrier, but he took hold of her hips and pulled her down further. "Ahhhhhhh" she cried in pain, but Leo pulled down more.

Tears welled in Jenny's eyes, but Leo just kept pulling. After a few moments, the pain eased. Leo smiled, "See, I told you it would only hurt a little, now I want you to start going up and down on me." Jenny did, and as she did the pain began to fade and it started to feel nice. Nice to very nice, which turned to wonderful, which became fantastic. Jenny was on fire now. She was humping Leo's cock like a pro and screaming like a porn star. Leo's hands slipped under her top and clasped her budding breasts. He loved the feel of young breast skin, specially the contrast between the soft tissue of the breast and the rigid-ness of an aroused nipple.

Helen was in agony, she needed something in her cunt. "Please!" she begged. "Someone fuck me or give me the dildo, PLEASE!" Bill came over to her, licked her face while pinching her engorged clit between his finger and thumb and pressed.

"Fuck up you whore, can't you see we're busy?" he sneered and went back to his camera. He zoomed in on the dark cock pounding the lily-white cunt. Traces of juice mixed with virgin blood could be seen bubbling on Jenny's pussy lips. Leo was close. Bill knew he'd soon be planting his seed in her womb, perfect. They'd specially chosen these ones for their ages. He and Ted loved preteens while Leo liked them fertile. Jenny and Trudy were perfect. Just a pity about the surprise one, never mind.

Leo clasped Jenny's ass tightly and thrust himself deep into her. She had just erupted into her third orgasm when Leo exploded into her. He hadn't cum in two weeks, so the gush was massive. He imagined every space in Jenny's tiny womb flooding with his seed. "AHHHHHHHHH" he grunted. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS."

As their lust faded, Jenny was lying over Leo's body. He lifted her face and kissed her mouth, deeply exploring it with his tongue. "Go over to Helen now and let her clean you like she did your sister." Jenny looked a little disappointed. She wanted to do more fucking, but Leo was lifting her up now, so she obeyed.

As Jenny positioned herself above Helen's face, globs of Leo's goo were dripping over Helen's blouse and face. Helen greedily lapped what was left from Jenny's ravaged cunt. Leo's goo tasted yummy. God she needed cock.

The camera captured the sight of a 13 year old semi-naked girl having cherry-popping cum eaten from her cunt by a lust crazed women, naked from the waist down, whose shaved puffy pussy begged for relief.

Leo smiled, it had worked out brilliantly. Grabbing the kids had gone almost to plan, but when the owner of the cottage had turned up, everything looked grim. But his quick thinking and an ample supply of his special GHB mixture had saved the day. He knew Helen would be desperate to cum again. That was the power of GHB and he knew just how he'd help her. He laughed to himself as he lifted another syringe and went to the corner to prepare the final victim.

Ted had recovered and had Trudy sucking him hard again. Leo could see that Bill, too, wanted to play again, so he took over the camera, letting him join the fun. Ted wanted the now drug-enhanced, lust-crazed 9 year old to emulate her older sister and mount him, which she did willingly. Bill, on the other hand, positioned himself at her mouth so she could suck him while Ted fucked her. Bill pinched her tiny nips, which combined with the pounding her little cunt was getting, sending her over the edge. She let out a muffled scream as her first ever orgasm hit her, rocking her body into space and filling her with sweet, sweet delight. Ted didn't last much longer, he emptied his balls into her as she squirmed with after-cums.

Bill lifted the now limp body off his friend, laying her face down he wanted some more. Slipping his cock into Trudy's still open pussy, he coated his cock with the mixture of Ted's cum and her juice. Withdrawing, he positioned the head of his coated cock at Trudy's button ass. Gripping her hips, he pressed forward, opening her ass bit by bit.

Trudy had recovered enough to be aware of what was happening. She cried out in pain as Bill's cock inched its way into her tiny ass cavity. Bill wasn't gentle, he pushed further and further until his cock had gone as far as it could. Only when he started humping did Trudy's pain begin to fade.

The camera caught it all. Ass raping a preteen always went well on video especially when the rapist is a potbellied hairy pedophile. And when the crying victim starts to enjoy it, well that's even better. The drugs were doing their work. Trudy was panting, well on her way to her next orgasm while Jenny had orgasmed again and her cunt was now clean. Only Helen was still in purgatory.

Trudy screamed in ecstasy as Bill's cock brought her to an ass-educed orgasm. Bill too grunted as he flooded Trudy's bowels with his sticky goo. As he pulled out, both he and Trudy collapsed onto the floor. Trudy's gaping ass began to close over while sperm dribbled out. Bill called Jenny over and forced her to clean off his shit and cum-coated cock. Jenny only just managed to prevent herself from gagging as she sucked the softening cock clean.

The camera stopped and Leo went over to Helen. The drug would continue to course through Helen's system for hours to come, but Leo knew that about now the effects were at their maximum. He sat by her, running his hand up the inside of her thigh and brushing the freshly shaved skin of her pussy. She gasped, begging with her eyes for relief. "How badly do you need to cum, Helen?" Leo asked while stroking her thigh. "Please, please I'll do anything, just make me cum, I beg you!" Helen replied.

Leo smiled, "anything, eh? Well, okay then. Let's just see how far you'll go." Leo stood up and moved towards the last remaining bundle in the corner. "Help me," he ordered, and Ted joined him. As they untied the last one, it became apparent that something was very different.

"I want you to meet Martin, Helen. He's Jenny's twin brother and I'll bet his cock is rock hard after watching you and his sisters perform." Martin looked so like Jenny it was unreal. Same color hair and similar builds. No wonder she'd assumed it was another girl not a boy! Leo kept hold of Martin while Ted used a knife to cut off his clothes. "We hadn't actually planned on taking Martin as well," continued Leo, "but when we'd grabbed them he tried to be a hero, so we snatched him as well. I'd thought about making him rape his sister, but when you turned up I changed my mind."

Leo smiled as he surveyed the naked Martin. Just as he'd thought, his cock was perfect, about 5inches long, thin with a fine bush of fluffy hair beginning to grow. It was rock hard and oozing at the tip. "Okay Helen, before I let him fuck you I want you to suck him off. Don't worry, he'll be hard again very soon, and will be able to fuck for so much longer."

Helen didn't care that he was only 13. All she could think of was cock buried in her cunt as she opened her mouth.

Leo brought Martin over, positioning him by Helen, who engulfed his throbbing boy cock in her mouth. "Come on, you little tosser. Fuck her face!" yelled Ted. "She wants it bad."

Martin started to hump, he'd watched the rape of his baby sister, firstly in dread and then in fascination. Then he'd seen this woman turned from a frightened lady into a slut, followed by his own twin! His cock had been bursting long before Leo had jabbed him and now he was on fire. He couldn't last long. The swell built in his balls and he gasped as he released his first wad of watery cum into Helen's hungry mouth.

She swallowed the sweet-tasting fluid, surprised at just how different it tasted from adult sperm. She'd sucked a few cocks in her time, most recently her backstabbing bastard of a boss. She continued to suck as squirt after squirt hit the back of her throat. After what seemed like an age the squirts died, but Helen continued to suck, hoping that he would stay hard enough to satisfy her.

"Well done, Martin," Leo applauded. "Did you enjoy that?" Martin nodded yes as Leo led him over to his sisters. "Well?" continued Leo. "Maybe one of your sisters would like to taste your cock later on."

"But you promised!" pleaded Helen, "You said he'd fuck me after I sucked him!!"

"I know," replied Leo, "but I've got something much better in mind for you. After all, you wouldn't have got much relief from that thin little cock now, would you?"

Helen was distraught as Leo left the room. "Please. Please, I need cock, I need to cum" she sobbed.

"Oh you'll get a cock, you whore. Don't you worry," smirked Bill, "and after you'll know you've been well fucked."

Just then Leo returned and Helen's heart skipped a beat. Standing next to Leo was a large Germen Shepard! "Meet Bruno, Helen" Leo smiled, "He's going to take good care of that pussy of yours. You did say you'd do 'anything' for a cock, didn't you?"

Helen was flabbergasted. She'd heard stories of women and dogs but assumed it was all fiction, but not now!! "No way" she screeched, "I can't do that."

"Oh, but you will" snapped Leo. "Right, boys lets give her a hand."

Everything happened so fast, she was lifted up positioned over the couch with her ass and cunt exposed. She jumped when she felt the hot breath against her cunt, but as both Bill and Ted were holding her in position, she couldn't move away. The first lick of his tongue did the trick, though. The combination of the drugs and the dog's long swirling tongue soon had her juices flowing again. Although her brain was screaming for her to fight and resist, her body was melting with each lap of the tongue.

After a minute or so of dog-licking, Helen was subdued, so Ted went back to play with Trudy while Bill went over to the camera. Leo was stopping Bruno from mounting Helen just yet. He wanted her to be really ready to accept Bruno's monster cock. Looking over his shoulder he could see that Ted was now fucking Jenny in the ass while Martin was shooting a load of cum into Trudy's pussy. "What a sight" Leo thought, "I'm gonna have fun editing all this stuff."

It was time. "You ready?" Leo called to Bill. "Hang on a min. Okay, I'm ready." came the reply.

Helen's head was spinning. Her cunt was on fire, her cum was so close when she felt a huge weight land on her back. She felt the probing thrusts against her cunt, but it was well off the mark. Then it happened!! The huge cock had found its mark and was slamming into her starving cunt. She couldn't believe just how good it felt. The raw selfish passion of this dog fucking his bitch as hard and as fast as he could, caring for nothing more than satisfying his own lust. The dog's paws gripped her waist as he repeatedly slammed his cock deep into her. She could feel him panting and felt his drool dripping on her hair and back. She could smell the raw sexual lust and she purred like the bitch she now was.

Opening her eyes she drank in the view of a 13 year old having her ass fucked by Ted while her twin brother sucked his own cum from his 9 year old sister's cunt. That was enough!! Helen's long-awaited orgasm hit her like a rocket. She screamed and shuddered more that she'd ever done. She kept cumming. On and on it went. Would it ever end?

Bruno kept humping. Lost in her orgasmic state, Helen thought she felt Bruno's cock swell!! Could it be getting bigger? She nearly fainted when he thrust forward and, what felt like a boulder entered her cunt. She felt him jerk and squirt as she received her first-ever load of dog sperm. That was enough!! Another orgasm hit her, more powerful that the last. So much so that her head spun and she passed out with Bruno's cock buried deep in her cunt.

The camera had caught it all, the dog pounding Helen into a frenzy of orgasm, followed by a 9-year-old licking dog cum from her flooded pussy. Meanwhile, her 13-year-old sister had been made to suck Bruno's cock until he sprayed her face with his seed. This was great stuff and Leo knew he'd make a bundle from the tapes. But he also knew that time was running out. Soon the drugs would start to wear off and everything would change.

He surveyed the scene, deciding that it was time to stop the filming and let himself and his co-pedos have some more fun. His balls had recharged, so he decided it was time to deposit some more seed in Jenny's teen womb. She was still licking Bruno's cock with Martin's tongue now buried in her cunt. Leo moved Martin aside and replaced his tongue with his own. Bruno decided he was done for now and moved away, leaving the coast clear for Leo. A dejected Martin decided to try his luck with the partially recovered Helen. She was only too pleased to take his cock back into her mouth. Savoring the forbidden taste of boy cock, she sucked him deep while stroking his luscious balls.

Trudy found herself being tackled once again by Ted and Bill, but this time it was Bill in her mouth while Ted lubed his cock up in her cunt before slipping into her ass. This time there was no pain and she didn't flinch. Bruno watched on, occasionally lapping his tongue over his still-tingling crotch as Martin slipped his cock into Helen's cunt, pounding her with the vigor of youth. It didn't matter that Helen couldn't really feel his cock because the pounding of his young body against her clit was helping her build to yet another orgasm.

Jenny was on her back with Leo ramming his black cock into her again. "You're just a slut aren't you, Jenny?" Leo asked "A slut who loves my black baby-making cock filling you up."

"Yes, yes!" she answered, "I love you fucking me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" As Jenny squirmed into another orgasm, Leo once again filled her fertile womb with his seed. He so loved these little white whores. He loved destroying their lives forever, loved planting his black seed in them, knowing that the buyers Bill and Ted had for their victims would force her to give birth and breed from her.

Trudy's orgasm would have made her scream as well, only Bill's cock was buried deep in her throat, depositing the last few drops of goo his balls could manage. Ted too was depositing into her bowels while she withered and shuddered in yet another climax. Martin let out a yelp as he sprayed watery contents of his balls into Helen's raw and bruised cunt while she shuddered to a weak, but pleasant cum.

Leo pulled his softening cock out of Jenny. Smiling, he announced "Right guys, time to clear out. As for you, Helen," he said while walking towards her. "We can't have you calling the police the minute we're gone." He reached out and jabbed her with another syringe. Pleadingly, she tried speaking, but all she could see was Leo's smiling eyes as her own rolled into her head and everything went black.

In the distance she heard it again. A shrill noise, over and over again. She opened her eyes, realizing it was her mobile phone. She sat up. As she did, she started to remember. "Oh my God!" she gasped out loud. Had it really happened? Surely she hadn't taken part in the rape of those poor kids!!

All hopes that it had all been a nightmare evaporated as she pulled back the blanket that had covered her. She was naked from the waist down, and her freshly shaved pussy was red, bruised and puffy. She sobbed, knowing it was true.

Again the shrill noise invaded her thoughts. She opened the door of her room exposing the scene of the crime. All signs that anything had happened were gone, everything was as it should be. There was no sign that two little girls had been brutally raped or that she herself had been forced to participate. Everything looked normal.

Again the phone rang. Helen moved in the direction of the sound, finding her handbag just as the phone stopped ringing. She looked at the screen "12 missed calls" she said in shock. "How long has it been?" She froze when she saw the date and time displayed on her mobile. It had been over two days since she arrived at the cottage. Two days since she'd been forced to lick sperm from a raped child's pussy. Two days since she'd been made to beg for cock. Two days since a dog had fucked her to orgasm. Helen slumped down. "It wasn't my fault" she told herself sobbing "it was the drugs that made me do it, the drugs that made me so perverted, it wasn't my fault."

The phone rang again, pulling Helen out of her trance. "Hello?"

"Hello Helen, it's Leo."

Helen's heart stopped, her blood ran cold "L...L...Leo?" she replied.

"Yes Helen, Leo. Look, Bruno and me are planning another special party. I'm thinking of Friday the 21st. I've got a lovely couple in mind. They're a brother and sister. She's 12 and he's 13, both blonde and fresh for picking. We won't need Bill and Ted this time. I think you me and Bruno will manage just fine. What do you think?"

Helen's heart was racing, her hands sweating, and her voice trembled as she replied, "Bring them here, I'll be waiting."

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Loved this story on another collection. Just as good hear. Please write more for these characters.


just the right age, hot


One of my all time favourites

if you are the original author then I cant wait to read more :)

Sue D. Num

i just simply loved this story, cant wait to read more. do you have other stories elsewhere?

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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